The Sadistic Wife

Janet and John were happily married but things started to change….

The Sadistic Wife
By Janet Baker

She warned me when we married that if I ever betrayed her, there would be condign punishment the likes of which I could not even imagine. I would regret the day I was born should I do something so stupid, so thoughtless as to have an affair.

After six years of marriage I had never forgotten this homily. I never betrayed my wife. However this charming, assertive, intelligent woman I married evolved into an aggressive and somewhat domineering woman. To enjoy any sort of sex life with her I had to become the submissive partner and follow her leads and desires. For the most part this evolution was pleasurable and benign but there were times when I wanted to be the alpha male in our relationship but could not, thus resulting in some level of frustration. She was also becoming very difficult to talk to.

“Janet, I am concerned about our relationship, our marriage -- when I try to chat with you, you frequently respond with a snarl and a snap. Is there a problem with your job? Is it me?”

“No problem John, I’m a little overworked; I could use some maid help. Will you look into hiring a maid for some part time cleaning?”

“Sure.” I thought the house was immaculate but anything to keep her happy.

I engaged one of the temp agencies to provide some help. A succession of maids did nothing to help my wife’s attitude. She found fault with all of them over what I thought were trivialities.

“Sorry Jan, that none of them please you, but if I put in at least two hours a night doing housework would that ease things up for you?”

She thought a while, then responded with the damnedest suggestion. She said, “Yes, but I want you to look like a maid, dress like a maid.”

“Sweetie, that’s so dumb, off the wall, I can clean in my jeans. What’s this all about?”

She snapped at me, saying, “That’s what I want, damn it, and I don’t need any argument. What’s wrong with you dressing up as a maid? Nothing. That’s what I want!”

“I can’t understand why this is necessary, it sounds weird, you know I’m not a transvestite or whatever it is they call men who dress like women.”

“Darling, please do it for me, to humor me”, she responded with a rare softness in her voice.

“OK OK, I’ll do it, but I still think it’s unnecessary and really odd, to say the least. Why in the world do you want your husband to look like a maid, a transvestite?”

“I don’t want you to look like anything, something, I just want you to dress like a maid. A whim, humor me. I’ll buy the clothes for you, it should be fun, and if not fun at least different and I’ll be pleased.”

“It might be fun for you but I don’t see where I’ll get any enjoyment from it, but what the hell, clothes are clothes. If it will please you, I’ll do it. If you’re happy, I’ll be happy.”

“Good!” she replied, finally smiling. “It will please me and we’ll try some new things in bed that I think you’ll like a lot.”

She had my number. Tempting me with sex always does it.

“OK sweetie, whatever you say. I’ll wear whatever you like.”


Sex was improved for about a week and then she brought clothing and shoes for me to wear when doing maid service. She bought a maid’s dress of black satin, an apron, a wig, some accessories, and a pair of black patent pumps with very high heels and ankle straps that closed with little locks. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Janet, what is this all about? Is this what you think I agreed to?”

“Look John, you agreed to wear a dress. A dress is clothing, and accessories are part of clothing as are shoes and lingerie. I want you to wear these things and I don’t want any crap.” She had reverted to her snappish mode. “You know, John, there is always the door.”

“Oh come on Janet, leave you? Over this? Never! I think this is a tad dumb but I’m not leaving you over a few clothes. Come on, this is new to me, give me a hand, please.”

She helped me dress the first time and told me it was up to me to dress alone from now on. Getting used to the shoes was tricky but I persevered and became adequately competent at walking in them. Janet wanted me to change into these things every day after work and she demanded that I keep dressed until after dinner. Once I was dressed, it didn’t matter to me how long I stayed dressed, so I did as asked -- crazy as it may have been. Sooo, for the next few weeks, I dressed according to Janet’s whim. It was silly, but I got used to it and she was more pleasant to me and the sex was better.

But then…………..

“John, my work schedule has changed somewhat. For the foreseeable future I will be arriving home a little later, making up for it by starting work later in the morning. I want you to continue dressing and also to start dinner later. I’ll help prepare in the morning before work and you can finish in the early evening. If I have a really late meeting, I’ll let you know.”

“OK, fine, no problem, I’ll start the meal … in my little costume.” I grumbled.

“John sweetie, I’ll make it up to you. I have an idea. Remember a long time ago you wanted to tie my wrists for some sort of sex game?” she asked with syrup in her voice.

“Yeah, vaguely.”

“Well, why don’t you buy something even better, like a good quality pair of handcuffs and use them to restrain me? I think it might be fun, don’t you?” said the spider to the fly.

I started to get hard just thinking about it.

“Sure, if you’d like, I’ll be glad to.”

Is she changing I wondered? I went on line to find a source for handcuffs and discovered that she had already been googling for restraints. I asked her about that and she simply replied that, yes she was searching for something that would please me. I left it at that, ordered a good pair of cuffs which were delivered in a couple of weeks. That web site had many exotic items for sale including chastity appliances, collars, gags, leg irons and numerous other interesting items for people with varied tastes. I was thankful that I was more or less normal although tying my wife’s wrists did excite me and the thought of the handcuffs excited me even more. At times I wonder how normal I might be.

I continued to dress in the maid’s wear every evening as she demanded, looking forward to our time in bed with the handcuffs. They arrived finally; I opened the package, examined the cuffs and was impressed with their quality and strength. I dressed as usual, made dinner, and served it late when Jan arrived home.

I showed her the cuffs, saying, “Look what came by Big Brown sweetie, the cuffs. We can break them in tonight if you like.”

“Oh goodie”, she chortled. “Now the fun begins.”

That night, she dressed seductively, we had a glass of wine together, danced a little, rubbing ourselves and adjourned to the bedroom. She stretched out on the bed, put her hands through the headboard bars, and said in her most sultry tone, “Cuff me master, I’m yours tonight.”

I put the cuffs on her, locked them and we proceeded to have a glorious evening -- she was so sweet, and so hot! At evening’s end we fell asleep in each others’ arms.

In the morning after breakfast, she dropped a little bomb, saying, “Honey, that was so wonderful last night, I want to do some more things like that. And also, I love your dressing for me so much that I bought some new clothes for you to wear. Isn’t that wonderful?”

