Leprechaun Trickery part 5

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 5



Just then a warm gust of wind blew through the still open window carrying a myriad of tiny dust particles. The dust swirled like a tornado above the candle and slowly formed a vaguely gentle grandmotherly human form. One by one tiny specks of dust dropped into the flickering candle flame, each making an audible pop. As the embracing pair watched, the dusty form seemed to smile as the popping of the dust linked together to form words.

"Leprechaun O'Shea you've been a trying dish;
I'll be delighted to honor this last wish.

With Heather's transformation wish to comply;
all we need do is get the oak to reply.

To work the boy to girl spell we must rewrite;
said in this manner soon boyhood will take flight.

Ancient druid oak tree, this wish if I may;
change (the chosen male's name) to a girl I say;

cast the transformation spell without delay;
let nature a suitable course chart the way;
let magic make him a girl, begin today!

A proper wish will be granted without fuss;
the ether, for the oak tree, will respond thus.

By your wish (your name). druidic power hired;
let (the chosen male's name) a girl be rewired;

To stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!

Now for the former Patrick Seamus O'Shea;
listen quite closely to what I have to say.

As of now you are a Leprechaun no more;
an envelope is in the center desk drawer;

It’s papers of your humanity does say;
you are now a girl, Patti Sherry O'Shea

An Irish lass of fourteen is now your fate;
Your human birthday is on this very date.

In mirrors a cute freckled face you will see;
a classmate of Heather Reilly you will be.

Now bother me no more with your sordid past;
your life as a happy human girl is cast!"

As the strange popping voice fell silent, Patti stood and in a trance-like state walked into the swirling dust. With that the dusty swirling image dissipated back into a tornado like vortex that engulfed and obscured Patti. As Erin watched in disbelief, the opaque Patti seemed to be growing and becoming clearer. It took a few moments until Erin realized the dust was incorporating itself into Patti's body to make her grow from a normal sized Leprechaun to the size of fourteen year old girl.

When the dust finally disappeared, Patti stood swaying slightly on her feet. The pointed ears were gone as were all other traces of her past existence as a Leprechaun. Now she stood at five feet one inches tall and weighed in at about ninety-five pounds. Her clothing had also grown to accommodate her larger size. The green tunic mini dress had become a knit mini dress that now hugged every curve of her body and just barely covered her nicely rounded buttocks. The short dress accentuated her wide girlish hips and trim narrow waist. The snug fabric completely revealed her perky 'A' sized breasts. The green leggings had become thick tights that revealed every curve of her exquisitely shapely legs. The brown soft leather moccasins had been transformed into black leather single strap Mary Jane shoes. Patti's thick straight red hair was pulled behind her cute triple pierced ears by a wide green elastic band. The luxurious tresses cascaded across her shoulders and down her back until reaching her waist. Softly curled bangs covered her forehead and whispered against girlishly thin delicate reddish eyebrows. Big green eyes sparkled like emeralds below the bangs to give her a wide-eyed innocent yet mischievous look. A light but visible sprinkle of freckles emerged from her rosy cheeks to meet on her cute upturned button nose. Sensuous lips formed a perfect cupid's bow mouth that seemed to beg to be kissed. Few boys and not many men would be able to tear their lust filled eyes from Patti's innate seductive teenage girlishness.

"Patti, are you all right," Erin asked the dazed girl as she quickly stepped to her and grasped her shoulders.

"I think so," Patti replied in a musical soprano voice that had an appealing Irish accent as she gave a bewildered look at Erin. "I'm a human now. A girl... a teenage girl... am I u... ugly?"

"You're a human teenage girl all right," Erin laughed as she hugged the trembling girl to her ample bosom. "As far as being ugly, well, girl, I think we'll have our hands quite full keeping the boys away from you."

"Oh," Patti gasped as she gazed down at her piquant breasts while running her hands down her sides to feel her soft girlish curves. "Can I see myself?"

"Of course, my pretty niece," Erin laughed as she escorted the teenage girl to a full length mirror in another room.

Patti stopped cold upon seeing her girlish reflection. She had become the embodiment of the perfect winsome Irish lass. A shiver swept through her body. She knew Erin had been right about having her hands full fending off boys. This pleased her and made her quite anxious. One part of her wanted to be a cute girl while the lingering macho past wanted no parts of being attractive to boys. Of course, without testosterone to reinforce the fading machismo, the new girlish part quickly suppressed the stubborn macho art. A timid smile filled her face as she gazed at her new reflection. With girlish giggles she struck several poses, some quite seductive and provocative.

"As my niece I expect you to keep such posing confined to your bedroom, young lady," Erin stated sternly while smiling.

"Yes Aunt Erin," Patti replied sheepishly. "I guess I got carried away. This is all so new and nice! I don't know how I can ever thank you!" With that she through her arms about Erin's neck and gave her a fierce hug. Tears of joy filled her green eyes.

"You just gave me the best thank you possible," Erin replied as tears of joy trickled down her cheeks. "Now, before we begin balling our eyes out, I think we'd better check out that envelope in my center desk drawer."

The duo returned to Erin's office and retrieved the envelope. It was a thick manila and jammed with papers. It was addressed to Erin Murphy, Mother Superior of St. Patrick's Convent. The return address was from the Department of Welfare in County Cork, Ireland. Inside was a birth certificate for Patti Sherry O'Shea indicating that today was her fourteenth birthday. A smaller envelope held her immunization records and medical history. A small portfolio contained school records indicating that Patti was an above average student. There was a pair of death certificates for Patrick O'Shea Jr. and Eleanor O’Connell O'Shea who had been listed on the Patti's birth certificate as her parents. They had been killed in a car wreck shortly after Patti's birth. There was also a check for $250,000.00, the cash after liquidating the estate of her deceased grandmother, Mary Murphy O'Shea, who had been raising her. Much to Erin's surprise, Patti's grandmother was Erin's mother! Erin knew her mother had married an Irish lumberman named Patrick O'Shea shortly after Erin's unwanted sex-change and that they had returned to County Cork, Ireland where they had a son. The only communication Erin had with her mother after the birth of a son was yearly birthday and Christmas card exchanges. This meant that Patti Sherry O'Shea was indeed Erin's niece! Patti and Erin cried and hugged as they now knew the magic had made them relatives.

