Cresswell Industries Chapters 70-71-72

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It has been a long time in arriving and I duly apologise, but the success of the Metamorphosis stories has kept me busy and more importantly it has had to tie up with the Big Closet version and with that done I now have the time to fill in the spaces that only Cresswell Industries can fill.

However I will add that reading these on going chapters will in time reveal the plots surrounding Metamorphosis 2 and I would like to thank Erin for making the whole Cresswell phenomenon possible!

Chapter Seventy


As Brian McKinley accepted his fate and role in life a similar situation was unfolding deep in the countryside at Lady Cresswell’s estate.

Lydia McKinley awoke from what she perceived as one long night of a horrendous nightmare with a sweat.

What could ever possess her to dream of such indecent things with such a young man and all those other men and under the nose of her husband, however as she awoke she realised that she was not in the comfort of her own house.

Leaping out of bed she felt strange and disorientation soon swept over her causing her to sit back down on the bed and it was then she realised that she was in some type of hospital and wearing a patient’s gown.

Suddenly the door opened and in stepped a very burly looking black woman wearing a navy and light blue security guards outfit and as she focused in on the uniforms badge she could just make out the words ‘Cress’.

“Cresshhh… Cresshhhwelllll’s Ish shstill can’sh be’s heres?” she slurred as she spoke.
“Now then Mrs McKinley I hope your not going to give me any trouble?” the female guard asked her.

“Ish wannsh to she whosh’insh’ssssharge!” Lydia tried to speak but found it hard to regulate the words in her mouth.

“Of course Mrs McKinley… And that’s exactly who wants to see you!” the big woman virtually picked Lydia up of the bed and dragged her out of the room and into the corridor.

Lydia went along with the woman quietly allowing her to take most of her weight as her legs were still very much wobbly.

However her mind was not and as she became a passenger to the guard she tried to recall what had happened when she had arrived here, but all she could recall was being escorted to her room by some very good looking young man.

Lydia soon found herself tied helplessly to a chair in a room that resembled a police interrogation room.

The only contents of the room she could make out were two more chairs, a table with a solitary plastic beaker and cup of water, a television and video in a corner behind her and a huge two way mirror on the room.

She tried to talk but her words slurred once again.

After five or so lonely minutes in the dimly room a bright light suddenly shone above the door opposite where she was tied down.

Several figures walked into the room, but all Lydia could make out from their whispers and heels was they appeared to all be women.

“Lydia McKinley!” a female voice called out to her.

“Yesssh?” she slurred a reply, with tears streaming from her eyes.

“Lydia I must apologise for the obvious stress being in this room is causing you, but the last time we spoke in more comfortable surroundings you made your self perfectly clear what you intended on doing with my offer!” the voice drew closer.

Lydia tried to place a face to the voice, but she had met and disagreed with so many people since she had become Director General, she could not even recall how many people she had agreed with.

“Your refusal to join and help us… Put my plans back several months I’m afraid Lydia… So you see this was the only way to make you see reason!” the voice continued.

Lydia was aware of two people taking the chairs before and sitting down, however the bright light kept them shadowed.

“We’ll get straight to the point Lydia… You are here to sign some papers!” the woman’s voice now appeared besides her and as she did several papers where thrust on the table in front of her.

Lydia glanced at the papers and could see that one of them was a document signed by her and her husband committing her to a mental institution.

“As you see Lydia your mind has been deemed unsafe!” the woman laughed standing right behind her and grabbing hold of her shoulders.

‘No… This can’t be?’ she thought to herself as she glanced at the signatures and the dates.

“Dish issh notsh realshh!” she tried desperately to point out that the date of the agreements were wrong, for in her mind it was still mid February.

“Lydia that was signed last week… And yes it is April now… And yes you will be going to the mental institution unless you sign the other papers… Your lawyer pleaded your case for insanity and you have been placed with us for evaluation!”

Lydia then felt herself being turned around to face the woman.

“Now then… Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with the criminally insane or do you want what I’m going to offer you?”

Lydia looked deep into the dark haired woman’s face, she did recognise her but just could not picture were she had seen her before.

“Perhaps I should help you… A certain application put to you concerning my wishes to sponsor Feethams High School for boys and several other high schools in and around this town.

“Melishhhhha Cromwell!” she finally recognised the sixty to seventy year old woman.

“Lady Melissa to be precise and it’s Cresswell not Cromwell!” Melissa laughed as she sat down on the edge of the table besides her latest target.

Lydia did recall the woman and the rather absurd plans she had for the schools she wished to sponsor and then turn private, for she categorically stated that all the schools within a set period of time will only accept female students and would be staffed entirely by women teachers.

“Youshhh’r’madshhhh!” Lydia nodded her head.

“Lydia you are in no position to disagree with me this time… And if we take a brief look at these papers I want you to sign, you will see that none of them concern your previous job of Director General, so that little obstacle has now been overcome… These are just simply Land Registry, Financial … Oh and your divorce papers!”

“Divorshhhhh?” Lydia slurred loudly.

“Lydia you cheated on your husband with so many young men!” Lady Melissa laughed voraciously.

“Cheshhhhed… Cheeteshhhhed?” Lydia’s mind was completely confused all she could recall was the argument she had had with Brian over his infatuation with one of his student’s parents.

Then it all hit home as she recalled the argument and then the card her friend at the local sauna had given her. Cresswell’s health farm — It belonged to this woman.

Melissa chuckled to herself as she saw in Lydia’s eyes how it all fell into place.

“Now then Lydia I’m going to show you what a naughty girl you’ve been since arriving here in February and I must say you have been such a slut,” Melissa smiled as she clicked her fingers for the television and video to be switched on.

Also pointing out a newspaper article detailing her arrest for soliciting two immigration officers in her office.

Lydia was in tears as she watched her life unfold before her, for in the words of this horrid woman she had become nothing more than a slut, who used and abused her position of authority.

“Look this is the bar that you always get Justin to take you to!” Melissa pointed out at the film as it specifically detailed Lydia selling sex in the late night bar. “Oh yes you don’t remember Justin do you… Well I’ll get to him later!”

“Pleeshhhhhhhhhhhh… Ishhhhhh have enoughssssssssssh!” Lydia pleaded with her tormentor. Her mind completely void of remembering anything other than entering the Health farm back in February.

Although she could easily deny that the person in the film was her, the footage of her entering the Farm and proceeding to seduce the young men that worked there one by one had already confirmed that what this woman was saying was true.

“Now I need to show you this to confirm what you’ve seen and heard is true!” Lydia asked for the tape to be forwarded to the conversation that Brian had with her before she went to work for the last time.

Lydia could not help crying more as Brian appeared on a hidden camera in their home asking her about her choice of clothes.

“Now I could show you a lot more, for instance your sordid three in a bed romp with some young men you brought home the night before that conversation with your husband!” Lydia clicked her fingers for the film to stop.

“Whashhh do’youshhhhh wanshhhh from meshhh?”

Lydia listened to what the woman proposed and her choice was simple.

She either signed the divorce settlement and with her husband’s joint signature sign over everything they owned including stocks, bonds and property or she remains in a mental institution until either her husband or the relevant doctors sign her out.

“But whassh will happensh toosh meshhhhhh ifsh I do ashh yoush saysh?” she looked up at the woman, who held her life in her hands, with red streaming eyes.

