Leprechaun Trickery Part 4

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Leprechaun Trickery

Part 4


By the time they arrived home, Heather was pretty well washed out. At Leslie's suggestion, the weary girl took a lingering soak in a relaxing, warm, bubble filled, lilac scented bath. Leslie sat by the tub and chattered away about a myriad of girlish things until she noticed Heather's eyes slowly closing. Concerned, Leslie called for Joyce. The governess knew that Heather wasn't ill as Leslie had feared and calmed the girl's nerves. Together, they helped the sleepy new girl from the tub, patted her dry with fluffy pink terry cloth towels, powdered her with a lilac talc, and slipped her pretty pink nylon night gown over her head. Half carrying Heather, they walked her into Leslie's bedroom and tucked her in for the night. Even though it was only 6:30pm, Heather slept soundly until the morning.

Heath awoke slowly and snuggled comfortably beneath his warm blankets. The tendrils of a bizarre dream lingered in his mind. It seemed like something from Tales of the Crypt. Imagine, being changed into a girl and living with Leslie. Pleasant tickling and sensual sensations cascaded into his fuzzy brain as he moved and stretched. Like most other mornings for the past few years, he reached between his legs to absent-mindedly stroke his normal morning erection. Instead of the fumbling through the course cotton cloth of his pajama, he encountered soft silken fabric. Confusion quickly gave way to fear. Maybe it hadn't been a dream! Catching his breath and scrunching his eyes shut, Heath gingerly fumbled the soft slippery nylon fabric up to his waist to gain access to his groin. His fear and terror grew when he discovered the lace hem of what had to be the nightgown he wore. Swallowing to keep the bile from rising into his throat, he lunged his right hand into his crotch. Two things happened simultaneously. First, his upper arm encountered a soft, quite sensitive mound upon his chest. His beleaguered mind recognized it as his breast! The second thing was that his clawing fingers encountered his silken panties. Through the sheer fabric he could feel the outlines of his pussy! At the same time his highly sensitive pussy reacted with a most delightful and expectant quiver and almost instantaneous wetness. It hadn't been a bizarre dream! It had been real! He’d become a damn sissy girl! Revulsion and horror engulfed his body.

"You're really a trip," GGIV giggled. "We've been through this every morning since the surgery. How long am I going to have to let you wake up before you stop freaking out?"

"What... who...," BBIV stuttered as the brain came fully online.

"It's the animal in him," TSIV mocked. "He's always been like this when he wakes up."

"Well I hope he soon learns to control himself," GGIV pouted. "I want us to meld together. I can be a better person if I have complete recall of my dumb boyish past. But I'm getting tired of this panic attack every morning. If he soon doesn't get with it, I'll crush him out of existence."

"You'd like that," BBIV shuddered as he tried to collect himself.

"Duh," TSIV interrupted. "If she wanted that, she'd have already done it. You're just like most guys. You really are just a big dumb jerk."

"Well at least I'm not a pantywaist sissy," BBIV snapped angrily.

"Being a pantywaist sissy is better than being a coward," TSIV scoffed. "At least I'm making the best out of our new existence."

"Just get with it," GGIV sighed. "Be man enough to know you're a girl now. Remember Dr. Trate told you could prove how tough a boy you were by becoming a girl."

"Well that's a bunch of bull," BBIV sniffled.

"It looks to me like you're the one who's the pantywaist sissy," TSIV snorted. "At least I'm making the best out of our new life."

"Well, we'll try again tomorrow," GGIV sighed. "You two just shut-up and let me take over. It's time for Heather to wake up. Say, Mr. Tough Guy, unless you want to see Leslie's bedroom, you'd better crawl back into your hole. I'm going to open our eyes."

As Heather opened her eyes the morning sun was shining through the sheer pink Priscilla curtains hanging on the south facing windows. As her eyes adjusted, she looked about her. She was lying in a twin sized canopy bed against the north wall. Pink satin sheets surrounded her beneath the pink quilted satin comforter edged with three inch ruffles. Her head rested upon two fluffy pillows in pink satin pillow cases with three inch ruffles. As she quickly looked about, she noted the walls had a lustrous oak thirty-six inch high inch thick bead board wainscoting topped with a three inch wide chair rail. Above the wainscoting the walls were covered with a rich garden green and pink floral wall paper. The ceiling was a flat off-white color while thick pink wall to wall carpeting covered the floor. The doors as well as the wooden trim of the doors and windows matched the wainscoting. The large bedroom was sixteen feet wide north to south and twenty feet long east to west. All the furniture was in an antique white French Provincial style. A double night stand separated her bed from Leslie's identical bed. On the outside of each bed were smaller single night stands with dainty pink ballerina lamps topped with pink satin ruffled shades.

The east wall had two doors. The one nearest the north wall was obviously the entry. Beside the door was a large floor to ceiling hutch with porcelain dolls tastefully displayed upon the shelves. The second door was located halfway down the wall. The door was open and a pink marble tiled bathroom was visible. From the sounds emanating from the private bath it was apparent Leslie was performing her morning ablutions. A corner desk wrapped from the door around the corner to the first window on the south wall. Between the two windows on the south wall was a double vanity table with lighted mirrors and two chairs. Combs, brushes, a tiny bit of make-up, and two jewelry boxes sat on the top. Another corner desk identical to the first wrapped from the second window about the corner and onto the western wall. A door in the center of the west wall was open to reveal a huge walk-in closet filled with dresses, skirts, blouses, and sweaters. A double dresser filled the space between the door and the north wall. Even before becoming a girl, Heath had expected Leslie's bedroom to be all sugar and spice. The darling bedroom was as quintessentially girlish as Heather had expected.

As Heather completed surveying the darling bedroom she was sharing with Leslie, her bladder reminded her that it needed to be relieved. Slipping from her bed, she walked quickly to the bathroom.

"Good morning sleepyhead," Leslie greeted as she gave her roommate a warm hug. "I was afraid I'd have to wake you. I don't know about you, but I much prefer to wake up slowly on my own. When an alarm clock or if someone has to wake me, I'm miserable for hours. Now get a move on, girl, or you'll be late for your first day of school."

Having been an only child, Heather enjoyed having a someone her own age greet her in the morning. The hug was especially nice. She recalled how much Heath hated a morning hug. Of course, Heath would have loved giving Leslie a morning hug, especially when she was dressed in a skimpy sheer nylon pink baby doll nighty that clearly revealed her every curve. Heather enjoyed the hug immensely too. Heather and Leslie looked forward to hugging every morning. The entwined nubile girls, both clad in dainty silken nylon with their budding breasts touching so sensuously as they hugged, was quite a delightful experience.

The hug lingered as the girls gazed happily into each other's eye as their nipples stiffened and swelled. Finally Leslie broke the hug with a short hot kiss on Heather's lips. "We've got to get ready for school. If you're not so sleepy tonight, maybe we can cuddle before we go to sleep. Now, you take care of business in here and I'll lay out our school uniforms."

After another quick kiss, Leslie scurried from the room before she attacked Heather. Heather smiled, delighted with the mutual sensual effects she and Leslie experienced. For a brief moment, pangs of regret for her lost masculinity bobbed in her mind. The greatly inhibited pseudo-macho Heath had longed to do the things Heather so freely did with Leslie. Shaking her head to dispel the lingering lonely boyish hopelessness, she threw herself into her morning ritual.

