The Ballet Game - Chapter 10

Jimmy's night had been crazy -- the next day was too, but in a different way.

The Ballet Game

Chapter 10

By Beffy Flowers

Jimmy opened his eyes the next morning and luxuriated lazily under the sheets for a moment. It took him a few minutes to remember what he was wearing, even as his legs slid slowly against each other in their nylon sheaths. Laura's pantyhose felt somehow different than they did the night before -- less taut but more snug, and they fit his body better than anything he had ever worn.

He was vaguely surprised that Mrs. Dale wasn't there to wake him. Although this came as a relief after the incredible embarassment of the night before, he thought wistfully for a moment of the previous morning when she rubbed his foot. The feel of yesterday's tights stretched over his toes was incredible enough -- feeling a woman's touch on the other side of the nylon went beyond words.

But then the rest of yesterday's events came back to him -- the morning of stocking feet, the ballet school, being dressed in lingerie by Mrs. Dale and then by Jenny, and finally the utter insanity of having Mrs. Dale nearly catch him enjoying the Dale lingerie collection far too much. He escaped mortal embarassment by playing possum, even as her inspection triggered the first climax he'd ever experienced in the presence of someone else.

As vivid images danced through his head, a new awakening under his panties reminded him of his predicament and thought hard about what to do. He wanted to take a look underneath his half-slip to survey the damage, and began pulling at the satiny garment as he sat up on the bed, but then he heard someone walking down the hall and worried that they'd peek in on him. Things felt a little odd under his pantyhose, but not especially so. Not much odder, he thought wryly, than the pantyhose themselves.

Since he'd been afforded the luxury of a private awakening, he decided he'd make a dash for the bathroom. With luck, it would be empty and he'd be able to clean himself and these undergarments up like he did the day before. Feeling completely self-concious, he padded over to the door and peered into the hall. All was quiet for the moment and the bathroom door stood ajar, so he stepped lightly out of the bedroom. He was, once again, a deer in the headlights as he saw Jenny emerge from Laura's room just at that moment. How did she *do* that?

She smiled brightly and leaped toward him to grab his hand. "Oh Jenny Two, I love how you look in lingerie! So cute! You're such a doll to wear these things for me!" He looked down in shyness, but his eyes darted about and he was instantly taken by how nice her legs looked. She must have noticed because she tapped one hose-clad foot on one of his and grabbed his other hand. "Come on down for breakfast! Mom made pancakes!"

"I'm gonna clean, uh, I'll be right down Jenny, I just have to go to the bathroom first." He felt his cheeks flushing and imagined she had x-ray vision and could see what he'd done to her panties.

"No, we have to go now! It'll get cold, and Mom hates that. Besides, I want to see you in your pretty underwear a little longer before you get ready for school. Please? I hardly got to see it last night! Pretty please?" Her tugging became insistent and he reluctantly followed her down the stairs and into the kitchen. A quick glance at the front of his slip revealed not too much of his excitement, and more importantly -- no stains, which brought him a small measure of relief.

They entered the kitchen hand in hand and Mrs. Dale smiled to greet them. Jimmy thought for a moment that her eyes focused on his hips before they rose to his face, but the smell of breakfast and Jenny's tugging distracted him. They sat and tore into the food. Soon he forgot what he was wearing and fell into easy conversation with Jen and Mrs. Dale. Laura joined them, still in her oversized t-shirt and tights, but after a quick joke about his bra strap being twisted, she chatted casually about the coming school day.

There was no ballet class that day, and it seemed to Jimmy that he might be granted a reprieve from this saturation in femininity. As much as the bulge under his panties said otherwise, he felt increasingly alarmed at his own acquiesence and loss of male pride. He was definitely ready for a day of normalcy -- a chance to gather back what few wits he had.

