Leprechaun Trickery Part 7

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Leprechaun Trickery

Part 7



While Allie and Jamie were shopping for their new dolls, back in Patti's bedroom Heather grew quiet and thoughtful as she looked out Patti's bedroom window and saw the old oak tree silhouetted in the sunset. Leslie and Patti knew some devious plot was percolating through the new girl's mind.

"So what wild idea are you dreaming up this time," Leslie finally asked when the silence stretched beyond her endurance.

"Oh, I was just feeling a bit sorry for Allie and Jamie," Heather replied softly.

"Sorry," Patti asked in confusion. "You're the one who made the wish they become girls. You said they deserved it. Why the second thoughts?"

"I'm not sorry I wished they'd become girls," Heather replied. "I just don't feel right about them having to be sissies first. They'll take a lot of teasing and harassment until they finally make the transition into girlhood. No one deserves that kind of teasing."

"Well why don't you try to wish that they not be teased," Leslie asked.

"That won't work," Patti answered. "Magic has to work slowly in it's own manner. If any boy Heather wishes to become a girl has to spend time as a sissy, he'll be stuck with the consequences. There's nothing Heather can do to stop the torment."

"You're right, I can't stop the teasing," Heather giggled. "But maybe I can do something to fix anyone who teases a boy in transition. Let me think."

Leslie and Patti exchanged smiles. They had every confidence Heather would find a way to make such a wish.

"I think I have it," Heather giggled as she stood at the window and spoke to the tree.

"Ancient druid oak tree, this wish if I may;
change a changeling's teaser to a girl I say;

cast the transformation spell without delay;
let nature a suitable course chart the way;
let magic make him a girl, begin today!"

The branches of the old oak began to quiver and the leaves fallen about it's trunk swirled high in the air. A mini tornado filled with swirling leaves swept across the lawn to gently buffet Patti's bedroom window. the leaves hitting the glass seemed to create a cackly whispery voice.

"By your wish, Heather, druidic power hired;
let a changeling's teaser a girl be rewired.

To stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!"

The wind disappeared and the leaves fell to the ground.

"It worked," Patti exclaimed. "I wonder how many boys will tease Allie and Jamie? This could get quite interesting."

"You know, Heather, you could really have set something massive in motion here," Leslie replied thoughtfully. "All three of us are changelings. If some boy teases us, will he be automatically placed under a feminizing spell?"

"You're right," Patti declared with growing excitement. "Since your spell was accepted, nature should do such transformations. Any boy who teases a girl who once was a boy should be effected since you used a generic term CHANGELING rather than Allie's and Jamie's specific names. This could really prove interesting."

As Grace, Allie, and Jamie left the toy store a mother and son were entering. The boy of about twelve pointed at them and began to laugh uproariously. "Look at the sissies," he guffawed, never suspecting that Heather's wish had just doomed him to girlhood.

In the otherwise still air, a tiny whirlpool formed at the side of the building. Leaves and bits of paper swirled about in the small cyclone. Suddenly it gusted from the side of the building and bounced into the air. Everyone's attention was momentarily drawn to the rustling cacophony as the wind blew about them. The small tornado spiraled about above their heads, then for a brief instant it dropped so the point touched the head of the boy who had teased Allie and Jamie. With that contact, the wind dissipated just as quickly and mysteriously as it began. Mother nature had cast the spell Heather had ordained.

"Look at the sissies cowering behind their mommy for protection from the big bad mean old wind," the cocky boy teased. "What a couple of weenies!"

Everyone forgot about the weird little breeze. The mother of the teasing boy was obviously humiliated by her son's crude behavior and unsuccessfully tried to shush the rude boy. Grace gave the boy and his mother a steely glare and paused for a moment while Allie and Jamie attempted to hide behind her.

"I'd like to apologize for my rude son," the woman stated as she grabbed her son by the collar and gave him a yank. For too long she had allowed the bratty boy to do as he pleased. Now she felt empowered to finally do something. "I was admiring your sweet darlings when he began to make a scene. I wish I could control him as easily as you handle your two darlings. I wish I knew your secret since I certainly could use some help taming my little monster."

The boy instantly stopped laughing when he was jerked off balance by his mother. In fact, he'd have fallen if she had not maintained a firm grip on his collar. As it was he stumbled and twisted about like an out of control marionette for a few seconds until he caught his balance. Anger flared at the rough manner he'd been treated. His ire was aggravated by the not too subtle discussion between his mother and this strange woman. "What the fuck do you think you're doing," he snarled as he yanked himself from his mother's grasp only to fall backwards to land unceremoniously upon his ass.

"Robert Joseph Waters," his mother scolded. "I will not longer tolerate such foul language. You will apologize at once!"

Robert was stunned by his mother's actions. Normally she whimpered and whined and begged him to behave. Swearing had always been a sure way to get her to simply leave him alone because she was appalled by such crudity. But now that had all suddenly changed. It almost seemed as if this strange woman had empowered his mother to finally do something about his self-centered behavior. She'd never before manhandled him. She'd never before publically scolded him. She most certainly never demanded that he apologize for swearing. All Robert could do was sit on his butt in shock and stare blankly up at his mother.

With a sinister smile Grace pulled a business card from her purse and gave it to the woman. "My name is Grace Henry," she told the angry woman. "Until recently my children were just as uncouth as your boy but I've recently discovered a VERY effective manner of correcting their aberrant behavior. As you can see my methods work quite well. I'd be delighted to assist you in correcting your son's crude behavior. Please call me so we can discuss the situation."

"Thank you," the woman replied as she took the card. "My name is Lydia Waters. I'd really like to learn all about your method, especially since my bratty son can't seem to find his voice to apologize. Bobby, wouldn't you like to learn how to be as nice as these boys?"

The boy instantly stopped laughing as his mother accepted the card and glowered at him. Terror filled his heart as he thought of undergoing whatever discipline the two sissies in front of him had endured. Desperately he sought a way to escape a similar fate and to erase some of the humiliation he felt for being manhandled by his mother and winding up on his butt. But one glance at Grace's determined face took the wind out of his indignant sails. Robert winced and cowered before Grace's unflinching predatory smile and his mother's sudden empowerment. It'd been years since his mother had called him Bobby. He'd put a stop to that when he was seven. Now she had blatantly returned to that diminutive form of his name. By the looks of Allie and Jamie he knew he was in deep shit. He had no idea what to do or say. Awkwardly, he struggled to his feet and meekly dusted off his backside.

"I hate to correct you," Grace declared. "But part of the discipline program is that the children are never referred to as boys. Calling them boys seems to let them think they have the right to be crude and self-centered. It just fuels their testosterone driven need to constantly prove their manhood. It is also necessary to use a diminutive for of their name since it reminds them they must earn the right to use their full proper name. My children are sissies. Allie, Jamie, please tell the lady what you are."

Like the good little sissies they were rapidly becoming the boys emerged from behind their mother and smiled sweetly as they curtseyed to the woman and her now cowering son. "We are simpering sissies," the boys announced in unison before curtseying once more.

"Thank you for correcting my error," Lydia replied obviously delighted by the sissy display. "I really think my child will benefit from your expertise."

