The Guilty Are Always Caught Chapter 12

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Katlain moves quietly on the perimeter of the training camp. She was using the cover of darkness as covered. She was dressed head to toe like a ninja. She had a small backpack on her back with everything she needed.

Katlain had searched out Shawn Grubbs since meeting with Mrs. Summers. She managed to find a way into the camp without being spotted and searched for Shawn Grubbs. She found him in what was the trainee barracks. At least eight other teenagers were bunking with him. She took pictures of each one and sent their image back to her partner.

She managed to blend in with the others. There were a few times people inside the camp questioned who she was, but thanks to the background she did on everyone. She managed to bluff her way through the questions.

Throughout two days, she got the lay out of the camp and located where the weapon depot was and where the fuel depot was. They were smart not to put the two together or close to each other. Since Katlain couldn’t bring any of her stuff. She had to MacGyver together some makeshift timers to set off the fuel and ammo.

She managed to smuggle several handguns, rifles, and various types of grenades. She hid the rifles nearby, so when things started going off. She can grab them to defend herself.

She quietly makes her way to the barracks and enters quietly. She tosses in two knockout grenades and keeps everyone unconscious. She grabs Shawn and puts the harness on him. That way all Joe has to do is lower the hook and haul his ass up.

She drags his unconscious body to the entrance of the barracks and checks the time. Joe and Mrs. Summers should be close to the by now.

“Where are you guys?” Katlain was getting nervous and hoped they weren’t going to be late.

Joe and Lori were flying low and using the darkness to their advantage. They were getting close to Katlain’s location. Joe looks towards Lori “I’m going to signal her.”

“Alright, things are about to get hairy.” Lori hopes she can get out of this without being shot down.

Joe sends the signal to Katlain. He hopes she managed to get everything ready for the distraction. They were going to need the distraction to cover what they were doing.

Back At Camp:
The guards on duty turn were bored out of their minds. They were patrolling the area and making sure everything that was supposed to be secured, was secured. Just as he was heading back to the main building, he heard the sound of a helicopter. It was getting closer and closer to the camp's location.

Just as he was about to enter the main building, explosives were going off in different areas of the camp. The power starts flickering and going out as the main generators and backup generators are taken off line. Smoke starts to fill the camp.

Katlain dragged Shawn’s unconscious body out and over to where Lori was going to hover. She starts shooting at several people during the chaos. Someone fires towards her but barely misses her.

Lori and Joe saw the chaos Katlain was causing below them. Lori hovers at the agreed spot and joe slides open the side door and lowers the cable and hook. Several gun shots and such can be heard.

Katlain secures the rope and returns fire towards the people shooting towards her and the helicopter. She watches as Shawn is hoisted up towards the helicopter. A person jumps out of the darkness towards her and attacks her.

Katlain slams the butt of her rifle into the guy’s chest. When he doubles over, she chops him on the back of the neck. The gun fire in the area starts increasing. She radios to Lori “get out of here. I’ll meet you later.”

“That wasn’t the plan, Katlain.” Joe’s voice comes over the radio.

“Just get. Theres to much gunfire down here. Don’t worry about me.” Katlain gets communication with Lori and Joe.

Lori hears bullets hit her helicopter. “Joe, I have to leave. They are targeting my helicopter.”

Joe didn’t want to leave his partner, but they got their primary target. The others she will leave the FBI, NSA, and the ATF to round up.

“Alright, go.” Joe closes the sliding side door.

Katlain watches as the helicopter flies off. She runs towards the woods with several men hot on her heels. She could hear dogs barking as well. She presses a remote and blows the ammo dump and fuel depot. The explosion lights up the night, like a bright flare.

She dodges fallen branches and low branches. She feels a sharp pain in her right shoulder and right thigh. The suit she was wearing was bullet proof, but hurt like hell when a bullet hit it.

She and Joe scouted out the perimeter before they put their plan into play. So, she knew where she was heading too. The problem is, that she had a bunch of hunting hounds chasing after her. She needed to take the hounds out, without hurting them.

Katlain jumps up into a tree and takes her backpack off. She reaches inside pulls out a glass ball and tosses it towards the dogs. As soon as the glass ball breaks, the contents inside start filling the area. She was glad her mouth and nose were covered. She felt sorry for the men hunting her down.

She listens to the men as they cough and choke on the chemical reaction from the mixture. As for the dogs, their senses of smell were going to be ruined. Her shoulder and thigh were hurting her where the bullets hit, but she was going to push through the pain.

Katlain watches as the men cough and gag on the chemical cloud. She hated doing what she did to the dogs, but there was no way she could hide from them. She stays where she is hidden and watches everyone. The night vision glasses allowed her to see everyone.

Katlain watches and listens to the guys as they search for her. As long as the night lasted, she was well hidden. When morning came, they would be able to see her better. Plus, there will be more men searching for her as well.

She hopes because of all the damage she did. That the other agencies will be coming out to investigate. She keeps watching a second group as they come out to find her. As for the fires and such back at their camp. She could hear sirens coming towards her location.

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Helos and Bullets don't Mix

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They are a big fat target. Too many critical components if damaged they fall out of the air
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I hope she can

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Get the hell out of there before daylight. But with the sirens comes other problems for the radical group.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.