Run, Red, Run: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Long Price

Red was just going to visit her sick grandmother; she wasn't expecting the big bad wolf.


“We’re going to have to dispose of a body now, aren’t we?”


Author's Note: Here's the new chapter of Red. As always, thanks to Big Closet and to all my readers for your support, and I will continue to post chapters here, patreon chapters are only for people who wish to support me and read ahead. I hope you all enjoy. Further chapters are available on Patreon.~Amethyst.

Chapter 9: The Long Price

As I thought about what offer the Fairy Godmother might make us, I had to wonder what Porgie had done to earn her ire. He probably deserved it since I recognized his name as that of a pedophile who had escaped from prison, so I didn’t have much sympathy for him, but I was curious. “So, Cerriwyn, what did this guy do that earned him a price on his head among your people?” I asked.

The Fairy’s tone turned suddenly cold as she answered, “He lured young Miss Ella into one of the uninhabited homes with sweets while she was running an errand for Chief Rissara, and then he attempted to do unspeakable things to her. If her guardian Fairies hadn’t been there to stop him and chase him off…” Her angered voice trailed off in disgust and sympathy.

“Ella?” Goldie asked, hoping for clarification.

“A human child that the Chieftain encountered in the city outside of Shadowtown last year and took a fancy to. She was in foster care and being abused by the two other girls there, and the woman who was caring for them all. Chieftain Rissara spirited her away and placed an enchantment on her to allow her to pass the protections over Shadowtown. We have been caring for her since and she has a comfortable living space beneath the roots of the great oak,” the fairy explained as she pointed to a large hollowed-out area beneath the massive tree.

Now that she mentioned it, I could smell another human scent other than Porgies, a much sweeter one. I looked toward where the Fairy pointed and saw a sturdy, round wooden door in a space beneath the massive roots as we approached the tree. The door gave the den privacy, and I couldn’t hear anything, but she was probably asleep at the moment anyway.

The thought of what he had tried to do to that child made me feel sick to my stomach and very angry. Okay, yeah, that fat bastard deserved whatever he was going to get. “Is she okay?” Goldie asked in concern.

“Yes, she was a little scared and upset at the time, but her protectors cast some illusions to chase him off before he could do anything more than scare her. If we could do more than illusion and misdirection magic, we would have been able to capture and punish him ourselves, that is why we put the price on his head. He tried to harm a young girl under our protection; he must pay the long price. I’ll go get the Chieftain and be right back,” our Fairy guide replied as we reached the base of the large oak at the center of the small clearing.

All of the flitting around of the Fairies in the tree seemed to stop and the clearing became silent and very still as Cerriwyn flitted off and Goldie dropped Porgie unceremoniously to the ground. Berry placed Greta down a lot more gently. The Witch had to sit down since she was still unsteady on her feet, but we had been warned that she would need to rest for a few days.

We waited in the eerily quiet clearing for a while, and in that time, Porgie began to stir. He had barely started to move and complain before Goldie put him in a headlock and held him in place with her superior strength. “You won’t be slipping away this time, you fat piece of shit,” Greta taunted as he struggled to free himself.

Several awkward moments passed with Porgie whimpering in Goldie’s grip and struggling to free himself. I would have expected him to yell and curse at us, but as soon as he had seen the Fairies in the air around and above us, he became like a terrified animal. I wondered just what illusion the Fairies had used to scare him away that it had him that spooked by their mere presence.

Cerriwyn returned shortly afterward, accompanied by a Fairy with golden wings and hair who seemed to exude power and confidence. It was she who spoke first. “I have heard from Cerriwyn that you are all new to being Arcane, new to Shadowtown, and beholden to none of the Families here. Yet, you have done a great service to me and mine by bringing the defiler to us. You may collect your monetary reward through the Shadowtown bank; these marks will let them know to transfer the funds to you from my account. I also have an offer to make the four of you.”

I felt a tingling sensation on the back of my right hand and saw a strange violet-hued cursive glyph there. A glance toward the others showed similar marks on the back of their hands. “Yeah, Cerriwyn mentioned something about that, an offer we can’t refuse?” Goldie replied, sounding unsure whether to take it as a joke or to be concerned. I couldn’t be sure if she had felt the tingling as well or just wasn’t concerned by it.