I was in a very receptive mood after last night’s lovemaking so I just said, “That’s nice, sweetie. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I want that maid’s dress to look a little better on you, so I bought breast forms for your bra and I bought two more maid’s dresses of different styles and colors. Oh! And also a pair of very special high heels. They are called ballet boots. They are knee length and are so exotic, so erotic. I just love them and I can’t wait to see them on you. You’ll love them I’m sure. You do want to please me, don’t you? I think we’ll have a good time tonight, maybe even better than last night. Think so? I’m looking forward to tonight. I‘ll put some new things on our bed for you to wear tonight.”

That night my brain was so fogged with thoughts of sex, I didn’t even question the need for more clothes or shoes. While she cleared away the dishes, I went to our bedroom and changed into a very brief maid’s dress, stockings, and gloves. But I could not wear the boots, so I wore the pumps instead. I returned to the kitchen to show Janet and did a twirl for her.

She wasn’t pleased, and said “John, why aren’t you wearing the new boots?”

“Sorry sweet, I didn’t think I could wear them, much less walk in them, but they are really hot.”

“I’ll help you”, she said. “Come with me.”

We returned to the bedroom. I sat in a chair while Janet took off my pumps and started to put on the boots. She smoothed my thigh highs, told me to point my foot and toes while she pulled the boot up to my knee, and then laced it up, tying it off just under my knee. Then we did the other one.

I complained, “Janet, these boots are awful. My feet are under tension and quite uncomfortable. I don‘t think I‘ll even be able to walk in them.”

“Oh John, try darling, I’ll really enjoy it -- watching you -- just try for a moment then we’ll try something new in bed. I’ll get you a muscle relaxing pill to ease the leg strain. And, oh yes, I want to add a little accent to your new boots.”

She brought me the pill, but also had in hand a couple of short chains of the kind one would use for dog collars, and wrapped one around each ankle, locking the chain with a little lock.

“Come along, darling, I’ll help you get used to them. Stand up now, keep your knees straight, take short steps. That’s it, keep going now, better now. Oh! I like it, I like it!”

“Janet”, I whined. “These boots are so uncomfortable, and anyway, they are for women to wear. Lets get you a pair. I’d like to see you walk in them. I’d love it -- I’d love to see you strut around the house in boots like these.”

“Maybe we will, but now lets go to bed. I want you to cuff me and spread my legs and make me squeal and scream.”

I hobbled to bed, my erection rising with each step. She taught me anew that she was a fount of passion; I totally forgot my uncomfortable boots. It was great sex. I began to think that the spate of her being disagreeable was over and that happiness reigned.

“Janet, unchain the boots please, I want to shower for bed.”

“Oh no honey, please keep them on, I love the look. And wait -- just a moment -- I want to suck you off before we sleep. Wait honey, I’ll get a washcloth and give you a wash instead of a shower. In fact, since tomorrow is Saturday, I want you to keep them on all weekend. We’ll have such fun and I want to see you do normal household things while wearing the boots.”

“Janet, I’m afraid that my feet will be injured being held in this abnormal position.”

“Oh, no, John, I’ve looked into it, and there will not be any harm. I’ll give you another muscle relaxant and also a pain killer. You’ll be OK. John, cuff my hands again, behind me, so you can fondle my breasts.”

I quickly cuffed her wrists behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands then tweaked her nipples, making her squeal.

“That feels so good John. Please help me to my knees John, I’ll suck you off again.”

Helping her down was tricky, since I was wearing those damned ballet boots, but being sucked to another climax was worth the inconvenience, and as time went on that evening I became increasingly proficient in the damn things. I was doing things my wife wanted because I was asked to and because the sexual rewards were so great although I was less than thrilled at the dressing game. I knew that her requests were unusual and indeed were out of line with any norm I could recall. But again, her smiling generosity and willingness overcame my reluctance to wear these clothes and shoes, and I complied with her nuttiness hoping for future improvement.

Saturday morning arrived. I hobbled out of bed still wearing the ballet boots, did the bathroom stuff, and started to dress.

Janet stopped me and said, “Johnny darling, just wear a bra and panties this morning. Oh oh, Johnny, your stockings are drooping. I‘ll get you a garter belt, and here, let me put the forms into your bra -- it will look better when it‘s filled out.”

Suddenly a garter belt matching my bra appeared in Janet’s hand. She put it on me, fixing the snaps onto the stockings. She stroked my penis through my panties, thus suppressing any complaint. I just stood there like a compliant stud, waiting for his mistress to call him to service.

“I love that look, Johnny. I want you to stay like that all day. I hope you won’t mind if I assault you now and then.”

“I feel awfully silly, Janet. Anyway we have shopping to do, and cleaning and laundry, and these boots make chores damn difficult.”

“I know, Johnny, but think of what we’ll do when I return. I’ll want you to cuff me to the bed and ravish me and then you can make me suck you off and off and off….”

I sighed, “OK, Jan, what’s your plan for today?”

“I’ll shop, you do the inside chores. I’ll be back later this afternoon.”

“Jan, why so long shopping? I get nervous here alone, since someone may come to the door and I’m certainly not dressed to answer the door”

“Oh, silly boy, just don’t answer it! I have a lot of shopping to do, that’s all. I’ll be back.”

“Jan, please, take the chains off the boots in case I have to remove them.”

“Oh no darling, I want to have that image in my mind all day -- the thought of you in those pretty boots.”

“Oh crap! Jan, I think you are overdoing it and I’m getting tired of it. I’m not a transvestite, I’m doing this for you.”

“I know sweetie and it makes me so hot. I can hardly wait to return to you so we can fuck all night. And I want you to cuff me to the bed again. Will you do it for me? You know it makes me so hot and passionate.”

“Yes Jan,” I replied as my cock started to rise.

She got dressed, nicely, too nicely for the supermarket, I noted, puzzled, and went to the door with her. Sniffed, noting her Chanel Number 5, which she usually wore only for me, and said goodbye.

She returned later that afternoon and offloaded her few groceries. I asked her what she was doing all afternoon, having bought so little at the supermarket. She replied simply that she had gone clothes shopping for the both of us but did not see anything she liked. I was relaxing, watching TV when she arrived, and I helped her bring things into the kitchen. I walked slowly of course, giving her the eyeful she said she liked. I even wiggled my rear for her. She grabbed my butt; I grabbed hers and discovered that her panties were missing.

“Hey, Jan where are your panties?”

