Fraternity Haze

Jimmy desperately wanted to join the same fraternity as super-hot stud Mike and was willing to suffer through a lot of hazing; little did he know just how far some of the frat brothers would go to drive him away but somehow he held on until the last night... and then things went terribly wrong.

Fraternity Haze

By Teresa Ann Wood

Edited by Valerie Preston

Panic showing plain on his handsome features, Mike dived into the closet with me, Dave close behind him. Neither had had time to grab any of their clothes and their engorged erections bounced comically as they ran, I could see Robin kicking the clothes of both men under the bed as Melinda threw on her robe and rushed to head off her parents. Losing my balance from the impact I toppled back over the rolled up sleeping bag and landed atop a pile of shoes with Mike tripping to land on top of me and Dave only barely keeping his feet as he spun to close the door. Twisting around in the darkness Mike crawled back to peer underneath the closet door, dropping his erection directly down on my chest and his balls into the hollow of my throat. I started to protest but both men hissed for me to be quiet.

"You give us away you little bastard and I'll cut your balls off!" Dave threatened.

Lying as still as possible I stare up into the dark, thankful that the others couldn't see the look on my face. I was much smaller than both men and had been forced to defend my heterosexuality all of my young life. Now that I was in college and pledging for a fraternity it was even more important that I maintain my masculinity but, unfortunately, the current situation we found ourselves in was threatening my secret.
College wasn't as hard as high school, where everyone knew everyone else and remembered every stupid thing you had done in your whole life. Back home I had been beaten up as a faggot more than once but by my teens the bullies had found other people to pick on and I worked hard to be invisible. Not too difficult considering my small size. No girls ever accepted my date requests and I had been forced to take the biggest, ugliest girl in school to the senior prom. Through all those years I had maintained that I was not gay, and I truly believed that I was not, until I met Mike Stephens.

No one who saw Mike would say that he was anything but gorgeous. Tall, strong, and a body he had worked hard to perfect, he was the best looking person of either sex I had ever seen. We met when I went to a summer orientation a month before my freshmen year in college was to begin; he was a soon-to-be junior and one of the guides. I immediately became flustered at the sight of him and had trouble looking him in the eye throughout my tour. I dreamed about him that night and by morning was masturbating to fantasies of seeing him naked. So much for my dreams of not being gay. I joined Mike's fraternity as soon as I was able and Mike had to vouch for me just to get me in the door. I dreaded the coming hazing but resolutely vowed to survive it just to live in the same house with Mike. I had already heard that they used a community shower and I couldn't wait to see him naked.

And the hazing was just as bad as you can imagine; probably worse than most people would have expected. Because of my tiny size I seemed to be the favorite whipping boy of all the upper classmen and had to embarrass and debase myself in many different ways. But it wasn't all bad; some of the things I had to do were almost wonderful.

Right off the bat they ordered me and some of the other smaller pledges to wear panties and bras at all times, subject to be shown to anyone who asked to see them. Word got out quickly around campus and I had to show my underwear off several times each day. One by one the other pledges were allowed to stop wearing them, but even after two weeks of hazing I still had to wear mine; but that was one of the wonderful parts; I loved every minute of it.
I had secretly crossdressed at home for years even while valiantly defending my heterosexuality to myself. Having a perfectly acceptable excuse to wear feminine underwear in public was like heaven and I had to pretend to be embarrassed when some stranger I didn't even know demanded that I show him or her my panties in class or out on the quad. Everyone knew that I was being forced to wear them so my nightmare of being caught was at least temporarily suspended, and when the other pledges one by one were released from that torment after successfully completing some ridiculous task, I just didn't bring it up, telling the one or two who asked that I'd rather wear the panties than have to swallow live goldfish or dance atop the Dean's house naked during lunch. Surprisingly no one thought this all that strange, and so the sight of me with the lines of a bra showing beneath my t-shirt was not even questioned. Now, with Mike's naked body pressing against mine in the darkness of the closet, I wasn't concerned about him feeling the outlines of my bra or the smoothness of my panties beneath the women's top and short black skirt he himself had ordered me to wear. What I did dread was if he happened to discover the raging hard-on I was sporting... not that it was very big, easily unnoticed in most any other situation, but with him lying directly on me and so little material between us, I had to figure he would notice it poking into his stomach.

And there was literally nothing I could do about it. Thinking about baseball or whatever was useless when I could feel his weight on top of me and feel the hairs of his balls tickling my chin. His cock, the object of so many of my fantasies, was hard and right there, so close to my mouth I couldn't help but drool. If he scooted back just a few inches I would be able to taste him, so there was no way I was going to convince my cock to go limp now; I wanted to remember every moment of this before it was over!
So now the real question is, how did we get in this situation? Pretty simple, really; I was ordered by Mike and Dave, both of which were fraternity officers, to accompany them on a visit to their girlfriends Melinda and Robin; the daughters of the Dean. Both were very attractive but also kind of slutty and Robin was only seventeen; jail bait in our state. In a last attempt at driving me from the fraternity Dave had come up with the ultimate embarrassment, or so Mike had warned me privately, and as the end of the three-week hazing period would soon be over all I had to do was get through this one last
evening and I was a shoe-in to join the fraternity. Certain that nothing Dave could think of was worse than some of the things they had already done to me and some of the others, I was satisfied that I could survive one more evening.