Once they regained their composure, it was quite late and they decided to turn in for the night. Patti stepped toward her small carpet bags to take them to he new bedroom. Instead of the two battered carpet bags, there were now five large leather suitcases. Smiling, they took them to Patti's bedroom and unpacked a small but complete wardrobe that was decidedly feminine and of high quality. Included were several old-fashioned dresses that required petticoats. Tucked away were several quaint artifacts, souvenirs of life in rural Ireland. In reality these items were the meaningful mementos Patti had brought with her from her past Leprechaun life.

Once everything was unpacked, Patti relaxed in a warm, soothing lilac scented bubble bath. Submerged beneath the lilac colored foam, she used the occasion to thoroughly explore her new found femininity. Patti discovered the experience quite pleasing and better than what she'd grown accustomed to as a male. After drying off with a fluffy towel, she hesitated for a moment as she looked at the panties awaiting her. This was the first item of girlish clothes she would be voluntarily putting on and her lingering machismo wanted to rebel, but she was determined to go on with her new life as a human girl. Taking a deep breath to steel her determination, she picked up the wispy garment and quickly slipped into the silky pink nylon bikini panties edged with delicate white lace. The pretty panties fit snugly about her pert bottom and made her feel deliciously and naughtily sexy. She showed no sign of hesitation as she slipped into the matching babydoll nightie. The delicate lace trim teasingly tickled her upper thighs.

Once she was dressed, she headed to her bedroom where Erin waited. The older woman spent half an hour brushing Patti's gorgeous hair. By then both were quite exhausted. After Erin tucked her into bed, Patti smiled as she reflected upon her new life. She knew she was going to enjoy luxurious bubble baths. It was quite a change from washing out of a bucket or bathing in a stream. She also knew she was going to love her silky lace trimmed clothes which were quite a departure from her coarse homespun Leprechaun clothing. Lastly, she knew she would enjoy her new body. After nearly 450 years of lusting after nubile cute girls, she had the body she'd always dreamed about, even if it wasn't in quite the same manner she'd wanted it back then. Patti fell asleep with a smile upon her face.

In the morning Patti bounced out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She seemed to instinctively know the morning ritual of bathing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and taking care of nature's callings. By the time she returned to her bedroom, Aunt Erin had already been there and had laid out a complete St. Patrick's Parochial School uniform. With a smile filling her freckled face, Patti dressed quickly and stood proudly before the mirror looking at her adorable schoolgirl reflection as she assumed various poses. The new girl simply loved her school uniform.

Hidden from view but clinging sensually to her budding teenage girlishness was a pair of virginal white silken nylon panties edged with lace and a matching bra. The uniform itself consisted of a just above the knee pleated bib fronted skirt made of Kelly green and red plaid light weight cotton. About an inch of delicate lace-trimmed hem of the crinoline petticoat was revealed beneath the skirt as it fluffed the hem skirt out three inches from the legs. A rear buttoning white cotton blouse featured a lace edged Peter Pan collar. The fluffy long sleeves ended in lace edged elastic cuffs. The bib front of the skirt was just wide enough to demurely cover the front of her breasts while still offering a glimpse of the perky feminine mounds from the sides. The lace bottom edge of the Peter Pan collar just covered the top of the bib. The straps of the bib front traveled under the collar and crossed in back before buttoning to the rear waistband of the rear zippered skirt. White cable knit cotton kneesox added greatly to an air of girlish innocence. White and red leather saddle shoes adorned her feet. A Kelly green satin ribbon tied her hair red hair back into a high, bouncy ponytail while softly curled bangs whispered against her eyebrows. A leather red and white shoulder purse and white and red leather saddle shoes completed the outfit.

Heather and Leslie sat in their seats in home room giggling about the way the boys in the class were trying to ogle them without looking obvious. Heather had just finished telling Leslie how less that two weeks ago Heath had done the same thing to the girls in his classes. The class fell silent as Mother Superior Murphy entered the room followed by a timidly smiling pretty red-haired freckled girl. The boys all shifted uncomfortably in their seats as they sought to nonchalantly alleviate the sudden tightness inside their underwear. All the girls in the class, including Heather and Leslie, immediately envied the girl's luxurious straight waist length tresses. Heather looked at the girl's face and noticed her sparkling green eyes that belied an underlying mischievousness that looked all too familiar.

"Class, I'd like to introduce another new student," Mother Superior Murphy announced with a proud smile. "This young lady is my niece who has come to live with me due to several unfortunate deaths in our family. I am her only living relative and thus have become her guardian. Not only is she new to this school, she's new to the ways of this country having been born and raised in Ireland. I fully expect each of you to treat her with kindness and to help her adjust to life as an American schoolgirl."

As the principal spoke Heather's eyes grew wide as she saw the new girl look directly at her and demurely blush. There was definitely something familiar about this girl. But if she just arrived from Ireland there was no way she could have ever met her before. Then an incongruous thought hit her. Mother Superior Murphy had said the girl had been born and raised in Ireland and was new to the ways of this country... that didn't necessarily mean she had just come from Ireland! Heather's heart began to beat rapidly as she peered intently into the new girl's eyes. She had seen those eyes before! They were the impish eyes of Patrick Seamus O'Shea, the Leprechaun! Heather had used her wish spell to change him into a female Leprechaun, Patti Sherry O'Shea. Somehow she had become a human girl!

"Class, I'd like to introduce Miss Patti Sherry O'Shea," Mother Superior Murphy announced. "Leslie, since you're already showing Heather around, would you mind assisting Patti in getting to know her way around?"

"I'm not sure I could do a satisfactory job with my responsibilities with Heather," Leslie explained. She was a bit put out by the intrusion of this new girl and the burden showing her about would entail.

"Oh I don't think it'd be a problem at all," Heather declared enthusiastically now that she knew her suspicions about the new girl were correct. "I think the three of us will become best friends!"

Patti broke into a tremendous grin and winked at Heather. Leslie noted the wink and gave Heather a look to see if she was tripping out on something. One look at Heather's face though, and she knew there was more to this than met the eye. Looking back at Patti, Leslie realized that the new girl was obviously in on the secret as well. A quick glance at Mother Superior Murphy's smug countenance confirmed in Leslie's mind that there was some sort of conspiracy at work.

"All right, I'll show Patti around too," Leslie declared with a fatalistic smile.

"Excellent," Mother Superior Murphy declared. "Miss Green, if you would be so kind as to rearrange the seating once more to allow Patti to join Leslie and Heather I'd greatly appreciate it."