“Well… I’ve thought long and hard about that and you have two choices again I’m afraid! I could persuade my doctors here to issue a statement that you are suffering from a severe stress related condition and we’ll have you released in a month or so… But you will obviously face a very embarrassing court case, which considering the position you once held would attract a lot of media… And knowing how those media types love to write stories of sexual allegations and misuse of funds by people in authority, your story will be a major highlight of the year for them… And I can picture the headlines to go with it… Future Mayoress’s decent into sex, bribes and debauchery!” Melissa finished as she laughed down at the poor confused woman.

“Bribessh?” she sniffled through her tears.

“Oh yes… You offered those poor immigration men you sexually harassed a thousand each to keep quite, and to think it was all because of your curiosity over the size of their manhood’s that you are where you are today!” Melissa added the bribe part with a chuckle, considering the poor woman had no idea what she had done anyway.

“Ansh whash ish the othersh choicshhh?”

“Well you’ve already shown me that you have the aptitude to be a good prostitute and besides you’ll need money to survive!” Melissa walked over towards the shinning light.

“A… A proshstishushhhhhh?” her eyes widened with fear at the very thought of even being seen as a harlot let alone a streetwalker.

“Don’t look so worried my dear Lydia, you’ve had sex with a least forty different men since you first came to the Farm! Oh and let’s not forget that poor young parking attendant you seduced in the Mayor’s limo… I mean we’ve still got his welfare to think about… And considering he has been arrested for possession of cocaine, which incidentally was yours!”

“Who ish thish younsh mansh? ”

“Perhaps it’s time we got round to Justin…Fiona! Fetch the young lad!” Melissa called out for Justin to be brought through.

Lydia’s normal mind had never ever paid any attention towards anyone who worked with her under the position of her own secretary let alone know who this parking attendant was.

Suddenly a young man wearing an identical gown to Lydia was bundled into the room, but unlike her, he was strapped to a wheel chair.

Lydia could here the young man whimpering with fear as he was guided to a position at the table to face her.

Lydia froze as the security guard stepped up behind the young man and zapped him with some sort of electronic gun.

The young man muffled a kind of scream as the agonising electronic shock convulsed his body.

“Pleesh stopsh thish!” Lydia slurped uncontrollably.

“Justin do you promise to behave yourself now… Or shall I get Fiona to zap you again?” Lady Melissa asked the young man.

A muffled nod told her that Justin had had enough.

Fiona removed the hood at her Ladyships approval and exposed Justin to Lydia.

“Hmumfff!” his eyes widened as he saw the woman who had taken his virginity and had taught him everything he now knew about sex.

“Justin is still besotted with you Lydia!” Melissa laughed as she saw the look on his face. “Do you know he’s been accepting the torture we’ve been putting him through because he believes he is protecting you from some drug baron!”

“Poor Justin!” Melissa again played on Lydia’s conscience.

Lydia could see the perspiration and dirt upon his face and could see that the poor young man had undergone quite a lot of physical pain. Yet despite his gag and inability to talk his eyes sparkled with a desire to endure more pain on behalf of Lydia.

“Justin the game is up I’m afraid we know that Lydia has passed the cocaine onto our rival Mr Jinx!” Melissa continued with the charade.

Melissa’s ‘mind therapists’ as she liked to call them had made the young man believe that he was and had been tortured by some international drugs cartel.

Yet despite her Ladyship putting up bail for his release they had made him believe that it was this bogus International drug cartel, which had posted his bail and then captured him outside of the police station.

So under the pretence that they were trying to find out where Lydia had stashed the ten million worth of cocaine she had ripped off of one of their men she had bedded, Justin believed he was saving his beloved Lydia from any harm.

In truth Justin had not sustained one cut or bruise at the hands of Melissa’s people, even the electrical charge he felt had manifested in his mind, for in reality the object was nothing more than a plastic tampon container.

“Do you want us to continue?” Melissa turned to Lydia.

“Pleeshhh I’ll doosh anythinghsh youshhh wanshhh!”

Melissa nodded for Fiona to remove the wheelchair and its occupant and when the door closed Melissa erupted in laughter. Followed by the other two people who were still seated opposite hidden behind the light’s shine.

Lydia sat confused as the room echoed with laughter.

“Oh Lydia, if only you could understand!” Melissa came up besides her. “That poor boy would die for you and you don’t even know who he is!” Melissa wiped Lydia’s tear strewn face with her fingers and then held her chin in her hands. “You see the reason why you are talking with a very slurred speech has nothing to do with any drugs given to you… And it has nothing to do with a mental breakdown either!” Lady Melissa began, explaining to the petrified former Director General who had stood so stubbornly in her way.

“You see Lydia I own a massive conglomerate called Cresswell Industries… And they are one of the major players in many different markets, with one in particular being a very huge pharmaceutical project that deals with mind control techniques and of course drugs,” she continued letting go of her face and walking back into the light. “But as I said before your sudden speech problem has nothing to do with drugs, it is the work of my mind therapists, or in your terms hypnotherapists… This is how we got you to become the slut you have!”

Lydia listened with shock as the woman told her how Julia Stroud had played her part in bringing her down by inconspicuously rendering her unconscious with a very clever and powerful new drug that is easy to administer by touch and is released into the subject through their own perspiration.

“The CIA would kill for the template of that knock out drug and the various other drugs that can be implemented using it!” Melissa chuckled as she rounded the table once again and pointed out to Lydia who the other two people where in the room with them. “And these two people are the Mind Therapists responsible for the direction your life took and will take if you choose to leave your humiliation behind you!”

Slowly but surely Lydia began to realise how powerful this woman she had dismissed on her way up the political ladder, was, and what a dreadful mistake she had made at not letting her privatise all of the schools in the town.

It may have been obvious that the idea of turning the schools into girls only was ludicrous, but as she and many others who had stood in her way, male or female had found out, she always gets what she wants.

The power to sculpt any ones mind to her wishes was hers and Lydia could see that there was no way out for her. If they had been able to run her life for over a month or so without her knowledge then perhaps she won’t know any difference.

“Whysh can’sh Ishh remembersh anythingshhh?” she slobbered her words as dribble ran from the corner of her mouth.

“Lydia… Wishes for horses none for you my dear!” Melissa released her trigger. “You will address me at all times as your Ladyship from now on and you will obey any commands I or my chosen staff command of you. You may talk properly from now on. You can ask only the questions you want answered, if you divert onto any other subject like cursing me or any of my staff here, you will find that you are unable to talk at all! Do you understand me?”

“Yes your Ladyship!” Lydia replied in a perfect voice.

“Now what is your decision?”

“What about my son?”

“Robert will be fine… Your husband will be marrying the woman who caused him so many fantasies, and she has sworn to treat him as her own!” Melissa replied, “But I know where your next answer will take you and that is will you be able to see him… And the answer is yes!”

“Oh thank you your ladyship!”

“But you will never be able to acknowledge him as your son for various reasons!” Melissa replied.

“Oh!” Lydia’s eyes began to well up.

“Lydia stop crying this instance!”

“Yes your Ladyship I’m sorry,” she tried to gather herself. Although she wanted to fight the will of this woman, who was on the verge of owning her mind and body, the markers placed in her mind restricted her from doing anything other than what this woman wanted.

“Now sign all the relevant papers before you and I will tell you!”

Lydia McKinley did as she was told and as the pen left the final paper she had signed so did Lydia McKinley the respectable career woman who had climbed the long ladder of political correctness. Replaced by Lydia Lay whose only goal in life was to own her own private brothel and call herself Madame Lay.

Lydia was taken from the interrogation room and placed immediately under sedation, within minutes she lay upon an operating table under going the first of the many operations her body was going to receive.