Mike came to my room in mid afternoon, bringing me the pink top, skirt, and pantyhose it had been decided that I must wear. Pretending to reluctantly change I went with the others to the Dean's home, finding out once there that the Dean and his wife were out for the evening and the girls had the house to themselves. Figuring that he had thought of something I would have to refuse, Dave really didn't like me, my task of the evening was to hold each man's dick and insert it into his girlfriend's pussy. I guess it was something Dave thought of as the ultimate shameful act.

"You've never even seen a pussy, so this is your chance to see two and see what a man does with them," he had joked, shoving me around as he explained my duties. I acted very upset but couldn't wait to see, and hold, Mike's cock in my hand. No matter what he did with it afterward, two of my most cherished fantasies were about to come true.
After all four of them were naked, Dave and the girls looked good but Mike was amazing, I carefully took Mike's dick in my hand and worked it up and down Melinda's juicy slit, wishing that it was me who had the pussy that was about to be invaded by Mike's big, thick cock. His dick was as beautiful as he was, in an angry, veined sort of way. I took as long as I possibly could working the thick head inside her without seeming to and was thrilled when Dave ordered me to let go and do him first.

"I'm the president of the fraternity, and no one told you to do Mike first," he had sneered. I didn't complain, ecstatic that I would get to hold Mike again, and worked Dave's respectable cock into Robin's tight teen pussy before returning to take care of 'my' man Mike. Gripping him only slightly tighter than was truly necessary, I again took my time working the head of his meat into Melinda's snatch, letting go only when Mike slid himself deep inside for that first long stroke.

Grumbling something at me, Dave looked mad that I hadn't refused to follow my orders but didn't respond when I asked him to repeat it as he was already pounding away on Robin. Pausing with his cock buried in Melinda, Mike translated for me.

"Dave said for you to go downstairs and watch out in case their parents come home," he said, turning his attention away from me and back to the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. Imagine; being fucked by Mike Stephens! I couldn't think of anything I would enjoy more and she was lying there in that frilly twin bed taking it for granted.

Before I left the room I paused to admire Mike's powerful ass as he pile-drived the whimpering girl beneath him. Leaving the door slightly ajar I finally tore myself away from the sight and minced downstairs, trying not to cry at the unfairness of it all. I wanted Mike so bad and to be so close to him and not have the opportunity to kiss him, suck him, taste him, was devastating.

Dejectedly I walked down the stairs, trying to lose my unhappiness in the joy of watching my nylon-clad legs lifting the hem of my skirt as I walked. Not even the sight of my A-cup tits, falsies added to my daily costume as ordered by Dave only a week ago, thrusting out the girlish pink top did anything to ease my gloom. Flouncing into the Dean's huge living room I petulantly flopped onto his couch and sulked there in the darkness, tormented by the sounds of the lovemaking I could plainly hear from upstairs but couldn't join in on. Would I die a virgin? Would Mike ever notice me? Not that I wanted him to; I didn't want to be known as a queer. Was that bitch Melinda cumming again? While fucking my man? I was so mad I almost didn't react when the headlights shone over the front windows.

As such things generally work out; it was the girl's parents coming home early. I ran upstairs to warn the others and was the first to follow Robin's command of 'hide in the closet'. We all knew we were risking expulsion from the university and more; Robin was underage and Dave at least was looking at possible jail time if we were caught. That's how I came to have Mike's naked body pressing down atop mine; it was almost worth getting caught just to have him there, but I really couldn't face him if he noticed my erection. I lay as still as possible; not wanting to make any noise but also hoping that Mike would mirror me and stay exactly where he was, for hours if possible, and be so intent on watching for trouble beneath the closet door that he wouldn't notice my little panty-covered dick throbbing beneath him. I was so excited that I thought that I might could cum right there, just from feeling Mike's weight pressing down on me.

We lay there for a few minutes, everyone trying to control their breathing, as I wished for just a little more light so that I could see Mike's body more clearly. What little light we had was blocked from my sight by Mike's ass, so we lay quietly listening to Melinda and Robin speaking with their parents. Melinda was downstairs, talking with the Dean while Robin and her mother were standing just outside the girl's room, speaking of why they had cancelled their dinner plans. These conversations went on for a seemingly long time, when Dave shifted his weight and a high-heeled shoe by his foot fell over with a soft 'thunk'.

