I Pretended to Be a Girl and I liked It

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Casey wakes up with a killer headache and a sharp pain in the lower part of his back. He felt something sticky on his lips and his face. His eyelids didn’t want to open all the way. He slowly sits up in bed and his head starts spinning.

“Oh, my aching head.” He feels something heavy on his chest and looks down. He had two huge mounds of flesh that were the size of cantaloupes attached to his chest.

The events of last night slowly start to come back to him as he gets up and tries to find the bathroom. His bladder was pressuring him to find a toilet quickly. He managed to find the bathroom and just as he was about to release the pressure. He notices he didn’t have his penis, but the fake vagina piece that had been glued to his crotch.

He sits down on the toilet and hopes the piece was made correctly. He feels the stream of urine squirt out of his body through the piece and into the toilet. The pain on the lower part of his back stung.

When he goes to do number two, he feels a lot of sticky liquid come out of his aching anal opening. He wishes he could remember what the hell happened last night. Also, why did the lower part of his back hurt?

He finishes doing his business and cleans himself. He walks back into the bedroom he woke up in and finds the sexy lingerie he wore last night and the dress he wore scattered on the floor. He didn’t have to wear a wig, because his deep red hair was the envy of every girl he encountered. His parents always criticized him for keeping it long.

He spots his house robe and puts it on. He walks out of his bedroom and smells the aroma of bacon cooking floating in the air. He figures Nina must be making breakfast. He walks into the kitchen and spots Nina cooking bacon in just a pair of jockey shorts and her favorite hockey team jersey.

Nina spots Casey walking into the kitchen wearing his house robe. A playful smile appears on her face “Good morning, slut.”

Casey looks at Nina “What happened last night?” As he walks over to the coffee machine and starts brewing himself some coffee.

“You don’t remember what you did last night?” Nina knew Casey had been wasted, but she figured he would remember having sex with three guys. Plus letting one of those guys tattoo a tramp tattoo on his back afterward.

“No, what did I do last night?” Casey’s head was pounding.

“Where do you want me to start?” As Nina scoops out the bacon cooking and puts some more uncooked bacon into the pan.

“From the beginning,” Casey adds cream and sugar to his coffee sits down on a stool, and winces when he does.

“Well, as you know, you lost the bet you made to Maxine last week.”

“Yeah, I remember that, but what did I do last night and why does the lower part of my back sting so much?” Casey wonders what he did to his back.

“You’re not going to like what happened. One of the guys you had sex with last night gave you a tramp tattoo. So, welcome to the club.” Nina had one on the lower part of her back that she got after she left home.

Casey nearly chokes on his coffee. He looks at Nina to make sure she isn’t joking.

“You're kidding, right?”

“Nope, you asked the guy to give you one, just before you passed out. It also has four roses from the four guys you had sex with before him.” Nina couldn’t believe how popular Casey had been at the party.

“I had sex with four guys last night?”

“No, five guys. Four before the one who gave you the tramp tattoo.” Nina had spotted the guy getting his kit before she had sex with her boyfriend last night.

“Why in the hell would I do that?” Casey couldn’t figure out why he would do something so stupid.

“Because you were so drunk last night, that you were hitting on almost every guy at the party last night.” Nina knew Casey couldn’t hold his liquor.

“Why did you stop me? You know I’m not into guys, but girls.” Casey couldn’t believe his best friend let him do something so dangerous.

“I was busy pleasing my boyfriend. Besides, you disappeared on me during the party.” Nina had tried to locate her roomie.

“So, I had sex with five guys and one of them gave me a tramp tattoo with five roses on it?” Casey couldn’t believe he did that.

“Yeah, that’s about it. Oh, and I think one of those guys took your panties as a souvenir.” Nina noticed that Casey had come out of the bedroom she went into without her panties on.

Casey had gone dressed to the party as a prostitute. Maxine had made him up real good and all the women who saw Casey last night had been jealous.

“Well, I’m ready to take all of these fake items off. My chest hurts from these fake breasts stretching my skin and this fake groin piece.”

“I think I have the removal solution in my bedroom. Maxine made sure to give it to me before she left to go on tour.” Nina remembers Maxine giving her the removal solution.

Nina replaces the cooked bacon with more uncooked bacon. She knew Casey was going to be hungry from all the alcohol he drunk last night. She prepares another frying pan and cooks up some scrambled eggs for them.

“Nina, since you have the same type of tattoo as I do. What can I do about it?” Casey didn’t want the tattoo to become infected.

