The Power of Sexy (resubmitted)

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By Flygirlxoxox

My name is Alan Ambrosio and this is my story. As it happend.

Yes I am a boy and a typcal one. I have always been fascinated by girls.
Their hair, their smells, their curves, their clothes, the way the walk,
the way they talk....

At age 15 I have been involved in sports. I am quite good and very
competitive. My problem...girls. Girls to me are like kryptonite to
superman. I can be doing something confidently, intently and-- a pretty
girl comes up to me and look! It's captian corky....

I have started going to the gym and my plan is to do so all summer long.
I am trying to bulk up a little for upcoming football season. I am
having pretty good luck for my age...but I wish I could do a little
better. I have always been a little on the thin side my dad says its
because I take after my mom. I don't see it...But whatever....

Even though the best part of my story began about two years ago, I
remember it as vividly as if it were today....

While at the gym, I had been working out extemely hard and as I was
walking up to the drinking fountain, there was one of the absolute
hottest girls I have ever seen( in or out of print) drinking from of it.

You know the type -- long toned legs, perfect ankle to calf ratio...dark
tanned skin,long dark hair with just enough highlights, a cute round
butt in pink short short shorts with white sporty sripes--

Her long legs seemed to reach out forever toward white and pink shoes,
further emphasizing her perfect skin. Her eyes, and eyebrows were the
type that... oh no she caught me staring at her through the mirror...

"Ya, know," she said with a smirk as she turned around, "I only go for
guys with long hair and a tan." She winked.

I felt small under my recently buzzed crewtop and invisible with my
pasty white skin.

Then she added, "I can't help you with the first, but here is my card if
you are interested in improving the second. My name is Ell, by the way."

Before I could stammer a word, she handed me her card, spun on her heel
and was gone out the front door. Ijust stood there like an idiot while
she walked -- no glided away--you know the way some girls have that
ability to be art in motion no matter what they are doing?...

Finally I came to my senses and looked at the card she gave me. It said,
"GLAMOUR TAN where we bring your darker nature to the surface." -Ell
Victorian - Sales Associate. 25% off your first tanning package.

I knew GLAMOUR TAN. It is next door to the gym. 'long hair and tans' I
thought. Long hair and tans are for girls. Well at least the long hair
part. She must have been messing with me. She must have been just trying
to get an easy tanning sale. -At least that is what I told myself...

I quickly smelled the card -- it smelled heavenly. I sighed and put it
in my pocket and went back to my workout. As I continued to work out I
couldn't seem to concentrate on what I was doing. All I could see were
Ell's dark eyes and the all knowing wink.

Thinking of her was intoxicating My heart was still pounding, but not
from the workout. My hard earned money for a tanning package? I don't
think so. I will get tanned playing football later this summmer. For now
I really need to concentrate on bulking up for the season...

Still, 25% off sounds like a pretty good deal to me... Over the next day
and a half, I couldn't stop thinking about Ell. The image of those long
perfect legs were haunting me. The next two times I went to the gym, It
was like a magnet was pulling me towards Ell and Glamour Tan.

I walked in the gym and once again I couldn't concentrate. Those dark
legs and those eyes were calling out to me. Without realizing what I was
doing, I found myself walking back outsideof the gym and towards Glamour
Tan and Ell.

I stood there outside kicking the ground for a few moments. I could feel
my heart pounding.... What would I say to her? She is going to think I'm
just another sucker buying something I don't need based on thinking with
the wrong head.

Yet, I knew I had to see her agin no matter what! Finaly I got up the
nerve to walk in the door....

Of course a loud bell goes off to let everyone in the world know you are
there for some fake and bake... oh well-- no turning back now.

There she was putting some type of lotion in cups. I couldn't help but
stare at her perfectly colored skin and the way she moved her body doing
such a simple task. "Be right with ya," she said without looking up.

A moment later she said with a wicked grin, "Mr. Drinking fountain-- you
decided to stop buy!"

My face went bright red as I stammerd, "Hi, My name is Alan, I thought I
might try out this tanning thing."

"You are going to be so glad you did, you are going to look totally hot
with a tan, much better than that Redface." She winked again and laughed
playfully. She was enjoying this.

"Have you ever been tanning before?" she asked.

"- Uh," I started to reply...

"Didn't think so," she said teasingly. "Here I need you to fill out this
form, And here are a few pointers: "number 1 always go naked...except
cover your business with a sock. He won't like the sunshine....Number 2
always use lotion" (She waved to a display with about 5 dozen different
types) "Number three always use eye protection, and number 4 if you
really want to get the most of your tan and tan quickly, use the special
dark tanning, skin softening excelerator tablets. You get them free with
your first tanning package."

"Sounds pretty good," I said. "What do you recommend?"

"Glad you asked. Here are two tanning excelerator tablets and here is
bronzer 1 lotion it is for beginners. Oh, and you only want to go for
about 5 minutes to start."

"Thanks," I replied.

"The bed will come on automatically in 5 minutes, so go get started!"--
"Bed # 7"

I grabbed the lotion, and took the tablets at the drinking fountain by
the desk.

She smiled mischieveously as I swallowed the tanning tablets and said,
"sweet dreams" as I walked down to room #7.

Quickly I locked the door and stripped down. I coverd my entire body
with lotion as quickly as possible, wishing I had a certain someone to
put the lotion on my back for me.

A few moments later the bed came on. I put on my goggles, put a sock
over my package laid down on the bed and closed the lid.

The gentle humm and warmth of the bed felt wonderful. I can't remember
the last time I was so relaxed. The five minutes went by way too fast
and the next thing I knew the lights were off and a bell went off.

As I climbed out of the bed, I looked in the mirror and didn't notice
any tan or anthing. I stuck out my chest, flexed my abs and biceps. Not
bad I thought. I put my clothes back on and headed back toward the front

"How was it?" Ell aked.

"Relaxing," I smiled.

"Great -- I am glad you enjoyed it. she said. Now one more thing, here
are a couple more tanning tablets I want you to take them before bed.
Now these are brand new on the market so don't tell anyone else you are
getting them. We only give them to 'special' clients.....Now don't
forget to take them and I will see you tommorrow for round two!"

I walked out the door on cloud 9. It was worth it to to have to buy a
tanning package to be able to talk to Ell. I knew I had to keep things
cool so I didn't freak her out, but I couldn't help thinking about her
every second.

The day was rather uneventful. Daydreaming about Ell and getting ready
for school and football season to start. It was barely the beginning of
summer vacation, so I had a long time to get ready. And hey if I never
got anywhere with Ell, maybe my new tan would help me get some other
chicks once school started back up.

As I got ready for bed, I rememberd to take the tablets. Strange I
thought.. but anything for Ell. ....

As the next few weeks went by my routine was pretty much the same. I
would sleep in, go tanning and work out.

My tan was slowly getting darker, and Ell seemed to really like it, she
always complemented me on how good I was looking .

Slowly we began having small conversations about the weather, school,
her job, the gym any excuse I could get to stare at her.

One thing that was starting to concern me was my gym time. Lately I felt
like I was getting weaker. It seemed like the weights that I was lifting
a few weeks ago were starting to feel a lot harder. This was supposed to
be getting easier.

Also I noticed that my body, although still very lean, was gaining a
softness to it. I figured I just wasn't doing enough cardio and started
increasing my cardio to one hour instead of 20 minutes and started
spending more time lifting....

After another few weeks, I walked into the tanning salon and Ell said,
"Hey, I was wondering if you would like to go to a movie with me instead
of the gym today... your hair is starting to get a little longer." She
smiled and winked.

"Sounds Great!" I said.

"Wonderful, now here are your tanning tabs, your lotion and I believe
you are up to 20 minute-- Go jump in the bed and I will be gettin ready
to go."

I Gulped down the tanning tablets and bolted for the room #7. 20 minutes
already? That was the full tan time! I thought to myself. -- This must
all be working.

I quickly began undressing and as I started putting the lotion on I
caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was looking really tan
already. Not as dark as Ell, but way darker than I have ever been
before. Also I noticed that my muscle was really looking small and my
butt seemed to be getting a little bigger. I also kind of found myself
liking what I a weird way...

Anyhow I will worry about that later. Just need to do more squats and
lunges to get my butt back, more arm work an I will be back to normal in
no time.

I hopped in the bed and drifted away with thoughts of Ell dancing
through my head. I couldn't believe we were going to go anywhere
together. I was such a stud... the lights went dark, Ell grabbed my hand and quickly moved it
onto her knee... I froze in delight as I felt the warm silky smoothness
of her knee. My fingers slowly began corressing it and my hand started
to slowy climb from her knee to her thigh. I felt the hem of her skirt
and slowly slipped my fingers underneath and began inching my way
up...she grabbed my hand and encouraging me to move faster the slight
moan she wisperd in my ear with a quick nibble to my lobe found us
quickly in a tight lip lock...just as my tongue started to slip my way
through her teeth, of all things, the fire alarm went off in the movie

..No it was just the tanning bed going off. It had been 20 minutes. Part
of me groaned to be interrupted from such a sweat fantacy dream...and
the other part was overjoyed with the prospect of my dream becomming a
reality over the next few hours.

As I got up to change back into my clothes, I couldn't help looking at
myself in the mirror. I was really starting to get dark my skin was
looking great, but I really seemed to be losing the definition of muscle
I had worked so hard to gain.

My body looked slightly different but I couldn't quite put my finger on
it...As I pulled on my pants, I couldn't help but notice how tight the
butt was getting, yet around my waist I had inches to spare...

No matter, it was time to go see Ell.

Ell was waiting at the front desk when I came out. "My, My, you are
look'in good! That tan is really bringing out your true self, Allie!"
Ell said with a beaming smile.

"Allie?" Only my mom calls me that--when I am in trouble I thought. Ell
can call me whatever she wants though, I don't mind.

"So what do you want to go see?" I asked.

"Well...there isn't much playing, but I have to be back to work in 2
hours, the only thing that would work is WHITE CHICKS..." --"Is that OK
with you?-- My treat."

In my mind I was trying to remember if I knew what it was
reality I didn't care...maybe I should have-- but the thought of going
anywhere with Ell was more than I could imagine.

"Sounds good," I replied.