"Did you hear that?" demanded the Dean's wife, suddenly charging into the girl's room. "I heard a sound from the closet," she stated, stalking directly towards us. Involuntarily Mike shifted his weight back, pushing away from the door and discovery before he realized there was no where to go or hide before he froze again into immobility. I very nearly came right then and there because his inadvertent movement had slid his balls up over my chin and onto the bridge of my nose, leaving the base of his still erect cock resting partially across my lips. His dick was sticky from Melinda's pussy, and smelled like her, but I couldn't help opening my mouth slightly and extending my tongue to rest lightly against him; there was no way he'd feel such a soft touch when his mind was concentrated elsewhere.

"It's just another mouse, Mom," Robin complained. "They chew up stuff in the closet and I can hear them in the walls at night. You promised you'd do something about it."

Pausing with her hand on the closet doorknob, Robin's mom decided not to open the door after all. Seeing a mouse was something she couldn't stand, and Robin knew that.

"I'll ask your father to pick up some more mousetraps," she promised, beating a hasty retreat from the room.
Once her mother had entered the bathroom and closed the door, Robin opened the closet a crack and whispered something to Dave, reaching in to give his dick a good squeeze and a few promissory strokes before she shut the door again. While the light shone in Mike had risen to hands and knees, perhaps thinking we could make a break for it, and gave me a truly amazing view of his manhood directly over my face. Once Robin closed the door again he had relaxed back into his previous position with his balls now resting directly on my eyes and even more of his hard cock on my face. I was truly in ecstasy!

"What did she say?" Mike whispered, his voice sounding muffled to me as his thighs were against my ears.

"She said to be quiet, and not to even move because her father is directly below us and the floors of this old house are even thinner than the walls," Dave replied, his voice barely above a breath.

"For how long? I'm killing Jimmy," Mike said.

That's me, Jimmy, although when I'm dressed I prefer Jenny.

"Be quiet, and be still," whispered Dave.
For the first time ever I loved Dave; I didn't want Mike to ever move. Unable to speak I reached up to pat Mike on the shoulder and gave him a thumb's up to let him know I wasn't in any pain or anything. Reaching back Mike briefly gripped my hand to let me know that he had gotten my signal, and likely thanking me for being such a good sport about it all. I nearly giggled with joy as his actions rubbed his wonderful cock
against my mouth. Teasingly I eased my tongue back out seek his flavor beneath that of Melinda's pussy juice, again being sure not to do anything he would notice. It may have been nothing but my imagination but he tasted better than anything I had ever tried before. It was all I could do not to grip his ass cheeks in both hands and begin the wholesale licking of his thick meat.
After what must have been an hour, but felt like nothing more than a few minutes to my joy-drenched mind, Robin came back to the closet door and told us that her parents were sitting out on the front porch and, while we couldn't leave, we could at least move to a more comfortable position and perhaps even get dressed. Reaching beneath the bed she pulled out a handful of clothes and thrust them into Dave's arms before reaching down to again teasingly stroke his cock back to full hardness. Once she had left Dave pulled a cigarette lighter from the pocket of his pants and lit it, giving Mike enough light to extricate himself from off the top of me. I really didn't want him to go. In the few seconds of light I noticed that he was still rock-hard and ready to fuck; likely thinking of getting back between Melinda's thighs. Working ourselves around in the tiny closet we all regained our feet as Dave tried to separate the clothing.

"Great," he whispered. "I've got my underwear and pants, but no shirt. All you've got is a shirt and a pair of socks."

"Just put on what we have," Mike whispered back. "We'll get the rest later."

I said nothing, just happy to think of Mike's cock still naked and hard next to me.

I was still wearing all my clothes, of course; panties, bra, pantyhose, skirt and top. My shoes were female as well, black with a low heel. Standing between them as I was, I barely came to either of their chins. The closet was deeper than it was wide, so we were crammed together tightly enough there by the door that I could feel either man's hard cock against my stomach or back with a slight sway in either direction, with the clothes of the two girls keeping us from proceeding deeper into it unless we lay back on the floor. I waited until Dave next squirmed about, seeking a more comfortable position and then used the cover of his movement to push myself firmly against Mike, his big dick pressing into my pretty pink top just below my breasts.

"Quit shoving Dave," Mike growled. I didn't move as Dave whispered an apology. I just stood very still hoping that Mike would eventually accept that I was unable to back away because of Dave. Gloriously he did.

"We gotta get out of here," Dave whined. "Maybe we should make a break for it? Run out the back or jump out the window or something?"

"Don't be stupid, Dave. We just have to wait until the Dean and his wife go to bed. It can't be long now," Mike replied, his words trailing away as we heard the Dean come back into the house, announcing loudly that he was going to work in his den. That was the room directly below us.