“Well, you can have it removed until it heals. So, that’s out of the question right now. As for taking care of it. You’ll have to change the dress on it
and wear low-riding jeans so as not to ruin it. Since me and I wear around the same size. You can wear some of my low-riding jeans.”

“You know I can’t wear your jeans to work or dance practice.” Casey worked at a used car lot as a detailer. They had a uniform he had to wear.

“Well, you were a gaze pad and plastic wrap around your waist. Just be careful with your pants. As for your dance practice. You can borrow my dance leotards.”

“Thanks.” Casey drinks some more of his coffee.

Nina serves Casey a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. She fixes herself a plate as well and sits next to him at the bar. She was drinking a glass of pineapple and orange juice mixed.

“When will Maxine be back from touring with her band?” Casey was curious.

“Not for four months. They are touring with another girl band called Paper Dolls.”

“I’ve heard about them. They won some sort of contest and were good.” Casey loved shows like America Got Talent and The Voice.

He was a big fan of Blake Shelton, Boy George, and Christiane Aguilera. He loved rock and country music. Aerosmith and Def Leopard was his favorite rock band along with Tina Turner and Tears For Fear.

After breakfast, Casey follows Nina to her bedroom and sits on the bed while she searches for the removal glue. After about twenty minutes of looking for the removal solution, she looks at Casey “I can’t find it.”

“You got to be kidding me, Nina. I can’t go to work like this.” Casey knew he couldn’t show up at work looking like he did. His uniform wouldn’t even fit his chest as big as the fake titties were.

“Let me call Maxine and see if she gave me the solvent before she left.” Nina picks her cell phone up and calls Maxine’s number.

The call goes directly to voice mail. Nina leaves a voice mail for Maxine to call her back. She looks at Casey “Well, I think you're stuck with wearing the fake prosthesis until we hear back from Maxine, Casey.”

“Great! I’m stuck as a girl with a tramp tattoo just above my ass.” Casey felt sick and frustrated that he had been so stupid.

“Actions have consequences, Casey. Let’s see if I have anything you can wear.” Nina leads Casey to her bedroom.

Casey follows behind Nina to her bedroom. Nina’s bedroom was a disaster zone with clothes, scattered everywhere. He watches as she digs around for some clothes for him to wear.

“Here, you can wear these thongs, this pair of low-cut tights, and this t-shirt. I don’t have a bra you can wear.” As Nina hands Casey the clothes she picked out.

“I can’t wear your panties. It would be gross.” Casey knew it was against the girl code to wear another girl's panties.

“They are brand new and I haven’t worn them. Besides, the pair you wore are missing. I guess you could wear the bra you wore last night to help
support your breasts.” Nina they would need to go out and buy Casey a bra to help support the fake breasts so they weren’t pulling on his chest.

“Fine.” Casey accepts the clothes Nina hands him.

“Turn around and take your robe off, so I can tend to your tattoo.” Nina wanted to make sure it was alright.

“Okay.” Casey removes his robe and turns around for Nina.

Nina looks at the tattoo after she removes the gaze pad covering it. She had to admit for a person being drunk like they were, the artist did a very good job on it. She takes a picture of it, before taking care of it.

“I think you’ll like it.” Nina shows the picture to Casey.

Casey looks at the picture. It was a bunch of vines that followed the curve of her butt cheeks and dipped down into her crack. It had five bright red roses on the vines and there were more spaces for more roses to be added later. The vines had little thorns on them.

“Can I take a shower with that thing on me? I have dry cum in my hair and eyelashes.”

“Yeah. Let me get some plastic wrap to wrap around you.” Nina heads back to the kitchen to get the plastic wrap.

Casey walks into his bedroom and drops the stuff Nina gave him onto his bed. He takes his robe and lays it on the back of his desk chair. Unlike Nina’s bedroom, his bedroom was better at being cleaned and clutter-free.

Nina knocks on the door frame before entering Casey’s bedroom. She walks over to him “stand still slut.” A smirk appears son her face when she says that.

“You’ve been with more guys than I have.” Casey knew Nina had a high body count.

“But I have never allowed one of them to put a tattoo on me. Now, stand still.” Nina starts wrapping the plastic wrap around Casey’s waist.

Casey stands still as Nina wraps his waist. He should have never drunk the tequila shot or drunk several more drinks after that. He hopes no one recorded what happened and posted it to TikTok or Youtube.

“There, go and take your shower.” Nina was trying not to smirk.