Melissa smiled wickedly as she watched her surgeons make incisions in Lydia’s buttocks and although she had seen countless of these operations performed before, none gave her more gratification than those performed on people who had stood resolutely in her way.

Her plan for Feethams was now in full swing and incredibly well ahead of schedule due to the surprise after effects of Hayley’s metamorphism, which meant that Julia Stroud’s rise to mayoress was now well and truly on course.

As Hayley settled into her new home with her lover Brian and prepared for the visit of Robert McKinley, the wheels of progress called for an urgent meeting to discuss the next vital steps in the machinations of Cresswell Industries.

More importantly the downfall of Melissa’s most hated adversary.

Grace also welcomed the news that the time to attack Bernard Falconer and his interests was now ready to begin, but before anything could be done his home and life had to be infiltrated and the ‘Hive’ would be playing a very dangerous and perilously central role in this plan.

Chapter Seventy One

A Son’s Welcome

Robert McKinley was never one for family reunions much to his mother’s wishes, for she had always insisted that he kept himself clean and came home from University every half term.

Although he loved his parents as much as any son did his affections for them had always been low key and now that his mother held a very important job, he knew her expectations of him would be even higher.

The train rolled into the station and Rob’ as he and his room mate on campus Stu’ called him, gathered his rucksack and dragged himself along the platform.

His face was fresh from his first shave since his last visit home and although he was twenty-three, his facial hair always took weeks to grow rather than days.

Even Stuart (Stu) would always joke with him about his lack of five o’clock shadows.

Rob’s clothing like his long scruffy unkempt hair had not been subjected to any cleaning products since February, which mainly had something to do with shocking his parents and all the tutors more than a lack of personal hygiene.

All in all Rob was happy with lounging about campus taking as long as he wanted to do his studies and generally indulging in his favourite past time of smoking cannabis and getting drunk with Stuart.

In fact Rob had even forgotten what job he was actually intending to do when he did finally finish with his education, although his mother had threatened to find him a job with her if his grades dropped below a certain level.

But Robert McKinley was after all very clever and very intelligent and as he always stated he could always start tomorrow on his life.

Reaching the ticket collector he looked out for the usual impending disgruntled look on his mother’s face as she saw the state of his clothing, however the site that greeted him threw him completely off guard.

“Dad?” he dropped his rucksack to the floor as his face contorted with disbelief.

“Robert it’s nice to see you again!” Brian welcomed his son with a smile.

Although it was not unusual for his father to greet him at the station because of his mother’s prior work engagements, it was the sight of a very petite looking auburn haired woman attached to his arm that surprised him.

“Robert this is Hayley Anne!” he introduced her.

“Robert… It’s a pleasure to finally meet you!” Hayley smiled as she held out one hand to greet him while the other tightened its grip on his father’s arm.

“Yeah?” Robert frowned ambiguously as he saw his father’s hand caress the woman’s hand that was fed through his arm as she spoke to him.

“Like… Where’s Mom?” he shook his head.

“Oh she’s with her Toy Boy! He’s about the same age as you actually” Hayley announced to the rather stunned looking young man.

“Toy Boy?” he gulped.

“Oh yes Robert… A lot has happened since Christmas!” Brian smiled at his son.

“Oh Robert I know this may come as a shock to you,” Hayley looked up at his father.

“Yes Robert, Hayley and I… Well, we are an item,” Brian paused, “You see Robert your mother had been having an affair with a young man and Hayley here helped me get over the split and you know one thing leads to another!” Brian then leant down and kissed Hayley right in front of him.


“Oh Robert since when have you been interested in anything your parents have ever done?” Hayley pulled away from his father’s kiss and answered the puzzled and somewhat embarrassed looking young man.

“Yes Hayley’s right… Come on lets get going… We’ve gotta get you home so we can go on to meet Joan and Jerry,” Brian grabbed Hayley’s hand and whisked her off.

Robert stood stunned, how could his mother, a woman he himself had ridiculed for being such a morale crusader, run off with someone the same age as him and his father a man who had always agreed on her morals and backed her rigidly.

“Yes Robert come on sweetheart… You’ve got to see your father’s new car!” the woman smiled back at him.

For Robert, the journey back home in his father’s new BMW was a continual blur as all he could think of was his Mom and Dad not being together. Sure he was embarrassed by them and always went out of his way to annoy them, but never in the world would he have expected to find that his mother had done such a shameful thing to his father.

A few occasions as the car was held up in traffic, his father began to talk about how things were going so fantastic for him, with his new job offer, car and Hayley, but all Rob wanted to do was to find out where his mother had gone.

Reaching home Rob’s father explained that he had to go out and pick some stuff up from the stores, leaving Hayley to explain to him the sleeping arrangements.

Rob recalled how exquisite his parents new home was and how expensive it had been, but he found it hard to believe that his father had decided not to use any of the rooms upstairs.

“It reminds him too much of the horrific scene he came across last month!” Hayley finished explaining the reason why upstairs was out of bounds to them all.

“You mean Dad caught my Mom and her boyfriend?” he looked up the ornamental staircase and at the balcony that led to the main bedrooms.

“Oh yes dear… He did!” Hayley opened a door and showed Robert his new room. “This will be your room for now, it was going to be a study… But I decided that this would make such a lovely bedroom for you!” Hayley smiled at the young man.

“Where does Dad sleep then?” he enquired looking across the huge expanse of lounge and reception area.

“Our room is over there!” Hayley pointed over to one of the doors on the far side of the big room.

“Oh!” Robert huffed as he looked at his converted room.

“Well I’ll leave you to your room!” Hayley smiled as she tried to close the door on their conversation.

“Sheeeesh!” the startled young man thought aloud as he considered all the information about his mother and father’s split.

From what Robert could recall of this house, the rooms that this woman was now calling their individual bedrooms where both his father’s and mother’s separate studies, with his mother’s being the biggest.

“Well I’ll leave you to it!” Hayley once again tried to leave him to his room.

However as he glanced behind her and around at the arrangement of black leathered sofa chairs and other more exotic furniture scattered here and there, the words ‘Our’ crept into his thoughts.

“Did you say — Our?”

“Robert your father and I are lovers… Of course!” Hayley smiled at the young man who stood only eight to ten inches over her. “Now make yourself at home, you know where the kitchen is, your father told me what food you liked and do not like. And if you want to freshen yourself up when we’ve gone, you can use the bathroom in our bedroom if you wish, or you could use one of the bathrooms upstairs!”

Closing the door he slung himself onto the bed and looked around the room that had been made into his room. It was small in comparison to the one he occupied at Christmas upstairs and although the bed was there the smell and surrounding bookcases still made it look like his father’s study.

However as he looked to the side of the bed he noticed a state of the art music system and attached earphones.

“What?” he widened his eyes a little more as he saw the collection of CD’s stacked next to it, for there was five CD’s all of his favourite heavy metal bands. “Instantly he decided to drown out his sorrows and drench himself and everyone else who could possibly hear, in his music.

“No speakers?” he looked puzzled at the lack of speaker wires leading out or to the system. “Never mind!” he huffed as he pulled the earphones on and filled his ears with the rhythm of loud heavy metal music.

Hayley smiled warmly to herself as she removed her navy-pleated skirt, blouse, full slip, pantyhose and panty girdle and stepped into the shower, her mind reflecting on the black dress Brian brought her at the mall yesterday.