By the time Heather emerged from the bathroom, Leslie was already dressed in the St. Patrick's Parochial School uniform. The cute blonde appeared beguilingly girlish yet managed to appear as quite the chaste young miss. The uniform consisted of a just above the knee pleated bib fronted skirt made of Kelly green and red plaid light weight cotton. About an inch of delicate lace-trimmed hem of the crinoline petticoat was revealed beneath the skirt as it fluffed the hem skirt out three inches from her legs. A rear buttoning white cotton blouse featured a lace edged Peter Pan collar. The fluffy long sleeves ended in lace edged elastic cuffs. The bib front of the skirt was just wide enough to demurely cover the front of her breasts while still offering a glimpse of the perky feminine mounds from the sides. The lace bottom edge of the Peter Pan collar just covered the top of the bib. The straps of the bib front traveled under the collar and crossed in back before buttoning to the rear waistband of the rear zippered skirt. White cable knit cotton kneesox added greatly to Leslie's air of girlish innocence. White and red leather saddle shoes adorned her feet. A Kelly green satin ribbon tied her blonde hair back into a high, bouncy ponytail while softly curled bangs whispered against her eyebrows. A golden stud filled the top hole in her pierced ears. A diamond stud filled the second hole. From the third hole small olive shaped golden ovids were suspended by golden chain to dangle and sparkle in the morning light. A delicate gold chain suspended a tiny heart about her neck. A fine gold girls watch was on her left wrist while a simple gold bangle bracelet adorned her right wrist. A leather red and white shoulder purse would complete the outfit.

Heather smiled as she saw how adorable Leslie looked in the uniform. Laid out on her bed was an identical uniform for her to wear. With it was a pair of virginal white silken nylon panties edged with lace and a matching bra. A leather red and white shoulder purse lay beside the uniform. White and red leather saddle shoes sat on the floor. On a green felt pad by the uniform was an identical set of jewelry. Heather's smile grew as she realized that she and Leslie would be dressed identically from the skin out, including all their accessories. With Leslie's assistance it took only took a few moments for Heather to don her school uniform.

When the giggling girls appeared in the kitchen for breakfast, Hillary and Joyce were seated at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Heather stopped before them and twirled in a circle so her skirt swirled out to reveal her generous petticoats. Not to be outdone, Leslie did the same.

"I hope you two don't do that at school," Joyce admonished them in a jovial manner.

"Heather, you look simply beautiful," Hilary stated proudly. "Are you ready for your first day of school as a girl?"

"I'm nervous and a bit apprehensive," Heather replied. "But it has nothing to do with being a girl. I'm just not sure about the strictness of this school. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"That's an excellent answer," Hillary responded. "If you keep that open and respectful attitude, you should have no trouble adapting to St. Patrick's Parochial School. Now, tell me, what do you think of your earrings?"

"I really like them," Heather replied as she reached up her right hand to toy with the dangling golden ovid on that side of her head. "The combination really compliments itself, especially these dangly earrings. I never saw ones shaped like this. I hope they're not too expensive."

"Heather, they are very rare one of a kind earrings," Hillary answered. "You must promise to take care with them. You don't want to lose them because they're irreplaceable."

"But Leslie has a pair just like mine," Heather replied in puzzlement as she continued to toy with the golden orb. "What makes them so rare and valuable?"

"Heather, please sit down," Hillary ordered gently.

This puzzled Heather even more but she obediently did as ordered. Leslie promptly stepped up behind her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulders. This made Heather even more anxious. Whatever made the dangling earrings rare and valuable was not to be taken lightly. This made her toy with the oddly shaped golden earring even more. The unconscious action gave her an uncanny sense of relaxation.

"Heather, do you remember when Dr. Trate first told you your testicles had to be removed?"

"Yes," Heather replied softly as a shiver of dread swept through her at the unsavory memory. The sudden shift in the direction of the conversation obviously totally confused her as she continued to fondle the golden earrings.

"Oh you innocent darling," Hillary exclaimed. "Do you recall that Dr. Trate told you there was only one way that you could save your testicles?"

Heather frowned in deep thought for a moment as she toyed with her earring. For an instant she froze. Then her mouth opened in an 'O' of shock, her eyes opened wide in stunned disbelief, and her left-hand shot up to grasp the golden orb dangling from her right ear. Now she held one of the oddly shaped earrings in each hand. The shapes were suddenly all too familiar. "Oh God," Heather gasped as the old feeling of security and relaxation Heath had always engendered when he'd played with his balls crept into Heather's overwhelmed mind.

"Yes, Heather," Hillary stated softly as Leslie reassuringly squeezed Heather's shoulders. "That's why your earrings are so irreplaceable. They are one of a kind, just as Leslie's earrings are one of a kind. That's also why they look so much alike. Your mother asked Dr. Trate to save your testicles to have them made into earrings. Dr. Trate gave them to me yesterday just before you were discharged. You're wearing your family jewels."

Heather felt nauseated for a moment. Deep in her brain BBIV screamed in agony. The powerful sense of loss and emasculation the castration had engendered was suddenly revitalized. Unconsciously Heather continued to fondle her now bronzed and gilded balls. TSIV felt the anxiety too, though not quite as traumatically as BBIV.

"I don't know why you guys are so upset," CGIV complained. "First all you did was moan and complain about losing our balls and wishing that you had them back. Now that we have them back, you're acting like it's the world's worst atrocity. You guys really need to get a grip on yourselves, sort of like the grip I have on our balls right now. You know, playing with them does create a sort of inner relaxation and secure sense of peace."

"Please, take them off and get rid of them," TSIV begged. "It's just too horrible to have them dangling from our ears for everyone to see."

"You liked playing with them before," CGIV retorted in a pouting tone. "I don't see what's wrong with playing with them now."

"Arrgghhh," BBIV screamed. "Get them off! Get them off!"

"What a dork," CGIV complained. "You act like they're killing you! Face it, Bozo. Our balls are now earrings! I like them! I'm going to wear them. You accepted their loss. You know we're a girl now! Just deal with it!"

BBIV began to whimper as TSIV moaned. "Look, it was bad enough losing them. To have them back would have been great if they were in the right place and still worked. To have them back like this is simply rubbing salt into the wound. Please get rid of them."

"NO," CGIV declared. "They'll stay. Our precious manhood is history. We were such a lousy boy we didn't deserve to have balls in the first place. They're a symbol of our new life. We removed that which was troublesome and turned it into a thing of beauty. Our family jewels represent our new life! Look at them. Feel them. Our balls are where they should have been right from the start. We are a girl. We display our balls for all to see. Our bronzed gilded balls are the symbol of our girlhood and will be proudly worn as such. Now shut up and get over it!"

"Are you all right, Heather," Hillary asked the dazed girl.

"Ahh, yeah," Heather responded slowly as her eyes refocused. "It's just a bit traumatic to suddenly find I have my balls back."

"Yeah, but they are cute this way," Leslie giggled. "I love mine. Just think, whenever someone looks at them, they'll have no idea what they really are. Just imagine how freaked out the guys would be if they knew our balls were now our earrings. We may have to try it some time. Especially on some boy who's about to lose his balls and become a girl!"

Heather smiled weakly. The family jewels would stay in her ears. It would just take a bit of getting used to seeing them there whenever she looked in a mirror. It would help to drive home the truth that she was now indeed a girl.

The ride to St. Patrick's Parochial School took fifteen minutes. Leslie chattered away telling Heather which teachers were good, which were tough, and which were pushovers. Hillary was happy to discover there weren't too many pushovers. As she drove, Hillary kept glancing in the mirror to keep tabs on Heather. To her relief, both girls sat in the rear seat unconsciously toying with the family jewels suspended from their ears. Heather was quiet and solemn throughout the trip, but no more than any teenager on her way to her first day in a tougher school.

