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My eyes can't tear themselves away from the image I see in the mirror, and I'm about to cry.

My name is Daniel, I'm 12 years old and I didn't go to school today because I felt bad. Mom works as a nurse and my sister Katherine (Katty) is in High School, so I have the house to myself.

I've always been attracted to my sister's pretty clothes (especially her cheerleading uniform), so as soon as Katty left, I ran to her room and took off these annoying, boring boy clothes and grabbed my sister's cheerleading uniform. sister, so I put it on.

I start by putting on a pair of panties that I take from her lace drawer, they are so soft that they give me chills when they touch my skin. Then I put on the matching bra, it gives me a little work to close the hooks, but I quickly solve it, then I put on the uniform panties, then the short skirt and the top with her school colors.

I'm so distracted looking at myself, that I don't hear the front door open, nor do I hear my sister walking to her room, and here I am now, looking at me, dressed as a cheerleader, while my sister is watching me from the door of her room, with a look of astonishment

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good start

lisa charlene's picture

would be wonderful for you to continue this story

that's the idea

That is the idea, in fact I plan to make a small book or series of 3 or 4 short chapters

Astonishment Is OK

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It's what follows it that may be a problem, or not!

You absolutely cannot leave the story there.

that's true

Since Daniel is a male child who likes girls' clothes, who do you think the sister should do?

The way I see it

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There are two ways to go. Three, but the third wouldn't make a very good story, especially a short story.

The first way is Katty is fascinated by the idea of Daniel becoming her little sister and promises to keep the secret. She then supplies him clothes and covers for him.

The second is that she now has something on him and coerces him to continue dressing in potentially embarrassing situations.

The first is supportive while the other is a forced fem situation.

Which ever one scratches your itch works.


Happiness is being all dressed up and HAVING some place to go.
Semper in femineo gerunt
Ich bin eine Mann

first option

I think I'll go for the first one. The sister helps her new sister without forcing anything

Mirror, Mirror

Who will be the fairest?

To be "fair" the sister should do what?

Why two panties? Why is a girl named Daniel? What was that girl wearing boy clothes? Does the girl still feel badly?

Perhaps Daniel felt badly because she knew there was a pep rally and she discovered Katty had mistakenly taken her junior high cheerleading outfit to school? Perhaps Daniel was checking to see if they were the same size, before calling her mother to have her take Katty her uniform, since their cheerleading outfits were almost identical? Perhaps Katty is astonished to realize that her little sister cares enough about her to get out of her sick bed to solve the dilemma?

Perhaps, Daniel's mother, the nurse, correctly diagnosed Daniel's sickness as her first period and is doing the paperwork to change her name to Danielle, while hoping her tomboy days are over?

Perhaps we need to ask Bru?


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

Daniel is a male boy who likes girls' clothes

I think this summarizes everything. The sister may return home to check that her little brother was better, and seeing him a girl's dress, and wearing the cheerleader uniform, that can cause astonishment

The Road Not Taken

Thank you.

Good luck!


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)