Prison Dolls - Chapter 3

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Chapter Three - Red Roses Dropped On Fresh Snow

Traitors – Time Takes Its Toll

The thing about prison is that you are seldom alone… but you always feel like you are.

Robert kept to himself and the other inmates in D Wing mostly kept away from him anyway. Most of them knew about Bobbie and Marilyn and kept their distance, especially when Tig was around because of his overt aggressiveness.

Except for when she presented as Marilyn, Maurice Shrew had little to do with Robert. Bobbie and Marilyn weren’t competitors but they just had nothing in common with each other other than being transvestites who serviced the men in Seg. There were two other openly gay men in D Wing who were friendly with Maurice and Robert suspected that Maurice was having sex with both of them. Maurice only presented femme for the money and during the day he went to work keeping book at the prison farm while Robert worked in the laundry.

After living a double life for what seemed like an eternity, Robert no longer dreaded dressing as Bobbie and carrying out her duties in Seg. In fact Robert began to look forward to it, or at least his alter ego Bobbie did. Robert was worried that Bobbie was taking over his life. She drifted in and out of his conscience so freely now.

When he laundered his and Marilyn’s ladieswear in the laundry Bobbie would remind him that he needed new lingerie or dresses or heels. She would take over his psyche when Robert placed his orders with Tig. She was reluctant to let go when Bobbie returned to her room after spending the evening in Seg. If he was honest with himself, Robert would have to admit that he was more comfortable when he was Bobbie… and that was worrying. Existing as Bobbie was an escape. An escape from prison, an escape from Robert’s bland life, an escape from Robert’s responsibilities and an escape from his family who seemed to be distancing themselves from him.

He and Mandy were drifting apart. Although they still took advantage of the monthly conjugal visits they were distant with each other. Robert suspected that Mandy was only attending the conjugal visits to perform her ‘matrimonial duties’. Except for the sex, the closeness they felt was no longer there. They were a man and woman who fucked each other out a sense of obligation. Mandy had almost ceased attending weekly visitation saying that the long drive was arduous and sitting in the prison visiting room made her depressed and Robert didn’t protest. He felt the same.

Their correspondence was rudimentary, mainly talking about finances, their daughter Charlotte who would soon be graduating, and gossip about the few relatives who had remained close. With Robert’s stipend supplementing her wages Mandy was able to pay the residency fees at Middle Georgia State University and Charlotte had moved into the college residency. Charlotte had a steady boyfriend and she visited home less frequently.

The truth of the matter was that Mandy was lonely and she had started dating a divorcee at work. At first it was just friendship, someone to go to dinner with, see a movie or go to the theatre. Then they went dancing and ate late night suppers and then they started seeing each other on the weekend and finally Mandy had ended up in his bed.

The guilt that Mandy felt was nearly as crushing as the guilt that Robert felt about keeping Bobbie’s existence a secret. They both felt like traitors. Mandy started to hint that she was friendly with a man from her office and rather than being horrified Robert was relieved. He guessed that they were fucking and Robert understood that the relief he was feeling was guilt transference. It had gotten to the point where he perceived Mandy as the guilty person in their relationship. He convinced himself that he was being forced to be Bobbie but Mandy had become an adulteress of her own free will.

To make matters worse Bobbie and Tony Siceresso were not just fucking in Seg, they had become secret lovers. Bobbie was always Tony’s favourite, he hardly ever had sex with Marilyn and he continued to do so only to avert any suspicion that Bobbie was anything other than a whore to him. Even so, Tony was teased by the others about his preference for Bobbie over Marilyn.

“She’s just a better fuck,” Tony said flippantly when questioned about it.

Their relationship had developed slowly at first. During the first few months of her existence Bobbie had dreaded visiting Seg. Eventually transforming from Robert to Bobbie had become easier and Bobbie was able to slide easily into Robert’s consciousness and take over. Bobbie actually liked being who she was. She had shed the excess pounds and she tried different makeup styles to match her moods and her outfits and tried wearing wigs of differing styles and colours. She became fashion conscious and extended her wardrobe.

But at first the sex was difficult. She realised that the men in Seg had different demands. Mike Giacomo she called Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde because sometimes he was affectionate and then on the turn of whim he could be cruel and demanding. Sal was a gentle old soul whose penchant for the dolls waxed and waned. He wasn’t very good at sex but he enjoyed their company. Petey Gruffalo liked sex but was prone to post-coital regret. He loved being in the company of the dolls and he liked taking them back to his room but once he had climaxed he wanted them gone. Joey Malzone also enjoyed the company of the dolls but he used them the same as he would use any of the whores that he used when he was a free man. There was little real affection.

Bobbie soon worked out how best to please the men in Seg and moderated her behaviour accordingly. She was enthusiastic and affectionate when it was called for or she just behaved like a whore when needed and sometimes she just lay on her back, knelt on the bed or stood against the wall with her skirts hiked up while she was used.

The sex was so frequent that it became tolerable. Then she began to enjoy it. Not always but on most occasions she would become sexually aroused and actively participate. She always kept her genitals covered but more often than not she would become tumescent and sometimes climax. The first time this happened was with Tony Siceresso.

Bobbie recalled the first time she and Tony Siceresso were together intimately.

Bobbie and Tony – A Blossoming Romance

The word entertain had taken on a new meaning. It meant everything from engaging in polite conversation, to dancing, to playing games with the men but mostly it meant providing sexual favours. When Tig told her at lunch that she would be required to entertain in Seg that night, it meant that she was going to be fucked or at least be used orally. When she attended Seg she was usually in the company of Marilyn but sometimes only one of the dolls was required depending on the disposition and the needs and wants of the men in Seg.

As always she took advantage of the alcohol and drank as much as she could to numb her senses. One evening a few months after her debut, she and Marilyn went to Seg as usual. Sal and Mike weren’t present and after a few drinks Joey led her to his room but he only wanted a quick blowjob and Bobbie satisfied his needs and he sent her back to the playroom. Petey Gruffalo was getting cosy with Marilyn and Tony poured Bobbie a drink and sat down beside her.

“Here, you look like you could use this,” Tony Siceresso handed Bobbie a drink and offered her a cigarette.

Georgia had banned tobacco use in all of its prisons long ago but the men in Seg weren't subject to any restrictions and some of them smoked. Robert had given up smoking in his twenties and still didn’t smoke. Bobbie had taken it up immediately as another coping mechanism along with the alcohol. It helped calm and distract her while she entertained in Seg.

