Mardi Gras


It's Mardi Gras time and for a company that rents "giant things" for people to put on floats it's a very busy time. Land Of Giants Props and Dolls is also where Chuck works. Actually Chuck works in the giant doll section. As it happens, Ms. Grayson, the owner, is marching in the parade as a little girl and, as it also happens, Ms. Grayson needs a baby girl doll for the giant baby carriage she's going to be pushing. Chuck, she's decided, would be perfect.

Mardi Gras

By Mary Beth Sanford



Mardi Gras

Players: Chuck Dawson and Ms. Grayson are the main characters. Brad and Bud are co-workers and Sam is the security guard.

Synopsis: It's Mardi Gras time and for a company that rents "giant things" for people to put on floats it's a very busy time. Land Of Giants Props and Dolls is also where Chuck works. Actually Chuck works in the giant doll section. As it happens, Ms. Grayson, the owner, is marching in the parade as a little girl and, as it also happens, Ms. Grayson needs a baby girl doll for the giant baby carriage she's going to be pushing. Chuck, she's decided, would be perfect.


Land of Giants Props and Dolls grew out of the fifties when giant things were a novelty. Everyone loved a twenty foot carrot and thirty foot donut. By the nineteen nineties there were thirty one thousand ordinary items now giant size in LGP&D's inventory including a large percentage of not so little dolls that girls grew up with. Most of those dolls came with a number of outfits and it was that part, Chuck, a young man who cross dresses, found so wonderful on that first day.

It was that part about Chuck, that caused Ms. Grayson to change her plans for the one Mardi Gras Parade she would march in. She was a little girl last year and this year she would be the same. Chuck, she decided, would be her doll in that parade. Chuck she decided would be Betsie Wetsie since that had always been one of her favorites as a little girl and of course because she wore diapers.


Chuck had no reason to be concerned or wonder over why Ms. Grayson wanted to see him that morning. Besides, his boss Ms. Grayson was one of the best he'd ever worked for so he happily or at least comfortably walked the compound towards the main office.

"Hey, where's your doll," Brad called from the yard's forklift. Brad was always teasing Chuck about his dolls. Oddly enough they were his in a manner of speaking. Technically he had more dolls that a dozen girls put together and he laughed.

"Up yours," Chuck said smiling, returning the wave Brad added with his teasing.

Chuck, when he was hired, became the low man on the totem pole and the low man on this particular totem got graveyard and the dolls. It was more than a little surprising to walk the warehouse among those dolls. A hundred of them and many larger than Chuck, a few his size and most at least five times bigger than normal.

Betsie Wetsie and her bits and pieces of furniture was one of those as big as Chuck was. It was the same with the Jenny doll, Little Miss Priss and a half dozen others he'd come to know. That was the nature of this business and this time of year this business was booming. Mardi Gras was coming.

Land Of Giants Props and Dolls was in full gear for the onslaught of request for giant things to put on floats or carry down the various parade routes. From giant Alligators to Zebras and no request was too odd for Mardi Gras. Chuck had been working twelve hour days for the past week filling orders and the whole thing would start back again when all of that stuff, already rented, was returned.

Damn good money as far as Chuck was concerned and more of the same for at least another two weeks. Chuck loved Mardi Gras almost as much as Ms. Grayson, the owner, did.

"Chuck! Good morning. Come in, come in, sit," Ms. Grayson said, noticing her young man from her desk. As far as Ms. Grayson was concerned, Chuck was one of her best workers and more so because the Land Of Giants Dolls was Ms. Grayson's personal favorites.

Most of the dolls she carried now she'd had as a little girl. Of course her dolls back then were not nearly as big as the ones she now rented, but a six foot Patty Play Pal was every bit as cute as the three foot one she'd once had. Chuck, she often noted to no one in particular, took care of her dolls as well as she would, and most of the other guys knew better than to tease Chuck in earshot of Ms. Grayson.

