Dude Looks Like A Lady

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Dixie sits quietly and pretends to read an article on her tablet. What she is doing, is watching how teenage girls and women walk and behave. Ever since she decided to become a girl full time, after spending a week with her friend pretending to be his girlfriend.

She wanted to refine her body language. Sure, she had some idea about how a woman spoke and could mimic their body movements. But there were still things about her body language that wasn’t right. That was what she needed to learn and the only way she could do that was by watching how real teenage girls and grown women acted.

Ever since she agreed to pretend to be her best friend’s girlfriend. She started to love how women's clothing felt against her skin. When she pretended to be her best friend’s girlfriend, she bought a bunch of clothing from a consignment store. They were still in fashion and were of famous brand names. She even bought herself a basic makeup kit to practice applying makeup to her face. She found several YouTube videos online that helped her learn how to apply makeup.

Now that she was living on her own, she was dressing more and more like a girl. She didn’t have a problem passing as a teenage girl. However, every time she tried dressing up to look older. It never passed muster. You good tell she wasn’t the age she pretending to be. However, when she
dressed up and looked like a teenage girl, she could pass without anyone questioning her.

Her mom’s genetics made her waist narrow and gave her wide hips like an ordinary girl. She looked more like her mother than her father. Her older brothers took after their father, while she took after her mother and older aunt.

After watching and recording how the women around her moved. She gets up from the bench she had been sitting on and walks towards the park's entrance. It was so natural for her to walk like a girl now that she didn’t have to think about it.

The modeling lessons she took when she was younger were paying off. Her instructor never thought she paid attention to how the girls in her class were instructed on how to walk. The only reason she took the lessons, was because she was in the drama club in high school and belonged to a drama troupe.

Dixie started learning how her mother walked and copied how she would walk. She even watched the girls at school and copied their steps. She makes it to where she parked her motorcycle and mounts it. She starts the engine and starts heading home.

Dixie makes one stop on the way back to her apartment. She stops and buys some lunch at Wendy’s. Today was a cheat day for her, and she wanted to enjoy a nice cheeseburger with bacon.

Once Dixie arrives home, she sits down on the sofa and watches the new Jason Statham movie The Beekeeper. She knew a few telemarketing centers she would love to burn to the ground like he does in the movie. Once she is done eating her lunch and throwing away her trash. She continues to watch the movie.

She still hasn’t heard back from her agent about the part she tried out for. A local movie company was looking for a girl like herself to play in a new action movie. Her agent managed to get her an audition for the movie. It wasn’t a very big part, but it would add to the parts she had already played.

When the movie was finished playing. She browsed the movie channel to see what else was playing. Some of the movies listed weren’t the greatest. Sometimes, she wonders why she even paid for cable.

Since there wasn’t any good movie playing, Dixie turns the television set off and plays the latest disc the band she filled in with made. The music wasn’t bad and her timing was on the spot, but it took them two whole months to put the disc together.

There had been a major disagreement going on between the bass player, the lead singer, and the guitar player. They tried to drag her into it, but she stayed out of it. She was hired by the recording studio to come and fill in for the band’s drummer. The drummer had been involved in a car accident and wouldn’t be able to play the drums for several months.

Since the band was on a deadline, her buddy at the recording studio called her in to help out. Her buddy Craig looked out for her. There have been a few times this month that he has called her in to either help a group out or to lay down some tracks for different bands.

Dixie was glad she was in her high school’s band. They went to state twice and won first place. She gathers up a load of laundry and puts them in the washing machine. She is lucky she found an apartment that had its laundry hookup.

A guy she knew and dated for a while hooked her up with an apartment-style washer and drier combo unit. While she is getting her laundry going. She hears her cell phone ringing. Dixie walks over picks it up and notices it was her agent. She presses accept “Good afternoon, Charlie.”

“Hello, Angel.”

A smile appears on Dixie’s face because she always finds it amusing whenever Charlie her agent calls her. She always greeted him like the angels did on the old Charlie Angels sitcom.

“So, what’s the good news, Charlie?” Dixie was hoping she got the part.

“I’m sorry, Dixie. They gave the part to a different actress. However, I did manage to get you a walk-on part for a movie that is shooting for the next few days. I know it’s not what you want, but it will allow you to do some networking with the people on the movie lot.” Charlie knew how good of an actor Dixie was.

“Okay, where and when?” Dixie grabs her notepad to write the information down.

“Tomorrow at Studio 23, on the Paramount lot. You need to be there at five in the morning to get dressed. Asked for Phillies Godfrey. There will be a pass for you at the gate for you to get onto the lot.”

