The Ballet Game - Chapter 2

Jimmy spends his first night in Jenny's room, then starts his first full day at the Dale house, and things are anything but routine...

The Ballet Game

Chapter 2

By Beffy Flowers

Jimmy tossed and turned until late in the night. He couldn't stop thinking about Jenny's small affections, or the way she looked at him at various points throughout the evening. He had had crushes on girls before, and had even done a little semi-innocent fooling around with some of them, but these feelings he had for Jenny went way beyond that. Her smile, her lips, her frequent touching and grazing against him -- he was electrified and drawn to her by an enormous magnet.

But he was confused, because he was still attracted to Laura, too. They hadn't had as much interaction that day, but she was a beautiful girl in the flush of late adolescence and Jimmy's stomach still fluttered when she looked at him. Her lingering sidelong glance at he and Jenny on the couch while watching TV nearly did him in. He felt like a troop of butterflies had set up permanent shop in his stomach and were preparing to flutter away with it.

Even Mrs. Dale tweaked his youthful sexual curiosity. His face flushed when he thought of her embrace that evening, her hands tracing along the lacy straps of his baby doll before checking to see if he had on the matching panties. Thank god she was satisfied with a quick peek at his lace-clad bottom, because his panties had formed a conspicuous tent in front, covered only by the wispy fabric floating down just enough to meet his thighs.

And thinking of this flimsy nightie he wore only made things worse. Much worse. He felt the gentle tugging of the straps on his shoulders, the soft fabric on his chest and stomach, the snugness of the panties around his hips and his ever-struggling maleness. He smelled a faint trace of Jenny's perfume throughout the room as he lay half-covered by the pink sheets, admiring the lacy ruffle on his pillow. Being so saturated in femininity, he realized that looking at that old Sears catalog in his bedroom would never be the same.

Somehow, after a long while, he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up the next morning when Mrs. Dale came in the room and opened the curtains to let the early sun shine in. "Good morning, Jimmy! Did you sleep well?" She smiled as she walked to the other window.

"Um, yeah, I guess so. What time is it?" Jimmy stretched and yawned, still groggy. Then he flushed red as he realized he was mostly uncovered by the sheets and his stretch had pulled the hem of his baby doll nearly to his belly button. He yanked the covers up to his neck just as Mrs. Dale turned toward him on her way to the door.

"It's still early, but I wanted you to have a little extra time to get ready for school this morning. You and the girls have to share that one bathroom, so we may have to work out a routine or something. Laura's about to take her shower, but I've got breakfast on the table so come on down and eat." With that she smiled once more and walked out into the hall.

Jimmy lay still for a moment longer, then got up. His vision was still blurry, and he stumbled his way out into the carpeted hall and into the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet, started to pull up his nightie, then changed his mind, pulled down the panties instead and sat gently, gathering the loose fabric around his waist. It just seemed like the thing to do, maybe a touch more modest in such an immodest garment.

The bathroom was very clean, but packed with bottles and jars of every kind, most of which he couldn't guess at the contents. The shower was fully stocked with shampoo bottles, scrubbing brushes, body washes, and a pair of pink shavers. In the corner by the window was a small clothes rack with a pair of white panties and an assortment of pantyhose in tan, navy, and white. He washed up, brushed his teeth, and left the light on for Laura as he went in search of breakfast.

Mrs. Dale motioned him towards a seat at the kitchen table, and put a plate down with an english muffin and a bowl of oatmeal, then poured him some orange juice. He was about to thank her, when he realized she was talking on her cell phone. He started eating, only then becoming aware of how hungry he was. He didn't notice Jenny come in until her hands came over his eyes and she said "Guess who!"

"Um, hmmm, let me see -- Jenny?" Jimmy smiled as she laughed in response.

"How'd you guess? Actually, it's Jenny One, as long as you're in the house. So, how do you like my little baby doll, hmmm??" Her hands dropped to his shoulders, where her fingers found their way under the straps and she fluffed the front of the nightie up and down teasingly. "Wooo, how pretty is that? My oh my!" Alarmed, he wished that he had taken Mrs. Dale up on her offer of a robe the night before.

He instinctively drew his arms around his chest and turned around, unable to keep from smiling. Ah, the first sight of Jenny for the day and he already felt a surge of tingles. She pranced over to her seat and started eating immediately as her mother put down her breakfast.

"So, did you like my room? Did you sleep well?" Jimmy nodded vigorously. "I slept with Laura in her bed -- I do that sometimes anyway just cause it's fun, but it's especially fun now that I have a guest staying in MY bed. I was thinking about you last night -- thinking how hard it must be for you to have to wear my nightie and," she stole a glance at her mother, then whispered, "and panties!" Her eyes were aglimmer as she shared a knowing chuckle with Jimmy.

"Really, Jenny, it's okay. I don't really mind too much. I'm not sure I'll get used to it, but I think I can make it through the week. And your room is really nice." Jimmy was doing his best to look like a good sport and keep on Jenny's good side. He also sensed that she was almost as intrigued by seeing him in her baby doll as he was in wearing it. There was some kind of mutual attraction going on, and Jimmy wanted to be very careful not to ruin it.

"Well, we'll see whether you get used to it. Maybe I should have you try this one on tonight," she said as she tugged at her own pink satin number, "see if you like it better than that one." Then, in a whisper, "and I know just which 'panties' to go with it!", drawing out the word "panties" in an exaggerated way.

At that moment, Mrs. Dale hung up the phone and looked questioningly at Jenny, then Jimmy. "Did you say something?" Jenny just laughed and took a bite of her english muffin, and Jimmy tried to cover up his red face by drinking his juice. "Kids..." She smirked as she started on her own breakfast.

The conversation turned to school, then after-school. Jenny and Laura had ballet class twice this week, starting tomorrow, and Jimmy would have to go with them and wait in the hall until they were finished. Jimmy simply nodded in agreement, but was already looking forward to seeing Jenny in her pink tights again. His thoughts drifted to her legs -- the way they looked in those tights -- those tights she was keeping in his suitcase, as he finished up and went upstairs to finish getting ready for school.

He took off the nightie with reluctance, took his shower, then got dressed in his normal clothes. He felt a little less tingly, and decided that was a GOOD thing. All these tingles were making him a little crazy.

School went along the same as it always did -- Jimmy was a good student, and only pretended to hate his classes when his mother asked him. He did a fair amount of daydreaming that day, however, thinking about the night before, awash in Jenny's femininity, and her morning playfulness. When it was time to come home, he found himself looking forward to another night at the Dales', but also nervous in anticipation of his resurgent tingles.

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