Except of course, for Brad who, thanks to Chuck, was now working days in the yard and away from those frilly clothes, baby stuff and dolls he'd grown to dislike over the past two years. On the other hand, Chuck thought it funny to tell people he played with dolls and then explain what that really meant. Mostly it was cleaning, storing, changing them or getting them ready for rent.

On occation he would have to fix something that got broken while it was out on rental. Most often it also meant dressing them, and dressing a doll five foot tall meant most of the stuff would fit on Chuck. That part hadn't escaped his attention, as he learned the inventory for each doll. Most, like Betsie Wetsie, had specialty clothes, which in Betsie's case was baby clothes.

The large Shirley Temple doll had nearly every dress that the child star had ever worn, and a few more besides. She too was Chuck's size. Chuck got to know which dolls were his size only because much of what they wore he could wear, and began to. Chuck wasn't sure if Brad had thought those thoughts, but Chuck, on more than one occation, did.

"If you love what you are doing, then you're never really working!" his father had once said of working for a living. Chuck's father was a firemen and loved being a firemen. Chuck might have been a fireman himself, but he someday wanted to make things, although when he started working at Land Of Giants Props and Dolls he easily fell in love with his new job.

Getting paid to play with dolls, dressed as one of them all night, was about the best job a boy that likes cross dressing and being a sissy could have. The only other job that Chuck found more appealing was designing and sewing dresses for little girls his size, or put another way, making dresses for guys his size who wanted to dress as little girls.

It had surprised Ms. Grayson that day she found Chuck fixing the hem on a dress that had been torn a little during a rental. "Mom taught me to sew, since she worked full time," Chuck had said with red cheeks over his skill at sewing, and the risk of what that meant sitting there fixing a dress on his lap. It had left Ms. Grayson duly impressed and was one more reason she liked that boy.

Actually, she nearly fell over the day she reviewed one of the new security tapes. She hadn't said anything about installing those two "nanny" cams, as she called them, but she was curious about her young man. Not only was she right about him, but that night took her just a few more steps past that as she watched Chuck slipping on one of Betsi Wetsi's dresses.

Only two people worked nights: Sam, the security guard, and Chuck. Chuck worked nights so he could make ready the more delicate dolls and their outfits for that following days orders. Sam, of course, worked at night because he was the night watchmen.

Sam and Chuck only saw each other twice on any given night. Once at midnight, just as Chuck was starting work and again at four when Sam made his mid-day rounds. Chuck knew when Sam was in the warehouse because the old iron door always squealed in protest when Sam opened it. Chuck was never dressed when Sam walked in and out again.

Sam also took his lunch at the all night diner across the street while Chuck always took his lunch at his station. Actually, Chuck most often ate his lunch sitting in Betsie Wetsie's high chair while wearing one of several outfits of Betsie's or Shirley's that Chuck liked. Most of all, Chuck liked the thick diaper and those cute little plastic pants he'd wear while eating. Even Betsie Wetsie's baby bottle worked well for Chuck's little lunch time play period.

Ms. Grayson knew that as well after watching her young man ready himself for lunch on one of the first security tapes, a fascinating bit of discovery that left her with a much too fast heart rate and a nearly ruined pair of panties by the time Chuck changed back into his own clothes. How to introduce herself to Chuck and make him aware of her likes and dislikes had taken her days of thought.

She wanted Chuck, and some of it on several different planes. He was a fine looking young man and Ms. Grayson wasn't all that bad looking given their age difference. She was in her prime sexually as well, which she often considered more than enough reason to bed someone much younger. Men her age were simply too old acting, was her reasoning.

It had been just a thought at first. At least a thought until she played that tape. After that tape her fantasies were probably as complex as the ones Chuck was having, at least equal, she suspected, since they involved Chuck more or less doing and wearing the same sorts of things he wore and did on that tape. The only difference in Ms. Grayson's fantasies was Ms. Grayson was in those new fantasies.

She adored being a little girl at times. That simple act of dressing up in juvenile clothes and acting out those juvenile games were almost therapeutic for her. To have a doll to play with and one that could "play back" or that she could "take to bed" with her almost left her faint. Chuck of course, was that doll, and she was thinking of that very thing when Chuck came into the office.