Luckily for me, the theater was in the same parking lot as the gym and
the tanning salon... My mom and I were at ends about driving and I
didn't want to look like a car-less loser in front of Ell. Especially on
our fist -date- I am excited.

When Elll stepped out from behind the counter, I was a little
dissapointed to see that she was wearing jeans instead of a short mini.
-- I would survive.

As we began walking over to the Theater, she said, "Thanks for going
with me today."

She slipped her arm through mine, -- a safe move for her but
exhillerating for me, although it was nothing more than two girl
friends, or a brother and sister might do.

"So, getting all buffed up for football season..." She winked and
pinched my upper arm. "Ohh, niiicccee." She overemphasized much like a
mom would trying to please her kid."

"Yeah, trying," I replied. "But lately it seems like I am not getting
anywhere and I don't seem to be as muscular as I was a few weeks ago...I
think I have even lost a little weight."

"Really?" she stated with a questioning look on her face, She glanced me
up and down at me and said, "I think you are looking extremely hot
compared to a few weeks ago."

I would have frenched her right there, but for some reason I wasn't
feeling quite as manly.

"Thanks I replied I'm trying," I said.

"Besides," she added, "I don't really like those giant boys pounding on
each other-- what makes you want to do it anyway."

..Ok warning how do I reply to this...the obvious answer to me was to
get chicks but here is a hotter than hot chick clinging on my arm
telling me she could care less about football players...

"Most guys just do it to get the chicks," she said knowingly..."But it
seems to me that if they wanted to spend time with chicks --cheerleading
would be a better option" she said with a sarcastic laugh and smile....
"Anyway you were telling me WHY you want to play football..."

She stopped turned me to her face staring me in the eyes.

"Um...because of my Dad I guess. He played football, and he says it will
toughen me up, build character and turn me into a man," I said, staring
at my toes.

"Into a sad," she whispered, as if to no one in particular.

"What do you mean?" I aked.

"Oh, nothing.......(she paused)...........I just don't see what is so
great about being manly, fighting wars, smelling bad, stressing, Body
hair--gross." she stuck out her tougue..." I guess I am just Sooo0 glad
that I am a girl," she emphasised. "I get to pamper myself, look pretty,
stay clean, smell good, remove body hair, wear skirts and heels and
nylons, do my nails, make up,long hair, ahhhh? she sighed....

She continued, "That is really why we are the stonger sex you know...
the power of Sexy --Sexy can conquer armies, steal hearts, make any man
do anything we want" she was beeming as if she had given this much

I couldn't argue...Ell could truely get me to do anything that she
wanted me to..............

The movie was uneventful. Ell played extremely hard to get durring the
movie. The movie was strange...the story of two cops who dressed up like

I really didn't pay much attention. All I was thinking about was
Ell...She seemed totally into it. Laughing and on the edge of her seat.

Other than sharing a popcorn that was about the extent of the excitement
of physical contact.

As I walked Ell back to her work, she seemed very lively --talking about
how much she like the movie and how she thought it was cool that those
guys had to go through all that to see how difficult, and fun it is
being a woman..blah, blah, blah-whatever.

"Thanks for the movie" I said as we stopped at the front door of the
Salon. "Next time it will be my treat andI get to pick the movie." I

"Sounds great," she said, "gotta go." With that she spun on her heel and
headed into the salon. But not before blowing me a kiss with wink...
"See ya tommorow Allie," she said and was gone.

Girls are wierd I had decided. I also knew I was madly in love.

That night back at the house... Oh, by the way I have an older sister
Tammy who is going to be a snior this year, and a baby brother John. My
folks have been married for 20 years and seem happy. My Dad is a hard
nosed police officer, and my mom works at a jewelry store. My
grandparents babysit John until about 6:00 pm every day when my mom gets
off work, And my Dad Works odd hours. Tammy and I are typical brother
and sister. We fight a little and get along a little, but we really
don't have that much in common. She is about my height, 5' 7" but is
built like a stick. She is pretty in her own way I guess, although she
tries even harder. People say she resembles my father. I don't see it.

... Anyway back at the house that night, we were eating dinner when my
dad said, "So Al, how is the weight lifting are looking
kind of skinny....Honey pass the boy another steak...better eat up if
you don't want to lose your position this year."..."Have you been
swimming you are looking really tan..."

"Um yeah, I have been swimming...over at a friends house and um yeah I
have been working out at the gym almost every day," I replied.

"That's my boy," my dad said.

He was sure I was going to go pro so he could retire from the police
force...I guess all fathers dream that their sons will gro up to be a
better version of themselves.

That night I had a strange dream....very strange dream. I was at home
alone and there was someone trying to break into our house. For some
reason I felt the only way I could sneak out was as someone else. I
decided to disguse myself as a girl...

I went to my sisters room and began looking though her clothes for
something to wear... I couldn't help the words of Ell kept flashing
through my mind as I looked through her closets and drawers...'I guess I
am just Sooo glad that I am a girl. I get to pamper myself, look pretty,
stay clean, smell good, remove body hair, wear skirts and heels and
nylons....that is really why we are the stonger sex you know... the
power of Sexy --Sexy can conquer armies, steal hearts, make any man do
anything we want"

I woke up in a sweat. Although I hadn't tried on any of my sisters
clothes...for some reason I really wanted to in my dream... That was too
wierd. I went back to sleep.

The next day for some reason I couldn't get that dream out of my head as
well as the words of Ell. What is it like to be a girl? To be pretty?
All of the strangely wonderful clothes that they wear?.... I shook my
head. What is wrong with you Al?

I just needed a little weight lifting to clear my head. After going to
the gym and pumping iron for a while I decided I need to clear my head
further by not going tanning. I didn't want to think about Ell, or girls
or girlie things for the rest of the day. I know Ell said I should go
every day. But I think some X-Box is just what the doctor ordered.

After about a half hour playing Fight-night Round 3 (What more manly of
a game is there) the phone started ringing. Probably another
telemarketer....I'll let the machine pick up.

"...Hellow you have reached the Ambrosio residence, we are unable to
make it to the phone right now, so please leave a message and we will
get back to you as soon as possible...beeeeeeeeeeep"....Click. The
caller hung up.

About 5 minutes later, the phone rang again. I thought maybe it is
someone important and I had better answer. I picked up.

"Hello. Is Alan there?"

"This is he," I said.

"Al! This is Ell--Where were you today? I missed seeing you at the
salon. Is everything ok?"

"Yeah," I blurped.

"So why didn't you come by today?" Ell asked.

"I don't know. I guess I have just been feeling kind of strange lately
and needed to clear my head," I said.

"Did I do or say something wrong?" she asked.

"No....I've just been having some strange dreams and thoughts lately," I
reluctantly replied.

"Like what?" she said.

"I'd rather not talk about it," I replied.

"I can respect that I guess. But I am very understanding," she shot

"Thanks," I said. "It is really not that big of a deal."

"Ok," she said. "....Hey I was wondering what you are doing tomorrow?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because my parents are out of town, I am extremely bored and I want you
to come over and hang out," she said.

"Bored huh?" I said cautiously.

"That came out wrong," she said. "I really like hanging out with you and
I think we are getting to be good friends, and, well I want to become
even better friends, so will you please, please come over tomorrow?"

--That sounded a little better --I am a stud.

"How do I get to your house?" I asked.

After she gave me the directions, we said our goodbye's and hung up.
What is going on, I thought. This girl is so freaking hot.... Maybe my
movie dream is about to come true. That night, luckily no more wierd

The next day we had predetermined to meet around 10:00 am. Ell said that
she had a swimming pool and a pool table, big screan tv, home theater,
and we could just hang out or do any of the above, so come prepared.

Not wanting to look too desperate, I waited until about 10:15 to knock
on her door. Her house was HUGE. They must have a lot of money.

Mid knock, the door sprang open and Ell was standing there tapping her
toe. "You're late she teased....I was beginning to think you had changed
your mind. Well come in and make yourself at home. I have warm cookies
and cold milk in the kitchen. Park youself infront of the big screen.
Here is the remote. I will be right with you."

I flipped on Giant TV and started flipping through channels. I have
never seen so many TV stations in my life. I stopped briefly on MTV-2
where the pussycat dolls were dancing ....I wanted to watch, but I
didn't want Ell to think I was a perv. so I turned to Sports Center to
see what was going on in pre-football season.

A couple of minutes later, Ell walked out (she was wearing short shorts,
a lace cami top... must have been a push up bra. She was barefoot and
her toes were pink. She was killing me.

"Pussycat dolls eh Alan? They're HOT. You don't have to change the
chanel on my accout. I know what boys really like and I don't mind...
remember the power of sexy."

She sat down and crossed those long tanned legs towards me and 'sexily
fed me a cookie'.

"Now on the subject of music vidieos, what would you say is your ALL
TIME Favorite music vidieo? And it better involve a hot chick or I will
think you are weird."

Wow on the hot seat. I guess I better be honest. "Ok, fine in all
honesty, I would have to say 'These Boots are Made for Walking' By
Jessica Simpson," I said.

"Very HOT," Ell smiled. "One of my favorties as well," she added.

"So what is your all time favorite of all time and it better include
some sexy guys," I shot back.

"In all honesty?" she sighed.

"All honesty," I replied.

"How about if I show it to you...I think you will like it as well," she

She uncrossed her legs (killing me) and padded up to her room wher she
came down with a DVD. "Here it is," she said.

"WHat is it?" I asked.

"Just wait," she replied. A few moments later, Gloria Estefan was
dancing on the screen

"......Everlasting Love." I watched in facination. My mind was racing.
This music video has nothing but hot chicks in sexy outfits dancing and
girating, as well as Gloria Estefan done up with different sexy hair
styles... Not what I was expecting. This is the kind of video I REALLY
like. But no sexy guys. Maybe the truth is Ell is Gay and I am just like
her bud. That kind of sucks.

"So what do you think?" she asked.

"I like it, very sexy, but...I didn't see too many guys."

She had paused it at the end where 5 versions of Gloria Estefan were
locked arm in arm.

"Witch one do you think is the hottest?" she grinned.

"That one in the middle with the red shorter hair-- she is a hottie," I
said. I felt myself opening up a little more and more to Ell. She is
really fun to talk to. "No guys though?" I said again questioningly.

She grabbed the remote and skipped back to the pre-video interview with
Gloria Estefan.

