Leprechaun Trickery Part 9

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"Tony sat with me in Olivia's office as Robert spouted off," Lydia stated. "He didn't try to deny anything and even confessed to his weakness. Olivia has a close relationship with Dr. Trate whom I mentioned earlier. I'm sure you've heard of her good reputation as a plastic surgeon, endocrinologist, and Hypnotherapist. Well, Dr. Trate has an interesting side line that matches her name quite well and fit in perfectly with disciplining both Tony and Robert. Now what do think Dr. Cassandra Trate's side line might be? Just think of what a good disciplinary procedure Dr. Cass Trate could employ."

The women gasped as they realized what Lydia was getting at. "Oh my," Linda gasped. "Cass Trate... Castrate. You don't mean..."

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 9


Friday morning, Allie and Jamie numbly dressed in a set of their pretty pink panties, camisoles, tights, and anklets. For the last time they slipped on a pair of jeans and sweatshirt. Morosely they ate breakfast as they listened to their mother call the school and inform them the boys were being withdrawn and that their records should be transferred to St. Patrick's Parochial School.

Bobbi Jo shivered uneasily as he ate breakfast while sitting at the table clad in his pretty dress. Tears filled his eyes as he listened to his mother call his school and inform them he was being withdrawn and that his records should be transferred to St. Patrick's Parochial School.

As Olivia Childress unlocked the doors of FairyTale Fashions, she smiled to see two cars pull into the parking lot. She smiled with anticipation.

Allie and Jamie had hoped to have the store to themselves as they underwent their initial transformation into girls. Their anxiety grew when they saw another car enter the lot from the second entrance. At first they debated trying to dawdle and let the people from the other car enter FairyTale Fashions first but Grace would brook no delay. As they exited their car Allie and Jamie didn't recognize the sad pretty girl nervously emerging from the other car. It was only when they saw the woman getting out, whom they recognized as Lydia Waters from the teasing incident last night outside the toy store, that they realized the pretty girl had to be their antagonist, Robert! They shivered as they remembered their mother sending Mrs. Waters and Robert to FairyTale Fashions and the subsequent phone call to alert Olivia Childress of their imminent arrival. Obviously Robert had already been subjugated into girlhood. The brothers shivered upon noting there was no trace of the brash boy they had encountered in the shy prissy girl they now beheld.

Bobbi shivered with fear as he noted the other car pulling into the parking lot of FairyTale Fashions as his mother’s car arrived. The agony he was about to endure while he shopped for his new girlish wardrobe was bad enough by itself, he had hoped to be alone without other customers to watch when he had to do it. Any hope of allowing the other customers to go into the store first so he could at least have some privacy as he emerged from the car wearing his prissy dress were dashed when Lydia shushed him from the car when he hesitated. Fear left him unable to keep his eyes lowered, he just had to peak at the occupants of the other car to see if they would recognize him as a petticoated boy. Bobbi wished the earth would open and swallow him as he noted the boys exiting the other car were none other than the sissy boys he'd teased the night before.

Grace and Lydia led their recalcitrant children towards the entrance where they met and hugged each other. Grace couldn't get done lavishing praise upon poor Bobbi Jo as his mother made him curtsey.

Allie and Jamie couldn't believe the prissy girl they beheld was really the same arrogant boy who had harassed them last night. They shivered knowing that they too would soon be just as girlish. A thoroughly chagrined Bobbi Jo wondered if the sissy brothers were going to be petticoated. In a way he felt sorry for them if that was the case, yet in another way he hoped that was to be their fate as an act of retribution for his own downfall.

Olivia opened the door and ushered the five customers inside, giving each a welcoming hug. Stephanie also hugged everyone before leading Allie and Jamie to a dressing room where they were quickly divested of their remaining male clothes. Tears of fear and loss trickled down their cheeks as they realized they'd never wear boy's clothes again.

The brothers shivered as they stood clad in their silky lace trimmed pink nylon panties, matching camisoles, pink tights. and pink lace topped anklets. Stephanie had them remove their dainty camisoles and assisted them in donning a training bra that matched their prissy undies. The brothers blushed a rosy red as she slipped breast shaped foam pads into the empty cups to give them shape and definition consistent with that of a normal barely teenage girl. The brothers had little time to brood about this unwanted step towards girlishness as they slipped their pretty camisoles back on. Next they slid pink nylon slips edged in delicate lace over their heads and down their torsos. The lace tickled their nylon clad thighs causing goosebumps and sending all too delightful sensations coursing through their bodies. The totally chagrined soon to be former brothers sat on the bench to slip the black patent leather Mary Jane shoes onto their now quite dainty feet. Stephanie showed them how to adjust the straps on their slips after they had buckled the shoes firmly to their feet. Tears of humiliation and loss filled their eyes as they looked at their now all so girlish legs and feet. It was hard for them to reconcile their present dainty girlish legs and feet with those spindly boyish legs and feet that had carried them around the bases and across the football field.

Allie and Jamie were nearly overwhelmed with conflicting emotions of hatred, fear, anguish, and delight by the time they slipped the cotton pink and white gingham high waisted country girl style dresses over their heads. Stephanie assisted by slipping their arms through the full cut long sleeves before adjusting their slip and dress until they hung properly. Stephanie then adjusted the lace edged round neck opening until it was properly situated. Allie and Jamie watched in disbelief as Stephanie adjusted the elastic lace edged cuffs so they fit properly at their wrists. Their hands no longer looked like the familiar boyish appendages they were used to seeing. Now they seemed to miraculously possess girlish arms and hands. In guiltily glancing at each other they noted that about an inch of the scalloped lace edged hem of the slip was visible beneath the full loose skirt which ended two inches above their new sister's knees. They also shivered as they noted the all too familiar feminine twin bumps on the chest of their new sister.

First on Allie, and then on Jamie, Stephanie began to brush and style shoulder length black hair of the bewildered brothers. Stephanie brushed a section of hair foreword over their face then quickly trimmed bangs even with their eyebrows. The remaining hair was pulled back and gathered together into a high bouncy ponytail at the top rear of their heads so that it dangled down to the middle of their necks. The ponytails were secured in place by strips of pink and white gingham cloth tied into cute bows. Stephanie then filed their fingernails and applied a bright glossy pink polish. Then she applied a matching gloss to their lips.