"Please, take a seat, Chuck," Ms. Grayson said cordially. She was as nervous as a cat at the moment, and some of it because she wasn't sure those panty liners were enough protection for what was happening. Chuck smiled and did as she requested with only a slight amount of curiosity over being there.

"Chuck! As you may or may not know I'm a member of a group of women that have marched in Mardi Gras for the past ten years now. We're known as The Women Of Means Krewe, often marching on FAT Tuesday in honor of, and for the irony of, plus size professional women the world over. This year we're doing the same. This year's theme, as it happens, is the Not So Little Little Girls," Ms. Grayson noted.

The pride in her voice was apparent and hadn't escaped Chuck's attention. Ms. Grayson was a plus size women, and there was little argument over that, but she also stood a good six foot four, so that plus was proportional, more than her being large. Chuck, sensing another reason for that information, only nodded. Fact was he didn't have any questions yet, other than why she might be telling him this.

"Anyway, because of that theme I'm pushing a rather large baby carriage in the parade, as are a couple of the woman. We'll all be dressed as little girls, obviously. As it also happens, of those two other women pushing their own baby carriages only one of them is pushing a live baby, or at least someone dressed as a baby. The other woman is pushing her carriage with a giant Panda Bear as her baby. I want my baby to be a live baby as well," Ms. Grayson said pausing to moisten her lips.

Chuck had guessed, incorrectly at that moment, that Ms. Grayson needed his help with the costume, or perhaps a doll. That doll idea went out the window when she mentioned having a live baby, so it had to be the outfit she was thinking about.

"We've got quite an inventory of baby clothes that I'm sure would fit just about anyone you might choose," Chuck said confidently after assuming why he there. No one, with perhaps the exception of Ms. Grayson, knew that inventory better than Chuck. Some of it intimately, Chuck thought, fighting the smile that pushed at the edge of his lips.

"I know that! In fact I happen to know of someone that would fit perfectly into more than a few of Betsie Wetsie's outfits. That's why I asked you to stop by this morning before going home," Ms. Grayson noted.

For a moment, for just a few seconds, Chuck's heart skipped a beat or two. It was panic over the way she'd said what she'd said. It had sounded like she meant Chuck, which of course was silly, and that of course had allowed for that moment to pass. There was no way that Ms. Grayson knew of Chuck's little pastime and no reason then to panic.

"Yes ma'am. Want me to stay over and pick through some of the outfits? I could put them together for you in no time," Chuck said, easing into what he thought now was clearly the reason for him being there.

"Yes and no! I mean yes, I want you to chose what you think are the cutest outfits or sets, while adding all of the necessary accessories. Put together a sort of diaper bag if you will," Ms. Grayson said and then added, "but not right at this moment."

Chuck, a little confused over her statement to wait, allowed it to show as he said, "I'm not sure I understand."

"I know. So let me explain this further and then tell you why I added that last," Ms. Grayson said before adding, "As I said, three of us have baby carriages, five have strollers, two are pushing matching Barbie bikes. The other five women, all dressed as little girls, will be carrying large Patti Play Pal dolls dressed as they are. We've got a week and three days before FAT Tuesday to choreograph and practice our routine for the parade.

Chuck listened intently trying to figure out how he fit into this scheme of things. He understood what Ms. Grayson was saying and how everything fit in that regard, but it wasn't yet clear why she was telling him all of it, or how it mattered to him. He was going to ask, but didn't get the chance.

"Anyway, that's the plan so far. Now then, I understand you'll be taking vacation starting tomorrow," Ms. Grayson asked.

Damn! Chuck thought. So that was it. She needed something done between now and whenever, and she needed him to do it. The only reason he'd scheduled the time off was because it was that proverbial lull between the storms. He'd taken a week, and when he came back, Mardi Gras would be over and he'd be ready to take in all of the rentals for his department.

A dozen excuses on why he needed this vacation began filling his head as he sat there. He was ready for anything when he answered, "Yes ma'am, a week."