It was a strapless black crushed velvet dress that had clung to the contours of her frame, from what she could recall of parading it in front of him. However as she slid the hose up her passage for her regular douching she could not help thinking about how feminine she felt every time Brian’s cock was depositing his manly juices in that same place.
Hayley’s mind was soon picturing Brian’s hairy chest above her, while her legs were held back by his strong hands allowing him to watch with equal pleasure as his manhood slid in and out of her shemale love tunnel.

Suddenly the noise of Brian returning brought her from her erotic daydream and as she finished douching and showering she dried herself down and sat down naked in front of her dresser.
Picking up her hairdryer, she began to think about Brian’s son.
She knew that he would not be able to resist the music system that was set up in his room and further more she knew that once he began listening to it, his life was going to change completely.

For though, the CD’s were harmless enough and were of his favourite heavy metal bands the system had been devised to run a program innocuously in the background like a Trojan horse, filling his mind with subliminal messages that when the time came would be triggered.

Finishing off her makeup she glanced over at her black dress and could not help feel a shiver of delight run through her body, for she was getting ready for her man and furthermore, she was actually going out on the town.

Instantly she wondered how annoyed and jealous her former Mistress Wendy would be at seeing her getting dressed and ready to be taken out by a man.

Pulling her panty girdle up onto her hips her mind drifted back to Robert and as she slid her painted toes into her flesh toned pantyhose, she began to relish the thought of the task she would have in helping Brian’s son’s transformation along.

Pulling the hose up into place over her panty girdle she ran her fingers over her hips and across the mesh of the hose.

“Oh yes Robert McKinley… You are going to develop the same tastes in clothing as me!” she smiled as she leant forward to pick up her black dress, enjoying the sensation of her tiny breasts as they dangled helplessly beneath her. “Yes Robert… I’m not going to let you become some blonde bimbo like Mistress wants Annabelle to become!”

Jerry and Joan arrived at the restaurant at the same time and when Hayley and Joan both saw what each other were wearing their shrills of delight were noticed by everyone.

Joan was wearing a black fifties style dress and shawl that was cut low and revealed her 36c bust line and cleavage in true Marilyn Monroe fashion, while her legs were encased gorgeously in seamed tan coloured stockings that disappeared into her black six-inch stiletto shoes.

Kissing one another on the cheeks the two former men both looked back at their lovers awaiting their commands.

While Brian and Jerry talked about sport and other manly things during their hefty steak meals, Joan and Hayley gossiped about how things were going for the young girls at Madame Grace’s, while delicately nibbling on their salads

Suddenly the table was surrounded by a quartet of violin players and everyone in the restaurant all looked over towards their table.

Instantly both Jerry and Brian stood up moved their chairs out of the way and both went down on one knee, both of them offering their partners a small box to open.

“Would you allow me the honour of making you my wife Hayley Anne Robinson?” Brian asked while Jerry did the same with Joan.

“Oh yes!” both of the shemales squealed with feminine delight.

Arriving home Hayley just could not take her eyes of her engagement ring and the news that both her and Joan would be getting married in a joint ceremony some time after summer.

It was also adding to the excitement she could feel in the damp gusset of her panty girdle.

“Oh Brian I can’t wait to become Mrs McKinley and to tell Robert that I’ll officially become his mother!” Hayley held her hand and ring up into the air again.

“Yes my dear and I can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress!” Brian replied kissing her naked shoulders.

“Oh Brian let’s leave a trail of clothes to our bedroom… I think it would alleviate the shock Robert’s had of knowing that his father is enjoying the fruits of another woman!” Hayley turned and looked lovingly up at her husband to be.

“Of course my dear… You are going to be his mother after all!” Brian leaned forward and drove his tongue into Hayley’s mouth.

“You are happy at me guiding Robert’s future sweetheart?” Hayley asked as her hands roamed over Brian’s crotch.

“I have every faith that you will straighten the young scruffy man out!” Brian handed his son’s well being over to his future wife.

Robert awoke with a jolt and as he did he realised that he had fallen asleep with the headphones on. Looking at the clock he could see the daylight filtering through the blinds and as he glanced at the clock on the hi-fi system he realised that he had slept for nearly fourteen hours.

Something he had never done since he was eighteen and boozed up.

Staggering to the door he opened it to the vision of his parents rather expensive home a sight that brought back all his anguish at discovering that they had split up. Yawning he spotted his rucksack over by the marbled three tiered entrance steps and motioned his way over to it.

Picking it up his eyes fell upon a shirt and a black dress and as he looked a bit further along he saw even more clothes and they all led a pathway to his mother’s study, which he knew was his father’s bedroom.

The realisation that everything he had been told was true hit him as the image of what lay behind the closed door to the room planted a picture of his father and this rather petite woman he was calling his girlfriend, together and in the throes of one another’s arms.

A tear came to his eye as the trail of clothes answered his inner fear and although obvious conclusion, his father was having sex with this woman too.

Trudging off towards the kitchen an item of clothing caught his attention and caused him to stop.

It was a pair of the woman’s pantyhose and as he picked them up and inspected them he could see that they were torn, however the image of his father tearing them in his lust to get at the woman’s nether regions did not come to his thoughts.

In stead he was rather amazed at the texture and silkiness of their touch.

Dropping his rucksack he placed his hands into the leg of them and pulled it on up to the darkened toe area, whereupon he spread them with his fingers.

A strange tingle ran down his spine as he pictured pretty lilac coloured toenails poking through them, visible through a pair of open toed fluffy mules.

Just then his concentration was broken by a very polite feminine voice.

“Good morning my dear… I trust you slept well?”

“Err… Ye… Yes I did,” he quickly replied unsuccessfully trying to shake the item from his hand.

“Do you like the feel of them?” his father’s lover enquired.

“I umh… Sorry?” he tried to find an answer to her question.

“I simply adore wearing them… Does your girlfriend wear them?” Hayley approached the rather shell shocked looking son of her husband to be.

“I err… Err don’t have a girlfriend,” he replied finally removing the item from his hand.

“Your father likes me in them!” she began to pick the scattered clothes up.

Robert could not help seeing the woman’s tiny breasts as the folds of her pink dressing gown opened as she bent down.

“I’m not surprised you don’t have a girlfriend Robert… You’re not very talkative with the fairer sex are you?” she smiled as she got back to her feet.

Before Robert could respond to the woman’s true, but in his opinion’s, rather unfair assumption of his prowess with females, the woman asked him if he would like some breakfast.

Taking him to the rather large kitchen she ordered him to sit down while she prepared some breakfast for him.

Robert watched the small woman as she expertly made her way around his parents kitchen and he could not help compare her to his mother.

Lydia was much taller and much more forceful than this woman and from the way she moved he realised that this woman was far more delicate and dainty than she was too.

In fact he could see that this woman, although ten to fifteen years younger than his mother, was also much more feminine than he could ever imagine his mother to have been and he wondered what his father found so appealing about such a woman.

“Drink up… You’ve got to have your vitamins!” Hayley interrupted his thoughts.

Robert drunk the orange-juice and found it had a very unusual sharp taste to the ‘minute maids’ he usually drank of a morning.

“What was that?” he asked looking at the glass.

“That was a vitamin enhanced orange juice that’s much more healthier than those horrid carton drinks you can buy at the stores,” she replied in a matter of fact tone as she took the glass from his hand and made her way over to the dishwasher.

Although in truth the drink was a very powerful oestrogen based potion devised by Cresswell’s and like all of their drugs had been over the years had been improved to work faster and more rapidly.

It was basically the same potion used to transform Annabelle, but since then had been redesigned to work more rapidly at dissolving the recipients testosterone levels to zero and their estrogens level to hundred percent.

Just then Brian walked in.