Upon arrival, Hillary and Joyce accompanied Heather as Leslie led them to the school office. The students they passed in the halls were well groomed and neat. Many greeted Leslie. When they reached the office, Mother Superior Erin Murphy, the school principal, was talking to two teenage boys. While they couldn't hear the conversation, they could tell the boys were being effectively dressed down. As the boys left, Mother Superior Erin Murphy turned to face them. Her face lit up as she greeted Hillary and Joyce with warm hugs. Leslie received a hug after dropping a perfect curtsey.

The woman was physically imposing. She stood about six feet tall and appeared to weigh in at 230 pounds of solid muscle. A bronzed freckled face revealed she spent a great deal of time outside. Gardening was one of Erin Murphy's favorite leisure activities. Her shoulder length red hair framed a face that could be as soft as a baby's or as hard as an executioner which ever the situation warranted. Despite her bulk and size, she was not in the least masculine. Her movements belied a grace and serenity that mocked her size. When the woman turned to face Heather, she noted the look of apprehension upon her pretty face.

Heather was quite apprehensive. She'd watched the boys wither before the nun's verbal onslaught. Heather shivered as she gazed into the nun's steely green eyes. There were a few awkward seconds until Heather realized the nun was waiting. Blushing prettily, Heather did her best to mimic Leslie's dainty curtsey.

"You must be Heather," the principal smiled warmly.

"Yes ma'am," Heather replied meekly.

"Would you object if I gave you a hug," the principal asked.

"No, not at all," Heather replied with an obvious lightening of her apprehensions. "I think I'd like a hug very much."

Mother Superior Erin Murphy needed no further urging as she swept Heather into a warm, caring embrace. "I like affectionate students. They always get along well with the staff and other students. Welcome to St. Patrick's Parochial School."

The next few minutes were spent in polite conversation centering around the academic and extracurricular activities of the school. As the bell rang signaling that all students should report to their home rooms, Mother Superior Erin Murphy dismissed Leslie to go to her home room. Leslie hesitated for a moment and glanced questioningly at Heather. On her first day she had met with the principal just as Heather had, then had been dismissed at first bell. It was obvious this was not to be the case with Heather. A bit flustered, Leslie again curtseyed and left. Hillary and Joyce took their leave once Leslie was gone. This left a very nervous Heather and Mother Superior Erin Murphy alone.

"I usually dismiss new students with the first bell," the principal stated firmly. "But in your case, I'd like to get to know you better first. Put your coat on, I'd like to show you my garden."

Heather slipped her fuzzy off-white fake fur coat on as Mother Superior Erin Murphy retrieved her coat and put it on. Heather was unsure of what to expect as she meekly followed the nun outside. In a few moments they were safely away from the school and on the grounds of the adjoining convent.

"Heather, while we're alone like this there is no need for formalities," Mother Superior Erin Murphy stated in a kind voice. "Please call me Erin."

"All right," Heather whispered obviously intimidated by the familiarity.

"I really like your earrings," Erin stated in a most pointed manner as Heather blushed and nervously reached up to fondle one golden orb. "Leslie has a similar pair, as do several other pretty girls in the school."

"They're very special," Heather replied softly as she decided the woman knew exactly what they were.

"I'd say they are," Erin laughed as they walked through a large ornamental garden lawn towards a wooded area. "How do you feel about them?"

"I'm really not sure," Heather relaxed and answered honestly as she continued to toy with her unique earring. "I just received them this morning. I didn't know I'd be getting them."

"I sometimes wish they'd have been able to do that with mine," Erin stated softly as she eyed Heather.

Heather took two steps and stopped. Then she turned to look squarely in the nun's eyes to see if she was joking. "What do you mean," Heather finally asked.

"I mean that forty years ago I was a rowdy thirteen year old boy," the nun confessed. "I discovered a secluded spot down by Plum Creek that was perfect for skinny dipping. One day I was swimming when I heard noise coming through the brush. I scrambled out of the water and into the bushes just as three girls a bit older than me came into the clearing. They stripped and dove in the water. I spent the next hour playing with myself while they frolicked. I spent the next few weeks spying on those girls while I lay secure and well hidden doing my thing. Then one day I saw a little man dressed in green standing nearby watching the girls. With my Irish background I knew he had to be a Leprechaun. He had his pants down about his ankles, if you know what I mean. He was easy to catch."

Heather's eyes grew wide as the nun spoke. The story she told was all too familiar. She had to be talking about Patrick Seamus O'Shea, the Leprechaun! The little man had told Heath about the last time a boy had caught him. He'd been spying on some girls skinny dipping in a stream forty years ago. The boy's name had been Eric Murphy! "W... were you Eric Murphy," Heather finally gasped. "The Leprechaun you caught, was he named Patrick Seamus O'Shea?"

"So you met the old rascal too," Erin chuckled. "He's still just as devious as ever. It took me years to come to grips with my change. I bet he really hates the fact you've adjusted so well."

"I guess so," Heather began. "How did he change you into a girl? How did you become a nun? What did you wish for?"

"Slow down, girl," Erin laughed as the reached a bench under some leafless trees. The morning sun shined brightly upon them as they sat, comfortably warming the area. "I'll tell you all about my encounter with Patrick Seamus O'Shea." With that the unlikely duo settled onto the bench. After a deep sigh, Erin began her story.

"When I caught him, we made quite a commotion, The girls screamed, grabbed their clothes, and ran off. I pinned him to the round and quickly subdued the surprised Leprechaun and sat upon him. The little man cried in a thick Irish brogue as he stopped struggling."

"If you value you life, boy, let me go now;
or sorry you will be, I make this dire vow.

If you doubt my powers, you'll soon rue this day;
or my name isn't Patrick Seamus O'Shea"

"I gazed at the little man. He had funny pointed elf ears. I've often wondered if the writers of Star Trek modeled the Vulcan from Leprechaun."

"I know you're a Leprechaun, Patrick Seamus O'Shea," I told him. "I won't let you go until you promise to grant me three wishes!"

"I guess he knew he was truly caught," Erin continued. "Besides, as you obviously know, his magic powers were negated by daylight. He was powerless until the sun went down. With a sigh he stopped resisting."

"All right, I promise to grant you three wishes;
but please let me restore my lowered britches.

But then perhaps, young man, are you one of those;
who desire to love men and add to my woes?"

"The little man knew how to push my buttons," Erin went on. "I almost slugged him but thankfully realized he was just trying to get me angry in order to escape. Like you I knew that once a human accepted a promise from a Leprechaun, the little man could never break his word although he would try to twist what whatever was wished, I told him he wouldn't trick me so easily and that I intended to hold him to his promise. After being released the little man rolled over and quicky tugged his green britches back into place. Then he turned to face me and laughed as he shook his head."

"After all these years you would think that I'd learn;
alas my doom, for pretty lassies I yearn.

Dear Ireland I left because of this weakness;
in America I'd hoped to find success.

Alas the drastic change did me little good;
though the girls are less shy of their maidenhood.

Twas in County Cork I spied two cute nude girls;
a lad caught me while bewitched by their red curls.

He was a skinny lonely lad much like you;
and caught me by surprise in the morning dew.

Shaun Kelly's three wishes gave him a new life

'til now I've been cautious to avoid such strife.

This sad day my luck ran out, much to my woe;
young Shaun caught me about sixty years ago."

"I asked him if he always spoke in rhymes," Erin stated. "Then I asked him how old he was because he didn't look old enough to have been captured sixty years before I had. The Leprechaun chuckled and sized me up.”

"Why lad I am four hundred and ten years old;
and still far from my grave, oh so dark and cold.

We Leprechauns always in this manner talk;
it's you humans whose harsh phrases make one balk.

Now hurry dear boy, with your wishes, make haste;
I give you five minutes or the wishes waste.