“Alright and thanks, Charlie.”

“You’re welcome kiddo. Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Dixie ends the call and sets the alarm on her cell phone for three in the morning. Paramount studio was only forty minutes from her apartment.

She makes herself some dinner and takes a nice bubble bath afterward. Afterward, Dixie puts a bag together with spare clothes and fresh clean underwear, just in case she needs to wear something skimpy. Once everything is ready for tomorrow. She lays down and falls asleep.

Dixie covers up a yawn as she sips some of her coffee. The catering truck that was providing coffee, Danishes, and other pastries was the strongest coffee she had ever had. She was going to be bouncing off the walls later.

The director of the movie liked how she looked and how he could keep using her over and over again without people seeing who she was. So, she’s been hired to work the next two weeks on the set. Which was good, because she would be taking home a thousand dollars a week.

While Dixie is enjoying her terrible coffee and a chocolate-covered donut. One of the men who was playing a background character on the set comes walking over to her table. Richie had spotted the pretty-looking brunette and wanted to know more about her.

Richie walks up to Dixie and holds his hand out to her “Hi, I’m Richie. I’ve seen you on set and have to say you are impressive.”

“Thanks.” Dixie looks at Richie’s face and notices she has the type of face that could charm a young woman out of her panties.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Richie withdrew his hand since she wasn’t going to shake it.

“I don’t mind.” Dixie motions to the seat across from her.

“Thanks” Richie sits down across from the young woman.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Dixie.” She smiles at him. Her parents taught her to be polite.

“That’s an unusual name. Is it southern?” Richie has never heard the name before.

“No, I was named after one of the cartoon mice from the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.” Dixie was shocked to learn her mother named her after a cartoon mouse.

“Your parents must have liked that cartoon.” Richie chuckled at that idea.

“My parents wanted me to have a unique name. So, Richie. How long have you been acting?” Dixie wanted to divert attention from herself to Richie.

“Since I was fifteen years old. I did a few commercials and did some modeling for a while. How about you? How long have you been acting?” Richie takes a sip from his coffee cup.

“Not long. I started in high school in my school’s drama club. I did a few commercials as well. Nothing too fancy, but they were fun.” Dixie eats some of her donuts.

“Are you trying to do this professionally, for a living or is this just a hobby for you?” Richie knew a few people wanted to be famous like some of their favorite actors.

“I don’t know. I already have so many irons in the fire, that I’m not sure on which path I want to go down.” Dixie enjoyed playing her instruments and acting at her local theater.

“Well, I want to hit it big. I want to be like Brad Pitt and George Clooney.” Richie wanted the money and frame they had.

“So, you want to be the pretty boy type of actor? Not an action pack actor?” Dixie loved the action type of actors.

“I would like to not get hurt.” Richie drinks some more of his coffee.

A smirk appears on Dixie’s face as she finishes off her donut and takes a sip of her coffee. She looks at the time “Well, I better get back on set. It’s been nice talking with you, Richie.”

“Are you going to be here around lunchtime?” Richie stands up when Dixie does.

“That depends on the director and how much we get accomplished in the next few hours.”

“Well, if you're still around lunchtime. Why don’t we have lunch together?” Richie hopes Dixie accepts.

“I’ll think about it.” A sweet smile appears on Dixie’s face.

She wasn’t looking for anyone right now. Not that she was ready to establish a relationship until she had her surgery. Dixie throws her trash away and walk back to the lot she was working at.

By the time the director broke for lunch. They had done fifteen takes of just one scene. The actor performing the scene couldn’t keep a straight face and caused everyone around him to start laughing.

By the time Dixie arrived at the place lunch was being served. Richie was nowhere to be seen. Either he left early or he was still shooting. Dixie grabs herself a chef salad and smoothie and joins several other women at a table. They make small talk about the actor and some of the silly things he had done to cause them to reshoot several scenes.

After lunch, the director had them shoot a few different scenes. Dixie was in all of them. The director liked how she looked. They even gave her a few speaking roles in the scene.

By the time the director called it quits. Dixie was pulled to the side by one of the production assistants.

“Miss. Dawson, Mr. Brakhage would like for you to learn the lines for the character Sally Summerfield.” Beverly hands a script to Dixie.

“But you already have someone playing that character.” Dixie doesn’t take the script right away.

“Well, now you’ll be playing the character. I don’t know why Mr. Brakhage is making the change, but he was impressed with how you handled yourself in the few scenes you have been in.” As Beverly holds the script out to Dixie.

Dixie accepts the script. She was shocked that the director was doing this. Normally, they didn’t change actors in the middle of production.