"I'm sure the dear little thing will be greatly improved," Grace announced. "If you're truly serious about disciplining him, we'll be attending a Victorian Tea on Saturday afternoon. Allie, Jamie, and three girls will be attending. It would be nice to have a third male to properly round out the party."

"It's been simply ages since I attended a formal Victorian Tea," Lydia exclaimed with growing excitement. "I think it would be a tremendous educational experience for my child. I will definitely be giving you a call. I'm sure my child will benefit greatly from your methods and attending the Victorian tea. Isn't that right, Bobbi?"

Robert really wanted to run away. The educational experience of a Victorian Tea party was something he could do without. But he was too terrified. The sad, defeated looks in the eyes of the two older sissy boys told him they had been thoroughly demoralized and humiliated. Now he seemed to be facing the same possibilities. "Ah, mom, I can't go to a tea party on Saturday afternoon," Robert explained weakly. "Dad and I are going to watch the Penn State/Michigan football game. Besides, if it's a Victorian Tea party, I don't have anything to wear."

"My children tried to use that excuse too," Grace chuckled. "If the game is that important, simply tape it and watch it later. The chance to experience a formal Victorian Tea party does not come along too often and should not be missed. As far as a costume, simply take him to FairyTale Fashions. Ask for the owner, Olivia Childress. Tell her you and Bobbi have been invited to attend the Tea Party at the Balkut Estate on Saturday. The three girls and my children were just fitted for their party outfits not thirty minutes ago. I'm sure if you go right over, Olivia will see that Bobbi is properly outfitted for the Tea."

"You're really too kind," Lydia gushed with excitement. "Bobbi and I will head right over to FairyTale Fashions so he can be fitted for an outfit. Now, child, let's get back into the car."

"But mom," Robert cried desperately as he sought a way to avoid going to FairyTale Fashions. "We didn't get my new football."

"You will not be getting a new football after the shameful way you've behaved," Lydia scolded as she grabbed his shoulder and half pulled/half dragged her son back into the parking lot.. "Now get in the car!"

"But mom," Robert moaned as he stumbled along. "The guys are depending on me to bring a new football to the game we planned. I'm supposed to meet them at the field behind the school as soon as we get the ball."

"For you there will be no football game at the school, not today, not tomorrow, not ever," Lydia declared. "I've had it with your bad attitude. There are going to be a lot of changes around our home. You WILL learn to listen!"

With that she shoved the boy into the car, went around to the passenger side, got in, started the car, and pulled out headed for FairyTale Fashions. Robert had never seen his mother so livid before and wisely kept quiet while sulking against the door. He felt confident his father would overrule his mother. Until then, he'd better do as his mother said to avoid an outright confrontation. Only one time before, four years ago, his mother had insisted he go to a concert, something he didn't want to do. He'd fought her tooth and nail but she still insisted he go. By the time his father got involved, it was too late. Robert had been so obstinate his father made him go to the concert. Later, his father told him that he would have overruled his mother if he had not fought her and waited until he arrived home to make the final judgement. His father warned him not to disobey his mother again. Robert remembered and bided his time. He figured it'd be rough going at FairyTale Fashions, but if he kept cool, he'd win out in the end.

Lydia was worried as she drove. Her heart was pounding with anxiety. She had no idea why she'd come down on Robert so hard, not that he didn't deserve it. But she too remembered how Tony, her husband, had sided with Robert but made the boy do as she wanted as punishment for fighting her. Now she was headed to have him outfitted for a Victorian Tea that his father would never make him attend... unless Robert openly and defiantly rebelled while being outfitted for the Victorian Tea. She knew Robert would get his football and go out to play with the guys... unless Robert openly and defiantly rebelled while being outfitted for the Victorian Tea. With a twinge of guilt, she thought about pushing the boy until he did rebel so her husband would make him attend the Victorian Tea as punishment. Tonight, at least, she could get a bit of satisfaction by forcing the recalcitrant boy to do as she wanted. She knew he'd do his best not to fight in order to get his father's support. With a sigh she thought of how sweet Allie and Jamie had been and longed to have Robert be so well behaved. What really hurt was that she did want to attend the Victorian Tea and truly thought it would be a good experience for Bobbi. With a sigh she decided not to get her hopes too high.

When Lydia left the parking lot, Grace complimented Allie and Jamie on their behavior. The boys smiled, although quite tentatively, for the first time since their ordeal began. Once they were all in the car, she called FairyTale Fashions to alert Olivia that Lydia and Bobbi were on their way. Then Grace and her sissy children headed for home.

As Lydia drove to FairyTale Fashions an exciting thought occurred to her. Grace had said the Tea Party would be at the Balkut Estate! That had to be Hillary Balkut! Tony owned a computer business that was just barely in the black. "Water's Systems: Flowing with the times," was the company slogan. He had been complaining just last night that he was trying to land a lucrative contract to upgrade the computer system for Balkut Engineering but that the competition was cut throat. He claimed he needed an edge to squeeze out the competition but had no idea what to do. Complicating the problem was that Hillary Balkut, the new owner, was a dedicated feminist and expected high social standards from her employees and suppliers. She had little to do with macho suppliers and had cleared house of all macho employees. But if he landed the deal, he told her, his business would be solidly in the black.

Obviously, if she and Bobbi attended the Victorian Tea Party, Tony could use that as the edge he needed. Attendance by Lydia and Bobbi would indicate that he was not overtly macho and had high social standards. Lydia's heart leapt for joy. If Olivia Childress could confirm that the Tea Party was being conducted by Hillary Balkut, she felt confident she could twist Tony's arm to let her and Bobbi attend.

Robert almost wet himself as he reluctantly allowed his mother to drag him into FairyTale Fashions. He had decided he would not cooperate but would not resist so hard so that his father would side with his mother. But the tough seventh grader was not prepared for the overt femininity of the store. He was shocked into silence as he numbly followed his mother into the den of femininity.

Olivia spotted Lydia and Bobbi the instant they walked into the store. She smiled as she recognized the terror on the boy's face and the gleam in the mother's eyes. Signaling Stephanie, they made a beeline for the duo.

"Hello, I'm Olivia Childress and this is my daughter Stephanie," Olivia greeted Lydia. "You must be Lydia Waters and this must be Bobbi. Grace called me to say you were on your way."

"Yes, I am Lydia Waters and this is Bobbi," Lydia replied with a smile. "I just met Grace and I could tell she is quite a woman."

"Yes she is," Olivia answered. "Stephanie, please take Bobbi to a dressing room and help him disrobe while I show Lydia the outfit."

Stephanie hooked Bobbi's arm and tugged him towards the rear of the store. The befuddled boy stumbled along as Olivia's words slowly sank into his numbed mind. The pubescent boy wanted to bolt form the prissy store but had enough stamina to stay the course. The idea of disrobing was repugnant, the thought of this cute girl helping was terrifying yet exciting. There was just enough testosterone in his body to make him accompany Stephanie.