Now fully dressed as prissy girls, the erstwhile brothers examined their transformed reflections in the multitude of mirrors. What they saw frightened them. No longer did they appear to be the ragamuffin brothers they were accustomed to seeing. Now they saw two nearly identical girls who could easily pass for pretty twin teenage sisters. There was not even the slightest trace to hint that the cute sisters had ever been anything except prissy girls. For the first time the brothers realized that they were indeed irrevocably losing their boyhood. They now understood how Heath Reilly had been so easily transformed into the cute girl they knew as Heather. The same thing was happening to them.

Allie and Jamie certainly didn't feel like boys as they looked at their all too girlish reflections. They could feel their panties sensuously caressing their tucked away insignificant manhood. They felt the unfamiliar constriction of the training bras on their formerly flat chests and shuddered to think that soon their flesh would be filling those now artificially enhanced cups. The lace on the hem of their slips enticingly tickled their nylon clad thighs at their slightest movement. The way their skirts saucily swirled about them as they moved crushed what remained of their boyish machismo. It was impossible for them to feel even slightly masculine while dressed as the pretty girls they now beheld in the mirror. Allie and Jamie realized that even before having their male equipment removed, they had been utterly emasculated. Any lingering resistance to their feminization collapsed.

Bobbi Jo meekly accompanied his mother as she selected his new prissy wardrobe. Everything Lydia selected was designed for a sprightly ten year old girl. As he tried on his new clothes, he understood that he would indeed be reliving the past two years of his life, only this time he'd be a prissy girl instead of a crude brash boy.

Allie and Jamie emerged from the dressing room to meet Bobbi Jo. The three former boys exchanged looks of shame and fear mixed with a tiny bit of anticipation. Olivia, Grace, and Lydia gushed about how darling Allie and Jamie appeared and how Bobbi Jo could be their younger sister. Allie and Jamie were glad to at least be teenagers instead of reduced to a tween like Bobbi Jo.

Olivia informed everyone that she had spoken to Dr. Trate. Ms Rikki Henry and Ms Tonia Waters had emerged from their successful sex-change surgery and were resting peacefully. The boys shivered as they exchanged sheepish guilty looks knowing that their once proud macho fathers had been forever transformed into their pretty feminine aunts. Olivia told them that Dr. Trate had gone home to take a nap since the final surgery hadn't been completed until the early morning hours. Appointments had been made for them at three to see Dr. Trate in her office and then accompany her to the hospital where they could see the sedated Rikki and Tonia. At four thirty that afternoon all three soon to be new girls and their mothers would meet Mother Superior Murphy to enroll the new girls in St. Patrick's Parochial School.

While Grace began to take her timid daughters on a shopping spree, Lydia paid for Bobbi Jo's new wardrobe and left FairyTale Fashions after agreeing to meet Grace, Jamie, and Allie for a one o'clock lunch at Guido's. Lydia and Bobbi Jo then headed to the office of Water's Systems to inform the staff of the changes that had taken place and to let Lida Fritz know that her coerced sexual servitude was ended.

Linda Fritz arrived at the office of Water's Systems an hour before opening to get everything ready for the day and to be there when the other two women arrived. The mysterious phone call she'd received from Lydia late last night had her worried. All she knew was that Tony would not be coming in and that Lydia would stop by to explain what was going on. When Jane Mitchell and Barbara Haines arrived, Linda informed them of Lydia's mysterious message. All three women, who were dependant upon their job with Water's Systems, were worried about their future.

The three women anxiously looked up as Lydia entered the office with a pretty timid young girl in tow. They watched as she picked up the clock-like sign that noted the shop was closed and set the hands to show the shop would reopen at 12:30. They noted it was 11:30.

"I know you're anxious about what I have to say so I think we need to go into the office for a very serious discussion of our future," Lydia announced as she swept past the three women. "Bring extra chairs so you can sit." Lydia firmly held onto the hand of the young girl and forced her to keep pace.

The women noted the cute girl had her head bowed and appeared nervous and anxious. She also looked familiar but they could not recall seeing her before.

Lydia took the seat behind Tony's desk and the girl stood mutely beside her as the women entered. Once they were seated Lydia sighed.

"This isn't going to be easy so please bear with me," Lydia began. "I'll try to answer your questions after I've explained what's going on. First, let me assure you that I have every intention of keeping Water's Systems in business and that each of you will keep your job if you want it. However, there will be drastic changes. I'm sure each of you know that the business is on the brink of going belly up. I hope that will change since I'm positive we will get the contract to create and install an entirely new computer system for Balkut Engineering. If that goes well, we'll get smaller contracts for Dr. Cassandra Trate's practice and FairyTale Fashions as well as quite a few other businesses that are owned by women. So our fiscal future looks bright."

"Linda, I intend to formally promote you to office manager," Lydia announced. "While I can't give you raises, it is my intention that on a quarterly basis the three of you will share fifty percent of the company profits. Hopefully, that will more than make up for no raises and give you greater incentive to make sure the business is a success."

The three women smiled and their mood improved as they listened. However, they realized there was something unusual going on.

"However, there are several problems," Lydia continued. "First, Tony will not be coming back. I am now the sole owner of Water's Systems. Last night my bratty son Robert embarrassed me by teasing two teenage boys who were being publicly punished by their mother. It turned out this woman, Grace Henry, was an acquaintance of Hillary Balkut, the owner of Balkut Engineering. It seems Hillary is having a Victorian Tea tomorrow and Grace's sons had just been outfitted in little Lord Fauntleroy outfits to attend. Her sons had not cooperated during the fitting and were being punished by having to select dolls at the toy store and carry them. They were leaving the toy store when Robert and I arrived to buy him a new football. As you can guess, Robert could not help but tease the already embarrassed boys for being sissies."

The women noted the pretty girl shuffled her feet uneasily and bowed her head even lower as Lydia spoke. They wondered who she was and what she was doing with Lydia instead of being in school. They also suspected the Henry connection to Hillary Balkut had a lot to do with the prospects of getting the computer contract with Balkut Engineering.