“Don’t thank me, thank Mr. Brakhage.” A smile appears on Beverly’s face as she turns and walks away.

Dixie opened the script and saw where some changes had been made. Several lines had been rewritten for her. While some had been removed and replaced with another character.

Dixie couldn’t believe what had happened and walked towards her motorcycle. She’ll have to call Charlie and inform him about her new status. Once Dixie is on her motorcycle, she puts her helmet on and mounts her motorcycle. She starts the engine and heads home.

On the way home, Dixie stops at Olive Garden and picks up a dinner to go. She didn’t feel like cooking and wanted to spend some time looking over the script she was given to read. This would be the first time she played a part in a movie, besides being scenery in the background.

While Dixie is eating, she looks over the script and the character she is going to play. She wonders why the director was changing things, but who was she to question a professional? Dixie reads the lines out loud records what she is saying and then plays the lines back to see how she could change it up some.

By the time she decides to call it quits. It was around midnight and she had to get up by three. Dixie could kick herself for staying up late, instead of going to bed. She goes to bed right away and hopes she doesn’t oversleep.

The next five days are rough for Dixie. She had to build up the character and make it seem that the character was real. She managed to give the character the director wanted her to play a life. As if the character had always been real and was caught up in the situation, she found herself.

She had done so well with the character. That caused the other actors to up their game. The director loved how Dixie managed to improve the movie. They had to switch locations after three weeks at the Paramount lot.

Before Dixie left to go to the new location. Her agent Charlie managed to negotiate a new contract for her. She was going to be paid fifty-six thousand dollars for the movie she was in. It wasn’t much, but then again, she was playing a minor character.

After two months of shooting, her character was killed off in a gruesome way. They had to redo that scene several times, but not because of her. The person playing the murderer screwed the scene up a few times.

The director does tell Dixie that the next movie he does, he is going to request her. Which makes Dixie feel good. When she gets home from the shooting location, she has a few requests that came in from her friend at the recording studio. A few groups were looking for a temp drummer.

That work keeps her busy for several weeks. The few bands looking for a temp drummer or keyboardist, keep her busy playing at a few nightclubs they are playing at. By the time Dixie gets home from the nightclubs, she is still energized and stays up until early morning, before falling asleep.

While Dixie is asleep on her sofa, she is woken up by the sound of her doorbell being rung. She slowly wakes up and gets up off the sofa. She stumbles over to the door and looks through the peephole to see who it is.

She spots her best friend Daniel on the other side of the door. She wonders what he wants as she unlocks and opens the door.

“Hello, Daniel. What brings you over this morning?” Dixie was a little grumpy.

“I see you grumpy this morning. May I come in?” Daniel knew most of Dixie’s attitudes from spending a week with her.

“Please come in.” Dixie steps aside to let her best friend into her apartment.

Daniel walks into Dixie’s apartment. The last time he was in her apartment, was when he helped her move. She had a lot of heavy furniture and required some extra help. He also noticed she had been sleeping on the sofa.

“Late night?” Daniel sits down on the loveseat near the sofa.

“Yeah, would you like a cup of coffee?” Dixie closes the front door and walks into the kitchen.

“Yes, you remember how I like it, don’t you?” A smile appears on Daniel’s face.

“Yes, I remember. You like it black.” Dixie could never figure out why anyone would drink their coffee without sugar or creamer.

“Right, so how has your life been since we broke up?” A smirk appears on Daniel’s face when he says that.

“Fine, I’ve been busy with session work at the recording studio that Steven works at. Also, filling in as a temp for a few bands. I’ve also starred in a movie as well.” Dixie pours the coffee once it is brewed into a mug and carries it to Daniel.

“Thanks.” As Daniel accepts the mug. He took a sip from it and could tell it was one of Dixie’s favorite blends.

“You’re welcome.” Dixie walks back into the kitchen and fixes herself a cup.

“What’s this about staring in a movie?” Daniel was curious about that.

“I was hired to play one of the characters in a movie.” Dixie pours the coffee into her favorite mug and fix it the way she likes.

“How did you manage that?” Daniel knew Dixie was into theater work.

“I got a job being background scenery and ended up being a replacement for one of the other actors.” Dixie still couldn’t get over the fact the director liked her.

“Wow! That was a lucky break. So, why are you still in your underwear and have makeup on?” Daniel has seen Dixie naked and knows she normally didn’t sleep in her undergarments.

“I got home early this morning and passed out as soon as I took my clothes off.” Dixie doesn’t bother to cover herself or grab her house robe. Daniel has seen her naked before and the two of them have had sex before as well.

