Change of Fate 8

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The Day After

In the hushed embrace of the night, Alex and Princess Helena shared moments of intimacy that transcended the boundaries of their newfound union. With each touch and caress, they explored the depths of passion and desire, surrendering to the ecstasy of their connection. As Princess Helena revealed pleasures known only to a woman, Alex eagerly reciprocated, their bodies intertwining in a dance of love and longing.

In the quiet hours before dawn, they became lost in each other, their desires ignited by the flames of their shared ardor. With whispered words of love and devotion, they sealed their bond in a union of hearts and bodies, their love becoming an unbreakable bond forged in the fire of passion.

As the first light of dawn painted the sky with hues of rose and gold, Alex and Princess Helena lay entwined in each other's arms, their bodies sated and their hearts full. In the tender embrace of sleep, they found solace and peace, knowing they had each other to guide them through the trials and triumphs that lay ahead on their journey together as wife and wife.

As the next day dawned, Alex found herself facing the reality of her responsibilities as a Consort. While Princess Helena continued her studies, Alex was required to accompany her, returning to the other side of the school consort program. The transition brought a mixture of emotions, from excitement at the prospect of spending more time with Princess Helena to a sense of duty and obligation.

Together with Princess Helena, Alex attended classes, immersing herself in the school's academic pursuits. Despite the challenges of balancing her Consort duties with her studies, Alex found solace in the companionship of her beloved Princess, their bond growing stronger with each passing day.

As the conversation flowed between Alex, Princess Helena, and the Empress Consort, the topic shifted to Alex's jewelry designs, sparking ideas and laughter as they envisioned the possibilities of a future venture together.

"You know, Alex, your designs are truly remarkable," Princess Helena remarked, her eyes alight with enthusiasm. "I admire your creativity and craftsmanship. Perhaps we should consider opening a jewelry store where you could showcase your talent."

Alex's cheeks flushed with a mixture of pride and excitement at the suggestion. "That sounds wonderful, Helena," she replied, a smile playing at the corners of her lips. "I've always dreamed of sharing my designs with the world. And with your support, I feel like anything is possible."

The Empress Consort nodded in agreement, her gaze thoughtful as she considered the idea. "It could be a wonderful opportunity for you both," she offered, her voice warm and encouraging. "And with the royal family backing your endeavor, I have no doubt it would be a great success."

Just as they were immersed in the discussion, a sudden knock at the door interrupted their conversation, signaling the arrival of their new attendant. Before the Empress Consort could introduce the young woman, Alex's exclamation of recognition cut through the air, her shock palpable as she addressed the newcomer by name.

"Lily, what the hell are you doing here?" Alex blurted out, her surprise evident in her voice. Lily's reaction was immediate, her eyes widening in acknowledgment of Alex's presence before quickly averting her gaze.

The Empress Consort regarded Alex with a raised eyebrow, her curiosity piqued by the unexpected outburst. "Do you know this girl, daughter?" she inquired, her tone tinged with concern.

Alex took a deep breath, steeling herself before reluctantly admitting the truth. "This would be my older sister," she confessed, her voice tinged with embarrassment.

Understanding dawned on the Empress Consort's face as she grasped the implications of the situation. Turning her attention to Lily, she addressed the young woman with a stern warning against any attempts to disrupt the harmony of the royal household.

"I will remind you that you are a servant, and any attempt to besmirch a consort of the royal family will be met with heavy punishment. Do I make myself clear?" the Empress Consort stated firmly, her gaze unwavering.

Lily bowed her head in acknowledgment, her expression contrite as she accepted the consequences of her actions. "I understand, Empress," she murmured, her voice barely above a whisper.

Satisfied that the matter had been addressed, the Empress Consort turned to Alex, her eyes softening with sympathy. "Daughter, you will come to me immediately if this becomes a problem," she instructed, her concern evident in her tone.

"Yes, Mother, right away," Alex replied, her voice tinged with gratitude for her mother's support. As the Empress Consort took her leave, Alex and Princess Helena contemplated the implications of Lily's presence in their lives.

