Leprechaun Trickery Part 6

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 6


By the time all the measurements were recorded, Grace had finished perusing the book which contained thousands of photos of little girls in elaborate party dresses. Her heart was filled with longing for sweet adorable daughters. Looking at her red-faced sons, she became even more determined that they become her daughters.

Meanwhile, after making their selections, Leslie, Heather, Patti and Joyce followed Stephanie back to another private dressing room next to the one where the Henry boys were undergoing their ordeal. The girls had no qualms about removing their school uniforms. In moments, the three nubile fourteen-year-old girls stood in their panties and bras.

"Why don't we step out to select appropriate outfits for the boys," Olivia stated as she took Grace's arm to guide her from the room. "You boys wait quietly until we return. Don't bother trying to get dressed. The lockers with your clothes are electronically locked. I have the release button on a chain about my neck." With that Olivia and Grace left the room. That door closed with an ominous CLICK.

Alec rushed to the door to find that it was indeed securely locked. James headed to the lockers to discover the same. The boys were left panic stricken. They were trapped and had nothing to wear but their underwear. The brothers looked at each other knowing they were helpless and at the mercy of the women.

Once in the hall Olivia and Grace burst into laughter. The looks of panic upon the faces of the boys was delightful. The jiggling door knob confirmed for the women that the boys were checking their nonexistent options. Instead of going into the store, Grace was surprised when Olivia went to the next dressing room and knocked. The door was promptly opened by a pretty teenage clerk and Olivia led Grace inside. Grace was delighted to see Joyce. It only took a moment for her to recognize the panty and bra clad Heather and Leslie. The third girl was a stranger but Patti was quicky introduced.

Grace marveled at the overt girlishness of Leslie and especially Heather. No matter how closely she looked, she couldn't see the slightest trace of boyishness. The two sex-changed girls looked as soft and girlishly feminine as sweet Patti. This raised her hopes of successfully transforming her rough and tumble sons into adorable girls.

"Now that we're all together," Olivia began. "I think we all know our ultimate goal is to transform Alec and James into girls. We all know that Leslie and Heather were once boys. But none of you know that my daughter Stephanie was once my son Stephan."

Everyone turned to look at the stunning girl who smiled prettily and curtseyed. The cute nineteen year old sex-changed daughter stood five feet seven inches tall and weighed a svelte 115 pounds. Strawberry blonde shoulder length straight tresses framed her cute face. She wore a body hugging mini dress that clearly revealed her fantastic body and great legs.

"Stephan was a most uncouth boy," Olivia smiled. "His father deserted us when he was five. I opened this business a year later. I think the time I found a frog in his jeans pocket as I was sorting the wash was the last straw. Even though he was only ten, I knew there was no way I could stand having him enter puberty. But at that point I had no idea there was anything I could do to stop it from happening. It was shortly after that incident that Dr. Cassandra Trate brought her husband in to be outfitted. Naturally she told me all about how she changed his sex. I knew instantly that's what I wanted to do to Stephan. It seemed so perfect, to have an adorable daughter and own the boutique. Dr. Trate was quite enthusiastic about helping. All we needed was an excuse to get him to her office. Two weeks later little Stephan came down with a cold. Now I have my lovely daughter."

"Oh that sounds so wonderful," Grace enthused. "I hope my sons turn out to be so cute. I know Leslie and Heather are happy with their girlhood. How do you feel Stephanie?"

"Well, I certainly never wanted to turn into a girl," Stephanie replied in a sweet soprano voice. "In fact, I'd probably have fought Mother tooth and nail if I'd have known what she and Dr. Trate intended to do to me. I was a tough little guy. I loved playing sports, climbing trees, running through the woods, and playing army. There was no way I was ever going to settle down. Then when I came down with a case of the sniffles, Mother took me to see Dr. Trate. I was nervous about seeing a new doctor and even became quite belligerent when I discovered the doctor was a woman. I was quite a little sexist pig. Well, Dr. Trate hypnotized me although at the time I didn't know it. Normally when I came home from school I'd throw down my books and run outside to play with my buddies. But I obeyed Dr. Trate's orders and stayed inside for two weeks and never missed my normal activities. I even did my homework and studied. School suddenly became easy and fun. I went back for a checkup and discovered that I suddenly wanted to take dancing lessons instead of playing sports. My soon to be former buddies really got on my case about that. Shortly after that, my underwear was destroyed when a bottle of beach fell over and drained into the washer. Since Mother owned the boutique, it was cheaper and easier for us replace them with girls undies. By the end of the school year, thanks to visits to Dr. Trate every other week, I hated being a boy. When summer came, I began living as a girl. I've never looked back and have no regrets. I love being a girl!'

"That sounds wonderful," Grace replied. "I can hardly wait to see my sons mincing about in dresses."

'Speaking of which, we'd better decide what style dresses our perky threesome will be wearing," Olivia stated.

The entire group began discussing the virtues of the five styles of bouffant little girl style party dresses the girls had selected. Next the each posed holding the dresses in front of them until they chose one style that looked right on all three. Olivia and Stephanie headed out to return the discarded selections and to get the right sizes of the style selected as well as appropriate accessories. While the were gone, Leslie, Heather, and Patti stripped to the buff. They giggled and huddled together, allowing Grace only tantalizing glimpses of their budding girlishness. Grace desperately wanted to see between their legs. She just had to know the two former boys looked like real girls.

Joyce realized this and went to the girls in their huddle. In moments Joyce had them organized. Taking a folded sheet, she held it up as a curtain for the girls as they lined up. Moving behind them, Joyce tugged the sheet up and over their heads, slowly revealing their nubile naked bodies while carefully shielding their heads, hair, and shoulders from Grace's view.

"See if you can tell which girl is natural and which are Dr. Trate’s handiwork," Joyce asked with a chuckle.

Grace peered intently at the girls. All three had shapely legs, nicely rounded hips, trim waists, and budding perky breasts. Even between their thighs, she could only see a puffy feminine mound. None of the girls possessed any trace of pubic hair. For the life of her, Grace could not decide which was the real girl. The girls laughed and hugged each other when she confessed she had no clue.

Olivia and Stephanie returned with the nearly identical outfits. The only differences were that Leslie was to be dressed all in yellow, Patti all in lavender, and Heather all in pink. Soft satin rhumba style panties with row after row of delicate white lace ruffles across the backside came first. Next came matching white lace trimmed satin bras with seamless cups that hugged and caressed their pert budding breasts. The girls shivered with delight as the cute undies hugged their nubile bodies.