"That's what I thought! The thing is, I want you to put it off for a couple of weeks, and before you have a heart attack over that, let ne explain one more thing and sweeten this request a bit... If you delay your vacation for two weeks, which should be more than enough time to get everything back from Mardi Gras, I'll give you that week still, but take it off the books. You get those seven days paid like you were on vacation, but you'll still have seven days left when it's over." Ms. Grayson said.

Chuck was beside himself. A week off with pay and he'd still have seven days vacation besides. All of his objections vanished and his heart leaped as he said, "Ms. Grayson... That's very generous of you. Thank you."

"So you'll delay that time off then?" Ms. Grayson asked.

"Sure will," Chuck said.

"Excellent. OK, now for the last part of this. You'll still be off beginning tonight after you and I pull together those outfits. You'll be off till next Wednesday, when you are schedule to return for work." Ms. Grayson said.

Everything that had made sense, suddenly didn't again. She wanted him to postpone his vacation and he would or at least agreed that he would. Only she wanted him still to be off for a week. Actually, since it was only Monday that was a week and one day. He wasn't sure what to say other than his slightly confused, "Huh?"

"I know! Sounds odd but it's very important to me. You, in fact, are very important to me and, I've only just begun to realize that. So here is the last of it, and all I can say is try and remain calm till you've heard me out. OK?" Ms. Grayson said.

Chuck, feeling his anxiety climbing, was doing just the opposite as he nodded and said, "OK."

"Good because the truth is I want very badly for you to be my dolly for my baby carriage. In fact, I want you with me during the entire week of practice, as well as during the parade," Ms. Grayson said.

Chuck was silent, but not for the lack of anything to say. His mind was on overtime, and his stomach felt like he was coming down a long roller coaster fall. His mouth went dry and he could feel his heart rate without touching his neck or wrist. There was a rushing sound in his ears as the veins there flushed with blood.

This was insane. Impossibly insane. There couldn't be a connection between his cross dressing and this, yet everything he'd just heard suggested there was. She couldn't know, and yet she did, or at least it seemed like she did. It was impossible, and he almost said as much, but fortunately he'd lost his ability to speak.

Ms. Grayson, understanding the emotions going through the boy decided to give him all of it as she said, "I'm thinking we can pack away enough of the Betsie Wetsie stuff for at least five days, choosing the cutest outfit for the parade. We can also grab a few of those dresses that Little Susie Q has. That pink one for sure. That little frilly baby dress? The one you also favor."

Chuck sat there stunned into complete and utter silence.

Ms. Grayson now fully committed added, "Oh, and we can use my truck to tote the highchair, playpen and changing table home. Between us we should be able to manage at least those things. Let's figure on a few diapers and baby pants for each day and pack a bunch of baby of accessories as well. At least a couple of baby bottles. You might think of other things as well, but let's get past this stage for the moment."

Ms. Grayson sat at the edge of her desk, right in front of Chuck, smiling. She felt for the boy but she also couldn't wait any longer for this and, in a tender moment of concern, reached out and grabbed his chin as she said, "By the look on your face, you've obviously made all of the right connections! All of the 'right' connections, with only one left."

Chuck, licking his lips and feeling absolutely lost tried nodding but his chin was in her hand as he asked in a voice almost void of any emotion, "What?"

"That I would absolutely adore you as my Little Betsie Wetsie," Ms. Grayson said.

That last most confusing of all, but he understood that last, or at least thought he did. Ms. Grayson's toe, covered in a dark nylon was moving against the inside of his leg, hrr long black patent leather heel now sitting sideways, where it dropped on the floor at his feet.

He was being propositioned. There was that part, but that part was actually the least of it. She was propositioning him, but with him dressed as a baby doll, and she was clearly picking Betsie Wetsie for his "stuff". Not only that, but she'd mentioned the baby bottles and that pink dress he really did favor on the Suzy Q doll. It fit him perfectly and had a slip and panties to match. Chuck felt faint.