Olivia showed Lydia the Lord Fauntleroy outfit and confirmed that the exclusive Tea was indeed being sponsored by Hillary Balkut. Lydia quickly confided her concerns and hopes about attending the tea. Olivia concurred and explained about Stephanie having once been her son and how she could use the fitting to crush Bobbi's incipient manhood. Lydia heartily approved and gave Olivia the okay to do her worst to her arrogant bratty son. While Stephanie worked on Bobbi and Olivia gathered the clothes, Lydia called Tony.

"Tony, I have the most wonderful news," Lydia exclaimed when she finally reached him. "I've started making preparations but I need your approval to carry everything through."

"What are you talking about," Tony asked knowing how crazy some of her ideas could be.

"I think I found the edge you need to get the contract with Balkut Engineering," she explained.

"And just what that might be," Tony asked now certain it had to be one of her crazy plans.

"You said Hillary was a feminist who disliked macho guys and that she had high social expectations, right," Lydia asked.

"Yes," Tony answered cautiously wondering what his wife had come up with.

"Well, Bobbi and I had a little run in outside the toy store tonight," Lydia explained as Tony sighed knowing he wasn't going to like this, especially if she was calling Robert Bobby. "A lady came out with her sons and the boys were carrying dolls. Bobbi began laughing and calling them sissies."

"Well they sound like they are sissies," Tony declared.

"Tony, not you too," Lydia complained. "Remember, Hillary Balkut doesn't like that kind of macho attitude."

"All right, all right," Tony snapped back. "Oh no, don't tell me the woman was Hillary Balkut," he hastily asked.

"No. it wasn't Hillary," Lydia sighed. "If you'll let me tell you what happened you'll understand."

"Okay, okay," Tony demurred knowing it was the quickest way to get the story out of his wife.

"Well, when Bobbi began teasing those poor brothers, I asked him to stop," Lydia explained. "Not only because he was being rude and making a scene, but because he was embarrassing me and making a fool out of himself. After all, we were standing right in front of store by the entrance. You can see that, can't you?"

"Yes," Tony admitted a bit reluctantly knowing modern civility demanded better manners. Public teasing was not condoned. Yet if confronted by a similar scene he knew he'd have probably done the same and thus couldn't really blame Robert.

"Bobbi ignored me, he absolutely ignored me and continued teasing," Lydia stated indignantly. "We have discussed that issue many times and we all know that he is to obey me pending discussion and review with you."

"Of course," Tony answered tiredly. They had discussed this and Robert knew he was to obey his mother until appeal. "So what happened then?"

"I grabbed him by the collar to get his attention," Lydia replied. "Then I apologized to the woman for his crude manners and told her that I admired the control she had over her sons. Unfortunately, Bobbi was so intent on teasing the poor brothers that when I grabbed his shirt collar, he almost fell. If I hadn't had a firm grip, he would have fallen. He caught his balance while I was apologizing and he looked at me and said "What the fuck do you think you're doing!" in a most nasty tone of voice. Then he yanked himself free of my grip and promptly fell on his butt. Naturally, I was absolutely infuriated that he dared use such language in public, especially to me! I told him I was angry about using such vile language and ordered him to apologize."

"He knows better than to do something like that," Tony agreed angrily. "I WILL have a most thorough discussion with him when I get home."

"Of course you will," Lydia agreed in a voice that left him know that the matter was not even a point of discussion. "You will also back up the punishment I've decided upon because that is how you will get the Balkut contract."

"Huh," Tony replied confused by the connection. "What are you talking about?"

"The mother of the brothers gave me her business card at that point and told me that she could see I had my hands full with Bobbi and that until recently she had the same problems with her sons," Lydia explained. "She said she had discovered the perfect way to settle unruly rude boys. Then she offered to help me to use her method on Bobbi and that I should call her for details. During this time Bobbi just sat on his butt stunned that I was so angry with him."

"Well, I thanked her for the card and said I'd be sure to call her," Lydia explained. "Then while Bobbi got to his feet I asked him if he'd like to become as well behaved as her boys. Grace Henry, the woman who gave me her card, corrected me. She explained that using the term BOY only fueled the testosterone driven need for a boy to prove his manhood. She refers to her sons as children, not boys, and always uses a diminutive of their name to remind them that they must earn the right to use their correct name. What she basically explained was that the way to tame an out of control, disrespectful boy was to shut down his ability to prove his manhood. You know yourself, Tony, that she is right. Every time Bobbi gets into trouble it's because he's so busy being a macho guy he forgets to be human."

"Yes, I can see that," Tony reluctantly admitted. Even though Tony didn't like the direction of the conversation, he did know what his wife said was true. It also explained why she was calling Robert Bobby. He had to admit it would be a very effective tactic.

"Grace went on to explain that her sons were sissies," Lydia continued. "She even had her darling children tell me that they were sissies and they curtseyed politely while doing it!"

"She made them curtsey and admit they were sissies," Tony exclaimed. "Don't take this the wrong way but it does sound like they really must be a couple of sissies. You just don't say that you think they're sissies, one keeps his opinions to himself. How old were these CHILDREN, six or seven?"

"Oh heavens no," Lydia explained. "Allie is fifteen and Jamie is fourteen." Lydia ignored the gasp of surprise she heard from Tony and continued. "She then suggested that if I was serious about correcting Bobbi's behavior that he and I attend a Victorian Tea party on Saturday afternoon where formal manners would be the rule. She said her children and three girls would be attending and that Bobbi 's attendance would round out the group. Naturally I was thrilled with the idea. It would be a tremendous experience for Bobbi."

"A Victorian Tea party," Tony exclaimed. "I thought those things were extinct. I can imagine how Bobby responded to that!"

"Actually he didn't do too badly," Lydia replied. "I think he was pretty well cowed by my actions and the obvious results of the disciplinary scheme Grace was using. I think he finally remembered that he was supposed to listen to me. He was quite scared that I was even talking to Grace. Instead of getting nasty, he explained that he and you were planning to watch a football game on Saturday afternoon and that he didn't have anything to wear to a Victorian Tea Party."

Well, maybe there is hope for him," Tony smiled. "He did make two good points."

"Yes, but Grace said that if the game was that important he should tape it. She told us to go to FairyTale Fashions to be fitted for a proper costume for the Tea party. She said she’d just come from having her boys fitted and that the three girls had been there getting outfitted. All I had to do was take Bobbi and tell Olivia Childress, the owner, that Bobbi and I would be attending the Tea. That's just what I've done. Bobbi is in the back being fitted right now. That's why I called. It'll cost a couple of hundred dollars to do it right plus you'll need to change your plans about watching that football game. Bobbi is reluctantly going along with everything but I know he's just waiting to beg you to cancel the whole thing. I want to know if you're going to back me on this before I go any further."

"Lydia, you now I'd like to back you on this," Tony began searching for the right words to keep Lydia from becoming upset. "But Bobbi and I already had a commitment for that game and we have stressed it's important to keep one's commitments."

"Oh I fully agree," Lydia replied. "I'm using revoking the privilege of watching the game as punishment for swearing at me. Besides, that Victorian Tea Party is the key to getting the contract with Balkut Engineering."

"Well I guess I can see revoking the game would be a suitable punishment for swearing," Tony conceded. "But what does the Victorian Tea Party have to do with Balkut Engineering?"