"I was mortified that Robert had the audacity to tease the poor boys and ordered him to stop and apologize," Lydia continued. "The little brat had the nerve to curse at me. I apologized to Grace for Robert's audacity and she graciously accepted. Then she suggested I take Robert to FairyTale Fashions to be fitted for a Lord Fauntleroy outfit and that we attend the Victorian Tea. Naturally, Robert was upset but he had learned from past experiences that if he became too disobedient, Tony would make him do as I wanted as punishment."

"Olivia Childress owns FairyTale Fashions," Lydia continued. "Grace had called ahead so when we arrived, Robert went with Olivia's daughter, Stephanie to be outfitted while Olivia took me to her office. During our discussion I realized the connection between Hillary Balkut and Balkut Engineering. I called Tony and explained the possibilities attending the Victorian Tea presented for landing the computer contract.

"It seems Olivia has an elaborate security system much like the one here," Lydia informed the women as she pointed out the camera in the corner. "When Tony arrived, he joined us in the office and Olivia turned on the surveillance system so we could monitor Robert to see if he was cooperating. What we saw was a chauvinistic brat bragging about how his father coerced a poor employee to grant him unethical favors of a most intimate manner. It seems Robert had used his computer knowledge to tap into the store's security system and not only saw but even video taped several of the encounters."

Linda gasped and turned beet red as Jane and Barbara looked at her. They knew how upset Linda was whenever she emerged from the daily consultations with Tony but had never suspected he might be taking advantage of her.

"I didn't have any choice," Linda sobbed. "He told me he'd fire me if I didn't do it. I don't have a diploma. I'm a single mother with no other income. Oh damn, I feel so..."

"It's all right, Linda," Lydia cut in. "I know all that. I watched the disgusting video's Robert made. In one of them you begged Tony to stop forcing you and he laughed at you. You were an unfortunate victim. Please notice I said WERE. I can guarantee that not only will you never have to do that to Tony again, no one will ever do that to Tony again. If anything, he'll be the one doing it."

The women all looked at Lydia in surprise. They could tell by the vehemence in her voice that she was not just spouting off. A chill went up their spines as the wondered what she'd done. Visions of Lorena Bobbit sprang into their minds.

"Tony sat with me in Olivia's office as Robert spouted off," Lydia stated. "He didn't try to deny anything and even confessed to his weakness. Olivia has a close relationship with Dr. Trate whom I mentioned earlier. I'm sure you've heard of her good reputation as a plastic surgeon, endocrinologist, and Hypnotherapist. Well, Dr. Trate has an interesting side line that matches her name quite well and fit in perfectly with disciplining both Tony and Robert. Now what do think Dr. Cassandra Trate's side line might be? Just think of what a good disciplinary procedure Dr. Cass Trate could employ."

The women gasped as they realized what Lydia was getting at. "Oh my," Linda gasped. "Cass Trate... Castrate. You don't mean..."

"It's even more than that," Lydia replied with a smug grin. "Dr. Trate not only castrates males, she does complete sex-change surgery and does plastic surgery to totally feminize the male. Tony ceased to exist early this morning. My sister-in law Tonia Waters was born at the same time. Tonia is currently in the hospital recovering from rather extensive surgery. She'll be joining Water's Systems in a month."

The women looked at Lydia with disbelief and more than a bit of admiration. All had been sexually victimized by unscrupulous males. They'd all wished they could find a suitable punishment for those men. But they had never considered forcing the male to become a woman.

"Tony agreed to this," Linda asked incredulously.

"Let's watch a video," Lydia replied. "Bobbi Jo, please put this tape in the VCR."

Bobbi Jo whimpered as he took the tape and plugged it into the VCR. Now he'd see his father's final humiliation and demise. It was all the worse because he had caused the entire debacle.

"I'm sure you've been wondering who this sweet little girl is," Lydia explained as Bobbi Jo carried out the orders. "She used to be my bratty twelve year old son, Robert. Now she's my ten year old prissy daughter. She'll have her sex-change surgery on Sunday. Bobbi Jo, please look directly at the nice ladies and smile as you show them how nicely you can curtsey."

The women gasped in total awe as they watched the cute girl turn and force a sickly smile as she executed a perfect dainty curtsey. They now recognized her as Robert and understood the girl's timid behavior. There was no trace of the former hellion they had known and dreaded.

Bobbi Jo completed his curtsey and scurried to his mother's side. He was totally upset and embarrassed yet was becoming strangely numb to the agony.

Everyone watched the damning video of Robert bragging about his father's exploits followed by Tony's ordeal and final collapse in the dressing room. The video ended with Tony being sedated and wheeled out of the room by the orderlies.

"Now you know that Tony begged to be transformed into a woman," Lydia added softly. "Despite all the bad things he did, I still love him. Tonia and I may become lesbian lovers. As you saw, he was tormented by his masculine urges and unable to control himself. I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive Tony and accept Tonia. I would like you all to stay on. Please remember my offer to share the profits. If you find you can't accept this, you'll have one month before she begins to work here. I'll see to it that you get four weeks severance pay and a good recommendation."

The three women exchanged looks of confusion. "I don't know if I can work with Tony," Linda replied. "I like the job and I would like to stay, but if he looks like a guy in drag, I just don't know." The others nodded their agreement.

"Tony doesn't exist," Lydia reaffirmed. "Tonia will appear to be Tony's sister. Dr. Trate has promised that Tonia will be totally feminine with no trace of male left in her. You can see how girlish Bobbi Jo appears and she has had no surgery, just a change of clothes and attitude. If you want to try working with Tonia, do so. My severance offer will still apply."

"Does Dr. Trate do a lot of these sex-changes," Jane asked.

"Yes," Lydia answered. "Although she doesn't advertize it. In fact, she actually gets off transforming guys into gals. The more chauvinistic a guy is, the more she enjoys turning him into his own wet dream. She has enough males brought in for the treatments by word of mouth to keep her happy."

"So you're Bobbi Jo now," Linda said as she looked at the timid girl. "I want to thank you for getting me out of the mess I'd allowed myself to get into. You certainly do make a pretty girl. If I hadn't known you as a bratty boy, I'd swear you had always been a sweet girl. But tell me, how do you feel about becoming a girl?"

"You can speak honestly," Lydia informed Bobbi Jo when he hesitated.