He was apparently daydreaming about all this because he didn't notice the strawberry that came flying at him from Laura's direction. Jenny had thrown a banana slice at Laura (who hated bananas) in a playful effort to irritate her, but Laura was in a playful mood herself. She caught it and returned fire, causing Jenny to shriek and laugh. She then grabbed a strawberry to toss at Jimmy, not realizing he was lost in thought. The red berry landed right on his chest. He was completely surprised, but managed to catch it before it fell onto his waist. He looked up and saw a look of mild dread on Laura's face.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I stained your camisole!" Mrs. Dale turned her head immediately when she heard that. "Mom's nice camisole! I'm so sorry!" She jumped up from her chair to dampen a napkin and ran back over to try to blot away the stain. "Mom I think I ruined it! It's not coming out!" Jimmy found the sight of three women staring at his lace-trimmed chest to be a new astonishment, but sat mutely through Laura's attempts to clean him up.

Mrs. Dale walked over and took a closer look. "No, this isn't going to come out with a napkin, I'm afraid. I need to rinse it right away. Jimmy? Can you take it off, please?"

"Right here?" he mumbled, wishing he were up in that bathroom cleaning up some other garments.

"Yes, the sooner the better if you don't mind. I might just be able to get the stain out if we hurry." She gently began pulling up on the delicate straps, and Jimmy could do little but hold his arms up to make it easier. He instantly thought of when she had pulled the camisole down over him the night before. This brought a renewed stirring from under his panties, which was quite unwelcome given the scrutiny he was under. Unfortunately it was multiplied when Mrs. Dale finished pulling it off of him and he found Jenny and Laura both staring at the bra he was wearing -- Jenny with a smirk and Laura with a concerned look.

"I think your bra is okay" Laura said, biting her lip. I can go rinse that for you, Mom."

Mrs. Dale had already drawn some water in the sink, but then handed the cami to Laura. "Fine, just hurry up. I need to go upstairs and finish getting ready." She tossled Jimmy's head as she walked by. "On second thought, why don't you do that in the bathroom with some Woolite?" She stepped out of the room, and Laura turned off the water in the sink.

"I guess its kind of embarassing to have us looking at you in your underwear, huh Jimmy?" Laura asked as she walked over and put one hand on his shoulder from behind.

"Um, yeah I guess so." He was surprised by how she phrased the question, given the obvious embarassment any boy would feel being seen in a bra. Jenny wss looking at Laura, her face almost as red as Jimmy's.

"It's okay -- we see each other in this kind of stuff all the time. Just part of the scenery around here. Would you feel better without your bra?" Her hand rested on one strap, rubbing it gently.

"I, uh..."

"Laura, he's wearing it for me -- I wanted him to keep it on this morning!" Jenny seemed flush.

"I know, I just thought he might like me to help him out of it. Do you want me to take it off, or would you like to keep it on?"


"Shh, Jenny, I want to make sure he's okay. I mean he is our guest and all. He might rather have his chest be naked." Jimmy couldn't see Laura, but he could hear the smile in her voice. "Would you rather be naked, Jimmy? Or would you rather keep wearing your bra?"

Jenny stared at Laura, then at Jimmy. "He wants to keep the bra on, Laura, stop teasing him about it!"

"I think you're right," Laura said, "but I just have to make a little adjustment here, cause these tangled straps are driving me crazy." Before he knew it, Laura had unhooked and rehooked the bra tighter around his chest, then ran her fingers under his straps to smooth them out, releasing them with a snap. "There -- now it fits better!" She leaned down and kissed him on his cheek twice before bounding out of the room.

"God, she can be so annoying!" Jenny was upset, but not much. In fact, she seemed to have taken on abit of a glow. "You don't have to keep wearing my underwear Jimmy, I just wanted to see you keep it on a little longer. I don't know why, but it's just so cool to have a guy around who'll let me indulge myself like this. You're so sweet to let me play with you, really."

"I um, I don't mind, Jenny. You're sweet for paying attention to me and all. I guess I feel like I'm coming out ahead, here." That wasn't far from the truth -- if he had been standing there's no way that slip would have hidden what was going on underneath.

She made a cute mock-sigh, got up, and sat down on his lap to kiss him lightly on the cheek once before hugging him. He hugged her back gingerly, trying to keep his hands from drifting over her nightie or her silky legs.

They kissed once briefly before Mrs. Dale's voice came from upstairs. "Jenny! Jimmy! Hurry up -- it's later than I thought! We've got to go!"