Bobbie leaned forward so that Tony could light her cigarette. She absentmindedly placed her hand on his knee as she leaned in and almost and as soon as she was aware of the transgression she snapped it back. Bobbie was still uncertain about the rules. Was she supposed to be forward or was she supposed to be demure? She envied that Marilyn seemed to know exactly how to act. She seemed to know when to be flirtatious and when to be reserved, Bobbie was still feeling her way.

Tony took Bobbie’s hand and put it back on his knee.

“I like your nailpolish,” he commented looking down at her bright red fingernails.

Bobbie just nodded and gulped her drink.

“How are you settling in?” he asked.

Bobbie knew that she had to be careful. She recalled what Allie Kat had said to her: ‘What’s the number one rule - don’t show your dick and never break character.’ She also remembered what Mike Giacomo had said to her: ‘We don’t want to hear anything about your life. We aren’t interested.’

“Just fine. I enjoy the luxury of this place,” Bobbie replied coolly.

Tony chuckled.

“You are a very beautiful woman,” Tony stroked her cheek and Bobbie blushed.

She finished her drink in one gulp and crushed out the cigarette.

“Wow! You are one thirsty girl,” Tony chuckled.

“I’d like to take you back to my room so we can have a drink in private,” Tony placed his hand on top of hers.

Bobbie guessed that ‘have a drink in private’ was a euphemism for sex.

“Sure, I’d like that,” Bobbie lied.

She just wanted to get it over with so she could return to D Wing.

Tony led Bobbie to his room and closed and locked the door. Bobbie sat on the big sofa. It was a large modular ottoman that functioned as a day bed. Bobbie perched herself on the edge, her ankles crossed demurely while Tony went into the bedroom. He returned wearing a short velvet robe tied at the waist. Knowing that Tony was naked under the robe just confirmed that he wanted her for sex, not for conversation. She sat primly, resigned to her fate.

Tony poured them both a drink. This was unusual. Normally the men wanted to get right down to it but Tony didn’t seem to be in a rush. Bobbie figured that because Marilyn was entertaining Petey and the others were busy doing whatever they did in the office that Tony had decided not to rush but she knew that she would likely end up on her knees before too long.

Tony sat down beside her and gave her the drink and they talked. Tony told Bobbie that his wife had divorced him not long after he was incarcerated. Their marriage was on the rocks before he went to prison and as they had no children his wife was happy to settle for the house and a ton of cash and agree to an uncontested divorce. The men seldom discussed their personal lives and Bobbie was surprised.

“Allie sends her regards by the way,” Tony segued the conversation completely, throwing Bobbie into confusion.

Allie had told Bobbie that once she was released from Brentwood that she was to going to be rewarded for her services and had been offered a well-paid position hosting the drag show at one of the Siceresso’s nightclubs.

“She’s managing the Dream Palace nightclub in Miami and has begun transitioning,” Tony stated as if he was just talking about a mutual friend.

This surprised Bobbie. The men in Seg never acknowledged that the dolls were in fact female impersonators and seldom spoke about them outside the context of sex. Bobbie remained silent but attentive.

“I own the Dream Palace. It’s one of the many legitimate businesses that I retain in Miami,” he continued.

“Allie keeps in touch?” Bobbie ventured.

“Only with me on a personal level, not with the others,” Tony smiled and Bobbie couldn’t help but smile back.

“She was never just a doll to me. We were… intimate,” Tony surprised Bobbie yet again.

He placed his hand on hers again and intertwined his fingers in hers. It was such a gentle intimate gesture that Bobbie was taken aback. Then Tony leaned in and nuzzled Bobbie’s neck, inhaling her perfume, kissing her delicate flesh softly and tenderly. Bobbie sensed a peculiar sentiment materialise and then she realised that Tony was displaying genuine affection.

Bobbie turned to face Tony. He was handsome and faultlessly groomed. His hair was thick and black, his olive complexion and muscular body would be alluring to most women. Up until now Bobbie had not considered the handsomeness of the men in Seg. She gauged them by their temperament and their desires. They were innominate entities who treated her decently enough in the company of their compatriots but in the bedroom they were just demanding dominant men who used her for their pleasure.

Bobbie felt totally feminine when she metamorphosed but that was uniquely self-induced. She knew it was more than a survival technique but up until now she didn’t acknowledge it. She knew that the men in Seg saw her as a pretty woman but there was no element of attachment or reverence. But somehow it didn’t feel that way with Tony. Maybe she was reading too much into it?

“You were intimate?” Bobbie asked; her voice just above a whisper.

“Of course we fucked. We both liked to fuck,” Tony chuckled.

“But I felt something for her beyond lust. We connected,” Tony was suddenly serious again.

“Prison is a lonely place despite the fact that I live in a palace with four other men. The intimacy I shared with my wife had all but dissipated by the time I arrived at Brentwood. Allie and I formed a relationship that I cherished and that I would like to replicate with you,” Tony squeezed Bobbie’s fingers gently.

“She never told me. Of course she told me that I would be performing sexual favours but she never went into detail about her relationships with the men in Seg. I assumed she was just another concubine like me and Marilyn,” Bobbie replied, putting her drink down on the coffee table.

“She didn’t tell you about us because Allie could keep a secret. If the others found out that Allie and I were actually lovers and that I had genuine feelings of affection for her, that I saw her more than just a whore, there would be repercussions for us both,” Tony sighed, placing his drink down beside hers.

“I’ve told you too much too soon Bobbie but I trust you. Let’s just see what develops between us, take it as it comes so to speak. One thing Bobbie. What happens in this room stays in this room. No one can ever know,” Tony leaned in and kissed Bobbie on the mouth.

The kiss lingered and soon tongue was introduced and they lay down on the sofa and cuddled and canoodled. Bobbie lay on her back and Tony lay down beside her, kissing her, stroking her cheek and then he moved his hand down her torso to her breasts.

Bobbie was wearing a black leather miniskirt and a mauve satin blouse and Tony slowly unbuttoned it and slid his hand inside. Bobbie no longer wore breastforms so Tony was able to caress her nipples through the translucent material of her lacy brassiere.

Bobbie gasped as Tony gently caressed her tiny teats. When he lowered his face to them she guided his mouth from one nipple to the other as Tony lapped and nibbled on the sensitive buds. She was becoming tumescent and she could tell that Tony was too. She could feel the heft of his cock pressing against her belly. She instinctively reached for it knowing what was expected of her.

Tony caught her hand as it slipped inside his robe and gently removed it.

“There’s no rush Bobbie. I’ve waited quite a while for us to be able to be alone together without having to rush,” Tony smiled down at her and kissed her again.