"I'm really not sure," Bobbi Jo finally confessed sheepishly. "I really hated it at first, but now that it's happening, it's not as bad as I thought. Some parts of being a girl seem pretty nice, but I still want to be a boy. I didn't realize how bad I was before all this happened. I was just doing what most other guys do. I never thought that teasing and pranks could hurt a person. Most of us guys think that if you're not hurt physically, you're not really hurt. That's why we tease. It's not that we're trying to be nasty, we just don't understand. I don't want to become a girl, but I know now that I have to do whatever Mommy wants me to do so I guess I have to become a girl."

"Yes, Bobbi Jo, you do have to become a girl," Lydia stated firmly. "As for your explanation about why boys tease, it's pretty accurate. Boys are stubborn, chauvinistic, and self-centered. It's easier for them to pull others down to their level than it is to pull themselves up. So they tease and torment anyone that's different. That's why it takes a good dose of Petticoat Discipline to straighten a boy out and open his eyes."

"Petticoat discipline, what's that," Barbara asked.

"Petticoat Discipline is a punishment from the Victorian era," Lydia explained. "All too often we write off a boy's bad behavior and uncouth manners as just part of being a boy and make no effort to correct them. I was guilty of that. But no more. In Petticoat Discipline a boy or even a tomboy who is disobedient, disrespectful, naughty, or just wild, is forced to dress in a very prissy girlish fashion. The mode of dress alone embarrasses the child into behaving in order to end the punishment. When used to full effect, the child undergoing Petticoat Discipline must also behave in a manner appropriate for their mode of dress. Often, the punishment will continue until the child learns to dress themselves and the proper behavior becomes second nature. As you can see by Bobbi Jo, who was only subjected to Petticoat Discipline yesterday evening, it is quite effective. Petticoat Discipline works so quickly and effectively because it denies a boy everything he feels he needs to be a boy. Some people use Petticoat Discipline to publicly humiliate a boy by having people realize he's a boy in girl's clothes. While Dr. Trate, Olivia Childress, Hillary Balkut, and others use the threat of public exposure to force the Petticoated boy to cooperate, they do not like doing so. They feel such exposure to ridicule reduces the effectiveness of Petticoat Discipline to the level of loutish masculine behavior. I heartily agree with that view. In fact, I'm so delighted with the results of Petticoat Discipline that I intend to keep Bobbi Jo in skirts. That's why I've decided to turn him into a girl."

The women were silent as they absorbed all this new information. They kept looking at Bobbi Jo, marveling in the total transformation that had taken place. Obviously Petticoat Discipline was highly effective. They were delighted to have the prankster out of their hair. Bobbi Jo already looked and behaved like a demure girl. They thought it was a bit of poetic justice that he had been reduced to a ten year old girl. While they liked the concept of Petticoat Discipline, they wondered if forcing Bobbi Jo to become a girl was a bit of overkill. On the other hand, from their own personal experiences combined with what they saw on the video tape, they felt little compassion towards Tony's coerced transformation. In their opinion he was getting what he deserved. They knew they'd have to wait until Tonia joined the firm to see if they could accept the new woman. Each woman found herself wondering if a bit of Petticoat Discipline would remedy the behavior of the irascible males in their lives.

This was particularly true for Linda. Her irascible eight year old son was getting to be quite a handful. In fact, just yesterday he'd just been thrown out of his third after school daycare. Linda bitterly realized that little Tommy Jr. was growing up much like his father. Linda grew angry as she slipped into the bitter memories of her past.

Linda had been a shy, naive fifteen year old girl. Due to her strict parents, she was innocent of the ways of the world. At the start of her freshman year in high school she had been a shy plain Jane type girl. By Christmas, she'd blossomed into a cute giggly teenage girl. Tommy Harris had been a handsome senior, the big man on campus. Captain of the football, basketball, and baseball teams, he had all the girls eager to be seen on his arm. The girls quickly learned the cost of being seen on his arm was time in the backseat of his car. Then to make matters worse he'd then accuse the girl of being a slut and dump her. Many reputations were ruined. Thus, by Christmas, no self-respecting junior or senior girl would go near him.

It was then he set his eyes on innocent Linda. Just feeling her hormones, she was flattered by his overtures and attention. When he asked her out, she demurred saying she would not be allowed to date until she turned sixteen. Tommy coaxed and begged her, telling her he was going to kill himself if she didn't go out with him. Linda stupidly believed him and begged her parents to allow her to date him. They not only refused, they forbid her to even see the boy in school. Linda was devastated and tried to avoid Tommy but he pursued her and finally cornered her. She confessed her parents strictness and broke down in tears of frustration.

Tommy comforted her and cooed that she was his one true love and that her parents simply wanted to keep her as a little girl forever. Then he told her that he couldn't live without her and that he was going down to the bridge over the river that night, and if she didn't show up by midnight, he'd jump in and drown himself. Linda foolishly believed him and tearfully begged him not to kill himself. He told her that if he didn't show up for school the next morning, she'd know he'd done it and that she would be the one responsible.

That night Linda slipped from her home and ran to the bridge. She breathlessly arrived at ten of twelve to see Tommy sitting on the rail in the center of the span with his legs dangling over the water. She'd screamed for him to stop and ran up to him. Half an hour later, she was deflowered in the back seat of his car. Fifteen minutes later a very confused and bewildered Linda was sneaking back into her home.

The loud exhaust on Tommy's car had disrupted the quiet of the normally still night, awakening Linda's parents when he stopped in front of their home and then sped off. When they heard her climbing the stairs, they investigated. One look at Linda's torn dress and bloody thighs and they knew what had happened. Bellows of rage, accusations of being a harlot filled the night. Linda begged for a chance to explain but they refused to listen. Actually, her father refused to listen. Her mother could not listen as she had no choice but to follow her husbands every demand.

Linda's life became shear hell. Her parents treated her like a whore barely tolerating her presence. Tommy betrayed her loyalty and sacrifice by bragging about taking advantage of the cute dumb girl so that soon everyone in town knew what had happened. All the guys tried to hit on her. When her parents found out she was pregnant, they threw her out of the house. Naturally Tommy denied being the father and arranged for several of his buddies to say they too had sex with the young girl. Fortunately, the good sister's at St. Patrick's took her in and found a safe home for unwed mothers where she had her child, a son she named Tommy after his father. She refused to put him up for adoption since the infant was the only family she now had. She vowed to raise Tommy to be a good, respectful boy. She vowed to never risk becoming pregnant again. She vowed to never allow herself to marry a demanding, unyielding man like her father.

