The Ballet Game - Chapter 3

Jimmy's second night at the Dale house is crazier than the first, and he finds himself craving the femininity that surrounds him.

The Ballet Game

Chapter 3

By Beffy Flowers

Jimmy walked into the Dale house and went up the stairs to Jenny's bedroom. He met Laura on her way down -- she had gotten home a few minutes earlier.

"Hi Jenny Two, ready for another night in girlie-land?" she said teasingly, enjoying how easy it was to make him blush. She also enjoyed the way he seemed to steal glances at her from the corner of his eye. It was unusual for there to be any males in this house, and Laura found herself tickled by his attractions, not just for her, but for her sister as well.

"I guess so. It's fun to stay over here and see how you guys live. Mom is sure happy you all could take me in." Jimmy felt like he was stammering, but he wanted to steer this surprise conversation away from "girlyness" before his tingles surged to a level that would reduce him to a pink-faced idiot.

"Well, you know we love having you, Jaybird. And I know Jenny's looking forward to having you be her nighttime dress-up doll again!" Laura's smile was quickly melting Jimmy into a puddle. She had been headed down to the kitchen for a snack, but changed her mind and turned back for her room. "I've got to practice for cheerleader tryouts tomorrow, so I'm going to need the family room for a while. You can grab a snack and hang out anywhere else, okay?" Jimmy nodded, and Laura disappeared into her room.

Jimmy put his books down on Jenny's bed and sighed audibly. How was he ever going to get through this week? At least Laura was busy today, and wouldn't embarass him anymore with her gentle teasing. What was more alarming to him, though, was the fact that he was looking forward to more teasing. He was in a house full of women, and instead of being a man and asserting his rugged individuality (or something like that), he was craving each new assault on his maleness, each wave of feminine beauty as it washed around him.

With another sigh, he turned and went to the kitchen and had a snack. A few minutes later, Jenny walked in, dropping her backpack on the kitchen floor, and sat down at the table. "Hi Jenny Two!" she said, slightly breathless, as she grabbed a cookie from his plate. "mmm, chocolate chip -- my favorite!"

They talked for a few minutes, until Jenny went to the family room to get the TV guide. When she returned, she saw Laura walk in, wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit, a white cotton skirt, and sneakers. "I already told Jimmy I'm using the family room to practice for cheerleader tryouts tomorrow, so maybe you guys can find something else to do -- unless you want to watch," she said as she grabbed the last cookie from Jimmy's hand. Jenny was glaring at her sister, looking at the practice outfit she was wearing.

"What's with the swimsuit? Don't you have some sweats or something?" she seemed angry with Laura. Jimmy got up to put the dirty plates in the sink.

"I need to wear something that lets me move, Jen, and I had to turn in my uniform from last year. Once I'm back on the team I'll be issued a new one. Anyway, this swimsuit is too old to wear to the pool, so I might as well use it for something." She smiled briefly at Jimmy, then spun around and went to the family room. Jimmy watched her as she walked out, then was surprised to notice that Jenny was watching her too. Music started emanating from the hall.

"Let's go do homework upstairs, where it's not so LOUD!" Jenny grabbed her backpack, then Jimmy's arm, and they went up to her room.

Although he found it difficult to concentrate, Jimmy managed to get some studying done. He even helped Jenny with hers, and by the time Mrs. Dale came home they were both half-sprawled on her bed, surrounded by books and papers. Mrs. Dale popped her head in the open doorway, and was visibly thrilled to see them working together. "Hey, Jenny, looks like someone's being a good influence on you!"

"Oh no, Mrs. Dale, It was Jenny's idea to do homework. I would have probably been watching TV or something." Jimmy sat up, suddenly self-concious of being on a bed with Jenny.

"Well still, it's quite a sight to see my daughter working so hard -- I'm sure it's good for her to have a classmate to study with!" With that, she went to her room to change.

Jenny played with a pencil for a moment, then sat up pensively. "You ARE a good influence on me, Jay. I think so, anyway. Am I a good influence on you?"

"Oh yeah, totally." Jimmy had been in study-mode for so long that her personal question caught him off-guard. "I mean, you're uh, like a great influence."

"So you feel like a better student? Like that?"

"No, not like that. It's more like, well, I don't know. It's just that I feel good about being here and doing stuff with you and all." Jimmy felt like he was starting to stutter.

Jenny looked at him coyly, then returned her gaze to her pencil. "Even when you're wearing PANTIES???" She started laughing and pounced, tickling Jimmy as he reclined on the bed. He howled with laughter, even as he was overcome with tingles everywhere that Jenny touched him. Without too much effort, Jenny had him pinned down on the bed, straddling him and holding down his wrists. From the hallway, they heard the sounds of Laura coming up to change, so Jenny leaned down slowly and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, reprising the one she gave him yesterday. Then, she was off.

The rest of the evening was quite enjoyable for everyone. Mrs. Dale ordered pizza, and all of them watched sitcoms for a while. When it was time for bed, Jimmy went to Jenny's room and reached under the pillow where he had left the baby doll from the night before, neatly folded. It wasn't there. He turned around just as Jenny sidled in, holding something behind her back. She was wearing a thick white robe, tied at the waist, and she was humming in a teasing way at Jimmy.

"Guess what I'VE got..."

"I, uh, is it..."