She had to admit that Casey looked nice dressed as a girl. When he was dressed as a guy, he looked feminine anyway. He just had one of those faces that made him look like a girl, instead of a guy.

“Thanks.” Casey walked into the bathroom and set the water to the temperature he liked.

Nina heads towards the kitchen to clean up the morning dishes. She was going to save the bacon grease for later. She was planning on making Mongolian beef and fried rice for dinner for her and Casey.

Casey steps into the shower and washes his body. At first, he had been hesitant to allow Maxine to dress him up as a girl. He did it once when he was a teenager and loved it. The thing was, he loved it so much. Days later he stole some of his next-door neighbor's laundry and wore them under his clothes.

His parents never found out but did get caught at school wearing a pair of panties. He got teased ruthlessly throughout the school year. Sometimes he found bras and panties in his locker.

One time when he stayed after school for punishment. He was jumped by Billie Williams and forced to suck Billie’s cock and several other boys hung out with Billie. After that day, he never wore another pair of girl panties to school and avoided Billie and his friends like the plague.

As he rubbed the fake breasts glued to his chest, he could feel the pressure from his hands. He squeezes them and plays with them. He liked how they made him feel and could feel his penis pushing against the restraints holding it inside the fake vagina. It hurt and there was nothing he could do to please himself.

Casey finishes washing his body and hair and gets out of the shower. He pats himself dry and heads towards his bedroom. He brushes his long red hair and blows dry it. Normally, he let it air dry, but didn’t feel like doing that today.

After he is dressed and wearing the bra he wore last night. He walks out to find Nina to see if she heard back from Maxine yet.

“Any word, yet?” Casey looks over towards Nina.

“Nope, not yet. Come on over and sit down. I’ll order some bras for you from Amazon.” Nina grabs her tablet.

“I thought we would go out to get them.” Casey didn’t want to wait for them to show up.

“I didn’t think you wanted to go out like you are?” Nina looks at Casey and even without wearing any makeup, he looked like a girl with a nice set of tits.

“I don’t mind going out.”

“Alright, come to my room and I’ll put a little bit of makeup on you.” Nina gets up off the sofa and walks towards her room.

Casey follows behind Nina and watches how she walks. He wants to be able to wiggle his ass like she does hers. He walks over to her vanity and lets Nina show him how to put makeup on.

Afterward, Nina makes Casey take it off and do it himself. He manages to redo what she did after being corrected several times by her.

“You’re a quick learner.” Nina was impressed with Casey’s skills.

“Thanks, now can we go and those bras, please.” Casey wanted to get the task done.

“Come on and here. Take my old purse with you. I’ve already loaded everything you should have in it.” Nina didn’t think it would look right for Casey to not have a purse.

“Thanks.” Casey accepts the purse.

Casey and Nina leave their apartment and go straight to the mall. Nina selects several bars Casey should get, after having Casey’s chest
measured. They discovered that Casey’s breasts were 36 DDD, with a 24-inch waist and 34-inch hips. She stood about 5’7” tall and was the same size as Nina, except Casey had a bigger bust. Casey could wear Nina’s size six shoes.

After visiting several stores for bras, panties, clothes, and such. They stop at Dumar’s for milkshakes. Once they arrive back home, Nina starts preparing dinner for them.

After dinner, while Nina and Casey are watching the latest Jason Statham movie. Both of them were big fans of his. While they are watching Crank.

Maxine calls “Hey Max, how are things?”

“Good, look the removal solvent should be at my apartment, since that is where Casey got dressed. Ask Mr. Gibbs in Apartment four A to let you
into my apartment.” Max thought she gave the solvent to Casey before they left.

“Okay. So, how is the touring going?” Nina knew Maxine had never been on tour before.

“Man, you wouldn’t believe the parties we have afterward. The Paper Dolls are nice to us and let us jam with them sometimes. Their manager is cool and is working out a deal with our management company to keep us on for the whole tour and maybe for their European tour as well.” Max was excited.

“That does sound good and I hope it pans out. Your group is really good and has a unique sound.”

“I know, but we're missing something and we can’t figure out what it is. Anyway, I have to go.”

“Bye, Max.” Nina ends the call.

“What did Max say?” Casey looks at Nina for the answer.

“She said that the solvent is at her place. We can go over there tomorrow and see.” Nina wonders if Casey wants to give up how he looks.”

“Cool.” Casey leans back against the sofa.