Your three wishes can only pertain to you;
and the wishes don't become instantly true.

By nature, is powered, Leprechaun magic;
time is needed to avoid outcome tragic.

Leprechaun magic shifts things out of balance
so adjustments, the world, must make allowance.

The bigger the wish, the longer changes take;
to avoid undo questions someone might make.

When fulfilled by nature are your wishes three;
a gold Leprechaun coin will be left for thee.

Under your pillow the fine coin you will find;
to always of your wishes you to remind.

This, Eric Murphy, must clearly understand;
so please do not make any wishes too grand."

"Yes, I understand. I replied as my mind worked to think of three good wishes," Erin continued. "Then I asked him if I could have a little more time. The little man laughed and spoke."

"Are you a foolish boy? Is that your first wish?
Or are you overwhelmed by this magic dish?"

"NO, that's not my first wish," I exclaimed. "I'm thinking, I'm thinking." The little man chuckled and waited impatiently, dancing about like a jitter bug. We both knew he was attempting to befuddle me."

"The first thing wished for was to get my mother off my back about becoming a priest," Erin explained. "I didn't want her hurt or killed or anything like that. I just want her not to hassle me so much about becoming a priest. You see, my dad was killed in the Korean war. My mother's brothers had been killed in the Second World War. She didn't want me getting killed in another war. She thought if I became a priest, I'd be safe. I was a tough guy and wanted no part of becoming a priest. I was delighted when the Leprechaun spoke."

"Your wish is acceptable, it will be done;
but do not ask how, you foolish human son.

Your wish is now sent to the plane magical;
which surrounds all things like weather mystical."

"I was a little upset because the Leprechaun anticipated my question about how the magic would make my wish come true," Erin continued. "The second thing I wished for was to live a long, healthy, happy, life. The Leprechaun giggled as he answered."

"You must understand this, oh boy so haughty;
to be happy all the time would be naughty.

The times that are good will far outweigh those bad;
the sad times will be smothered by those times glad.

So you will be happy at most times I'm sure;
these are the limits, or nature can't endure.

The other parts of your second wish are fine;
healthy, happy, and a long life will be thine.

Your wish is acceptable, it will be done;
but do not ask how, you foolish human son.

Your wish is now sent to the plane magical;
which surrounds all things like weather mystical."

"I was delighted that my first two wishes would be granted," Erin went on. "I became a little dreamy as I thought about my last wish. As I mentioned, I was a rather horny boy so naturally my last wish had to be about sex. The last thing I wished for was to make it a habit to get into some girls' panties every day. The Leprechaun leaped into the air and clapped his hands, yelling as he ran off into the underbrush."

"Your wish is acceptable, it will be done;
but do not ask how, you foolish human son.

Your wish is now sent to the plane magical;
which surrounds all things like weather mystical.

Three wishes I granted, I'm free from your hold;

tonight your wishes to my wants I will mold!"

"I guess I should have been worried," Erin continued. "But at thirteen you think you're invincible. I merely chuckled and watched the little man disappear. I arrogantly assumed the idea that the Leprechaun could warp my wishes was just another ploy by the little man to rattle me."

"It was getting late so I headed home," Erin stated. "My mother had supper ready so I wolfed it down. After doing my chores I had to sit with her and read the bible, which was not one of my favorite activities back then. She insisted on a nightly reading as preparation for my entry into seminary."

"My sleep was troubled. I had a strange dream, almost like I was sitting in a theater watching a movie. I saw the Leprechaun dancing about a fire in a dry cave. A fire in the middle of the cavern made the dangling tree roots seem alive. The shadow of the Leprechaun on the walls of the cave looked hideous and evil as he danced about the roaring blaze laughing and singing.

"T'is sin to waste magic on a mere mortal;
and drain my life's essence through nature's portal.

Oh Mother Gia heed my Leprechaun call;
I must bring about this haughty boy's downfall!

To the wording of his wishes we'll stay true;
yet I must make them something that he will rue!

By his grief my lost essence will be restored;
like a vampire I'll feed on his just reward.

His wishes I must twist to not what he meant;
into a sweet teen girl we will change his scent.

With his three wishes we need a conjunction,
insure as a male he must never function!

About this fact he will surely have no joy;
when his scent is no longer that of a boy.

Let us give the lad an experience strange;
see how manly he is after a sex change!

The first wish to get his mother off his back;
without harm to her so the whip she won't crack.

Out of love does his mother discipline him;
but her chances of succeeding are quite slim.

To have the lad arrested and sent to jail;
I'd like that but with other wishes won't sail.

What can we do to make this wish be so right;
a twisted answer will come with fresh insight.

I know! His dear Mother about him does sob;
so send her away to take a great new job!

In St. Patrick's orphanage Eric will live;
a life in girlhood to him the nuns will give!

This lad has no desire to be a good priest;
why not a Mother Superior at least!

The wish for a long, happy, and healthy life;
all possible if he becomes a nun, Christ's wife!

As a homely girl he'll be sad for a while;
but some day Erin as a good nun will smile.

Upon his anguish and frustration I'll feast;
to restore my essence like a wily beast!

His boyish lust, that ability soon nil;
his last wish will be a delight to fulfill!

A habit to be in girls' panties each day;
will be done in a most unusual way.

He hoped to enjoy a pretty girl's sweet charms;
without setting off adult worry alarms.

All this can be done while putting him in place;
he will wear plain cotton panties trimmed in lace!

Since girl's panties was the habit he wanted;
he'll be wearing a nun's habit, most vaunted.

All three of his wishes will have been granted;
in a manner that is Leprechaun slanted.

From crude boy to good girl let Erin transform;
in this way the unruly lad will reform!"

"It was the worst nightmare I'd ever had," Erin added softly. "But it wasn't over. The Leprechaun laughed so hard he clutched his stomach and fell to the floor before the roaring fire. He laughed so hard tears trickled from his eyes. When he regained control, he turned his head and seemed to be looking directly at me as he spoke."

"Until my life essence is again complete;
in this den I'll be trapped with little to eat.

Through Mother Gia my cruel plot must shine;
I must be patient until vengeance is mine.

Boys seek to catch Leprechauns for wishes three;
will young boys learn not to mess with folks wee?

Whenever they catch us we twist their desire;
those aggressive boys never children will sire!

Through me Eric Murphy will soon be no more;
another pesky boy, I've silenced his roar.

As a lover he wanted many a girl;
Now it's him whom forever in skirts will swirl!

Erin Murphy's beauty won't make boys' knees weak;
and few boys his girlish affection will seek.

I know you hear me despite a tummy sour;
know, lad, your wishes have been granted this hour."

Erin fell silent and shivered at the cruel memory. Heather shivered too, because the Leprechaun's rhymes unrelated by Erin were very similar to those he'd used during Heath's encounter. Heather told the nun of the similarities and then repeated her Leprechaunic rhymes. Erin also wondered at the similarities.

"If you don't mind my asking," Heather inquired. "How did you wind up as a nun?"

"Just as the Leprechaun predicted," Erin replied. "My mother lost her job the next day. We were poor to begin with, so now we had nothing. My love life went from peeking to absolutely nothing. Mother looked for work but found nothing. We were on the verge of being evicted when a friend suggested that since she was a good cook, she sign on as a cook with a lumbering outfit. That's what happened. She landed a super job in a lumber camp way out in the mountains of Idaho. Since there were no schools nearby and it would be a transient life plus the fact that she still wanted me to become a priest and the environment of a lumber camp is certainly not conducive to that, she made arrangements for me to stay at here at the St. Patrick's orphanage. She agreed to pay room and board for me and instructed the nuns to see that I became a priest."