Dainty rose patterned lace stockings with three inch wide elastic top cuffs to hold them in place covered their shapely legs to the top of their thighs. Dainty nylon anklets slipped over the stockings. Little girl style roll down cuffs formed an inch wide white lace ruffle about their trim ankles. Patent leather T-strap one inch heeled shoes in a color to match their outfits adorned their dainty feet. A fluffy flounced full crinoline petticoat with a white lace trimmed satin overslip. The darling fancy petticoat reached to mid-thigh and the crinkly multiple layers made it stand out five inches from their legs.

The luxurious velvet party dresses came next. The princess seams of the bodice were decorated with a half inch wide white lace ruffle. The dress buttoned up the back so snugly that the bodice shaped itself quite alluringly about their budding breasts. The two-inch high collar fit snugly about their slender necks and was trimmed with a delicate lace ruffle. Victorian style ivory cameos on a half inch wide satin ribbon were secured over the high necks of the dresses. A white lace sailor style square overlay adorned the top. Mutton topped loose full length sleeves ended in a flaring two inch wide ruffled cuff trimmed in white lace. Their narrow waists were accentuated by a three inch wide satin ribbon sash tied into a dainty full bow at the small of their back. The full skirts billowed out sweetly over the fluffy petticoats. The white lace trimmed scalloped hem allowed generous glimpses of the dainty petticoat beneath it. Kidskin gloves completed the outfits.

The outfits combined just the right touch of little girl prissiness and tempting teenage flirtiness. The girls looked absolutely charming and innocently seductive. Looking at each other and their reflections in the many mirrors, they knew they looked good. The poor Henry boys would be so overwhelmed they wouldn't know what to do, which was exactly what they wanted.

While the girls posed and primped, and giggled in their new outfits, Grace accompanied Olivia and Stephanie into the store to select matching Lord Fauntleroy outfits for her sons that would compliment the girls dresses.

Alec and James looked about their mirrored prison. There was no way out and they couldn't even get to their clothes. Every time they saw their reflection in a mirror they recalled Olivia's condemnation of their manhood and her claim that they were simply too pretty to be boys. Neither boy could look his brother in the eye. Surreptitiously they eyed their sibling and their own reflection. Each glimpse seemed to confirm Olivia's evaluation. They were rather underdeveloped in the male organ department. The guys in movies and the porno mags they'd seen were much better endowed. This only accentuated their naturally boyish insecurity about their masculinity.

In addition, they looked for some sign of secondary male sexual characteristics. Much to their chagrin there was little see. Neither boy was overly muscled. They showed no sign of facial or body hair growth. Many of their classmates already shaved and a few had dark hairy chests, arms, and legs. Alec's voice had just begun to crack into a deeper tone but was still a high-pitched boy's voice. Poor James still had the dulcet voice of a boy soprano. Alec had been masturbating for about a year and a half while James had been doing it for a year. Their stamina was minimal and they were lucky to be able to do it once a day. Neither had ever dated a girl. In comparing themselves to their classmates, they were amongst the smallest boys. The bigger linebacker type guys had often dismissed them as wimps. With hardly any noticeable bulge in their jockey shorts, no macho muscle development, and shoulder length hair, they had to admit they did not appear anywhere near prime examples of teenage boyhood. They were near tears as they realized Olivia had not been far off when she said they were much too pretty to be boys. In all honesty they forlornly admitted to their shattered male self-image that rather than the actual teenage boys they really were, they looked more like flat-chested preteen tomboys.

The boys suffered alone and stayed in opposite corners of the mirrored room fighting back tears of anger, frustration, and helplessness. They had no idea what to do or how to resist their determined mother. Their father, whom they'd always admired and tried to emulate, was now totally under dominated by their mother. Her announcement about getting him a job and that he'd have to go for a month long training seminar had proved to the boys that their father was totally pussy whipped and helpless before their mother's desires. If their father, who was a proud macho man, proved helpless to resist their mother, what hope had they? Both boys jumped when the door opened and a cute teenage girl entered. Clad only in their underwear, the boys modestly covered their deficient maleness and turned beet red.

"I'm Stephanie Childress, the owner's daughter," she told them with a sweet smile that didn't even acknowledge their embarrassing state of dress. "Our mothers are still selecting your outfits but sent me ahead to have you change into more appropriate underwear. Here you go. Put these on after you remove what you're wearing." With that she held out two tiny bundles of shiny baby blue garments.

The boys hesitated and exchanged nervous glances. Neither lad dared approach the pretty strawberry blonde although both felt a definite stirring in their groin. This arousal only served to increase their apprehension. Both felt Stephanie appeared almost goddess-like and their inferior manhood was too fragile and decrepit to warrant risking exposure and possible ridicule to such obvious femininity.

"We don't have all day," Stephanie scolded in a severe tone that left the boys know she was unhappy with their hesitation. "Our mothers expect both of you to be wearing this when they get here. I really don't think you want to get them upset, do you?"

The boys shook their heads and sighed their defeat. After exchanging looks of hopelessness, they shuffled over to Stephanie and reluctantly took the tiny bundles of cloth she gave them. They walked sideways like crabs in an effort to hide their inadequate groins from her searching view. To their horror they noted the baby blue fabric was a shiny silken satin and that the edges were trimmed with a dainty quarter inch band of delicate baby blue lace. Both lads looked up at Stephanie. Their disdain for the sissy bundles they now held was clearly etched upon their faces. The steely glare she gave both left no room for argument. Fearing the consequences if they were not wearing the underwear when their mother and Olivia arrived with their outfits, they morosely returned to their corners. Once back where they started, they nervously looked at Stephanie hoping she'd leave to allow them a semblance of privacy while they changed.

"I have my orders not to leave in case you need help," Stephanie stated as she saw their hesitation. "You'll simply have to strip and put on your new things."

"Could you please at least turn your back," Alec asked sheepishly knowing it would do no good to even attempt asking the pretty girl to leave.

"It wouldn't do any good," Stephanie laughed much to their discomfort. "With these mirrors I'll be able to see you no matter which way I'm looking. Besides, I'm curious to see if my mother was telling the truth about how pitifully endowed you are."

The boys now blushed all over their bodies. The incipient arousal they felt at being in the same room with such a pretty girl instantly evaporated at her teasing words. Still, they could not bring themselves to strip before her.

"You guys better hurry," Stephanie warned. "If you're not wearing those things when they get here, you'll probably wind up in dresses."

"They wouldn't do that, would they," James asked plaintively.