The kiss was soft but the yearning was undercurrent. Bobbie suspected that Tony could quite easily mount her and satisfy his base urges but he was restraining himself. He was behaving more like a lover than a john.

He kissed her some more and Bobbie enjoyed every second of it. The featherlight pressure as their lips touched, the delicate way in which he slipped the tip of in tongue into her mouth. The way he was holding her like she was precious, not like some fuck puppet. His fingers played with her breasts and then slowly began the journey down her torso, down her skirt and finally came to rest on her legs.

He stroked the back of her knees, his fingers tickling the little wrinkles in her pantyhose and Bobbie shuddered with delight. Then his hand began to creep upwards, under her skirt, tracing her thighs, finally coming to rest in the crevice where her legs joined her hips. He stroked the delicate flesh there and Bobbie gasped into his mouth.

His touch was so tender and erotic. It was as if Tony was trying to seduce her. She yearned for him, searching out his manhood but once again he brushed away her hand and instead she laced her fingers behind his neck and returned his kisses, slipping her tongue into his mouth, pressing herself against him.

Tony’s fingers slid across the front of her panties and Bobbie froze. The men would often play with her ass but they never touched her pubis. She knew that the men in Seg never wanted to break the illusion that she and Marilyn were women.

Bobbie put her hand down there and gripped Tony’s wrist and looked at him with trepidation.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“What I’ve be aching to do honey,” Tony smiled at her and shook off her grip.

He pressed his lips to hers and drove his tongue into her mouth. His fingers continued their journey across the front of her panties. Then moved up to her waist and slipped inside the waistband of her pantyhose and continued down between her legs.

Bobbie shuddered and gasped as Tony freed her penis from between her legs. Her cock was semi-tumescent and Tony laid it flat against her belly and hitched up her panties to cover it. Bobbie’s testes descended into her scrotal sac. Tony stroked the bulge in Bobbie’s panties as he kissed her passionately and Bobbie was filled with trepidation but also lust. His fingers brushed her satin panties against the tight nylon of her pantyhose which swathed her now fully erect penis. It was heavenly.

“Do you like that Bobbie?” Tony broke the kiss and smiled at her.

Bobbie’s response was to pull Tony’s face to hers so that she could kiss him and wriggle her bottom appreciatively. She felt Tony smile around the kiss and she realised that this had been his plan all along. No wonder he had sworn her to secrecy.

Tony stroked her cock through her panties and Bobbie reached for his. This time he did not bat her hand away and she found him turgid, his glans dripping precum. His penis felt huge in her delicate fingers and she began to stroke it and was rewarded with a gasp and a shudder as Tony felt Bobbie’s fingers manipulate his throbbing manhood.

She was gentle and fondled his cock softly, sensing that Tony was in no rush to consummate their tryst. They kissed and canoodled and once again Bobbie was overcome with a feeling that she and Tony were actually making love, not just having sex. There was no urgency, no race to climax, they were tender with each other and Bobbie was surprisingly delighted.

Tony nicked a little hole in the front of Bobbie’s pantyhose and guided her penis though the hole and took it in his hand. Bobbie was at once excited and trepidatious. None of the men in Seg had ever touched her penis, not even through her panties and here was Tony stroking her naked flesh.

They fondled each other genitals, cupping scrotums, stroking shafts, tickling fraenulums, their kisses becoming progressively more passionate. They edged each other towards climax and backed off when each sensed the other was close.

“Have you done this before?” Tony asked and with some difficulty he poked Bobbie’s hard cock back the through the hole in her pantyhose and smoothed her pantyhose and panties back in place.

“Have I done what?” Bobbie whispered.

“This,” he replied and rolled on top of her and pressed his cock against hers.

Tony kissed her passionately and she put her arms around him and lifted her legs and locked them around his waist. He loved the feel of her pantyhose on his tender flesh and she loved the feel of muscled body lying on top of her. She felt feminine and appreciated and also lecherous.

His cock pressed on Bobbie’s through the fabric of her slinky panties and hose and they both enjoyed the sensation of cock rubbing on cock. Their kisses became more passionate and then frenetic as they rutted against each other. Bobbie raked her nails down Tony’s back and buffed her silky-hosed legs against Tony’s flanks; he pressed down on her, grinding his cock against hers, relishing the sensations.

“I’m going to cum,” Bobbie whispered into Tony's ear as she felt her climax welling up from deep inside her.

Her scrotum was roiling and ready to release her load. Tony’s cock was tingling with delight as he rubbed it faster against Bobbie’s panty-clad phallus. He felt his orgasm begin to build.

Tony broke the kiss and pushed himself up with his forearms so he could see their cocks frotting against each other and Bobbie shuddered and Tony smiled when he saw a globule of warm semen bubble through her panties. He rubbed his cock in the puddle of spunk and smeared it all over her panties and then he ejaculated too and his own seed comingled with hers as his orgasm washed over him.

Bobbie pulled him down and smashed her lips against his and drove her tongue into Tony’s mouth as she writhed and wriggled beneath him, pressing her cock against his as it juddered and spewed forth her creamy issue. The feel of Tony’s quivering organ spilling his seed on her pantied penis was ecstatic.

The two lovers kissed and cuddled and rutted and ground against each other, their cocks smeared with each other’s warm semen. Even after their orgasms had subsided they lay in each other’s arms and kissed and caressed each other.

“Did you like it?” Tony asked.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Bobbie gasped.

“Oh, I haven’t finished yet honey, that was just the appetiser,” Tony smiled down at her.

Bobbie was used to being dismissed once the man using her had climaxed but Tony clung to her and kissed her. They started all over again, Tony kissing and nibbling her tiny breasts, fondling each other’s cocks, urging each other on. Neither of them had become fully flaccid, they both maintained semi-erections and Bobbie felt Tony’s cock become fully engorged and to her amazement so did hers.

“Your cock is amazing,” Tony whispered as he ran his finger along the length of Bobbie’s hard phallus.

Bobbie was shocked. The men in Seg never acknowledged that their dolls had cocks. She just didn’t know how to reply because she had been conditioned never to talk about her penis while in Seg. Tony wasn’t expecting a reply anyway because he popped Bobbie’s penis out of the little hole in her cum-soaked pantyhose and began to stroke it again.

Bobbie sighed as Tony’s fingers fluttered expertly along her rod, eliciting little flowerets of pleasure. She reached for Tony’s huge cock, her fingers barely able to encircle the girth of it, and she returned the favour. They masturbated each other while they kissed, slowly building the intensity, their kisses becoming more fervid and their hands working faster, their cocks growing harder.