“Ahhh, ohm, ahhh, John, ahhh, I’m so embarrassed. I had a slight discharge into my panties, rushed to the ladies room, took them off, and threw them away.”

“Discharge? What sort of discharge? Are you OK? It’s not your time of the month you know. You didn’t have to dispose of them, you could have rinsed them, put them in a baggie and brought them home. They were your very pretty black lace panties.”

“I’m really not sure, but if it happens again, I’ll see my OBGYN. I tossed them because there was a crowd of women in the ladies and I didn‘t want to answer any questions.”

H’m crap, what’s she up to? She’s lying like a rug I thought. She’d die before losing those black lace jobs.

“C’mon Jan, lets go to bed. I know it’s early but you look so hot and I’ve been thinking about cuffing you to the bed.”

“Ok, but I’ll shower first.”

“Lets shower together.”

“Can’t -- you have your boots chained on and that is so erotic I want you to stay that way for me as you are cuffing me to the bed and ravishing me. While you’re doing it, I’ll close my eyes and dream that I am being raped. This time I want you to tie my legs apart so I‘m completely at your mercy.”


“I’m ready darling”, she said as she stretched wantonly and put her hands through the bars waiting to be cuffed. “Tie my legs apart, John, to the bed corners, that will make me feel so helpless and I’ll be soooo ready for you.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. That was a really hot night. I entered her, she was already hot and wet, no resistance at all, and we screwed like mink. Even tied she could really move. I was falling in love and lust with her all over again, wondering what had caused the period of snappishness which seemed to have passed. In due time our passion was spent and I untied her, uncuffed her, and watched her slither to the bathroom with her seductive gait.

When she returned, she suggested a slight change in the game plan. She said, “Johnny, darling, lets change places. You lie down and I’ll cuff you and ravish you.”

That sounded like fun. I laid down, dutifully put my hands through the bars, and she cuffed me. She spread my legs, tied them to the bed corners as I had done hers, and then tickled my cock to a new erection and slowly lowered herself onto it until it was bottomed in her vagina. She rotated, rummaged, rose, and fell, until I exploded with an orgasm. She rose, wriggled up to my face and lowered herself again. She smiled down at me and said, sweetly, “You squirted it into me, now take it back out of me, all of it, take your time, I’m in no hurry, lets see how well your tongue cleans pussy. C’mon, deeper, deeper Johnny, make me come again.”

I was enchanted; I was in love again; I would do anything for her; she was so passionate, hot, hot. Oh God! How I did love her. She responded to my tongue with more orgasms, grinding down onto my face, my nose on her clitoris, my tongue in her pussy. I was in heaven.


The weekend came to an end. We had to return to work. We had to face reality again, but there was a problem. My feet, having been locked into the ballet boots, could not straighten out, could not flex properly. I could not even stand without pain. It took until noon with lots of massage before I could stand normally. Janet helped me by massaging my feet but didn’t seem to really be sympathetic.

“Johnny, when I come home tonight, you will be wearing that short red maid costume, won’t you? I think it’s so cute and it makes me so hot. Oh, and also, I’ll have a pair of red patent heels for you to wear with the red dress, so wear your nude thigh highs and a garter belt, but put your panties on over the garter belt -- you know why.” She smiled silkily. “I want to be able to take them off after I’ve cuffed your hands to the bed.”

Getting through the day’s work was problematic; images of Janet on top of me kept diverting me from tasks at hand. But I persevered and eventually finished the day and left for home. When I arrived, there were parcels at the door left by UPS. I took them in and started to dress as required by my wife. Oddly, the red patent pumps were on the bed with the other things she wanted me to wear. She must have had them before she told me about them. They were really high with… huh? locking ankle straps. And she left little locks for the shoes. So I dressed, silly as it was, silly as I looked, but anything to please my wife. I put on the red bra, red dress, red garter belt, red panties, nude thigh high stockings, red pumps, and even locked them on. Looking like an idiot, I prepared dinner.

Janet called about six, telling me she would return home late due to an unexpected meeting. She asked me if parcels had arrived. I said yes, they were here. She asked me not to open them, as they were a surprise for me. She suggested I eat but leave something for her to heat up. She added, “I’m sorry honey, I was so anxious to get home and get on top of you and fuck you silly. But when I arrive, we’ll have a great time.”

I ate dinner, alone, cleaned up, and watched TV, and was sitting in the study dressed in red, feeling foolish, when Janet arrived after ten, looking harried, hair a mess, generally fatigued. I felt that something was wrong, quite wrong. and I said, “What happened hon, you look like you’ve been through a wringer. Are you OK? What happened?”

“Oh nothing, it was a long meeting and I just didn’t have time to freshen my makeup. Would you heat something for me please while I shower?”

“Sure, you’re sure you’re OK?”

“Yes, dammit, I’m fine!,” she snapped and went off to the bathroom.

Well!! I thought to myself, so much for caring for one’s wife. Whatever was happening?
She’d been in such a good mood. I’m dressed as she asks -- now what? I heated some supper for her and waited for her to shower and return. She did, shortly and kissed me saying,
“Sorry, honey, tough meeting, I feel better now and I think that is a cute outfit. I can’t wait to finish dinner so we can jump into bed. I have a new surprise for you. I’m sure you’ll like it. The thought of it makes me so hot!”

Led on by the thought of something new I eagerly got ready for bed, asking Janet how she wanted me tonight. She thought a bit and said, “Honey, I think that you are so hot that I want you to take your panties off and lie down for me and oh, yes, put your hands through the bars and cuff yourself for me. That is so erotic! Oh! first tie your legs apart, then cuff yourself.”

I lay down, tied my ankles, spreading my legs well apart as she wished, and cuffed myself, hands through the bars, and smiled at her while wriggling my pelvis invitingly. She mounted me, slid down on my cock easily -- she seemed wet and loose -- and enjoyed herself immensely. Finished, she moved up to my head -- I knew what was expected and fell to work with a willing tongue. She orgasm’d again while being tongued, dropping much fluid of various sorts onto my face. I could not imagine how much she could drip and drop onto me.

Finally sated, she rose, went to the bathroom, cleaned herself, and brought a washrag back with her. She washed my genitals, then kissed my prick saying, “that’s all for a while my little friend.”

“Jan, what do you mean?”