"They most certainly would," Stephanie laughed. "I've personally helped put fifty-five boys into dresses. Thirty-five of them have not worn pants since then."

The looks of horror her words engendered were clearly etched upon their stricken suddenly pale faces. "You mean those poor boys are still wearing dresses," James croaked.

"Dresses and skirts," Stephanie corrected before menacingly continuing. "Only none of them are boys anymore. They all had their male equipment cut off and were changed into girls."

The boys recoiled in horror and dropped the dainty garments they were holding. "That's obscene," Alec declared in a voice that dripped with abject terror.

"Oh I don't think so," Stephanie giggled and spun in a circle making her short skirt flare out prettily to reveal even more of her sexy legs. "I just love being a girl."

"That's easy for you to say," Alec choked as he was torn between horror and lust. "You are a girl. You'd never understand how horrible it would be for a boy to be turned into a dumb girl."

"You're oh so wrong, sweety," Stephanie purred. "In the first place, girls are not dumb. Who fights wars and gets killed? Who makes fools of themselves to be near pretty girls? Boys, poor stupid macho boys, that's who! Secondly, I do know and understand how horrible it is for a boy to become a girl. It's only as horrible as his stupidity makes it. You see, nine years ago I was a dumb boy very much like you two."

The eyes of the boys almost bulged from their faces as they stared in open mouth disbelief. "There's no way you could ever have been a boy," Alec exclaimed indignantly assuming the pretty girl was just saying she'd once been a boy. "You're just trying to torment us."

"It's your ignorance that makes you say that, dear boy," Stephanie laughed. "I was a boy until I was ten. Then my mother decided I was too nasty and that she'd rather have a sweet daughter. Well, I was nasty and I have become her sweet daughter. But that's really not pertinent to your situation... yet! If you're not wearing your new undies when our mothers get here, you just may find out for yourselves that I'm right about what it's like for a boy to become a girl. There's no need for or time for false modesty. I had a pecker and balls between my legs for ten years so I know what they look like."

Alec and James exchanged looks of absolute horror and hopelessness. What Stephanie warned them about matched up perfectly with what their mother had told them would happen if they were not good and did as they were told. It also seemed to confirm Olivia's words that their mother should put them in dresses. Neither boy wanted to find out. Turning their back toward Stephanie and getting as close into the corner as they could, they tugged off their jockey shorts and picked up the wispy satin stretch panties. Their hands shook with horror as they held open the lace-edged waist and stepped inside. The lace about the leg openings tickled their legs as they pulled them up and snugged them about their waists and hips. The stretchy silken fabric felt cooly sexy and yet deliciously warm as it hugged and caressed their male organs.

"Push your balls up into your body and tuck your penis back between your butt cheeks," Stephanie ordered. "Then pull your panties snugly into place to hold everything where you put it. If you don't, I will. You'd better hurry. I doubt there's much time left."

Neither boy wanted Stephanie's hands on their male equipment, especially if she was telling the truth about once having been a boy. They weren't queer, even if she did look like a sexy girl. They certainly didn't want to stuff their balls up inside their bodies and tuck their cocks between their legs. Yet her warning about the time prompted them to follow her instructions. Swiftly they did as she said. Their stuffed, cramped balls ached dully and their tucked manhood felt quite compressed and even smaller. Looking down, they saw only what looked like a flat, girlish groin instead of the long familiar masculine bulge. Both wanted to fight this latest humiliation, yet their fear of the possible consequences overcame their anxiety and anguish.

Tears of frustration were trickling down their red cheeks as they tugged off their familiar t-shirts and donned the silken wispy stretch satin sleeveless undershirt. The lace trim about the around neck tickled as did the lace trim on the arm holes. The lace trimmed waist ended just above the top of the panties. The cool silken fabric clung to their flat tummies and was too short to tuck into their panties. About a half inch of their white flesh was visible between the top and their panties. The chagrined boys had no time to study their femininely clad bodies as the door to the dressing room opened once more.

"Oh darn," Olivia declared with a hint of frustration as she surveyed the blushing lingerie clad boys. "I was hoping you wouldn’t cooperate so we could have put you into dresses. You look so sweet in your panties and camisoles. You really belong in them. You certainly are poor excuses for boys. No real boy would have ever allowed himself to be put into girls lingerie, but then I guess you already know that you're really just a couple of sissies. You know you really should just ask your mother to turn you into girls and be done with it. It'd be so much simpler for everyone."

The boys hung their heads in shame as Olivia once more cut right to the heart of their misgivings and fears. They felt all she said just had to be true. They had to be sissies to so meekly capitulate. No real boy would ever have allowed himself to be dressed in girls undies. Self doubt and self condemnation engulfed their shattered machismo. Guilt made them wonder if maybe they did belong in girls clothes. Maybe they should just give up and ask to be turned into girls. All energy, self-esteem, and will to resist had vanished, beaten out by their humiliation of being so easily turned into a pair of sissies.

The boys were brought to the center of the room where Olivia and Stephanie could work together to get them dressed. The boys moved like silent zombies as they mechanically followed the curt instructions to don the rest of their new sissy clothes. The only sign that showed there still remained a hint of rebellion and resentment was the tears slowly trickling from their eyes.

In moments the boys were wearing baby blue nylon tights which compressed their tucked manhood even more. The tights made their legs look girlishly shapely. Dainty baby blue nylon anklets were slipped over their feet. An inch wide ruffle of delicate baby blue lace formed darling turned down sissy cuffs at their trim ankles. Next came baby blue velvet shorts that clung to their thighs and buttocks like a second skin. Much to their embarrassment the shorts buttoned up the rear like girls shorts. There was no front opening and no pockets. They had to suck in their tummies as far as they could and hold their breath as they were buttoned securely into the sissy shorts. The boys realized that if their manhood hadn't been tucked away by their panties the crotch of their new shorts would now be crushing their balls. The sissy velvet shorts ended six inches above their knees in dainty inch wide ruffles of delicate baby blue lace.

A baby blue velvet blouse buttoned up the back to lock them inside the sissy garment. Inch wide double ruffles of baby blue lace accentuated the faux seams of the double breasted front. A broad baby blue velvet Peter Pan style overlay trimmed in delicate baby blue lace surrounded the two inch high lace trimmed neck. A baby blue satin ribbon was tied into a Buster Brown style bowtie over the high neck. A baby blue lace jabot seemed to erupt below the huge bowtie. The skin tight velvet long sleeves of the blouse severely restricted their arm movement and ended at their wrists in floppy four inch wide ruffled cuffs edged in baby blue lace. The oversize cuffs engulfed three quarters of their hand. Keeping such cuffs clean would require close attention to every movement.