"The Victorian Tea Party is being held on the Balkut estate," Lydia explained. "Hillary Balkut is hosting it. Her daughter Leslie and her ward Heather are two of the girls attending. The other girl is the Irish niece of Mother Superior Murphy from over at St. Patrick's. WHAT effect do YOU think having Bobbi attending the Victorian Tea Party and making a good impression will have on your ability to land the contract with Balkut Engineering?"

Everything fell into place. Tony's eyes lit up with dollar signs. For once Lydia's often crazy schemes seemed quite desirable. "You're right," Tony responded with excitement. "I'll tape the game on Saturday and attend this Victorian Tea Party myself."

"That's wonderful," Lydia exclaimed delighted that her devious plot was succeeding. "You do know that Bobbi is going to have to wear an extremely sissy outfit. Do you know what a little Lord Fauntleroy outfit looks like?"

Tony winced. He recalled seeing that type of outfit. It was just one step short of actually wearing a girl's party dress. "Bobbi won't be happy."

"That's an understatement," Lydia agreed. "Which leads to the reason for this call. You are going to have to back me 100 percent on this. No waffling, no buts, and no reprieves, agreed?"

"Yes, I agree," Tony sighed knowing he had no choice if he hoped to gain enough of an edge to land the Balkut Engineering deal.

"Great," Lydia replied as she barely controlled her glee. Then another devious plot twist occurred to her. "Perhaps it'd be better if you came over here and saw Bobbi in his outfit. If he knows you approve once you see him in it, it'll go a long way in forcing him to cooperate. I'll have to spend virtually all our spare time between now and the tea teaching him the correct manners. The only way I can hope to succeed is if he knows you're 100 percent behind me."

"You're right," Tony declared. "I'll be right over."

"Great," Lydia replied. "I'll call Grace and see if it'll be possible for you to attend. If you can, we'll have to get you a suitable outfit and you can join Bobbi in learning the proper manners."

"Okay," Tony winced at the idea of getting into a sissy outfit. But again the greedy dollar signs overrode his macho apprehension. In moments he was in the car heading over to FairyTale Fashions.

Lydia called Grace and asked about the possibility of having Tony attend the tea. At first Grace was hesitant, but then decided the idea had virtue, especially after Lydia suggested Tony don a Lord Fauntleroy outfit too. Grace pictured Richard similarly attired.

"Let me contact Hillary Balkut," Grace told Lydia. "Now that you have brought the matter up, I like the idea. If Hillary approves, I'll have my husband outfitted and attend too. I'll call Hillary now and get right back to you."

Ten minutes later, Grace called FairyTale Fashions and spoke to Olivia and Lydia. Hillary loved the idea of having two adult men attend the tea in Lord Fauntleroy outfits.

While all that was going on, poor Bobbi had been stripped to the buff and dressed in pretty lace trimmed baby blue satin panties and camisole. Except for a single brief struggle at the start when Bobbi saw the underwear he was expected to put on, Stephanie had little resistance. Bobbi had already been down to his normal underwear and began to become agitated. At that point Stephanie told him that he'd put on a dress if that's what she wanted. Bobbie had enough and tried to fight. Stephanie used her martial arts skills to flip the unsuspecting boy to the floor and painfully twist his arm behind his back until he agreed to don whatever she gave him. The red-eyed humiliated boy bided his time, confident that his injured masculinity would be restored and his mother suitably chastised once his father discovered what had happened.

Stephanie tugged off his jockey shorts and deftly slipped the wispy satin stretch panties up his still hairless legs. Robert's hands shook with barely controlled but totally impotent fury as they lace about the leg openings tickled his legs as she pulled them up and snugged them about his waist and hips. Yet despite his anger and humiliation, the stretchy silken fabric felt cooly sexy and deliciously warm as it hugged and caressed his prepubescent male organs.

"Push your balls up into your body and tuck your penis back between your butt cheeks," Stephanie ordered. "Then pull your panties snugly into place to hold everything where you put it. If you don't, I will."

Swiftly he did as she said. Fortunately, since he hadn't yet entered puberty his stuffed, cramped balls only ached a bit but his tucked manhood felt quite compressed and small. Looking down, he saw only what looked like a flat, girlish groin. For a twelve year old boy who knew about sex but had yet to experience it, this difference was quite traumatic. Stephanie tugged off his familiar t-shirt and slipped a silken wispy stretch satin sleeveless undershirt over his head. The lace trim about the around neck tickled as did the lace trim on the arm holes. The lace trimmed waist ended just above the top of the panties. The cool silken fabric clung to his flat tummy and was too short to tuck into their panties. About a half inch of white flesh was visible between the top and his panties.

In moments Robert was wearing baby blue nylon tights which made his legs look girlishly shapely. Dainty baby blue nylon anklets were slipped over his feet. An inch wide ruffle of delicate baby blue lace formed darling turned down sissy cuffs at his trim ankles. Next came baby blue velvet shorts that clung to his thighs and buttocks like a second skin. Much to his embarrassment the shorts buttoned up the rear like girls shorts and had no front opening and no pockets. Robert had to suck in his tummy as far as he could and held his breath as he was buttoned securely into the sissy shorts. The sissy velvet shorts ended six inches above his knees in dainty inch wide ruffles of delicate baby blue lace.

A baby blue velvet blouse buttoned up the back to lock him inside the sissy garment. Inch wide double ruffles of baby blue lace accentuated the faux seams of the double breasted front. A broad baby blue velvet Peter Pan style overlay trimmed in delicate baby blue lace surrounded the two inch high lace trimmed neck. A baby blue satin ribbon was tied into a Buster Brown style bowtie over the high neck. A baby blue lace jabot seemed to erupt below the huge bowtie. The skin tight velvet long sleeves of the blouse severely restricted all arm movement and ended at his wrists in floppy four inch wide ruffled cuffs edged in baby blue lace. The oversize cuffs engulfed three quarters of his hand. Keeping such cuffs clean would require close attention to every movement.

A three quarter length blue velvet collarless jacket went over the blouse. The rounded back and scooped sides were designed not to close but to reveal the sissy blouse beneath. The main hem of the jacket ran about the bottom in back and right up the open sides and around the neck. This long hem was accented by a baby blue satin ribbon threaded through the velvet a half inch above the hem. The three quarter length loose sleeves called attention to the snug sleeves of the blouse. As with every other article of the outfit, baby blue lace decorated every hem and edge.

Baby blue kidskin gloves were fitted onto Robert's hands. The gloves were so tight it was impossible for him to make a fist. Baby blue patent leather T-strap shoes with one inch heels were slipped on his feet. The heels and soles of the sissy shoes had numerous metal taps permanently inserted so every step on a hard surface would result in a resounding CLICK. The metal would also make movement tenuous as it would severely cut the gripping power of the sole. Any attempt at walking rapidly or taking long strides would most likely result in a slip and fall. A small baby blue patent leather shoulder bag would carry tissues and any other necessities the boy might need. The crowning touch was a baby blue velvet beret with a center tassle of baby blue lace.