Tony took his hand away from Bobbie’s cock and he slipped it between her buttocks and made another hole in her pantyhose and slipped a finger into her anus. As usual she was pre-lubricated and it slid in easy so he slipped in a second finger and Bobbie gasped. But it wasn’t from pain, it was from pleasure. Tony knew what he was doing and he used the pads of his fingertips to massage Bobbie’s prostate. Her cock began to dribble precum in a continuous stream.

“Are you ready?” Tony whispered and Bobbie could only nod.

She’d never been asked that before.

Tony loomed over and lifted her legs and placed her ankles on his shoulders and he lined up his cock with her sphincter. He nudged his glans into the puckered bud and felt Bobbie tense, then she relaxed and Tony pushed the bulbous head of his cock inside the tight ring, stretching it open.

Bobbie thought her sphincter was going to tear as Tony’s bloated glans stretched her wide open. There was a slight sting and feeling of fullness but the pain was minimal.

Tony kissed her and stroked her and fondled her, just the tip of his cock inside her. He was patient and waited for Bobbie to become accustomed to the girth of it. When he felt her relax again he pushed an inch of cock inside her and Bobbie hissed so he stopped. His cock felt like it was being squeezed by a velvet glove.

“Are you ok?” Tony whispered.

“It’s big Tony but it feels wonderful,” Bobbie admitted.

She placed her lips on his and kissed him, feeling the fullness of his manhood dilating her anus. There was a deep ache but it was not unpleasant and her stretched sphincter was emitting ringlets of pleasure as the girth of Tony’s penis lit up the sensitive nerve endings.

Bobbie wriggled her bottom indicating that she was ready for more and Tony obliged, pushing in another inch or two, feeling Bobbie’s tight anus open like a tight furrow. She gasped again and mewled in his mouth but she clung to him lovingly. Then Bobbie surprised him and she wrapped her arms around his neck and used it as a fulcrum as she lifted her buttocks up off the couch and impaled herself fully on his mighty appendage.

As Tony’s big cock slid all the way inside her, Bobbie wanted to scream but the scream would have been a combination of pleasure and pain. His cock stretched her rectum until she thought it would split but under the deep ache was also a deep resonance of rapture. Her sphincter felt like it was lit up like a string of fairy lights, twinkling little sparklets of pleasure, while a deep reverberation of pleasure began to emanate all along the walls of her tight hole.

Tony took Bobbie’s cock in his hand, drove his tongue into her mouth and raised himself up and began to fuck her. Bobbie had never felt such pleasure before. Tony’s cock filled her void completely and lit up every nerve ending, the base of his cock stretched her sphincter which radiated ringlets of pleasure very time Tony thrust his huge hard cock inside her. Her prostate was stimulated to such an extent that her cock was dribbling a torrent of pre-ejaculate which Tony used to lubricate her penis as he stroked it.

Tony could feel Bobbie’s spongy mass enveloping his hard cock and it rippled and undulated as he drove his cock in and out of her, almost extruding his essence. Bobbie’s cock was throbbing in his hand as he caressed it. He alternated between softly massaging it and viciously stroking it. Their tongues were entwined and Bobbie had lowered her legs from his shoulders and locked them around his waist, drawing him into to her. He could feel her need, her wanton lechery and Tony obliged and began to jackhammer his cock in and out of her tight asshole and stroke her cock faster and harder.

This time Bobbie did scream with delight as freshets of hot spunk erupted from her cock. She pulled Tony tight and screwed her ass into his pubis, extracting every scintilla of pleasure from the monster cock that was impaling her tight anus. She felt Tony’s cock shudder and throb as Tony held her close, driving his tongue in her mouth as drove his cock all the way inside her and ejaculated.

They clung to each other, pressing themselves tight, Bobbie grinding her ass and Tony grinding his pubis as their orgasms washed over them. They squeezed very ounce of pleasure from each other until they were sated and Tony lay on top of Bobbie spent and exhausted.

Bobbie quite liked the weight of his body on top of her. It was comforting and pleasant and Tony was still kissing her but he was kissing her softly and tenderly, his needs met, their passion spent. Eventually Tony’s cock contracted to the point where it slipped from Bobbie’s anus. A flood of semen gushed from her still gaping sphincter and it was soaked up by her pantyhose and panties. It took a little while for Bobbie’s sphincter to close because Tony had stretched it so wide.

After the sex Bobbie and Tony lay in each other’s arms, caressing and kissing each other. This was divergent to what usually followed sex with the Siceressos. She was usually shown the door or escorted back to the lounge or playroom and seldom was any affection shown. Bobbie actually preferred it that way: the compliments, the interplay and the canoodling when she was in the company of the men; the rollicking sexual encounter in the bedrooms without any real attachment with the realisation that the dolls were just a convenient replacement for ‘real women’. It was another means of self-justification to Bobbie.

But this wasn’t that. Tony had shared intimate details of his personal life. He had intimated that he and Allie had a personal relationship that exceeded the bounds of sexual gratification. It seemed, at least for now, that Tony was interested in fostering a similar relationship with her.

He insisted that she take a shower and use his ensuite for as long as she liked and Bobbie enjoyed the luxury of it. She undressed and took a long hot shower and then she fixed her makeup. She took a new pair of pantyhose out of her purse and threw the ones with the holes, drenched in semen, into the little bathroom tidy. She tucked and took a fresh pair of panties from her purse and put them on, then her bra then her skirt and blouse. She stepped into her heels reapplied her makeup and brushed her hair and came out of the bathroom refreshed and smelling of Dior Poison.

“You look gorgeous as always sweetheart,” Tony greeted her; the endearment not lost on Bobbie.

He kissed her tenderly and led her back to the sofa, not to the door which was what Bobbie had expected.

Tony had made her another drink and they shared a post-coital cigarette sitting across from one and other.

“You know this has to be our secret right? It could be a matter of life and death for me,” Tony blew smoke across the room.

“It’s like the ‘Just One Goat’ joke in a way. These guys think it is ok to fuck a tranny in the ass, kiss her, have her blow them, dance with her… you know what I mean. But you touch her dick and you're a fanook forever,” Tony laughed nervously to hide the seriousness of the situation.

“Yeah. Like the other joke. ‘I’m not gay but I once fucked a guy who was,’” Bobbie regretted saying it as soon as the words come out her mouth.

“I'm sorry Tony I know you aren’t gay. I’m not gay. I'm’… I’m… I’m…” Bobbie struggled to find the words.

Tony got out of chair and sat down next to her and held Bobbie close.

“You are what you are honey. You're special to me. Let’s just keep it to ourselves shall we?” Tony leaned in and kissed her then he helped Bobbie to her feet.