Tommy Harris refused to acknowledge fatherhood and thus never paid a dime of child support. Linda never formally pursued the matter because she was ashamed to reveal how innocent and naive she had been. Linda took any job she could get and worked her fingers to the bone. Every man she met saw her as a nice dumb piece of meat. She quickly learned that certain sexual favors had to be given to her male employers to get and keep a good job. Most of the men had accepted oral favors. When they demanded more, she switched jobs, determined never to give another man the chance of making her pregnant. Tony Waters had been no exception although he had paid her the best.

Now as her sexually abused life flashed back, she found herself wondering if she could use Petticoat Discipline on her son Tommy. She also wondered if Dr. Trate could somehow repay that bastard Tommy Harris for what he'd done to her and countless other females.

Linda came out her reverie to find Jane and Barbara had left the office and Lydia and Bobbi Jo patiently waiting. "I'm sorry," Linda apologized. "I guess I spaced out a bit."

"There's no need to apologize," Lydia replied. "After all that I've revealed, especially your intimate involvement in certain aspects, spacing out is understandable. Linda, I want to apologize for what Tony forced you to do. I don't blame you in the least and I fully understand why you did what you did and why you kept silent. I'm guilty of the same things. I allowed Tony to sexually abuse me and control my life, only I did it under the guise of marriage."

Just then there came a hurried knock on the office door and a blonde headed boy poked his head in the room. "Mom, I'm here," Tommy Fritz announced. Then after seeing that only his mother, Lydia, and a shy girl were in the room he swaggered inside, never bothering to ask permission.

"Tommy Fritz," Linda scolded the surprised boy. "Where are your manners? Did anyone give you permission to come into the room? What if we'd have been in a meeting with a big customer? You could have ruined a big business deal."

"That's why I looked first," Tommy explained totally confused by his mother's ire. "When I didn't see Mr. Water's, I just figured you were gabbing with Mrs. Henry."

"Just gabbing, huh," Linda berated her son. "So you're saying what women talk about isn't important and you can just barge in without even an EXCUSE ME. That is extremely rude."

"I didn't say that," Tommy complained. "Geeze, you never got upset with me before."

"That was because I was hoping you'd wise up on your own," Linda chided. "But I can see my hopes were wasted. You are rude, arrogant, and have no respect for women. Just yesterday afternoon during your parent/teacher conference your teacher told me how you tease the girls at school and refuse to let them join you and the other boys when you play ball."

"But all the guys do that," Tommy replied defensively. "We don't want to some prissy girls playing with us guys!"

"So you don't want anything to do with prissy girls and tease them to boot," Lydia interrupted. "I suppose you wouldn't want to play with Bobbi Jo," she added as she put her arm on Bobbi Jo's trembling shoulder. "What could a sweet girl like her, or any other nice girl for that matter, ever have done to you to warrant such demeaning chauvinistic behavior?"

"Well she hasn't really done anything," Tommy replied defensively as he looked at the shy girl for the first time. There was something strangely familiar about her, as if he'd seen her before, but he knew he'd never met her. "But girls like her are always a pain because they go crying as soon as they get bumped or we yell a bit. If a girl wants to play with the boys, then she has to play like the boys. That means playing rough and getting bumped around."

Bobbi Jo just kept his head lowered and his hands demurely folded behind his back throughout the exchange. His nervousness was getting to him. For the past few years, he'd been bullying Tommy, bossing the younger boy around and lording it over him. Now, in his present Petticoated condition, if Tommy recognized him, he'd be teased to no end. Now he understood how cruel he'd been to Allie and Jamie outside the toy store. In an effort to calm his nearly shattered nerves, Bobbi Jo moved closer to his mother and began to twist his body back and forth at his hips in the fashion children do when nervous. This caused his skirt to swirl out and back with each gyration which created a naughtily delightful tickling as the lace hem of his slip brushed his thighs. The soft girlish swishing noise seemed to fill the room with noise during gaps in the conversation.

"Did you ever think that perhaps it would more fun to play without being so rough," Linda asked. "Bobbi Jo, do you like playing rough and tumble games with boys?"

"N... no," Bobbi Jo responded softly in a barely audible whisper.

Tommy didn't like the direction the conversation was going as he finally realized he was being set up. With more than a bit of irritation Tommy looked closely at the girl as she responded. It was just like a prissy girl to put down boys. Up until now her behavior had seemed typical of a prissy girl although she seemed a bit reluctant to take the stand she had taken. Maybe until recently she had been a tomboy. In his own boyish arrogance he had to admit that she was cute in her prissy gingham dress. Still, there was something eerily familiar about her but he just couldn't put his finger on what it was that created that feeling. Then he began to wonder who she might be. She seemed to be just a few years older than himself and was obviously very close to Mrs. Waters. Yet he knew the Waters had only one child, Robert. Just who was this timid Bobbi Jo? More importantly, could he boss her around? As long as she stayed this close to Mrs. Waters, he'd never have the chance.

Those thoughts led to similar thoughts of boyish domination and submission. Tommy smiled with a bit of satisfaction that he had only had a half day of school yesterday and today because of parent teacher conferences. Since Robert was in seventh grade, he had to go the whole day. Whenever Robert was near Tommy, the older boy had always been a bossy bully. Tommy grew miffed as he recalled Robert telling Tommy to shut up and do as he was told or he'd have his father fire his mother. Tommy knew how dependant they were on his mother's job. That combined with the fact that Robert could physically overpower Tommy led the younger lad to always cave in to Robert's demands.

"Well, Tommy's obvious already a male chauvinist piglet" Lydia declared as she shook her head. "Bobbi Jo, Linda and I have more things to discuss before we leave. Here's five dollars," Lydia stated as she handed the petticoated lad some money. "Why don't you and Tommy go down to the drugstore and buy some sodas?"

Tommy was delighted at the prospect of going for sodas even if it meant going with a prissy girl.

