Beware The Scorpio Clan

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Rome, Georgia:
Nyx grips the bed sheets under her as her husband enter her body again and again. She felt his warm breath against her skin as he leaned in to kiss her. He was in his hybrid form as he presses his wolf lips against her lips.

His huge tongue penetrates her mouth and goes down into her throat. She had to get uses to him entering her mouth with his tongue. She also had to work on her gag reflex, so she didn’t throw up when he did it.

She feels him almost pull out of her stretched womanhood. She knew what was about to happen, as she relaxes her muscles so it wasn’t as painful. She wraps her legs around his waist as she feels her husband bury his whole penis in her body and swell up to knot her. She knew he was going to be unable to pull out of her body for at least an hour or more.

Nyx stares into his golden tinted eyes as he kisses her. She didn’t know she would end up being a mate to a werewolf when she returned from California. At first it had seemed strange that a man like him would take an interest in her. She was average looking compare to most of the women in Rome.

He was built like the men you see on WWE wrestling. He stood a good foot taller than her and had muscles to spare. At first it had started off innocent, because she hired him to do some work around her new place. At first, she didn’t notice him, because she was busy with meetings and establishing her new business and moving everything from her old company to its new address. However, the times she did see him or meet him, something inside of her was drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

At first both of them ignored how they felt, but as time went on. The feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. It was on a rainy full moon night when she heard him howl in the woods behind her house that she couldn’t resist the call to him.

She ran out into the woods while it was raining in the nude. The next thing she knew, she was grabbed from behind by him in his hybrid form and taken. According to her husband if they had accepted their draw to each other earlier. The mating process wouldn’t have been as rough as it was that night.

Normally, after a rough mating like that she would have become pregnant. However, nothing had happened. Her body had rejected his sperm and ejected it out the following morning. Both of them knew they were meant to be together, because of how strong the mating process was. However, every time they tried, her body rejected the process.

She keeps her legs locked around Joesph’s waist as they sat upright on their bed. She could feel his penis buried deep in her body. His tip was passing against her cervix opening and inside her uterus. She looks at him as he withdraws his tongue out of her mouth.

She coughs some and looks back into his wolf eyes “you know it might not take.”

“I don’t care if it does or not. I just love hearing you moan in pleasure and pain.” As he bites her shoulder.

Nyx digs her fingernails into his back as she feels his teeth penetrate her skin. She feels him run his fingernails down her back, leaving bloody welts behind. When his hands get to her butt cheek, she feels them dig into her flesh.

Joe bites into the hollow cavity at the base of Nyx’s neck. He lets go and moves to the other side of her neck and does the same thing. He could smell how aroused she was as he held her against his body.

After several hours of love making and nearly choking Nyx when he knotted her mouth. The two of them fall asleep. She was plastered against his strong body as they slept. Her fair skin was a pale contrast against his dark tanned body.

Sara and Becky’s Bedroom:
Sara looks at Becky as she laid secured to their bed. The freshly burned brand she gave Becky earlier tonight was black against Becky’s lightly tanned skin.

“You know, I really didn’t think that drug would work as well as it did on you.” Sara continues sliding up the strap on, up her legs.

“Me neither. Uumm, what are you doing?” Becky was curious why Stacy was putting on a strap on.

“Well, since we know you are my mate. I’m going to consummate our bond.” Stacy tightens the straps on the strap on. She makes sure they are tight on her body.

“You do know that is impossible. You’re not a male.” Becky knew it was nearly impossible to do what a normal relationship does.

“True, but this is a special strap on.” Stacy says a few words in Latin and feel the strap on attach to her body. She feels little tubes go up into her openings and merge with her organs.

Stacy starts feeling a strong urge to mate and walks over to the bed and looks down at Becky. She looks down at Becky as she shifts into her hybrid form “remember, we are one.”

Becky stares up at Stacy as she changes. She notices the strap on became a real penis when Stacy changed. She noticed how big and thick it became “I think I’m in trouble. I hope my body can accommodate that thing.”

Stacy leans down and looks into Becky’s emerald green eyes. “Oh, I’ll make sure you take all of it, baby.” As Stacy kisses Becky roughly.

Stacy mounts Becky’s secured body and starts having her wicked ways with her. She builds up the pleasure first, to make Becky extremely wet before shoving her huge penis into Becky’s willing body. The next five hours, Stacy has her way with Becky’s secured prone body.