“Oh this is good and much more family like!” he smiled adjusting his robe as he saw his still very much scruffy son sitting in the kitchen with his lover.

“Have you told him my dear?” Brian asked Hayley.

“Oh no sweetheart… I thought I would leave that to the man of the house,” Hayley blushed a little as her eyes went straight to Robert.

“Tell me what?” Robert looked at both of them.

Brian moved up behind Hayley and wrapped his arms around her slender body and kissed her neck.

Robert tried to look away as his father’s actions of love towards this woman trying to replace his mother embarrassed him.

“What your father is trying to tell you Robert… Is,” she paused as she felt Brian’s cock hardening in the arc of her back as he held her tightly. “We are going to be husband and wife!”

Robert sat dumbstruck as the woman clarified his worst thoughts, she was trying to become his mother and the sight of her outstretched hand showing off a very expensive looking engagement ring confirmed it.

“Isn’t it great?” Brian asked his son. “We can become a proper family now!”

“Yeah whatever dad!” Robert slumped off his breakfast chair, picked up his rucksack and made an exit for his makeshift room, tears welling in his eyes. He wanted to see his real mother with his father, but then as he stormed into his room threw his rucksack to one side and jumped on his bed crying, what he had not realised was that his actions were not the actions of a twenty three year old man.

The subliminal programming had begun and as he wiped his eyes he reached out and grabbed a hold of the headphones to listen to what he imagined was his heavy rock music.

“Don’t worry sweetheart… Robert will soon come round!” Hayley turned around and moved her hand into her husband-to-be’s robe and began to massage his already half-erect cock.

Robert was awoken by the polite shake of a woman’s hand and when he adjusted his eyes, he could see that it was his dad’s girlfriend Hayley.

“Robert you are a sleepy head aren’t you?” she smiled down at him as she handed him his morning vitamin drink.

“I err?” he pulled himself up and looked around at the room, daylight was still filtering in through the blinds. “What time is it?”

“It’s 9.15 in the morning!” they must work you hard at this school of yours!” Hayley handed him the drink and watched him drink it.

“It’s called a Universal!” he gulped the drink down.

“Well Universal or school they obviously work you too hard there!” Hayley took the glass from him.

“Did I say Universal?” he yawned.

“Yes you did… Now are you sure you really want to go back to this place?” Hayley enquired as she stood up and moved over to his rucksack.


“Yes you told me last night that you needed more time to get over your mother and father’s divorce and would I break the news to your father because you are frightened that he would not let you!” Hayley reminded him.

Robert could not recall anything other than the familiar taste of the drink he just consumed, he could remember his dad telling him that he was going to marry this woman and how they where going to be a proper family. Though beyond storming off to his room and putting on his headphones, he just could not recall anything past that.

“I don’t remember telling you that?” he looked at the woman who seemed set on becoming his stepmother with confusion.

“Oh my dear, you must’ve been tired… Well I can’t explain it, but you came out of your room and went to the bathroom about mid afternoon yesterday and told me and then you went back to bed!”

Robert tried to get his mind to function, but he just could not recall anything other than waking up finding his father’s and this woman’s clothes scattered across the floor.

Then the recollection of finding the clothes made him realise that whether or not he could recall telling this woman that he was going back to University, it was a good idea anyway.

“Well as you say… I must’ve been really tired… But yes I will go back to campus… I can catch up on my work and come to terms with all what has happened,” he yawned again as he got to his feet.

“What exactly are you learning to be?” Hayley enquired as she watched the rather scruffy young man move over to his rucksack.

“Err… Well I was going to?” his mind tried to focus on what he was at University for, but for some reason he could not find the answer. “Look I just need to get out of here and straighten my head!”

“Yes of course my dear… And when you return we can become the proper family just like your father mentioned!” Hayley moved over to Robert. “Are you sure you don’t want to bath or something, before you go?”

“No… I’ll have a good wash down when I get back to campus!” Robert shrugged as he opened his rucksack.

“Oh I took the liberty of making sure you had enough provisions for your return and there’s a few gifts in there, but don’t open them until you get back to your room!” Hayley smiled and closed the rucksack for him.

Robert stood dazed for several seconds as the smell of her perfume and the image of his hand gliding through her pantyhose came back to him.

“Oh yes thank you I will… Err give my love to dad will you?” he felt his face redden as he took his rucksack from the woman.

“Don’t you want to have some breakfast before you go?”

“No I’m fine… If you could just call me a taxi,” he pushed past her and went out into the large reception lounge.

“Very well Robert I’ll call you a taxi… But don’t you want to take your CD’s?”

“No… I’ve got loads of em back at campus!” he announced as he slumped himself down onto a sofa, his mind trying to reflect on what CD’s he did have, however his mind was soon back on it’s sudden eagerness to get away from here and back to University.

Hayley watched the taxi pull out of the drive and take her fiancé’s son back to where he had come from, she knew that Robert’s mind was already beginning to be reshaped and over the next few weeks so would his body.

Cresswell’s had given her all the necessary things required to start his journey, however she did feel a little sad that she would not get to witness his transformation.

Going back to her future step-son’s room, she began to think about what colour scheme to use and how much room he would need for all those delightful dresses, skirts and blouses he would be wearing, when he did return.

Chapter Seventy Two


With Wayne working the holiday at the salon and Jean taking all of the girls with her to the mall, it meant that Grace and Gabby would be left to greet their new arrivals.

For Gabby it marked a chapter in her life she could now leave behind, although she would never forget.

Yet as anxious as Gabby was at meeting the two former murderers of her husband, no one was as nervous as Joan.

She had spent the entire day over preparing the room for these two guests and despite the fact that they would both be sharing a single bed, she wondered in what capacity these two new girls would be helping her.

She had not taken delivery of any more maids outfits other than her own and Wayne’s and from the lack of clothes in the new arrival’s room she wondered if they would be bringing their own.

Princess as usual had spent the entire morning preening herself for her Mistress, but had to accept that she had more important matters to attend to this morning other than having sex with her like she had done during the Easter holidays.

However she was just as excited as Joan at these new arrivals, for Mistress had told her that she might be required to offer her services to a man who was due to inspect these two girls.

Standing in line besides Joan, the sound of a black limo pulling up onto the drive heralded their arrival.

Grace motioned for Joan to open the door and with a curtsey she did as she was told.

“Gabby… Grace it is such a pleasure to see you two again!” Lady Cresswell entered through the open door.

“Melissa… I had no idea you was arriving with them!” Gabby enthused at seeing her old friend.

“Your Ladyship!” Grace held out her hand to shake Melissa’s

“It’s good to see you again my dear!” Melissa shook Grace’s hand. “And this is?”

“This is Princess your Ladyship!” Grace introduced her to her concubine.

Princess curtseyed before her.

“Hmmm… You’ve acquired a nice little gem there Grace… I ‘m fully aware of your needs and requirements and I must congratulate you on such a wise choice too!” Melissa looked the red headed shemale up and down with approval. “Has she been with a man yet?”

“No your Ladyship… I was saving her for our guest!” Grace smiled wickedly.

“Grace… You are always one step ahead, however this representative of Bernard’s is as straight as a die, but from what I hear he does have a thing for red heads!”

“Yes I know!” Grace smiled intelligently.

“Grace, I know you require this plaything and that you have become quite attached to it, but be warned Bernard Falconer maybe out of touch with the way things are run in his circle these days, but he is still a very dangerous man with many dangerous allies!”

“Yes your Ladyship I am fully aware of the dangers!” Grace replied.