"They tried to set me on the chaste path, but I wanted no parts of it," Erin continued. "I received several spankings for sneaking out at night to try to peek in the girls' dorm but didn't stop. They finally locked me in the attic. That's how I became a girl."

Erin laughed to see Heather's confused expression. "I climbed out the dormer window and headed over to the rain spouting to try to shimmy down. I was sliding over the edge of the roof when the old spouting tore loose. I remember yelling as I fell, clutching frantically at the tumbling spouting. I woke up in the orphanage infirmary. A piece of spouting had ripped my masculinity from my body. My other injuries were light. Back then we didn't have plastic surgery like they do today. They simply cleaned off the shredded tissue and sewed me back together so I look like a doll down there."

"Then since I was still only thirteen and had been such a terrible boy, the nuns decided it would be best if they told everyone I'd been killed in the fall," Erin continued. "They felt my death would serve as a warning to any other boys, which it did. Of course they notified my mother of my injuries and their plan to turn me into a girl. She approved after she found out what I'd been doing. I was placed on female hormones and sent to a convent orphanage in a neighboring city for a year to be trained in how to behave as a proper girl. It was sheer hell, but what choice did I have. Without my male parts I certainly wasn't a boy. By the end of the year, I had accepted my fate to be a girl for the rest of my life. They sent back here as Erin Murphy. As you can see, I'm not a very pretty female. I never had the problems with boys that the prettier girls had. I certainly didn't want to date boys. I knew it was all the fault of the Leprechaun. When I tried to tell anyone they laughed at me so I finally kept my secret. From his rhymes, I knew I was destined to become a nun and a Mother Superior, so after another year of frustration as a homely girl, I jumped into being a novitiate with both feet. As you can see, I succeeded. I'm happy being what I am. I can tell that you're happy being what you've become. It's just so good to finally tell my story to someone that understands."

"I know what you mean," Heather replied. "But I may have a surprise for you. Yesterday I made a birthday wish and blew out my candles. I wished the Leprechaun whose magic changed me into a girl would have to reveal himself to Mother Superior Erin Murphy so she believes my story and that he must use his magic to help change any unhappy inhibited males into sweet happy girls if Mother Superior Erin Murphy or I wish it to happen,"

"Well, if there is any justice in this world, your wish should come true," Erin chucked. "I'm sure Patrick Seamus O'Shea is hurting from your adapting to girlhood so quickly."

"That was true 'till the young wench's birthday wish;
I've unlimited magic to make boys swish!"

Erin and Heather both gasped and turned to peer into the underbrush a few feet behind the bench. The swaggering thick Irish brogue left no doubt in the minds as to who was speaking. Patrick Seamus O'Shea stepped from his concealment.

"You got one over on me, you sassy miss;
someday I may learn humans not to dismiss.

Your birthday wish, I must do as you request;
change boys that you choose into girls is my quest.

"It's been a long time, Mr. O'Shea," Erin chuckled. "I never properly thanked you for fulfilling my wishes. So thank you. But I'm puzzled. Leprechauns are resistant to magic and humans certainly are not magic casters. But I'm curious, how did Heather’s wish effect you?"

"It was my own fault that a victim I am;
I went past my limits, got into a jam.

After Erin I'd been warned not to transex;
but on Heather I did it and earned a hex.

It takes great power to cast sex change magic;
drains all my strength, left weak, a thing quite tragic.

Great magic unfocused 'bout the victim swirls;
yet connected to me through the ether whirls.

The victims anger sends magic back to me;
as it returns, so does my strength, 'till I'm free.

Heather did not stay angry, a thing most rare;
and I must say her wish at first did me scare.

Because my magic lingered; Heather; about;
Nature honored her wish, of that is no doubt.

Since it was my magic and 'bout me she wished;
all flew back to me, through the ether it swished.

In my weak state her wish I could not deny;
also I was not strong enough to comply.

Nature, though, knew of my paradoxal plight;
so great powers were focused to set things right.

To Mother Superior Erin Murphy;
as well as to Heather, I must pay this fee.

unhappy inhibited males will be changed;
into sweet happy girls as you have arranged.

To make such a wish you must call out my name;
then the boy to be altered to a girl's frame.

Your wish, like all magic, must rhyme when you speak;
so to stay in rhythm your words you must tweak.

Plan ahead of how to properly incant;
because in this format your wish you must chant:

This is my wish, oh Patrick Seamus O'Shea;
change (the chosen male's name) to a girl I say;
cast the transformation spell without delay;
let nature a suitable course chart the way;
let magic make him a girl, begin today!

Your properly cast wish will be heard by me;
I'll be able to tap the magic for free.

You will hear the spell cast to know it is done;
Twill be in this format, a magical gun:

By your wish (your name) I'm your Leprechaun hired;
let (the chosen male's name) a girl be rewired;
to stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!

To make your wish true that is all you need do;
follow my instructions to see the deed through.

Now back to my cozy warren I must slip;
before some rascally young boy me does trip."

As the little man turned to make his getaway Heather nudged Erin and winked as she stood up.

"This is my wish, oh Patrick Seamus O'Shea;
change Leprechaun O'Shea to a girl I say;
cast the transformation spell without delay;
let nature a suitable course chart the way;
let magic make him a girl, begin today!"

The little man screamed, covered his ears, and fell to his knees.

"Oh no, nature, say this dire wish cannot be;
transformation magic can't be used on me!"

The man fell forward onto his stomach, kicked his legs and hammered his fists into the ground as he cried and moaned. To Erin and Heather it was obvious he was throwing a royal temper tantrum. Finally he settled and lay still for a few moments. Then he slowly rose to his feet, dusted himself off, and turned back to Erin and Heather. The little man stood as tall as he could and took in a deep breath as he mustered every ounce of his courage. A shiver passed through his body as he steeled himself to do that which he certainly did not want to do. It was obvious he was being forced to comply with Heather's wish. Slowly he made his way back to Erin and Heather. When he reached them, he spoke in a quavering voice.

"Nature has decided to honor your wish;
so I am stuck with this unsavory dish.

I'm told I'll benefit from this refashion;
So that I will treat changees with compassion.

I have no choice but to do as requested;
and I do so knowing that I've been bested."

The little man paused, swallowed the bile he felt rising in his throat, screwed his eyes tightly shut, and began to cast the spell.

"By your wish Heather I'm your Leprechaun hired;
let Leprechaun O'Shea a girl be rewired;
To stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!"

With that he dropped his head to his chest and sighed. Then he raised weary eyes to peer intently at Heather as he softly spoke.

"The magic has been cast, sassy Miss Heather;
now I ask you to tell me why and whether."

"Before I answer your questions, I need to know you really cast the spell. I'm not sure I believe you," Heather replied warily. "I thought your magic was negated by daylight and you had to wait until nightfall to cast your spells."

The little man grew agitated and a look of desperation appeared upon his face as he spoke.

"It was true as you say till your wish was made;
now I'm empowered to cast without night's shade.

I can feel the cast magic starting to work;
I must hurry home to endure this dire quirk.

So my sex-change occurs in my cozy den;
hurry answer my question, pesky maiden."

"All right, I believe you cast the spell. Now I'll answer your question although the answer is obvious," Heather replied. "First, you obviously have a fascination and curiosity for females. Every time you were captured by a human it was while wantonly peeking at nubile females. Secondly, you certainly qualify as an unhappy inhibited male. What better way is there to satisfy your curiosity and fascination about females than to become one yourself? After all, you did it to Erin and me and how many others before us. Turnabout is fair play, so, I decided that you would be better off becoming a girl just like us. Besides, you'll be happier as a girl."