Between all the mating going on in the house. No one notices when the power goes out in the house. Several figures dressed in black stealth outfits manage to infiltrate the house and move about. All of them had been given their assignments and they were to make sure no one survived to come after them.

The first room they attack belonged to a young couple that was part of Nyx’s crew. The man assigned to kill the occupants open the door quietly and start spraying the room. He stands in the doorway as he sprays the room.

The sound of gunfire can be heard as other occupants are murder in their sleep. The guy assigned to kill Nyx is surprised when he opens the door to her room. His gun is grabbed and he is pulled into the room and sent flying across the room. He crashes into a mirror.

Joe and Nyx were woken up by the sound of gunfire. Even thou the rooms were soundproof, because of the nature of the occupants. Didn’t mean those with sensitive hearing wouldn’t hear the gunshots when the door was opened.

Joe had switched into his hybrid form again and could be heard growling. He glances towards Nyx and notices she was armed with a sword she had made. She was still naked, and there was blood covering her body from where he clawed her during their love making.

“You better tell us who you are, before you end up dead!” Nyx has been practicing with the sword she made.

The figure looks at both occupants. One was something out of a horror movie and the other one was the target he had been sent to kill. He knew he was outclassed as he threw down a flash grenade. The grenade goes off as he explodes the wall behind him.

Stacy and Becky’s Bedroom:
The figure sent to kill the occupants in that room. He had been surprised when a naked woman with neon blue color hair sent him flying backwards into the hallway wall. She was standing in the doorway and her fists were crackling with energy.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” Becky was pissed that someone disturbed her and her wife.

The figure in black heard an explosion and saw smoke coming from an opened door. He was hearing several screams as the other occupants they were sent to kill were surprised. Becky heard her wife behind her growling, ready to kill the man.

The figure in black pulls his pistol and starts firing at Becky. He unloads the whole magazine into her.

“Boy, did you fuck up.” Becky felt each bullet as it hit her skin. If she wasn’t as tough as she was, she would be dead right now.

She swings her right fist at the guy and hit him right in the middle of his chest. She pulled her strength so as not to send him through the wall, but enough to crack his ribs. She felt the resistant from whatever he was wearing.

The figure was taken by surprised and doubles over when he gets hit. He pulls a flat disk and slams it into the woman’s chest. He knows this is going to hurt as it goes off.

Becky is blown backwards into Stacy. Her chest hurt where the disk exploded. She looks towards the guy and notices he was gone.

Becky recovers and rushes out of the room and right into another explosion. She was sent flying backwards down the hallway towards Nyx’s and Joe’s bedroom. She flies right into the room and into Nyx.

Before she could recover, a large explosion rocks the house as the fire alarms goes off. Becky looks behind her and notices that Nyx was injured from her slamming into her. She feels herself lifted quickly off of Nyx.

Joe looks down at Nyx and searches for any injuries she might have. He notices her eyes were closed “open your eyes, baby.”

Stacy wanted to go and check on her wife, but she could smell smoke coming from the center hall. She starts running towards the central hall. She is joined by several other Weres. They looked like someone shot at them.

When they get to the central hall, there was a large hole in the ground and the roof was blown off. Stacy couldn’t believe how deep the hole was and how powerful the blast was.

“What the hell did this and who the fuck were those people.” Jake turns to look at Stacy since she was third in charge of their group.

“I don’t know. I want to know how they got in and why didn’t the alarm system go off.” Stacy knew they had backup generators to power the place if they lost city power.

“I’ll send a team out.” Jake goes to check on everyone else.

“I’ll let Joe and Nyx know how bad it is.” Stacy reverts back to her human form.

Joe and Nyx’s Bedroom:
Becky watches Joe as he tries to get Nyx to open her eyes. She felt helpless as she looks at her leaders.

“Come on baby, open your eyes.” Joe watches as his wife slowly opens her eyes. Their mate bond was strong.

Nyx slowly opens her eyes. Her body was hurting and she was finding it a little hard to breathe. She looks into Joe’s golden eyes “what the hell happened?”

“Are you all right, sweetie?”

“It’s a little hard to breath.” Nyx chest was hurting her.

“Sorry about that, boss.” Becky hopes she didn’t hurt Nyx to bad.

“Why am I smelling smoke?” Nyx looks towards the doorway.

“I’ll go and check?” Becky turns to leave, but walks straight into her wife.