Nina presses play and they continue to watch the movie. Casey falls asleep on the sofa during the movie. Nina covers him up with a throw blanket and stops the movie. She’ll watch the rest of the movie in her bedroom.

The next day, Nina and Casey arrive at Maxine’s place and get Mr. Gibbs to let them into her apartment. He was a nice old man and didn’t mind letting them in. He has seen them before at Max’s place.

They go into the room Max made up of Casey and find the solvent. The problem was, the bottle was empty.

“It’s empty.” Casey holds the bottle up for Nina to see.

“Maybe she has a spare.” Nina looked around, but couldn’t find another bottle.

While Nina was looking around for another bottle. Casey was on his cell phone seeing how much it might cost to buy. It was thirty dollars for a bottle that he held in his hand, but it would take a week to get it.

“I can buy the solvent, but it will take a week to get here.” Casey looks towards Nina as she shuts a cabinet door.

“Can you last a week as a woman?” Nina looks back towards Casey.

“I don’t have much of a choice,” Casey orders the removal solvent.

“Let's go and see if we can get you some shirts to wear at work.” Nina knew that the uniform shop was nearby.

“I have no idea how I’m going to explain this to my boss tomorrow.” As Casey and Nina leave Max’s place.

“You could tell him you’re becoming a woman. I bet he could believe that.” Nina knew most of the people Casey worked with, thought he was either gay or was a girl in disguise.

“I think you’re right.” Casey hated to admit it.

Casey and Nina walk back downstairs to Casey’s car. He follows the directions to the store that Nina knows about and the park. The two of them walk into the store and look around.

They managed to find several shirts that would fit Casey. They also managed to find some pants that were better fitting for Casey than the ones he currently owned. Also, they wouldn’t rub against his tattoo either.

The first day back to work Casey got some looks. One of his coworkers, Jason looks at him “Decided to finally come out of the closet?”

“I lost a bet and my friend ran out of the solvent to remove this stuff.”

“Yeah, whatever you say, Casey.” A smirk appears on Jason’s face.

While Casey was working, he got called into the car wash. When he walks into the car wash, one of the guys that work there sprays him with a water hose, soaking him. The water caused the material of the shirt Casey was wearing to outline the bra Casey was wearing to support his fake breasts.

“Damn, Casey, you have a nice set of tits. They are better and bigger than Carla’s.” Eddy loved how big and round Casey’s tits looked.

Casey looks over towards Eddy “I didn’t appreciate that, Eddy.

“Oh, come on Casey. We’re just having a little fun.” A smirk appears on Eddy’s face.

“It’s not funny Eddy. Now, I have to work in a wet shirt and pants thanks to you.” Casey turns and leaves. He was pissed that Eddy did that to him.

During the week pranks are played on him at work. At his dance practice, one of the ladies with big breasts helps him out on his dancing, since his balance was thrown off by having triple D breasts. She showed him how to move and helped him relearn his center of balance.

Against Casey’s better judgment. He goes out with Nina to a club, where he gets hit on by several guys. They go to the guy’s house afterward and light up. Casey normally didn’t smoke marijuana, but since he has had a bad week. He went ahead and tried the joint.

He gets high as he is handed a brand-new joint. The guy lights it for him and Casey takes a puff from it. It had a different taste and smell to it. It made his head cloudy with each puff he took. It also made his body feel strange as well.

The guys called an Uber for the girls and paid for them to be dropped off at home. One guy watches as Casey enters the car and smiles. He hopes Casey likes what happens to him.

Nina had to help Casey up the stairs because him feeling so wasted. She helps him to his bed and just lets him sleep in the clothes he is wearing. She drags herself to her bedroom and passes out as well. Whatever she smoked has given her one hell of a high.

When Casey woke up the next day, she was still feeling light-headed and weird. She stumbles towards the bathroom and sits down on the toilet like she has been doing all week long. The solvent was finally going to arrive today and she couldn’t wait to get the breasts forms and vagina piece off her body.

Casey checks on Nina and notices she is still passed out as well. He walks into the kitchen and looks through the refrigerator to see what there was he could eat. He finds some leftover Mongolian beef and fried rice. He heats that and eats it. He also makes himself a huge sandwich as well.

He felt a tightness in his chest. Not from the food, but as if something was pressing against the breast forms. He also felt a tingling sensation down in his crotch area as well.

Casey felt so tired and didn’t want to do anything. He flops down on the sofa and falls asleep. He starts snoring.

“Casey, wake up.” Nina gently shakes Casey’s unconscious body.