They both leaped from the chair and ran up to see her in the hallway, with Laura pulling on a t-shirt right behind her. "I need you both to be dressed and in the car in exactly 2 minutes! I woke up late and lost track of time this morning! 2 minutes!"

"Mom, can't we take showers?" Jenny pleaded.

"No way -- you can take them tonight. I'm sorry kids, but I've got to get to work. Now get dressed!" Mrs. Dale flew down the stairs, with Laura close behind. Jimmy and Jenny ran frantically to their rooms.

After closing the door, he quickly took off his half-slip, panties, and pantyhose in one motion. This was his first chance to see what had happened to them the night before. Unfortunately, he'd have to wait until evening to take care of the mess. He tucked them under his pillow for safe keeping and pulled on his own shorts, socks, and jeans.

When he started putting on a t-shirt, he paused, remembering the bra. How could he have forgotten? He reached his hands around behind him, as he'd once seen a woman do in a movie, but he couldn't figure out how to unlatch it. It was very snug, and try as he might he couldn't find a way to open the clasps. Jimmy couldn't decide what to do. Should he go get Jenny to help him? Should he ask Mrs. Dale?

"Kids, we have to go NOW! Get down here RIGHT NOW!"

In a panic, he pulled on his t-shirt and looked in the mirror. It was obvious that he was wearing a bra -- at least to a boy who had made quite a hobby of visually outlining the bra straps of the girls at school. It also puffed out the front of his shirt slightly. Maybe he could get it off in the car, with a little help from Jenny. He grabbed a sweater to wear over it and ran downstairs, pulling it on as he went.

Jenny emerged a moment later, looking cute as ever in a khaki skirt and top. They ran out and joined Laura and Mrs. Dale in the car. The front seat was filled with bags, so Jimmy found himself sitting between the girls in the back seat. He reflexively looked down at Jenny's legs as she slid in next to him, pressing one thigh slightly against his.

He turned to her to ask for help with the bra, but Mrs. Dale told him to put on his seat belt. He normally would have been buckled in right away, but wanted to be able to move around to give Jenny access to his back. He was about to explain his situation to Mrs. Dale but she didn't give him a chance. She went into extended detail about people she knew who were injured in car accidents because they weren't wearing seat belts. The car sped and swerved the whole time as they raced to school. He looked to Jenny, who was just rolling her eyes and smirking.

By the time her lecture was done, they were nearly there. He finally managed to say something quietly to Jenny, "Um, I need your help with something. I was in such a rush to get dressed I couldn't figure out how to take off your bra. Can you help me take it off now?" He kept his voice low to keep Mrs. Dale from hearing, but Jenny's response was rather loud.

"You're still wearing my bra? Let me see!" Her hands went straight for his chest to feel for straps and underwires. Laura heard this and joined in the pat-down. They quickly reached under his sweater to look at his t-shirt. "Oh my god, you are! That's okay, I'm still wearing the bra I wore to bed last night too. Are you also wearing my panties? Pantyhose?"

Laura tugged at his belt buckle to start looking for panties. His penis leaped up at all this attention to his undergarments. "No! I just couldn't get this bra off -- I don't know how it works!"

At this point, Mrs. Dale turned around. They had just arrived at the entrance to the school. "Are you serious? Jenny, did you make him wear a bra to school today?"

"No Mom! He didn't tell me he was wearing it until just now!" Jenny was defensive toward her mother, but still visibly excited at Jimmy's situation. "You want me to unbuckle it now?"

"Jenny, don't you dare do that here in front of the school! There's a hundred kids walking around right here. You better find a way to get it off of him inside the school, and without anyone seeing! I can't believe this!"

"Mom, it wasn't my fault! You made us rush out the door! He couldn't take it off in time!"

"And why did we rush? Because you kids were goofing around this morning -- all of you! Let me see. Hmmm, well, at least you're wearing a sweater over it. I don't think anyone can see. Are you comfortable with getting out of the car now, Jimmy? I am super late for work, otherwise I'd drive you off to some side-street and fix this for you..."

"I'm okay, Mrs. Dale. I'll just get Jenny to help me once we get inside." He was completely red-faced as he smoothed out his sweater.