A three quarter length blue velvet collarless jacket went over the blouse. The rounded back and scooped sides were designed not to close but to reveal the sissy blouse beneath. The main hem of the jacket ran about the bottom in back and right up the open sides and around the neck. This long hem was accented by a baby blue satin ribbon threaded through the velvet a half inch above the hem. The three quarter length loose sleeves called attention to the snug sleeves of the blouse. As with every other article of the outfit, baby blue lace decorated every hem and edge.

Baby blue kidskin gloves were fitted onto their hands. The gloves were so tight it was impossible for the boys to make a fist. Baby blue patent leather T-strap shoes with one inch heels were slipped on their feet. The heels and soles of the sissy shoes had numerous metal taps permanently inserted so every step on a hard surface would result in a resounding CLICK. The metal would also make movement tenuous as it would severely cut the gripping power of the sole. Any attempt at walking rapidly or taking long strides would most likely result in a slip and fall. A small baby blue patent leather shoulder bag would carry tissues and any other necessities the boys might need. The crowning touch was a baby blue velvet beret with a center tassle of baby blue lace.

Once dressed, the women oohed and aahed over the identically dressed sissy boys.
The boys hung their heads in shame as they were made to pose sweetly for the women. They never noticed Stephanie quietly slip to where they had discarded their underwear and slip it into a trash bag. They never noticed as she went to the lockers and used her electronic key to open the doors and swipe their socks. They didn't even realize she quietly left the dressing room. When she had completed her task, Olivia and Grace made the boys stand side by side facing the mirrors so they could see their ultra sissy reflections.

"You'll see what you'll look like when we attend the Tea on Saturday," Grace declared proudly.

To say the boys felt horrible is an understatement. They looked through red-rimmed eyes at two simpering sissies. This was how they would appear before Heather and Leslie. It was simply too horrid to even contemplate such a ignominious fate. James' lower lip began to quiver, then he burst into tears of utter shame, burying his face in his hands. Alec only lasted a few seconds before he too burst into sobs.

The boys cried for five minutes before Alec collected himself enough to turn to his mother. "Mother, please, don't make us go out in public dressed like this," he pleaded. "We'll do whatever you ask, anything! I'll just die if anyone, especially those girls, see me dressed like this!"

"Very well, children," Grace replied in a concerned motherly tone. "I won't make you go out in public dressed in these outfits if you don't want to do so."

The boys looked up hopefully at the sudden unexpected but much prayed for reprieve. "Oh thank you, Mother, thank you," they gushed. "We'll be good boys from now on, we promise!"

"Not so fast," Grace cut short their joy as a devilish smile played across her lips. "If you won't wear these outfits, then you'll wear pretty dainty little girl party dresses with fancy petticoats."

"Mother, no," the horrified boys nearly screamed in unison. All thought of their disgust with the sissy costumes they were wearing simply disappeared from their turmoil filled minds. The mere idea of being made to wear a prissy dress made their insides churn. The very real terror that they might be forced to wear dresses and go out in public was totally abhorrent. What was even worse was that they were so whipped they had no hopes of avoiding whatever fate their mother wanted.

In desperation Alec turned about and dropped to his knees before his mother. "Mother, please, please, I promise to be good! I'll never argue with you again. I'll do whatever you tell me to do! Just, please, don't make me wear a dress!"

James immediately followed suit and begged shamelessly for mercy.

"I really wish you two would make up your minds," Grace replied shortly. "First you cry, promise to do whatever I ask you to do, and beg me not to make you wear the cute outfits you're wearing. When I give in to your begging and tell you what I want you to wear in place of your cute outfits, you cry, promise to do whatever I ask you to do, and beg me not to make you wear dresses. Which way do you want it? You have two choices. Either you wear what you have on now or you wear dainty party dresses. Now which will it be? Remember, you promised to be good and do whatever I say if I don't MAKE you wear either outfit. I've agreed with your requests. Now the choice of what you wear is totally in your hands. Now, tell me if you want to wear the cute outfits you have on or if you want to wear pretty little girl party dresses?"

The boys sagged hopelessly back onto the floor. They realized they had been trapped. They had been deftly maneuvered into the position of asking to wear either the sissy outfits they now wore or wearing dainty little girl party dresses. They knew what the answer had to be. There was no way they could ever agree to wear dresses. They had no choice but to wear the damning sissy outfits.

"We'll wear what we're wearing now," Alec finally capitulated hopelessly while James sobbed and nodded his agreement.

"Very good, children," Grace intoned majestically as Stephanie re-entered the room with her arms full of dainty garments.

One look at the smirk upon Stephanie's face and the boys knew they were about to undergo another unwanted experience. The lace trimmed shiny garments the pretty girl carried seemed all too ominous. With a nod of approval from Olivia, Stephanie walked over to the boys.

The boys shivered with growing anguish when their mother called out "Children," in a most dictatorial tone of voice.

The use of the appellation CHILDREN in place of BOYS was a change in terminology pre-planned to begin once the boys were wearing their sissy Lord Fauntleroy outfits. The switch was calculated to further strip the teenage boys from their masculinity. Fourteen and fifteen year old teenage boys normally bridle at being called BOYS because in their machismo filled way of thinking it equals pre-teen status. The word children definitely belongs in pre-teen connotations and additionally strips away gender. Thus the formerly arrogant teenage boys were effectively reduced in status to sexless pre-teens.

"Stephanie has your new underwear and socks," Grace continued authoritatively once she had their attention. "I threw out all your old underwear and socks today while you were at school. Stephanie gathered up and disposed of the underwear and socks you were wearing when you arrived here. From now on, you will wear your new underwear and socks. If I discover you are not properly dressed, I will throw out every piece of boys clothes you have and bring you back here and have you outfitted in a complete girl's wardrobe. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

The boys looked at the girlish garments Stephanie held. They could see they were all heavily lace trimmed and made of shiny satin or silken nylon in white, pink, yellow, peach, lime green, baby blue, and lavender. Numbly they nodded their heads.

"Take your new undies, children," Grace ordered. "You will find there are thirteen sets of panties, camisole, and anklets. There is one set in baby blue to go with the set you're already wearing and two sets each in white, pink, yellow, peach, lime green, and lavender. That means you'll have two sets of pretty new undies for each day."

Like zombies the defeated boys hesitantly took their new undies. The soft cool silkiness tantalized their senses while at the same time they were horrified to know that they were now expected to wear such damning sissy undies all the time. They knew it would be hopeless to protest and if they tried to resist the result would surely force them deeper into their unwanted sissy status.