"Mommy," Bobbi Jo gasped in shock as he stared in disbelief at his mother.

Tommy was a bit confused at Bobbi Jo's obvious repugnance of Mrs. Waters suggestion. Why would anyone not want to go for sodas?

"I don't want to go out without you," Bobbi Jo whined as he gave his mother a look of panic.

"Young lady, you will do as you're told," Lydia announced firmly. "Now take Tommy for a soda."

"Yeah, let's go," Tommy demanded. "Stop acting like such a prissy goody two shoes." In his excitement to get out of the bothersome conversation with his mother and the prospect of a soda, Tommy didn't register that Bobbi Jo had called Mrs. Waters MOMMY.

Bobbi Jo looked helplessly at his mother, realizing that she was forcing him to take Tommy for sodas. There was no way he wanted to be alone with Tommy. Yet he knew he had no choice. Meekly he took the money and quickly headed for the door as he tried to stop himself from bursting into tears. If he could just stay ahead of Tommy, hopefully the younger boy would not recognize him as his former nemesis.

"Miss Bobbi Jo Waters," Lydia intoned stopping the fleeing boy/girl in his tracks. "I will not have my daughter running around like a tomboy. Those days are over for you. A proper young miss walks sedately at all times. I also expect you to hold hands with Tommy. Is that clear, young lady?"

Tommy's ears now perked up and he frowned, looking closely at Bobbi Jo. Mrs. Waters had just said that Bobbi Jo was her daughter. With that revelation he recalled that Bobbi Jo had called her MOMMY. That meant Bobbi Jo had be Robert's sister. That would explain why Tommy thought the cute girl looked familiar. But Robert was an only child. Tommy was totally confused. Before he could ruminate further, his mother interrupted his thought process.

"Tommy, I expect you to be a good boy and hold hands with Bobbi Jo until you return," Linda curtly ordered.

"Hold hands with a sissy girl," Tommy questioned in a shocked tone obviously completely repulsed by the idea of holding hands that his conjecture about Bobbi Jo's relationship with Robert and Mrs. Waters were forgotten. "No way!"

Bobbi Jo wanted to melt into the floor. It was traumatic enough that he was dressed and expected to behave like a prissy girl. His beleaguered self esteem was thoroughly humiliated by being classified as a sissy girl with whom no self respecting boy would want to be seen holding hands. The petticoated lad could no longer hold back his tears

"Tommy Fritz," Linda scolded. "You will apologize to Bobbi Jo at once."

Tommy wanted to lash out but knew enough that when a boy made a prissy girl cry, he was in deep trouble. Barely controlling his anger he hung his head in mock shame to gain a bit of time.

"Come to mommy," Lydia cooed to her crying pseudo-daughter as she held out her arms.

Bobbi Jo stepped into his mother's comforting embrace. Her concerned love tempered his anguish and reassured him that everything would be all right. The tears stopped almost instantly. It felt nice to be hugged. Despite his boyish angst, he realized that being a girl had other benefits besides the pretty clothing. As a boy he could have never allowed himself to cry. As a girl the incessant pressure boys feel to never appear like a weak sissy was gone. Now that he was becoming a girl he could freely cry or even giggle. If only Tommy wasn't still in the room, things might almost be nice.

Suddenly Bobbi Jo stiffened. What was happening to him? Why was he looking for reasons to be glad about being forced to become a girl? A wave of nausea swept over him as he realized he was betraying his boyhood. It was all Tommy's fault, he’d made him cry! Anger against Tommy flared within his heart. Tommy was the one teasing him, treating him as if he already were a real girl!

As quickly as the anger flared, it dissipated, replaced by compassion and pity for Tommy. As far as Tommy knew, Bobbi Jo was a real girl. Tommy was only doing what any red-blooded boy would do in a similar situation. Tommy was just being a dumb boy teasing a prissy girl.

That thought further chilled Bobbi Jo. What was happening to him? Why were his emotions becoming so jumbled? One moment he felt like an indignant boy being humiliated beyond belief by his Petticoat Discipline. The next he felt like the prissy girl he appeared to be. Then in between he felt almost disconnected from either reality to see things from another perspective. The constant switches were making him dizzy as his mind swirled in confusion.

On one hand he was already sometimes beginning to think and feel like a girl, thinking that boys were dumb. Looking at things from his enforced girlishness, he could see that boys were dumb. They were dumb because they were so hung up on being male they forgot to be human. Life as boy was hellish because a boy always has to keep up his guard and appear tough and hard lest he be though of as a sissy.

Then his boyish indignation once more flared. Bobbi Jo was crushed enough to know he could not undo his Petticoat Discipline. He was stuck being a petticoated boy. There was no way he could lash out at Tommy without dire consequences yet his shattered masculinity demanded retribution against the boy who was forcing him to confront his petticoated reality. What angered Bobbi Jo was that it just didn't seem fair that he was being forced to give up his boyhood while Tommy kept his boyhood. Tommy should be forced to become a girl too.

That sparked a determination to use his enforced feminization to ensnare Tommy in the same deadly petticoated web. Collecting himself as best he could, Bobbi Jo kissed his mother on the cheek. "Thank you, mommy," he stated in a soft girlish voice. "I really needed a hug.," he added after he gave his surprised mother a peck on the cheek. Then while staying firmly in his mother's embrace, he looked directly at Tommy. Wrinkling his nose he stuck out his tongue like a true prissy mommy's girl. "You were right, mommy," he added prissily. "Boys can be such a bother."

Lydia had been pleased when Bobbi Jo so willingly accepted her offer of a hug when he'd broken into tears. It felt so good to protectively cuddle her sweet daughter. Once the tears stopped, she could feel Bobbi Jo alternately tensing and relaxing as he went through what she knew had to be a tremendous amount of emotional turmoil. She was surprised by his peck on the cheek. Bobbi Jo's entire stance and expression was one of dainty girlishness, a sight she had not seen nor even expected he was capable of as of yet. The cute wrinkled nose and stuck out tongue seemed quite in tune with Bobbi Jo's sudden girlishness as did his words of condemnation for boys. But it only took a minute until she realized what the little scamp was doing. Since he obviously could not beat up Tommy like he'd have done if he was still in jeans, he was going to provoke Tommy into doing something that would result in his being subjected to Petticoat Discipline.