The class and Miss Green knew there was something afoot between Heather and Patti but no one had the slightest idea what it my be. Most assumed Heather had been briefed yesterday. The seats were switched and Patti sat between Leslie and Heather. Patti and Heather could hardly concentrate on their lessons as they giggled every time they looked at each other. Leslie was overwhelmed by curiosity about the relationship these two had and became determined to discover their connection. When the lunch bell rang, Leslie leaned over to tell Heather they had better discuss what was going on, but before she could utter a word Heather leaned over and spoke.

"Let's get our coats and go outside for a walk," Heather enthused. "Do I have a secret to tell you! Come on, Patti,"

Leslie had to scurry to keep up with the two girls as they headed for their lockers to retrieve their coats. Several other girls had hoped to join Patti for lunch but were unprepared for their quick escape to the outdoors. Thus, Heather, Patti, and Leslie were soon outside alone on a sunny November afternoon.

As the three girls walked across the lawn to the tree line and the bench where Heather had talked with Erin the day before Heather refused to speak until they were sure there was no one else around. Patti merely smiled and followed. Leslie was growing increasingly curious about the mystery. When they reached the bench, Patti sat between the others.

"Now will you PLEASE tell me what's going on," Leslie demanded sternly.

"Of course, but first you must promise not to tell anyone other than Mother Superior Murphy," Heather declared.

"I promise but this better be a good secret," Leslie replied.

"It's worth the promise," Patti replied with a giggle. "But I must know if you can be trusted to keep your word."

"Of all the..." Leslie sputtered.

"You can trust Leslie," Heather interrupted. "She's one of us."

"One of us," Patti asked obviously confused.

"Yes, she was born a boy like us," Heather explained. "Her mother changed her into a girl. Leslie never really lived as a boy."

"Heather," Leslie scolded with obvious hurt.

"It'll be all right, you'll see," Heather soothed Leslie's ruffled feathers. "Do you remember my birthday wish at the restaurant?"

"Sure," Leslie replied baffled about where this weird conversation was leading. "You wished that stupid Leprechaun would show himself to Mother Superior Murphy and give you the power to wish boys into girls."

"He was NOT a stupid Leprechaun," Patti declared indignantly. "He may have been nasty, but he wasn't stupid."

Leslie looked askance at Patti. It was obvious the girl was upset. Leslie had no idea why a girl would so vehemently defend a fairytale character. It had to be the fact she was Irish.

"Leslie, please be a little kinder when you talk about Leprechauns," Heather gently admonished. "Relax Patti, Leslie doesn't understand yet."

“Leslie," Heather began once Patti settled down. "Yesterday Mother Superior Murphy and I sat here and I told her about my wish. She thought it was good and hoped it would come true. You see, she was once a boy who caught the same Leprechaun I did. She got turned into a girl just like me."

Leslie looked at Heather as if she was totally wacky. She was about to say so when she noted Patti eyeing her critically. A strange foreboding began to well up inside of her as she bit back her sarcastic retort.

"You said you hoped the wish worked, and it did," Heather explained. "The Leprechaun appeared to us and confirmed that he had changed both of us into girls. Then he gave us a spell to use to turn boys into girls. As he was turning to leave, I cast the spell on him. He fell to the ground and screamed. He begged me to take the spell back but I refused. He had no choice but to cast the spell on himself. After he was done, he turned and ran away but even as he did, we could see he was already changing into a girl."

"I don't see what that has to do with Patti," Leslie stated in obvious confusion as she looked at her companions. It was obvious that Patti knew all about what Heather was saying. Perhaps Mother Superior Murphy had told her niece.

"Do you remember when I told you about my encounter with the Leprechaun," Heather continued. "Do you remember that his name was Patrick Seamus O'Shea?"

"Yeah," Leslie replied. "But what has that to... Patrick Seamus O’Shea... Patti Sherry O'Shea... oh no! You're not trying to tell me Patti was the Leprechaun!"

"Yes I am." Heather declared with a smile of satisfaction. "What I don't know is how she became Mother Superior Murphy's niece."

"After I ran away from you the change was completed before I made it back to my den," Patti picked up the story as she went on to relate all that had transpired up to the point where she and her new aunt arrived in their classroom this morning.

"Do you two really expect me to believe this crazy story," Leslie asked.

"You wanted to know what was going on," Heather replied. "We told you."

"So you can still cast spells to turn boys into girls using that old oak tree," Leslie asked in disbelief as she gazed at the massive oak.

"That she can," Patti declared. "If she uses the correct rhyme."

"Well, prove it then," Leslie declared.

"Any spell Heather casts will take time," Patti explained. "Nature has to be subtle in making the changes, just as she did with Heather. Since no one knew about me, the changes could happen right away. Normally, everything takes time so nature's balances won't be upset. Magic needs to be kept secret or people panic. Remember when they used to burn witches?"

"Besides," Heather rejoined. "Any boy I cast the spell upon has to be unhappy and inhibited. I have to know his name."

"Well just pick a boy from our class," Leslie declared as a challenge.

"I don't know them well enough yet," Heather replied. "Magic is powerful and must be used wisely. I just can't go around changing boys into girls."

"I can see your point," Leslie pouted. "But I think you're pulling my leg with this entire fairy tale."

"We're not," Heather declared. "It's all the truth,"

The three girls sat quietly for a few moments as the assimilated their discussion. The Leslie perked up.

"I know two boys who you could wish to become girls," Leslie announced smugly.

"Who," Heather asked hopefully.

"Those two nasty boys who saw the wind flip your skirt," Leslie giggled. "When their mother brought them over to apologize, it was quite obvious they were unhappy inhibited boys. Wouldn't they do?"

"Yes, they would be perfect," Heather declared feeling her breasts flush with the desire for revenge. "I'll do it!"

With that Heather stood and faced the ancient oak tree. Raising her hands skyward she began to chant:

"Ancient druid oak tree, this wish if I may;
change that rude James Henry to a girl I say;

cast the transformation spell without delay;
let nature a suitable course chart the way;
let magic make him a girl, begin today!"

Patti shivered with remembered terror from yesterday when Heather had chanted that spell using her then male name. Leslie just sat there watching. She still thought the entire Leprechaun thing was merely a joke. Yet Heather and Patti were taking things way too seriously. A chill of uncertainty and terror swept through her as a brisk wind suddenly swept through the trees behind them.

The wind seemed quite distinct and centered, not like a normal wind that blows fairly evenly over a broad area. The concentrated breeze swept into the leafless old oak tree causing the mistletoe to sway with the branches. The unearthly rustling and creaking melded into a hoarse whispering voice:

"By your wish Heather. druidic power hired;
let that rude James Henry a girl be rewired;

To stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!"