"Okay, then go on. Jenny, we're going to talk about this tonight..." They all got out and walked in the building, the two girls at his side. Jimmy felt oddly protected by being between them.

As soon as they entered the building, Laura peeled off to chat with some friends and to give Jenny a chance to figure something out. "Come on," she muttered to Jimmy, tugging at his sleeve, "we can go to the auditorium. Nobody's there this time of day." They made their way discreetly through the bustling halls of students, and finally ducked into a small side-hall with a door to the auditorium. There, Jenny stopped and turned.

"Jimmy, before I take off your bra, I just want to thank you for being so nice to me and letting me have my way with you all the time. It really means a lot to me, and maybe someday I can do something for you. You know, to make up for things like wearing my bra to school." She giggled as she said that last part, but her eyes twinkled.

"Jenny, I..." before he could speak, she kissed him quickly but firmly on the mouth, followed by a longer, lighter kiss. She then hugged him while pulling open the door at the same time, tugging him inside.

The room was huge, and Jimmy felt a sense of exposure just standing there. A quick scan revealed nobody was around. Jenny was still hugging him, and he felt her fingers thread their way under his sweater and shirt, moving slowly up his back to feel for the clasp of his bra. "Hey, let me just unsnap it, and then I'll show you how to take it off without taking your sweater off. This is kind of fun!" She kissed him again as her hands found the bra clasp, and started pulling and tugging to get it undone.

Just then, they heard a voice from the other side of the auditorium. "Oh no! Now you kids better stop coming in here!" They broke their embrace in a flash and turned to see who was speaking. The custodian had just enetered, carrying a toolbox. "You heard me! You kids keep coming in here and making out, treating this place like a make-out room or something! Go on! Get out! Get to class, before I call the principal!"

They scrambled out of the room as fast as they could. Both were red-faced with embarassment. "Jimmy, I don't know where we can go to do this! Do you have any ideas?" He shook his head, still stunned by his near exposure. "We can't use the library, we can't use the gym, we can't use any bathrooms. Let's just go to our lockers and get ready for class -- maybe we'll see an open closet or something."

Jimmy felt flush. He felt like everybody knew he was wearing a bra -- that everyone had x-ray vision. He was reasonably sure his sweater was bulky enough to hide any sign of straps, but it seemed like every girl they passed in the hall had worn an extra-tight top with an extra-strappy bra that day, fueling his anxiety. And his tingles.

They reached their lockers -- just across the hall from each other -- without having found a suitable spot. As they got their books together and turned, the bell rang, marking the first class.

"Why don't you just keep it on?" Jenny whispered. "Nobody can tell. You look perfectly normal. My third class is in the art studio. If we can get you in the supply room, then I'll have it off in 2 seconds. Just meet me there before class, okay?"

Jimmy nodded haplessly and waved as she skipped down the hall. Her legs looked perfectly lithe and tan -- Jimmy's eyes followed her out of sight. But then he scrambled to get to class himself. He couldn't stop thinking about the bra as the straps dug into his shoulders. Laura's tightening that morning had made it impossible for him to take it off, and his chest just wouldn't get used to the snugness, but he had to admit it felt like a good fit. It felt good.

Somehow, he managed to get through his first class, though it was hard to concentrate. It didn't help that he sat in front, and felt like every eye in the room was tracing the outlines of bra straps on his back. It also didn't help that his mind kept drifting to those wonderful kisses from Jenny all morning. They were obviously taking their friendship to a new level, but it wasn't immediately clear to him that they were boyfriend-girlfriend yet. They hadn't actually gone on a date, for one thing, nor had they spoken of their attraction for one another. And though she seemed as tingly as him at times, he wondered if he merely occupied some "special friend" position in her life.

At the end of the class, he had to shake off his daydreams and hurry to his next one. Then it dawned on him -- today was one of his gym class days! He had gym twice a week, and today was one of those days! He walked lurchingly down the hall, picturing himself changing clothes in the boys locker room. Even if he kept his shirt on, the bra straps would show. Maybe most people would never notice, but these weren't ordinary people he was about to share a class with. These were pubescent boys. There was no way he would get through a whole gym class without being discovered.