“I mean that I have something new for you to wear. I very much want you to wear it.” She reached down beside the bed and picked up an appliance she described as a chastity cage and started to put it on my cock. Helpless, I could not stop her. Then she locked the thing.

I yelled, “Jan, what the hell are you doing? What is that thing for? Why?”

She replied in one her silky syrupy tones that the cage was meant to keep me from other women and that I would wear it. Period.

“Darling, this cage is so erotic -- I want you to wear it for our pleasure and of course it will keep you from other women. Just the thought of it on you makes me so hot. The other day when it arrived I examined it and got so hot I came in my panties.”

“Janet, dammit, I have never been unfaithful. I don’t like this thing! I don’t want it on me! It is demeaning! I want it off! This is no fun at all!”

She walked off and evidently hid the keys to the cage. She returned with a satisfied smile, lay down beside me, kissed me, and told me how exciting I was and how much she liked seeing the cage on me.

“Darling, I am going to release your legs and hands and we’ll shower again, this time together. I want to see how well we can keep the cage clean because you will wear it for a while.”

“What do you mean, Jan, wear it a while? How can we make love with this thing on?”

“Darling Johnny, it’s all a game -- our sex game. I’ll let you out when necessary, we’ll have lots of fun, but the rest of the time I want you to keep it on. I think it is so hot. I get squirmy just thinking about it. I’m going to have a tough time at work just thinking about your prick in its cage and what we’ll do that night.”

The next night and the following night and the rest of the week Janet did not seem to want sex. She came home late a few times, said she was too tired and went to bed early. I was beginning to be really frustrated, not only because she didn’t want sex but also because I could not masturbate with the damn cage locked onto me.

Friday night arrived and I confronted her about what I perceived as a crisis in our sex life if not also our marriage.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry it’s been a bad week for you. Lets go to bed. I’ll take it off and we’ll have a great time.”

I laid down after stripping my maids costume off, and waited for her to remove the cage. She fooled me by smilingly cuffing my hands through the bars and spreading my legs, tying them well apart.

“Now darling, I have you where I want you -- on your back, ready to be fucked . I love to see you like that. First we take the cage off and I’ll suck you to a climax and then we’ll start again. I really want your cock way up in to my vagina -- all the way. You make me so hot lover!”

She took the cage off and we had a good time, no, a great time. I think the built up pressure made the experience all the more worth while.

“Oh, Jan, that was so great. Now uncuff me please so we can shower together.”

“Just a moment, John, I want to replace the cage.”

“Oh no, Jan, don’t do it. I don’t want it on me. It was on for days and it is really uncomfortable and unnecessary. I don‘t like it!”

“Sorry, John, it must stay on, I like it on you. I love it on you! I told you the thought makes me hot! Leave it on! Please! We’ll talk about it next week. And Johnny, ask for a weeks’ vacation a few weeks from now. I want to be able to have sex with you for a whole week as often as we can. Also, I am thinking about something new in our games and I am leaning toward eliminating the cage. I haven‘t quite decided yet what I want to do but just fantasizing about playing with you makes me so damn hot my panties and pussy get all wet!”

Her being so seductive and pleasant made me forget and forgive and accept the cage for what I believed to be another week. I hoped!

“John, when you get home from work tomorrow night, please put on the black maid’s dress, lingerie, and the ballet boots -- oh and Johnny, be sure and lock them on as we did the last time. It was so erotic, I just loved you to pieces. And Johnny, here are two muscle relaxant pills and a pain pill to help you if you need them.”


That evening after work I started dinner and then showered and dressed. I put on the black ensemble: the black bra with the breast forms, the black garter belt, thigh highs, and then the damn boots. They were difficult to put on. I had to take the muscle relaxant pills to permit my feet to point without cramping but I got them on, laced them up and then locked the dog collar chains around my ankles as Janet wanted. I put on black panties over the chastity cage and finally the black maid’s dress. I hobbled back to the kitchen and continued to make dinner.
The phone rang; it was Janet.

“Darling”, she chirped, “I’m so sorry, but I’ll be late again. Don’t wait up for me. Leave me something in the fridge and I’ll heat it up when I get home. Another meeting sweetie. I’m so sorry, but we’ll have the whole weekend and I have some new games planned for us.”

“Janet! This is getting out of hand. We are going to have to do something about your job problems, possibly a new job, and when you’re away, I am stuck in this damn cage. You could at least tell me where the keys are so I could take it off and get some relief -- if you know what I mean!”

“Oh darling, I am sorry but I have the keys with me and I can’t come home yet but I’ll make it up to you, I really will -- I told you that I have some new ideas I’m sure you’ll love. Oh, and darling, use the guest bedroom tonight so I won‘t wake you when I come in.”

This is getting out of control. She cleverly has not taken off the cage unless my hands were restrained. She obviously wants to control me in spite of how sweet she sounds. What the hell am I going to do?

I couldn’t sleep -- I waited -- awake until she got home. The clock said two AM. Holy crap! No damn business meeting lasts ‘till two AM. We are going to have words -- this is crap, all crap! Saturday morning I got up before her. I put on the maid’s dress. All the other things were still on me, had been since I was waiting for her arrival last night. I started breakfast and woke her.

“Janet! Breakfast is on the table! Get up! Now! We have to talk! This gamesmanship has gone far enough! I am no longer willing to accept your peculiar demands and I want to know what the hell you were up to last night until two in the morning! Lets have it! What’s going on? Are you seeing someone?”

“Oh darling, of course not. These people just go on and on without really achieving anything.
So it takes forever to reach a consensus and I am so sorry sweetie and I agree, it may be necessary to find a new job. We’ll see. Darling, I‘m so happy to see you wearing all those erotic things, it makes me so passionate, I can‘t wait to get you into bed. Oh and I have a new toy for tonight.”

“Why tonight, Jan? I’m ready now. Take the cage off -- you did bring the keys home didn’t you?”

“Oh my God, John! I forgot! They’re at work. I left them in my desk drawer. I’m so sorry honey! I’ll make it up to you. After breakfast we’ll break in some new toys -- I’m sure you’ll be thrilled.”

Why am I not surprised that the keys are not here? “Janet, I don’t ever want you to ‘forget’ those keys again or we may have a serious marriage problem. This cage crap is getting out of hand; I‘m getting sick and tired of it. sick and tired of it.”