He opened the door to his room escorted her to the door of E Wing like a gentleman.

“See you tomorrow.” He whispered and kissed her softly on the cheek.

Bobbie left Seg that evening more confused than ever. How could she feel affection for one of the Siceressos? She wasn’t really a woman, despite her increased feelings of femininity. She wasn’t doing this willingly. The ever present threat to Mandy and Charlotte and the monthly stipend were the only incentives that made Robert submit to handing over his mind and body to Bobbie. This was something bizarre in a situation that was already unbelievably bizarre.

Bobbie looked at the clock on the bedside table and realised that she had been back in her room for over an hour and had not surrendered her psyche back to Robert. She took off her makeup, disrobed and showered and Robert came back into the consciousness of their shared body.

Robert stared up at the crack in the ceiling and did the arithmetic, counting how many months he had left in Brentwood, converting it to weeks and then to days. He willed the crack in the ceiling to speed up its inevitable journey towards the light fitting. Then this would all be over and things would return to normal, whatever normal was.

Bobbie tried to slip into his consciousness and he pushed her down. Robert was overwhelmed by guilt.

Bobbie and Tony being secret lovers made things both better and worse for Bobbie. Bobbie cherished the time she spent alone with Tony. It wasn’t just that the sex was good, they had become connected. But it made having sex with the others feel like she was betraying him and she felt jealous when Tony had sex with Marilyn, even though he told her he was doing it only for appearance sake.

Tony had unfettered access to the outside world but Robert Valentine’s phone calls and email were subject to interdiction and censorship so Tony passed on Robert Valentine’s email address to Allie and she and Bobbie started to correspond. Bobbie’s consciousness took over whenever Robert read Allie’s emails because Allie was conversing with Bobbie not Robert.

Of course there was no mention of Seg or of prison dolls in their correspondence but Allie told Bobbie about her new life in Miami. How she felt that she was finally living the life she had meant to be living as a trans woman. Allie had found a man who loved her, who was devoted to her and she was falling in love with him. Bobbie had to admit to feeling jealous. She and Tony were lovers but they weren’t in love, at least the word love had never been uttered.

They used subtle code. ‘I hear you and Mister T are getting along. I was very friendly with him too. He really helped me get through my time while I was incarcerated,’ was an obvious reference to Bobbie’s burgeoning relationship with Tony.

Bobbie wondered exactly what Tony was telling Allie about their relationship in his private correspondence which was not subject to surveillance by the DoC. Did he share intimate details about what they did? Did he tell Allie about he really felt about Bobbie? She and Tony talked about Allie sometimes and Tony said that he was happy that Allie had found her true self and found herself a man who loved her. He said he wanted the same thing for Bobbie when she was released but Bobbie steered the conversation away from the subject. When Robert Valentine was released Bobbie would vanish forever. There would be no need for her. Would there?

What made things confusing was that Robert was slowly being subsumed by Bobbie. Robert spent little time in the consciousness of their shared body. He didn’t want to because Robert was unhappy. Things were not going well for him with his family and Bobbie coped better with her life than Robert did with his.

The inevitable happened and Mandy finally told Robert that she was having an affair, but that it was more than that. She had fallen in love with her divorcee Dale Shrivington and out of love with Robert. Robert agreed to a divorce and had no hard feelings about it.

Charlotte had moved in with her boyfriend and there were rumblings of marriage. Robert thought that Charlotte was too young for marriage and told her that he thought she was throwing away her future which had resulted in a bitter email exchange which ended up with Charlotte ghosting him.

Mandy made a final visitation to Brentwood where she told Robert that she and Charlotte had decided that it was best if they moved on with their lives without Robert. He had been out of their lives for so long now that they found his presence a distraction preventing them both from living their lives to the full.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you Robert but you have changed. It’s not just being in prison, you are seldom in the room when I visit,” Mandy whispered across the table in the visitor’s room.

“What do you mean?” Robert bristled.

“You go somewhere else. It’s like someone else has taken you over. Then you shake your head and you’re back again. Something is going on that I don’t know about and probably don’t want to know about,” Mandy sighed.

Robert silently seethed but he was also concerned. Mandy and Charlotte were still not safe. They were still subject to Tig’s retribution if Bobbie didn’t continue to toe the line and perform her duties in Seg and keep schtum about it.

Mandy slid a sheaf of legal documents across the table. She had placed little tabs where Robert needed to sign the manuscript that would end their marriage. Dale Shrivington was a director in the finance company where Mandy worked and she didn’t need anything from Robert. They would simply walk away from their marriage.

Robert stared at the documents almost unseeingly. Bobbie flew into his consciousness and appraised Mandy. Bobbie wouldn’t be caught dead in the pantsuit that Mandy was wearing. Her low heels might be expensive but they were awful. Mandy had her blonde hair styled differently and it suited her but her makeup wasn’t right and Bobbie knew how to fix it.

Bobbie would never leave her room looking anything like Mandy.

Robert shook his head, forcing Bobbie from his psyche.

“You did it again Robert. Is there something wrong with you?” Mandy asked.

“You give lousy blowjobs,” Robert blurted out.

There was a beat and then they both realised the absurdity of what Robert had just said and they burst out laughing. They stood up and held each other as they laughed and cried, realising that their marriage was over but both relieved that it was. There was no animosity. They had both been traitors to their marriage.

When Robert returned to his dorm he opened the wardrobe and cast his eyes over Bobbie’s clothing and accruements. Robert’s prison uniforms took up a tiny space at the end of the hanging rod and a single drawer. It was reflective of how much space Bobbie was taking up in his consciousness; there was barely any of Robert left.

Robert realised that if he hadn't been sent to prison he would have never have known that there was woman existing deep inside of him. His latent femininity would have been suppressed and he would have lived his life quite happily as a man. But Allie had awakened the sleeping women that had existed deep within him and once she had stirred there was no putting the genie that was Bobbie back in the bottle. Bobbie was now the dominant force in his life.

Robert took a deep breath and surrendered. Bobbie came flooding into Robert’s consciousness and took over completely. Robert’s memories remained but his willpower, his individuality, his pneuma dissipated. Bobbie was where she rightly belonged, totally in control of what had once been their shared body.

That night Bobbie lay in her bed staring at the crack in the ceiling. She was wearing men’s pyjamas and was sans makeup but she tolerated having to present male. Tomorrow she would put on Robert’s prison uniform and go to work in the laundry. She would pretend to be Robert but Robert was gone. There was no need for him any longer.