Casey swats Nina’s hand and goes back to sleep.

Nina tries again to wake Casey by shaking him, but he ignores him. She walks into the kitchen grabs a pitcher and fills it with water. She walks back into the living room and dumps it onto Casey.

Casey sits straight up coughing and looking around. He spots Nina holding a plastic pitcher in her hands.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because you wouldn’t wake up. You have been asleep for the past nine hours.”

“I have?” A shocked look appears on Casey’s face.

“How? And why does my chest hurt so much?” Casey could feel pressure on his chest.

“I don’t know, but here’s solvent to remove the adhesive.” Nina hands Casey the package address to him.

“Thanks.” Casey gets up and walks into his bedroom.

He follows the directions on the bottle and removes the adhesive. When the breast form was removed. He noticed the grey dead skin underneath. He walks into the bathroom and washes his chest. He noticed that his chest had a bump where his nipple was. It was rather large and round. He touched it, but it didn’t hurt.

“Nina, can you come in here for a minute, please?” Casey was staring at his chest.

“Sure, what’s up?’ Nina stands in the doorway and looks at Casey.

“Is this what you girls go through when you start developing breasts?” Casey turns to face Nina.

Nina’s eyes went wide and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She has seen her sister and friends when their breasts started to develop.

“How is that happening?” Nina was puzzled.

“I don’t know. That’s just half of it. Look at my groin area.” Casey spreads his legs wider.

Nina looked at Casey’s groin area and noticed he no longer had a scrotum. She also notices his penis was no bigger than her thumb.

“What has happened to you?” Nina was puzzled.

“I don’t know. I better go and see a doctor tomorrow.” Casey was worried.

“You think?” Nina couldn’t believe whatever was happening to Casey.

Casey goes to First Care first thing in the morning. The doctors there draw blood from him and check him over. His chest has gotten bigger and his penis has gotten smaller. The results from his blood wouldn’t be available until tomorrow.

Casey goes back home and wonders what is going on with his body. His breasts were getting bigger and his penis was so small now, that he had no choice but to sit down to pee. Even his voice was changing and he and Nina didn’t know what was going on. His hips hurt when he walked. It felt like someone was spreading and changing the bones inside his body.

Even his ribs felt weird. All of this was scaring him. Casey noticed that colors seemed to be brighter and clearer to him.

By the next morning, Casey and Nina noticed that Casey had a bigger chest than he did when he went to bed. Also, his hips were as big as before and his waist was just as small as before. It was like his body was trying to go back to the measurements it had when he wore the breast forms and vagina pieces.

“I don’t know what to say, Casey. It seems you are changing into a girl.” Nina walks around Casey examining him.

“Except down below. Sure, my groan area is forming like a real girl, but I don’t have a vaginal opening or anything.” Casey noticed the area that a normal girl or woman had formed, but he didn’t have an opening for a vagina.

“That’s weird. I wonder why and how all of this occurred?” Nina was puzzled about Casey’s appearance.

“I don’t know. But I did get the results from the blood test. It shows I have no male hormones in my bloodstream at all. It’s been replaced with a
high level of female hormones. The levels are so high, that they are normally seen in women when they start going through puberty. It’s like my body has reset itself.” Casey couldn’t believe what the doctor told him.

“Well, I don’t know how it is happening or why, but welcome to the club.” Nina hugs Casey.

“Thanks.” Casey returns the hug.

Casey quits her job at the car wash and gets a job as a high-dollar escort. The men she is hired to date just want to have some arm candy on their arm when they are in town. A few men want more, but the agency she works for says it is up to her and it has to be when she is off the clock.

Each time she has sex with a client, she has another rose added to her tramp stamp. Red roses represent the men she had sex with and the pink ones represent the women she has had sex with. One of those two women happened to be an older woman. She paid for Casey to get SRS surgery so Casey would have her vagina.

Since Casey was making nice money as a high-dollar escort. She bought tickets for her and Nina to go and see their friend Maxine play in Colorado. They managed to surprise Maxine and get backstage passes for the show.

Casey explained to Maxine about what happened to her and how they never did find out how it was done. All Casey knew it all started after the party and sex they had that one night. Casey could see that Maxine found it hard to swallow, but there was nothing else that could explain it.

After they visited with Maxine in Colorado. Casey and Nina head back home and enjoy living together. By the summer of the following year.

Casey has twenty new roses added to her tramp stamp and a lot of high-dollar dresses, shoes, diamonds, and various other items from the men she dates.

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