“Are you alright, sweetie?” Stacy was concerned about her wife.

“I’m fine. Do you know what is creating that smell?” Becky looks at her wife.

“Whoever those intruders were. They blew up the central hall and several of our sublevels.”

“How in the hell did they do that?” Nyx looks at Stacy for an answer.

“I don’t know, but they also went after some of our people as well. On top of that, they killed our primary power and our backup power as well.”

“How did they do that?” Joe wanted to know.

“I don’t know. Jake has a team out investigating how they did it.”

“Contact the other houses and see if any of them have come under attack. Also, contact Doctor Spree’s and tell her we need her and her team here.”

“I’m on it, boss.” Stacy turns to leave.

“I’m going to help my wife.” Becky turns to follow her wife.

“Alright.” Joe helps Nyx back onto their bed.

Nyx looks at her husband “I’ll be okay. Go and see how bad everything is. One of us needs to be seen.”

“Are you sure?” Joe didn’t want to leave his wife.

“I’ll be fine. Now, go.” Nyx kisses Joe before he leaves.

Joe returns the kiss and afterwards leave their bedroom. He will know if anything was wrong with Nyx through their mate bound. He leaves her and goes to check on the damage done to the house.

Nyx closes her eyes and falls asleep. She was still tired from all the sex she had earlier with her husband. She’ll find out how things are when she wakes up.

The next few hours are hectic at the house. Teams have been dispatched to the lower levels and the manufacturing area. According to several members, it looked like someone tried breaking into the manufacturing facilities to steal some of the armor they made in there. The thing was, the facilities were used to manufacture the fake armor. The weapons and real armor were made at a different facility on the property.

When Nyx wakes up again, she had deep bruising on her chest. She notices someone put Clair in bed with her as well. She looks down at the little girl and saw bandages covering her body. Whoever hurt Clair is going to pay. The poor girl has already experienced enough trauma in her life.

Nyx slowly gets out of bed, without waking Clair up. She looks out the hole in her wall and saw that it was late. Her body hurt as she starts walking towards the bathroom. She had to pee really bad. She sits down on the toilet and release her bladder.

She reaches between her legs towards her vaginal opening and stick her finger up inside her vagina. She felt the mucus plug that is supposed to form has formed. A smile appears on her face as she feels it. Her body finally accepted Joe’s sperm.

She washes her hands as she walks out of the bathroom and back into her bedroom. She slips on a pair of leggings and an oversize t-shirt that had a picture of a wolf on it. She walks over to her bed and places a kiss on Clair’s forehead.

She locates her husband through their mate bond and take the backstairs down towards the ground level. She passes several members of her house. Some of them looked like they had been injured from the explosion. Luckily no one lost any limbs. She spots Joe over by a crane that someone had brought into the house.

“How bad is it?” Nyx looks at her husband.

“Were looking at months of work.” Joe turns to look at his wife.

“How many of our people were injured?”

“Out of the eight that live her with us? We’re looking at four of them. Were lucky that whoever these clowns were, didn’t know most of your people are supes.” Joe looks at his wife’s face.

“How did Clair get hurt?” Nyx was concerned about Clair.

“When the explosion went off that destroyed the hallway. She got caught in the blast. It’s lucky she was born with abilities.”

“Still, she’s already gone through enough trauma.” Nyx was concerned about Clair and how this was affecting her mentally.

“I know.” Joe knew Clair’s background.

“Do we know who is responsible for attacking our home?” Nyx wanted answers.

“No, but Sam and Kevin are working on it. They managed to find some of the weapons the group left behind and what was left of the devices they used.”

“Good. I don’t think the main house is going to be safe with this big ass hole in the roof or in the middle of the entrance.” Nyx saw that someone had blocked the front door.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have everything we need to fix the roof tomorrow. Also, everything we’ll need to temporary patch over the hole so we can use the front door. Also, if my nose isn’t playing tricks on me. Your body finally accepted my sperm.” Joe could tell Nyx’s body finally accepted him.

“Yeah, it has. I just hope nothing goes wrong.” Nyx was worried that something will go wrong.

“You’ll be fine. The critical moments are when I impregnated you. During that time, you know as well as I do your body could have rejected it.”

“I’m glad it didn’t do that this time.” Nyx puts her hand over her belly.

“Me too. I don’t think you’ll be by yourself being pregnant. Stacy managed to impregnant Becky as well.” Joe points towards Becky and Stacy.