“Sorry for waking you.” Daniel drinks some of the coffee.

“So, what brings you by this morning?” Dixie drinks some of her coffee.

“I got a favor to ask of you. I don’t know if you’ll do it or not.” Daniel watches Dixie react.

“What’s the favor?” Dixie takes another drink from her coffee.

“I need a date for my cousin’s wedding. I don’t feel like showing up alone.”

“Where’s the wedding going to be and when?” Dixie will need to check her schedule to see if she is free.

“The wedding is at my cousin's ranch in Texas and on June fifteenth.” Daniel got the invite two days ago and he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“And let me guess. Your cousin is doing an RSVP.”

“Yes. By the way, did you have a boob job done, because your breasts seem bigger than they were before?” Daniel just noticed how big Dixie’s breasts were.

“I’m taking some experimental estrogen supplements. They have been filling out my hips and made my breasts almost as big as my mother’s.” Dixie couldn’t believe how big her breasts had gotten since taking the pills. Not only that how full, soft, and long her hair has become. It even softened her facial features.

“Well, I have to say they suit you. You never did look right with small breasts.” Daniel looked at how Dixie looked now.

“As for your cousin’s wedding, let me check my schedule to see if I’m available.” Dixie finishes her coffee.

“Okay. Well, I better be going, and thanks for the coffee.” Daniel stands up to leave.

Dixie puts her coffee cup down and stands up as well. She steps towards Daniel and starts kissing him. She still had feelings for Daniel.

Daniel was surprised when Dixie started kissing him but felt himself responding to her kisses. He wraps his arms around her body and pulls her tight to him. Before long the two of them were sucking each other’s tongues. Daniel picks Dixie up and carries her to her bedroom.

Dixie wakes up hours later feeling wonderful. She stretched and could feel Daniel’s semen inside her body. What she wouldn’t give to have a neovagina. Her agent managed to get her the money she’d need to have the operation.

Dixie gets up out of bed walks into the bathroom and brushes her teeth. She could still taste Daniel’s cum inside her mouth. It took her brushing her mouth two more times and gargling mouthwash twice before the taste left her mouth.

She looks over at the time and notices it is seven in the evening. Dixie walks back into her bedroom and places an order for delivery with her local Thai restaurant. They had a delivery service, which she loved.

She grabs an oversized t-shirt and puts it on. She slipped on a pair of silk boxers that belonged to Daniel, that she kept and put them on as well. She couldn’t believe that the two of them had sex after being separated for the past three years.

Dixie walks out of her bedroom and into the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. While she is sipping the wine. She spots the coffee mugs from early this morning sitting on the coffee table in the living room.

Dixie cleans up a little before the delivery driver arrives. She refills her glass and takes another sip from it. After fifteen minutes, the delivery driver shows up with her order. She pays for it and gives the driver a nice tip.

The rest of the week Dixie is busy with a band that needs a drummer. They lost their current drummer while on tour. He took some bad drugs and was in the hospital. She got the call through a booking agent she was close friends with.

The band had been in contact with another drummer they knew. However, he wouldn’t be available until they reached Memphis, Tenn. So, she was going to travel with them and fill in.

Dixie pays for her room and board. Some of the places the band plays at, wouldn’t be her first choice for a venue, but they fit the band's style of music. She learned what type of music they played from a demo CD they did. Her friend had sent a link to a website that had the band's music.

At one venue, they played at. It was a music festival and several different bands were playing. Since the band she was traveling with wasn’t scheduled to play until later. Dixie walks around and listens to the other bands playing. Some of them were cover bands, but there were a few that played their music.

One of the bands scheduled to play was called Josie and the Pussy Cats. Dixie smirked when she saw the sign. She makes her way over to where they are playing and listens to their music.

They were dressed in an updated cat outfit that matched the cartoon. When they open their act, they play an updated version of the theme song. Dixie had to admit that she liked the new way the music sounded. After they play the updated version of the cartoon theme. The girls start playing a song she never heard before. Dixie couldn’t tell if it was an original composition or an older one with a modern twist to it.

She did know she liked it and stayed to watch their whole performance. After they finished playing the girls were replaced by another band. Their music didn’t do anything for Dixie, so she moved on to another band that was playing on another stage.

The girls were dressed as surfer chicks and were singing old Beach Boy, B52’s, Jimmy Buffet, and old Monkees songs with a modern twist to them. The crowd seemed to enjoy the music and the way the girls sounded. After watching for a while, Dixie heads back to the tour bus where the band she was traveling with was hanging out.