“Indeed,” the Fairy Chieftain said with a laugh. “You will have to excuse us for leaning into the mobster tropes. The offer is such: I wish to employ you as my enforcers. All of the other Families have those who see to their important tasks and protect their interests, but I have not seen the need until now. Fairies do not have the physical prowess, size, or versatile magic to do so, the best we can do is misdirect. I need powerful Arcane who will protect my interests, and the people under my purview. The Witch is inexperienced, but I can feel the great power that she has inherited. The rest of you are powerful in your own rights as well, and none of your kinds currently reside within Shadowtown yet.”

“So, you want us to be your hired muscle and do things that you can’t do yourselves, what do we get out of this?” Greta asked tiredly.

“You will be paid well for your services at the end of each month, but I also offer you security. I will grant you one of the larger houses where Cerriwyn awaited you when you arrived, and you will all be considered full members of the BriarRose Clan, and under our protection, so long as you remain loyal to us. You will have access to our Healers if needed and I will use my contacts in the human world to create new identities for those of you who need them so that you can safely traverse the world outside of Shadowtown. As you protect my interests, so too will we protect you when required,” the Fairy offered, making me raise my eyebrows in surprise and suck in a breath that I hadn’t realized I had been holding.

The Fairy Godmother wasn’t done yet though. “If we can, we will also help you all to develop and learn to control your abilities. There are several experienced Witches who work in our half of upper Shadowtown who could be convinced to teach you, and we will do what we can for your friends as well.”

“Well, we’re not really friends, we all just met recently,” I said with a sad shake of my head. The deal sounded good though, very good, especially since Goldie, Greta, and I were all running from something. I didn’t want to grow in my abilities though. I had to admit that the enhanced senses were really cool, but they were also annoying at times, and I was terrified of what was going to happen on the full moon. I sighed and added, “As good as your offer sounds, I’m not sure if I can take it. I’m looking for a cure to my condition, and I won’t be very useful to you if I can find it.”

Rissara’s voice was both sad and sympathetic as she shook her tiny head. “I am truly sorry, young one. There is no cure for any of you, save a final death. You have all been changed by your exposure to various supernatural forces; you are Arcane now, and there is no going back to being human. You have it the worst, but perhaps in time, you can learn to control yourself in your lupine state. I shall look into it for you and until then, perhaps I can find a secure place to keep you from harming anyone while the moon is full.”

My heart fell at that announcement, and I could see Goldie side-eyeing me with a concerned look as she continued to hold Porgie in a grip that he couldn’t escape. My throat constricted and tears were on the verge of falling as I choked out, “I… I see. I guess I’ll be taking your offer then.” It probably wasn’t a good idea to make a deal with the Fae, especially while upset, but she seemed to be sincere and protected the people she considered her own. Goldie and I also needed a place to hide out and Shadowtown would be perfect.

“If Red is in, I’m in,” Berry said as she put an arm around me. Surprisingly though, she didn’t grope me or anything, it was just a simple consoling hug of support. That was a bit of a shock coming from the usually randy slime girl. Maybe there was more to her than just lusting after me after all.

“I said she’s mine, you pink slut!” Goldie snapped. “But yeah, if she’s in, then I’m in. It’s not like we have anywhere else to go.”

“What the hell, I need someplace to live and to learn how to control this fucking magic anyway. I guess that I’m in too,” Greta added after a moment’s consideration. “It does sound like a pretty sweet fucking deal.”

“Very well, welcome to the BriarRose Family then, I will have Cerriwyn show you to your new home when we are done here,” the Fairy Godmother replied, sounding very pleased with our acceptance. With our fates now decided, her tone turned as cold as Antarctica as she turned her attention to Porgie, who Goldie still held securely and pulled into a kneeling position. “And now to deal with you, Defiler.”

The overweight man whimpered something that sounded like, “Please,” but Rissara immediately cut him off.