“I didn’t think that was possible.” Nyx looks at Joe when she says that.

“It is when you use a magical dildo device. It magically turns the fluids you women squirt out when your excited into powerful sperm. Since Stacy wanted to knock up Becky so badly, it made the spell even stronger.”

“I hope they are ready to be parents. I know what it is like to help raise a child.” Nyx ended up helping her aunt raise another child she took in.

“I bet it didn’t take much convincing for Stacy to talk Becky into becoming a mother. We all know Becky will do whatever Stacy wants her to do.” Nyx will never understand how someone as powerful as Becky could be control by someone like Stacy.

Stacy was third in charge of Joe’s pack and Becky submitted to Stacy so easily. It was like Becky was a submissive and Stacy was a dominate. Even she didn’t submit to Joe, like Becky does to Stacy.

“In their relationship, Stacy is the Dom and Becky is a sub. It works for them. Besides, we know you can’t fight the mating bond. Once the two of them came in contact with each other. It became clear how their relationship was going to be.” Joe saw it.

“All I know about mating bonds is what I learned from Leland and Tammy in California.”

“Werecat mating rituals and mating bonds are different then wolves. I’m surprised you ran into a couple in California.” Joe couldn’t believe what Nyx told him about them after they became mated.

“They saved my life. I was lucky they were there when I got shot in the chest.” Nyx couldn’t believe the damage her armor took from the weapon
used against her.

“I’m glad they were there to save your cute little butt.” Joe smacks Nyx’s butt hard.

“Owe! Easy there, big fellow.” Nyx knew she was going to have a bruise from Joe smacking her ass.

Nyx heads towards her home office and bring up the security footage of the property and of the lower levels. She knew her chief of security would already have done this, but there were things he didn’t have access to, that she did. She watches as the power goes off and then the backup generators and solar batteries facilities are blown to hell.

The emergency batteries that supplied power to the security system. Nyx brings up the footage and capture some of the images of people that attacked her home. She enlarges the image and clear the image up. She notices that the armor they were wearing had an image of a scorpion over the left breast.

“Fuck! I should had known they would try something like this.” Nyx couldn’t believe that the Scorpion clan had the nerve to attack her home. She knew they were crazy and dangerous.

Before she left to show off her company’s weapons development in California. An executive that supplies arms to the Scorpion clan visited her to and threaten to take revenge against her. She played dumb and pretended she knew nothing about the incident that she stopped.

Normally, you couldn’t tell who she was while wearing her armor. But somehow, a member of that clan found out who she was. She was still puzzled how they did it.

Joe finds his wife in her home office. He notices she was looking at something on her computer monitor.

“Watch you looking at?” Joe walks behind Nyx’s desk to look over her shoulder.

“This.” As Nyx puts the image up on the fifty-inch television screen mounted on the wall in front of her desk.

She takes a light pen and circles the red image of the Scorpion image on their attacker’s armor. She turns to look at Joe “they attacked us.”

“Who are they?” Joe looks at the image and then at his wife.

“They are called the Scorpion clan. They are mercs and highly skilled assassins. I ran into them by accident just before I went to California for the government’s weapon expo.”

“What do you mean by accident?” Joe knew his wife near does anything by accident.

“I was on my way back from a gathering of different families, when I intercepted an attack going down. So, I interceded and showed them what a real warrior is.”

“I take it, they didn’t like it.” Joe knew Nyx was proud to be consider a Mandalorian even if it was a made-up culture. Ever since Star Wars
introduced it, a lot of people have adopted the culture and attitude of the Mandalorian. He his wife was one of them. She even created her own house that has over fifty members in it.

“Nope, one of their leaders by the name of Deng Zemin came to my office and subtly threaten me to stop interfering in their business.”

“So, why come here and blow up our home?” Joe was curious.

“I don’t think it was to blow up our home, but to kill me and some of my people. Remember, the armor I construct here in the lower levels of our home is the fake armor. The stuff I sell to movie studios and clients.

The real armor I make for ourselves and other clans is made at a secret location protected by some of our best people. I bet the scorpion clan don’t know that.” Nyx figures that was why they attacked her home and tried to kill her.

“Do you know where they operate out of?” Joe wanted revenge for them attacking their home.

“No, but I bet someone I know might be able to get me the information.”

“Who?” Joe was curious.

“He’s called the Frog. He specializes in information, but he is very particular about who he deals with.”