Michelle Benson - A New Prison Doll Is Born

A little over a year later, Bobbie had stopped counting the months until the day she would be released from prison because it was now only two weeks away. Bobbie had fretted that like Allie, she would have to find someone to replace her as a prison doll but fate intervened.

Michelle Benson was actually Mitchell Benson, a young gay inmate convicted of a string of solicitation offences and sentenced to two years’ incarceration. The judge ruled his time should be served in a minimum security facility and he was sent to Brentwood.

Maurice Shrew took Mitchell under his wing and with Tig’s blessing made an assessment as to whether or not Mitchell would make a good prison doll. It turned out that Mitchell had worked turning tricks as a twink and sometimes as a ‘sissy’ in a Cheshire Bridge Road establishment. Mitchell took little convincing. He looked forward to spending his evenings in the lap of luxury and if he had to present femme and suck a few old guys cocks and bend over when required so what? It wasn’t like he wasn’t doing the same thing outside of prison for less money.

Marilyn coached Michelle for a week. Michelle was already well versed in presenting femme but she needed polishing. In her previous occupation she would ‘sissify’ herself when required but there was a lot more to being a prison doll than just putting on makeup, slipping into ladies clothing and calling her paramour ‘daddy’ while they had sex. Marilyn taught Michelle how to fully immerse herself in her feminine identity.

Bobbie was pretty sure that Maurice Shrew had already seduced Mitchell Benson and made him his jailhouse lover before Tig agreed that Mitchell could replace Bobbie but that was no concern of hers. It made sense to her that they would share that special bond as prison dolls while they serviced the men in E Wing but also as homosexual lovers in D Wing. Tig too was aware of the situation and it actually made his job easier.

Bobbie lay on her bed and stared up at the crack in the ceiling wondering what the future held for her. The end of the crack was finally touching the base of the light fitting. Her release date had been confirmed.

She was wearing pink babydoll pyjamas and her long black hair was no longer worn in a man-bun. Bobbie only put up her hair and wore prison garb outside her room when she was required to present as Robert. Contrary to how things were in what felt like the distant past when Robert dreaded having to transform into Bobbie, the opposite was now true. Bobbie hated having to pretend that she was Robert.

She was both relieved and terrified. What would she do when she was released from prison? She couldn’t go back to living at Robert Valentine, he no longer existed but the problem was that Bobbie didn’t exist outside of Brentwood either, at least not legally. Bobbie almost regretted having to leave Brentwood but she couldn’t stay. As much as Bobbie adored spending time with Tony Siceresso she was still a prison doll and there were four other men in Seg that she was required to service.

As much as she become accustomed to providing sexual services to the other four crime bosses, and yes she would admit it, she often enjoyed the sex, she was a concubine, a whore, a slattern but Bobbie wanted more than that. She wondered what it would be like living full-time as a woman outside the prison. Would it even be possible?

Could Bobbie Valentine exist outside of Brentwood? Bobbie seriously hoped so because Robert was long gone. Bobbie recalled the arc of her existence. At first the forced feminisation, subjugation and conditioning, then acceptance of her fate, and finally the realisation that she had found her true identity. It had changed her from what she once was to what she believed was her essential self.

Bobbie had disclosed her desire to transform and live as a woman to Allie and Allie was at first sceptical but in their email and their telephone conversations Allie became convinced that Bobbie was genuinely gender dysphoric. She also believed that Bobbie’s gender identity had been suppressed so effectively that had Bobbie not been forced to become a prison doll, Robert Valentine would have lived his life without ever knowing about the woman that existed deep in his psyche.

Allie at first felt remorseful. She and Tig had compelled the meek, weak-willed embezzler into a life of forced feminisation but Allie also realised that in a way she was responsible for Bobbie finding her true spirit.

This must be true otherwise surely Robert Valentine would be eagerly anticipating and yearning to shed the identity of Bobbie and put behind him the years of feminine submission. Robert would be looking forward to reclaiming and repossessing his lost masculinity.

But as far as Allie could determine Robert Valentine no longer existed. Bobbie had shed Robert like a snake sheds its skin.

Bobbie’s Gotta Go

While Bobbie lay in bed considering what her life would be like once she left Brentwood the five Siceresso crime bosses and Tig Hansen were crowded into the office in Seg.

“Bobbie’s gotta go. Not while she’s in Brentwood of course but as soon as she’s out,” Sal growled around the cigar in his mouth.

“Why? We left Allie alone when she was released,” Tony asked.

“Allie was different. Tig didn’t pressure her. She became a prison doll of her own free will. She still works for us for fuck sake Tony. You know that. She manages the Dream Palace, which you own,” Sal turned to face his younger brother.

“But Bobbie? We don’t know how she really feels about all this. She might resent everything that happened to her in Brentwood. She might have a whatchamacallit… a crisis of conscience and blab when she gets out. She might go to the fuckin’ FBI… she might go to the press,” Joey put in his two cents.

“Bobbie has promised me personally that she won’t blab. She just wants to get on with her life and forget all about Brentwood,” Tony pleaded Bobbie’s case.

“Tig, you still got eyes on Bobbie’s wife and daughter right? The same threat that kept her quiet and subservient inside prison still applies when she’s outside, right?” Tony continued.

“Well the wife remarried and the daughter wants nothing to do with him. Bobbie might not give a fuck about the wife but the daughter is innocent so the threat against her is still valid but if Bobbie goes to the Feds they’ll provide security for the wife and daughter and maybe even put them in Witsec. Can you imagine what Bobbie might say if she took the stand?” Tig said to Tony.

“That’s right Tony and it aint just us. A lot of people are going down if we go down. Safer for all of us if Bobbie just disappears. Nobody outside can know about Seg” Sal grunted.

“That’s my final say. Tig, you arrange for Bobbie to disappear as soon as she gets out of Brentwood. I don’t her body to be found or anything that leads the fanook back to us. Bobbie will just be some ex-con who disappeared as soon as they were released. Won’t be the first; won’t be last. That’s all I got to say,” Sal had the final word and the meeting was adjourned.

Sal held Tony back when the others left.

“I aint stupid Tony, I know that you’re sweet on the broad. I don’t get it. She’s a fanook, a femminiello, whatever. You know you can’t save her. Try out the new doll, she aint as pretty as Bobbie but she’s still good looking and she’s younger. Just let Bobbie go,” Sal patted his brother on the shoulder.

“Ok Sal. Bobbie’s gotta go but let me take care of it. Do me this one favour brother,” Tony said; the regret in his voice evident.

“Sure Tony but if you take care of it I need proof that she’s gone. You know what I mean,” Sal reluctantly agreed.

