My Oni Love - Chapter 2

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“Eat… me out? So you do want to eat me, after all!” Tanaka-san screamed. The look of horror on her face, at my suggestion… I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Though the whole ‘oni trying to eat us’ thing really lent itself towards option two! He had drawn his arm out of the cave, but I could still hear him stomping around outside. 

“Eat you out. I want to lick your pussy! Suck on your clit! Lick your vagina! I think if I drink your sexual fluids, it should be the same as eating your flesh. I might be able to get stronger!”

“You… You want to lick my vagina?” Tanka-san’s look of horror had shifted to one of shock, which was… An improvement? Though her expression got real complicated, real fast, as she put one hand down on her crotch as if trying to shield it from me. “W-We haven’t even kissed yet! No, before that, we should hold hands… you haven’t even called me by my given name, yet…”

“We’re not even dating,” I pointed out. “But this is a life or death situation! Please. Let me eat you out!” I even went so far as to bow my head as I spoke… before realizing she couldn’t see it, in the dark. I was still hoping that my intentions would come across properly, though. I wasn’t some pervert who just randomly asked to lick women’s pussies with no warning on their first meeting! These were special circumstances, I tell you! Special circumstance!

“...I won’t be able to get married, if I do this, you know…” she whispered, looking away from me. Maybe this goes without saying, but her cheeks were bright red. “How are you planning to take responsibility for that? I won’t even be able to explain to my family if I get ‘eaten out’ by a monster. ”

“I… I don’t know…” I admitted. I kept my head bowed, just in case her eyes had adjusted enough to at least see my outline. “I’ll do whatever you want, though, even marrying you if that’s what it takes! So please! Let me borrow your strength so I can take on that oni!”

“W-what are you saying? You’re a monster, you know… A human can’t marry an oni...” Her hand was still on her crotch, but I could see her fingers curling about the cloth of her pants. She took a deep breath and, with a decisive speed, pulled her pants down to reveal a pair of black panties. “So please. Rather than marriage… promise you’ll take care of me, from now on! Promise you’ll keep me safe and never kill me! And in return… I’ll give you lots of meals!”

“It’s a deal!” I declared, desperately. I reached out to grab her with both hands. She let out a surprised squeak when I lifted her up, but I had no time to explain. I pressed her back against the cave wall, and kissed her. She stiffened at first, but then slowly relaxed and let my probing tongue work its way into her mouth. This wasn’t quite what we had agreed on, but I figured a little foreplay was going to be necessary if I really wanted to get the sexual juices flowing. Also, swapping spit might be good for testing this whole ‘gaining strength through fluids’ plan. 

I did feel a little bit of a tingling sensation in my mouth when her tongue poked its way inside, and I started to suck on the muscle to get some saliva in me. I couldn’t tell if I was actually getting stronger, but it was only a little appetizer to the main show, anyway. 

“Is this part of ‘eating me out’ she asked when I parted. Her eyes were wide. Also purple. I hadn’t noticed that before. They were really pretty, but it sort of drove another nail in the coffin when it came to me being in another world. That, and the fact that she had no idea what eating a girl out was supposed to look like. I mean, anyone that innocent couldn’t possibly have access to the internet.

“Sort of,” I explained. “I’m trying to make you feel good, or you’ll be dry down there. Haven’t you ever heard of foreplay?”

“Y-yes. But I expected a monster such as you to… take what you wanted, and be done with it.”

I was starting to get a little insulted by all the monster comments, but this wasn’t exactly the ideal time for an argument so I just clutched her shoulders a little tighter and shoved my lips against hers again. This time, I let my sharp teeth ever so barely pinch her lips, while sliding a hand between the two of us to run my thumb across her nipple. It hardened immediately, a good sign as far as I was concerned, and I quickly moved on to palming her breast and giving it a little squeeze. Her bust was a little on the small side, but the way she squirmed when my palm slid over one made me think that whatever she lacked in size, she made up for in sensitivity. A swift squeeze was paired with a thrust of my tongue, followed by the briefest pinch to her nipples, and then another gentle squeeze, as I fell into a rhythm. My other hand, meanwhile, squeezed between the cave wall and her back, sliding down her spine to find her ass so that I could give it a good squeeze.

She moaned into my kiss, as I slipped my thumb into the waistband of her panties and roughly tugged them down her thick thighs. She stiffened at the motion, but I quickly distracted her with another squeeze of her tit, as one of my sharp teeth grazed against her luscious lips. She whimpered, in what I hoped was more need than fear - a hope fed by my sense of smell, which had apparently gotten an upgrade as part of the changes to my body. I could literally smell her arousal, mixed with the lightly flowery scent of her body. 

“Tanaka-san…” I whispered, parting from her lips. “Is it possible you have a thing for monsters?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She shot me down, even though she was blushing. Then, she placed a hand on my stomach, gently feeling the muscles that were at rest beneath my stomach. “It’s only natural to feel this way when you’re being touched like this, isn’t it? Even more so when it’s by a big, strong woman whose promised to protect you, care for you, and… Not eat you.” She laughed, shaking her head. “You’re a strange oni.”