As she approached the bus, she was stopped by a Dalton police officer. Dixie looks at the police officers gathered around the tour bus “What’s going on officer?”

Officer Baines looks at the young woman who just spoke to him. “Are you with this group?”

“That depends, why are there so many of you here?” Dixie wondered what was going on.

“If you are a member of this group. I need to see your ID.” Officer Baines watches the young woman.

“Here you go, officer.” Dixie digs her ID out of her back pocket. She left her purse on the bus but took some cash, her credit card, and her ID with her.

Officer Baines accepts the ID card and notices it is from California. The name on it was Dixie Dawson, Age: 22, Height: 5 ft, Weight: 98 lbs., Hair Color: Brown, Eye Color: Green

“You don’t look like you're twenty-two years old, Ms. Dawson.” Officer Baines couldn’t believe how young Ms. Dawson looked.

“Do teenage girls have a chest as big as this?” Dixie points to her chest.

Ever since she started taking the experimental hormones. Her chest grew to be 36DDD and very full and very round.

“Are you part of this band?” Officer Baines hands the driver's license back to Dixie.

“I’m filling in as their drummer until they get their replacement drummer in Tenn.”

“Well, the band you are traveling with, is transporting drugs. I hope you had nothing to do with it.”

“Are you kidding me? I have nothing to do with drugs. I like my life as it is.” Dixie couldn’t believe what she had gotten herself into.

Dixie pulls her cell phone out and calls her booking agent about the situation. Afterward, she gathers her things and ships them back to her apartment in California. She couldn’t believe the cost of the shipping, but she did ship them overnight.

Dixie calls her friend Tammy and asks if she wouldn’t mind letting the delivery driver put her stuff in her apartment. Since she wasn’t going to be playing now. Dixie buys a plane ticket and flies home.

The wedding Daniel invited her to, was still a month away. Dixie thinks about going ahead and getting the operation to change her plumbing on the way home. She looked up the requirements she needed to meet to get it.

Dixie considers what she is about to do and makes the appointment. Once she arrives home, Dixie puts her travel drum kit away and takes care of a few bills. She orders out because her refrigerator is empty.

A few days later, Dixie hears back from the Doctor’s office in Thailand. She does a video chat with Dr. Hung and afterward makes an
appointment for her surgery. The recovery time was going to put her close to the wedding date, but she will be back in time for the wedding.

Dixie packs several suitcases to take with her and makes all the arrangements for staying over there to recover. She gets in touch with a friend of hers who comes over to look after her place. She asks her friends if they will be available to watch her place for three weeks.

Once all the arrangements are made. Dixie flies to Bangkok to have her surgery. Since most of her body looks like a woman, she has some minor surgery to enhance her features.

When Dixie returns to the States, she receives a phone call from her agent. He informs her that the director she worked for before, has requested that she be in his next movie, which will start shooting a few weeks after the wedding she is going.

She also gets a phone call from Daniel asking if she is still going to go to the wedding with him. She informs him that she is and gets the details about the wedding. That way she will know what to pack.

Fort Worth, Texas:
Dixie spots Daniel waiting for her as she exits from the plane. A smile appears on her face. She was still feeling the effects of the surgery, even tho it had been several weeks since she had it.

“Hey, good looking. How are you feeling?” Daniel hugs Dixie.

“Stiff and sore.” Dixie places a kiss on Daniel’s cheek.

“Well, I hope you’re up to a fun weekend.”

“I hope it's not too fun.” Dixie knew she needed to take it easy.

“I’ll be by your side.” Daniel guesses Dixie as he helps her.

Daniel drives Dixie to the hotel they were staying at. He helps her to their room and kisses her before he heads off to take care of his task. Daniel wonders what Dixie now looks like with her bottom changed.

The next few days for Dixie are difficult and she learns that her relationship with Daniel is more friends with benefits. It wasn’t anything meaningful. She knew Daniel didn’t feel anything from it either, except pleasure.

After the wedding and a few days later. Dixie flies’ home to recover. She still had the movie to do. Hopefully, her agent mailed a copy of the script for her to look over. She knew the director had a particular part he wanted her to play.

When Dixie arrives home. She had a pile of mail and messages to go through. Among the mail, was the script she was hoping that was there. She makes herself some tea and sits down to read it.

She notices as she reads the script, it was another horror flick the director was directing. This would make the second horror movie she has been in. It wasn’t her type of genre, but she liked the director.

After reading the script Dixie lets her agent know she’ll do the movie. After Dixie handles that matter, she looks at her reflection in the mirror and smiles.

“You have finally found yourself, Dixie girl.”

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