“Hold your tongue, Defiler!” she snapped furiously. “You have attempted to harm a child that I consider my own, and if the information that I have acquired from human authorities is accurate, you have done unspeakable things to a great many young girls and would have done so to Ella as well. You abuse the innocent and powerless, make them fulfill your sick desires, and traumatize them for the rest of their lives in doing so. You shall reap what you have sown. Malafis, I assume that you are watching.”

The moment that she spoke the name of the head of the Blackapple Family, the scent of burnt ozone tickled my nose and the air nearby seemed to rip open, revealing a pair of women. The first was tall and pale with ebony hair and had cold blue eyes and ethereal beauty. The other was obviously an adult from the large breasts and generous curves, but was even shorter than I was, probably around four foot eight. I imagined that everyone was large and intimidating to an adult that small. Her hair, eyes, and complexion were all a sort of muddy brown, but she remained unmoving and didn’t react as the much taller woman dragged her through the tear in space to join us.

“I see that some people completed your little quest after all, Rissara,” the tall woman, who could only be Malafis, said as she looked us over with cold and calculating eyes. “I have made the golem and enchanted it, as you requested. Now, as for my payment…”

“Yes, yes, once you have placed the defiler’s soul into the golem, it will remain yours to use in one of your seedy little whorehouses in Lower Shadowtown, for all eternity as far as I care. As long as he suffers the price for his actions.”

“Oh he, or rather she, shall. I can assure you of that. The soul will remain aware but a prisoner inside the golem. The dissonance between his male soul and that lovely little female body will be the most sublime torture, especially since he will feel every single sensation, but be unable to resist or do anything of his own volition. The golem will only respond to and enact the commands of those that I give control over her, or those who purchase her time,” the dark-haired elven woman replied with a chilling smile. “This is actually a good deal for me; a whore who doesn’t need breaks, food, or sleep, can heal from even the roughest treatment quickly, will provide any service that her clients desire, and can live for millennia. I may have to create more if this one works out well.”

“You know the deal we struck, Malafis,” the Fairy Godmother warned.

Malafis rolled her eyes but nodded. “Yes, only others like him, who deserve such punishment according to the very restrictive guidelines that you oh so tediously set out. Our deal was struck, and I am bound to honor it, as agreed.”

“Good,” the Fairy answered simply before turning back to Porgie. “Let us see how you like being on the receiving end of the treatment you have given others. You will be small, unable to resist, and forced to enact whatever sick sexual acts that others desire from you, just as your victims were.”

Porgie's eyes were wide as he begged, “No! Please! I…” His eyes only went wider, and he screamed in terror, as Malafis began to chant something under her breath and plunged her now glowing hand into his chest. There was none of the expected blood or gore, only his screaming. Screaming that morphed into a keening unnatural wail as the dark Fae pulled something from inside of him, something incorporeal that I sensed was there but could not smell, see, or hear.

When Malafis removed her hand from his chest, there wasn’t even a spot of blood on him or his clothes. The expression of existential horror that had been etched into his face remained as his pulse and breathing ceased and he fell from Goldie’s hurriedly released grip. The Fae sorceress of the Winter Court didn’t give the collapsing meat sack a second glance, nor cease her chanting, as she turned to the unmoving golem that she had brought and thrust her hand into its ample chest.

An eerie light filled the golem’s brown eyes, and I half expected her to start screaming where Porgie had left off, but nothing happened as Malefis removed her hand and her chanting ceased. It was breathing and could hear a heartbeat, but both seemed artificial to my ears, only there to convince others that it was alive, not because it actually needed to. A cruel smile lit up Malafis’s face as she said, “It was a pleasure doing business with you, Rissara. Come, Georgia, let’s get you to your new home at The Singing Siren and put you to work. As sturdy and accommodating as you are, you should be very popular there. Oh, and remember to smile.”

Another tear in space formed as Malafis chanted under her breath, and the golem said nothing as she pasted a smile onto her face that didn’t reach her eyes and followed the ebony-haired Fae obediently through the opening. “Holy shit. Note to self; do not fuck with the Fae,” Greta muttered under her breath as the tear in space vanished behind Malafis and her new ‘employee’ and the clearing went quiet.