"How? I mean how did you know," Chuck asked not believing that this was even happening or real now.

"Nanny cams. Had them installed a month ago. I'm sorry about that, but frankly I was curious after you started sewing those repairs that day. You are so wonderful with those dolls that I simply started figuring out why, and after the cameras were installed I knew most of all I needed to know," Ms. Grayson noted.

"Nanny cams," Chuck repeated trying to imagine everything now on video tapes or Disk. Some of the stuff he wore, some of the things he did left him blushing, to know it was being recorded.

"Chuck, I was a little attracted to you before then, but after watching those videos it's more than a little by now. Truth is, you are so adorable in those outfits that I've nearly walked in on you a couple of times, but didn't dare for the obvious reasons. Frankly, I think it's very sweet, and I want to be part of this little pastime of yours, both for your sake, as well as mine," Ms. Grayson said a little more softly.

"I'm not sure what to say," Chuck answered honestly.

"Well that's most likely a good thing. Now obviously, I've violated about a dozen laws at the moment, and you've got every right to say no. I will tell you this and I mean this sincerely... If you do say no, this all ends right here right now. You go home with an hour more overtime to cover this conversation, and come right back as if nothing has ever happened. I'm pushing, I know, but I also know you've got to consider this," Ms. Grayson noted.

"It's just a little confusing right now," Chuck said.

"I know, and I can understand that. I can detach myself from this. It would be difficult but I can. I believe you can as well. I really don't want to lose you over this. Those cameras come out and I'll destroy those tapes and that will be the last word on this if you can't see your way clear with me in the picture," Ms. Grayson noted.

"Okay," Chuck said hesitantly.

"Chuck, I'm an adult little girl, and if you don't know what that means, it's more or less me doing the same sorts of things you've been doing," Ms. Grayson noted.

Chuck was a little surprised over that admission, but it took some of the sting out of her knowing and seeing what he'd been doing as he nodded.

"OK, I don't want this to be the last word. I want you to say yes, Sweetie! I think we can benefit each other in ways that would be impossible to match otherwise. I want to play with you, and I'm hoping to convince you to play with me. So don't answer right away. Take a few more minutes and at least consider this. OK? Please?" Ms. Grayson said.

"Yes!" Chuck said an instant after Ms. Grayson stopped talking. His heart rate will still soaring, but not from his panic. That had changed as suddenly as he had in those seconds. He was almost faint still, but now it was over the prospects of what she'd talked about. Sharing this with someone was beyond his wildest imaginings, and there it was in front of him. He could not say no.

"Yes?" Ms. Grayson asked, not sure of the answer. She was prepared to argue more, but there was no need suddenly as she realized he'd said "Yes".

"Yes, I want to!" Chuck said, nodding this time as well. Ms. Grayson had removed her hand from his face, but put it back there, lifting it slightly to get him to stand. Chuck did, and faced her then. She bent in and kissed him softly. Chuck kissed back. They could have easily made love right then and there, and both knew it as they broke for air.

"You need some sleep, and I need a cold shower if I'm going to get any work done today," Ms. Grayson said, laughing.

"I'm not sure I could actually sleep right now," Chuck said.

"And I'm not sure even a cold shower would make any difference," Ms. Grayson said as she hugged him again.

The moment passed and an agreement had easily been reached. Ms. Grayson was besides herself, as was Chuck. The prospects of this hit both of them in that instant.

"Tell you what then, why don't we go shopping first," Ms. Grayson asked.

"Works for me," Chuck said, sounding almost hoarse.

"Might want to pull your shirt out before you go outside," Ms. Grayson said laughing.

"Right," Chuck said looking down at his pants. He'd started spotting when Ms. Grayson had begun that conversation about him dressing as Betsie Wetsie. It now looked very much like he had actually wet his pants.

Ms. Grayson punched the phone marked Foreman. and talked with Bud from the yard office: "Bud, I'm going to keep Chuck over another couple of hours to fill a special order. Have someone drive the company truck around to the Doll side of the dock, will you," Ms. Grayson said over the phone.