As abruptly as the wind began, it ceased. Silence once more prevailed.

"I... I didn't hear that," Leslie whispered in wide eyed fear. "I didn't hear that tree answer you... did I?"

"That you most certainly did," Patti chuckled in her lilting Irish accent. Heather cast a spell and the tree confirmed it would be done."

"But... but then... that means...," Leslie stuttered as she looked askance at the pretty Irish colleen sitting demurely beside her.

"It's like Heather and I told you, Leslie," Patti declared. "Until yesterday when Heather used that same wish on me, I was a nasty old male Leprechaun."

"Heather...," Leslie asked with growing fear.

"I told you I wasn't making up the story about the Leprechaun," Heather replied smugly.

"This has to be some sort of coincidence," Leslie answered. "This can't really be happening."

"Heather, I think Leslie needs another demonstration," Patti chuckled mischievously. "Didn't you say there were two boys who teased you?"

"Yes, James henry was the younger brother," Heather answered. "Now it's Alec Henry's turn. Are you ready, Leslie?"

Leslie swallowed her nervousness and meekly nodded her head as she looked about. Heather once more raised her hands and began to chant:

"Ancient druid oak tree, this wish if I may;
change that rude Alec Henry to a girl I say;

cast the transformation spell without delay;
let nature a suitable course chart the way;
let magic make him a girl, begin today!"

Once more a concentrated wind swept into the ancient oak tree. In moments the tree was once more speaking:

"By your wish Heather, druidic power hired;
let that rude Alec Henry a girl be rewired;

To stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!"

Leslie gaped a heather and Patti. "This is just too weird," she finally declared. "No one would ever believe this."

"My aunt Erin would believe it," Patti giggled mischievously.

Just then the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. The three girls had to run across the lawn to make it back to their class on time. With skirts swirling, the three fourteen-year-old girls scurried to the school.

Grace Henry sat in her study looking out onto the grounds of her estate. She loved her new life, nearly everything was perfect. The only imperfection was her husband and sons. They simply had not adapted to a life of wealth. They sure wanted to spend money, or rather waste it, on the paltry trash that had seemed so good when they'd been poor. They never adjusted their taste or their manners. She felt herself grow angry as she recalled the unpleasant incident outside the restaurant. She'd been totally embarrassed by the cretin-like behavior of her sons and husband. The flush of anger made her decide to step outside for a breath of air. The sun was warm and the air cool and crisp but comfortable as she strolled into the ornate lawn garden. Those delightfully charming girls, Heather and Leslie, had appeared to be the epitome of upper class old-fashioned girlishness. This brought back the long suppressed longing that she might have had a sweet daughter. But after the birth of James, she had to have a hysterectomy, so a daughter was not to be a part of her life.

With a sigh of heartache, she thought ahead to this Saturday when she and the boys would join the Balkuts for a formal tea. She really looked forward to the event and tried to imagine Heather and Leslie in fancy petticoated Victorian tea dresses. She'd have to call Hillary Balkut and ask her if they would be expected to dress in Victorian style. If so, she would have to find a couple of Lord Fauntleroy outfits for her sons. She could just imagine their horror at the prospect of wearing such sissy outfits. They would be even more horrified to o out in public dressed in such a sissy manner. Their embarrassment to appear before Heather and Leslie would more than make up for the hurt they gave poor Heather.

A chuckle came to her lips as she recalled how the boys had cowered before Heather's suggestion that they would respect girls more if they spent some time in dresses. Their faces had turned ashen when she replied that it might be a good idea. While she had not mentioned the idea since then, it was obvious by the boys' nearly perfect behavior since then that they were totally cowed by the mere idea. She wondered how their behavior would improve if she actually did put them in dresses. They would look so ridiculous and be so humiliated.

Just then a wind sprang up out of no where and swirled about her like a miniature cyclone for ten seconds before dissipating as quickly as it had formed. For a few seconds she was disoriented and shaken. As she shook her head to clear the confusion, the desire to put the boys into dresses suddenly increased. She recalled a few talk shows where they'd discussed transsexuals. Perhaps she could have a daughter or two. The only drawback was that the transsexuals had all voluntarily wanted to become women. There was no way you could force someone to change their sex against their will. Or was there? Money could accomplish a lot.

As she returned to the house, she was determined to call Hillary and find out what expected attire would be. She'd sound her out about the Lord Fauntleroy outfits first, then maybe dresses for her nasty boys. Her heart was beating rapidly with growing excitement as she dialed the phone. Her elation was short lived when the phone was answered.

"Balkut Engineering, how may I direct your call," an operator answered.

"Ah... I was calling for Ms Hillary Balkut," Grace replied unsteadily. She knew Balkut Engineering was one of the largest and best-known firms in the area. "She gave me this number."

"May I tell her who's calling," the operator asked.

"Oh... yes... please forgive me... I was caught of guard by this being a business number," Grace explained. "My name is Grace Henry."

"Thank you," the operator replied. "I understand how confusing such a thing can be. You're not the first person to be a bit confused since Ms Balkut took over the firm. We've had quite a few changes in the last few months. Please hold while I see if Ms Balkut is in."

Grace nervously waited about thirty seconds before the line reactivated. Obviously Hillary was the president of Balkut Engineering. Her opinion of Hillary rose.

"Grace, it's so good to hear from you," Hillary stated firmly in a friendly tone. "I was hoping you'd call. Unfortunately I'm right in the middle of a contract negotiation so I must be brief. Would it be possible for us to meet for lunch tomorrow, say about 11:30 at Guido's? I'll put it on my expense account as a business lunch."

"Why yes, that sounds marvelous," Grace replied amazed at the take-charge manner Hillary displayed. "I'm looking forward to discussing Saturday with you."

"I was hoping you would," Hillary replied. "I'll see you then."

Grace hung up the phone and sank in her chair. Six months was still not enough time to give her the self-confidence she needed to be an assertive career woman. Her musings were interrupted by Richard who stood meekly in the door.

"Yes Richard, what is it now," Grace intoned in a most condescending tone.

"Darling, I'd like to discuss our finances with you," Richard began.

"I've told you before WE have no finances," Grace declared. "I have finances, you have finances. My finances are just fine and have no need of your input. Your finances are probably nonexistent by now, but that's because you stupidly quit your job."