Linda was amazed by Bobbi Jo's apparent capitulation to his newly enforced girlhood. He seemed so daintily girlish. Thoughts of doing the same to Tommy danced in her mind.

Tommy became livid when he saw Bobbi Jo stick out his tongue and condemn boys. All thought of apologizing as his mother had instructed fled his mind, as did the possible consequences of disobeying his mother. "Why you little bitch," Tommy hissed as he balled his fists and stepped towards Bobbi Jo.

Bobbi Jo, playing his plotted prissy girl role to perfection, squealed with mock terror and cowered with girlish jitterishness against his mother.

"Tommy Fritz," Linda snapped as she grabbed his arm. Her fury almost overwhelmed her restraint. "How dare you call Bobbi Jo that horrid name. You are in BIG trouble, young man... very big trouble!"

Tommy was jerked back to reality by his mother's restraint and scolding. Suddenly he realized that he'd been played for a fool by Bobbi Jo. She'd set him up to do what he did and he'd stupidly played right into her plot. How stupid can I be, he berated himself.

"Linda, it's not entirely Tommy's fault," Lydia replied as she slipped an arm firmly about Bobbi Jo. "My darling little sissy intentionally provoked Tommy, didn't you young lady?"

Bobbi Jo's faux cowering from Tommy suddenly turned to chilling fear. Knowing he had to confess or face even more horrendous punishment than he already faced, Bobbi Jo sagged forlornly and hung his head in shame. "Yes, mommy, I did try to make him be bad. I'm sorry."

Tommy was now quite confused. A boy certainly never would have confessed to being caught red-handed in a mischievous plot. Why were girls so dumb?

With Lydia's pronouncement and Bobbi Jo's admission and apology, Linda wasn't sure how to proceed. "That still doesn't excuse Tommy's vulgar language," Linda intoned.

"I thoroughly agree," Lydia stated. "Tommy, I'm afraid you have a case of terminal masculinity. My son Robert and husband Tony died just yesterday because of that condition.

Tommy was shocked to learn of the deaths. Like most eight year old boys, he had no idea what to say. His immediate concern was for himself. He knew that terminal meant end, as in fatal or dying. He also knew that masculinity meant boy or man. If this terminal masculinity had killed Tony and Robert, it would probably kill him. "Mommy, I don't want to die," he begged his mother in near hysteria. "Please do something!"

"I might do something if you apologize to Bobbi Jo for being so rude and apologize to all of us for using such vulgar language," Linda replied curtly going along with Lydia's ploy.

"Please, Bobbi Jo, forgive me or being so rude," Tommy pleaded as he dropped to his knees and faced Bobbi Jo. Then he looked at his mother and Lydia. "Please forgive me for using bad language. I promise to be good from now on."

"I think we can accept that apology," Lydia declared. "If you're a good boy and hold Bobbi Jo's hand while you go for sodas."

Tommy looked crestfallen and confused. There were simply too many different things going on for him to make any sense of anything. The only thing about which he was certain was that he kept getting into trouble and it was all because of Bobbi Jo. "All right," Tommy capitulated unhappily.

"Very good," Lydia stated. "Bobbi Jo, take Tommy's hand and go. We expect you back here in fifteen minutes. Is that clear young lady?"

"Yes, mommy," Bobbi Jo replied softly as he tentatively reached for Tommy's hand as he headed for the door. "Come on, Tommy, let's go."

Tommy reluctantly put his hand in Bobbi Jo's hand. It was clearly evident that neither child wanted to hold hands, yet they obediently did so. Bobbi Jo led the way making every effort to stay in front of Tommy. At first Tommy was content to stay behind Bobbi Jo as he didn't want it to appear as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Then he realized that it looked as if he were a small child being led about by his hand. This infuriated Tommy and he scurried to catch up. Side by side they entered the store to get their drinks. When the clerk asked for their order Tommy butted in and ordered before Bobbi Jo could speak. Bobbi Jo grew even more upset with the little twerp. As soon as they were served, Tommy began to leave. Bobbi Jo had to scurry to catch up to him.

"Hey, Fritz-head, we're supposed to be holding hands," Bobbi Jo called after him with growing fear for the possible consequences as he reached out for Tommy's hand. "We'll get into trouble if we're not holding hands but you'll get into a lot more trouble than me if you don't."

The only person who ever called Tommy FRITZ-HEAD was Robert. Robert had discovered that Tommy was super-sensitive to that derogatory nickname and used it to get Tommy worked up. Not only that, but it had been said in Robert's voice.

Tommy stopped in his tracks and turned to face Robert only to find Bobbi Jo. His stop was so abrupt that Bobbi Jo almost ran into him. Tommy looked closely at Bobbi Jo with a penetrating glare. Bobbi Jo grew pale and stepped back.

Suddenly everything clicked into place. Bobbi Jo was Robert! No wonder Bobbi Jo had called Mrs. Waters Mommy! What was Robert, who prided himself for always such a tough guy, doing not only dressed as a girl but even behaving like a girl? Then again, Mrs. Waters had said that Bobbi Jo was her daughter. She'd also said that Robert was dead. Did that mean that somehow Mrs. Waters was forcing Robert to become Bobbi Jo? Tommy's mouth dropped open as he stared at Bobbi Jo. It took a moment of close scrutiny but he realized the pretty girl was indeed his former nemesis. Robert was dressed as a prissy girl! Robert was the biggest sissy he had ever seen!

"You’re Robert," Tommy laughed aloud as he pointed at Bobbi Jo who began to back away from him in terror and humiliation. "So Mr. Tough Guy turns out to be the biggest sissy that ever lived! You are such a faggot. Come on, little girl, show me your pretty panties!"

Bobbi Jo squealed in terror and turned to flee as Tommy reached out to grab his skirt. Bobbi Jo felt his entire life go up in smoke as he felt utter humiliation and desperation knowing that his enforced girlhood had been discovered. Never had he felt so humiliated and helpless. He felt like a prissy girl fleeing from a teasing bully boy.

Tommy laughed uproariously as he chased Bobbi Jo down the street while the fake girl screamed in fear. He could have easily caught Bobbi Jo, but chose instead to prolong the sissy boy's agony by keeping just one step behind. People passing by saw the chase and thought it was simply a case of a rowdy boy teasing a prissy girl. The guys chuckled while the females fumed.