“Well John, if a little thing like that is going to destroy our marriage, perhaps we should discuss it, and kindly don’t use such language in such a hostile manner. A loving fuck is one thing but your nasty and hostile usage is unacceptable.”

“Jan, lets not fight. We love each other too much to fight. I want this cage off and I want to resume some semblance of a normal relationship.”

“John darling, you are so right. I have been getting carried away with the eroticism of what we are doing, but it has been such fun. I have been enjoying immensely what you have done for me, wearing those pretty things and especially the cage. It is so erotic -- so hot! I especially love our turns at restraint on our bed. Your cuffing me to the bed is sooooo…..”

“Well“, I said begrudgingly, “the sex has been great.”

“I’m so happy that you were pleased John. I have a few more things I would like to try and then we’ll do away with the chastity cage. But John, I really want you to take a week off about two or three weeks from now so we can have one final week of sex games before we revert to a less stressful existence. This has been so much fun but truly exhausting and I don’t know how much longer we could keep it up without having serious fatigue problems.

I don’t know what she’s referring to. I certainly haven’t been overworked, since my cock has been locked up most of the time, released only the few times she wanted to use it. But if another few weeks will see the end of this craziness, I’ll go along. Who am I kidding? She has the damn keys to the goddamn chastity cage and I don’t think it would be prudent to try to force them from her. I could end up in trouble for beating my wife and anyway, I’m sure she has taken photos of me dressed for her and I certainly don’t want them publicized. I’m stuck!
Damn woman!

So….”I agree, sweetie, it’s been fun -- except for the cage -- but you’re right, we should return to a normal relationship. Now, what other cute ideas are floating around in that pretty head of yours?”

“Darling, I have to shop, it is Saturday. Please stay dressed for me so I can think about you as I’m shopping while you are doing a few chores here at home. When I return we’ll play some games again.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“Oh, I don’t know exactly, I have some food shopping to do and I want to buy some clothes.
I was thinking about buying you some totally new outfits, not maids dresses but other things such as a cocktail dress that you could wear when we share a late evening drink together.
I think that would be so sweet, so erotic; you in a cocktail dress, black stockings, black satin sandals and pearls, and how about a new blond wig? Wouldn’t that be delicious? The very thought of it makes me so hot.”

“No Jan, I thought we were going to return to normal, and dresses for me are definitely not normal.”

“Just teasing, John, just teasing…..but…but….h‘m.”

“No buts, Jan, I want this cage off!”

“I was teasing John, but ya’know, you are kinda cute in that maid’s outfit and I think that you would make a cute lady. In fact, I would like to dress you, make you up, and take you to a bar sometime for a drink. It would be a gas. Suppose….that the day after I take you out we take the cage off forever? Sound good?”

“No! No! and No again! Janet. I’ll go along with the cage for the couple of weeks you want but that’s it!”

“Ok for now, John, I’m going shopping. Be back later, hon. Be good!”

The week passed, no change. The following Friday night she made me put on the ballet boots and keep them on all weekend. Sunday she added leg irons to my misery, but she just laughed with glee at my attempts to stay upright and walk doing the ballet strut. I was miserable but with her holding -- hiding -- the keys for the cage and now the leg irons I was totally at her mercy -- a tender, sex filled trap. I grumbled but she chortled and repeated the mantra: I love you that way John; it is so erotic John; stay just like that John. Please darling.

Oh Christ! I was falling deeper and deeper into I don’t know what. I don’t know what she really has planned for me -- she keeps adding, changing. I can’t keep up with her. I am going slightly nuts.

Monday morning was spent returning my feet to normal so I could go to work. After work I went home, changed into a maid’s garb complete with wig and pumps and started dinner.
Janet came home early -- big smile --laden with packages.

“Darling I have something for you, and some good news. Next week when you take your vacation will be your last week wearing the cage if you are a good boy and humor me one last time.”

“Oh Janet, what now?”

“Well! Take off your maid’s dress. I bought something for you and I want to see if it fits. Then we’ll take it off and you can put the maid’s dress back on. Come to the bedroom with me.”

I followed her to our bedroom. She unwrapped a cute little black cocktail dress and had me try it on. It was cute and with my under things it looked perfect. She changed wigs, putting a new blond wig on me, examined it critically, pronounced it perfect.

“Change your stockings, John, put on this pair of black pantyhose. Yes, over your panties and over your cage John. Then come with me to my makeup table, I want to see what I can do with you -- how well I can make you look.”

“Why Janet? Why? What now Janet? I told you I didn‘t want that. I told you I would go along for another couple of weeks and then that would be that.”

“John darling, if you want the cage off, stop whining, do as I ask or I may change my mind and leave it on indefinitely. Next week is your vacation and we will bring this to an end and after that the choices will be all yours. I am having a ball with our sex life as it is now, but to satisfy you we’ll quit at the end of next week -- I promise. Now I’ll finish your makeup, dress, and we will go out to a bar I know about.”

“Oh God, Jan, I’ll feel like a fool.”

“No! You will look good; the bar will be dark, we will have fun. We’ll dance together like two girl friends, and no, I don’t intend to pick up any men, so don’t worry.”

Later she pronounced me ready, handed me a purse, and we sallied forth to a bar. I felt like a freaking idiot because this scene was not me -- absolutely not me. The cage -- that damned cage controlled me and my ‘wife’ controlled the keys, so I smiled, went along. We drank, we danced. Some fellow asked my wife to dance, she accepted, and they danced, close, and chatted in a quiet conspiratorial mode, glancing at me now and then. They returned to the table and Janet introduced him.

“Joan,“ -- apparently that was my name -- “this is Roger. He offered to buy us a drink and I accepted and asked him to join us. Roger, this is my sister Joan. She is the better dancer of the two of us.”

“How nice”, he said. “Would you care to dance, Joan?”


We danced. I was sure it was a setup but I had no idea what. We chatted about nothing, just trivia. I lowered my voice as much as I could but I was convinced that something was amiss. When we returned to the table I took Janet by the hand and said, “Ladies room, Jan.”

In the ladies I said, “Ok Jan what the hell is going on?”

“Nothing darling, some fellow just tried to pick us up. If it bothers you, lets leave.”

“Yeah, lets leave. Say goodbye to ‘Roger’ and let’s go home. I did what you asked, got dressed, went out, and now I want to go home.”