"Mother," Alec began softly hoping to be able to at least alleviate the ordeal a bit. "Can't we please have one set of boys underwear to wear to school on the days we have gym class? If any of the guys see us wearing these sissy undies..." A shiver of absolute horror crossed the faces of both boys as they thought of the humiliation they'd feel and the harassment they'd receive if any of their buddies or classmates should discover their girlish new undies.

"Children," Grace intoned in a sugary sweet voice. "Do you really think I'd let you be victimized by your crude associates in the same way you victimized poor Heather?"

"I hope not," Alec replied warily sensing another trap. "What we did was terrible. We're really VERY sorry for how crude we were to poor Heather. Please, don't let it happen to us. Please let us have one set of our boys' underwear and socks for gym class."

"If you let them have one set, they'll try to wear it all the time," Olivia interrupted. "I've seen it much too often. While their intentions are good now, children always change their tune once the pressure is eased. While their concern about gym class is valid, their solution is wrong. It would be far better to simply have them stop taking gym class altogether. In my experience, gym class worsens the macho problem by forcing undo competition and fosters attempts at physical over-exertion. That results in an adrenalin rush that increases the need and desire to be more macho. Gym classes are simply a downward spiral of self-fulfilling macho pigheadedness."

"You're right of course," Grace agreed. "You may not keep one set of your old underwear but I will make sure you get a doctor's excuse to get out of taking gym class."

Alec and James exchanged looks of anguished relief. While they were exclusively stuck with their girlish undies and socks, at least they would be spared the agony of discovery in gym class. In truth, neither boy particularly enjoyed gym class since the teachers and jocks always hassled them and the other less athletic guys. It would be rather nice to get out of gym, especially showering where their puny male equipment could be seen by their better endowed classmates.

"Now let's get changed," Grace stated. "We need to get home so you can do your homework."

The boys eagerly allowed Olivia and Stephanie to help them out of their rear buttoning sissy outfits. In moments they were stripped down to their panties, camisoles, tights, and anklets. The boys sat on a padded bench and lifted their feet to slip off their anklets in order to remove their tights.

"Just a minute," Grace halted them. "I like the tights. Olivia, do you think it would be a good idea to have the children wear tights along with the rest of their new undies and anklets?"

"That's a marvelous suggestion," Olivia declared. "Stephanie, please go get tights to match their thirteen sets of undies."

The dejected boys exchanged looks of defeat as Stephanie curtseyed and scurried from the room. The boys rationalized this setback away since whether or not they wore tights would make little difference considering the rest of their sissy undies. Rather than make a fuss and wind up in dresses they meekly accepted this addition to their wardrobe.

By the time Stephanie returned with the colorful tights, the boys had dressed in their jeans and sweatshirts and slipped on their sneakers. The girlish undergarments felt very strange and confining beneath their normal attire. The snug fit of the panty/tight combination had by this time numbed their genitals. The only sensations they now felt were the cool, delicious feelings of their dainty satin undies caressing their skin plus the ticklish feeling of their rough outer clothes riding over their silken underthings. It made them feel constantly aware of their clothing, something few boys ever do. The boys steeled themselves to run the gauntlet of the prissy store. It was the only way out.

As they left the dressing room, they bumped into Heather, Leslie, and Patti who had just conveniently left their dressing room. The boys stopped dead and blushed as they faced the three girls. They immediately recognized Heather and Leslie, but the third girl was stranger to them. Even though their masculinity was numbed and safely tucked away, the boys felt the beginning of a most pleasant stirring in that nether region as they drank in the perky images of the giggling girls in their cute parochial school uniforms. Unfortunately, the panties/tight combination quickly made their incipient arousal painful since there was no room for their organs to grow. This resulted in a sudden increase in the pressure upon their trapped testicles. Both boys paled and began to do a weird dance as they sought to relieve the unwanted pain.

"We never expected to see boys here," Patti announced as she vamped a bit for the boys.

"These aren't normal boys," Leslie explained as she and Heather began to flirt with the frustrated boys. "These are the boys we told you about. The ones who laughed at poor Heather."

"Oh, I hate boys who do that," Patti hissed. "But then again maybe they were only expressing their desire to wear pretty undies. Why else would they be here?"

The overtly flirty actions of the girls aggravated the boys' arousal and increased their pain. Meanwhile the girls' conversation had taken a decidedly inauspicious turn. the boys desperately wanted to leave. Unfortunately Grace had stopped to talk to Joyce about the upcoming Victorian Tea so the girls and the boys had little choice but to mingle in the corridor. The boys began to wiggle and tried to secretly tug at their tights and panties to relieve the painful pressure.

"If you’re doing the potty dance you really should use the restroom," Heather teased. "Or are you wearing diapers?"

The boys blushed and shook their heads no as they bit their lips to stifle their moans.

"We just picked out our dresses for the Victorian Tea," Leslie informed the boys. "Is that what you're doing here? Did you mother decide to carry through with Heather's suggestion that you find out what it's like to wear dresses?"

Alec and James both frantically shook their heads no.

"Then what are you doing here," Patti pointedly asked.

The boys looked helplessly to their mother but she was still engaged in a quiet intense conversation with Joyce. The silence quicky stretched past endurance as the girls stared at the wriggling duo.

"We... we were... fitted for our... ah... outfits... for the Victorian Tea...," Alec finally managed to explain between painful groin spasms. "But we're not... wearing dresses."

"Oh I can't wait to see you on Saturday," Heather chuckled. "If you were fitted for the Tea, and you won't be wearing dresses, I bet you'll be dressed in the most sissified outfit a boy could imagine!"

"Oh look at them," Patti laughed. "See how their heads drooped and their faces turned beet red? Heather, you hit the nail right on the head. They were fitted for really sissy outfits!"

"Oh, I can hardly wait for Saturday to see the dainty little sissies," Leslie cooed.
"That's why they're wriggling like that," Heather exclaimed. "They don't have to go to the toilet, but if they did they'd have to pull everything down just lake a girl! I bet they're wearing girls' undies."

The now terrified boys moaned and backed towards their mother as all three girls approached with impish gleams in their eyes.

"I think you're right about them wearing girls' undies, Patti giggled. "Look at them trying to get away from us."

"Just what are you children doing," Grace scolded as she turned when the retreating boys nudged her from behind. "Honestly, I can't let you two alone for a moment without having you get into trouble."

The boys pulled away from their angry mother as the girls continued to close in. They frantically looked for an avenue of escape but they were cut off. All they could do was cower against the wall.