Well. I couldn’t really argue with that last point. The oni outside was roaring, again, as if to punctuate the point, and there was a loud thudding noise. It didn’t seem like he was going to give up any time soon. “I’m going to start eating you out, okay? And I’d like to play with your breasts a bit more, too, if you could take off your shirt…”

“My shirt!? You really are trying to keep me from getting married, aren’t you? W-Well. Since I’m already promised to you…” she was muttering strange things under her breath, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Underneath was a thin white strip of cloth, the final barrier between me and the stiff peaked hills I’d been playing with. Before I could say anything, she reached behind her to untie the cloth, letting it fall away to reveal the treasures beneath.

They were a bit larger than I’d realized, now that I saw them unbound. If I had to put them in a size category, it would have been ‘apples’ in comparison to my own ‘mellons.’ Though the fact that I even had mellons to compare hers to was… something I’d have to think about, later. Right now, I needed to stop feasting with my eyes and start feeding with my mouth.

“Thank you for the meal,” I whispered, grabbing her by the waist and lifting her up into the air. It was weirdly easy to do so - it felt like she was lighter than air, in the face of my new muscles - but I did my best to shift my focus from my own body and onto hers, as I lifted her chest to my face and kissed one nipple and then the other. She let out the cutest little squeal when I let my sharp teeth graze against the flesh of her chest, tensing but not trying to pull away. It made me feel like I’d finally gained her trust, which made me more than a little happy.

Another roar outside reminded me of my main mission, though, and I slowly lowered her back to the floor. “It might be a bit uncomfortable, but I’m going to ask you to lay on the floor and spread your legs, Tanaka-san. It’ll feel good soon, I promise!”

She puffed her cheeks out a little, and I thought she was going to protest about getting her clothes dirty for a moment. Instead, she said “You don’t have to call me Tanaka-san, you know… Just Akari is fine, Joana-sama. Considering what we’re going to do.” 

S-Sama? Wasn’t that, like, the super respectful honorific? When the hell had I climbed up so high in her eyes?! “Uh… If I’m going to call you Akari, then maybe just call Ella?”

“Rejected.” She frowned up at me. “After all, you’re the one I’m pledged to.” She pulled her panties the rest of the way down her thighs, and stepped out of them, before sitting on the ground and spreading her legs. My heart almost skipped a beat to see her pussy before me. I was glad my face was red by default, because the sight of those curly blue hairs around her slit made me feel like my face was going to catch fire. It really drove home the fact that I was about to have sex with this girl I’d just met.

Despite the embarrassment, I moved to get on my knees. My legs protested a little at the rough treatment as the rough stone floor pressed against my flesh, but I ignored it and leaned in as I took in the scent of Tanaka…. Akari’s pussy. It smelled a little tangy, and I found myself licking my lips, my tongue thankfully tough enough to handle my oh-so-sharp teeth. 

“Thank you for the meal,” I repeated, and then lowered my head to slide between the girl’s thighs.

She tasted delicious. It was like tasting the nectar of the gods, coating my tongue with ambrosia from another world. I didn’t remember another girl who’d ever tasted this good, and I found myself shoving my thick tongue as deep as I could get it into this woman. She let out a little cry, and the oni outside roared, but I wasn’t listening to either of them. I was pushing my finger inside her, working my thumb against her clit, and casually reaching up with my other hand to grab a breast. I kept my grip light, my hold on her delicate and my pinches to her nipple tightly controlled. That didn’t stop her from crying out again, though, as I played with her hard peak, and ran my fingers across her soft skin, pushing down and feeling the springy flesh push back at me. 

Fondling her, licking her, running my finger against her inner walls as they convulsed and tightened around my fingers and tongue. I don’t know how long I kept it up, before she cried out in pleasure, that sweet liquid practically gushing forth. I sealed my lips on her pussy and started to suck at it, pushing my thick tongue even deeper inside her to taste every drop of that liquid lust. I kept fucking her with my finger and tongue, and she kept screaming out, thighs tightening around my head. For a moment, I thought I was going to either suffocate or get my skull crushed from the way she was tightening around me - but then, suddenly, it was over.

My breathing was heavy, and my skin was tingling, as new power coursed through my veins. At that moment, I felt like I could break my way through a mountainside. “Damn…” I whispered, curling my fingers into fists. I wanted to go punch something. I wanted to go beat something!

“Ah…” came a voice. “It looks like I’ll be in your care from now on, Joana-sama. Since I can’t get married after that…”

“That’s fine…” My voice came out in a low growl, as I made my way to the opening of the cave. I could see the oni outside, desperately stomping his feet and clawing at the earth, trying to widen the hole enough for him to fit through. That was fine, too. “I’ll be taking care of you from now on, like I said. So please… Give me more meals like that one!”

With those words, I ducked down and left the cave that had been protecting us. It was time to get serious with this damn oni.


Author's Notes:

Akari is weirdly stubborn about some things, isn’t she? She unilaterally decided their respective positions in this new arrangement, and now even “Joana-sama” doesn’t get a choice in the matter.

Good luck with your new girlfriend, Ella! Surely she won’t cause you too much trouble…

Next chapter on Thurs!

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