Gloria Estefan was talking: "...This is one of my favorite vidieos,
probably because I am not in it....I was very pregnant at the time so we
used 5 female impersonators...."

Ell paused the DVD. "Wrong she said....all you saw were guys...dressed
to kill. Remember the power of sexy." She grinned as if she just showed
a poker hand of all aces.

"No way," I said. "Let me see it again."

She hit play again, and I watched the music video again from a different
point of view. I couldn't believe that all of these sexy creatures I was
watching were acutually guys.

"So, now what do you think?" she asked.

I paused to collect my thoughts. What is up with Ell. She likes guys who
dress up as girls? This is kind of wierd.

"I guess it is hard to believe all of them are guys -- especially to
admit that I think they are hot," I said. "But what is it you see in
this? Why is this your favorite video of all time?"

"I Thought you would never ask!" beamed Ell.

"Because it is the key, the secret. You see, guys seem to think they are
superior to us women. But really all they have over us is physical
strength...but with the power of sexy, they can control much more." she

She continued, "Let's take you for example. You -might- be able to beat
me up," she said sarcasticly leaning over in front of me until her lips
were almost touching mine.. "But, I could seduce you in half a second
and get you to do almost anything for me." She gently rubbed my her nose
against mine and pulled a way quickly with a wicked smile.

"There is no denying you are hot, and the power of seduction is
something else, but...I don't think there is any doubt here who would
win if we were to fight," I said defensively.

"Is that a fact?" Ell replied doubtingly.

"That's a cold hard fact." I smiled back confidently.

"How sure are you?" she asked. "That you could take a little girl like
me down?"

"100%" I said cooly.

I liked where this was headed, wrestling and finishing with Ell being
pinned and with a long lip lock to finish.

"100% eh? Well how would you like to make a small wager?" Ell said half
seriously, half teasingly.

"Just tell me what you want to lose," I replied.

"Anything?" she said.

"You name it!" I said.

"Well, you are a big strong guy, so I would say the odds are definately
against me....So. Hows this: If you can pin me on my back in less than
two minutes, I will make out with you for two minutes....Buuut if I pin
you on your back in less than ONE Minute, You have to..." She paused
thoughtfully.. "Shave your legs." she smiled triumphantly, as if she had
been planning this.

She was setting me up for this. No matter, I haven't told her that I won
state wrestling my freshman year, and I have never been pinned. Making
out will just be the icing on the cake. Becides, maybe I will toy with
her a little, make it last the whole two minutes, she is so hot, it will
be a pleasure watching her squirm while I pin her.

"Pucker up!" I said. With a wicked grin.

Quickly we cleared the table out of the way and made space not to break

"Give me your watch," she said. I am setting your timer for 2 minutes.
Mine will go off in 1. Are you ready?"

We were facing each other, she was giggling and dancing side to side
like a school girl, and I was ready.

"Go!" she yelled and moved in.

She was kind of fast for a girl, but I dodged her first move, or so I
thought, her leg swung back powerfully and caught me behind the knees. I
bent over backwards just enough for her to throw me over her bent knee.
I hit the ground so hard it knocked the wind out of me... before I could
regain myself her knee was in my stomach...

.. I couldn't breath now my arms were completly pinned somehow. I've
never seen this hold before...must not be legal...

I was on my back gasping for air with her right knee on top of me, I
thought I would be enjoying this, but the pain... just then her alarm on
her watch went off.

1 minute was up and I had been pinned.

Before she let me go, she reached down and whisperd in my
ear..."Consolation prize" and licked my cheek."Now let me get my razor!"
she squealed in delight as she let me go.

I was still gasping for air, and as she headed for the bathroom she
turned and said, "I thought you played football," teasingly.

What had just happend. I have never been pinned before, and now I get
pinned in less than a minute by a hot girl who weighs less than me, and
now I have to shave my legs?

Ell trotted out with an electric hair buzzer, a safety razor, shaving
gel, and a big bucket of water. not to mention the huge smile on her

"I think you wanted to lose," she said sarcasticly.

"Right," I replied still trying to catch my breath. "How did you do
that?" I asked.

"Once again, you underestimated the power of were thinking I
am just a poor weak girl and that you could have a little fun with me.
You didn't stop to think what my back ground in martial arts might be,
who my partents are, what I do in my free time...only that I am a weak
little girl....I used that to my advantage, leverage to get what I see those tanned legs of yours hairless." She smiled.

"Are you ready?" she added.

"I guess," I said hesatantly.

"OK strip down to your boxers, and we will get started. I will do your
right leg for you, but you have to do the left!" she said.

With that she turned on the electric hair trimmor and started buzzing
away. "Bye, bye, curly hairy boy legs hello sexy legs," she said with a
big sexy grin.

What was going on. A few seconds ago I was supposed to dominate in
wrestling, now I am getting my legs shaved by a girl I would much rather
be making out with.

After she finished buzzing the right leg, she said, "That is looking
much better, but-" (She grabbed my hand) "Feel that," she said and ran
my hand up my leg. It was very prickly. "That just won't do she added,
only the razor gets it you buzz the left leg and we will
get to the fun part."

I took the razor and began cutting the hair upwards. She seemed to
really be enjoying watching this. I can't help but think I am a bit
curious as to what they will feel like completely shaved but even more
curious to find out what she gets out of all this. After I got done
buzzing, Ell took the trimmor for inspection and a little touch up.

"Good job, you are a natural," she said teasingly.

"Now, let's acutally head over to the bathroom, it will make this
easier," she said, and with that, She turned on the bath tub and began
filling it up, she poured in some vanilla smelling bubble bath.

After the tub was almost full and nearly overflowing with bubbles. "Get
in," she commanded.

"The warm water and bodywash will soften up the hairs and make them
easier to shave. We don't want any cuts or ingrown hairs for our fist

She walked out of the bathroom and shut the door. This was my que to get
in the tub. I wasn't too sure about this. But I wasn't going to be a
sore loser.

How bad could it be? Bodybuilders, swimmers, and bikers shave all the
time. I would just wear pants until it grows back-- and avoid any more
situations that could cause further humiliation for me.

I stripped down and climbed in the tub. The water was perfect it was so
warm and relaxing and although the scent of the bubblebath was extremely
feminine, I have to admit I kind of liked it.

I still couldn't believe what was ging on. I was in a hot girls house,
who just happend to be infatuated with guys who shave their legs and
dress up like girls.

What would be next I asked myself. Nothing this is where I draw the

After about 10 minutes of soaking, Ell, knocked on the door. "You should
be about ripe," she chimed. "Go ahead and climb out, and wrap youself
with a towel. Let me know when you are decent."

I climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. "Ready," I

Ell came in all smiles.. "How was it?" she asked.

"Not as bad as I thought." I looked and she was holding up a pink and
white babydoll cami with matching garter, stockings, and panties... I

"NO!--These aren't for you, but for being such a good sport I will try
them on for you after we are lets get started," she

OK, that sounds good I would shave my legs on my own free will to see
Ell in that outfit.

Ell reached her hand in the warm tub water and quickly ran some water
all over my right leg. Than she grabbed the shave gel and put a bunch in
the palm of her hand. With grace she spread it all over my right leg, up
to mid thigh.

Then she grabbed the razor and started down on the toes. "Hairy toes are
for hobbits," she said, then she worked her way over the ankles
carfully. "Always be careful here to avoid cuts and nicks," she added.

Every so often she would rince off the hair in the water. "Always use
upward strokes, and remember to rince the razor frequently to get the
best results," she directed.

After about 10 minutes she was finished with my right leg, she spent a
lot of time around the knee cap and was extra careful behind my knee on
on my thigh. After the last of the gel was gone, she ran her hand under
warm water and spread it out over my leg to get rid of any traces of the

Her hand sent tingles up my body in a way I never expected.

"Feels nice huh." She looke up smiling.

"Uh, yeah not bad," I replied, trying to downplay how every nerve ending
in my leg was screaming in extacy when she touched it.

I could feel myself starting to harden under the towel.

She glanced at the towel. "Oh you do like it," she said as she winked.

"OK your turn. I will help but be carful!" she added.

After about another 15 minutes of instruction from Ell, and a final
touch up inspection, we were done. I had shaved legs.

"Now, it is important to put some lotion on them right away so they
don't get all dry and scaly," Ell said, and grabbed a pink bottle off of
the sink.

"Sorry, I don't have any boy smelling lotion," she added.

She poured some lotion into her the palm of her hand and then rubbed
them together then, she grabbed my leg and started rubbing the lotion
in. "It is called Love Spell by Victoria's Secret, and will make your
legs feel very smooth, and sexy!" she exclaimed.

The lotion was very smoothe and felt heavenly as she rubbed and massaged
it into my feet, ankles, calves knees and thighs. "Glad to see you are
enjoying this" Ell said as she glanced up and saw a pitched tent through
the towel.


She cut me off. "Dont worry, I understand. I like how it feels too. The
problem now is, you probably won't be able to stop shaving them. It is

She smiled, and tossed me my boxer shorts. "Now time for me to go try a
lttle something on for you...go back and watch some TV while I get
ready," she said teasingly.

Ell headed out to her room. I dropped the towel and put my boxer shorts
back on, but not before I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length

Holy crap! My legs look almost as hot as Ell' maybe even hotter!
What the crap!

I turned around a looked at myself from the back--From the back, I
seriously looked like a girl, and a freaking hot girl. What was going
on? Looking at my tanned long legs, hairless was giving myself wood.

I quickly put my boxers on, and couldn't help but notice how tingles
shot up my legs when I pulled them up. I couldn't hardly stand it.

While I walked back out to the tv room. I noticed how when my calves
bumped into each other, it felt smooth. I liked it. I turned the tv on,
and couldn't help but keep rubbing my hands all over my legs. They felt
so sexy...they wer mine!

Why hadn't I tried this before. I seriously was about to explode from
how sexy my legs felt.

What seemed like a forever, but was really about 30 minutes, Ell,
finally came walking out...She wasn't wearing the pink outfit she had
showed me earlier, but I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She was Wearing a black push up bra, with a red and black pleated ultra
mini skirt. She had on thigh high black stockings with garters that were
peaking out from the bottom of the skirt, and the stalkings were pulled
so tight they looked like they could pop. She had on 5 inch baby doll
spike heels, and I noticed that the heels were silver.