We stood there quietly for a while, listening to the Dean's wife humming as she did some laundry downstairs. Easing ourselves about as quietly as we could we sought to avoid cramps from the tight quarters, although I didn't let Mike's cock get away from me for even an instant if I could help it. Quietly I was trying to rub away a crick in my neck when Mike gently took the back of my head in one of his big, strong hands and urged me to rest my face on his chest.

"It's ok, you can rest your neck this way," he whispered directly into my ear, causing a bolt of pure lightning to leap from my ear to my cock and back again. I did so gladly, leaning totally against him and reveling in the scent of him as I glorified in the thick wedge of meat pressing against my ribs. What a perfect man.

We stood there for most of another hour, with Mike maintaining his erection the whole time. I began inventing fantasies about the situation; pretending that it was contact with my body that kept him hard and they all ended up with me on my knees sucking him and then being thrown to the floor of the closet for the glorious fucking I so deserved. Finally we heard the Dean's voice again, and a few doors being closed. This time it was Melinda who opened the closet.

"Hurry and get dressed," she whispered, seeing Mike's still rampant cock. With a twinkle in her eye she immediately grabbed him by his dick and playfully tugged him out
of the closet. Muffling his groan he followed her to the bed and enjoyed a hand-job as she used her other hand to feel about under the bed for rest of his clothes. Not being able to find them without letting go, she looked at me and lifted an eyebrow. Understanding her request, I knelt down and crawled partially under the bed, finding the rest of Dave and Mike's clothes well back from the edge. Hoping that Mike was enjoying the view of my panty-covered behind I grabbed the clothes, pausing only to hold Mike's shorts to my face for a moment before I crawled out. I had been doing his laundry for three weeks now, and was well acquainted with his wonderful smell. Disgusted I found Melinda sucking Mike's cock like it was the last she'd ever see. Tossing the clothes on the bed I crossed to the door of the bedroom at Dave's hissed command and kept watch on the hallway, seeing Robin standing down the way watching her parent's bedroom.

Thankfully Melinda didn't have time to bring Mike all the way to orgasm. For that I was thankful; to see him come in another woman's mouth would have been more than I could bear. I'd hate to burst out in tears in front of them all. Once the boys were dressed we followed Melinda out into the hall one at a time; Dave first, then Mike, then me. Aware of the creakiness of the old floors and especially the stairs, we moved slowly and cautiously, taking our time before we placed our full body weight on a spot. It took an eternity for us to make it down the stairs and only a split second for it all to go wrong.

Dave had made the front door, which was being held open by Melinda, and was waiting on the front porch as Mike crossed the floor from the stairway to join him. I was on the third stair up, slowly stepping on the second, when the door to the Dean's bedroom suddenly opened. Robin immediately went into action, speaking to her father as she pretended to be on her way to the bathroom, but the Dean brushed her off and headed for the stairs.

"Just a second Hon, I need to get something from the den," he explained. It was only three good steps from his bedroom door to the top of the stairs and I barely had time to reach the floor before he saw me. The look of surprise on his face quickly faded to another emotion I wasn't certain about, but I knew what it meant for me; I was a dead man. An expelled dead man.

"Hello there, you must be a friend of Melinda's," he stated, coming down the stairs quickly with his hand outstretched. Glancing back over my shoulder I found Melinda standing next to me, a terrified smile on her face. The front door still stood ajar but there was no sign of my two 'friends'. Stunned and uncertain, I managed to put out my dainty little hand as Melinda introduced me to her father.

"Yes dad, this is my friend Jenny. She's a freshman at the girl's college," she said, speaking of the small private college that shared the same town with the Dean's sprawling university. I was trembling as we shook hands; not believing for a moment that the man was actually mistaking me for a real girl.

"So nice to meet you, Jenny. Any friend of Melinda's is welcome here. Out kind of late aren't you?"

I couldn't think of anything to say but again Melinda came to my rescue.

"She needs some help with her schoolwork and I offered to tutor her. This was the only time she could make it."

A sucker for anything academic, the Dean gave me a wink before he replied. "That's fine, Melinda. Perhaps you should ask Jenny to spend the night? That is, if her parents wouldn't mind?"

"That's a great idea dad, thanks," Melinda said, her fake smile quivering. "We'll call them in a bit."

Smiling in return the Dean stepped aside, offering me the stairs with a flourish. With Melinda's hand on my arm I made my way upstairs, my legs trembling so badly I probably would have collapsed without her aid.

"What a perv," Melinda whispered as we reached the top of the stairs. "He watched you all the way up the stairs just so he could peak up your skirt."
Embarrassed beyond belief I kept my eyes focused on the floor as we made our way back into the girl's shared bedroom. Robin looked as scared as Melinda but neither could match the fear living in my chest.

"What are we going to do?" Robin whispered, having heard the conversation with her father. "He can't stay the night!"

Melinda shook her head. "No, but she can," she said, staring meaningfully at her sister. It took a long moment but Robin finally accepted it.