"Lily, go draw us a bath," Helena ordered to make her leave the room.

As Helena issued her order to Lily, Alex felt a pang of discomfort at the sight of her older sister carrying out her bidding. But as Helena turned her attention back to Alex, her gaze softened with understanding, prompting Alex to open up about her past.

"She is my older sister by twenty-four minutes. Our parents were only given one child's license. So, I was always given her leftovers. I was the wanted child," Alex confessed, her voice tinged with lingering pain from her childhood experiences.

Helena listened attentively, her expression filled with empathy as she took in Alex's words. "You are my Consort now, and you will be Empress one day. You are very much wanted by both me and my mother. She has nothing over you now. So please do not feel sad about the past; you are the third-highest woman in our Empire now," Helena reassured her, her words imbued with sincerity and love.

Feeling a sense of comfort wash over her, Alex nodded gratefully, her heart buoyed by Helena's unwavering support. As Lily returned to the room, Alex's attention shifted back to the present, her thoughts momentarily diverted by the task at hand.

"Your bath has been drawn, your Majesty," Lily announced, her tone respectful as she addressed Helena.

"Excellent! Alex, will you please bathe with me?" Helena requested, extending her hand to Alex with a warm smile.

"It would be my honor; please allow me to put the proper oils in the water," Alex replied, returning Helena's smile as she accepted her hand. Together, they walked hand in hand into the bathroom, ready to share a moment of intimacy and connection amidst the chaos of their newfound roles.

As word of Alex's status as a consort spread throughout the school, the other students began to give her a wide berth, their gazes lingering on her with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. They knew better than to insult or harm a consort, understanding the potential consequences of such actions. Instead, they observed from a distance, taking note of the dresses she wore and the jewelry she adorned herself with each day.

Unlike the other students, Alex was exempt from the course dress code. Her attire was dictated solely by her duty to look elegant for Princess Helena. With an air of grace and poise, she carried herself with impeccable posture, a testament to her training as a consort. Even during lunchtime, Alex adhered to the etiquette she had been taught, consuming only a minimal amount of food in the presence of others and fulfilling her nutritional needs in private.

Initially puzzled by Alex's reserved demeanor during meals, Princess Helena questioned her about it, seeking to understand her Consort's behavior. However, as their bond deepened and their understanding of each other grew, Helena came to appreciate the intricacies of Alex's role and the importance of maintaining appearances in the public eye.

As they shared meals together, Helena no longer questioned Alex's habits but embraced them, recognizing the significance of their shared duty and the sacrifices that came with it.

Helena's question about her mother's mannerisms caught Alex off guard, prompting a moment of contemplation before she responded. "We are not supposed to talk about our training to anyone other than Consorts. You can assume that is part of the training, but I won't verify it," Alex replied with a playful wink and smile, maintaining the confidentiality of her training while hinting at its influence on her behavior.

As the conversation shifted back to the royal ball, Alex recounted her interactions with the other royals, including Prince Connor's inappropriate behavior towards her. Helena's expression darkened with anger as she listened, her resolve strengthening at the thought of confronting those who had mistreated her Consort.

"I will remember all that information when I deal with them. I will also have to thank Prince Edgar the next time I see him," Helena remarked, her tone firm with determination.

Their discussion was interrupted by Lily's arrival, who entered the room to deliver dinner. Seizing the opportunity to address her sister, Alex invited Lily to join them, her tone surprisingly gentle given their complicated history.

"Have you told our parents about my position?" Alex inquired, her voice betraying a hint of concern.

Lily's response was immediate and earnest, her loyalty to the Princess and her Consort unwavering. "No, Ma'am, I would never betray the Princess and her Consort," she assured them, her expression tense with apprehension.

Relieved by Lily's loyalty, Alex turned her attention to their parents, seeking insight into their intentions. Lily's response painted a troubling picture of their parents' ambitions and attempts to manipulate her for their own gain.