“I don’t think you are… I have spent my entire life hiding in the shadows from this man… He is true evil… He has no remorse and shows no mercy, Gabby will tell you that!”

“Yes Gabrielle has told me all about him,” Grace indicated her own knowledge of the man. “But I’ve been closer to him than any of you put together!”

“Yes Grace I know… But believe me that was a façade on his behalf… I don’t and still don’t know what his game was with you and Sarah, but I know for definite he would’ve destroyed both of you!”

An uneasy silence fell between Grace and Melissa as Gabrielle looked on.

Grace wanted to reply with a ‘And what do you call this?’ with her own transformed body.

Melissa knew that the truth Grace looked for was eating away at her, but she knew that Grace would only believe it if she heard it from the man himself and when he did he would exalt in his pleasure at telling her. Many a time she had nearly succumbed to Grace’s question, but that would have made her more determined to face him on her own to get his reply, for Bernard had to be in a position where Grace would come to no harm.

“Excuse me Madame, Your Ladyship!” Joan politely curtseyed in from behind them. “But the driver wants to know if he can bring the girls in?”

“Why yes of course Joan!” Grace calmed herself and acknowledged her housemaid.

“You’ve done such a wonderful job with her!” Melissa changed the subject.

“Yes I’ve promoted her to head housemaid!” Grace replied nonchalantly

“A role she has really taken too especially with my Wayne now helping her!” Gabby joined In the conversation, feeling the slight bitterness in Grace’s tone towards Melissa.

“Yes I’ve been told that she is also allowed to go shopping without supervision,” Melissa smiled awkwardly as she accepted the news that Grace had given one of her former one time adversary’s son a more freer role within her household.

“She does go shopping with Hayley though!” Gabby decided to defend Grace’s actions concerning her housemaid.

“It’s alright Gabby… I have the utmost trust in whatever Grace does here!” Melissa decided that the awkwardness she felt and Grace’s obvious pains with her should end for now. “Now lets see these girls… Who I understand will be helping your Joan out while they stay with you?”

It was no shock to Melissa what appeared from the hidden confines of the limousine, but to Grace and Gabrielle it was a complete shock.

Stepping shyly from the vehicle stood two very pretty young girls, both of whom had long blonde hair that was pleated into two plaits with blue bows attached to each of them. They were dressed in identical young girls navy blue coats that were both buttoned up to their necks. The coats flared out from their hips and hung just a fraction above their visible pink kneecaps, while white knee high socks covered the rest of their legs right down to a pair of navy blue Mary Janes.

“OH MY!” Gabby could not contain herself, “They are so darling!”

“Girls! Come and meet your new owner!” Melissa ordered the two blonde girls.

Both girls held one another’s hand as they moved up to Grace.

“We are grateful for your kindness in letting us stay with you Madame Grace!” the two identical girls curtseyed low as they spoke in complete unison.

“My goodness they’re so pretty and so… So alike?” Gabby took a good long look at the two former murderers of her husband. “They are so pretty!”

“Yes they are… The perfect twins I call them!” Melissa smiled as she took hold of one of their plats. “Twins tell these fine ladies your names please!”

“Yes your Ladyship!” they both curtseyed again their blue bowed plats swinging freely across their shoulders as they did. “Jane and Charlotte Madame Grace!”

“Do they always speak as one?” Grace found it a bit confusing listening to both of them.

“Yes they have been programmed to reply as identical twins would do!”

“I can’t believe how young you’ve made them… They look like jail bait?” Gabby looked concerned at the fresh looking buttoned-nose blue eyed twin girls.

“Twins… How old are you?” Melissa ordered them to reply.

“We are one month from 18 Madame!” they answered with another curtsey.

Yes I know what you’re thinking and I must say we have deliberately made them look younger, but the birth certificates and papers tell everyone they are seventeen!” Melissa tried to lessen the shock of their very young look. “And believe me Bernard will welcome these two pretty things into his life… I know his weakness… I’ve been witness to enough of the poor young things he has forced into slavery!”

“Their faces only reflect the look and the way they are programmed to dress, but what you’ve got to remember these two cock teasers are in their twenties!” Melissa finally made her friend feel at ease by reminding her of who they really were.

“Well let’s get them inside!” Grace shook her head in disbelief.

“Twins go and fetch your pretty cases!” Melissa ordered the two girls.

Acknowledging as usual with a curtsey they both held hands as they walked up to the boot of the limousine where Lady Melissa’s driver stood waiting.

Opening the boot the chauffeur handed both the girls identical matching hand held blue and white travel cases about the size of bowling ball.

“Is that all the clothes they have?” Gabby enquired.

“Yes I believe Grace has already ordered their daily clothing requirements!” Melissa replied.

“Oh yes… But now I’ve seen them what I had designed for them will be even better!” Grace smiled as she watched the two former young criminals, who had become two very pretty and dainty, identical, pure blonde-headed twin girls, walk into her house.

Joan’s heart sank as she saw the two pretty things that were going to be in her charge.

“Joan this is Charlotte and Jane, will you show them to their room this instant and make sure they put their underwear away in the draws provided and then wash and change into some fresh underwear!” Grace took control of the twins. “I will be along when they are ready with their new outfits!”

“Yes Madame!” Joan curtseyed.

“Twins!” Grace looked at Melissa to make sure she was calling them by their proper title.

Melissa nodded.


“Yes Madame!” they both curtseyed in unison.

“You will answer to Miss Joan on all accounts do you understand?” Grace began to lay down her rules.

“Yes Madame!” they replied.

“Whatever she asks you to do you will do!” Grace finished with them and motioned for Joan to take over.

Joan instantly clicked her fingers for the two pretty girls to follow her and obediently they did as they were told and this caused Joan feel a sense of importance and disbelief , for she could not believe the excitement and thrill she had at being able to order some one around.

She felt proud that her owner had the confidence for her to perform in her new role as head housemaid.

But more inspiring was the fact that her two charges were already girls and not young men or boys like Wayne and his sister were.

Reaching the girls room she quickly ordered them to unpack their rather small suitcases and to leave a set of clean underwear out for them to wear after they had washed.

The far mirror on the wardrobe was perfectly positioned for Joan to see her reflection and as she stood over the two five foot nothing young girls, she could not help feel matronly in her stilettos, tan seamed stockings, black fifties maids outfit, petticoats and crinolines.

Folding her arms she watched over the two girls as they hurriedly emptied their travel cases of white cotton panties and matching bras.

“Twins!” she stopped them as they both laid out their identical white cotton bra and panties.

“Yes Miss Joan!” they both replied with a curtsey.

“Do you both have a name?” she had over heard their names being mentioned from the entrance door, when they were both standing on the porch with Madame. But she was not quite sure if what she heard was correct.

“Well what are they?”

“Charlotte and Jane, Miss Joan!” they proudly announced in complete synchronisation.

“And which is which?”

“I’m afraid we are not allowed to tell you Miss Joan!” they both replied.

“Then how does one determine which one of you is Jane?”

“You can tell us apart only when we’re naked Miss Joan!” the twin girls giggled.

“Oh I see!” Joan was rather shocked at their reply.

“Yes… Jane has something that girls should not have!” they both giggled.


“Jane has something a little more in her panties Miss Joan!” the twins giggled in unison as they both finished placing out their underwear.

“Uhmmm… I understand you now!” Joan could not help but smile along with them.

As Joan continued to watch over her new helpers, she was also subject to a rather endearing show as both girls took turns in removing one another’s clothing.

First they unbuttoned each other’s coats and then proceeded to put the coats on hangers in the wardrobes.