“Do you think he’ll take a meeting with you?” Joe has never heard of him.

“I don’t know. However, I can reach out to him and see.” Nyx has never dealt with the Frog before.

“Why is he called the Frog?” Joe was curious.

A smirk appears on Nyx’s face. She knew why he had that nick name.

“The story goes, he once poisoned the KGB’s water supply with poison he collected off several different poisonous frogs. How he managed to get
to the water supply of the KGB I don’t know, but I do know the story is true. It wasn’t the first time he has done something like that.”

“And you want to trust this man?” Joe looks at Nyx like she lost her mind.

“He only gets back at people who try to screw him over. If your honest with him, he’ll be honest with you.” Nyx knew the Frog only fucked over people who screwed him over.

“I want to go with you when you meet him.” Joe wanted to be by his wife.

“I don’t think that will be a good idea. If things go wrong, I would rather have you come and rescue me. I’m thinking about taking Junbuhua. She’s one of my best warriors and a direct descendant of Genghis Khan’s first daughter. She’s also highly trained in arm and unarm combat.” Nyx had done a background check on every member that asked to join her house. That included DNA and police background check.

“Yeah, she would be a good choice. I’ve seen her train some of the new warriors in the clan/pack. You know you can’t wear your armor.”

“Oh, I have that covered. You know that black body suit most of us wear under our armor?”

“Yeah, what about it?” Joe knew Nyx and her research team have been developing a new type of fabric that would protect the wearer.

“I’ll be wearing a jumpsuit of that under my clothes. For Junbuhua, her suit will be made of that new material, plus she’ll be wearing a jumpsuit under her clothes as well. She’ll be armed with dart wrist shooters and several other concealable weapons that can’t be picked up with a metal detector.”

“How do you plan on getting away?” Joe wanted to make sure his wife was safe.

“A lightly armor Shelby Cobra with 900 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque. Not even the new cop cars can catch it.” Nyx had their mechanic build it.

“Well, just be careful.” Joe didn’t want anything to happen to Nyx right now since she was pregnant.

“I will.” Nyx kisses Joe.

Several Days Later in Atlanta, Georgia:
Junbuhua looks at Nyx as she drove the Shelby they were in. She noticed that her boss was holding a wooden box that was still sealed.

“You sure about this, boss?” Junbuhua was told that she was to remain with the car, while Nyx went inside the wine bar to meet with the Frog.

“I’m sure. You’ll be able to observe everything while I’m inside. I’ll be broadcasting everything to you from my pendent.” Nyx wore a specialized pendent that recorded and broadcast everything she saw and heard directly to a receiver in the Shelby.

“I still don’t like this.” Junbuhua wasn’t the trusting type of person.

“The Frog promise to meet me. Even if they scan me, they won’t pick up on the pendent.” Nyx made sure the pendent couldn’t be detected.

“If you say so.” Junbuhua pulls into the parking lot and parks. She could see everything going on inside the place.

“I’ll see you in twenty minutes.” Nyx gets out of the Shelby carrying the box into the wine bar.

She is stopped at the door and scan by a wand by a big guy. He could give some of the men in her clan a challenge if they were normal. However, some of the strongest men and women in her clan were supes.

Nyx is escorted over a table where an older man sat. He had two glasses sitting in front of him. One had what looked like to be water, while the other one was empty.

“Please have a seat, Mrs. Wolfgang.” The Frog watches as Mrs. Wolfgang sits down.

“Thank you, Mr.?”

“Just Frog.”

“Mr. Frog.” As Nyx sets the box on the table before sitting down.

“Is that the wine I requested?”

“Yes, it is. As you can see, I haven’t opened it. It is still in its shipping container.” Nyx was surprised that The Frog had request the wine. It was very rare, but she managed to get a bottle of it.

The Frog motions to a someone. A few minutes later a middle age guy comes over and starts opening the shipping containers. He lifts the bottle out of the container and lets The Frog examine it. After The Frog examines the bottle. The person who opened the container, opens the wine and pours some into the empty glass.

The Frog picks the glass up and checks and sniffs it. He takes a sip of it and swashes it around in his mouth. He finally swallows the wine and sets the empty glass down. He reaches into pocket and pulls out a black thumb drive and hands it Nyx.

“Here’s the information you asked for, Mrs. Wolfgang.” As he hands the drive over to Nyx.

