My Sister's Toy

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My sister pins me to her bed, as I squirm the entire time, trying my best to escape from her grasp.

"What's wrong?" she giggles. "Don't you think I'm sexy?"

"No! It's not like what you think!" I tell her.

Her knee pushes my dress up, and she presses it against my crotch.

"Really? Your dick seems to say otherwise."

"I can't help it!" I groan.

"No, because you like it."

"No! It has a mind of its own!"

"Are you wearing a bra under that dress, little brother?"

"Yes! I can explain, though!"

"Hmm? And I'm sure you can explain why you were jerking off to a video of me having sex with my friend. Especially while wearing my dress and panties."


"How did you even get that video? Do you have a hidden camera in my room?"


"You better start explaining unless you want me to tell everyone about this. Our family. Your friends. Maybe even the police."


"Alright. Then start explaining!"

"Fine! There's a camera hidden in the alarm clock that I brought for you!"

"I thought my little brother was a bit too kind with that. Where the heck did you get that thing, anyhow?"

"They sell everything online! All I had to do was have it shipped to a P.O. box and pick it up when you weren't paying attention!"

"Hmm? Is that so? And what do you plan to do now?"

"I'll stop! I swear."

My sister Alice presses her knee up against my crotch even harder. My dick is hard enough that it's poking out the top of my sister's panties that I'm wearing. She giggles at it.

"It's hard to believe that it's really so tiny. I've seen a few dicks in my time, but none so small!"

It's well known around town that my sister is a bit of a slut. Ever since she's entered college, she's been willing to sleep with just about everyone on her campus. Cute guys, teachers, hell, she doesn't even limit it to men. She's slept with her best friends, and even one of her friend's mom.

"You don't have to bully me!"

She laughs. "Sorry, sorry! Just the truth, you know! Listen, hey! Stop squirming! You're not helping anyone! I'll stop holding you down, but you better listen to me!"

"Fine! I'll do anything!"


"Ugh. Yes. Anything. I really don't want to, but I don't have a choice. I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

"Good! That's my little brother!"

As promised, she lets me go. She's still kneeling with her knee against my crotch, though. I squirm away from that a bit, making some space between us.

"Stay still for a moment, Noah" my sister commands. And, with no real choice, I obey her. Alice leans over me, her hair covering my face, and her body blocking the light behind her. Slowly, she brings herself down until her body is resting on mine, and her face is mere millimeters from my face. I'm blushing widly, and my dick is about as hard as it can be.

Finally, my sister closes the distance, and kisses me right on the lips. Her hands reach down to my butt, and I moan in ecstacy. I'm unsure what to do for a moment, but I bring my own hands up, and explore up my sister's dress. This is the first time I'm doing something like this, as opposed to just watching. Of course, I have some videos of my sister doing it with people that she's brought over, which is why I know all about who she's slept with.

Alice's butt is soft and fun to play around with. Unlike her chest which is sadly lacking, she has a cute round butt. I'm a bit anxious about touching her private areas, but it quickly becomes clear that she holds no such reservations. Her hand rubs across my panties, and I cum on the spot, gasping for breath. But with my sister's tongue in my mouth, my breathing is cut off a bit.

I take a moment to catch my breath as my sister pulls her face away from mine. She giggles, and brings herself down to my cum soaked panties, taking a taste off of the tip of my dick. I nearly come again at the touch.

Alice is laughing as she pulls away. "Oh! Poor baby, you must have been near ready to explode for quite a while if you came that easy! But don't worry, I'm not done playing with you yet. Actually, I have quite a fun time planned for us."

"What is that, exactly?" I ask.

"Oh, you'll have to see!"

My sister gets up and grabs her phone. She sends a few texts to someone while I lay in bed recovering. She tells me to wait here, and throws on a coat and shoes. I hear the door slam, and wait anxiously to see who she might be bringing with her. It could be anyone. She's slept with half the town, basically.

About 30 minutes later, I hear her car turn into the driveway, and a moment later, the front door opens. Alice walks into her room soon after with a girl in tow: Steph, the girl that she was sleeping with in the video I was jerking off to. She's around my age, and very cute. Right now, she's wearing a coat, but she quickly discards it, showing that she's only wearing her panties and bra beneath it. Rather lacy underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination.

"You know Steph, right?" Alice asks. "She goes to the same college as us. I think you may even be in one or two classes together? She's a cutie pie, huh? She gets stared at everywhere she goes, and for good reason! I've seen men run into poles while distracted by her. And she loves the attention!"

"Right, I know her. All the guys talk about her."

Steph is undeniably the hottest girl in school. Every guy dreams of sleeping with her. Quite a few have, even. So has my sister, heck, I've seen what my sister does with her. My dick gets hard again. The panties and dress don't really hold anything back, so the girls can tell immediately.

"How cute," Steph says.

"Isn't it? Have you seen any as small as that?"

"Not quite, and I get around a bit, y'know? Half the girls are lesbos for me. And the other half may deny it, but they're at least willing to play with me. And as for the guys? Well, I've got them in the palm of my hand!"