Joan folded her arms beneath her coned shaped chest as she saw the clothes they wore beneath their coats.

Both of them wore identical clothes which consisted of a white cotton short sleeved blouse that was edged in blue lace and buttoned up to their necks where a blue laced bow was tied neatly around the neck. Joan could also see that the blouses were buttoned from the back as their white 32AA bras were visible through the front.

Their skirts were mid thigh and pleated in blue and white tartan and as the first one turned around Joan watched as the other one very seductively unbuttoned the back of her blouse allowing her ample view of her single clasp bra.

With their blouses removed the twins set about unzipping each other’s skirts.

Joan could not help hold her breath as she saw how pristine both girls complexions were, their full cotton pantied bottoms were completely peach shaped and as they began to unclasp each other’s bra she watched as two pairs of tiny perky pink nipple breasts fell into view.

“Oh my goodness!” Gabrielle was stunned at the sight of the transformation that met her as she walked into the bedroom carrying their new clothes.

“Oh I’m sorry Madame Gabrielle!” Joan curtseyed with both twins copying her. “But they insist on undressing each other!”

“That’s fine Joan… You can relax!” Grace eased her head housemaid’s fears.

“Her Ladyship has informed me that they have been programmed to dress and undress each other… So don’t worry yourself and prepare their douching for them!”

“Yes Madame!” Joan curtseyed and scuttled of into the twins’ bathroom to prepare them.

“Now twins!” Grace looked at them very sternly.

“Annabelle will be over shortly to show you how to keep your hair curly… I do not allow any of my girls to have their hair platted, pleated or in pony tails!” Grace laid down her rules.

“Yes Madame Grace!” they both curtseyed in unison.

Gabby was forced to gasp once again as she watched their perky little breasts wobble as they did.

“I expect both of you to learn what Annabelle teaches you rapidly, because today is the only day she has available and I expect your hair to look this way at all times!”

“Oh yes Madame!” the twins once again curtseyed.

“Oh Grace I can’t believe what Melissa’s surgeons and drugs have done to my Klaus’s killers!” a tear came to her eye. “You know I’ve been going over how I would react to them when I saw them, but looking at what they’ve become I feel more justified in Melissa’s beliefs that hoodlums and killers like these two had once been… Should spend their life sentences incarcerated inside their own altered bodies!”

“And do you believe they deserve the abuse they’ll get when handed over to Bernard?” Grace replied, as the two twins finished removing their socks and Mary Janes and skipped hand in hand into the bathroom.

“Grace I know how you feel about Melissa’s sordid plan concerning these two, but it is the only way we can get someone on the inside!”

“Yes I’m sorry Gabby… It’s just… Well I agree with her Ladyship’s idea that all criminals should be as you put it… Incarcerated inside their own transformed bodies rather than at the expense of our taxes… But where do you draw the line with retribution… How petty are we to be towards the male populations infidelities?” Grace began to talk more seriously about her Ladyship’s plans, while opening up the boxes of clothes with Gabby.

“I’m not sure what you mean?” Gabby opened the wardrobes and began placing the twins spare black satin housemaid dresses on the hangers.

“Well the jails are full of female crooks who have robbed, injured and killed!” Grace began to unpack the remainder of the clothes. “Well what I’m trying to say is this… And considering we were both born and brought up as males… Women are just as much to blame for the infidelities made by men!”

“Yes I know what you mean… But?”

“No you don’t Gabby… Think about it… Melissa is no different from Bernard is she?”

“What are you trying to say Grace? Melissa and me have been friends for decades we have both suffered from the world that Falconer created for us!” Gabby’s eyebrow raised.

“Yes… And because of that she hates all men!” Grace stared back at Gabby.

“I don’t think I like where this is leading Grace!” Gabby replied beginning to feel concern for Grace’s attitude towards Melissa. “I know you are desperate to find the truth and believe me I am just as curious as to what Bernard would have done with you and Sarah!”

“Why did she lie to me about Sarah?”

“Lie… What lie?”

“I know what I saw on that operating table… She turned Sarah into a big breasted prostitute!” Grace finally found the courage to tell Gabby.

“Grace… Finish with the twins and I will talk about this afterwards!”

Right on queue Joan came out of the bathroom followed by two pink-towel rapped twins and from the blushes on her face both Grace and Gabby could not hide their laughter.

“I gather you have found out which one is Jane?” Grace managed to calm her anger.

“Oh yes Madame!” Joan curtseyed as the two twins gave a little giggle.

“Ok… Twins come here!” Grace ordered her two new guests. “On the bed are the clothes you will always wear in this household… I have had them designed with both of you in mind and I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing them… You will also find a pair of pantyhose to wear over your panties. I do not allow girls in my home over the age of fourteen to wear socks. You will of course be able to wear your Mary Janes, is that clear?”

“Oh yes Madame Grace, thank you!” they both curtseyed.

“And one last thing… I know you are both sexually active at bedtime… But I do not want to hear your outbursts of enjoyment and neither do I want to hear any of the other guests complaints about your night time activities… is that clear?”

“Yes Madame!” the girls giggled as they curtseyed.

“Night time activities?” Gabby looked puzzled.

“Apparently they enjoy one others bodies at night!” Grace shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh?” Gabby looked down at the twins. “Which one leads?”

“Charlotte does, Madame Gabrielle!” the twins suddenly spoke out in unison.

“What?” Gabby looked surprised.

“Charlotte is the most sexually dominant of us, Madame Gabrielle,” they replied.

“Err… Gabby I don’t think you want to go there?” Grace cut in. “Her Ladyship has told me all about their sexual cravings and believe me it’s best to just leave that subject be!”

“Now when Annabelle has finished with you I will expect the two of you to notify Joan and she will bring you both to my study!” Grace finished as she indicated to Gabby for them to leave. “Gabby… I believe we have some private matters to discuss?”

Gabrielle and Grace sat silently as each other determined where to pick up their conversation from before.

“You mentioned Melissa lying to you?”

“Yes I did!” Grace leant back in her chair.

“And what was it you thought you saw?”

“Gabby… You know I could get the information I require from you and believe me I though about slipping one of those truth serums into your drink and hauling you in here and making you part company with all you know!”

“Grace I do not like where this leading I told you-,” Gabby was severely interrupted.

“Shut up Gabby… I’m not some foolishly transformed bimbo… I know why her Ladyship sent you here and I know she has her doubts about me, but believe me Gabby if I wanted to extract what I wanted from you I would have already done so and I might add without you ever knowing a thing about it!” Grace began to get serious with Gabby. “Now I will ask you again… Why did she lie to me about Sarah?”

“Grace I?”

“Gabby please I don’t want to use hypnotic powers on you!”

Gabby looked Grace eye to eye, she could see that the former son in-law of Bernard Falconer was in no mood to be messed about.

“Ok Grace I’ll tell you, but we must keep this a secret!” Gabby began as Grace nodded her approval. “Yes I was sent here to keep an eye on you and despite what you think of Melissa she does hold you in high regard, and… Well… She did have Sarah transformed!”


“You must realise that she never knew you at all… Your mother was a very close friend of Melissa and she was treated just like all of us as something Bernard could exploit… So you see it was very hard for her to know just how influenced you had become by Falconer!”

“So why did it take her two years to decide I was not… I mean I had been brainwashed into thinking I was the perfect girl who only lived to serve Ivan as his wife?”