“OK John, oops Joan, one more dance and we leave. I want to thank him for the drinks and not leave on a sour note.”

We returned to our table.

“Ladies, all well? Janet. Another dance?”

They returned to the dance floor, danced slow and close, whispering to each other. I was very uneasy over this display. I had the feeling that my marriage was in serious trouble but I had to put on a good face or my cover might be blown. I tried to view them through peripheral vision and saw him caress her butt without her resisting. She also ground her pelvis into him but I pretended not to notice. Without doubt I had a problem. But she had the freaking keys!!!

“Thank you Roger for the dance and drinks. It was fun and I’m so glad you had a chance to meet Joan. Perhaps we’ll meet again sometime.” She smiled seductively at Roger.

As if I didn’t notice.

Home again I couldn’t think straight. Clearly my wife was betraying me and I had an uneasy hunch that this ‘Roger’ was the guy and she wanted him to look me over, perhaps humiliate me by dragging me to that bar to meet her lover. What could I do? I had no proof. She had the keys -- those goddamn keys. I had to go along with her and look for a chance to resolve the situation.

The rest of the week was pretty normal -- bizarre as it was -- with me wearing maid’s outfits and wondering when my wife would return home for dinner. Oddly enough, she came home at a reasonable hour all week. I was still ‘caged,’ still miserable, but I thought -- hoped -- that there was hope on the horizon.

Friday night came and with it more restraint than before. Janet asked me to remove my dress, keeping my under things on. She made me put on the ballet boots, locked them on and added the leg irons. We went to our bedroom, to play, I thought, and she rolled me over face down on the bed and locked another pair of leg irons on my arms above the elbows, thus limiting my movement. She rolled me onto my back and cuffed my hands in front of me.

“Janet, what in the hell do you think you’re doing? Take these damn things off!”

“John, shut up! We’re on countdown now to the end of the week when our games will finish. In the meantime shut up and let me do as I wish. There’s nothing you can do to stop me so relax and go with the flow. I am not going to hurt you -- just play with you. You may not like it but I’m having a ball. Now open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and she stuck a gag of some sort in it. I could not tell exactly what it was but she strapped it around me head, picked up a mirror and showed me. It was a phallus that projected from my face, obviously attached to the thing she had put in my mouth.

“Now John, bite hard on your gag while I pleasure my self on your face.”

So saying she slowly impaled herself on the phallus while I held it tightly between my teeth so as not to hurt my mouth. Up and down, ‘round and ‘round, jiggle and wiggle, squirm and wriggle, she squealed and screamed, “Oh John, John, Johnny darling, that is soooo good.”

After a few orgasms, she rose. My mouth was tired, my jaw was very tired. I breathed heavily, tried to talk but mostly mumbled.

She rolled me off the bed, made me kneel beside it and told me to fuck her with the phallus held in my mouth. I moved my head back and forth, again and again until I was tired but she still had not had another orgasm. I sagged back from her, gasping for breath. She looked down at me, shaking her head with disgust.

“Stay there until you rest, John, I’ll get another phallus toy -- a strap-on dildo.”

She rummaged in her dresser drawer and brought out a dildo that she strapped on me around my waist with the dildo fixed at groin level, actually right on top of the cage.

“Get back up on the bed John, you’re not done for the night, not yet. You have a long way to go before I’m finished with you.”

I lay down again on our bed, the dildo pointing upward. Janet straddled me and slowly erotically, teasingly mounted the dildo and fucked herself silly on it, squealing, moaning, groaning and crying out.”

She threw herself down onto my chest, rested, ground her pelvis a little and finally totally sated, rose and shakily walked to the bathroom, leaving me collapsed on the bed. She returned after washing and lay down beside me and kissed me.

“Oh John, that was exquisite! I loved every second of it. Come lover, to the living room; we’ll have a glass of wine. Oh wait, hon, I‘ll take off the strap-on and the dildo gag. You‘ll be more comfortable that way.”

“Ah! Thank you Jan, that gag hurt with you pounding on me.”

“Oh, John, you made me so happy! I loved what we did! Come, I’ll help you to the sofa. We’ll cuddle a bit until I’m ready for more.”

“Janet, please take off the cage so I can really screw you like a loving husband should.”

“H’m” she said, “good idea but first I need a new toy and some little things -- I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” she said as she locked my ankles close together.

I waited. She returned with a steel collar which she locked around my neck, then took a small chain and locked it to my handcuffs, pulling my hands up toward the collar and locking them in place. My arms and hands were now immobilized and close to my neck.

“Good”, she said with satisfaction. “Now I’ll remove the cage and we’ll have a roaring good fuck. I’m ready for more and you are surely ready, John.”

Since I couldn’t walk, she laid me down on the floor and fucked me senseless. I came and came and came some more! What a relief after such a long dry spell. Then she squirmed up my body to my head and lowered herself onto my face and I performed again, getting a real face full of various fluids. She washed my genitals and replaced the cage.

I protested, “Janet, I thought that the cage was going to be removed.”

“Yes, dear, but not until the end of the week. I told you that. If you continue to complain you’ll be gagged and spend the week with your mouth filled. In fact, since I don’t need your mouth for a while, I think I’ll gag you now to give you an idea of what it would be like.”

She went to her stash -- her supply of misery — again, and returned with a bit gag and a head harness. She carefully put the harness on me, tightening all the straps so the harness would not slip or be removable, and then placed the bit gag in my mouth. I shook my head violently, trying to prevent her from putting on the head harness, but she persevered and tightened the straps very tightly such that I could hardly talk due to the strap under my chin.
“Janet” I said through gritted teeth, “No No No! Pease, this is wrong. Don’t do this to me!“
I tried to resist the bit gag but she whacked me on the head and held my nose until I opened my mouth and accepted it. I was fucked. I was caged, chained and in total misery. She had me but good. What in the hell could I do now? Damn little!

Day after day, through most of the week, I spent in some severe restraint or other, never able to gain the upper hand. She was so freaking clever and so freaking sweet that I was totally out of it. She removed the gag to feed me and occasionally released one hand so I could eat and go to the bathroom. The rest of the restraint prevented me from freeing myself. She entertained herself by tormenting me in various ways. She might wear panties, half bra and very high heels and strut around in front of me, remaining dressed that way all day. My suffering was intense; I was gagged, my wrists were cuffed, I couldn’t masturbate because of the cage, and I had to watch my vision of loveliness flaunt herself in front of me. She would stand before me, pull her panties down, and pleasure herself with a rabbit, a vibrating, rotating dildo. She would moan, scream with ecstasy while I watched. She put on a pair of dildo panties with dildos both vaginal and anal and gyrated in front of me, inches from my face. Then she would remove the panties, my bit gag, make me kneel and tongue her until my tongue was tired and my jaw hurt.