"I know," Richard replied wearily having heard the routine dozens of times. "I didn't come to ask you for money, well, I guess I did, but I don't want you to give it to me. I'd like to borrow enough money to fill the car with gas so I can go out and look for work."

"Well, well, well," Grace intoned happily. "So Mr. Big has finally seen the error of his ways. If I loan you the money, what will you put up as security? You've squandered your share of everything we had."

"Ah, I don't have anything to put up," Richard replied sheepishly. "Couldn't you just trust me? After all, I am your husband."

"Don't remind me," Grace declared with disgust. "I thought I could trust you when I went away to those classes to learn how to handle this estate. You threw everything you had right out the window. You had such a promising career, but you blew it. You took me for granted all those years. You used me. You abused me. How am I supposed to trust you?"

"I don't know," Richard replied sadly. It cut right to his heart to know that she was right. "I'm sorry. I'll walk into town and see what work I can find." With that he turned to leave the room.

"That's probably the stupidest idea you've ever had," Grace sighed. "Get back in here. I won't have you shaming me by walking all over town looking for a job like some hobo. I've been waiting for you to come to your senses but I suppose that's expecting too much. However, I have prepared for something like this. There is something you can give me for security."

"What's that," Richard asked timidly.

"Your signature on this paper," she declared as she drew a legal form from a desk drawer and passed it to him.

Richard took the paper and slowly read it. His eyes grew wide as he looked from the paper back to Grace and back to the paper. "You're joking, right," he asked fearing the answer.

"I'm dead serious," Grace replied.

"But this is ridiculous," Richard blustered. "No one in his right mind signs away his rights."

"Unless that someone is destitute," Grace replied firmly. "That paper grants me power of attorney for one year. That's the security I demand to give you not only money for gas, but also for a new wardrobe. If you haven't noticed, the clothes you're wearing are becoming rather ragged."

"I won't do it," Richard declared angrily. "I'll find a job on my own first."

"If you walk out that door, don't bother coming back," Grace declared as she gave her wilting husband a steely stare. "If you want to stay with me and the boys, you'll do as I say and sign this paper. I'm sure you remember meeting Hillary Balkut on Sunday. I'm meeting her for lunch tomorrow. In addition to being the mother of Leslie and the guardian of Heather, she's the President of Balkut Engineering I can check with her about the possibility of finding some work for you. But only if you sign."

Richard shook with rage and helplessness. All the cards were in Grace's hands. He had nothing but worn out clothes and a beat-up old car. If he left, Grace would see to it that he never saw the boys again. Yet how could he sign away his life?

"You asked me to trust you," Grace reminded him. "I'm willing to do that if you sign. I'll put my reputation on the line to see that you get a respectable job. Are you willing to trust me? You were when we married. Show me you still love me."

Richard knew when he was whipped. Reluctantly he took the paper and signed it. Grace now had complete power of attorney over him for the next year. "Now what," he asked as he handed her the completed form. The defeat and resignation he felt was clearly evident in his tone of voice and his stance.

"You need to get back into shape if you intend to make a favorable impression," Grace stated as she took the form. A feeling of raw power filled her. It wasn't that she intended to do anything with the power of attorney, but it was symbolic of her total mastery over her formerly domineering husband. Never again would he take her for granted. "I suggest you spend the next few days getting the kinks out of your body. In the meantime, I'll see if I can arrange an interview."

The moment they saw him after returning from school, Alec and James knew something had happened to crush their father. The man was sweated from working out, sullen, and quiet. They wisely left him alone to brood in his own mire. They had enough to worry about. The moment they had arrived home from school, their mother had informed them she was meeting with Hillary Balkut for lunch to discuss the details of the Victorian Tea on Saturday. Even though the girls were undeniably cute and seeing them again would be good for their libido, neither boy wanted to think about meeting with sassy Heather and her friend Leslie.

Grace gave Hillary a warm hug as they met in the lobby of Guido's. "I hope you don't mind," Hillary stated. "But I invited a very close friend of mine who has quite a bit f experience dealing with crude young men. I'd like to introduce Dr. Cassandra Trate."

The women exchanged polite handshakes. Grace had heard about Dr. Trate. Her skill as a plastic surgeon, endocrinologist, and hypnotheraptist was well known in their small town. In moments the three women were seated at a secluded table. Although the conversation was strained at first, Grace began to loosen up as the other two were quite open and frank. It didn't take long for Grace to give a concise synopsis of her meager past and promising future. Finally the conversation turned to the formal tea,

"I was thinking of decking my boys out in fancy sissy Lord Fauntleroy outfits," Grace finally committed herself. "That is if your girls are going to be wearing Victorian style dresses."

"Of course they will," Hillary agreed. "But I think your boys will simply hate outfits like that. Don't you think you'll have a bit of trouble getting them dressed?"

"Of course," Grace chuckled. "But if I give them a choice of wearing the Lord Fauntleroy outfits or of following Heather's suggestion that they wear dresses, I'm pretty sure they'll wear the sissy outfits."

"That sounds to me as if you wish they'd chose the dresses," Cass declared as she and Hillary exchanged knowing looks.

"Well, in a way I guess I would," Grace conceded sheepishly. "It's just that, well, I've always wanted a sweet daughter and seeing Heather and Leslie has really brought those feelings out. Please don't think I'm some sort of weirdo or something. I'd really never do something like that to the boys."

"Why not," Cass asked simply. "You wouldn't be the first mother to put her son in dresses. Why I have assisted dozens of women in doing just that thing."

"You're joking, right," Grace asked in shock.

"No, she's not," Hillary replied with a warm smile. "It's our society which frowns upon such activity. But it really is better for some boys to become girls. I can tell you'd love to have two sweet adorable daughters instead of two bratty boys. I can't blame you. I fully understand how you feel, but there is no reason to feel guilty abut your desire or even fulfilling your desire. You see, Leslie and Heather were both born male. I raised Leslie as a girl from the time she was born. Heather has only been a girl for a week and a half. In fact, we were just bringing her home from the hospital after her reassignment surgery when we met. Her birthday celebration was the birth of her girlhood."

"I can't believe that," Grace declared. "Why there is simply no way Heather could have been a boy just a week before I met her! As for Leslie, well, she is simply all girl."

"Oh it's quite true," Cass affirmed. "My treatments are quite thorough and highly effective. There is absolutely no physical trace of male left in any of the males I've transformed into girls. I can tell you're obviously interested in learning more. After we've finished eating, why don't we go back to my office. I can show you some before and after photos. I'd also like you to meet my receptionist."