There was a pause.

"Yes! No! Thanks for asking, but no, Chuck and I can get this one taken care of. You've already got a full plate. Oh, and I'll leave my car here and make the delivery myself. You cover the office phone and call me on my cell if something needs my attention. I should be back later on tonight. Thanks! You too," Ms. Grayson said.

Ms. Grayson put the phone down.

"OK, that's done. Now lets go shop for that baby girl of mine," Ms. Grayson, said squeezing the back side of Chuck's bottom as she joined him at the door.

"Yes ma'am," Chuck said enthusiastically with two very weak knees.

"Just call me sis! As in big sister," Ms. Grayson said taking one last pat before opening the door to the yard.

Chuck nodded as he stepped into the sunlight. He was dreaming, or at least felt like he was as they crossed the yard to the warehouse with the large letters "Dolls" across the top.

It was two hours before the loading was done. It would only take thirty minutes to unload what they had. Most of that time had been spent in picking things one or both liked, although most of what Chuck liked, Ms. Grayson liked, and vice versa.

They laughed over the number of diapers Chuck would need, or rather the number of times Ms. Grayson said she'd be changing him. It was the same with the dressesm as they moved through that section. At first it was one dress for one day then a couple of dresses then three of four. It was the truck that finally set the limits on what was taken. The crib, now folded flat, was last.

That half hour to unload was actually only twenty minutes, as both hurried through the task of unloading and setting things up. The scaled up high chair went into the kitchen, while the play pen went directly into the living room. The crib was put into Ms. Grayson's room next to her bed, although they laughed again, considering how little time Chuck would actually be sleeping in it.

The rest of the time was with the clothes, and they began kissing with the first diaper Ms. Grayson took from the box. There was no longer any time left as they embraced and fell onto her bed. There was no time for anything other than to get out of what they wore.

"Your diaper is going to have to wait," Ms. Grayson said as she undid Chuck's pants. Chuck could only nod as she tugged his pants and shorts down. She mounted him by raising her slip and skirt, but not before her pantyhose followed her panties to the floor.

Chuck would have exploded in a second were it not for Ms. Grayson's skill, and because of that skill, found himself between a excruciatingly wonderful agony and almost overwhelming ecstasy more than a few times. He was almost pleading with her when she gave into his needs, and for a time, a seemingly endless amount of time, Chuck's world disappeared.

What he had experienced was split between his body and mind. The reality of what lay ahead had filled the void that his fantasies often lacked. That touch of realism when he'd held the diaper in his hands left him anticipating, and this while she'd teased him with his prissy little pair of ruffled baby panties, a combination of reactions between his mind and body brought him to a new depth only imagined till then.

Chuck was exhausted, spent fully, as if turned inside out. The long night, the equally long morning and this climax taking the last of him. He was only slightly aware of Ms. Grayson lifting his legs to slip the diaper beneath him. It was such a pleasant feeling or perhaps it was the act... He wasn't sure as he spread his legs for her.

"My little Betsie Wetsie," Ms. Grayson chided as she worked the diaper between his legs and over before pinning it closed. Chuck only then realized what had just happened and smiled. He'd just been diapered, and it was beyond what he'd often imagined. Ms. Grayson as well felt her own emotions as a brief short orgasm spun her again into her own fantasy.

It was just a diaper, she thought as she gathered the plastic panties covered in a blush pink nylon, and those were just baby pants. What was so magical about that? What powers were contained within them that gave such pleasure? It was asked and answered, but not in her mind, as she shuddered while Chuck slipped his feet into the lacy openings.

He wasn't a submissive without someone dominating him. She wasn't a dominant without her submissive! That was the magic of those things, she realized as she tugged on the pretty little panties. Panties strictly meant for a girl. Panties lined in plastic, strictly meant for baby girl besides and here she was slipping them onto her pretty little boy. He allowed this and she took her measure of it as she picked the little dress that went with those panties.