Nyx accepts the thumb drive. She looks at the middle age man “thank you, Mr. Frog.”

“You are most welcome. If you ever need my services again, feel free to contact me.” The Frog smiles at Nyx.

“I’ll do that, Mr. Frog. Enjoy your wine.” Nyx gets up and walks out to the Shelby.

Junbuhua has been watching the whole exchange in the Shelby. She couldn’t believe The frog didn’t try anything. She watches as Nyx walks out to her and get into the Shelby.

“Let’s go back home, Junbuhua.” Nyx takes her portable laptop out and plug the thumb drive into it. She notices the information was encrypted and needed a password.

Nyx types in the name of the wine and year The Frog instructed her to buy. She watches as the information rearranges itself and appears all straighten out. She looks through it and learns that one of the leaders of the Scorpion clan owns an office building in the financial district of Alanta.

“Oh, this is going to be nice.” Nyx knew what she was going to do.

“What is, boss?” Junbuhua glances at Nyx, while driving.

“I’m going to make one of the leaders of the Scorpion clan pay for the repairs to our compound.” Nyx already knew who she was going to assign to the task.

When Nyx arrives back home. She shows Joe the plans and gathers the people she was going to need. She was going to take a six-man crew with her. Two members of her crew were hackers that could break into anything.

Her and Joe laid out the plan for the infiltration. Once the plan was established, she suits up with her other team members. Only two members of her team weren’t wearing armor, but they were wearing mask to conceal their identities.

Since a new moon was coming up. They planned on using it to their advantages. They use one of the new stealth aircraft Nyx’s company has been developing. It was a cross between the quinjet shown in the agents of Sheild and the hover jet used in the Hunger Games movie.

Nyx looks at the people as they get ready to drop from their plane. She removes her helmet “remember people, we want to clear out every account they have. Also, leave a bug in their system so we can tap it later.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Nyx puts her helmet back on and descend from the plane. They managed to break into the building, without setting off the alarm system. Everyone on Nyx’s team go and do their assigned task.

Several hours later, the team returns back to the compound and wait for the damage to be noticed in the morning when the company opens. Nyx computer experts were tapped into the security systems of the building. She couldn’t wait to see the reaction from the CEO of the company when he learns of what happened to his company.

The next morning, when several employees clock into work and start going about their business. The building secure sever and computers start crashing. All the accounts the company has and investments they have disappear. The personal accounts of the people who are members of the scorpion clan vanishes.

All their properties and investments are closed and the money is redirected into an account that switches every day. Even if they could track the account with their money, they couldn’t retrieve it.

The next day, Nyx gets a visit from several figures in fancy suits in her office. Her secretary tries to stop the men, but is stopped by their guards. They burst into Nyx’s office at her company.

“Hello gentlemen, what can I do for you?” Nyx looks at them, but had one of her hands sunder her desk.

Mr. Zemin looks at the young woman and was barely able to control his anger towards her. The other gentleman standing near him was watching Mrs. Wolfgang.

“Return what you stole from us.”

“I didn’t steal anything from you, Mr. Zemin.” Nyx smiles sweetly at Mr. Zemin.

“Playing dumb with me isn’t a good look for you Mrs. Wolfgang. Do you know what is going to happen to you and your family?”

“The same thing that will happen to you and anyone you send against me. Except, I won’t stop with you. I’ll go after your whole entire clan. Oh, I know you guys are mercs and assassins, but I have some of my own and I know other clans that have them as well. Plus, I have connections with people you don’t want to fuck with.” Nyx continues to smile sweetly at Mr. Zemin.

“We will see about that, Mrs. Wolfgang.” Mr. Zemin turns to leave.

“Yes, we will, Mr. Zemin. Yes, we will.” Nyx watches as the two men leave.

Once they leave, Nyx scans her office and finds some bugs the other guy must have left behind. She removes them and goes back to work. As Nyx picks up her pen “let the games begin.”

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The Creeps!

That artworks so creepy I can't bring myself to read the story! Sorry!

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

Now I've read it

Followed the link from another story - no art! I like this and sure hope for more. Has the makings of a great series!

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

I think Scorpin just made a mistake

Samantha Heart's picture

They are messing with THE WRONG woman. She knows mote people & has more contacts than Scorpin does, plus there are probably some Clans out there that would LOVE to get their hands on the Scorpin leadership none the least is NYX her self

Love Samantha Renée Heart.