The Leprechaun twitched and began to hop back and forth between his feet. Tears filled his eyes as he dropped to his knees and clasped his hands pleadingly as he spoke.

"Your words cut through my bluster like a cutlas;
I stand guilty as charged, my wise little lass.

Now I kneel before you in humble appeal;
I promise to be good, please, your wish repeal."

"Patrick Seamus O'Shea you know that can't be done," Heather replied. "You told me to be careful about what I wish for because it could not be undone. You will join Erin and I in skirts."

As Heather spoke, she and Erin could see his snug fitting green tunic and pants became loose at his waist but obviously snug over his hips. Twin lumps upon his chest began to push out his tunic.

The little man, or what remained of the little man turned and fled into the underbrush. His/her voice actually raised an octave in pitch as he/she spoke.

"Woe is me, alas, whatever shall I do;
T'is fate, now, in dresses, life I must pursue.

I must hurry home fast before it's too late;
my masculinity fades at rapid rate.

Heather and Erin, heed my words as I flee;
for the wish spell to work, please listen to me.

I'm now Patti Sherry O'Shea, to my shame;
In future spells you must use my girlish name!"

"That was an excellent first use of the spell," Erin chuckled as she gave Heather a welcome hug. "Patrick Seamus O'Shea certainly deserved to become Patti Sherry O'Shea. I'm concerned that perhaps the magic is too powerful. If every male we wish to be a girl starts changing so quickly we could create a lot of problems."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Heather giggled in reply. "I remember he told me nature had to make wishes come true slowly so as not to create any problems. With boys who have families and friends and records, the changes will occur slowly as they did for us. But in his case, there is no family and there are no records. You and I are probably the only ones who know he's here. We may be the only humans who knows he exists. So nature doesn't have to worry about creating any problems by making his change quickly. Why I'm even willing to bet that nature is delighted with my wish and will turn Patti into a real female, fully capable of having children!"

"You're one bright young lady," Erin chuckled. "I don't think I'll take your bet. I think you're right. Patti Sherry O'Shea should have an interesting life as a female. I'm willing to bet it won't be too long before she'll be seeking male companionship."

"That I'd like to see," Heather laughed then blushed sheepishly. "Not really see it, but just to see her dating a boy."

"I understand, Heather," Erin replied with a chuckle.

"Now that I think about it, maybe turning Patrick into a girl wasn't a good idea," Heather decided as she bit her lip with apprehension. "After all, he was such a loner he has little idea of what it will take to live as a female Leprechaun. I may have made his miserable life even worse."

"Your concern is quite admirable," Erin answered. "You make a very valid point. However, I think deep in his heart Mr. O'Shea was good. I don't think nature will let anything bad happen to him."

The two sat silently for a few moments contemplating their changed lives and that of Patti Sherry O'Shea. They both wished for a sign of some sort to let them know Patti was going to be all right. The two pseudo females sighed and looked across the lawn as it curved along the forest. Their sight focused upon a massive oak tree about a hundred feet away from where they sat. The top of the tree soared close to a hundred fifty feet into the sky. The mighty branches stretched out nearly eighty feet from the humongous trunk that had to be fifteen feet in circumference.

"That's some tree," Heather whispered as she nodded towards the old oak.

"Yes, it's probably been growing since before Columbus," Erin replied. "I've always loved that tree. When I was a teenage girl, I loved sitting in the lower branches and reading all about King Arthur and Guinevere. I pretended it was my castle at Camelot. There's something magical and eternal about oak trees. Especially oak trees with mistletoe growing in its branches like this one has. Mistletoe frequently grows in oaks in England but it's extremely rare in this country. The ancient druids considered oak trees and mistletoe to be inherently magical."

Just then a majestic buck stepped around the massive trunk of the oak. The pair watched in quiet awe as they counted twelve points on its antlers as it surveyed the area for danger. Finally it stepped forth from the cover of the oak to begin nibbling on a patch of late blooming fall clover. In a few seconds, a beautiful doe stepped from the tree followed by a timid fawn that was nearly a yearling. The deer family ate quietly for nearly an hour while Erin and Heather watched. Finally, filled, they returned to the forest.

"I think we just had our sign that Patti will be all right," Erin stated as she stood. "Now I think we'd better return to the school. Just remember, when we're alone you can call me Erin. All other times, I'm Mother Superior Erin Murphy."

"I'll remember," Heather replied as they began the trek back to the school.

Heather and Mother Superior Erin Murphy both knew it would be foolish to tell anyone of their latest encounter with the Leprechaun or the truth about Heather's wish. As they entered the classroom, Mother Superior Murphy glared at the students. The normal restrained babble of the classroom fell silent as the stern faced Mother Superior faced the students.

"This is Heather Reilly," Mother Superior Murphy stated. "She has been enrolled here because of behavior problems. Suffice it to say she served a great deal of detention in her previous school. Her grades also left a lot to be desired. This pretty young miss standing by my side was nearly a juvenile delinquent, so much so that the police had been called out to her home on Halloween. Fortunately no charges were filed. Heather was, and I empathize was, an out and out tomboy who played roughly with the boys and held her own. Until this weekend, she cannot remember the last time she wore a skirt or a dress. The police involvement was the last straw as far as her parents were concerned. They decided a major attitude adjustment was in order. She spent last week in a clinic receiving treatment to reorient her life."

The class was dumbfounded by the speech they were hearing. The pretty girl standing so quietly beside Mother Superior Murphy certainly bore no resemblance to the description they’d just heard. Heather played her new role to the hilt, appearing quite demure and shy. It took all of Leslie's will power to keep a straight face. She knew the truth about Heather, and while everything Mother Superior Murphy was saying was true, it left the rest of the class under a false conception.

"All that has now changed," Mother Superior Murphy continued. "Until the end of this school year, Heather is going to live the life of a sugar and spice girl. She will learn to behave like a proper young miss. Also this past week her father received a promotion that required her parents to move to Africa. Since Mr. Reilly works for Balkut Engineering which is owned by Leslie Balkut's mother, Ms Balkut offered to assume guardianship of Heather while they were gone once Heather was released from the clinic. That is how Miss Reilly has come to be at our school. I'm telling you this for two reasons. First, so you don't hassle Heather about her past. You already know everything about her you need to know. I want no one asking her about her past. Secondly, I expect each of you to help Heather make the adjustment to life as a sugar and spice girl. If you see ANY inappropriate behavior, I expect it to be reported at once. Is everyone clear on this matter?"

"Yes, Mother Superior Murphy," the class responded in unison.

"Excellent," Mother Superior Murphy replied with a smile. "Now, since Heather is living with Leslie, I'd like Leslie to be Heather's guide during her first days at St. Patrick's Parochial School. Miss Green, would you please rearrange the class seating so that Heather can sit beside Leslie. I thank you for your listening and fully expect no problems from anyone in this matter." With that, the domineering woman left the room.

Miss Green switched several students to other seats so Heather could sit beside Leslie. At lunch, several of the prissier girls crowded about Heather and Leslie. It didn't take long for Heather to become swept up in their conversation. All in all, the rest of the day went smoothly.

For Heather, the only disconcerting thing was the manner the boys in the class keep checking out the cute new girl. The fact that Heath had done exactly the same thing to new girls arriving in his class made her feel guilty for her past transgressions. Judging from the lecherous glances she received, Heather felt sure several boys would use her as the object of their sexual fantasies that evening. That knowledge made her budding breasts tingle with excitement. While the resulting sensations were quite pleasant, the fact that she was responding sexually to boys unnerved her quite a bit. Mentally, she was far from ready to accept a relationship with a boy.