"Mommy," James finally cried helplessly as Patti placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Jamie, what on earth is wrong with you," Grace asked in pique. "Are you afraid of Patti?"

Crowded together, Alec and James looked up at their mother in disbelief. She knew the third girl, the one they'd never met. They wished they'd never met the other two girls. They never noticed the name change from James to Jamie.

"Yes, Mommy," James whimpered. "I'm afraid."

"They're just a couple of sissies," Heather announced smugly as she placed a hand on Alec's trembling shoulder. "They've been rude in not answering our questions but we figured out the answers from their reactions."

"Children," Grace scolded her cowering sons. "Is what Heather says true? Have you once more been rude to her?"

"Mommy, no," Alec squealed as he realized what could very well happen if his mother determined he'd been rude to the girls. "We didn't intend to be rude, it's just that their questions were a little too personal."

"Really," Grace asked in a doubtful voice. "Allie, just what did they ask?"

"They asked if we had been fitted for dresses," Alec replied softly not noticing his name change from Alec to Allie.

"You didn't answer them," Grace asked in disbelief. "That is utter rudeness!"

"It wasn't really that bad," Heather stated. "I understand they're really embarrassed simply to be here. They simply couldn't find the nerve to answer us since no REAL boy would ever shop here. Allie and Jamie were afraid we'd think they were a couple of sissies. Besides, their reactions answered our questions. We know they're going to be wearing really sissy boy outfits and we just can't wait to see them. We also know they're wearing girls' undies. It's hard for us to believe any boy would wear panties. They were trying to get away from us because we wanted to see for ourselves."

Alec and James looked at their mother hopefully. They never expected Heather of all people to come to their aid. They just hoped their mother would accept Heather's excuse because it was the truth and they did not want to end up in dresses. The terrified duo never noticed Heather had called them Allie and Jamie.

"Children, I'm really upset with you," Grace intoned. "I have a good mind to march you right back into the dressing room and have you put into dresses."

"Mother, please," Alec cried. "We're sorry. Please, please, don't make us wear dresses."

"You can thank Heather that I won't do it... this time," Grace replied. "But there must be consequences. First, when you dear little children were scared you both called me Mommy rather than Mother. You haven't called me Mommy in years. I like being called Mommy. From now on, you will address me as Mommy. The first time I hear either of you call me Mother or Mom, it'll be dresses for both of you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mommy," the crushed duo whispered.

"Good," Grace replied. "Secondly, the girls are quite right to question whether or not you are boys. I'm ashamed of you, running away from three pretty teenage girls. After this shameful display, I can no longer consider you my sons. You're still my children, but that's as far it will go. You were so frightened by the girls that you never even noticed that I called Alec Allie and James Jamie. In fact, you both responded instantly to you new names. Your punishment for this will be to make a slight name change to reflect the loss of your boyhood. As of this moment, Alec, your name is Allie and James, your name is Jamie. You will call each by your new names. You will sign all your school work with your new name. You will ask your teachers to call you by your new names. You will tell your father that you want to be called by your new names. If I hear either of you using your old names, it'll be dresses for both of you. If you don't sign your school work with your new name, it'll be dresses for both of you. If you do not ask your teachers and father to call you by your new names, it'll be dresses for both of you. You will tell everyone it was your idea to change your names. If I discover you have stated otherwise, it'll be dresses for the both of you. Do you understand?"

The brothers exchanged looks of utter despair as they struggled to hold back their tears. Allie and Jamie... those were girl's names, not boy's names. But they knew that under the circumstances they were far from being boys. They understood in their chilled hearts that they had been totally reduced to being sissies. They were trapped. They had no way out but to meekly acquiesce to their domineering mother's every demand. Anything less and they would be put into dresses, perhaps even turned into girls like Stephanie had said happened to her. The brothers silently understood they could not let that happen. It was terrible enough they'd become sissies, but to be turned into girls. "Yes mommy," the hapless boys replied meekly.

"The third thing is that Heather's questions were only natural when a girl meets a boy in a store such as this," Grace chided the cowering boys. "You're very fortunate she was able to figure out the answers to her questions. Now, it normally is not polite to show off your undies, but since you were so rude, I want both of you to unbuckle your belt, pull down your zipper, open your jeans, and pull down your tights so the girls can see your pretty panties. At the same time you'll lift your sweatshirts so they can see your matching camisoles."

Alec and James dropped their mouths open in horror at this latest humiliating command. James, quickly followed by Alec dropped to their knees and placed their hands together in supplication. "Mommy, please, don't make us do that," the intimidated brothers pitifully begged.

"You are really a couple of sissies," Grace mocked them. "You're behavior is totally unacceptable and embarrassing to me. Get up on your feet, you sniveling cowards. Either you do as you were told or you will be put into dresses."

The tears began to freely flow as the humiliated brothers staggered to their feet. All will to resist was gone. They were defeated and crushed. Their arrogant machismo was thoroughly squashed.

"Ms Henry," Heather spoke up as the hopeless boys fumbled with their belts. "You're right about it not being polite to show one's undies in public. Please accept my apology for forgetting my manners. Because I was in the wrong, please don't make the boys show us their undies. I think they've suffered enough humiliation."

Although their tears continued to freely flow, the boys stopped their unwanted effort to expose their undies. Once more Heather's compassion for them surprised them. It also delighted them. Hesitantly and hopefully they looked to their mother to give them their much desired reprieve.

"Very well, Heather," Grace replied with a delighted smile. "The boys don't have to show you their undies. I just wish they could be as polite and concerned for others as you obviously are. However, they still need to be punished for being so rude and so afraid of three sweet girls. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for them?"

The boys turned white as they realized their fate was being put into Heather's hands. They sobbed softly as they managed to bring their crying under control.

"I really think the best punishment would be to turn them into girls," Heather declared forcefully as the boys recoiled in horror. "Unfortunately, such a punishment wouldn't stay a punishment because they'd fall in love with being girls. So that really wouldn't be a good punishment."

The boys winced and shivered. They also realized Heather wasn't teasing. They knew she was speaking from the heart. She said nearly the same thing Stephanie had told them. They began to fear that they might like becoming girls if they were forced into dresses. That concept horrified them and further eroded their once proud boyish conceit.

"I think a more appropriate punishment would be for them to describe in detail all the girlish undies they're wearing," Heather decided. "After all, it is their underwear now. I think they should also tell us that they don't deserve to be boys anymore because they're just a couple of wimpy sissies."