Wednesday she left early in the day and didn’t return until late in the evening. She made me lie down on the floor, lowered herself onto my face and made me clean her out. It was more than obvious that she had had sex with someone. We didn’t talk. We talked very little that week. Most of the time I was gagged and she evidently had other things on her mind. Thus our interaction was largely limited to her tormenting me.

The next day, Thursday, she sat me at our breakfast table, my ankles locked together.
She removed the bit gag and released one wrist so I could eat. I took a chance and asked if I could speak.

She replied in a most nasty way, “What?”

“Well” I started tentatively. “The week ends shortly. Will you let me go from all this…this torment beyond just the cage? What you are doing is beyond play. This chaining me is not play at all. What do you have in mind? What are you going to do?”

“It will end Sunday. You will be released -- completely -- after that. Who knows?”
“Meanwhile, shut up!”

After I finished breakfast, she put the gag back in my mouth, cuffed the loose hand and released the lock holding my ankles close together. I still wore the ballet boots and could not move very fast anyway. She took me to the kitchen, told me to clean up. I shook my head, rattled my cuffs which were chained to my steel collar. She laughed and pulled a length of chain from a drawer, locked it to the refrigerator handle and to my collar, uncuffed my wrists and told me to get to work. I still had leg irons connecting my ankles.

She sat on a kitchen chair and teased me saying, “Having fun John? I have an idea John. Would you like me to put on that strap-on and fuck you with it? We’ve never done much anal, other than my dildo panties. How would you like me to fuck you, John -- in -- the -- ass? I think it would be fun, listening to you scream with joy, or would it be pain? Well, maybe you’d like it so much you’d ask for more. I can hear you now…please Jan, deeper, faster, harder. Oh Johnny baby wouldn’t it be such fun?”

Gagged, I could only look at her, shake my head slowly, in disbelief. I had never mistreated my wife, never betrayed her. She is either psychotic or preparing to leave me. I looked at her, clasped my hands as if in prayer, shrugged my shoulders, then opened my hands in a supplicating aspect as if to say, what, what, what?

“Tomorrow, baby, tomorrow”, she purred. “Ya know, Johnny baby, you’re not very smart, letting me get complete control over you. I can do anything I want with you. I can keep you like this indefinitely, but I won’t since Sunday is the end of the game. But I have three days to go and I want to have as much fun as possible. I’m going to unchain you after I’ve cuffed your wrists again and then….well…I must think of something unpleasant for you but meanwhile I’m going to put on my delicious little dildo panties -- you remember them -- and I think I’ll sit on your lap and grind away on you.”

She did just that. She stripped in front of me, slowly, seductively, fingered her pussy all the while licking her lips and looking me in the eyes. She pulled the dildo panties on, slowly inserting first the vaginal plug, then the anal plug, while smiling at me -- it was more of a smirk. She spread her legs, came to me, straddled my legs, and then she sat on my thighs, wrapping her legs around me, squirming, gyrating… She rose, turned, sat again, ground her butt on my thighs. My cock tried to become erect but couldn’t, restrained by the cage.

“Fun darling? Would you like to fuck me dear? I’m sure you would. I’ll think about it.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll really fuck you -- fuck you good! But today I’ll take you to bed and you can lick my pussy and make me come.”

She put a dog leash on my collar and led me to bed. I walked with difficulty; my feet locked into the ballet boots all week, and the leg irons restrained my ability to walk. She turned and smirked at me, saying, “Walk faster Johnnnnny baby, I want you in bed.”

I laid down on the bed. She wrapped the strap-on around my waist, fastened it tightly, and put a cuff on each wrist, pulling them after releasing them from the other cuffs -- one by one -- over to the edge of the bed, and tied them to the bed rail. Now I was spread out on the bed. She took off the dildo panties and sat on my face and waited until I started to lick. Reluctantly I performed as expected and then the gag was replaced. I was effectively a prisoner of my wife and in my own home. I was becoming frightened of her, wondering what she intended for me. No matter what I said, she ignored me and continued to do as she wished. After she satisfied herself on my face she impaled herself on the strap-on dildo, smiled at me while she groaned and moaned and squealed and screamed.

“Oh Johnny, that was soooo good! What a delightful fucking. Did you like it Johnny? Oh I’m sorry, Johnny, you can’t talk, can you? I’ll take the gag out Johnny, and you can lick me out again. Oh, wait Johnny, I’ll put the penis gag in your mouth, strap it on tight and fuck myself on your face. Maybe I’ll drip down on you. You’d love that wouldn’t you sweetheart? You’d love to taste my drippings wouldn’t you, and wouldn’t you love to taste all the ejaculate from my lovers? Oh yes, darling, there have been many and you have tasted them all. Which did you like the most sweetie? Oh, well, tell me after I’m finished with your mouth.”

I wept, wondering how I got myself into this mess and how I might ever escape. At this point I had not the foggiest idea how I might recover from this nightmare. I was chained securely, I could barely walk. I collapsed, sobbing wretchedly, tied to my bed.

“Oh John, buck up darling, think of all this as a real sex adventure and it will end Sunday, I promise.”

I could only mumble through my gag.

She changed my position, rolling me over and cuffing my hands behind me. Then she spread her legs and pushed herself onto the dildo still protruding from my mouth and made me service her once again.

“That was good Johnny, go to bed in the guest room, I want you to get used to it. Ha. Ha. See you in the morning sweetie.“

Friday morning she rousted me out of bed, tightened the elbow cuffs, released my wrists from behind my back -- a most difficult way to spend the night -- and let me do a bathroom routine. With my boots still on and restrained with leg irons and my elbows restraining my arms I was really helpless but at least I could speak.

“Janet, I wish you would have the courtesy to tell me what is happening with us. Please, why are you doing this to me. You know it is not natural in any way. Sex games should begin and end in the same evening or period, not day after day of being chained, caged and dressed or half dressed as a woman..”