She walked seductively towards me. I also noticed that she had put on
some secuctive make up making her eyes look even more amazing. She hit
the CD player, and it was the Pussy Cat Dolls "Dontcha"

She started dancing around me seductively, and girating her hips towards
me in beat with the music. Then she stripped off the mini skirt and was
wearing a very high cut thong.

I Stared in disbelief. The heels made her legs look impossibly long, all
I could think about was how bad I wanted to tackle her down and make
passionate love to her....

She kept dancing and lip syncing to the song. She moved her body to the
music in a way that I only dreamed was possible. I was so hard and out
of my mind as she then climbed on my lap and started giving me a lap

Just when I was about to blow, the song ended. Ell cooed seduvtivly,
"Lay on your stomach, sexy and look the other way."

I had no Idea what was going on, but I wasn't going to argue with a
hottie in lengerie. I could feel her breathing in my ear.

"Did you like it?" she wisperd gently.

"Yes," I wisperd back.

"Feel this," she said.

She had something very soft and sexy feeling, and began rubbing it up
and down my shaved legs. I have never felt anything so good in my life.
She kept going. I seriously thought I would blow my wad. IT felt so
amazing-- shocks were going up and down my whole body, I have never felt
anything so fantastic before before in all my life.

"Do you want to know what it is?" she wisperd gently in my ear.

"Yes," I half answered, half moaned.

"Open you eyes and roll over," she commanded gently. I rolled over and
she had in her hand the pair of long white and pink stockings she had
showed me earlier. She had a huge smile on her face.

"I saw the way you looked at these when I held them up before, and I
thought maybe you might want to try them on...what do you think?" she
said with a sultry pouty voice.

"But...I am a-" I started to say.

"..A BOY!...FINE," she said defeatedly. "It is probably best if you get
going soon anyway. My folks will be returning soon. And my dad will kill
me if he finds that I have a BOY in the house. I am going to go change
out of this outfit, get dressed, and wait for me I will be just a

What just happened? I thought to myself, as Ell dejectedly model walked
back down the hall way to her room. I couldn't help but notice how hard
I was and I knew If I didn't relieve myself I would be walking funny

Still, though nothing I could do about that now. I Put the rest of my
clothes on and sat there contemplating the last few hours.

Should I have said yes and tried on the stockings for her? What would
have happend. What do they feel like on? Is it really that strange for a
boy to wear them?

...yes of course it is- I told myself...what is she doing to me?

About 5 minutes later Ell, walked out of her room. wearing jeans and a
t-shirt. She still had the seductively hot make up on, but everything
else was toned down a lot.

"Sorry I didn't mean to be upset," Ell said. "I just don't see why guys
are so afraid of girl clothes. Really I didn't mean to try to make you
feel uncomfortable. They just feel so amazing to wear, that I thought
you might like to try."

Ell had her hands behind her back.

She said, "Here I have a little something for you." It was a present
wrapped in a blue ribbon. I was about the size of a tissue box.

"Now don't open this until you are at home alone in your room tonight.
This is a special gift from me to you I hope you like it."

She smiled again and I felt relieved. She has some interesting ideas,
but she is so amazingly hot that I would deal with them.

"Yeah, me too," I said. "I guess I am a little worried about what people
would think if they found out."

"I know," Ell said. "But everything else that happend to day will be our
little secret." She winked, smiled, and said, "You had better get going.
See you tomorrow at the salon?"

"Of course," I said.

With that she gave me a quick hug, and I was out the door.

As I walked home that evening, I put the present in my back pack, and
couldn't help reflect on the events of the afternoon. Mostly I couldn't
help but wonder what it would have been like to try on the stockings,
and what Ell's next move would have been if I had...and If I had would I
still be there, and what if I liked wearing them as much as I liked
shaving my legs.

Confusion. What could be in the package?


When I got home, I went straight up to my room and locked the door. I
had to find out what was in the package.

Quickly I untied the ribbon, and opened the box. There was a card on top
of something wrapped in tissue paper.

I picked up the card it read:

"Hey sexy legs, thanks for the best afternoon. You are such a sport for
going through with it, I had the best time with you today, and you
seriously have some of the Sexiest legs I have EVER Seen, and I know
sexy ;). ....Anyway I am a little sad that you weren't able to pin me,
because I was really looking forward to making out with you...but since
I can't just let you without proving yourself, here is the deal:

I think secretly you really wanted to try the stockigns on, but your
*manhood* prevented it. So, here you go, I will never know if you try on
these items on or not. But...If you wear everything in box tomorrow to
the salon (under your jeans of course) I promise I will make out with
you for at least 5 minutes!!!;)" xoxox,

Ell PS don't dissapoint;)"

I unwrapped the tissue paper to find a brand new package of white
stockings with little pink bows on the front and back of the tops, there
was a sexy photo of long legs wearing them on the front.

Also in the box, there was a g string thong, and a matching garter set.
I put the items down on the bed. There as kind of a sick feeling in my
stomach. I felt nervous all of a sudden as if people were watching me do
something evil.

I walked to the door and made sure it was locked again.

I turned around and stared at the lingerie on the bed.

Dared I? No one would know.... I walked back over to the bed. Slowly and
carefully I opend the package of stockings My hands were trembling and I
didn't know if it was fear or excitement or a little of both.

I noticed that there were two pairs instead of just one. I began slowly
rubbing the delicate material of the stockings in my fingers. I felt
myself slowly begin to harden.

I unbuckeled my belt and let my pants drop around my ankles. I stepped
out of them and began rubbing one of the stockings up and down my leg.
My whole body was shuddering in extacy.

What was going on? I had to try them on I decided.

Just then I noticed that there was another note in the bottom of the
box. I said:

"If you've made it this far you are at least thinking about it...:) Here
are instructions so you don't get any snags or runs:

1. Put on the thong. It will be a little tight in front espicailly if
you are really liking things....

2. Put on the garter belt. Clasp the two inner hooks together in the
front, and then turn it around so they are in the back.

3. Bunch the stockings up so you can get your toe all the way in, slowly
pull up from the bottom, tightening ever so gently as you come up. Do
one leg at a time, and attach the garters. The back garter is a little
tricky, but be patient and you will get it!

Enjoy XOXOX, Ell.

I put the items down on the bed and walked over to the full length
mirror in my room. I took a deep breath in and looked at myself.

As I sighed out the air, I couldn't help but look myself over. What was
happening to me I thought. I looked smaller than ever, my tummy was
tight, and smooth, but lacking the deep six pack I had had earlier this

My skin was golden brown from the tanning, and there was somthing
different about my face as well. It was still me, just a softer

I looked back over at the items on the bed. I couldn't help but be giddy
with antisipation... I had to know what they felt like on.

I dropped my boxers and looked at myself again from the back. I
seriously couldn't believe that was me in the mirror. My legs were long
and tanned and perfectly shaved. I seriously looked like a hot chick
from the back ..what was going on!? And how hot would I look in the

I walked back over to the bed and sat down. I was really hard and my
breathing was sparatic. I grabbed t he g string thong. It was sexy just
to look at.

Slowly I lowered it down and put my fet in. It was so small that it was
hard to tell the front from the side from the back. I soon figured it
out, and pulled the panties up and over my throbbing manhood.

It felt a little strange as I pulled it tight, I love the way the tight
smoothe material seemed to sink deep into my ass, and the smooth front
tantalized my manhood who couldn't help but peek his head over the top.

I grabbed the directions, and did as they said, clasping the garter
clasps in the front and then turning it around to the back.

As I was observing my work, I couldn't help but notice how much my hands
were shanking. Why was I so nervous?

Also the thought crossed my mind that if I was to wear this again --
again did I think that? If I was I would need to trim some more hair
around -- well down there.

But surely this would be a one time thing. I would tell Ell that I
wouldn't try that stuff on and that only wierdos would do a thing like

She would never know that I am trying these items on, and if she asks I
will deny it.

I quickly walked back over to the door to double and triple check to
make sure it was locked. I also put my ear to the door to make sure that
no one was near by.

I knew that It was almost time for dinner, so I had better hurry.

As I walked back to my bed to put the stockings on, I caught a glimpse
of my backside in the mirror again.. Holy that me. I couldn't
believe how the thong and the garter framed the roundness of my -- dare
I say perky butt.

I stared in disbelief. It was so hard I could hear the pounding of
pumping blood in my ears....

I walked back over to the bed, and followed the instructions Ell gave me
to put the stockings on.

I bunched them up to the end until I was able to put my toes in. I
couldn't believe how good it felt on my feet.

It felt amazing feet are so sensitive, but it was if the stockings and
my feet were communicating with each other, nerve endings were firing
and the return signal was silky smoothness.

I slowly and carfully pulled the stocking up my leg, passed a rather
thin ankle, over my rounded calf, and finally over my knee.

Before I tried to attached the garter, I held the stocking up with my
left hand and ran my right hand down my leg, feeling the message my
brain recieved was one of confusio:

my hand loved feeling the delicate material , and my leg loved being
felt, but somehow it felt like the boy in me was loving running my hands
all over the newly shaved, and stocking clad leg, much like any eger
male would fondle a hot babe in lingerie for the first time, but it was
someone elses leg, and that someone else, another part of me I have
never known before was in extacy screaming to be satisfied!

I slowed down the process before I blew my wad.

I actually had to close my eyes, lay back on the bed and think about all
of the football plays I was supposed to be learning in order to calm
myself down enough to continue.

Finally after a couple of minutes, I felt as if I was in controll enough
to continue. I pulled the top of the stocking up towards the garter
attachment and the garter attachement towards the stocking. The
stockings were a white color with thick pink bands around the top where
the garters attached, there were also smalll pink bows on ther front and
back of the stockings.

I noticed that the garter had a very strange clasp that attached to the
the stocking....after several moments I finally figured it out...

It is amazing that the stocking pulling against the garter is the only
thing that keeps the attachement working...also how easy it really is to
pop that attachment off.

The back side was much trickier, but if another few minutes, and after a
few failed attempts, I was able to clasp it in place.

After I was certain I wasn't going to come un done, I once again started
running my hands up and down that leg.

I loved the mixed confusing signals that my body was sending to my
brain, alnd the way the delicate material was clinging to every
screaming nerve ending in my shaved leg...