"Ok, but there's no way we can let mom see... her, and not dad either in the light of day. She'd never pass."

Turning me towards her Melinda looked me over. "No, but with a little makeup and some different clothes, I think we can get her out of the house."

No one asked me what I thought, they just made their plans without me. As a pledge to the fraternity I was supposed to be under their control this evening, just like I was Dave and Mike's, so perhaps they were just continuing along in the same vein. I only tried once to make a suggestion, and was shushed before I even got a word out.

"You'll need to practice a more feminine voice before you speak," Robin cautioned. "Your mannerisms are good and your body looks great, but your voice is a dead giveaway."

"Not that it couldn't work with a little practice," Melinda added. "But it is your biggest flaw."

Nodding I accepted their decision and stood awkwardly as they discussed my fate. To let me leave now would look suspicious since we were supposed to be studying and the girls eventually agreed on keeping me there that night but set their alarm clock to get up extremely early. That way they could hopefully sneak me out of the house before their parents got up and explain that I had an early class.
Dressed in one of Melinda's nightgowns I spent the night in her bed while she slept with her sister. Torn between fear and excitement I slept very little, extremely conscious of what I was wearing and where I was sleeping. My few moments of sleep were broken by dreams of being fucked by Mike in this same bed; just as he had been fucking Melinda in it a few hours before. When the alarm went off, I was awake and ready to make a break for it. Unfortunately Robin found that her father was already up.

"He has an early meeting, so he's downstairs making himself breakfast," she had explained. "We can't him see Jenny; he'll get busted for sure."

Melinda knew what they had to do. "Then let's fix her up so dad won't be suspicious; I'll find her some clean clothes and you work on her makeup. Jenny can go downstairs and straight out the front door so that if dad does see her, it'll be only a glimpse. I think she can pass if we do a good job."
With no other options the two put their plan into motion, and shortly I was wearing makeup and had my hair combed out and fixed into a very feminine style. My clothing was a simple pink dress but my underwear was very elaborate with stockings and even a corset to give me as womanly a figure as possible. The full slip felt wonderful against my stocking-clad and freshly shaven legs and even to me my reflection looked fully like a woman. The whole transformation had taken the two girls only about forty-five minutes to complete.

"Come one, let's get her out of here before mom gets up," Robin said.

Clutching my borrowed purse I walked as swiftly as I could in the short-heeled pink shoes, stumbling twice before we made it down the stairs. The Dean was waiting for us at the bottom.

"Good morning girls," he said, looking me in the eye. "Jenny, it's so nice to see you again. I trust you slept well?" he asked, dropping quick, leering glances at my breasts. He really was an old horn-dog.

Remembering what the other girls had said about my voice, I squeaked a soft, "Yes sir," and tried to keep it shut.

"Would any of like some breakfast?" the Dean asked us, but he was really asking me. Thankfully Robin interceded for me at that point.

"No thanks dad, Jenny has an early class and has to get going. She's almost late as it is."

Unwilling to let the cute little angel from his sight so easy the Dean offered to drive me in his car. I didn't want to protest too much as I was uneasy about my voice and before I knew it I was being ushered out to the Dean's audi.

"Don't you worry at all, Jenny," he soothed. "I'll have you to class in just a few moments. I looked fearfully towards his daughters, who looked every bit as frightened as I was. They could do nothing else for me except give sad little waves from the front porch of their home.
Trying to remember every feminine mannerism I had ever seen, I waited while the Dean opened my door for me and made sure to tuck my skirt under me as I slid sideways into the seat. I had seen women do that when wearing a skirt and apparently I did it well as the Dean kept that sick little smile of his plastered on his face as he ogled my legs. The trip to the private school went well enough; the Dean asked me many personal questions but took my one or two word answers easily enough as he much preferred to hear himself speaking. He told one or two jokes, using the deliverance of the punch line to place his
hand on my knee and squeeze. The old perv was actually hitting on me!

Once we came close to the girl's school I began to get worried anew; I knew nothing of the campus and had no idea where to tell him to drop me off. Luckily I saw a number of people filing into a big stone building and I pretended that was where my class was. Hurrying around to my side, the Dean opened my door and gave me his hand to help me out of the car. Forgetting to keep my legs together I inadvertently allowed him to see quite a bit more leg than I had intended, and true to form he took it as a hint that I was flirting with him, causing him to hold onto my hand just a little tighter and longer than he might have otherwise. I made all this worse when I accidentally bumped the back of my hand into his pants as I hurried past him, the unmistakable outline of an engorged cock easily identifiable. Smiling the Dean took my accident as intentional, and gave my butt a brief squeeze as I escaped.

"You're certain you have to make this class?" he asked, the leer on his face leaving no doubt as to what he had in mind.

"Oh, ah yes, I do. It's very important," I all but whispered, hurrying away towards the building.