"Heather, that sounds like the perfect punishment," Grace announced. "Although if you're right about them falling in love with girlhood if I make them wear dresses, that does sound quite good to me. I'd much rather have two sweet daughters than two simpering sissy children. Let me think for a moment."

Alec and James shivered with dread as they anxiously caught their breath. They certainly didn't want to describe their undies and admit they were sissies, but such an odious event was much preferable to being made to put on dresses. The boys hoped their mother would accept Heather's alternative.

"Perhaps I should let the little sissies decide which it is to be," Grace declared after a brief pause. "Allie, Jamie, would you rather be put into dresses and live as girls or would you rather describe, in detail, all the pretty undies you're wearing as well as admitting that you're a couple of simpering sissies?"

"We don't want to be put into dresses," Alec replied softly. "We'll tell the girls what they want to hear."

"Not just the girls," Grace chuckled. "You children will not get off that easy. If you don't want to be put into dresses, you will go to the front lobby of this store while Olivia announces that two sweet children would like all the customers to gather about them in the lobby. Once everyone has gathered, you will tell everyone, in clear voices, that you just love being a simpering sissy. You will then proceed to describe your pretty undies. Now, are you sure you don't want to put on pretty dresses?"

The boys were horrified. They hadn't thought they could sink any lower. Yet their mother had found yet another way to destroy what little remained of their self-esteem and publically humiliate them. The tears began to flow once more as they hung their heads in shame. For a brief moment they seriously thought about allowing themselves to be put into dresses. But they still retained enough macho stamina to resist the final annihilation of their boyhood. Once more they knew they had no choice but to publically humiliate themselves.

"We don't want to be put into dresses," Alec finally managed to respond when he'd been unable to tell them they'd make the public confession.

"Very well then," Grace sighed. "Olivia, can you please make the announcement?"

Stephanie placed two chairs for the boys to stand upon so everyone could see them while Olivia made the announcement over the store PA system. Moments later the hapless duo stood in the front lobby as curious customers gathered around the red-faced trembling boys. The boys hung their heads in shame, afraid to look at the gathered customers. Not counting Heather, Leslie, Patti, Joyce, Olivia, Stephanie, Grace and three other clerks, ten women, three little pre-school girls, ten elementary age girls, and five teenage girls surrounded the boys. The boys felt sick to their stomachs as they peeked out beneath their lidded eyes to see how many people had gathered to witness their humiliation.

"My children have been naughty," Grace began in a clear, no nonsense tone. "As punishment they have to tell you a few things. Allie, you may begin."

"My name is Allie," Alec began in a soft voice.

"My dear child," Grace interrupted. "Unless you want to be fitted for your first dress right where you stand, you better speak loud enough and clear enough for everyone to hear."

Murmurs of amazement and chuckles swept through the crowd. "Mommy, will she really make that sissy boy put on a dress right here in front of us," one little precocious girl asked in a clear voice. Everyone laughed.

"My name is Allie," Alec again started his unwanted litany in a quavering voice loud enough to be heard. "I'm a simpering sissy who is unfit to be a boy."

Chuckles swept through the gathered females as Alec caught his breath. Poor Jamie struggled to hold back his tears as he nervously waited his turn.

"I'm such a sissy that I'm wearing pretty girl's undies," Alec announced deciding to go for broke, going beyond what had been ordered in an effort to please his mother and hopefully get her off his back. He held his head high and smiled as he continued, "I'm wearing soft, silky baby blue satin panties with delicate lace about the waist and legs. I'm wearing a pretty matching camisole too. The undies feel real nice against my body. I'm also wearing baby blue nylon tights. They feel real silky and make my legs look sleek and girlish. The last bit of girl's clothing I'm wearing are my dainty lace trimmed baby blue nylon anklets." Alec pulled up his trousers to reveal his anklets and a bit of tight clad ankle. "They really make me feel like a simpering sissy. I'd like to thank my Mommy for replacing all of my old yucky boy underwear and socks with these cute new girly things."

The crowd simply listened and watched Alec's display in awed silence. When it was finished they applauded. "He really is a sweet little sissy," was an oft repeated phrase that no one disputed.

Grace was delighted by Alec's ingenuity. To show her appreciation she hugged him. Then she turned to Jamie. "Jamie, it's your turn," Grace announced.

Jamie at first had been stunned by Alec's speech and wondered if his older brother had completely flipped out. Secretly he peeked out at Alec and the crowd. Every eye was focused on Alec. Then he noticed the reaction of the people, they were smiling. So was his mother. Jamie realized that Alec was being his old sly self by going overboard in an effort to please their mother and hopefully get on her good side. If he succeeded, that would mean his mother would come down even harder on him. Jamie knew he just had to outdo his brother.

"I'm an even bigger sissy than Allie," Jamie vamped as he fluttered a limp-wristed hand towards his brother. He too held his head high, smiled, and even giggled girlish between sentences. "If he's not fit to be a boy, then I'm certainly not fit to be anything other than a sweet swishy sissy. I'm not only wearing girl's undies, I LOVE wearing girl's undies. Just like Allie, I'm wearing soft, silky baby blue satin panties with delicate lace about the waist and legs and a pretty matching camisole. I simply adore the way my dainty undies feel. I'm also wearing baby blue nylon tights. They feel deliciously silky and make my legs look soft and girlish. As you can see, I'm wearing dainty lace trimmed baby blue nylon anklets." James posed as he pulled up his trousers to reveal his anklets and a bit of tight clad ankle. "They really make me feel real naughty. I hate being a dumb old boy and simply love being a swishy simpering sissy. Like my sissy brother, I'd like to thank my Mommy for replacing all of my old yucky boy underwear and socks with these cute new girly things. I'd also like her to replace all my ugly old boy pajamas with cute baby doll nighties."

The crowd burst into applause. They were delighted to hear such simpering sissies.

"Oh you sweet little sissy," Grace declared as she hugged Jamie. "Of course I'll replace all your ugly old boy pajamas with pretty new baby doll nighties."

"Me too, Mommy," Alec begged. "I want sissy baby doll nighties too... and a pretty little doll to sleep with,' he added hastily in an effort not to be outdone by James.

"Of course, darling," Grace intoned. "As soon as we get you two your new nighties, we'll go over to the toy store so you can each pick out a pretty dolly."

Again the crowd applauded. It was obvious several mothers were contemplating whether it would be possible to turn their irresolute sons into sweet sissies.