During the rest of the meal, Cass and Hillary continued praising the merits of raising sweet daughters versus the detriments and headaches of raising crude sons. Grace could do nothing but agree with their concise analysis of testosterone driven machismo and the ensuing problems. The more they talked, the more Grace felt cheated. She'd been denied the pleasures of pampering adorable daughters and saddled with the burden of rearing selfish sons. None of the three women had the slightest idea they were being gently shepherded towards completing Heather's wish.

"So what do you think of my receptionist," Cass asked as she, Grace, and Hillary settled into comfortable chairs in her office.

"She's very pretty," Grace stated diplomatically. She didn't want to tell Cass that she thought Candi's outfit was entirely too revealing. "I noticed her last name is Trate. Is she related to you?"

"By marriage," Cass replied with a chuckle. "Candi is what's left of my husband after I caught him cheating."

Grace gaped in disbelief. "You're joking," she declared. "Please don't think I'm being rude but since our discussion is so... delicate... I feel I must be blunt. There is no way that sexy teenage girl could ever have been a man. Your husband... was he ten when you married him?"

"No offense is taken," Cass replied. "I can assure you I'm quite accustomed to reactions like your's. Candi is 38. I took special pains to make sure she looks young and sexy. Her make-up is permanently applied so she always looks as if she's on the prowl. Thanks to the hypnotherapy she has also received she's an outrageous flirt and can only say NO to men who are total scum bags. She seldom spends a night at home anymore. I decided since she wanted to cheat on me by sleeping around, I'd see to it that she has every opportunity do so. I gave her the kind of body she'd always lusted after. She knows she's an out and out nymphomaniac, but she still has all her memories of being a stud. It really gets to her that she's now fulfilling the sexual fantasies of men who are just like she had been."

With that, Cass flicked on a TV set and a video began to play. It began with a scene from Dr. Trate's wedding. The groom was a handsome man in his mid twenties. Next came a scene in an examination room where the man, a few years older, was secured to an examination table. His eyes were wide with terror as Dr. Trate worked between his legs to castrate him. The next scene showed the man, now unconscious, being wheeled into surgery. Visible but non-gory scenes followed showing the complete sex-change and plastic surgery that transformed Mr. Trate into voluptuous Candi. When the 20 minute video ended, Cass smiled triumphantly at a very startled Grace.

"That was hard to believe," Grace finally declared. "I have no choice but to believe you now. Is that what you did to Leslie and Heather?"

"The surgery was similar, but there was no intentional agony," Cass explained. "Leslie wanted to become a girl. Heather was tricked into the procedure. She thought it was the only way to save her life."

"You're telling me you could do that to my boys," Grace asked. "Would they be as pretty as Leslie and Heather?"

"I definitely can do the same to your boys," Cass replied with a predatory smile. "I can transform any boy into a pretty girl. Whether or not they'd be as pretty as Leslie and Heather is an open question. I'd have to see your boys first. The truth is that I simply love changing boys into girls. The only thing I like better is to change men into women, especially when they don't want to do it. The more macho a man is, the bigger the thrill to change him into his own wet dream."

"From what I saw, Grace already has her husband well under control," Hillary chuckled.

"I cemented that control yesterday," Grace crowed. "I backed him into a corner where he had no choice but to sign himself over into my full control. I now have full legal power of attorney over him for the next year."

"That's perfect," Cass enthused. "We can bring him into the clinic and change him into a sexy little bimbo."

"That does sound quite interesting," Grace answered. "But I'm not sure. I've knocked him down several pegs already. He was a nasty, self-centered obnoxious man who always took me for granted before I inherited all this money. He's broke and destitute. That's how I coerced him into signing the papers. I promised I'd ask Hillary if she had any job openings. He was an office manager before he stupidly quit his job when I inherited the money. Then too, I've got to think about the boys. What would they do if their father suddenly turned into their wet dream?"

"That's a marvelous idea," Cass bubbled as she began to set forth a bizarre plot.

"That sounds quite fiendish," Grace declared. "I love it!"

"I agree," Hillary added with relish.

The women huddled together for the rest of the afternoon as they worked out the details. In this manner Heather's transformation wish began to jell into reality without creating any major ripples in the natural order of things.

That evening as the Henry family sat down for supper, Grace surveyed her sullen husband and her anxious sons. A smile filled her face as she anticipated the changes that would be occurring. The silence from the males was almost deafening as they cowered before Grace. To them, she looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"I spent the afternoon with Hillary Balkut," Grace intoned imperiously knowing that after Sunday's incident she had their instant undivided attention. "Not only is she the mother of Leslie and guardian of Heather, she's the owner and president of Balkut Engineering."

"Richard, as I promised Hillary and I discussed the possibility of a job for you," Grace smiled sweetly. "After I explained ALL that we've been through during the past year, she said she'd be delighted to hire you. She has a position open that is absolutely vital to the operation of the office. She's agreed to provide full benefits, pension, vacation, and pay a salary that will be above average for similar positions as well as commensurate with your experience. Of course, you'll have to attend an intensive one month orientation and training course to learn all you'll need to know. You'll leave Sunday afternoon and the program will begin first thing Monday morning."

"You arranged a job for me," Richard sputtered angrily. "How dare you? I don't need your condescending smugness and I certainly don't need Hillary Balkut's charity. I will NOT be taking that job and you can tell her!"

"Richard, darling," Grace replied with a cloyingly sweet voice. "I fully understand your indignation. But as we discussed yesterday, you WILL do as I say. However, despite what you think I am not completely heartless. If between now and Sunday you can find another job on your own, I will call Hillary and cancel your training. Since I know it's difficult to get a job on such short notice, I'll accept a reasonable possibility of employment as long as you have a written note from a prospective employer. If you do not have a job and if you refuse to take Hillary's offer, I will throw you out on your ear. If you don't leave, I'll have you arrested for vagrancy and breach of contract. Have I made myself PERFECTLY clear?"

"Yes," Richard replied knowing she had him right where she wanted him. He had no doubts that she would carry through on her promises to have him evicted and jailed. "Thank you for giving me a bit of time to find a job on my own."

"If you'd have kept your job none of this would have happened," Grace intoned imperiously. "Men can be such fools."

Richard hung his head in shame. It cut to his heart to have his sons see him reduced to such ineffectiveness. The boys shivered as they realized just how domineering their mother was becoming. They understood even more fully that if their father had no choice but to meekly submit and thank her for showing him mercy, they were doomed to obey her whims.