The End Is Near

Bobbie sat nervously outside the warden’s office waiting for her interview. Her hair was down and she was wearing a little eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss. She was dressed in her prison uniform but she had tapered the pants and shortened the cuffs a little to show her ankles. She liked to think it was a last act of defiance but she knew it was a pathetic gesture.

The use of cosmetics in Brentwood Correctional Facility my male inmates was not specifically banned but cosmetics were not sold in the commissary. Of course the prison dolls acquired everything they needed through Tig who smuggled so much contraband into Seg that it was like having an open door.

Bobbie was well aware that the warden knew what was happening on E Wing. The COs working on D Wing, all employed by Wakefield Services of course, were vetted and paid handsomely to facilitate the farce and to keep schtum.

Still, Marissa Mellowship was a little surprised when Bobbie entered her office presenting femme.

“You know the rules. You only dress openly femme when you are on your way to and from Seg,” the warden said but she said it with some amusement.

“I thought an evening gown would be a little over the top for my exit interview,” Bobbie quipped.

Marissa Mellowship glared at Bobbie. She wasn’t used to being spoken back to by inmates.

Marissa had been handpicked by the Siceressos through their stooges on the board of Wakefield Services to be the warden at Brentwood Correctional Facility. She was corrupt and malleable but she was no dummy. She ran the prison very effectively and maintained tight control over the goings-on in D and E wings. She was the buffer between Wakefield Services and the DoC. Her credentials were impeccable and her performance reviews were outstanding.

The Siceressos, the board of Wakefield Services, several high ranking politicians and officials in the DoC and the justice system relied on Marissa’s acumen and discretion. Marissa knew the consequences if word was ever to get out about how the heads of a crime family managed to live in the lap of luxury, sequestered from the dross of prison life while they were incarcerated in Brentwood.

Marissa was in her fifties and was wearing a navy-blue tailored skirt-suit, nylons and heels; her hair was coiffed and her makeup perfect. She looked like a business executive. She was attractive but she had what was colloquially known as a resting-bitch-face. In summary she looked like a woman who was not to be fucked with.

“Sit,” Marissa pointed to the chair in front of her desk.

“Robert Edward Valentine, sentenced to seven years’ incarceration having been found guilty of fraud, insider trading and embezzlement,” Marissa read from a file laid out in front of her.

“Served eighteen months in Smith State Prison then transferred to Brentwood Correctional Facility to complete his sentence and is now eligible for probationary release,” Marissa looked up from the document.

“What can I say? I’ve been a model prisoner and I have a good lawyer. In fact I learned how to be a model right here in Brentwood,” Bobbie offered a fake smile.

“You’re not free yet Robert so I’d can the sarcasm,” Marissa said through gritted teeth.

“I prefer to be called Bobbie. I’d also like to have it noted on my release documents that I intend to begin gender reassignment on my release,” Bobbie replied.

“Your councillor has made no such notation in your quarterly behavioural counselling reports,” Marissa made a show of skimming through several documents.

“I never told him and I’m pretty sure you know why,” Bobbie offered another fake smile.

“Let’s cut the crap and get this over with. You’ve completed the exit questionnaire and state that you were treated fairly and have been rehabilitated and are ready to re-enter society. You have made no complaints and no infringements have been recorded against you. As you yourself say, you have been a model prisoner,” Marissa continued.

She then went on to ask a series of proforma questions which Bobbie answered without the sarcasm. She was close to being released and Bobbie knew it was in her best interests to behave herself and appear thankful.

“Sign here. You will be processed on Wednesday. Do you have someone picking you up?” Marissa asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Bobbie finally relaxed and smiled genuinely.

But she couldn’t help one last quip.

“Those shoes don’t go with that suit. I’d have gone with the black pumps instead of the sandals,” Bobbie smirked back at Marissa from the door.

A corrections officer was waiting outside to take Bobbie back to D Wing.

As soon as Bobbie left her office Marissa Mellowship snatched up her phone and pressed a button that connected her to the Siceressos office in E Wing.

“She’s got a mouth on her. I think she’s going to be trouble,” Marissa said sternly.

“Don’t worry about it. She’s going away,” Sal grunted into the phone.

Marissa put down the handset and smiled evilly. She took the page from the file where Bobbie had insisted that the warden note down Bobbie’s intent to transition and fed it into the shredder.

“Smartass bitch,” she hissed.

But she knew that Bobbie was right about her shoes.

One Last Night

Sal made the same speech he had made the night he had welcomed Bobbie to Seg and farewelled Allie Katt except this time he was welcoming Michelle Benson and farewelling Bobbie Valentine. Sal took Michelle to his room to exert his right of ‘jus primae noctis’, Latin for the right of a feudal lord to deflower any virgin he desired.

Mike Giacomo and Petey Gruffalo waited their turn knowing that Sal wouldn’t be long with Michelle. They wanted to try out the new prison doll. Joey Malzone took Marilyn Shrew to his room. Tony Siceresso had already declared his intent to have Bobbie Valentine all to himself and no one had objected. As soon as he and Bobbie were safely locked in his room Tony undressed and stood naked before the woman he adored.

Tony kissed Bobbie softly, holding her close, feeling something he couldn’t quite explain. Bobbie had become part of his life. He looked forward to seeing her every day and was jealous when she went with the other guys in Seg. He was heartbroken that he had to be the instrument of her demise but he couldn’t leave it to Tig. Who knew what Tig’s henchmen were liable to do to Bobbie?

“I want tonight to be special Bobbie,” he whispered in her ear.

“Me too Tony. This will be our last night together,” Bobbie replied not knowing the implication of what she was saying; unaware of the fate that awaited her.

Bobbie had scoured her wardrobe, wanting Tony to remember her looking her best. She wore a red satin evening gown, split to the waist to show off her long legs clad in sheer holdup stockings and was shod in red Louboutin high heels.

As their lips touched Tony's hand went to her thigh and he stroked her skin delighting in the feel of her gossamer nylons on his fingertips. His fingers slowly climbed up her leg until he came to her tight red satin panties. Bobbie hadn't tucked. She knew that she would be spending the night with Tony and unlike the others Tony liked to touch her there.

She pressed herself against Tony’s hard body, her fingers seeking out his mighty appendage and finding it hard. She stroked him to full tumescence while Tony massaged Bobbie’s cock through her panties, sliding the satiny fabric up and down her shaft until she groaned into his mouth.

They both felt the need. They knew that they would while away the evening in Tony’s big bed making love, being tender with each other, expressing the adoration they felt for each other on their last night together. But right now their passions were raw. They wanted to slake the lust they had for each other quickly so they could enjoy the gentle lovemaking that was to follow.