I wanted to continue, but I also knew I must see and feel how the whole
out-fit felt on my body.

I reached to grab the other stocking, and when I did, the stocking clad
leg rubbed against my naked shaved leg, once again i felt like a young
child experiencing eating candy for the fist time...

the feeling of my naked leg so smooth, rubbing against the stocking clad
leg was unbelievable I rubbed them together, and began slightly moaning
in ecstacy.

I felt so strangely wonderful-- what was going on, I thought!?

Once again I had to lay back on my back and concentrate hard on those
football plays...finally I was able to settle down enough to continue.

When I finally settled down a little, I sat up and began repeating the
same process of putting on the other stocking. Once again I was in total
amazement of how good it was feeling, and I love the constant light
pressure the stockings were putting on my legs. It was almost as if I
was just adding a sexy new layer of skin to my legs.

The second stocking went on a little easier, and after attaching the
garter attachment, I stood up and, instincively did a deep squat as if
to stretch everything in position.

I loved the way the stockings pulled against the garters and the garters
pulled against the stockings. It felt like I was neatly wrapped in a
beautiful package. I was also amazed how well everything seemed to fit.

The lacy garter belt rested on my hips just below my belly button, and
the garter straps, pulled extremely tight attached to my thighs about
three quarters of the way up my thigh.

I grabbed the package that the stockings came in, glancing at the photo
of the model wearing them on the package. I wanted to see how I compared
when I looked in the mirror.

I stood up again and walked over to the mirror, I wanted to see myself
from the back first, so I turned around before I looked up.

When I looked up at the mirror and finally saw myself--I couldn't
believe my eyes--surely this wasn't me I was looking at--it looked just
like the photo--no better than the photo! I slowly raised up on my toes
like the model in the photo was doing and immediatly felt a rush--

Uncontrollable I dropped the package and reached for my manhood trying
to apply pressure--

It was too late...

Milky whiteness shot from the top of the panties violently sending
sticky fluid flying across the room in several powerful bursts.

Crap! How did I lose control so quickly -- I wasn't ready!!!

Knock, Knock, Knock! on the door Click, Click, Click of the door knob,

"Alan, it is time for dinner! What are you doing in there? And why is
this door locked!!"

Crap! Crap! Crap! It was my mother!!

"Alan, open this door right now, I need to talk to you!" my mother said
through the door with an elevated voice.

Panic was in my face I almost passed out...

"Um... hold on, I am changing," I said, and frantically began fumbling
with the garter attachments trying to get them off, my hands were
shaking violently and I couldn't controll them.

"I just got back from the gym, and I don't want to be smelly for
dinner," I stammerd. "I'll be down in a minute."

"That's a first," my mother said. "Hurry or dinner will be cold! We are
all waiting!

Satisfied with my answer, my mother walked away down the hall.

I realized that I was not about to get busted, but that was an extremely
close call.

-- Never again with anyone home I thought to myself.

I looked down and realized that I had soiled the front of the panties!

"Crrraaaaap!" I exaggerated out loud what would I do now?

I needed to get this stuff off quickly, clean up my mess, appear clean,
and head down stairs for dinner quickly.

Slowly my heart rate started to return to normal. I was still extremely
hard, but I bgegan taking off the stockings carefully.

I unhooked the front right stocking followed by the back, and carefully
rolled the stocking off of my silky smoothe leg. It felt fantastic
coming off as well, but I had no time to enjoy it, if I didn't hurry,
someone would be pounding on my door again and I didn't want to have to
play 20 questions again.

Carefully I folded the stocking and placed it on the bed, and repeated
the process with the left.

Then I rotated the hooks on the garter belt from the back to the front,
and then unhooked them.

I folded the garter on top of the stocking and then slid the g-string
panties down and off. I felt sick as I realized they needed to be

I grabbed some tissue from the dresser and tried to wipe them off as
best as possible, and then went quickly hunting for the comets that
launched in all directions earlier.

I found a few and wiped them up as much as possible.

I grabbed the garter, panties and stocking, wrapped them in a towel, and
quickly tucked them under the mattress.

Then I quickly put on some jeans and a sweatshirt and ran down stairs.

When I walked into the dining room, it seemed as if everyone was staring
at me...even the baby. Did they know?? Not possible.

"What is going on Alan?" my mom asked.

"Why are you keeping us waiting!?" my father barked. He was not known to
be a patient man.

I quickly sat down, and shrugged my shoulders. I know I must have had
that deer in the headlights look, but I tried to play as normal as
possible until...

"You smell like a girl," my sister blirted out sniffing me... "Is that
Victoria's secret?"

My face went beet red as everyone began staring and sniffing my

I realized that the smell of the lotion Ell had put on my legs was
strong enough to be noticed even under my pants....

"NO!" I said. "It is probably just some sunscreen from swimming today."
I defended.

"Well, smells kind of girlie to me" my sister giggled and shrugged and
went back to her dinner. I sent her a mean look...

"Speaking of Girlie," my father said, "someone is looking like it is
time for another hair cut. I will get the trimmer after dinner."

My dad, with the permanent flat top, had always thought it was nesicary
for boys to have a buzz cut from age 3 until death --'anything longer
was for hoodlums and hippies.' -He had said on more than one occassion.

"I thought I might grow it out a little, Dad," I replied

"Why in SamHell would you want to do that?!" he said staring right
through me. I played the only card that worked on my Dad...

"Well, all the other guys are doing it this year for football. It is a
team thing," I lied ...but how could I let him cut my hair?

I couldn't .... Ell Loved it too much and I loved her too much.

"Hmmmph," my father said, beaten for the moment. "When I was your age.
Blah blah blah....."

I tuned out, I was beginning to think of the lingerie up in my room, and
that I needed to clean the panties so that Ell wouldn't know what had
happend to them.

I would wear them again tomorrow...under my pants, and only because I
craved Ell's lips like the desert flower craves the rain -- the thoughts
caused almost immediate increased blood flow....

"Are you listing to me?" my dad said. "What has gotten into you lately?"

"Huh?" I said.

"How is your weight training going? You are looking thinner by the week,
and you hardly have touched your dinner. If you lose your spot on the
team because you have been hanging out by the pool all summer I will be
very dissapointed!" my dad said as a matter of fact.

"Yes sir," I said and took a big bite of meat loaf.

He was right though, I was getting thinner. I barely was weighing 125
now and was trying to wear baggier clothes around the house so no one
would say anything. Although I was still going to gym, I definatly
wasn't getting any bigger or stronger.

The time I was there all I could think about was how soon I would be
done so I could go and see Ell at The tanning salon. I was starting to
wear sweats even in the gym as well -- I wasn't filling out the muscle
shirts like I had been earlier this summer and didn't want to look weak
there, even though I was beginning to feel weak and a little vulnerable

The truth is, the more I hung around Ell, the less excited I was about
all of the time that football was going to take up. And with all of the
trouble I was having putting on weight, I would be lucky to be able to
stay on the team let alone have a starting position.

The rest of dinner was uneventful except for a few strange looks from my
sister. I pulled a face at her and she looked away. I noticed that I
didn't have much of an apetite, and asked if I could be excused.

"I'm not feeling well, may I be excused I need to get some rest for the
gym tomorrow." Once again exploiting the only avenue that held any
ground with my Dad.

"Ok," he said. "I want you to start writing down all of you exercises so
I can go over it later this week and help you," he said.

Without response to that I stood up and began heading to my room. My
heart began to pound loudly as I anticipated my return to my bedroom. I
was careful howerver not to run...that would have caused suspision.

"Goodnight, I think I am going to bed early," I said.

When I reached my room, I quickly jumped to where I had hidden the
*unmentionables* Under my mattress. I grabbed the panties that I had
wrapped in some tissue, stuffed them in my pocket and went to the

Oh! No! I thought when I unwrapped the panties....they were a mess. I
quickly began running them under some cold water hoping they would clean
up. It was embarrassing enough, what Ell had asked me to what
is goning to happen when she sees them all cum-stained!

I turned the hair drier onto them, under cold air of course....luckily
they dried quickly, being such a delicate material...

When I was finished drying them out, I bolted back into my room and
locked the door. I wrapped the panties and hoisery back into the towel
and stuffed the whole thing back under my mattress.

Knock Knock Knock! The door again. Damn! Who is it now...

"Just a minute!" I yelled.

I opened the door sister pushed the door open forcefully! I
was surprised normaly I could close it before she could get her foot in.
Was she getting stronger?

"What the Hell Alan," she said as she shoved her way into my room.

"What-" I replied.

"You and I both know that is Victorias Secret Love spell lotion I am
smelling! So don't try to pretend it is some tanning lotion!!! And what
is up with your face! Not a singe zit! I would die for that
complection....!" My sister sounded distressed.

My sister was right, I had always admired her for her complection,with
maybe one or two random zits here and there, but now she couldn't hold a
candle to my perfectly smooth, bronze face..

"Please tell me what you are doing it just isn't fair!!" she pleaded.

"OK first of all-- my life is non of your business, second of all, get
the Hell out of my room before I throw you out!"

I felt emotion steeming upand my face had flushed, normally my sister
never challenged me, but today for some reason I wasn't as confident.

"Finnnneeee," she over emphasized, and marched to the door.....

She paused briefly, turned on her heel and said, "But I am watching
you." She pointed her fingers at her eyes and then one at me. With that
she shut the door and went away.

Finally. Peace. I felt drained. It had been an 'emotional' day for me. I
felt like I wanted to cry. What the hell is wrong with me I thought.

I went to the cupboard, grabbed a couple of tanning tablets and gulped
them down. I pulled off my sweat pants and climbed into bed.

Another new uexpected sensation! As I climbed into bed I felt every
nerve ending in my legs scream in extacy as they slipped into the cold

"Holy crap," I half said out loud....girls get to feel this every time
they go to bed!? Holy crap! I thought to my self.

For a few minutes I moved my legs back and forth savoring the sensual
feel of the cool sheets against my legs. I couldn't help but think back
on the days events...