"They are trying to leverage me and my position to gain a higher standing and move into the core," Lily admitted nervously. "They constantly ask for me to speak to the Princess so that she will help on their behalf. I do not think it would happen since you are her Consort. I know you have no love for me or our parents."

Helena intervened with a sense of authority, her tone commanding yet compassionate. "Lily, if they continue to try to use you for their own advancement, then let me know, and I will deal with it. Your hard work in your training earned you your spot as our attendant. Do you have any problems with serving Consort Alex?"

Lily's response was humble and heartfelt, her acknowledgment of past wrongs accompanied by a sincere apology. "No, your Highness, I am just happy that Consort Alex is not treating me as poorly as I treated her growing up," she admitted, bowing her head in deference to Alex.

Helena's words carried both reassurance and authority as she addressed Lily, her tone firm yet compassionate. "Then, as long as you remain loyal to us, you will remain in your position here," she declared, her gaze unwavering as she met Lily's eyes.

Grateful for the opportunity granted to her by the Princess, Lily nodded eagerly in acknowledgment. "Thank you, your Majesty," she replied with genuine gratitude. Rising from her seat, she offered a respectful bow to both Helena and Alex before taking her leave from the room.

"I believe my parents will continue to test her loyalty. They always saw Lily as their path to a better life. I know they were happy when they no longer had to deal with me," Alex confided in Helena, her voice tinged with a hint of sadness at the memories of her past.

Helena's response was immediate and resolute, her unwavering commitment to protecting Alex and Lily. "I will have this dealt with," she assured Alex, her tone conveying a sense of reassurance and resolve.

As Alex grappled with her conflicting emotions regarding Lily, a sense of introspection settled over her. She couldn't help but acknowledge the complexity of their shared history and the societal pressures that had shaped their relationship over the years.

"I can't hold a grudge against Lily's actions," Alex mused silently, her thoughts a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. She only followed our parents' example, and society further reinforced those actions."

Despite the hurt and betrayal she had felt in the past, Alex recognized the possibility that Lily's actions had been influenced by forces beyond her control. The weight of societal expectations and familial pressures had likely significantly shaped Lily's behavior, leaving her with few alternatives but to comply.

"She might have only changed her mind because she feared what would happen to her if she didn't change her attitude," Alex reasoned, acknowledging the possibility that fear had driven Lily to reconsider her loyalties.

Yet, amidst the complexities of their shared history, Alex couldn't ignore the undeniable truth of Lily's loyalty and dedication. "The facts are that she has remained loyal and worked diligently," Alex acknowledged, a sense of gratitude and appreciation for her sister's efforts stirring within her.

"We must keep our relationship a secret; otherwise, Lily could be used against us." Alex's sudden declaration startled Helena, prompting a moment of surprise before she quickly composed herself, her expression a mixture of understanding and reassurance.

Helena's response was immediate and decisive, her grasp on Alex's hand conveying a sense of solidarity and determination. "It has already been taken care of," she assured Alex, her tone firm yet comforting. "Lily has been informed that any disclosure of her relationship to you is strictly forbidden."

As Helena spoke, a sense of relief washed over Alex, knowing that their secret would be protected and that Lily would not be used against them. Helena continued, her voice filled with resolve, "Neither of you will be seen in public together. That will help to not bring anyone's attention to that fact."

With Helena's reassurance echoing in the air, Alex felt a sense of gratitude and reassurance wash over her, knowing they had taken the necessary precautions to safeguard their relationship. As they faced the challenges ahead, united in their commitment to one another, Alex found solace in their bond's strength and her Princess's unwavering support.

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One cannot help……

D. Eden's picture

But wonder just what part Lily will play in this story. It is too easy for the reader to see her loyalty being compromised and her identity and presence being used by unscrupulous actors to try to influence the Emperor or his daughter. In the world of Realpolitik, Lily should have been eliminated as soon as Alex recognized her as his sister.

Based on rule number 10, that would seem to be the most direct and simple solution. They need not even involve Alex - she could have simply been told that Lily was reassigned.

D. Eden

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