Bobbie bit Tony on the earlobe and he hissed and squeezed her cock tightly in response and Bobbie clutched Tony’s cock tightly, extruding a droplet of pre-ejaculate that she massaged into his veiny rod.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now!” Bobbie gasped into Tony’s ear and bit his earlobe again.

Tony kissed her passionately, biting her lip, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, mouth-fucking her with his tongue.

Tony spun Bobbie around and slammed her into the wall and she gasped. She wanted him inside her so bad. Tony gathered the drape of her gown and raked it up her back, exposing her bountiful buttocks clad in the shiny red panties. He kicked her feet apart, forcing her against the wall with his weight, his cock pressing into her natal cleft.

“Fuck me Tony. Cum in me. Make me yours,” Bobbie groaned.

She seldom behaved like a slattern with Tony, their lovemaking was always passionate but usually gentle and prolonged but right now Bobbie wanted Tony to use her, to take her like a whore, to fuck her.

Tony pulled Bobbie’s panties halfway down her thighs and pressed his cock into her puckered bud.

“Do it!” Bobbie moaned.

Tony pushed the full length of his turgid phallus inside Bobbie’s tight anus, her sphincter stretching to accommodate him, the lubricant easing his passage, her rectum enveloping his steely organ, squeezing it. Tony let go of Bobbie’s dress and gripped her hips and began to fuck her.

“Oh god yes,” Bobbie cried.

She pressed her palms flat against the wall, her face inches from the surface as Tony began to fuck her violently. She pushed back against him wanting every millimetre of his manhood inside her pressing on her prostate and lighting up her sphincter. She felt subservient and salacious. His cock was hurting her but hurting her in ways she relished. She felt like a wanton harlot and she was enjoying every second of it as Tony thrust his cock in and out of her tight passage, his pubis slamming into her buttocks, making them quiver.

Tony looked down and watched his cock slam in and out of Bobbie’s clenched ass. He was so excited that he felt his orgasm blooming and he sensed that Bobbie was close too. She was pushing her ass out, inviting him to pillage her snug pink crevice.

He reached around and found Bobbie’s cock achingly hard, dripping a continuous stream of precum. He gripped it and stroked it as he pummelled her back passage, feeling it judder in his fingers as her issue roiled in her scrotum ready to explode.

“Yesss!” Tony hissed as he slammed his manhood all the way inside Bobbie’s tight anus and ground against her buttocks flooding her with his seed.

“Oh god!” Bobbie wailed as her cock juddered and her emissions erupted.

Bobbie’s hot musky semen burst forth, spattering against the wall as Tony yanked on her quivering tool, draining her. His cock was rock hard inside her, juddering as his spend filled her and dribbled out of her tight opening, running down her thighs, soaking into her stocking tops.

Bobbie turned her head sideways as far as she could and Tony crushed his lips against hers as the last of his issue drained from his cock buried deep in her rectum. Bobbie mewled and returned the kiss as Tony squeezed the last droplets of cum from her quivering cock.

They stayed like that. Bobbie pressed against the wall with Tony’s cock buried in her ass, Bobbie’s spunk dribbling down the wall, her cock slowly deflating in Tony’s hand, Tony’s semen running down her thighs, dampening her stockings, kissing each other deeply.

Then Tony ripped his cock from Bobbie’s battered anus and spun her around. He kissed her once and then he picked her up and carried her to the bed where they made love tenderly and lovingly into the early hours.

They lay in bed exhausted, smoking, sipping the drinks that Tony had made for them. Bobbie curled up close to Tony so she could feel the warmth of his body one last time.

“I’ve got a going away present for you,” Tony whispered.

“Good, I like presents,” Bobbie smiled and Tony felt his heart flutter.

Farewell Bobbie

On the day of her release Bobbie had packed everything she needed into one suitcase. Most of her clothes were still hanging in the wardrobe. They wouldn’t fit Michelle but they might fit Marilyn. To be honest Bobbie didn’t give a fuck what Tig did with them, she had packed enough clothing to get her through the first few days of freedom and then she could buy her own. She left the wigs, most of the fuck-me shoes and the large cosmetic case behind, packing only the cosmetics she needed into a small makeup case.

The civilian clothing she had worn to prison and the cheap suit that the DoC had provided for her to wear on her first day of freedom lay untouched on the bed.

She was wearing black spandex leggings, a pristine white loose fitting blouse, black high-heels, full makeup with her hair in a pony. She wore prosthetic breastforms in the cups of her brassiere to give her some shape but the rest was all Bobbie. Bobbie had entered the prison as Robert but she was leaving under her own terms as Bobbie despite the fact that legally she was still Robert Edward Valentine. She would start working on that as soon as she settled down.

Bobbie took one last look at the crack in the ceiling and smiled. She wheeled her suitcase down the passageway towards the exit to D Wing where two corrections officers were waiting to process her out of Brentwood. It was the middle of the afternoon and the wing was otherwise deserted, not that there was anyone she needed to say goodbye to, not even Marilyn or Michelle.

“Really?” one of the corrections said when he saw how Bobbie was dressed.

“Who gives a fuck! Let’s just get him processed and out of here,” the other corrections officer deliberately misgendered Bobbie who didn’t give a damn.

Freedom and a new life awaited her.

Processing didn’t take long at all and when a corrections officer finally led Bobbie to the pedestrian entrance to Brentwood Correctional Facility and opened the door she stepped outside and didn’t look back.

It was a bright sunny day, if a little cool, and Bobbie took in a lungful of sweet country air.

Across the road in the parking lot a black town car was parked. Allie Katt dressed tight denim jeans, a black t-shirt and a tan suede ladies Carhartt jacket leaned against the hood smoking a cigarette. She smiled and waved at Bobbie who smiled back.

Bobbie pushed the wheeled suitcase towards the town car and her smile widened as she got closer. Allie was playing it cool but she was smiling too.

When Bobbie was six feet from the car the driver’s side door opened and a man dressed in chauffeur’s livery exited the vehicle and came around the rear of the vehicle and popped the trunk.

He took a pistol out of the trunk and shot Bobbie three times in the chest.

The pain was excruciating but it only lasted a millisecond before Bobbie was engulfed in a silent, black, endless void. Three crimson florets bloomed on her pristine white blouse like red roses dropped on fresh snow. She fell to the pavement and the chauffer and Allie lifted her body into the trunk and slammed it closed. The chauffer threw Bobbie’s suitcase onto the back seat and he and Allie climbed into the car. The chauffer drove out of the parking lot at a leisurely pace.

Bobbie’s assassination had taken less than thirty seconds.

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