"Well you come back to visit any time, Jenny. You're always welcome to stay the night with me," the Dean called. I knew exactly what he meant; he had not had a slip of the tongue. Waving goodbye I hurried along the walk, watching from the corner of my eye to see when his car was out of sight so that I could change direction. Unfortunately the old perv stood by his car and watched my wiggling ass until I had to enter the building to get out of his sight. Only then did he leave.

Ignoring the strange looks the other girls in the building were giving me; they obviously didn't know me and wondered who I was, I left by the backdoor and hurried down the nearest street on the lookout for the Dean's car. I didn't want to accidentally be seen and perhaps even picked back up by the man. Seeing a payphone I found enough change in Melinda's purse to make a call and with trembling fingers dialed the frat house. It took some time to convince whoever answered that I needed him to wake up Mike, but eventually I was able to explain where I was and beg a ride. Thirty minutes later I was safely in his car.

"Damn, Jimmy, you look great," he blurted as I slid onto the seat. Mortified I looked at him, causing him to blush and backtrack quickly. "Sorry," he said. "I forgot myself. But I can't help noticing that you look... well... just a real girl. I wouldn't have known you if you hadn't gotten into the car."

Blushing, I murmured an explanation about the girls' helping me and loaning me the clothes and followed with a quick summary of what had happened after he and Dave fled. The only thing I left out was the Dean's flirtations, particularly when he rubbed by ass. Mike apologized for abandoning me and said the two boys waited outside the Dean's house for more than an hour before deciding that I must have slipped out another way. Since the police hadn't come, they figured that I hadn't been caught. He also expressed envy at spending the night with both of the sisters.

"That must have been something; three beautiful girls in one room!" he joked.
Thrilled with his compliments I didn't know how to handle them and as soon as possible went quiet, but couldn't help sneaking peaks of him out of the corner of my eye. I knew that I looked better at this moment than I ever had in my life and being treated as a beautiful woman, even if my friend was only teasing me, felt absolutely wonderful. What my eyes saw with my sneaking glances was Mike wearing ratty old jeans and a white t-shirt, his hair uncombed from sleep. What my mind saw was Mike totally nude and with an erection sticking upwards so far it was interfering with the steering wheel. Giggling despite myself I imagined taking him into my mouth and sucking his dick limp simply for safety's sake; we didn't want to be in an accident did we? Unaware of the reasons for my laughter, Mike joined in.

"Yeah, I guess we did dodge a big one this time, didn't we?" he said.

I agreed and he went on talking, telling of legendary fraternity pranks of the past. I alternated looking him in the eyes when he glanced my way with staring at the bulge of his package when he watched the road, finding that I was thoroughly enjoying myself now that the danger of being caught in the Dean's residence was past. We were nearing the campus quickly, too quickly, and I began to wish that we had a lot further to drive. Once we got back to the frat house, my hazing would end and I would have to give up my panties and skirts. Desperately I tried to think of some excuse to remain dressed the way I was and in remain in Mike's company but nothing would come to mind. Thankfully Mike came to my rescue.

"Hey, I'm hungry. Want to stop for breakfast?"

Mind spinning I stuttered out a 'yes'. What did agreeing to this do to my image in Mike's eyes? I knew I was gay and totally gaga over him but he certainly had no clue. By agreeing to be seen in public after hazing was over, it was possible that he might understand that I wanted to be dressed this way. If he ever suspected that I was secretly in love with him I just knew that I would die. Whatever he was thinking remained a secret, and the dear boy just kept telling frat stories until we pulled into a small restaurant.

"Wait, don't get out," Mike said when I reached for the door handle.

Leaping out of his side of the care he hurried around to my side and opened my door. Flustered I daintily spun my legs around and took his hand as I stood, my confusing obvious to him. Laughing he explained, "Hey, you've got to believe me when I say just how amazing you look. You're the hottest girl I've ever been seen with and I think we should try and fool everyone in the restaurant if we can."

Blushing I stepped aside so he could close my door before I spoke. "You really think we can fool them?"

Grinning he slid an arm around my waist. "No problem; no one is going to mistake you for a man, trust me. Besides; even if we do get caught we'll just say it was a last minute stab at hazing you before we let you join the frat. No one is going to question me on something like that."

Too excited at having his arm around my tiny waist, I didn't bother to argue. He could have told me the moon was made of cheese and I would have just nodded dumbly at that point. Guiding me along, we entered the restaurant and asked for a booth in the very back. Mike continued to act the gentlemen and seated me before sliding in beside me. Again I felt a thrill to have him sitting beside me, our hips touching in the narrow booth, but I had no idea about how I should react. Was he just playing a game or was he flirting with me too? Either way, I was on cloud nine. Naturally something arose to break my reverie.