Robert burst into tears of utter shame as he saw his sissy reflection. He looked worse than Allie and Jamie

"You look simply adorable," Stephanie laughed at his anguish. "Your outfit is identical to the ones Allie and Jamie will be wearing. You look as cute as Allie and Jamie did when they were in their outfits. You'd look even better in a dress. You really should be a girl. You're much too pretty to be a boy."

Robert hid his eyes and cried. He knew his mother would simply love him in this sissy outfit. The helpless boy struggled to maintain his fury knowing that he just had to hang on until his father straightened this mess out.

When Tony arrived at FairyTale Fashions, Olivia and Lydia greeted him. Olivia led the couple to her office where she turned on a TV set where they were able to see Robert in the dressing room via a security camera. The image that greeted them was just as Robert saw his sissy reflection. Fortunately the sound was turned off so they couldn't hear what Stephanie was saying. Since her back was to the camera, they didn't even know she was speaking. All they saw was Robert looking at his reflection and bursting into tears. Olivia inconspicuously flipped a switch. A chime sounded softly in the dressing room and a tiny light on the camera began to flash. This was a signal to Stephanie that she was being monitored and that in 30 seconds those watching would also be listening. A green flashing meant that the listeners would want to hear teasing and verbal abuse while red flashing light meant that teasing and verbal abuse was not to be used. The red light was flashing so Stephanie knew she had to chose her words to make the boy seem like a sissy without ever condemning him or telling him that he was a sissy.

"As you can see, my daughter Stephanie just completed outfitting Bobbi," Olivia explained as they watched. "Bobbi looks simply darling in that outfit. I'm really glad Hillary Balkut has decided to attempt to revive some of the older traditions such as formal Victorian Tea Parties. So much was lost when they went out of fashion. She's hoping to spark a return to old fashioned good manners and hospitality. She personally selected these darling Lord Fauntleroy costumes. She was quite delighted when you decided to let Bobbi attend and was thrilled when you asked if you could attend. It's so refreshing to find a man who is not obstinately macho."

Tony was upset to see his son dressed up in the ultra sissy outfit but he was even more upset to see Robert burst into tears. Fortunately Olivia began to speak before he could vice his objections to Robert's sissy attire. Her words made him rethink what he was going to say and effectively took the wind out of his stubborn macho sails. The fact that Hillary Balkut had selected the sissy outfit and that she was attempting to revive old fashioned good manners shut down any protestations before they could begin. Tony didn't know what to say but had the strange feeling that he was being set up.

"I'm sure simply wearing an outfit such as that will make Bobbi better behaved and polite," Lydia intoned. "It will be almost impossible to run around and get into trouble while dressed as he is."

"You're so right," Olivia replied. "Grace Henry brought her sons in tonight to be fitted for identical outfits to attend the Tea. They really put up a fight and refused to cooperate so we finally decided to force them into better behaviors and manners."

"How did you do that," Tony asked although he was almost afraid to hear the answer. With seeming impotence he watched his weeping son with growing disgust and humiliation.

"Why we decided to use an old practice that has sadly gone out of style," Olivia explained. "It's called Petticoat Discipline. It requires the offending boy to be dressed fully or partially in girl's clothes. The principal is quite simple. Most bad behavior is due to a boy trying to prove his masculinity. Petticoat discipline denies a boy what he needs to prove his masculinity. It forces him to become a human being first, and a male second."

"I don't like the sound of it," Tony declared. "It sounds like it'll turn a boy into a sissy."

"Why Mr. Waters, are you a male chauvinist," Olivia asked in an accusatory tone of voice. "Hillary Balkut will certainly not like that kind of attitude at her Victorian Tea Party."

"No, I'm not a male chauvinist," Tony replied defensively as he scrambled to salvage his besmirched image.

Before Tony could continue, Stephanie began to talk to Robert. All attention went to the monitor. Olivia knew that Stephanie was an expert about asking the right questions and getting boys to say things they'd normally keep secret in order to impress the pretty girl. Olivia could barely control her anticipation.

"Bobbi, it'll be all right," Stephanie attempted to soothe the distraught boy. "You know wearing this outfit is just temporary. You do want to make a good impression on Ms Balkut at her Victorian Tea Party, don't you?"

"I don't care if wearing this fucking sissy get-up is only temporary," Robert snarled as he looked up fiercely at Stephanie. "I hate wearing this sissy crap! I don't give a flying fuck about making a good impression on some old bitch. Who the hell cares about a freaking Victorian Tea Party? Just wait until my old man hears about this. He'll put a stop to this shit real quick! Then I'm gonna have him sue you and your mother for child abuse!"

Lydia gasped obviously repulsed by Bobbi's crude language. Tony kept silent but winced knowing that Robert had just sealed his fate and would have to be disciplined. Olivia kept a watchful eye on Lydia and Tony to see their reactions.

"Child abuse," Stephanie questioned. "Do you call getting dressed up in nice clothes child abuse?"

"You forced me to put this sissy crap on," Robert shouted back by now livid with rage but restraining himself because he knew Stephanie could kick his butt. "That's child abuse."

Olivia watched as Lydia and Tony became angry as they listened to their son.

"I don't think so," Stephanie replied seriously. "If you bring charges of child abuse, you'll have to publically tell how big mean old Stephanie twisted your arm and made you strip off all your clothes and put on this cute outfit. Are you really that dumb that you want everyone to know how you were dressed?"

"Well, of course not," Robert blustered. "But my old man will straighten you out. You won't get away with this!"

Lydia smirked while Tony bristled at being called old man.

"Your mother really wants you to do this," Stephanie egged the boy on. "Do you always play your father against your mother?"

"Of course," Robert replied with a surly grin. "Mom keeps trying to get me to do all sorts of stuff she thinks is classy or educational. If I fight her about it, then Dad gets pissed at me for not listening to mom even if she is just a dumb woman with crazy ideas. All I gotta do is play along with mom until I can get to dad and tell him how mom's ideas are screwy and that she's trying to turn me into a wimpy sissy. My old man is a real good old boy who knows better than to mess with any of the sissy crap mom keeps coming up with."

Tony turned beet red with embarrassment and anger as he realized that his chip off the old block son had been using him. Lydia smiled with dark satisfaction to see her husband's reaction. She'd tried to tell Tony Bobbi was playing them off against each other but he'd refused to listen. Now he heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

"It sounds like your dad likes to keep women in their proper place," Stephanie said as she gathered up Robert's discarded shoes, jeans, and shirt and placed them in a locker. The door clicked shut ominously but unnoticed by Bobbi. "I've heard a lot of good old boy types feel that way but I've never exactly found out what they expect from women."

"Hell, that's easy," Robert guffawed as he swelled up with macho arrogance despite the way he was dressed. "A woman should serve a man. A woman should keep the house clean, do the laundry, and fix meals. If a man wants sex, the woman should do it."

Tony placed his face in his hands as Robert dug a very deep hole for himself. Lydia bristled at her son's chauvinism. Olivia just smiled knowing Stephanie would get even more out of the boy.

"Does your mother do all that for your dad," Stephanie asked.

"She keeps the house clean, does the laundry, and makes our meals," Robert bragged. All this talk about a woman's proper place was bolstering his shaken boyhood.