Ell, getting me pinned, being forced to shave my legs...the stockings,
and most of all tomorrow....the pending make out session I know I have

My heart skipped a beat as I thought of Ell, her dark eyes and perfect
smile and pout of a mouth, perhaps even slipping her tougue into my
mouth! Slowly I dozed off into a daze of a sleep. Mostly from

The next day I waited until around 10:00 to get up. I had no desire to
eat breakfast with my family , and I knew everyone would be long
gone...espicially my nosy sister who was in life gurading at the local

My heartrate immediatly began to quicken as I realized what day it was
and what was about to happen! I knew Glamour Tan opend at 9:00 and Ell
was already there!! I could hardly stand the antisipation.

I quickly climbed out of bed, slipped into my sweats and went down
stairs. I scanned the house, calling names of people I knew couldn't
possibly be home, but I also wasn't going to take any more chances-- I
wasn't getting caught in this game, I was so close to the finish line (
or so I thought) that Ell would be mine!

I half sprinted up the stairs and out of instinct locked the door. I
almost lept over to the bed where the lingerie was safely hidden,
reached under the mattress and pulled out the towel.

Carefully I opend it up and neatly laid the contents on the bed,
unfolding the stockings, the garter belt and the panties.

Luckily my quick wash job had worked and only close inspection could see
anything of a stain on the panties.

I carefully placed the stockings, panties, and garter belt on the bed.
Without thinking I placed them in position they would be on my body. I
glanced down at the sexy lingerie and wondered if I could really leave
the house wearing this...

What if I got hit by a car or fainted... What would the ambulance think
when they found me all dolled up underneith my jeans?... My heartrate
increased and I knew I had to go through with it.

Yes, there is risk... But Ell, how often do mortals get the chance to
make out with angels?!

I reached down and let my hand run up my leg starting at the out side of
the ankle, and finishing just above my knee. Still completely smooth
without a trace of stubble...I wonder how long it will take to grow back
enought until no-one notices....

I pulled off my boxer shorts and began the careful process of putting
the lingerie back on. I noticed although the sight of the lingerie cased
me to become hard, it was nothing like last night.

Once again I followed the instructions carefully with the delicate, and
oh, so sexy marterial. I placed the garter belt on backwards, clasped
the hooks, and turned it around. Next I placed the panties up and
over...well as much as possible my manhood. Next, one by one I bunched
up the stockings and slowly rolled them up each leg.

The process was once again tantalizing. For some reason I felt so
incredibly sexy.. I know I should have felt like a freak, but no, not in
the comfort of my locked room, and certainly not with the approval of

After each stocking was carfully attached to the garter, once again I
went over to the full length mirror to inspect....

Holy- I paused and turned, How could I look good in this? I seriously
look like something I have only seen in my mothers lady magazines.

What the hell. I couldn't help but admire myself. I had lost about 20
pounds since I met Ell. It had been very gradual, but it only seemed to
come from certain places.

A casual onlooker would probably have no Idea that I was..or ever had
been a boy...unless my mind is playing tricks!

I shifted gears in my head. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am not
a freak, I am not enjoying this--am I?-- It is all for Ell.

I grabbed my jeans, and stuffed some boxer shorts into my back pack. I
pulled my jeans on and noticed that for some reason they were getting a
little tight in the ass. Hmm I don't get it.

I zipped them up and grabbed my belt, and threw my sweatshirt back on.
Then I grabbed some loose fitting socks, gently pulled them over my
stocking- clad feet and slipped on my tennis shoes.

I looked at myself in the mirror again and there was the boy I had
recognized. My hair was starting to get a little long, not much but
longer than it had ever been. It was kind of unkempt and almost shoulder
length, but still looked very boyish.

I blew myself a kiss in the mirror and wished myself luck as I headed
down the stairs. The stockings pulling agaist the garters felt very
strange under my jeans, as if they didn't belong there, but the
sensation of the smooth stockings against my legs was somthing I can
only compare to tasting your new favorite beverage for the first time I
was in ectacy!

The walk from my house to Glamour Tan was only about 10 minutes, but I
felt like a fish out of water the whole way. Every time someone waved or
I heard a car honk, I felt as if my secret was up! Yet I contiued to
walk casually-yet cautiously toward my destined, and much earned make
out session with Ell.

When I was within 20 feet of the front door of Glamour Tan, my heart
stopped, and I felt as though I would pass out...hyper ventilate or
something...I paused briefly wondering if I should run back home as fast
as I could and never come back....

I knew that was foolish. Ell had power over me like gravity. Once you
fall you just keep falling until something stops you, and that something
was nowhere in sight or mind.

I slowly opened the front door to Glamour Tan, but as expected, the door
chimed letting everone know I was there.

As I walked in the door I couldn't help notice about three other people
sitting waiting for their turn to tan.

Oh no, I don't want to have to sit and wait --I thought to myself. Then
Ell, like a dream popped up over the counter!

"Hey Sexy" she said, she licked her lips in a way that seemed normal, to
everyone else, but to me the message was loud and clear!

She continued, "Glad you called and made a reservation, your bed is
number 3, let me walk you back there and make sure it is ready!"

She was beaming I have never seen such a sparkle in her eyes before! She
then asked a co-worker to watch the desk for a few minutes.

We were silent as we walked back toward the tanning bed, until we turned
the corner out of view. She caught the back of my jeans playfully with
her finger, peaking downward and said, "Well I hope you had fun last

My face went red as I turned to look at her...... "What do you mean?" I
asked while we continued to room 3.

"You know exactly what I am talking about Alan!" she coyly smiled back!
As we got to the room...

The power of sexy part III

....Ell turned and said, "gawd Alan! I thought you weren't gonna come!"
Her voice was both seductive, pouting, and teasing at the same time (if
that is possible).

She was looking ultra hot in an light yellow and orange sundress. It
showed off her toned arms, and perfecly bronzed skin. The hem of the
sundress was about 6 inches above her knees and her long brown legs
seemed to go forever down to her wedge sandals.

She opend the door to the tanning bed room, pushed me in and quickly
locked the door.

She spun towards and said, "Pants down Alan!" she commanded! With a huge

"Com on, show me the goods"!:) She was forceful, yet-playful in her

I stalled briefly, but she would have none of it. She confidently walked
up to me, and seductively started to loosen up my belt.

"Need some help" she aked?

"OK" she said as if I had answered.

I was too stunned to realize this new fantacy was about to come true.

I could feel myself starting to harden underneith my jeans.

Ell carefully loosened my belt. While I watched. She smelled heavenly.

"You are such a good sport Alan!" she said. "Most guys would never do
something like this! -- But that is why I like you-- you aren't like the
other boys."

She was looking down I couldn't believe this was happening.

My skateboard shoes were already loose, so sliped them off quickly while
she worked on my button and zipper.

She carefully zipped my zipper down. "Would be a shame to 'snag'
something," she giggled, and carefully pulled the sides of my pants open
and down.

I was fully hardened by the time she slipped my pants from around my
round ass. I loved the feel of the jeans as the seemed to slip down my
legs, revealing my lower body, decorated in sexy lingerie.

"Holy Shit Alan! You look better than I thought!" she exclaimed.

I stepped out of my jeans and stood there in front of her in nothing but
my t-shirt, and of couse the stockings, garter belt and thong.

Next she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started to pull it off. I
raised my arms straight above my head and she pulled my shirt up and
over my arms.

"Wow," was all Ell was able to say. Her eyes glanced up and down my body
as if she was about to eat a feast!

"Turn around for me," she said. I did as Ell commanded. I slowly began
to turn. When My back was facing her she said. "Stop for a second."
...silence and then she repeated, "Holy shit!"

"What?" I said finally. looking back over my shoulder.

"You have a smok'in hot super sexy body. Wow. I think I want to... " She
grabbed my arm, spun me around and pulled my face within inches of hers.
" up!"

Her lips slowly pressed against mine. I hadn't closed my eyes yet, but
she had. Her eyes lashes were so long and her makeup was dark and
flawless. I noticed a hint of pink lemonande on her lips and began to
drink from them as if I had just crossed the deseret with no water and
now had found my well.

She began kissing me more and more passionately, her tongue worked its
way through my teeth and I began to caress it with my own.

Somehow she hooked her leg around the back side of mine, and lowerered
me to the floor. My back was on the ground and our lips had never left
the caress of hers.

She placed her knees between min and used them legs, one of her hands
was on the back of my neck pressing my face into hers, and the other
slowly made its way down, slowly stroking its way across my chest, past
my abs, and finally lightly grasped my shaft.

I was so hard and her hand felt so wonderful. So soft as smoothe as it
began to work up and down on my manhood.

"Oh, Alan," she said quietly - yet seductively as she arched her back
and pressed her hips hips hard against my penis. "You are sooo sexy!"

I wrapped my stocking clad legs around hers and couldn't believe how
sexy I felt, how wanted and yet vulnerable at the same time. I also
couldn't believe how awesome Ells toned body felt next to mine, even
though she was still in her sundress and I was in some crazy lingerie.

I wrapped my legs around hers --and couldn't believe how awesome it felt
to have her ultra smoothe legs press against mine with only a thin layer
of sexy material between us!

I pulled her into my body tightly and we continued to kiss one another
passionatly while lightly moaning in unison.

"This was so worth it," I thought to my self. My hands were moving
franticly up and down her the back of her sundress. "Maybe we will go
all the way......"

BeepBeep, BeepBeep, BeepBeep.

A watch alarm went off. And Ell pushed her self up and off of me.
"Time's up, Tiger. Or Tigress I should say!" She smiled teasingly.

I was still laying there she must have read my mind from the look on my

"Sorry sex," she said. "Although temping, a deal is a deal, and well you
definatly earned that 5 iminutes!" ....

"But you would have to do WAY more than that if you wanted to go any
further," she added with a wink.

"OK, I have to get back to work now," she said as I started to stand
back up...

"But......." began to say and she cut me off.

She put her finger over my mouth and said, "Alan, I left something for
you in the tanning bed, it is a present from me."

I glanced at the bed and noticed that the top was down so I couldn't see
what was in it.

"Check it out, before you change and, enjoy your tan!" She gave me a
quick peck on the cheek and then before I could say another word she was
gone and out the door.

When the door closed I couldn't help but notice myself in the mirror
that was on the door. I really do look surprisingly hot. I turned and
looked at my butt in the mirror. It was as if I was staring at a
lingerie model, except without the boobs I thought to myself. -- Where
did that thought come from I wondered.

I glanced over to the tanning bed and walked over to in anxious, yet
cautious to see what my next present would be...