As he neared the locker room door, he made up his mind that he just couldn't go in. He kept walking and got to the gym teachers' office. One of the teachers was still there, preparing to take attendance. "Uh, Miss Percy? I know we've got basketball today, but I'm feeling really sick right now. I don't think I can play."

"What's the matter, Jim?" She looked concerned as she put her hand on his forehead. "Is it your stomach?"

"Um, yeah. My stomach really hurts. I think I might throw up." It wasn't far from the truth. The thought of having someone pull up his shirt in the middle of the game certainly made him feel sick to his stomach. He did his best to look pathetic and pale.

She scribbled a note and handed it to Jimmy. "Here's a pass. Take it to the nurses office right now. Do not go anywhere but the nurses office, or there'll be trouble. Do you understand? I don't want to catch you anywhere else, and I'm calling ahead to let them know you're coming, okay?"

Now Jimmy felt genuinely sick. Out of the frying pan, into the fire? Well, at least he could keep his sweater on. He felt a wave of relief as he walked along, the halls emptying as the bell rang again.

He had never been to the nurses office before. He was somewhat surprised as he entered, when an attractive woman in her 20's greeted him and ushered him to one of two exam rooms. She took the note and motioned for him to sit on the cushioned exam table.

"Now then, Jimmy, what seems to be the problem?"

Jimmy gulped. "It's my stomach. I feel like I'm going to throw up. And I feel dizzy, too." He added a cough and a sniffle for good measure. He didn't want to come across as a lightweight and be sent back to class. It was imperative that he NOT go back to gym class. She asked him to wait while she got something from the other room. Looking around, he remarked to himself that this private room would have been an ideal place for Jenny to take off the bra.

She came back wearing a stethoscope, and closed the door behind her. "Now, just take off your sweater so I can listen to your chest. Jimmy? Did you hear me? Are you okay?" In a mad panic, Jimmy had buckled over and moaned in a wave of imitation nausea. His gambit might just make things worse, but there wasn't time to think anything through.

The nurse had him lie down there on the table, and he assumed something of a fetal position, both to emphasis his distress and to keep her stethoscope from coming anywhere near his chest. He decided to keep pressing ahead. "I'll be okay. Really. I think if I just throw up once, I'll be fine and I can get back to class in time for the game."

"Oh no, mister. No basketball for you today. I don't care if you throw up or not, you're in no condition to play!" Jimmy could scarcely believe his good luck. He had escaped gym class, now all he had to do was take things down a notch and escape the nurse without causing suspicion or alarm.

"Maybe I could just lie down for a while? I think if I just lie down, I'll feel better." He closed his eyes for effect and evened out his breathing. He heard her scribble something on her clipboard. Then he felt her hand rubbing his side lightly, to comfort him.

"You do that. Just stay here for now, and I'll check on you in a little bit. I'll be at my desk. Call me if you need anything." As she spoke, her hand rubbed back and forth along his side. He felt his face redden as her fingers passed over the band of his bra again and again. Was the sweater thick enough to keep her from feeling what was underneath? He chose not to react, fearing it might make her suspicious. It seemed like she had rubbed a little longer and slower than was appropriate -- did she feel it? Once again, under the hand of an adult woman, Jimmy's only defense was to play possum. Tingles surged every time fingers passed bra.

As she rose and walked out, Jimmy sighed silently with relief. He took advantage of this quiet time to think about the morning, and especially about Jenny. The way she sat on his lap in the kitchen, her foot sliding lazily against his leg as they kissed, feeling her touching his chest through this very bra last night -- it was all very confusing and exciting at the same time. But thinking thoughts like these also found their way down to his anatomy, and this was a bad time to have to deal with THAT on top of everything else. So Jimmy forced himself to think about homework, hoping it would calm things down.

After a while, the nurse returned. "Okay Jimmy, I called the front office. Your mother is coming to pick you up and bring you home. I'm told she was rather alarmed when they called her, so I suspect she wanted to make sure you were alright personally."