"Mike, I need to pee," I blurted, barely remembering to keep my feminized voice at a whisper. How could I have agreed to come here? There was no way I could hold it throughout the entire meal and the ride home.

Failing to see the problem Mike simply slid out of the booth and took my hand. "So go use the ladies room; no one will question you."

I protested by Mike's assurances and the tightness of my bladder soon convinced me to make the attempt. Nervous and trembling I approached the bathrooms with fear making my heart pound beneath my corset. The place was nearly empty but I just knew that someone, likely a woman, would immediately raise a ruckus when I entered the ladies room. Despite my fears I pushed the door open with issue and found myself alone.

Making use of the nearest stall I began to relax as my bladder emptied and by the time I was finished had regained my composure. Pausing at the mirror on the way out I took time to touch up my makeup before leaving, passing an older lady at the door without a problem as I left. Happy that I had passed such a trial, I floated back to where Mike awaited me and gleefully slid into the booth after he stood.

"See?" he said. "No one even noticed, did they?"

Agreeing that they didn't, I breathlessly commented. "I can't believe no one can tell I'm not a girl!"

"You should take my word for it Jenny; you look nothing like a boy anymore. You are one hot babe," Mike said, handing me a menu.

The meal went great, though I hardly ate anything. Mike continued to be a gentleman and, even better, treated me like a lady. Our waitress suspected nothing, or was one great actress, and by the time Mike was finished wolfing down two stacks of pancakes and half my eggs we had laughed until my side hurt. Regretfully I agreed that the meal was over and allowed my dream man to lead me back out to the car. Once seated, I managed to 'accidentally' flash Mike a little more leg than I had when I got out, my mind raced again with possible ways to delay our arrival back at the frat house. I truly didn't want my time with Mike, dressed as I was and being treated like I was, to end. Alas, it had to, and within moments we were home.

"Oh," Mike added as we got out of the car. "I spoke with Dave and he agreed that you could be my roommate if you want; once you're officially voted into the frat. You may not realize it yet, Jenny, but you've got a permanent favor owed to you by him now; you witnessed him having sex with a minor, so he won't be so quick to mistreat you in the future."

Blushing with joy I couldn't respond verbally so just nodded instead. Sleep in the same room with Mike? It would be wonderful, and heart-breaking, but that was probably the only thing that could have cheered me up now that it was time to abandon my female persona for good.

We entered the frat house with Mike's arm around my waist. He had whispered in my ear that it might be fun to see if we could fool the other guys before I changed and I had quickly agreed. Still acting the gentleman Mike held the door open for me and kept on hand in the small of my back at all times; giving me goose pimples of pleasure at his touch. Disappointed, we found no one else around, at least not on the ground floor. Surely some were in the various bedrooms but for the moment the rest of the house was quiet and abandoned. Regretfully I trudged upstairs, hoping that I wouldn't start crying. I loved how I looked, how I felt dressed this way with Mike's strong arm around me.

"Wow, Jenny, your legs are amazing," Mike whispered as he followed me up the stairs. "Did you shave them?"

Nodding that I had, I was still too choked up to talk, I led the way towards the pledge room where my stuff was located but found the door locked.

"What the...?" Mike asked, as surprised as I. "That door doesn't even have a lock, not since Moose broke it off last year when one of the pledges tried to hide from him. It must just be stuck."
Standing mutely by I watched as Mike tried to force the door to no avail; it simply wasn't going to budge. Finally Mike gave up.

"Oh well, it doesn't matter. You're staying with me now anyway; let's just go back to our room."

My heart skipped a beat at the words 'our room', but practicality burst forth. "Mike I need my things; I don't have anything to change into."

Stepping back Mike looked me up and down admiringly. "We'll get someone to open the door later and if you need something to wear you can borrow something of mine. Besides," he added, looking meaningfully at my legs, "you look too good to change; you should just stay dressed like that."

Ignoring the joyful choir that burst into my life between my ears, I made the excuses that a real man would make in such a situation but they sounded lame to me even as Mike brushed them away.

"You look good, you've already told me how comfortable those clothes are; just keep wearing them, no one but us will ever know. For all I care, you could stay dressed as a woman forever."

Light-headed with joy I allowed him to slip his arm around my waist and lead me to the top floor, where 'our' room was located. Once we were inside he immediately stripped off his t-shirt and jeans, tossing them back into the corner he probably took them from when he came to rescue me. Trying not to stare at his bulge I stood uncertainly in the very center of the room, unsure what to do with myself now that I was here.

"That's your bed," he pointed. "I sleep here," he continued, turning to the closest bed and dropping on it. I noticed that his was unmade and mine was just a bare mattress. "I hope you have some sheets and blankets."

Surprised I said that I didn't as I daintily sat upon the bed, keeping my knees together this time as a lady should.