“That was initially the plan, but it was your mother’s letter that kept eating away at her, you know yourself you enjoyed dressing up in your mother’s clothes and your mother enjoyed seeing you as the daughter she always wanted… But yes two years was a long time… It was Klaus who finally made Melissa see the error of her judgement of you and as much as it may have hurt you to know that she had programmed you into becoming Ivan’s wife… You were always in safe hands… Ivan does love you of his own free will!”

“I know he does… But I don’t love him and I never will… So what I really want to know is what has happened to my Sarah?” Grace pressed Gabby further.

“Sarah’s transformation was much the same as yours… She was after all Bernard’s only true offspring and like she had done with you, Melissa could only see her through the hatred she had for her father… It was her vengeance to parade both of you in front of him when the time was right. Unfortunately her hatred blinded her to the real truth that both of you were deeply in love and were in fact nothing like Bernard at all! You must admit you would still be worshipping the ground Sarah’s father walked on today and worse still you may have become as twisted as he is!”

“And what’s to say Melissa has not already made me that twisted creature you say she has saved me from becoming!” Grace laughed out loud. “For fuck’s sake Gabby I enjoyed turning Jean’s husband into Princess and that poor Robinson family… I literally masturbated myself to sleep at nights watching the whole family become shemales and not to mention how I’ve had pleasure at seeing your two adopted sons become such sissies… It was me who did all that to them… And that had nothing to do with Bernard fucking Falconer did it!”

“Grace I err?” Gabby began to feel a little nervous as Grace’s voice began to get angrier.

“No Gabrielle it was not… I am the creation of Lady fucking Cresswell!” she got up from her chair and moved round the desk and stood over Melissa’s life long friend.

“Please Grace… You must calm down!” Gabby tried to stop the fear she now felt.

“Do you know what… I could easily turn you into a prostitute but your too fucking old and I’d never get a penny or a dollar for you!” Grace held onto both of Gabby’s hands as they clutched the arm of the chair.

“Grace… Y… You… You’re frightening me!” Gabby began to tremble.

“You know I’ve never fucked a full on transsexual before?” Grace smiled as she looked into Gabby’s frightened eyes and her words breathed over her face.

“PPPPleaseeee… Grace I beg you!” Gabby’s began to stream with fear as she tried to move, but Grace’s pretty face and erratic breathing pinned her further to the chair.

“Gabby… Shut the fuck up!” Grace smiled wickedly as she pressed her mouth against Gabby’s.

“Hmmmpffffh!” Gabby tried to respond as Grace’s soft lips enveloped hers and she could taste the residue of her tears on her lips as Grace broke away momentarily form her mouth. A deliberate hesitation to allow Gabby the time to ponder what had just happened.

Grace’s eyes darted all over Gabby’s fifty something face and for a moment she wondered just what Gabrielle looked like without all the plastic surgery she had undergone.

“I want to know where Sarah is?” Grace sighed then pressed her lips against Gabby’s lips again.

“I… I can’t?” Gabby tried to fight the urge to kiss the pretty thirty-year-old shemale back.

“Of course you can… It’s me that can’t… Her Ladyship would never suspect you of anything if you were to access the Cresswell database and find out where she is and what name she has been given!” Grace parted Gabby’s lips with her tongue and began to explore her mouth.

Gabby could not fight Grace’s kiss and as Grace let go of her wrists, her will to escape her position succumbed as her now free hands wrapped themselves around Grace’s body and pulled her towards her.

“But Celeste… She would ask questions?” Gabby moved her hands down across Grace’s back.

“Gabby… Celeste can suspect what she wants… Cresswell’s will never doubt her long time friend will she?” Grace pulled away and began to undo the buttons of her red blouse her dilated eyes now fixed firmly on Gabrielle’s.

Gabby’s eyes became transfixed on Grace’s and as her feelings of fear diminished a new and completely unusual feeling swept over her, a feeling that rekindled a flame that had died out in her the day Klaus had died. One by one Grace’s torture unfolded as her black laced bra soon evolved holding two globes of flesh that wanted and needed further attention.

“But what about the twins or Joan… They’ll be down to see you… She might see?”

“Annabelle is very thorough with her work so it’ll be sometime before the twins hair is done and Joan is my puppet, just like you are from now!” Grace let her silk blouse fall from her shoulders and then untied her blonde hair to let it cascade over her shoulders.

Gabby could not pull her concentration from Grace’s mesmerical blue eyes and slowly but surely became imbued by them.

“Look into my eyes further Gabrielle… You can and will never be able to resist my will!” Grace began to work her hypnotic powers on Melissa’s closest friend. “Take my breasts and suckle them like a child… My child!”

Gabby heard the words Grace spoke and as much as she wanted to fight them, the sight of Grace’s flesh and the smell of her perfume was all too much. With eagerness and complete compliance to Grace’s will Gabby moved her head forward and sank her teeth into Grace’s flesh as it stood crested above the black lace cups of her bra.

Grace unhooked her bra and gasped with pleasure as Gabby obeyed her command.

Gabby was now hers, she would do anything and everything she asked

She had got the truth, well as much of the truth she could possibly get from her about Melissa’s deceit in Sarah’s transformation, but whatever secret Melissa had, if indeed she did have, of why her former male self Graham could never be with Sarah, would still have to wait.

Putting her bra back on Grace began to implement her own desires and wishes upon Gabby’s now open mind.

Gabby would never recall their argument and would never know that she was completely under her control and as much as she regretted doing what she had done, Grace knew that it was important to her.

Important, because it meant that she would be able to control the truth when the moment came, for routed deep inside of her was a fear that Lady Melissa was using her in some bizarre revenge plot on Bernard Falconer.

The seeds of doubt had grown in Grace for the past year or so and with the truth about Sarah finally divulged she knew that placing trust in those around her was now her sole responsibility.

The arrival of the twins had only reinforced the doubts she had, for there really was no reason why they had to be sent to her, they could easily have been passed over to Bernard’s associate through other means.

However the real reason for Grace’s sudden mistrust in her Ladyship’s plans for Bernard, was the specially devised blue contact lenses the twins had attached to their eyes.

They were a portal for Celeste above all to check up on the ‘Hive’ and Grace knew that she could never use her abilities on those two blonde twins.

Grace would have to make sure that everything in her house was as normal as possible.

Releasing Gabby’s trigger Grace welcomed the sight of Joan.

“Madame… The twins are ready for your inspection!” Joan curtseyed.

Gabby shook her head as she came out of her trance, the fact that more time had elapsed since she had entered Grace’s study never entered her mind, for the sight of the uniformed twins caused her heart to flutter with pleasure.

“Madame and Madame!” the two blonde twins both curtseyed.

“Oh Grace they’re so… Well so delightful!” Gabby could not hold her excitement any longer.

Both twins wore black satin dresses that were much the same design as those worn by Rosalind, Kelly and Michelle, however these dresses where more uniformed as they both had white pinafores attached to the front. Ruffles of crinoline and petticoats accompanied the twins as they minced over to Grace.
“Annabelle has shown you what I demand from you?” Grace touched a couple of blonde curls.
“Yes Madame Grace!”
“Good turn around I want to see your bows!”
Both twins turned around with pleasure showing their white bows attached to their heads matched the white bows on the back of their uniformed dresses.

“Oh Grace tan pantyhose goes well with black satin!” Gabby could not help but notice that both twins wore pantyhose.

“Yes I knew they would!” Grace clapped her hands. “Twins go with Miss Joan and she will show your daily schedules… Now go this instance!” she clapped her hands again, laughing as she watched the two angelic looking former murderers fall in line behind Joan.

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Grace & Sarah

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