“Oh Johnny, you’re talking again, being difficult, argumentative. If you don’t stop I’ll gag you again and maybe you’ll stay that way until the game ends on Sunday.”

Reluctantly, I shut up.

“Come to the bedroom, Johnny, I want to freshen you up a bit. You need your wig and I want to make you up. Your bra, panties, garter belt and stockings are fine as are your boots. I just adore you in those boots.”

She attached the leash to my collar and led me to the bedroom and sat me at the vanity and ‘freshened’ me up. I thought she put on too much lipstick but I kept quiet. We returned to the living room and I was sat down on a wooden chair she brought in from the guest room. She took the leash, wrapped it around the chair back and locked it. She added a chain to my ankles and chained it to the chair legs. I was now totally secured and totally screwed.

“Well Johnny, you’re just where I want you, seated and out of my way for a while. Stay there. Ha ha ha, don’t get up and run away Johnny.”

The door bell rang. Janet went to the door, admitted -- that fellow Roger.

“Janet,” I yelled, “get him the hell out of here.”

“Why Johnny baby, he’s my lover. I want him here. I want you to meet the man who is replacing you.
You are no longer of interest to me and to prove it Rog and I will demonstrate over the next few days how definite I am. Roger is moving in for the weekend, today, Saturday and Sunday. We will leave Sunday and our marriage will terminate. Meanwhile we’ll all have a bit of fun Johnnny baby.”

“My God, my God Janet, whatever have I done to deserve this torture?”

“You have done nothing Johnny baby -- it is just the way I am.” Her triumphant evil laugh echoed throughout the house.

“Roger, how would you like to fuck my sweetie in the ass? I think he’d love it although he’ll bitch and moan and of course say ‘No! No! and No!’”

“You’re right Janet, I don’t want him anywhere near me. I want you to let me go!”

“Well Johnny, suppose I could put on a strap-on dildo and fuck you in the ass. When I get done ramming big dildos into your virgin ass you will welcome Roger’s gentle touch. I know he is gentle. Who do think has been fucking me these last months? That‘s right John, my lover, the man I am leaving with on Sunday, and you will never see me again. I am tired of you and I am leaving.”

Janet turned to Roger, and then they sat on a sofa and cuddled, giggled, and drank, while I sat chained to a chair.

“Janet”, said Roger. “Show John how you dance and strip for me, and then we’ll fuck right here In front of him.”

I wept. Janet started a slow dance and stripped while gyrating in front of Roger, who disrobed and readied himself for Janet. At her dance climax she was naked, and Roger, behind her, took her by both arms, marched her to the sofa, and bent her over it. He then thrust his cock into her vagina and they screwed for what seemed to be an interminable time, with Janet screaming with joy. Roger eventually pulled out and Janet went to the bathroom to wash, and returned to resume.

“Deeper, Roger, harder, faster, faster, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God Roger, fuck me good!”

“Janet! Janet! Oh God Janet! How could you do this to me? We’ve been happily married for years. How could torment me like this? You are cruel and sadistic Janet.”

“Yes, John, that’s good! I am sadistic and I am so happy about it.”

“John, I want you on your knees and I want you to fluff Roger. You look confused. Well John, a fluffer is the person, man or woman who sucks cock to revive the performers in a porn film. Soooo
I want you to fluff Roger so he can fuck me again.”

“Go to hell!”

“Oh my, Roger, it is being difficult. We’ll have to find a way to induce it to want desperately to suck your cock.”

“Go to hell!”

“Janet”, Roger announced, “I don’t want him to do anything with or for me, I want you and only you to suck me off, and I want it now!”

I watched as Janet knelt in front of him, took his shrunken cock in her mouth and proceeded to bring to an erection. She then bent over and held her ankles while he plunged his cock into her already hot cunt. He came again, accompanied by squeals of joy from my ‘wife’ while I sat like a chained king on my throne watching them.

“Roger, I’m still not done with him, I want to fuck him in the ass and listen to him cry and beg. I am going to put on that strap-on and ream him but good. When I’m done his ass will be sore and torn. I want him to know exactly what I think of him. Help me get him onto the floor, flat. Oh, never mind, lets take him to the bed so I can spread him out, tying his ankles to the corners of the bed so I can fuck him.”

They unchained me from the chair and dragged, carried me to the bed where Janet entertained herself by fucking me. I did my best not to cry out although the pain was intense.

“Roger,” I said through the pain. “Do you really want a woman like this who would deliberately inflict pain on her husband?”

“Gag him Roger, I don’t want to listen to him whining.”

They threw me onto the guest bed and returned to their own pleasures. I could hear her screaming with ecstasy throughout the evening. She was insatiable. The next morning they rousted me out, dragged me to the kitchen where I made breakfast while chained to the frig door handle. After breakfast they resumed their fucking, forcing me to watch while chained to the same chair as last night. They fucked each other in any and every way possible; ways I had never imagined. I was numbed by the tragedy facing me, I felt that my life was ending. I feared that they might even kill me, they were so evil.
They gagged me and refused to feed me all day, giving me only a little water.

Sunday morning I awoke, rose, hobbled to the bathroom. Janet sent me to the kitchen to make breakfast for them but wouldn’t let me eat. I was getting hungry and thirsty but they again chained me to the chair while they screwed themselves silly while I watched.

Janet presented herself to me, her pussy in my face, and said, “John, the game is over. Roger and I are leaving. I assume you realize that this is the end of our relationship and that I never want to see you again. You may have the house and all the assets. Roger and I will start elsewhere.” She removed my gag and asked if I had anything to say.

“Janet, I don’t understand you. You changed. When we married you and I had a good marriage but now…now you are a horrible person and I never want to see you again. But tell me why. Why have you done this? Why couldn’t you just walk out on me? Why torment me so?”

“Why? Because it was fun. I had fun thinking up ways to make you miserable and even more fun carrying them out. Some many months ago I met Roger. We dated. We fucked. We fell in love. We decided to shed you and make a new life together. Tormenting you was such fun and we really loved
it -- loved to see you in such misery.”

“Please let me loose, you can’t leave me chained up -- I’ll die.”

“Oh don’t worry, on the way out of town, we’ll stop at your sister’s place, give her all the keys, and ask her to come here and let you loose. Bye bye, darling!”

 © Janet Baker 2009

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