Professor Prick 16 - Nikki's Big Day

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I slipped on a dressing gown and me and mum sat on the couch awaiting the arrival of the beauty consultant.

“I don’t think in my wildest dreams I could ever expected this day to happen” she said offering me a cigarette as we lit up.

“Well you must have expected your son to get married some day” I replied.

“Well yes but there’s something different when it’s a daughter” she answered.


By Karin Roberts

The week began with frantic appointments to try and make arrangements for Saturday. Eddie and Robert were abandoned to their own devices as me and Mum flew around like headless chickens trying to make arrangements. The first appointment was with a dressmaker the choice was simple, well relatively to begin with, did I want a Western style of dress, or did I want to go Oriental. My mind had been pretty clear that I wanted Western in fact I had no idea what a Thai wedding dress would look like, but after seeing the types of dresses available I decided on Oriental. With the measurements and other arrangements made we left the dressmaker alone to return on the Thursday for a final fitting so that the dress could be available by Friday.

After a meeting with some hotel staff we arranged a buffet for after the ceremony and managed to upgrade our room so that following the ceremony we could have the Honeymoon Suite for what was our last night in Thailand before going on to Bali. We had to find another two witnesses for the ceremony and , this didn’t prove to difficult as Eddie and Robert had befriended a husband of an English couple who were staying in the hotel and they readily agreed to take part. We arranged for a small cake to be made by the Hotel staff and visited a local flower dealer who arranged for bouquets and some flowers for our tables for the meal.

By Wednesday night we were both exhausted and me and mum retired to the hot tub in the Hotel to chill out. As we sat with a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes girly talk was in the air you know are you excited looking forward to it, sex which is somewhat embarrassing discussing it with your mum as we got a little tipsy Eddie and Robert joined us at the side of the tub with the couple who were to witness the ceremony. The evening ended with an impromptu sing along as we all got more tipsy before we all headed of to bed, I had my final fitting tomorrow and there were only two days to go !

We travelled to the dressmakers early on Thursday morning and I became a tailors dummy as she made the final minor alterations. I won’t describe the dress yet we will leave that to the wedding day but suffice to say me and mum were very happy with how it looked and my mother’s dress was also finished so we packed that up and took it back to the hotel with us. With some spare time, me and Eddy took a well earned wander along the beach holding hands as we strolled along the sand.

“You excited about Saturday” he asked.

“Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it, I’ll be a bag of nerves on Saturday”

“Well that’s every brides prerogative” he said with a smirk.

“What about you any regrets” I asked.

“No none whatsoever, you know you’ve come a long way and I would still be with you even if you had not had the op, I just want to spend the rest of my life with you” he said reaching across he caressed my cheek and kissed me our lips parting and tongues finding each others mouths.

We continued to stroll along “I’ve been thinking when we get back I’d like to sell mum and dads house if you don’t mind” he looked at me for a reaction.

“Well if that’s what you want” I replied.

“It’s just that there are so many memories in there for me and I’d like to start afresh with you.”

I spoke “ I must admit that I was thinking something similar but for different reasons if Gordy and his crew know about me then they obviously know your address so it could make it difficult if they want to bring attention to us” I hesitated.

“Your right I hadn’t thought about it that way”

“So where are we going to live” I asked.

“Well I’ve got to go back and do my final year, you’ll be at your mums so you could look for a place in your spare time”

“Where would you like to live then”

“Well I don’t want to go to the other side of the country and I’m sure you don’t want to be too far away from your mums so within say 15-20 miles of Hamilton.”

“So what am I looking for, something big?” I asked.

“Well big enough oh and I would like some space that I could develop into a lab, do some research of my own once the course is finished.”

“So something large but not too large with some space for development”

“That’s about it”

“I’ll get right on then honey when I get back” leaning over I kissed his cheek and we turned to head back to the hotel complex.

Friday came and went in a flash we picked up my dress and confirmed all the final details with the hotel and the registrar who was performing the ceremony. So early evening Eddie , Me, Mum and Robert and our two witnesses got together for a pre wedding meal it was a pleasant balmy evening and by 09.30pm we were all back in our rooms and ready for bed tomorrow was going to be a long day.

I awoke around 8pm mum had already been up and had brought me some fruit juice and and some cut fruit. We ate on at the small table in the room before she left to order a cab to take us to the salon. Once inside the salon I was ushered to a workstation the assistant excitedly discussing my wedding asking about the dress etc etc while working on my hair, while another worked on my nails and feet.

Around 90 minutes later my hair had been piled up on top of my head a mass of waves and curls with only a few curly strands left hanging down the side of my face. French square nail extensions half an inch above the tip of my finger had been fitted and my toe nails filled and painted a mid pink shade. We paid our bill and the salon assistants extended their congratulations to me once more as we headed back to the hotel for an appointment with a beauty consultant to do my make up.

Safe back in the confines of the hotel I changed into my underwear putting on a while lacy basque with four suspender straps and pulling on a pair of white shiny silk thong panties. Mum had produced the traditional blue garter for me to wear causing me to blush by requesting that later I get Eddie to remove it with his teeth. I slipped on a dressing gown and me and mum sat on the couch awaiting the arrival of the beauty consultant.