"What? No, that's okay. I can stay -- I feel better now. Can you call her back and tell her I'm fine?" Jimmy's luck had turned again! He knew the nurse must have been talking about Mrs. Dale and not his mother, and Mrs Dale was mad enough this morning, late as she was for work. This was terrible!

"No, sweetie. We invited her to talk to you on the phone directly, but she insisted that she come straight over. Mothers know best, I suppose. Why don't you gather your things and go to the front hall to wait for her?"

He shambled off, trying to figure out why she would be racing over here without so much as a word with him. He could sense he was in deep trouble -- she didn't seem like the kind of person he could fool into believing he was truly sick. What a mess he had gotten himself into.

When her car pulled up to the front of the school, Jimmy reluctantly walked out to meet her at the curb. Her eyes were fixed on him, but she waited until he climbed in and closed the door before she spoke. "Are you still wearing a bra?" Before he could answer, her hand shot to his waist and reached up under his sweater, running her fingers firmly against both cups to confirm her suspicion.

"Jenny was supposed to take this off for you! What happened? Why are you still wearing it? Jimmy, you're not really sick, are you?" She searched his face.

"We couldn't find a private spot to do it before the first class. When the bell rang, we had to go to class, so she said we could try using her art class closet or something, but that wasn't until 3rd class. But I had gym class today and I panicked -- I couldn't think fast enough, so I pretended I was sick and they sent me to the nurse. She called you -- I told her not to! I just wanted to skip gym class, but they made you come here! I'm so sorry Mrs. Dale -- I hope I didn't get you in trouble at work!"

She rubbed his shoulder. "No, Jimmy. Work is important, but I made a promise to your mother to take care of things while she was gone, and that means you. I knew as soon as they called that this had something to do with your bra. So I decided to play along and come to get you without further discussion. I didn't want you to be embarassed, and I felt guilty about rushing you out of the house this morning in the first place." They drove home while she continued.

"Don't worry about my job. I managed to get my most important meeting done first, so this isn't such a problem for me and I figured you're such a good boy that a day off of school wouldn't hurt you. Look, I am sorry you've been forced into wearing these clothes all week. I know how embarassing this must be for you every night. I'm going to put a stop to this starting now. I've got something a little more modest you can wear to bed tonight, and I'll keep Jenny from twisting your arm. I've got some words for her when I get home tonight, and she's not going to give you anymore trouble!"

After a pause, Jimmy responded, "Mrs Dale, Jenny has been great to me. Please don't be mad at her -- this was my fault! I don't want to cause problems for her or you or anybody else! I just need to learn how to take off a bra and I'll be fine!" At this last sentence, Mrs. Dale glanced at Jimmy with an odd look. At that moment, her cell phone rang, which ended further conversation.

When they got home, Mrs. Dale handed him a house key and motioned for him to get out. She was unable to break away from her call, so Jimmy just climbed out of the car and waved as she drove away. What a day, and it wasn't even lunch time yet! It wasn't until he went in the house and dropped his backpack that he realized he was still wearing the bra.

He went upstairs to Jenny's room and took off his sweater. Looking in the mirror, he could definitely see the hint of bra straps on his back, and some puffing in front where the cups lay against his chest. It was a good thing he got out of gym class, because he would have been spotted for sure. After a moment, he took off his t-shirt and looked at the bra.

It was crazy to be standing there wearing a bra -- but even though it felt snug it seemed to fit right, and it looked appealing to him, even on his boy's body. Maybe that was just because of his history of staring at girls' bras through their shirts. Now that he was wearing one, and had the opportunity to look at it up-close, it was absolutely thrilling even though he wasn't supposed to be interested in these things. He was supposed to be interested in taking bras off of girls, not putting them on himself! But there was no denying how this made him feel, even as he started tugging at it in earnest to take it off.

He fumbled at the clasp for a minute or so, but couldn't seem to get it unsnapped. His fingers almost seemed deliberately clumsy, and he had to admit he didn't really want to take it off. Jenny was at school wearing one just like this, and it made him feel tingly to know that she had worn this one yesterday. Jenny! He was supposed to meet her at her art class! What would she think? She would have no idea what happened and probably think he had forgotten their plan!