The Leprechaun Patrick Seamus O'Shea only fled a short distance before his unwanted sex-change fully hit. As bones realigned and external genitals were sucked in to morph into their feminine counterparts, the little person collapsed onto the forest floor in agony. Fortunately, the ordeal only lasted five minutes. As the pain diffused, Patti shivered and slowly pulled herself into a sitting position. A Leprechaun is quite attuned to its body so she knew the change was complete without checking.

Unlike the boys she'd helped into girlhood, she was now a complete female. Inside her tummy was a fully functional uterus and ovaries. Pert breasts jiggled upon her chest as she moved. As her vision cleared, she noted that even her green clothes had changed. Her tunic was now a mini-dress and her pants were now tights. The coarse woolen undershirt had become a satiny sports bra. The woollen undershorts were now satin panties. Slowly, she rose to her feet, dusted off the dried leaves, and began to trudge slowly back to her den.

As she walked, Patti began to understand why she'd been changed into a girl. For centuries, an overabundance of testosterone had made Patrick Seamus O'Shea an ornery man who's fits of pique and mischievousness made even his fellow normally unsociable Leprechauns want to avoid him. Eventually, his clan had ostracized him and he became a lonely hermit. Meanwhile, his unsatiated libido drove him to seek out sexual release amongst humans. He became a Leprechaun Peeping Tom and took his needs in hand. Of course, such preoccupation left him susceptible to adolescent boys who were doing as he did. Patti realized that Erin and Heather had encountered crusty old Patrick in that very manner.

Now for a Leprechaun to be captured is the utmost in humiliation. In his testosterone driven machismo, it was unbearable for him to think that a male existed who could capture him. In his shame and anger, Patrick had lashed out at the boys who captured him by twisting their wishes and stripping them of their boyhood. Since they had discovered him while peeping at girls, the boys had to have been peeping too. It seemed only fitting that Patrick change the boys into girls while granting their wishes. It was only now that the testosterone was finally gone from her body that Patti saw all this. It made her feel quite ashamed. She understood how her life as Patrick had been a sham and a farce. Four hundred fifty years wasted because of his balls! Now they were gone, now she could change from a cranky curmudgeon to a decent being. The loneliness and anger Patrick had endured all these lone centuries was now unbearable. Only how could she change her lifestyle? There was no way she could return to her clan or even to Ireland. Being thrown out of the clan had been degrading. To return as a female and have other Leprechauns know the great Patrick Seamus O'Shea had been trapped and changed into a female by his own magic was simply too horrid to contemplate.

Upon reaching her den she forlornly entered. Looking about the dreary place, only reinforced all that had come clear about Patrick's wretched existence. Patti knew she couldn't continue to live here, but where could she go? Who could understand the changes she'd endured? Who could possibly sympathize and be a true friend?

Then another desire began to form. A pleasant tingling began in her breasts and slowly spread throughout her body. A second, even more intense arousal began deep in the pit of her now girlish tummy. It took a moment to come into focus but Patti quickly realized she was horny. She wanted to be with a... a... male!

The realization that she had truly become a female in every aspect now struck home with full force. Patti stumbled to her poor excuse for a bed and collapsed upon it in tears. What was she going to do? Who could she turn to for help?

"Oh Patti Sherry O'Shea you need not cry;
just open your heart and let it freely fly.

For far far too long have you been self-consumed;
For you it's to be a normal life resumed.

I've tried for years to show you the happy way;
you never listened to what I had to say.

It took a young lass with a heart of pure gold;
to cut through your macho defenses of old.

Twas a sweet lass not always a pretty girl;
a rascally boy you put in skirts to twirl.

With the aid of another done years ago;
together, you, how to be happy they'll show!"

Patti stiffened as she listened to the familiar voice of Mother Gia, the sentient aspect of nature. Suddenly she knew the answer to her dilemma. She had to seek out Heather Lynne Reilly and Mother Superior Erin Murphy. They would be her friends. They would understand.

Quickly, Patti gathered up what little clothing and few possessions that were worth salvaging from amongst those she'd accumulated during her many dour years. Everything fit into two battered carpet bags. Upon exiting her hobbit-like hole, she turned and cast a spell that collapsed the tiny cavern. Then she began the trek to the nunnery.

It was dark by the time Patti reached the grounds of St. Patrick's. Carefully she made her way to the small cottage that served as the home of the Mother Superior. Creeping to each window, she finally saw Mother Superior Erin Murphy sitting at her desk. Gently she rapped on the glass.

Mother Superior Erin Murphy turned towards the window to see a frightened tiny cute elfin face peering at her. Startled at first she caught her breath, then recognized the femininely transformed visage as Patti Sherry O'Shea. At once she went to the window and opened it.

"May I please come in, I’m an ungrateful whelp,
but there is no one else can I turn for help”

Patti asked quite deferentially. The gruff baritone voice of the Leprechaun had become a dulcet soprano although the Irish brogue was as thick as before.

"Of course," Erin replied as she reached out to pluck the tattered carpet bags inside after which the waif-like Leprechaun climbed through the window. Erin noted the change in Patti's clothes with a smile. It was quite obvious that the magical transformation had been quite thorough. "What can I do for you?"

"I apologize for all the hurt I've done,
I was bad, my maleness thought changing boys fun;

I can see that now that I've become a female;
the way I was living life was a sad tale.

Now a girl, it is companionship I need,
friendship only from my loneliness be freed.

I can't go back to my people, I was bad;
now it is living alone that makes me sad.

I've lived alone for so long, to have friends I seek,
you and Heather, only ones on me did peek.

I've been told that I can trust you to help me,
so to you I’ve come to make this heart felt plea.

Erin saw tears forming in the eyes of the trembling Leprechaun. Her heart went out to Patti. Then inspiration struck. "There may be a something we can do, but it will require a major change for you. It may even strip you of your magical powers. Are you prepared for such a sacrifice?"

"Certainly my powers I don’t want to lose,
but I know also I can't your help refuse.

To go on the way I've been living is hell,
I'll see if I can handle it, your plan tell."

"Well, there is no way you can freely associate with Heather and I," Erin explained. "Other humans would be bound to discover you. So to let us help you, you'll have to disguise yourself. The best way to do that is to appear as a human."

"Appear as human, that's simply horrendous!"
Such a fate to me would be most odorous.

Unfortunately, I don't see any choice
so agreement to your plan I’ll sadly voice.

Patti looked worried as she furrowed her brow in thought. A silent nudge from the ether pointed out that Patti had no other options.

"Can I do that without making me a fool,
Me to be human would seem a fate most cruel.

I’ll sadly do it for my life’s on the line,
Please just tell me once I’ve changed all will be fine.”

"Please don't be offended," Erin began. "But your social skills are atrocious. If you became a human female, you'd very quickly alienate everyone. We'd also have to explain your Irish accent. You'd have to assume the identity of a child or young teenager, newly arrived in this country."

"I understand and I will take no offense,
just do it quickly for I must cross this fence.”

Patti replied as she shivered at the idea of assuming human form. All his life Patrick had detested humans and sought to avoid interacting with them.

"I sincerely doubt that the magic that changed you to a female would allow you to assume the identity of a human boy," Erin stated. "But I think you could manage to become a convincing human girl. In fact, if you can do so, perhaps you could assume the form of a 14-year-old Irish lass. We could tell everyone you are my recently orphaned cousin from Ireland who has come to live here with me since I'm the only family either of us has."

"You'd do that for me I ask with disbelief,
after all I did to you was to bring grief.”

"Yes," Erin replied. "I've long ago accepted my life as a female. My only regret was that I never had any children. For that I blamed you. This way, you could become the child I never had."