As I walked over to the tanning bed, it would be mild to say that I was
slightly nervous and excited to see what my next "present" would be.

I opend the lid of the tanning bed, and there was a black box with a big
pink stripe on it. Through the pink stripe in feminine writing it said
'Pleaser' and it had a large rubber band holing it closed.

As I picked up the box, and pulled the rubber band off, I felt a little
faint as I realized what most likely was in the box.

As I opend the lid, I saw; to my surprised delight (did I think that):
wrapped in plastic, as well as paper, a pair of pink womens shoes.
(later I would learn that they were called 4 inch pink stiletto pumps)

I also noticed that there was note that had been folded and sealed with
a kiss in pink lipstick.

I placed the shoebox down and opend the note.

It read:

"Hey sexy! Thanks for the make out! I have been secretly dreaming about
it for weeks! Too bad we made the deal for only 5 minutes! Yet there can
be more-- so much more enjoyment for both of us, if you play your cards


Did you know that the part of your brain that controls sexual desire is
located right next to the part of the brain that controls foot
sensation? It is true!! And that is why so many women (and men) have a
shoe fetish!

Some people will debate why heels were invented-- I really don't care--
I do know that they make legs look amazingly sexy! They cause the leg to
look longer and slimmer, they raise the calf, and they show muscle tone
in the calf and leg. All of which drive men mad!;)

Now, there are different heel heights and they all send a message:

1 inch heels say: I am too old to care about sex or too young to know
about sex.

2 inch heels say: I am a woman and think that socitity says that I am
supposed to wear heels, but I really hate wearing them, and wish I
didn't have to wear them. (these women know nothing about the power of

3 inch heels say: I Like heels, but Know that working at the office all
day will probably kill my feet- yet I still want to look sexy and get

4 inch heels scream: I am sexy and I know it. I want sex but you are
going to have to work for it! These are for confident women who
understand the power of sexy.

5 inch heels scream: I love being sexy and I need some sex. So come and
try to have sex. These shoes are for confident women, runway models, and

6 inch heels: advertise sex for sale, pay me for being sexy, these are
for hookers, strippers. (Abuse of the power of sexy!)

7 inch and above are for total fetish freaks. I won't even go there!

~the note continued:

Here is a pair of 4 inch stiletto heel pumps. I thought that Pink would
match your lingerie nicely! Go ahead try them on! (hope I got your size


PS every girl needs to learn to walk in heels of all heights so, meet me
at my house at 4:00 pm today for your first lesson! Dont blow it or I
might!!! lol "

"PSS if you want the photo back you had better show up!!!;)"

"photo" I thought to myself? I have no Idea what she is talking

I noticed that my hands were trembling as I placed the note down...I
glanced at the heels with the utmost curiosity.

I must admit, I was always slightly fasicnated with heels. The way they
make women walk so gracefully, almost as if they are defying gravity
that always amazes me. I know my mom and my sister wear heels from time
to time, but I don't think they understand the power of sexy very
well....did I think that?

Curiosity took over as I carefully unrapped each of the ultra-femine
shoes and placed them on the floor. As I set them down they teaterd
lightly and I couldn't help but wonder how anyone could walk in them
without falling down or breaking their ankle.

I quickly grabbed a stool from the corner of the booth and sat down on
it. "I wonder if they will fit?" I asked myself.

At this point, all caution was thrown to the wind. Only Ell knows about
this, and thankfully, I am inside a locked room!

I grabbed one of the high heeld shoes and carefully placed my toes in
the opening, and pulled the heel back over my heel. I must have felt
much like Cinderella with the glass slipper as a delighful sensation
went through my entire body as my stocking-clad heel slipped right into
the shoe...I carefully put my foot on the floor and was amazed at how
sexy-yet-confining my foot felt in the shoe. I wobbled a little as I
leaned over and grabbed the other heel, and repeated the same process.

Now that both feet were on the floor, I wondered if I could even balance
in these do women do it? Ell was right, it must take

I stood up carefully, and quickly learned that I had to reposition my
center of gravity by pusing my hips forward. My knees felt a little
wobbley and I took a small step towards the mirror with one had balanced
on the roof of the tanning bed.

As I looked in the mirror, once again I was amazed at what I saw. Ell
was right, the heels made my legs look even more amazing. The slight
discomfort I was noticing having all of my weight forced forward on my
feet disapeared when I saw how sexy my legs looked in them! My legs
seemed to go on for ever and disapear into the floor thorough the spikey

Carefully I turned around to inspect myself from the backside in the
mirror... I couldn' t believe how sexy I felt, and when I saw my ass in
the mirror the long stockings in the 4 inch pink heels, I once again
began to harden ultil felt like I was goint to explode....

I sat there gawking at myself in the mirror, much like an adolesent teen
viewing Playboy for the first time when all of a sudden out of no

A camera flash!? I almost fell over when I turned and looked up to see
Ell standing over the deviding wall (tanning booth walls rarely go all
the way to the cealing) she was holding an old school poloriod camera,
and the film was making its way out of the front of the camera.

Ell had a sly grin on her face. "Mmmmm very sexy Ali! Can't wait to see
more at 4!" With that she glanced at the photo she had just taken and
began to wave it back and forth so it would develop faster.

"Enjoy your tan, and see you at 4 you sexy tigress," Ell said and

The Power of Sexy Part VI

I stood there or should I say wobbled there stunned. I felt slightly
betrayed. So confused and vulnerable. Surely Ell didn't need to do
that... I wonder why.

I glanced back at myself in the mirror and wondered for a moment what it
is like to be a woman? Not just any woman, but a sexy confident one...Is
it a chore to be pretty as so many complain, or is it a priveledge? Am I

I looked up at the clock, it was barely 11:00am. Ell wanted to meet me
at 4:00pm. I sat down and carefully removed the heels. My calves felt a
bit tight as they lengthened back out on the floor, almost as if part of
me was missing the elevation of the heels.

Carefully I wrapped them back up in the box the way they were. Next I
removed the lengerie. For some reason I felt sad I took of the sexy
clothing...almost as If I had taken a drug that I shouldn't have --just
to see what it was like and found out I want it-- and need it...

What am I thinking?! I am a boy!

Carefully I folded the stockings, the garter belt and the panties and
placed them in the shoe box with the shoes. I sighed, closed the lid of
the box and reached for my backpack with the tanning tablets and tanning

I grabbed a cup of water and downed the tanning tablets in one gulp....I
had been taking them regularly as Ell directed, and they must be
working, because my skin does have a very nice soft glow and deep tan,
such that I have rarely seen, and makes me proud!

As began putting the tanning lotion all over my body as always, but this
time, as I put the lotion over my shaved legs, I couldn't help but think
of how sexy they feel, how smoothe, and how feminine.

Not a trace of hair, I thought to myself as I again felt the ectacy of
shaved legs, running my hands up and down them applying the slick

I put on my goggles, and put the sock over my slightly less throbbing
manhood, and started to calm down as I turned on the tanning bed, and
looked forward to 20 minutes of relaxation.

The gentle humm of the tanning bed was quite relaxing, but I couldn't
help wonder what was going on inside my head. I was supposed to be
getting ready for football season, working out in the gym getting buff
and tough-- but instead my weight has plunged down to 120! I have gotten
very weak, and now I am prancing around in high heels? And liking it?!

A million thoughts and questions were going through my head, but most of
all what the Hell, was up with Ell?! How could the most smokingly hot
girl I have ever seen or met be interested in a feminized boy?! But if I
stop doing what she asks...she might stop ....NO!....I can't! I must do
it --whatever she wants. Only for Ell though, I am not crazy!

The tanning bed stopped with a click, and I was done with my fake and
bake for the day.

As I climed out of the tanning bed, once again I was fasinated by my
long lean brown legs! " I can't belive those are mine." I thought as I
did a double take in the mirror...and My ass is getting rounder, and my
waist -it is probably down to 26 inches by now-- what the hell!

I wonder...

My hands began to shake as I reached for the shoe box... How would my
tanned legs look in the heels?!

I had to know!

I unrapped the shoes again with a little more urgency.

Without the stockings, it took a little more effort to put them on, but
the tanning lotion help them slip right into place.

Pink is probably the sexiest color against tanned skin I decided
immediatly as I looked at myself in the mirror. My feet felt strangely
at home in the heels, and my long very toned and tanned legs - to die
for I seriously rival Ell for legs. Holy shit.

The last 4 hours seemed an eternity. The lingerie and heels were burning
a hole in my backpack...

I struggled to make eye-contact with anyone. I felt as if a whirlwind of
emotion was clouding my judgment. On the verge of tears, I couldn't
concentrate on anything other than the strange feelings that I was
feeling. It seemed as if those who did look at me knew my ~secret~.

I kept replaying the scene of Ell flashing her camera, and teasingly
waving the Polaroid photo at me... "See you later tigress" she had said.

Why would she take a photo!?

I seemed to be on the verge of tears and I didn't know why. I had never
been a crier...

I stood there in front of Ell's house for what seemed like an eternity.
Although in reality it was merely a few moments.

For the first time, I began to wonder what her parents did to make so
much money to have such a marvelously large mansion.

As I raised my hand to knock on the door, the door dramatically flung
open, and there was Ell......

Ell stood there in the doorway with a mischievous grin on her face. One
hand was high on the door jam, one clenched in a fist on her hip. Her
other hip was cocked towards me in a sexy pose.

She was wearing a light pink lacy tank top with spaghetti straps, and I
could see her white bra straps peeking out sexily below the spaghetti
straps. She wore a tight chocolate colored ~pencil~ skirt further
emphasizing her perfectly proportioned figure. Her long tanned legs
seemed to shimmer forever down to a pair of rounded toe patent pink
stiletto heels similar to the pair in my back pack.

"Hey Al--i," she said drawing out my abbreviated name sexily.

I stared at her, with strangely mixed feelings. I felt partially
betrayed, I felt partially aroused, and I experienced a new feeling I
would describe as competitive sexual jealousy...if that makes any sense.

Ell dramatically pulled the Polaroid photo into view. She held the photo
out in front of her, towards me. But at the same time she looked at it
longingly as if she had to hold the photo at arms length to completely
appreciate the sexiness of it. She also appeared hesitant to actually
give it to me as she had promised.