Heather and Leslie had been unable to talk of nothing but the pretty Irish orphaned girl since they'd arrived home from school on Tuesday. When Mother Superior Murphy called and politely asked if orphaned Patti could visit her home to be with Leslie and Heather, Hillary only had one concern. That was quickly alleviated when Mother Superior Murphy informed Hillary that Patti knew that Heather and Leslie had once been boys. Hillary thought having an adorable Irish girl about would be delightful and not only agreed to allow Patti to visit, she invited Patti and Mother Superior Murphy to attend the planned Victorian Tea on Saturday. Leslie, Heather, and Patti quickly became fast friends. The girls discovered that they loved to flirt. The giggling trio quickly developed a comradery that made the heads of the poor boys in their class spin. Heather quickly lost her fears of being around boys. Leslie and Heather had to ride herd on Patti to keep her flirting within the bounds of decency. Apparently, Patti's libido was just as high and insatiable as it had been when she'd been a male Leprechaun.

On Thursday Grace instituted a new policy of dropping off and picking up the boys at school. Naturally, the boys were not happy about this since they were unable to hang round with their friends and goof off. Their friends also laughed and ridiculed them for submitting to their overbearing mother.

Naturally the boys complained bitterly about being treated like little kids. Grace merely let them bitch as she drove. The boys took her silence as a green light and brought up every complaint they had about their changed lives since she'd inherited the money. When they'd finished airing their complaints, she opened up.

"So you think I'm being cruel and unfair about the way I'm treating you," Grace declared. "You claim I'm treating you like little boys. Now let me tell you a few things. The way I treat you is a direct reflection of your behavior. If I'm treating you like little boys, that's the way you behave. You show no sense of responsibility. You show no maturity. You show no compassion. You're so self-centered that you're only interested in making yourselves feel good. Do you think a mature, responsible man would have laughed and pointed at poor Heather when the wind flipped her skirt? Did you show any compassion for her when you realized she was humiliated? What exactly did you do? What was your response? You pointed at her. You laughed! You jeered her. You made her cry! You behaved like a couple of kindergartners!

"I'm treating you and your father according to the way behaved on Sunday," Grace stated firmly as the boys wilted in their seats. "I will no longer tolerate crude language. You will keep your rooms tidy. You will put your dirty laundry in the wash. You will do your homework before playing. You will learn to be polite. You will learn proper manners. You will learn proper deportment. I will continue to do so until you prove to me that you've matured and learned your lessons.

"We are going to attend a Victorian Tea at the Balkut home on Saturday," Grace confirmed. "I know Heather and Leslie will be wearing dainty fluffy party dresses with oodles of dainty petticoats and lace and ribbons. I seriously considered following Heather's suggestion that I attire you in dresses."

The boys exchanged nervous looks of near panic. They knew their mother was not joking. Neither boy wanted any parts of wearing girl's clothes. They also knew there would be no help coming from their thoroughly pussy whipped father. They were left to face their mother on their own.

"I still may do so if you give me any reason to do so," Grace continued. "From this moment forth I expect your complete and unwavering cooperation. You will do what I say when I say it. If I hear any arguing, if I sense any stalling, or if I hear any complaining, you'll find yourselves in dresses so fast your heads will spin. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

"Yes, mother," the boys chorused morosely.

"I intend to hold you to that," Grace intoned as they pulled into a parking lot.

She parked in front of a store called FairyTale Fashions. The display windows were filled with bridal dresses, prom dresses, flower girl dresses, and a myriad of other sweet girlish fashion confections. The eyes of the boys grew wide with fear and trepidation.

"You don't need to wet yourselves," Grace chuckled at their discomfort. "I have no intention of forcing you into dresses. This shop also handles clothes for boys. You two need to be fitted for suitable outfits for the Tea. That's why we're here. Of course, if you'd prefer to wear dresses to match Leslie and Hillary, I'm sure that can be arranged."

"No, no, that's all right, Mother," Alec exclaimed with obvious fear. "We didn't know a place like this sells boys clothes."

"Well they do," Grace intoned. "Now, I expect your full and total cooperation. You will be quiet, well behaved and polite young men... or else."

The boys swallowed their fear and attempted to still their rapidly beating hearts as they meekly followed their mother into the boutique. Upon entering, they quivered with terror as they sniffed the sweetly perfumed air. Everywhere they looked the placed oozed overt prissy girlishness. Naturally pink was the dominate color. Ribbons, bows, and lace adorned everything. Rack after rack of fluffy dresses stretched before their eyes as they timidly followed their determined mother deeper into the feminine environment. They felt like alien invaders landing upon a hostile planet. Their masculinity, already quite subdued by the steady repression of the last six months, quailed before the unyielding onslaught of femininity. They were totally surrounded and immersed in utter girlishness. Their pale faces and trembling hands told of their discomfort and terror.

The customers were all female, mostly women. There were several little girls looking at delightfully ornate lace encrusted frilly party dresses. A few teenage girls were looking at more sophisticated evening gowns, but even those were undeniably feminine. The other customers looked at the boys as if they were from mars. The teenage girls looked at them and giggled. This made the poor hapless guys feel like fish out of water. They found it becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. They could feel and hear their blood pulsing through their ears. They felt as if their hearts would burst through their chests. They were light-headed and dizzy.

Joyce picked Leslie and Heather up after school as usual. Patti joined them as they headed off to select suitable dresses for the Tea on Saturday. All three girls were excited about the Tea Party. They had hoped to select and wear more mature formals and weren't happy about being expected to wear sugar and spice little girl petticoated party dresses. Then they were told how Alec and James would be dressed and that the boy's outfits would compliment the dresses the girls wore. This meant the more prissy frills they wore, the more sissy like the boys' outfits would be. Once they learned that, they eager looked forward to selecting the most elaborately frilled outfits they could find.

Upon arriving at FairyTale Fashions, their eyes lit up like little kids in a candy store. Leslie had often been inside similar stores, but for Heather and Patti this was their first venture into sugar and spice land. They eagerly ventured deeper into the delightful outfits and submerged themselves in a sea of utter femininity. Leslie wasn't quite as enthralled as the newer girls so she occasionally looked about the store. She was the one who spotted Grace Henry and her sons heading for the rear of the store. With wide-eyed excitement he nudged Heather and Patti and pointed to the nervous boys. Trying to suppress their giggles, they carefully followed the boys while keeping one rack of dresses between them.