“I don’t think in my wildest dreams I could ever expected this day to happen” she said offering me a cigarette as we lit up.

“Well you must have expected your son to get married some day” I replied.

“Well yes but there’s something different when it’s a daughter” she answered.

“I’ve got to pinch myself as well at times, about how I’ve changed and what I’m about to do, but I know deep down that I’ve done the right thing and that I’ll be happy” I said taking a final drag from my cigarette and blowing out the smoke I crushed it into the ashtray.

“Well I guess that’s all I wanted to hear, it’s all a mother ever wants to hear is the her children are going to be happy” she said hugging me just as there was a knock at the door.

The next hour was taken up with meticulous work on my face, a really light foundation which the girl explained work better and lasted better in the balmy condition’s no powder which she explained would dry and crack in the heat. My eyebrows were shaped a little before she applied a deep pink eyeshadow to the socket before lightning across my eyelid to open up my eyes a bit some black eyeliner and a generous brush of a mascara to lengthen my eyelashes. Finally she outlined my lips with a dark pink lip liner before filling in the remainder of my lips with a light coral pink lipstick.

Next the dress what can I say I was so pleased that I had decided to go oriental when I had tried it on yesterday after getting it from the dressmaker it fitted like a glove so light and fresh and I felt incredibly sexy. It consisted of white gold and red silk with a shoulder sash held by a gold metallic looking belt. The sash going over one shoulder falling to around just above knee level while at the back the sash dropped to just below knee level. Indeed words fail to describe it so I needed to include a picture to let you have the full picture. Once the dress was in place I stepped into a pair of 4 inch white patent pumps with a narrow gold stiletto heel.

Mum produced a slim gold necklace,

“Here” she said “Robert and me bought you this for today” standing behind me she fastened the necklace a slim gold chain with a hollow gold heart with a diamond set at the top of the heart.

“It’s lovely” I said.

“Well you’ve got the blue and the new so now you need something borrowed” she said moving to the dresser she removed another jewellery box.

“Eddie asked if you would wear this” she said “It was his mothers,” opening the box she pulled out a gold charm bracelet that I had often seen his mother wear and had admired from afar “I’d love to” I said fastening it to my wrist.
Twenty minutes later after my mum had changed into her light pink oriental style dress she stepped out, “You ready” she asked handing me a bouquet of flowers

“Yeah ready” I replied.

“Ok then lets do it” she said opening the door we stepped out into the bright sunlight.

Thirty minutes later me and Eddie were standing hand in hand on a small white wooden podium as the registrar spoke “Nikki and Edward will now say their Wedding Vows that they have specifically written for each other, Nikki” nervously I turned my head toward Eddie and spoke.

“Edward I promise to love and care for you and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you.” Eddie smiled.

“ And Edward”

Nikki I promise to love and care for you and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.
I will always be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you.”

“Do we have the ring’s” Robert stepped forward and handed the ring’s to the registrar In turn we each took a ring and slipped it on to each others finger.

“By the powers granted to me by the Council of this State of Thailand I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride” Our heads went forward and met mouths open to greet each other not passionately but gently and sweetly we kissed as fireworks went off around the pool area we hugged and turned to our assembled guests. Nikki was a married woman.

We returned to a small marquee which had been set up where our party sat down to a meal before we all returned to the main hotel where we somewhat became guests of honour for the evening with a prime table as the evening entertainment kicked off with the band dedicating it’s first number of the night to the newly wedded couple so on a deserted dance floor me and Eddie glided along as the band played “True” by Spandau Ballet before gradually several other couples my mother, Robert and our witnesses joined us on the floor.

Back at the table with our three complimentary bottles of champagne we continued our celebration all of us becoming slightly tipsy but having a fun time the dancing and merriment continuing. Shortly before ten our group beginning to feel the pace of a long day decided to call it a day so after me and Eddie taking a final waltz around the floor while the band played their version of Roxy Muic’s “Jealous Guy” we all headed for our rooms hand in hand the three couples caught up in the mood of the day strolled back to our cabins.

Finally on our own as we approached the door Eddie stopped “Mrs Wilson I’m going to carry you over the threshold” stooping he swept me off my feet my arms encircling his neck as he slipped in the door an pushed it open inside he put me down and we kissed.

      “It’s been a fantastic day” I said.

“And it’s going to be a fantastic life, because I love you so much” Eddie continued.

“I’m so happy” I replied our kiss resuming becoming more passionate by the second our tongues probing more deeply and eagerly. Releasing myself for the kiss gently pushed Eddie backwards till he slid onto the bed.

“Stay there no touching” I said as I fumbled with the gold belt around my waist opening it and letting it drop to the floor slipping the sash from my shoulders I dropped it as well loosing the dress I slid out of it and stood before Eddie in white lacy basque and panties stocking’s and white high heels one hand cocked against my slim waist.

“Like what you see” I said.

“Very much” he replied.

“Good then let’s make love” I said sliding on top of him and easing him back. Now I’m sure that there are those reading this who would like all the gory details of our first night together but what happens on a wedding night is between a husband and his wife so all I’m going to say is that around 4 in the morning two sweaty drained bodies finally went to sleep and when Eddie had entered me that first time the fireworks in my head were far louder and brighter than those that had signaled our wedding.

To Be Continued...

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