"YES! It's time for you to get into your nightie, Jenny Two!" With her eyes lit up, Jenny held up the pink satin slip-style nightie she had been wearing the night before. "I told you I would get you to try this one to see if you liked it better than my baby doll..."

Jimmy's face was almost as pink as the nightie. His tingles were out of control. This was the moment he had been daydreaming about all day at school. He reached for the nightie, and Jenny shook her head. "Uh-uh. First take off your shirt. I'll put it on you."

He took off his shirt, feeling embarassed but not in a bad way, as Jenny walked up close to him. She stretched up and leaned against him slightly as she pulled the flimsy garment down over his head. "Give me your arms." One at a time, she pulled his hands through the spaghetti straps, and let the pink material fall down around him. "Now take off your pants and shorts." He sheepishly complied, and she stood back to see how it fit.

"I love this on you! You look better in it than I do!" Jimmy denied that immediately, but he was captivated by how this nightie felt on him. The smooth, light material was like nothing he'd ever felt. There was a little lace trim at the top, and although it was a little longer than the baby doll, the back was more revealing, and he felt cold. He wasn't sure if it was the temperature of the room, or his nervousness at having Jenny dress him in her nightclothes again.

He wasn't sure if she noticed, but his nipples were becoming visible from under the smooth fabric. The feel of the satin was combining with his giddyness to light his chest atingle, and this was causing a much more embarassing problem abit lower. Jenny was walking around him, adjusting the straps, and noticed the unmistakeable sign of his arousal protruding slightly from under the pink sheath.

Jimmy quickly leaned forward a little, to mask his problem, and looked questioningly at Jenny. "Is there anything else that goes with this?" he squeaked.

"Like what? Do you want something else to wear? Something underneath?" Jenny's face was one big smile.

"Yes, something underneath -- please?"

"Say it. Ask me for them. I want to hear you say it." She formed her lips silently around the word.

Jimmy was almost trembling when he replied, "Panties? Can I please have some panties to wear with this?"

Giggling loudly, Jenny pulled out a pair of pale pink lace panties from the pocket of her robe. She held them up to Jimmy's waist, which started hilighting his surging excitement below the waist again, so he quickly grabbed them out of her hands. He looked at the panties, the see-through fabric, the pink stretchiness, and then looked imploringly at giggling Jenny.

"Oh, okay, I'll turn around. You can put on your panties now, you shy little girl!"

Without replying, Jimmy stepped into the panties and pulled them up. They fit snuggly, and did manage to contain his maleness somewhat, although not completely. In fact, the feel of the lace against him was making a big problem feel bigger and bigger, even though he held his body in such a way as to obscure it.

Mrs. Dale came in to check on them, noticed that Jimmy was already in his nightie, and remarked that it seemed to fit him quite nicely. "Isn't this the one Jenny was wearing, though?" They both nodded. "So what are you going to wear tonight?"

Jenny opened her robe to reveal the light blue baby doll that Jimmy wore last night. Mrs. Dale nodded silently as she looked at her daughter, then turned to Jimmy. "Is that going to be enough for you? How about a robe?" Jimmy nodded this time, picturing himself walking into the kitchen in the morning with nothing but this pink nightie to hide his maleness.

While Mrs. Dale was getting a robe, Jenny said, "Is this okay? I wanted us to switch nighties tonight. I think it's fun. Are you okay with that?"

"Sure, Jenny. I think it's fun, too. I think you've got lots of fun ideas."

Jenny's eyes twinkled. With her robe still open, she hugged him tightly, and this time he had no doubt that she could feel what was going on under his panties. He pulled away slightly, even as he was hugging her back. Then he felt her lips kiss him softly on the neck and pull away. "Oh no, you're shivering again! I think this might be too cold for you! Do you want something else?"

"No, I want to wear this tonight. I mean, this is fine -- I'm not too cold."

Mrs. Dale left his robe draped across a chair and said goodnight as she went downstairs. "Jenny, time for bed..."

"Okay, Mom." Jenny said, then turned back to Jimmy. "So, maybe some tights? How bout we both wear tights tonight? Can I get you into a pair of tights? Please?" Jimmy's face blazed red as he nodded and smiled.

In an instant, Jenny pranced to her dresser and pulled out two pairs of opaque white tights. She had Jimmy sit down on the edge of the bed, next to her, as she showed him how to gather up one leg of the tights and pull it over one foot, then the other leg. Then, standing, and without a word, they both pulled their tights up over their knees, then their thighs, then up to their waists, Jimmy mimicing everything Jenny did. He realized that she might be able to see something of his anatomy under the tights, but noticed with relief that she was focused on her own tights at that moment. He let his nightie drape down, and couldn't keep from looking as she finished with hers. She looked up to see him staring and flushed instantly.

She looked down at his white nylon-clad legs lingeringly, then at her own. "Hey, we have pretty much the same legs." The whole situation was unreal for him. He thought only briefly of all the pictures of girls in tights he had memorized in his Sears catalog, and thought much more deeply about the tightness around his waist, the smell of Jenny's perfume all over him, and her slender white legs as they stepped toward him one more time.

"Well, good night," she said as she gave him one more hug, this time brushing one leg against his. One of her feet stepped lightly on his, and he felt electric tingles run up and down his spine as her toes traced along the top of his foot for a second or two. With one more peck on the lips, Jenny turned and scurried out, closing the door behind her.

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