"No problem, you can buy some later. Until then you can share my bed," Mike said patting the mattress beside him. "Come on over and check it out; it's not all that soft but it has served me well," he laughed. Amazed, surprised, and with a glimmer of hope in my heart I crossed the room and joined him, sitting down as close to him as I could manage. Could he possibly be teasing me? He was obviously flirting now; was it just a ruse? A trick? One last attempt at hazing? If so I was falling for it; sitting as close as I was couldn't be construed as anything but what it was; I, a woman, was demonstrating my interest in a man.
We sat together for a moment before Mike stood back up. "I think I'm going to grab a shower," he said, then unceremoniously stripped his shorts down to the ground. Stepping from them his thick member, already semi-hard and bouncing slightly as he moved, he moved a little closer to me spoke.

"Well, pledge, I assume you're still wearing your panties, right? Let's see them."

My mouth opened but I couldn't speak. Hazing was supposed to be over; I didn't have to do what he said, but the idea of lifting my skirt for him while he stood naked before me was too good to pass up. Keeping my eyes glued to his cock I stood, lifting the hem of my dress to give him a good look at my long legs covered only by my nude-colored stockings. My panties, a soft pink pair made of silk, were clearly visible to him. Fascinated I watched as his cock pulsed slightly, obviously getting harder as I looked.

"Very nice, Jenny," Mike said, his voice softer now. I looked up at him, finding his eyes focused on mine. "Now turn around, and show them to me from the back."

My heart racing I turned around, spreading my legs wide as I tugged my dress up even higher and then bent at the waist to present my girlish bottom to him. To my amazement he stepped closer to me and touched me on the butt cheeks, softly stroking them were they were covered by the panties.

"You are so damned hot, Jenny! I should make you suck my cock for turning me on like this. Do you want to join the fraternity, Jenny? Would you suck my cock to earn my vote?"

Turning slowly, my mind made up, I met his eyes as my right hand slid out to
gently take his hard member.

"No, Mike, I won't. But I would suck my boyfriend's cock, if he asked me too," I whisper.

For a long moment he said nothing, just staring into my eyes. His mischievous smile was there, the one that had often forced me to find a quiet corner to masturbate in, and finally he replied.

"Well Jenny, your boyfriend is asking; will you suck my cock for me?"

Moaning in absolute lust I slide to my knees, gripping his beautiful cock in my hand as I began stroking it gently. I wanted him so badly I couldn't wait to taste him, but because one part of me still thought that this was some kind of trick I didn't want to hurry through it too fast. I stroked it lovingly for a time, inspecting it as it completed its journey to full erection, then began licking it firmly as I had dreamed of so often. Beginning at
the base I licked every glorious inch of his manhood until it gleamed wet with my saliva. Pausing briefly to suck his balls I next nibbled my way up his length and wrapped my lips around the head. Looking up I caught his eyes and gazed loving up at my man as I gave his cockhead a thorough tongue lashing. Unable to hold back any longer I sucked deeply on his dick and then, our eyes still focused on one another's, I lowered my mouth down onto him.

I had practiced deep throating on vegetables once my interest in Mike began undeniable, and so I had real plans at taking all of him down my throat. That quickly proved to be impossible, it would take a lot more practice before I could do that to something this big, but I managed to take a lot of it. Gripping his cock with both hands I began sliding my face up and down his thick pole, licking, sucking, and gently biting it all the while. His precum was flowing and tasted as wonderful as I had dreamed that it would, and all thoughts of making this first blowjob last fled from my mind as I started moaning and slurping his cock. It was as if my whole life had faded away and was beginning anew at that moment. I had no memories, no past; I had only been created just now and my sole purpose in life was sucking Mike's cock.

Moaning and groaning I slid my mouth over his dick as I came in my panties. It was the best orgasm of my life and I wanted more; I wanted to taste his sperm. Stopping me briefly, I almost cried when he made me open my mouth, Mike sat down on his bed and then motioned for me to continue. Dropping to my knees between his spread legs I was so happy to feel his cock slide again across my tongue that I did cry a little, but they were tears of joy. Jacking his dick I gave him a serious tongue-lashing and then slid his powerful meat back into my mouth where it belonged. Sucking and bobbing, I felt his cock get even stiffer as I sucked him and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came so I redoubled my efforts, wanting only to taste the reward I had earned. Feeling one last twitch I knew the time had arrived and I pulled back just enough to allow his first salty burst to spray onto my tongue before plunging his thick cock back down my throat. Groaning deep within his chest Mike blasted jet after jet of his delicious seed into my waiting mouth.
Sitting back I smiled up at him as I savored his delicious seed, softly nursing on his still-hard cock as I did. He smiled back and then patted the bed beside him.

"I hope you're ready to lose that cherry, Jenny."

I said nothing, there was nothing to say. I just smiled all the wider and climbed up next to him. Being in a fraternity was going to be better than I had ever imagined.

To be continued? Not sure. Let me know what you want.

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