I heartily agreed with the Witch and suddenly wondered if working for the BriarRose Family was such a good idea after all. We had already agreed though, so I would have to hope that our interests aligned or, at the very least, that we wouldn’t have to do anything too detestable. A barely audible sigh drew my mind away from my conflicted thoughts and toward the Fairy Godmother.

“I apologize for the four of you having to see such dark magic right after agreeing to my proposal,” Rissara said as she took in the uncertainty on our faces. Only Berry seemed unconcerned. “Having to deal with Malafis is distasteful, but her magic is much more versatile than mine, and I know that she will be as bound to our deal as I am, so no others will suffer who do not deserve it. That man was a repeat offender, had no remorse for his crimes, and has repeatedly escaped human justice. When he attempted to harm one of mine, I was bound to see him pay appropriately for his crimes.”

Cerriwyn quickly came to her chieftain’s defense, even though none of us had actually voiced our uncertainty. “She hates having to harm anyone; we Fairies may be mischievous at times, but we are usually gentle people and prefer not to harm others without good reason, which is why we have had no enforcers until now. He tried to harm a child under our care; honor demanded that he pay the long price for all of his crimes. As with all Fae, it is our nature to redress the wrongs done to us or those under our care. She would do the same to anyone who committed grievous crimes against me, the Arcane who work for us in Shadowtown, and now any of you as well.”

On one hand, I was terrified of accidentally crossing any of the Fae now, but on the other, I felt like the Fairy Godmother, and her people would also have our backs no matter what happened, so long as we remained loyal to them. I was slightly more reassured as Rissara vowed, “You have my word that I will not ask you to do anything as… distasteful as Malafis just did. Most of the assignments that I give you; I will leave you to resolve at your own discretion and with your own methods. Should I ever ask you to do something that you find truly horrendous, then you may back out of our arrangement with no ill will from me or my people.”

I found myself believing her and reassured by that promise. She seemed sympathetic and caring, and everything that I had heard so far told me that Fae were bound to promises. She had just given us an out if we really wanted it and we found ourselves incompatible with her needs. She didn’t have to do that and it raised my opinion of her and the BriarRose Clan a great deal. I could work with them, at least until we got a better feel of who we were dealing with beyond these first impressions. “Thank you, Rissara, I appreciate your consideration for us,” I told her honestly.

Greta and Goldie seemed to feel the same, though the former took a long look at the tiny Fairies, then Porgie’s corpse on the ground nearby, and sighed tiredly. “We’re going to have to dispose of a body now, aren’t we?” I groaned in agreement since it had been a long and eventful night, and I was getting tired.

To my surprise, Berry relinquished her hold on me as she offered playfully and with a hint of concern, “I can take care of it. Why don’t you all go to whatever house we’re being placed in and get some rest? I think that I can find you when I’m done by following the pull I feel from this sexy bitch. But first, I was promised some sugar!” The slime girl turned to face me, wrapped me up in her arms, and gave me a very long and passionate kiss.

I was about to protest that I hadn’t promised anything, and she had just arbitrarily said it was going to happen when I felt her lips on mine, and her tongue insistently probing. I was so surprised by the kiss that my mouth involuntarily opened to give her access and the next thing I knew, our tongues were jousting. I vaguely heard a protest from Goldie, but I was also discovering what a good kisser Berry was for someone who had only come into being a few hours ago.

Her lips and tongue were moist, but not slimy like I had expected, and she had a slight warmth to her that Goldie unfortunately lacked by being undead. She was also raw overwhelming passion, while Goldie always tried to match my own pace. It was an interesting contrast, and I was a bit lightheaded by the time that Berry finally released me.

With that, our new employer bid us goodnight, asking Cerriwyn to show us the house we would be living in. The silver-haired Fairy would also stay with us for the night so that she could show us around Shadow town when we woke, and take us to the bank and anywhere else that we might need to go to get what we needed to settle in. As she led us through the forest to our new home, Goldie carried the exhausted Witch, though she made it clear that she would rather be carrying me, or at least holding my hand.

I was lost in thought though. So much had happened during the night and with dawn and the horizon I took in the strange supernatural town around us as we followed the Fairy to our vehicles and then across the street to our apparent destination. I found myself wondering the entire time about what the future would bring.

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