"You didn't say anything about sex," Stephanie noted. "Doesn't your mother take care of your father?"

"Not really," Robert sneered. "Mom won't give dad head."

Tony's head shot up in horror at that comment. It was true but how did the little brat know. One quick glance at Lydia told him that she was embarrassed and furious.

"Really," Stephanie asked. "That's a little personal. How do you know about it?"

"Dad has a computer business," Robert explained. "He has his office set up on a computerized surveillance system that he can access at home. I'm no slouch on a computer, so I figured out how to hack into the system. I discovered dad getting head from one of the girls who works for him. They do it every afternoon. It's pretty hot stuff so I tape it cause I'm in school and watch the action when I get home. I heard dad tell Linda that mom doesn't give him head. I must have four or five hours of edited blow-jobs on video."

Tony just sat there stunned into silence. He'd never imagined much less suspected that the office security system could be used to disclose his infidelity. Lydia stared daggers at him and he knew there would be hell to play. He couldn't even deny the charge because the little twerp had taped evidence.

"I just can't understand why a woman would do something like that with a married man," Stephanie stated.

"In Linda's case it's easy," Robert laughed. "She got knocked up when she was fifteen and a sophomore in high school and had to drop out. Without a diploma and a son to support, she couldn't get a decent paying job until Dad hired her. Dad pays her extra for her office expertise." Robert used his fingers as quotation marks for the last two words.

Tony sank down in his chair while Lydia struggled to control her fury. It was only the fact that she could use all this to finally take control that kept her silent.

"How did you find out about that," Stephanie queried.

"Dad was lording it over her one day," Robert chuckled. "Linda told dad she wanted to stop but he told her either she'd do it or she'd be looking for a new job. Women are so dumb!"

"We'll be seeing about that," Lydia hissed as Tony wished the floor would open and swallow him. Olivia was delighted with the revelations. This had to be the absolute best session yet.

"What about women in business," Stephanie asked.

"Well they're all right as secretaries, clerks, and nurses," Robert answered. "Dad says he couldn't really run his office without Linda's organization. But that's all women are good for, to carry out the ideas that guys have. They have to know their place. They have to do what the men want and have to look pretty for men."

"That seems sexist to me," Stephanie said as she gathered Robert's underwear and socks. "I suppose you think women should wear dresses or skirts all the time too."

"Damn right," Robert replied. "Women should be soft and feminine. They should never wear pants."

"What about sports," Stephanie prompted.

"I don’t think girls should play any sports," Robert declared rising to her bait. "Sports are for guys. If they do play sports, they should only play girls sports like field hockey."

"Where did you pick up all these ideas about how women should behave," Stephanie asked.

"One guess," Lydia sighed angrily as Tony wanted to die.

"That's just the way it is," Robert announced smugly. "My old man told me all about it. Oh, he's smart enough not to come right out and say it because those stupid women's libbers would get all pissed. But it's the way he treats mom and other women. I'm smart enough to read between the lines when he scolds me. He says stuff and punishes me because he has to in order to placate mom. But I know he's just doing it for show and that he really approves of what I did."

Lydia and Tony both knew Robert's damning words were cementing Tony's impending doom.

"That's all quite interesting," Stephanie said as she stood by the door with Robert's underwear and socks. "You just wait here while I get your mother. I'll lock the door so no one accidently walks in on you."

"Hey you dumb bitch," Robert exclaimed as Stephanie quickly ducked out the door and closed it behind her. "Come back here! You've got my freaking underwear! Get your cute ass back here you fucking bitch," he yelled as he tried the door to find it locked. "Open this fucking door!" With that he began pounding his fists on the door.

Olivia turned off the monitor, pulled a tape from a VCR, waved it tantalizingly, smiled wickedly, and looked at Lydia and Tony. Tony knew he was in very deep shit and hung his head.

"Your ass is mine," Lydia whispered intently barely controlling her rage. "I've been trying to tell you that Bobbi has been playing us against each other. Well, old man, you've been so hung up on this macho binge of yours that you refused to listen to reason. As for his crude language, just where do you think he learned it? Haven't I been begging you for years to curtail your tongue? But the worst, Mr. FORMER Male Chauvinist Pig, is your little fling with Linda Fritz. Imagine taking advantage of a hapless young lady who had already been abused by a jerk and then rubbing her face in it to keep her as a sex slave. No wonder you can't make a profit! With how many of the other women are you having an affair? Then there's the entire matter of your general disregard for women and me in particular. Right now I'd really like to just kill you. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I know you won't believe me, but I'm truly sorry," Tony stated sincerely. Tony knew he was an out and out male chauvinist. He also knew with the video tapes of his affair that Robert had accumulated he couldn't even begin to deny any of the charges. If Lydia wanted, she could practically kill him without taking his life. Linda Fritz could sue for rape, extortion, blackmail, and sexual harassment. Lydia could get a divorce and receive everything leaving him bankrupt, homeless, and jobless. With the tape Olivia had obviously made of Robert's bragging, Lydia would also undoubtedly receive complete custody of Robert. Tony understood he'd lost everything.

"Oh I believe you're sorry," Lydia replied bitterly. "You're sorry you got caught!"

"Yes, I can't deny that," Tony admitted with genuine contrition. "But I am sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for hurting Linda. I'm sorry for hurting Robert. I guess my stupid machismo blinded me because I never realized I was having such a negative effect on him. Now I realize that I've been nothing but a chauvinist pig. I know it's not right. But I just can't help myself. You know how I was raised. I had no choice but to grow up to be a chauvinist. Now I've gone and done the same damn thing to Robert. Lydia, I'm simply not strong enough to overcome my bad habits. Please, I do love you and never wanted to hurt you, Robert, or anyone else. It's my damned macho upbringing that makes me do it. Please, I know you can never forgive me for what I've done, but can you please help me to end this downward cycle without destroying our marriage? I'll do whatever you want. Just please, save our family. You and Robert mean more to me than anything else in the world."

"You bastard," Lydia hissed as she reached out and slapped his face. "I love you too. That's what hurts so damned much. I want to save our family too, but I don't know how."

"I understand this is a private matter,"Olivia interrupted. "But I can help. Tony, you sound truly repentant for your chauvinism. I've sat through numerous situations like this but your reaction is something I've never heard before from a man. Normally the man becomes belligerent and blames his wife for forcing him to be as he is. You are obviously intelligent enough to see the errors of male chauvinism but are too weak to resist their abusive use. If you truly meant what you said, there is only one solution. The cure is drastic, you'll hate the solution, and you will not want to do take it. But I can guarantee you that once you've been treated, you'll be happier than you've ever dreamed possible. Your family will be happier, your associates will be happier, everyone will be happier. The question is, are you sincere in your desire to change and are you man enough to take the cure?"

"I'd love to say yes," Tony replied. "Honestly, I don't know. I'm a stubborn, pig headed, weak willed, and frankly frightened."

"Tony, again I'm impressed," Olivia stated. "You've given another honest answer. Lydia, do you love Tony enough to give him another chance if he can be cured of his chauvinism?"

"Yes," Lydia replied. "What is this miraculous cure?"