"Well," thought Jimmy, "there's nothing I can do about that now." As he thought of her, he decided to stop trying to take off her bra. Even if he eventually figured out how to remove it, it might make Mrs Dale angry to know that he could have just taken it off himself. Better to leave the mysteries of the bra clasp unsolved for now, and have Jenny help him when she came home from school. He put his t-shirt back on and tried to stop thinking about how those straps felt on his shoulders.

The rest of the day was spent studying. He had been neglecting his studying with all the excitement each evening brought, so he took advantage of the quiet time to catch up. He was so involved that he didn't think about having lunch or goofing off. When Jenny burst through the bedroom door, he was surprised, not having heard her come into the house.

"Jimmy! Are you alright? They gave me a message from Mom that you got sick and had to come home! Are you feeling sick??" She rushed over to where he lay on the bed. Her backpack was with her, but her shoes were apparently kicked off downstairs. Her face was full of concern, and her hand went straight to his forehead as she sat on the bed.

"I'm fine, Jenny. I'm not really sick. I -- your mom -- I should explain." He went on to tell her about his gym class, the nurse, and his conversation with Mrs Dale. "I hope I'm not causing trouble. I just didn't think fast enough this morning, and I guess I panicked."

"Oh Jimmy, that's okay. I'm just glad you're not sick. I had a feeling this had to do with what you're wearing." With that, she playfully rubbed his chest, and Jimmy realized he hadn't put his sweater back on -- the bra cups were plainly evident through his shirt. Even though Jenny had already seen him in a bra, he felt a little vulnerable and exposed -- just like the other night when the tights he was wearing had made him feel all the more naked to this amazing girl.

"I was worried, but I was also thinking about you wearing this for me -- stuck inside it and all. I don't know, I kind of liked thinking that my bra was wrapped around your chest and you couldn't take it off. It was like, I was linked to you somehow, all day long. It made me happy. I half-expected you would have taken it off already, but I'm really glad you didn't!" She beamed at him.

"I tried, but I couldn't figure it out! I mean, it was like it was locked or something!" His face flushed. "And I -- I know what you mean about me wearing it today. I kept thinking about you. I..." Before he could continue, Jenny kissed him lightly.

Just then, they heard the front door close, and knew that Laura was home. "Why don't you just keep it on, okay? Let's just pretend we forgot, and just study and be good and all that. I want you to wear it until bedtime and then we'll come up with something new." Her eyes glittered as she spoke, and Jimmy's heart pounded with excitement.

They studied together on the bed for the rest of the afternoon, not discussing anything other than school work and music. Laura popped in twice to chat with them, but said nothing about the bra.

When Mrs Dale arrived after work, Jimmy and the girls were setting the table and preparing a simple dinner of pasta and salad. This delighted Mrs Dale, but she still came straight over to Jimmy and ran her hand along his back. "You're still wearing it? Jenny, why haven't you helped him take it off?"

"He, I mean, I didn't, I..." Jenny seemed unprepared for the question, and her cheeks pinkened.

"I didn't ask her to, Mrs Dale," said Jimmy, coming to her defense. "I didn't even think about it. I tried to take it off myself, but couldn't, and after that I guess I just forgot I had it on. I guess I hadn't thought about it until you just said something." He tried to look innocent, but wasn't sure how this was coming across. "Can one of you show me how to take it off now?" His voice faded unintentionally.

"Let me do it, Mom," said Jenny quickly. "Come on, put those plates down and come upstairs." She tugged at his arm.

"Jenny, I want you back down here in one minute!" said Mrs Dale. "And when you're back, we're all going to have a little talk about what happened today", she added in a sterner voice.

When they got upstairs, Jenny grabbed his wrists, pulled his arms up over his head, and deftly pulled his t-shirt off. Then she spun him around. "I'll unsnap it myself. I don't want to show you how it works. If I ever manage to get you to wear a bra again after today, I want to know that you won't be able to take it off. It's just way too cool to be able to lock you up in my lingerie!"

Jimmy was speechless. His tingles were running at a fever pitch. But there was no time to respond. Mrs Dale's orders had been clear, and Jenny was already walking out of the room, holding the bra. He put his t-shirt back on and went downstairs.


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