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Lunatic Fringe

I have a friend who doesn’t like crowds but loves to go to events. That’s why he often drags me along to be his support. As a retired journalist, I’m always ready to people watch, to see if anything has changed over the decades. Usually, I couldn’t see much difference.

He got me to go to a meeting in a park, last weekend. It was a hot day, so I had enough water for both of us in my bum bag. My friend is a little forgetful with such things, as were a lot of the other people there. I don’t normally ask him what we were going to see, as I liked to be surprised. There were a lot of happy people there, many in fancy dress and waving flags.

I was reminded of a similar event I had covered for the newspaper, quite a few years ago. That one was similar, a crowd of people, with placards and flags, crying as the speaker spoke with obvious sincerity, and plenty of well-suited men with buckets to collect donations. Like the earlier event, this was full of promises, everything short of guaranteeing eternal life.

Like the previous one, this was full of lies wrapping a tiny atom of truth, with everyone not following the chosen path being heathens or worse. The previous event had been a Billy Graham rally. This event had only a couple of things that were never changed. They are the adoration for the speaker, no matter how impossible his claims, and the fact that the only aim of the event was to raise money. As before, the Lunatic Fringe lapped it up, gave freely, and probably went home thinking that things would be different in future.

Poor, misguided, idiots.

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Maddy Bell's picture


The title did have me expecting something else but maybe that’s for another day, a fringe benefit!


Madeline Anafrid Bell

If anyone claims to have all the answers

Angharad's picture

Watch out for the snake oil or imaginary friends, both are meretricious claptrap and don't understand the question.



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They're running the asylum. Europe is the flag-bearer today, but the UK and the USA are trying to be first across the line.

America Season 3... I think

Same cast of characters ONLY more senile and criminal, same dramatic promises, and the same moronic plot twists. Thank god I live far far away.

Hoping I got the reference right.

Are you sure

Wendy Jean's picture

This wasn't a Trump rally?