"Nice. Have you slept with my brother Noah yet? If not, here's your chance?"

My sister eyes me. She's basically telling me to do everything that Steph asks. I have no choice but to listen to both of them, and honestly that's fine. My brain isn't the one making decisions right now.

"Take off that dress," Steph commands. I do as I'm told, revealing the pink thong and matching pink sports bra I'm wearing beneath it. She smirks in anticipation, and slowly crawls onto the bed.

"I've slept with quite a few boys, but you'll be the first girly boy I've slept with."

I lick my lips, taking in the sight of her. Perky breasts, and basically no body fat. She's tiny and adorable. Her long black hair is well kept, and her skin is spotless. She's like a perfect doll, almost.

She crawls up beside me, and holds my face. She stares into my eyes, and slowly brings her hand down my face towards my breasts. She rubs my nipples under the bra for a bit, staring at my face intently the entire time. It continues southwards after a moment, pausing on my bare stomach. Her hand feels cold against my hot skin. Her hand rests on a pool of cum left on my stomach from what my sister did earlier.

"I'm almost sad that I'm not your first," she whispers.

"He's my brother! Treat him well!" my sister warns her.

"Oh, I'll certainly make him feel good, at the very least."

"Also, I barely touched him. That doesn't count as taking his virginity. You're allowed to do as far as you want otherwise, but his virginity is mine, okay? And you're free to watch, if you want, once you're done with him."

"I'll be a while, so you should be patient," Steph tells her.

"Fine by me, I'll enjoy watching."

Steph's hand reaches down to my penis, and I flinch. She curls her hand around my dick, and jerks it off for a bit. I arch my back, leaning into her hand. She brings her other hand to my hand, and guides it towards her breast. She then guides my other hand to her crotch.

As she commands, I rub her breasts with one hand under her bra, and sneak my other hand into her panties, playing with her pussy. But I find it hard to focus on that as she plays with my penis with one hand while playing with my ass with her other hand.

My mind goes blank as I orgasm, and cum spills out all over Steph's hand and the bed. But she doesn't stop, and in fact starts jerking me off harder. I stop playing with her, and clutch the sheets with my hands. My face is probably a deep red.

"I think that's enough," my sister says. Steph stops. I look up, grateful for the reprise.

"What is that in your hand?" I ask.

"Strap on. Steph, lube him up, okay?"

"Sure! My turn to watch, then?"


Steph orders me to turn around, and then pulls my panties down, and starts pouring something on my ass, rubbing it into my butt.


My sister crawls onto the bed, and straddles my ass, one knee to either side. Something hard and rubber is pressed up against my butt hole.

"What exactlly-" I begin to question her, but then she starts pushing the strap on into my butt, and the questions turns to "-Ahh?"

Steph watching, fingering herself, as my sister thrusts the strap in in and out of my butthole. I'm grasping the sheets, and groaning as my bigger sister sits atop of me with all of her weight and thrusts the strap on into my ass. I'm powerless against her.

Steph decides to reposition herself, and lies at the top of the bed, right next to my face, either leg to either side of my head. As my sister pushes on the strap on, my face is pushed into Steph's vagina. Her wetness soon covers my face.

My dick is hard again, but with my last orgasm being not too long ago, it's impossible for me to cum. My sister and Steph just use me as a sex toy, my sister forcing herself into my butt, and Stepth rubbing her vagina against my face. I can't even think straight, and have no idea how long this goes on for.

Some time later, I come to my senses, and the girls are beside me, making out as Alice thrusts the strap on into Steph's vagina. As she does, Steph fingers at Alice's ass, and moans in absolute ecstacy. My dick grows hard as I watch my sister fuck the younger girl.

My sister looks over at my dick, and smiles.

"What? Haven't had enough? We thought you were totally out of it."

"I mean, after seeing that, can you blame me?"

My sister laughs, and then stops ramming Steph. Steph glares at me.

"I was so close to having an orgasm, you know."



My sister stands up for a bit, and removes the strap on. Then she climbs back onto the bed, and crawls back over to me. She orders me to lie on my back, and I do as she says. Then, she lowers herself onto my dick. With how small I am, she can't really ride me, but she does hump at my dick with her naked vagina, and I'm soon clutching at the sheets again. Steph doesn't want to be left out of things, so she straddles my face, her naked vagina right atop my mouth. She orders me to start licking, and I do as she orders. I'm inexperienced, and probably not really any good at this, but she starts grinding on my face regardless. A wet tongue is probably better than your own fingers at least.

With my sister grinding against my dick, and another girl grinding on my face, it isn't long before I orgasm. I gasp for breath as the last of the cum leaves my body, and my head feels heavy.

"I think that may be enough for today," my sister says.

"But you didn't even have you go inside of you," Steph complains. "I really wanted to see that."

"Honestly, there's not that much to see. He's tiny. Besides, any more of this, and he may just explode. But don't worry, we'll be having plenty of fun with him, so you'll see what you want to see very soon."

And it happened very soon after indeed...

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Fun Story!

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Alice is much more fun than any of my sisters.