"I'm the owner, Olivia Childress, may I help you," a smiling woman asked as she stepped from behind a counter when the Henrys reached the rear of the store.

"Yes, Olivia," Grace replied with a smile. "I'm Grace Henry. These are my sons Alec and James. We talked earlier on the phone. I've brought my boys in to be fitted for the formal Tea we're attending Saturday."

"Oh yes, Ms Henry," Olivia gushed as she took Grace's hand in hers. "I'm so delighted to meet you! It's so seldom we have mothers bring in their teenage sons. But that's their loss."

The boys lowered their heads in shame as Olivia looked them over as if they were a couple of prime steers. That's what thy felt like too, castrated bulls, unable to be the males they were born to be. In their chagrin they noted the feet of three girls just on the other side of a rack of dresses. The closeness of the girls added greatly to their nervousness since they were near enough to hear every word being said.

"Well, I can see you boys are not happy to be here," Olivia declared. "If you prefer, there is a private fitting room available."

Patti almost shouted out a resounding NO upon hearing the offer. All three girls wanted to see the boys publicly humiliated.

"We'd really appreciate privacy," James whispered in a quivering voice.

"Boys, you're forgetting your manners," Grace warned. "Stand up straight. Don't lower your heads. Speak clearly. Have you already forgotten our discussion?"

"No, Mother," Alec said instantly. "Ms Childress, I apologize for our poor behavior. Please forgive us. The private dressing room would suit us better than out here."

"I'll accept your apology," Olivia replied. "But understand this. Offering you the use of the private dressing room is for the convenience of my other customers, not yours. I simply don't want your lowbrow attitudes and demeanor to interfere with their shopping pleasure."

This time it was Heather who had to stifle her response that they wouldn't mind in the least if the boys remained.

With the boys suitably put in place they meekly followed Olivia through an ornate door into an equally ornate corridor. As she passed the counter she'd been working behind when they first entered, she picked up a book. Several doors opened from this hall. Olivia ushered into a frilly lace trimmed pink room.

Patti, Heather, and Leslie stepped from behind the rack of dresses to frown at the door as it closed. Just then Joyce joined them with a clerk.

"Hello girls," the young woman smiled at them. "My name is Stephanie. I'm the daughter of the owner, Olivia Childress. She just took those boys into the back to be measured for their outfits. I understand that their outfits are to be as ornate as yours so we'd better find suitable outfits before my mother finishes with them."

The girls didn't argue as their faces lit up with anticipation as Stephanie guided them to the juvenile frilly party dress area of the store. The girls were surprised to see so many selections in their sizes as well as many in even larger sizes. They set to shopping like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

"I'll need you to strip to your underwear," Olivia ordered the boys. "That includes your shoes and socks. You can place your things in the hooks and shelves in those lockers."

The boys looked for a changing cubicle but saw nothing as Olivia turned to their mother and opened the book. As the women paged through the tome, Alec and James exchanged looks of fear and trepidation before Alec built up his courage enough to speak.

"Excuse me, Ms. Childress," Alec asked deferentially. "But we can't see the changing cubicles."

"Your boys are quite deprived of the good life," Olivia stated to Grace. "It's a good thing you've decided to teach them proper manners now before it's too late."

The boys blushed furiously. Thy knew they had made a big mistake, but had no idea what they'd done wrong.

"Boys," Olivia asked as if she were talking to a small toddler. "Why would there be any need for changing cubicles in a dressing room?"

"Ah, I just thought, ah, you know, ah, a little privacy," Alec stammered softly.

"My dear boy," Olivia declared in a most demeaning manner. "I'm a professional. I've seen thousands of young boys in their underwear. I've seen hundreds of teenage boys in their underwear. I daresay I've even seen quite a few in the all together. It's part of my job. It must be obvious that I need to have you in your underwear so I can obtain accurate measurements. How do you expect me to measure you without seeing you in your underwear? Now stop wasting time and strip, or would you prefer if we stepped back onto the main showroom floor? I have several clerks who would be most delighted to assist you in disrobing so that I can take your measurements."

"No, that's all right," Alec exclaimed as he and James paled at the thought of being publicly stripped. "We just didn't understand. Please forgive our ignorance."

Alec promptly began to remove his shirt, and James quickly followed suit. Their embarrassment at being seen in their underwear was surpassed by their fear of the possible consequences if they disobeyed. The women returned to the book as the boys finished stripping to their underwear. In moments they were clad in their jockey shorts and T-shirts. They placed their clothes on the hooks and shelves in the lockers as they had been directed. The doors to the lockers clicked shut ominously as they closed them. The boys exchanged worried looks when they discovered the doors would not reopen. Before they could react further, Olivia approached them.

"That's much better," Olivia declared as she turned to the boys while their mother continued to page through the book.

With that she produced a cloth tape measure, a pad, and a pencil. Then she set to work measuring the embarrassed boys. The boys fidgeted nervously as she measured their necks, chests, shoulders, waist, hips, and inseams. Next they endured having the circumferences of their thighs, calves, upper arms, and forearms measured. The boys concerns grew as they wondered why the measurements had to be so precise. Naturally, the boys attempted to hide their genitals. Grace merely chuckled at their modesty and nudged their hands aside to take the appropriate measurements as the boys turned beet red.

"Grace, you really should consider putting these two into dresses," Olivia informed Grace as she worked. "I must say I have doubts that you told me their real ages. Judging from what they've been trying to hide, if I had to guess at their age, I'd say they were maybe 11 and 12. In comparison to the other boys I've worked with, the male equipment, and I use that term very loosely, of your boys are quite undersized. No wonder they're trying to hide themselves. Any girl who sees their manhood would laugh herself silly. You know, they really would be better off as girls. In fact they are much too pretty to really be boys. You should consider changing their sex. They'd make really adorable girls."

There is no worse teasing a boy can endure than to have his male organs denigrated. Every boy is naturally filled with self-doubt about the size of his manhood to begin with. To hear an adult woman, one who apparently has the expertise to back up what she says, belittle their manhood was the most horrendous thing they could endure. The steely look their mother was giving them as Olivia spoke left them know they'd better keep their mouths shut. They clearly recalled her threats. Tears of terror, helplessness, and frustration filled the eyes of the boys as they silently endured the abuse. They wanted to run, to escape, but there was no where to go except out into the store. Dressed as they were they certainly did not want to do that. The only consolation they had was that their mother said nothing.

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