"I think I'd like that, for your heart is most pure,
To become you niece would all my concerns cure.

Patti replied softly while blushing. She could feel the love and compassion emanating from Erin. It was something Patrick had always denied himself, yet now it felt so warm and right.

"Into the ether this idea I’ll send,
that all my past magic disruptions might mend.”

With that, Patti sat upon the floor with her legs crossed. Lowering her head she closed her eyes and communed with the ether. After a few moments she sighed and opened her eyes.

"I can cast a spell to a human become,
never to revert Leprechaun is fearsome,

all my magical powers will go away
a human girl I’d be in every way.”

"That's a big sacrifice," Erin responded. "Is it one you're willing to make?"

"Part of me shouts no, but another says yes,
but to do so would create a major mess.

So to dismiss your kind suggestion I must
for from my past promises I can not bust.”

"Why not," Erin asked obviously perplexed.

"I've been committed by Heather's spell to help,
in making a girl of any boyish whelp.

I can't begin life anew as a sweet girl,
to my Leprechaun commitment I must twirl.”

"I can understand that," Erin replied. "But I know I'd gladly release you from that commitment and I'm sure Heather would do the same."

"I thank you, but there’s no way I can do it,
To grant Heather’s wish my whole life is commit."

Patti answered sadly.

"Are you sure," Erin pointedly asked. "Didn't you say the ether left you know that you could trust me to come up with a solution?"

“A spell to change me and keep Heather’s wish true,
with help granted from the magic ether blue.

If the correct enduring spell can be done,
then to a girls human form I can be spun!”

Patti replied with a hint of excitement.

"Well, GIRL, what are you waiting for," Erin asked. "Go for it!"

"If with the right spell magic can twist, I will,
becoming a girl won’t be a bitter pill.

“To select the precise wording I must dwell,
so I don’t make a mess of this magic spell.”

Patti replied happily, then took few moments to collect his thoughts.

"Take all the time you need," Erin answered with growing excitement.

Patti sat cross-legged on the floor in the middle of the room and closed her eyes. For several minutes the now female Leprechaun sat without moving as she concentrated on the correct wording for a spell that would allow continued fulfillment of Heather's wish while freeing Patti from being the magical conduit. Finally she sighed and fell back on the floor, obviously exhausted by the involved thought process.

"I have the right wording to make the spell good,
please some water and a candle if you would."

Patti whispered.

Erin scurried to her kitchen and quicky returned with a glass of water, a candle in an old-fashioned candle holder, and a book of matches. While Patti emptied the glass in one long steady swallow, Erin lit the candle. Then they swapped the empty glass for the burning candle. Erin stepped back and watched in fascination as Patti placed the candle on the floor in the center of the room. The spritely 450-year-old Leprechaun began to dance about the tiny flame in an intricate pattern that Erin knew to be quite ancient and mysterious. The nun felt privileged to be one of the few humans ever to see a Leprechaunic magic dance. Patti began to chant.

"Oh Mother Gia please heed my plaintive call;
this will be my last spell as I give my all.

This magic will be the suicidal knife;
through this spell I sacrifice Leprechaun life.

Enable Heather and Erin to change boys;
without my assistance, to sweet girlish joys.

Though my last magic request does seem quite odd;
Any living thing can be a focus rod.

The great oak tree by St. Patrick's convent lawn;
under who's great boughs shelter buck, doe, and fawn;

mistletoe grows among its lofty bowers;
non-thinking, yet imbued with druid powers.

The limbs of this tree can be an ether net;
to focus wishes Heather and Erin, let.

This way Heather's transforming wish can deploy;
without me to serve as a magic envoy.

This spell needs to be done so I can be freed;
from my horrid life of loneliness and greed,

I know my life has been a fraud and a con;
even by the standards of a Leprechaun.

With this wish I desire my sad life to end;
from this time forward as a human I'll fend.

Please let my human life be good and not crass;
transform me into an orphaned Irish lass.

Erin Murphy has agreed to be my aunt;
with her I'll live and my past evil recant.

Please Mother Gia, a great favor I ask;
to make my transition an easier task.

Let me start human life as a teenage girl;
as a classmate with Heather in skirts to twirl.

If you do this my gratitude will be great;
I'll no longer be a Leprechaun ingrate.

Oh Mother Gia, grant this my last spell rhyme;
and I'll not pest you again in this lifetime."

Patti stopped dancing and collapsed in a heap on the floor by the candle. Erin knelt beside her and took the trembling Leprechaun in her arms.

To Be Continued...

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Happily More Parts

littlerocksilver's picture

I think it would be nice if the spell could be used to change the surgically altered into true genetic females if they wished. I didn't see anything that would prevent this. I know Leslie would certainly appreciate it. :)Portia


This is becoming a happier tale , quite clever, really, good job

I think there is a way the faux girls may become real, fertile girls, thus confounding the twister doctor and her friends and eventually becoming loving mothers. I quote.

"Into the ether this idea I’ll send,
that all my past magic disruptions might mend.”
End quote.

Is that only the now female leprechaun casting for a magical way to become a human girl or is it also her casting for a way to make amends and repair the harm she's done in the past. To make them male again is not practical or even good if the former boys have adapted but to make them real women and happy with their fates would be a great act of contrition and reparations.

The long dead cannot be helped but perhaps a great qnd generous boon could be granted to any blood relatives alive today, IE they have a run of good luck in other words. The former leprechaun has seen the light now what of the talented but deranged doctor and her close friends, can they be made to see what they do is sick and to make amends. There are others who need her skills,, those who would willingly become another sex. She could use her skills to help them and Heather and Co could wish the transformees whole and fertile. The doctor’s sick trickery, her drugging and brainwashing her only child from birth into becoming a SRS girl and what she has done to dozens of boys who did not want to be girls and did not deserve to be mutilated was a human mirror of the former male leprechauns terrible trickery. Neat paarallelism.

Heather, though not a horrid boy, but certainly an unpleasant one has reformed, the leprechaun has reformed why not these twisted women suffering from estrogen poisoning. I mean they said essentially that about the boy being destroyed by testosterone. That the women are perverted mutilators proves they ar being poisoned by the evils of estroge just as surely as they claimed the boys were or were at risk of being testosterone poisoned, fair is fair after all.

As much as I want justice in a story, I first want motivations, why characters act as they do and I enjoy it when character show growth and maturity. The true brats/perverts/criminals here were the leprechaun, the Doctor and company, not the boys who were misguided and needed counseling and mentoring at most. The testicle earing was sick, verrrry sick. The doctors an co need to fae justceor to realise their crimes and try to make it up to their victims.

But then I hope for the best in people.

A story that has pleasantly surprised me.

John in Wauwatosa

John in Wauwatosa

Power corrupts, and ...

Jezzi Stewart's picture

... both Erin and Heather have just gotten for themselves a big dose of it. Erin, maybe, can handle it, though I wouldn't trust a nun who is only a nun because of magic with it. Heather is however a TEENAGER; what happens when instant teen anger at a boy for what later would be considered a minor crime causes the spell to be released. I can see a lot of problems. I also agree with Heath and sissy Heath: those earrings are humiliating and should be thrown away! I'm afraid I don't like the adult GG women in this story very much. If I were Heath's Dad, I would be shaking in my shoes and looking for a nice hidey-hole so I could stay a man ... 'cause I think he's next, or at least on the short list.

"All the world really is a stage, darlings, so strut your stuff, have fun, and give the public a good show!" Miss Jezzi Belle at the end of each show

BE a lady!

Well Perhaps Heather

will become Heath when his father learns why everything happened. May Your Light Forever Shine

May Your Light Forever Shine

Very nice!

Very nice!