"Hey," I replied somewhat dejectedly... as I reached out to take the
photo from her.

Just as my fingers closed on the photo, she snapped her wrist playfully
pulling the photograph out of my reach...

As my fingers closed grasping only air, Ell's arm which seemed to have
been bracing her against the door jam shot out explosively, grabbing my
wrist and jerking me inside of her house!

She slammed the door in a blur. "Not so fast sexy!" she said
playfully..... "You have some lessons first!" she was speaking to me,
but looking at the photo. She had one hand on my chest pushing me out of
reach of the photo which she held at arms length.

For the first time I saw the Polaroid photo as Ell held it away from
like one child would hold a toy from the grasp of another...

I couldn't help but be shocked, embarrassed and yet proud of the image
that I saw in the photo.

Ell had captured the photo at the most perfect angle, which made me
wonder exactly how long she had been watching me before she took the

I stood there in the photo with a bewildered look on my face, but she
had also captured my reflection in the mirror. For the first time, I was
able to see what I looked like from the front and back side by side.

I froze as I stared at the photo.

"Want a closer look?" she asked teasingly as she handed over the photo.

She must have read the expression on my face as I saw and grasped the

"Holy shit," I thought to myself.

Aside from the look of surprised shock on my face, it was quite a
flattering photo. I stared at the photo in silence looking up and down
the photo inspecting in with precision.

I was amazed at how sexy my body looked, even in the old school Polaroid
photo. My legs, thighs, calves and ass looked as if they absolutely
belonged in lingerie and heels! My stomach was nice and flat and my
waist seemed to be quite waspish next to my ample rounded ass. The
tanned tone of my skin seemed to match perfectly with the lingerie, and
my long perfectly proportioned legs seemed to go forever down to the
spiky shoes. I could hardly believe I was staring at a picture of

"That's hot hun," Ell said seductively as she snatched the photo from my
grip in a lightning quick movement.

She looked at the photo again as if inspecting for any imperfections,
yet knowing she would find none.

"Ell, why......."

She put her finger over my mouth and shushed me.

"Ali, dear........" She paused as if she was still contemplating the
final touches on a prepared speech, one that she knew she might have to
scrap and adlib anyway.

She seemed to pause for a moment, and then pulled me towards her. "I
Think we both could use a hug."

She pulled me into her tightly and held me.

She seemed tall in her heels but her body, felt warm and wonderful next
to mine, and she smelled heavenly.

"Let's go sit down and talk for a bit," she said.

She grabbed my hand and guided me into a sitting room I couldn't help
but notice how her heels clacked on the hardwood and marble floors as
she guided me.

As we sat down on a couch, she crossed her legs toward me. She placed
the Polaroid photo on the coffee table in front of us and grasped both
of my hands into hers.

She looked deep into my eyes. "Alan,....." she began in a semi playful,
but semi serious tone for Ell.

"If you interviewed a million people, you would find that most people in
this world, Men or Women would love to have about 5 things in life:

Rich Powerful Sexy Healthy And Youthful She continued.... "The problem
is, most people either have no Idea how to get what they want, or simply
go about trying to get what they want the wrong way."

"Very few people ever find the ~secret~ to getting exactly what they
want. They waste their lives struggling and hoping for things they will
most likely never ever achieve."

"Look around at this house," she continued. "It is beautiful, it is
marvelous and for all but about 1 tenth of 1 percent of the population
of this planet it is beyond their reach."

I glanced around at the grandeur of the house. Before today It never
really occurred to me to wonder what Ell's Parents did that they could
be so rich. Nor why it was that I have never actually met them. I was
only interested in Ell for Ell, the marvelous, beautiful, unique
character that she is.

Ell was still grasping my hands and staring into my eyes with her
beautifully perfect eyes when she said. "Do you know that I am
actually...." She paused and looked away briefly....... "Adopted?"

"I am so lucky, and blessed to have been pulled from a life where I may
have had no meaning or direction into a family that understands the
~secrets~ to achieving those 5 things that most people want in life."

"My adoptive parents are the creators of the Lingerie brand -Victoria's
Secret. - And it is strongly encouraged for me to prepare myself to one
day become a model for them. It is so exciting."

"Enough about me," she said. "Alan, what do YOU want out of life??"

Up until now I hadn't been able to get a word in edgewise since I had
walked - no was dragged in the door.

"All of the things you mentioned," I replied. "But...."

"I thought so!" Ell Exclaimed as she hugged me giddily.....

"Now, let us get ready for some walking lessons."

Part of me wanted to scream in protest, but a larger part of me was
ecstatic about the prospect of getting my feet and legs back into heels.

Ell grabbed my hand and led me down to a long hallway the hallway was
about 6 feet wide and about 150 feet long. It was mad of different
textures. I have never seen a hall like it before. Some of it was some
of it was marble, hardwood, Astroturf granite, short and long carpet. I
also noticed various rug textures and different types of linoleum. All
of the flooring and wall décor was various shades of pink.

"This is Victoria's Secret Hallway...." Ell said. She was very proud...
"Nearly all of the Victoria's secret models have perfected their runway
walk down this hallway. It has many different surfaces to allow the
models to transition in heels very quickly without looking
clumsy...Heels are beautiful and sexy, but they don't call them
stilettos for being forgiving!"

I looked down the hallway and noticed that there were also many mirrors,
in different shapes and angles, and also many photos of different
Victoria's secret models throughout the years, both face shots and
various modeling photos it was very sexy and very dramatic.

Ell grabbed a remote control and before I knew it very rhythmatic music
was playing, to a beat that made you want to tap your toe in unison.

"Watch" Ell commanded and headed off down the hall gracefully strutting
her stuff in her heels. She was fantastic to watch, her long golden
brown hair bouncing as her legs moved so perfectly in those heels to
make her appear to be floating. She crossed every surface in the hall
without the slightest bit of hesitation or without the slightest change
in her pace.

Once again I started to feel a strange mixture of desire, and jealousy.

Ell spun at the end of the hall and headed back. This time she stopped
every few steps and did a model pose or turns and continued walking

"What did you think" she asked as if my opinion was actually important
to her.

"Very Hot," I said..... "But why would you want me to learn to do this?"
I asked finally trying to get some information out of her.

"Well-" She looked up and bit the side of her lip. "Let's just say that
if you can navigate 'the hallway' .............. She grinned at me
seductively....... "I will definitely make it worth your wile!"

"Now come with me...." she said as she pulled my arm.

Elle pulled me through a semi hidden door in the hallway. Inside was a
very spacious room which looked like a combination of a women shoe
store, and a lingerie boutique.

"Now see anything that you like?" she asked playfully.

She must have seen the look of questioning desire and wonderment on my
face as I glanced at the room of feminine sexiness.

I tried to sound indifferent....... "Well......I......" I stammered.

"OK. I am going to leave you here for a few minutes. All of the shoes
you see are in your size. The hosiery and panties are all on that side
of the room. Tops and skirts over there." she pointed in different

"I will be back in about 20 minutes" she said. "I know that a girl would
take much longer to decide, but for a guy......" she stopped and
winked.....with that she turned on her heel and walked to the door.
Before she closed it she turned and said, "have fun you sexy thing!"
Blew me a kiss flirtatiously and closed the door behind her.

What have I gotten myself into I thought as looked around at the
vastness of sexy that lay before me. I walked over to the shoes...there
must have been 50 varites of heels in different styles and heel heights.
There were some with more of a pointed heel like the ones ell had given
me, some with more square shaped heels. There were some with open toe
fronts, some with out backs, there were boots of all varieties... all
looked very sexy.

I noticed the same pair that Ell had worn for me during her seductive
strip tease weeks ago. They were black stiletto Mary Jane heels with a 5
inch silver heel. I had to try those on I decided.

I grabbed them and placed them on the floor. I began to take off my
skateboard shoes and was about to put them on when the thought occurred
to me....With your jeans you idiot?!

I stopped and walked over to the section where the panties were. I
noticed some slightly larger ones labeled 'boy shorts'. Perfect I
thought I am a boy. I grabbed them and placed them on a padded bench in
the center of the room next to the Mary Jane heels.

I noticed that my hands once again were shaking as I placed them down.

A growingly smaller part of me was fighting it now. I really felt I
shouldn't be doing this, but my curiosity was taking over. And besides,
I wasn't going to let Ell look hotter than me right now...... Did I just
think that?

Besides, I have never worn a skirt, and that looks like fun! I justified
to myself....even though it made no sense at all.

I walked over to the section where the skirts were hanging. There were
so many different types and they all looked sexy in their own way. As I
looked at various skirts, finally I decided on a mini skirt. It was
pleated, but had a wide top with 4 buttons. It was also plaid in black,
grey and white.

I always had had a fetish for the school girl look, and thought it would
be fun to try the plaid mini with Mary Jane heels.

I walked over and placed the skirt next to the heels and panties on the
bench, and thought for a moment. Hmmm a top...

Just then Ell came walking back into the room.

She saw me still dressed in the boy clothes and the small choices lying
on the bench.

"Not ready yet!?......You are a GIRL!" she teased overstressing the
world "girl".

When Ell saw the 5 inch Mary Jane Heels and the plaid mini, she laughed
and said, "Ha! Never mind you are still a boy!"

She was smiling ear to ear as she said, "Ali- let me help you finish
this outfit!"

She walked over to the tops and found a long sleeve lacy white dress
shirt. She grabbed it and laid it down next to the rest of the clothing.
Next she grabbed a white cami, and a bra that looked very padded. She
looked into the hosiery section, smiled mischievously and grabbed out a
pair of opaque knee high stockings.

"That should do it," she said as she laid the rest of the items on the
bench. "Now Alan, I am going to show you how to put on a bra."

I stood there stunned as she stripped off her tank top, and was wearing
nothing but a push up bra.

She gracefully unhooked the back of her bra, and before I knew it I was
staring at her naked breasts.... I couldn't believe how sexy she looked,
and also that she seemed so comfortable stripping down in front of
me..... Once again I felt attraction mingled with jealousy as I stared
at her perfect breasts.......

To be continued

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I wait for the continuation

I loved it from start to finish, it is a very interesting story and I hope you continue it because I want to see what else will happen.

So, what's next?

This story was always one of my favourites back in the day, are there plans to continue it?

Would love to see more.