The Guilty Are Always Caught Chapter 14

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Katlain finally arrives at the airport. She parks the stolen 4x4 in front of the hangar. She hops out and smiles at her partner.

Joe and Lori were surprised when a 4x4 pickup truck stopped in front of the hangar. The two of them stepped outside to see who it was. They watched as Katlain hopped down out of the truck.

“Where did you get that, thing?” Joe looked at the 4x4.

“I took it from the camp.” A smile appears on Katlain’s face.

Lori looks at Katlain “Well, I hope you can cover the cost of the repair to my helicopter.”

“I got you covered. Send me the repair bill and I’ll cover it.” Katlain knew she had the money to cover the repairs.

“I’ll do that. So, what are you guys going to do with sleeping beauty?” Lori looks at Joe and Katlain.

“Take him back to Virginia to stand trial for what he did.” Katlain figures she might as well hire Lori to fly her, Joe, and their prisoner back to Virginia.

“What did he do? If you don’t mind me asking. What did he do?” Lori wonders what a teenage boy could have done to deserve Joe and Katlain coming after him.

“He assaulted a fellow student in his high school and almost killed her.” Katlain read the file on Shawn Grubbs and it reminded her of what happened to her friend Julie when some men from a militia group attacked the Pride event. Her friend Kimiko had died from several bullets hitting her.

“Why?” Lori wanted to know why a teenage boy would do something so stupid.

“My guess would be to impress the group he joined. Lately, there has been a large number of attacks against transgender kids. Both by
Republican govern states and by hate groups. I thought hate groups were bad, but now the government is acting against transgender people.” Katlain would love to take those people and stick a red-hot poker down their throats.

“Hate does seem to be a problem nowadays.” Lori has noticed that there seemed to be an increase in hatred going on.

Joe has been standing quietly nearby listening to Lori and Katlain. He has seen his share of people turning against each other because of what the politicians and conservative groups are doing nowadays. He didn’t like the direction this country was heading.

“Hey Joe, why don’t we hire Lori here to fly us up to Virginia and turn our prep over to the authorities there?”

“We’ll have to get permission, but that does beat driving up there.” Joe figures that it would be safer to fly, instead of driving.

“Do you want to make the call, or should I?” Katlain knew Joe was better at talking to their Captain than she was.

“I’ll make the call.” Joe walks off and dials their Captain.

“Are you sure you can afford the cost?” Lori looks at Katlain when she asks that question.

“I can and I’ll have the department reimburse me for the cost.” Katlain had the money to pay for everything.

Joe comes walking back after a few minutes and looks at Katlain and Lori. “The captain said the department will cover the cost. He said not to spend too long up in Virginia, because he has another case for us.”

“I wonder what it is this time.” Katlain knew they normally handled all the weird and unusual cases.

“I’ll get the Gulfstream ready.”


“So, what are you going to do with the 4x4?” Joe looks towards Katlain.

“I’m going to keep it. The previous owner won’t need it, where he is going.” Katlian planned on adding it to her collection of cars.

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"almost killed him"


"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
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Thanks for catching that.

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Flying with a perp beats driving

Samantha Heart's picture

Especially with one so dangerous & a proud boy prospect this would only entice them more. Katrina im sure has the money to repair the helicopter & the flight for 3 in a gulf stream. To me though this would be a US Mashial case & not one for local pd to handle as it crosses state lines from & federal Marshall's have justiction. Now they can deputies ant member in law enforcement as a special deputy for the remainder of the case or a certain period of time.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.