His regression was her progression, and her climb was his descent, as she tugged the lace edge lightly to set the dress. She always viewed herself a dominant, an alpha were she a wolf, and now she was as she closed the two buttons at the back of Chuck's neck. He didn't look like a baby girl and somehow that made it even more powerful.

She moved towards him laying down alongside, and at that instant Chuck slid within her embrace. They filled each other in that embrace, and how odd that was, because in that instant he had suddenly became that baby girl. As innocent as one as his face softened into sleep. Ms. Grayson moved away without Chuck moving and went about putting the rest of his things away. Chuck had fallen asleep almost instantly.

Ms. Grayson puttered about the kitchen, filling Chuck's bottles and putting together a meal fit for a young man, but who would take it from a baby's high chair. Meanwhile Chuck slept fitfully, dreaming dreams he'd had before this, but this wasn't all just a dream.
He woke with the thought that Ms. Grayson was there and she was. She was holding lace socks and a pair of black patent Mary Jane shoes. Little girl shoes purchased for a doll about to be fitted onto a boy. How sweet that would be, she thought as she smiled and sat at his feet. How sweet they were, Chuck thought as he watched.

They had found their roles and scripts without definition or practice. Chuck simply sat up and Ms. Grayson simply took his hand and that was that, as she led and he followed. He ate from a plastic plate dividing his food, held to his high chair tray by suction cups. He filled on the flavors and textures without conversation, other than what passed between them with each mouthful.

There were no questions to be asked by the time he finished, and none needed when she teased the baby's bottle into his mouth. She'd walked him to the living room sitting before having him sit, and then only for a second, before she started holding the bottle for him. She had a inkling of what a mother felt and that mixed in an odd way with the pleasure of a lover anticipating her lover.

That promised bath for him came later, and so did a gentle scrubbing he'd promised her as well. She in turn washed him and they shared a towel large enough to wrap them both. She dusted herself with something from Paris and he was dusted from Johnson's and Johnson's. More powder between his legs before another diaper, and those cute pink but plain plastic panties.

Pink was such a delightful color on a sissy, Ms. Grayson mused. So it was pink for the sleeper she chose and that matched the pacifier she insisted he take between her kisses. He'd been slightly dismayed that they would not make love again, only to be caught up in the joy of watching her undo what she'd just done. The diaper was open, but still gathering between his legs when she took him once again.

Ms. Grayson had put herself into something flowing and soft. Those layers were almost cloud-like now under Chuck's hands as he found her hips, then waist, before her breast. They moved in a light rhythm matching each others moments that would last for as long, or as little, as they chose if they'd thought to chose. They didn't choose then, and not for a long time to the pleasure of both. It was more than either expected when the time came to bring their moments together to climax.

Chuck watched his diaper close before his pink panties covered it and those went under the sleeper she zipped closed. Chuck's pacifier went on the nightstand, although he found her breast compensation enough. He was facing her and she was looking down at his head as he drifted off again. She didn't remember that moment when it was her turn, and both woke to a day with morning already well past.

Twenty six hours had gone by since yesterday. Millions of things had happened in the world beyond them in that time. Although in that same amount of time a number of things had happened to them. It was their smiles at each other that suggested nothing whatsoever needed to be discussed. Another bath, another diaper, another bout of love making and eggs spooned over Chuck's bib took them nearly till noon.

Ms. Grayson wanted to test the carriage, and were it standing alone without anything to give it scale, it was every bit a little girl's baby carriage and Ms. Grayson every bit that little girl. Chuck was put into a Daisy Kingdom baby dress decorated with Ballerina Bears, and mostly pink. Over his diaper and light pink plastic panties were bloomers to match.

Ms. Grayson wore a little girl's dress meant for a birthday party. Something in a lavender with pinks that shimmered. It was held out by layers of slips Chuck envied, next to the ruffled panties he'd been allowed to touch. When he sighed a little over her panties, she reminded him that he was a sissy baby, and diapers a necessity, she'd said with a gentle reminder that she was the big sister.

For the parade, Chuck would wear at least another diaper over the one he wore, for her panties to fit. He could touch her panties and she allowed that, but his would be lined in plastic for a time. She said that as she lifted him with only a little effort, before allowing him to settle into the white wicker carriage.