"It's the same one I started explaining before we watched Bobbi. Petticoat Discipline, extreme Petticoat Discipline, is the only permanent answer. As I started to explain earlier, the offending male is not only dressed as a prissy girl, he's required to behave accordingly and to present the image of a demure young miss at all times. It's the only answer. It never fails. No male that ever undergoes being Petticoated can be a chauvinist. There is a doctor in town that specializes in Petticoating males to correct their behavior. She uses hypnotherapy and if necessary surgery. I can assure you she is quite capable. Are you interested?"

"You mean we'd be putting Tony into dresses," Lydia asked in disbelief.

"Yes, and possibly more, making him so feminine it will be impossible for him to be a man," Olivia explained. "But it's the only way to break the macho cycle. Remember when I was talking about Bobbi and Petticoat Discipline? The procedure works because everything the male needs to be male must be denied."

"That sounds like you're almost talking about one of those sex-changes," Tony nervously commented.

"That is a an option and a distinct possibility," Olivia stated. "I said you had to be sincere in your desire to change and wondered if you were man enough to take the cure."

"I'm sincere in my desire to change," Tony shuddered. "But I know I'm not able to willingly give up my manhood."

"Well I am," Lydia replied firmly. "Either we go see this doctor and you do whatever she suggests... including a sex-change... or all these tapes go to a lawyer and the police. Which will it be?"

"But how can we be husband and wife if I... you know," Tony asked plaintively. "I'd make an ugly woman."

"Dr. Trate is highly skilled," Olivia cut in. "If a sex-change is what she recommends, she would make you quite attractive I've seen her transform an utterly arrogant chauvinistic former forty year old boxer into a gorgeous woman who looks to be about eighteen. Of course, his wife turned him over to a pimp for a year to pay for the surgery and as punishment for adultery. Both have since remarried."

"Tony, despite all you've done I love you," Lydia declared solemnly. "If the doctor requires you to have a sex-change my love for you will not change. I would never turn you into a whore."

"That's really reassuring," Tony replied sarcastically hoping to avoid a sex-change. "But what about our sex life?"

"Like most teenage girls, I experimented with a bit of lesbianism," Lydia informed her startled husband. "The experience was quite satisfactory but it wasn't the kind of sex I wanted then. I wanted a normal male/female relationship. As you well know we've had that for years. Obviously, you were not satisfied. I'm willing to become a lesbian for you. Are you willing to become a lesbian for me if that's what it will take?"

"How can I answer that," Tony cried. "I've spent my entire life being a man. I just can't chuck it all out the window. Besides, what if you get tired of being a lesbian? What happens to me then?"

"You'd go out dating together," Olivia declared. "I know several couples who have done exactly that. What you fail to realize about this procedure is that the transsexual changes are mentally as well as physically. You know men and women think and react differently. It's their hormones. You think and behave like a man because of testosterone, the male sex hormone. That's what makes men so pig-headed and stupid. After a sex-change, there will be no testosterone to make you think and feel the way you do now. After a sex-change, your body would be flooded with female hormones. You'll stop thinking and feeling like a man and begin to think and feel like a woman. It will take time, but it's entirely feasible that after a sex-change, you could actually want sex with a man. Now that isn't necessarily going to be the case, but I've seen it happen quite often."

Tony was beside himself. He wanted to save his family but could not give up his manhood. "I... I still don't think I could do it," Tony gasped as he lost all color.

"How many couples do you know who did this," Lydia asked.

"I knew of six couples," Olivia replied. "Two of them broke up so the former males could marry. I know of many more boys. In fact, my lovely daughter was my son until the age of ten. He was simply too unruly and out of control. Now, as you can see, Stephanie is quite comfortable and happy as a pretty girl."

"That lovely girl was once a boy," Lydia exclaimed with delight picturing the same thing happening to Bobbi. "Did it take a lot of surgery?"

"Only the actual sex-change," Olivia answered. "Boys and girls are pretty much alike until they hit puberty. That's when the physical differentiation occurs. Getting a boy on female hormones before he begins producing testosterone pops him right into puberty as if he had been born a girl."

Tony felt as if he was going to be sick with all this talk about sex-changes. He had been lusting after the curvaceous Stephanie until Robert's antics put an end to such prurient interests. To think that cute girl had once been a boy made his blood run cold. It also firmed up his sagging male pride. "I'm sorry, Lydia, I just can't do that. Even though I'm a slime filled slug, I'm still a man. I just can't give that up after all this time but I am man enough to admit that I've done wrong and won't fight you. I just can't become a woman. If there's some way to maintain my manhood and straighten this mess out so we can still be together, I'll do it. You do whatever you have to do."

"Damn it, Tony," Lydia complained. "You're just damn lucky I really love you. I'm really angry, so angry I should just throw you out and ruin your life. But that won't accomplish a thing and will hurt others beside you. You know without Water's Systems we'd have no income. Plus we'd wind up putting three women out of work, including poor Linda Fritz. At least for now I can't just throw you out but I sure can't let you get away unscathed. Then there's Bobbi to think about. I just don't know what to do."

"Do you by chance own Water's Systems," Olivia asked as an idea sparked in her mind.

"Yes," Tony replied sadly. "But because of my macho escapades I'm barely making ends meet. To be completely honest, I'm here because I've been trying to land a contract with Balkut Engineering. I was hoping to impress Hillary Balkut enough at this Victorian Tea so that she'd give me the contract. I've blown that now. She won't want anything to do with me once she finds out what a chauvinist I am."

"Normally you'd be right," Olivia chuckled. "But your sincerity and contrition seems quite genuine and has impressed me. If you cooperate, things could very well work out."

"How's that," Lydia asked as Tony looked on questioningly.

"Dr. Trate is really the mover and shaker in our little group of good friends who detest macho guys," Olivia explained. "We meet once a month for a business luncheon and discuss our mutual concerns. At our last meeting Hillary was complaining about the lack of female owned and operated technical support businesses. She said she wanted a new computer system for her business but could not find a operation that came up to her standards of conduct and women's participation. It turns out most of us are in the same situation. We all need to upgrade our computer systems. I'm sure if Water's Systems became a wholly female operation, you'd have more business than you could handle."

"Financially, that sounds pretty good," Lydia agreed. "But I don't think I want Tony to give up his manhood completely."

Tony was surprised and grew hopeful at this revelation. "Lydia, I promise to make this up to you. You'll never need to worry about my fidelity again."

"Is it possible to feminize a man while retaining his sexual organs," Lydia asked coldly while staring directly at Tony.

Tony collapsed back in his seat and shuddered as his hopes to retain his male self disappeared.

"Yes it is possible," Olivia answered. "Dr. Trate prefers to complete the transformations, but she has left a few males looking and behaving like women while still retaining their masculine sexual functioning. Lydia, if that's what you and she agree upon, Dr. Trate can do it."

"Don't I have a say in this," Tony asked haplessly. "After all, it is my body."

"Your body, like your ass, is mine," Lydia replied coldly.

"Besides, you don't have a say in this," Olivia added.