Stephanie escorted the now swishy behaving boys to the nightwear department where they giggled and carried on like two prissy little girls over the overtly feminine nighties. In keeping with their assumed roles, they begged their mother to allow them to select four frilly fluffy baby doll nighties, one in pink, one in yellow, one in lavender, and one in peach. To their credit, the boys maintained their swishy facade throughout the ordeal.

After paying for the purchases, Stephanie led Grace and the boys into Olivia's private office at the rear of the store. Olivia, Joyce, Heather, Leslie, and Patti were waiting, seated on chairs before a bank of TV monitors and VCRs. Two chairs remained open so Grace and Stephanie sat in those, forcing the still swishy behaving duo to sit on the floor.

"We all know you didn't mean a word of what you said in the lobby," Olivia declared. "You were simply trying to please your mommy. I must say, however, you both are good actresses. You speeches and actions seemed quite genuine, as if you meant every word you were saying. Unfortunately, we all know that boys never keep their word and that in a few days, you'll be back to your old crude behavior. In order to save your mother the effort of subduing you another time, I'm going to give her a little present which she can send to your classmates and friends. I'm sure everyone would be delighted to see your performances. I doubt they'll realize you were acting. You see, like most modern stores, I have hidden cameras throughout the store to watch for shoplifters or to identify thieves. Thus, I have a very clear record of your performances in the lobby and while selecting your pretty new nightgowns."

With that she touched the remote control and the TV came to life. As the horrified boys watched, they discovered that their speeches did seem to come from the heart. Anyone seeing the tape would never believe it had been a put-on. To add to their chagrin, the tape switched scenes from camera to camera as they went through the store to the nighties where they made absolute swishy fools of themselves.

"Well, children," Grace intoned sweetly when the video was finished. "I trust I'll have your complete cooperation in the future. You WILL tell your teachers, friends, and father that you want to be called Allie and Jamie. You WILL wear your pretty new undies and nighties every day without complaint. You will freely admit to anyone who might ask that you are a sissy and that you love wearing pretty girl's undies. You will go with me to the toy store where you will pick out a prissy dolly and take it to the register. You will ask the clerk if you can please carry your new dolly rather than have it bagged. You will sleep with your new dolly. You will play nicely together with your new dollies. You will take your new dollies to the Victorian Tea on Saturday so you can play dollies with Heather, Leslie and Patti. You will join Heather, Leslie, and Patti as cooperative sissy playmates whenever we visit, which hopefully will be often. Is this all clear, or must I send copies of this tape to your friends and classmates?"

The boys now knew they were totally trapped. There was no way they could let their friends and classmates see that damning video and know they had become swishy sissies. They had no choice but to become the sissies they had pretended to be. Their subjugation was now complete. They were defeated and would never again be happy-go-lucky, carefree all-American boys.

"It's getting late," Grace stated seeing their capitulation. "Thank everyone for helping you find the sissy side of your life. Then you will hold hands as we leave. You will hold hands whenever we are out in public."

Grace stood, the boys forlornly but promptly stood. "Thank you for helping us find the sissy side of our lives," the crushed duo whispered.

"You are very welcome," Olivia replied. "You are welcome back anytime. I really do think you should ask your mother to turn you into girls. Your lives will be much easier. One other thing, I think you should get in the habit of curtseying when speaking to your elders. Try it now, please."

The boys meekly grasped the sides of their jeans and awkwardly curtseyed. They really began to think about asking to be turned into girls. Anything would be better than their current humiliating lot.

Heather, Leslie, and Patti hugged the sissy boys as if they were girlfriends and gave them a chaste kiss on the cheek before they grasped hands and meekly followed their mother out of the dressing room. The sissy lads saw the video in her hand as well as two others on a table labeled 'Allie and Jamie'. They briefly wondered how the editing had been so flawlessly accomplished and so many copies had been made in such a short time. They quickly pushed such morose thoughts from their minds. They had to concentrate on being perfect little sissies.

"I feel a little guilty about doing this to them," Heather said as she picked up a copy of the video. "But was it ever exciting!"

"I know what you mean," Stephanie added. "I get excited every time I help do this to a boy. It's really a lot of fun."

"That's exactly what Dr. Trate claims," Olivia chuckled. "I whole-heartedly agree. I simply adore transforming boys into girls. I don't think it will be too long before our pretty sissies ask their mother to become girls."

The boys shuddered and blushed, wondering if Olivia might be right. Boyhood was no longer an option as a way of life. The prospect of openly living as sissies was repugnant. The alternative was to ask their mother to be dressed as girls. That too was repugnant. But at least as girls they would not be publically humiliated.

With that, Joyce took her charges in tow while picking up another copy of the tape. She would give it to Mother Superior Murphy when she dropped Patti off. A few minutes late she was proven correct as Mother Superior Murphy invited Joyce in to sit in her living room and watch the tape while Patti showed her bedroom to Leslie and Heather. Joyce filled out all the details of the excursion as the women watched the tape. Mother Superior Murphy checked the roll book knowing she'd have two new girls joining St. Patrick's Parochial School before too long.

Meanwhile Grace kept to her goal. She made Allie and Jamie sit in the rear seat of the car and hold hands as she drove to the toy store. In minutes, the red-faced boys, still holding hands, were heading towards the check-out each clutching a pretty doll clad in a petticoated party dress in their free arm. The boys wished the ground would open and swallow them. They desperately hoped no one they knew would see them.

The other customers did numerous double takes as they caught sight of the teenage sissy duo holding hands and carrying dolls. Many chuckled, more goggled, and few laughed outright. At the check-out stood a pretty girl of about nineteen. Just three hours ago Alec and James would have been elbowing each other in a testosterone filled effort to check out the cute cashier. The cashier smiled as the now very much subdued brothers timidly held out their dollies to be scanned into the register.

"My, you two sweetie pies have selected darling dollies," she gushed. "I bet you can't wait to get home and have a tea party with them!"

"Can we please carry our dollies," Allie asked after a not so gentle but very meaningful nudge from his mother.

"Of course you may," the cashier replied as she restrained a giggle. "That is if your mommy says it's all right."

"My darling sissies have my permission to carry their pretty new dollies," Grace declared as the boys tried to make themselves smaller.

"Then by all means you may carry your new dollies," the cashier answered. "I'd like to compliment you on your sissies, ma'am. They are certainly adorable!"

"Thank you," Grace replied. "Allie, Jamie, thank the kind lady for the compliment."

Reluctantly, but with the desire to comply in order to get out of the store and back into the safety of the car the boys curtseyed and said "Thank You."

Although they wanted to run from the store, Allie and Jamie had already learned that such actions would be punished and neither wanted any further punishments.

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