Ms. Grayson had her doll.

The carriage moved easily on it's large white wheels, and Chuck rode quietly with his pacifier and soft cuddly toy already waiting for him. She moved about turning left and right before announcing that it would hold easily for the parade. Chuck came out of that carriage the same way as he'd gone in. It was delightful to see the woman who commanded him so easily acting as she looked. It was clear Ms. Grayson liked being a little girl, as she twisted fully for no other reason than to do so while she held him.

Chuck wore a diaper and plastic pants under jeans to where the women would be practicing. He'd had the option of wearing shorts for the trip, but that was no longer an option, when he laid back and spread his legs that morning. There were fifteen women far larger than Chuck, and as large as Ms. Grayson. The one small girl Chuck's age, who would also be in a carriage smiled as they were introduced. He would be the only male in the group on the day of the parade.

That girl and most of the women found Chuck more than suitable as a baby girl that day they decided to make their last few practices in "full dress". It was embarrassing to step from the truck in his baby dress, and more so as it rode up while bringing the carriage down. Odd as it seemed, that bit of exposure left Chuck thrilled, and more than a little driven to be home and beneath his big sister.

Chuck had been in dresses, diapers, baby pants for the better part of that week now, and within each day they made love at least three times, with a couple of days of four. Even when they were not making love, there was those sexual overtones as Chuck became slightly more bold when Ms. Grayson put herself into her little girl outfits.

Chuck was double diapered on the day of the parade, and given a large bag of doubloons to toss to the crowd as they assembled at the parades forming area. Someone estimated that there were six hundred thousand to one million people gathering for the Jefferson Parish parade. Of course no one would have recognized the pretty little baby girl sitting in the white wicker carriage nor the sweet little girl pushing it.

Four and one half miles to travel uptown then downtown to the toasting area. Chuck had imagined what this might be like but, in all honesty, couldn't have imagined what it really was like. He watched two years worth of parades in New Orleans but this was his first as a participant. Of course there had been a lot of firsts in the week leading up to this day.

Chuck was so use to wearing what he was wearing, he didn't give a thought to walking back. He was a little surprised when he discovered that they'd be stopping for something to eat. Fifteen adorable little girls and two baby girls marched past patrons clapping over their costumes at the ice creme parlor. As far as anyone knew, outside of the group, Chuck was just a girl dressed as a baby girl and that was clear, when two women asked permission to take "her" picture.

Chuck's only scare came when he saw Bud from work with the small flat bed truck sitting at the disbanding area. He was there to return the baby carriages and bikes the ladies had used. He greeted Ms. Grayson cordially and smiled at Chuck. Chuck thought he'd gotten away with his look until Bud said, "honestly, if I hadn't known it was you Chuck, I would have guessed a girl! Damn cute look."

Chuck didn't speak, mostly because he couldn't, as Ms. Grayson took his hand to walk off.

"Honey, it's OK, Bud was the Queen of Tarts for his group two years ago." Ms. Grayson said as they moved out of the disbanding area. It was Chuck's turn to be surprised as he returned Bud's wave.

Post Script

No one outside of Ms. Grayson's secretary Sally and Bud knew that the pretty baby girl in the large white whicker carriage was Chuck. He and Ms. Grayson were now a picture on the wall of Ms. Grayson's office. Of course no one outside of Ms. Grayson knew that Chuck was now living with Ms. Grayson, or that Chuck wore Pampers for Chubby babies regularly to work.

Chuck still got teased by Brad on his way into the Doll warehouse, but Chuck gave back as good as he got. Chuck had other things on his mind most nights, since the new adult size Baby Barrenger Dolls had arrived. They looked so real in spite of their sizes, and all of the girl dolls had a dozen outfits each.

"So many dresses and so little time," Chuck said out loud to himself as he climbed into the white and pink satin lined bassinet to take the bottle of apple juice he'd brought in with his lunch.

Mary Beth

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