"Oh," Tony replied totally shaken by their vehemence. The trapped man understood he'd been quite soundly put in his place, a very helpless place. "Lydia, are you saying you'd like me to become a full time female impersonator but would still remain a man where it counts," Tony asked with grave reservations.

"Not exactly," Lydia replied. "It all depends upon what you mean by remaining a man where it counts. Once I've completed what I intend to do with you you’ll have the best of both worlds. I intend to have you fitted for a chastity belt and I will be the only one with a key. It will hide away your male equipment and make you appear like a female between your legs. At all times and places you will look and behave like an attractive female. The only times you will be allowed to use your male equipment is when I give you permission. We will tell everyone that Tony has gone off on an overseas job and that his sister, Tonia, is temporarily taking over the business and that she's staying with me. Tony will simply never return and Tonia will stay on. That way, if at some point down the road I decide to go all the way and complete your sex-change, we'd simply tell people Tony is staying at his overseas job and Tonia is permanently assuming control of the business."

"Just a minute," Tony declared. "I never said I'd do anything like that. I have no intention of allowing you to turn me into some sort of freaky half man half woman and I certainly will not allow you to lock up my manhood. Damn it, I'm a man, not a sissy."

"Tony, my darling husband, you must remember that you don't have a choice," Lydia harshly cut him off. "If you don't exactly as I want, Linda will be out of work, Bobbi and I will be destitute and homeless, and at best you'll be bankrupt and in jail."

"Lydia, you, Bobbi, Linda, and her son will be taken care of," Olivia assured Lydia. "Our group has always pulled together to help out women who have been hurt by chauvinists. We'd find decent work and a place to live for you just to see an arrogant macho guy get what he deserves."

"I guess I don't have much choice," Tony swallowed his pride knowing he was indeed trapped. "I did say I'd do whatever you wanted as long as I maintained my manhood. I guess this is as close as I'm going to get to doing that. All I ask is that I not look like a fool. If I have to look like a woman, I want to appear convincing so that by outward appearances there can be no embarrassing questions that might reveal that I really am a man. I don't want to look like a dumb bimbo either. If Water's Systems is to prosper, it needs my computer skills and knowledge. I can't do that if I look like a bimbo. Looking like a woman will be terrible enough on it's own." Tony certainly didn't like the idea of being forced to look like woman but he shuddered at the thought of looking like a slutty woman.

"All that can be arranged," Olivia declared. "Especially if you can convince Dr. Trate and Hillary that you are sincerely sorry and contrite about your past chauvinism and are willingly submitting to feminization as punishment."

"I need time to think this over," Tony declared. "It's simply too much too fast."

"You have no time," Olivia declared. "Either I call the police now or you begin your transition into becoming a faux woman by letting me outfit you in a new feminine wardrobe. I'll also fit you with a suitable Victorian Tea gown to wear to the Victorian Tea Party on Saturday afternoon. You'll need your new feminine outfits to wear while Lydia teaches you and Bobbi the etiquette and behavior that will be expected of proper well mannered females. You have five minutes to make up your mind. I'm sure once you explore the feminine world, if you keep an open mind, you'll find the experience exciting."

"What about Bobbi," Tony sheepishly asked suddenly reminded of his errant son by the information that Lydia would be teaching he and Bobbi girlish behavior.

"Bobbi needs to be punished and disciplined for his surly, arrogant, chauvinistic attitudes," Lydia declared. "I plan to institute a strict regime of Petticoat Discipline. Except for school, he will dress and behave like a prissy girl until I am satisfied all traces of his chauvinism have been erased. He also needs to know that not only will you not help him avoid this discipline, but that you fully and unconditionally support the use of Petticoat Discipline. You'll do that by joining him in skirts. If you don't fully cooperate with this, I'll see you end up in jail."

"Lydia, please," Tony begged. "Don't put our son into dresses. It'll scar him for life. Look, I'll get the sex-change right now if you don't use Petticoat Discipline on Bobby."

"I appreciate your concern for Bobbi's well being," Lydia replied cooly. "But it will take such drastic measures to correct him. Perhaps if you'd been as concerned for his well being for the past few years and supported my less stringent attempts at discipline, Petticoat Discipline would not be our last alternative. But now it's too late. Bobbi
will learn how to dress and behave like a prissy girl. If his masculinity can survive, it will. If it doesn't, we'll have a delightful daughter. Now, are you going to help or are you going to jail?"

"Tony, if it's any comfort to you," Olivia interjected. "I have yet to find any boy who didn't come to love being a girl once he was transformed. They hated the idea when they were boys, they detested it during the transition, but every single one has thanked us once they had become girls. What prolongs the agony of making the transition is when the boy has to keep switching back and forth between male and female like you're suggesting for school. Allowing a boy undergoing Petticoat Discipline to be a boy even for the few hours of school just rips the boy apart. He's constantly scared someone will discover his part-time girlhood and tease him. His feminine training will begin to effect his behavior at school as the girlish behavior becomes natural. Imagine how embarrassed a boy would be if someone sees him smoothing his skirt when he takes a seat. I'm afraid allowing a boy under Petticoat Discipline to continue to attend his old school is simply cruel and spiteful. Of course, the boy will not look at the matter like that, but it really is best to remove him from school and transfer him to another school where he can attend as a girl."

"I think you're both a bit crazy to be even consider using Petticoat Discipline and I certainly don't agree with any form of Petticoat Discipline," Tony replied forlornly. "But I also know that I have no choice. I'll cooperate, but only under duress."

"Again I must say that your attitude is most promising," Olivia declared as she pressed several buttons on her camera system. An empty dressing room appeared on a screen and a VCR began to record the view. "Now I'm going to see if you are man enough to take your punishment. We'll put you to the test to see if you're as good as your word. You will come with us into another changing room where Stephanie will fit you with a small feminine wardrobe. Even your underwear and socks will be replaced by women's undies and pantyhose. Once you remove your male underwear and socks, you will never again wear male versions of those clothes. You will cooperate fully with Stephanie in this. Rest assured the entire sequence will be videotaped and your behavior and cooperation will go a long way in determining the continuance of your male organs."

Tony shuddered and meekly followed his wife and Olivia to the dressing room. Stephanie joined them in the room and began to take his measurements as the women left to take care of Bobbi.

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Good, the newgirls are showing remorse & growth but the adults?

Kids will be kids and a new *toy* often gets abused.

I was glad to see they realize the power the wishes give them and are trying to be responsible.

Two Q's, One, why are the adults who the magic uses as part of the way to transform those named act so mean and petty to the boys? Is this a leftover of the former male leprechaun’s anger or something else? I can see some punishment aspect to the transformation if they were very bad, criminally bad boys but one of the latest ones has a bad father as an influence.

Q number two. The wish said essentially any who tormented the transforrmees was to be made into a sweet girl without delay. What of the chief villains, the Dr and the business owner, they are the worst abuserers physically and mental of the boys, bad or not. Will the spell affect them to or are only boys and maybe men who pick on the transformees subject to the spell? Magic has rules and balance; there must be a price for the magic if it is malicious or balance if it is good.

It’s that I like to see justice ina story but then this is a story and even in the real world sometimes the bad win out.

John in Wauwatosa

John in Wauwatosa