No one noticed the a breeze suddenly appear in the alley that bisected the street. As the swirling wind grew in strength, it swept up several leaves and discarded papers as it rose into small tornado like vortex. It wasn't until the swirling funnel cloud leaped from the alley to land directly behind the fleeing Bobbi Jo who felt the swirling breeze hit his trailing foot. The wind quickly engulfed Tommy as he pursued the fleeing false girl. Tommy stumbled to a halt and flailed his arms about to fend off the swirling debris. Bobbi Jo stopped and turned to look at the strange wind. A chill went up and down his spine as he recalled a similar mini-tornado suddenly appear and engulf him outside the toy store when he'd been teasing Allie and Jamie.

Bobbi Jo swore the rustling sound of the debris formed whispered words that he could hear, almost like some bizarre spooky magic spell.

"By your wish Heather, druidic power hired;
let teasing Tommy Fritz a girl be rewired;

To stay a boy he is no longer desired;
so nature, let this lad from boyhood be fired;
soon as a girl he'll be happily attired!"

Bobbi Jo shivered and fled into the building that housed Water's Systems. Everyone looked up as the shaken pseudo girl stumbled inside the showroom. Lydia and Linda rushed forward since it was obvious that something had spooked the frightened Bobbi Jo. They also worried about Tommy who was no where to be seen.

Bobbi Jo flung himself into his mother's arms and began to cry and blurt out that Tommy had teased him and chased him down the street after discovering his masquerade. While Lydia comforted her nearly hysterical child a very furious Linda headed for the door to search for Tommy. Just as she reached the door the dirty bedraggled boy stumbled inside. Leaves and bits of paper were caught in his hair. Dirt was smeared on his forehead and cheeks and his shirt was pulled from his jeans. Linda's anger turned to concern. Even on his worst days, Tommy could never get that filthy that quickly. She knelt before Tommy and began to check him over as a grandmotherly type woman rushed inside.

"Is he all right," the concerned woman asked as she looked at Tommy and Bobbi Jo. "I saw this boy chasing that girl down the sidewalk and just as I was going to stop him a miniature tornado appeared out of the alley and seemed to jump between them and ensnare the boy. He stumbled about swatting at the wind as it bounced him about for at least thirty seconds. Then the tornado disappeared as quicky as it appeared. I saw the girl head in here and before I could get to the boy he stumbled after her. I just followed to see if he was all right."

"Thank you for your concern," Linda replied as she checked the dazed lad. "He's all right. But he won't be for long. How many times have I told you not tease girls? I promised myself when you were born that I would never allow you to grow up to be a macho jerk like your father. I will keep that promise no matter what I have to do. You are in BIG trouble, young man, BIG TROUBLE."

"Ahh... you won't hurt Tommy will you," the woman asked as she turned beet red.

"It's none of your business what I do with my son," Linda declared with great vehemence. "Just how do you know his name?"

"I... ah... I...," the woman blushed even darker. Then she closed her eyes and squeezed her hands into fists. Her entire body trembled as she fought for self-control. As she calmed down, tears trickled from her eyes. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have interfered. I'm just a silly old woman, forgive me. I'll leave now."

"Wait," Lydia called out. "I can tell you're not a silly old woman. You really care about Tommy. Why?"

The woman bit her lip and dabbed the tears from her eyes. "Please, hear me out before you tell me to leave," she began. "I followed Tommy here from school. I do that almost every day. Up until today, it's as close as I've been able to get to him. I'm not some child molester or anything like that. Tommy is my grandson."

Tommy looked up at the woman quizzically. Linda looked surprised, then her face clouded. "You're the mother of Tommy Harris," she stated in an accusatory tone.

"Yes, I'm Ellen Harris. I don't blame you for hating me," Ellen Harris declared. "I'm so sorry for what Tommy did to you and all those other girls. My late husband backed Tommy to the hilt and I was never allowed to doubt what Tommy told us. It's only been since last year when my husband died that I've discovered how nasty Tommy has been. I never suspected he was such a womanizer. I know of at least eight girls that had abortions. I thank God that you were the only girl he ever made pregnant that had the child. I've wanted to meet you and thank you for being so courageous to raise your child alone but I've been too ashamed to do so. I've been following your son for the last few months, trying to see what he was like. I know you’re doing your best to raise him, but what I've seen is that he is all too much like his father was at this age. A teasing young hellion. That's why I was going to try to stop him from teasing this young girl. I know this is probably too late to really mean anything to you, but I am truly sorry for all that Tommy did to you. I want to help you and your Tommy. I'd like to get to know both of you. But if you tell me to get out, I'll understand."

Linda softened as the woman spoke. It was clear that she spoke from her heart. "I'm glad to finally meet you," Linda stated as she stood up. "If you truly meant what you just said about helping and getting to know us, I'll welcome you. But, Tommy is my child and I will make the decisions. I will not have you going against my wishes and disrupting our lives."

"I'll do my best to abide by your desires," Ellen said with grateful tears. "Please let me know if you feel I'm disrupting your handling of Tommy and I'll step back."

Linda stepped forward and gave Ellen a hug. Then she stepped back. "My parents threw me out when they discovered I was pregnant. My mother wanted to help, but my father refused. I understand how a domineering macho man can control his wife. My mother had to die to free herself from my father's control. You were lucky."

"Where is my father," Tommy asked.

"Right now he's in jail," Ellen replied. "He was caught dealing drugs. He's not worth your time."

"Which brings me back to you, young man," Linda turned to her errant son. "You, my dear son, are about to die."

Tommy's eyes grew wide with fear. Ellen gasped. "I know I said I wouldn't cut in on your authority, but..."

"She's not going to kill Tommy," Lydia cut in with a chuckle. "She's going to kill off her son, not her child."

Tommy and Ellen both looked confused.

"Ellen, perhaps you'd be interested in knowing that my sweet daughter Bobbi Jo, whom Tommy was chasing and tormenting, was up until yesterday my nasty son Robert," Lydia stated as she patted Bobbi Jo on the head.

"MOMMY," Bobbi Jo squealed in horror as he turned beet red. "You said you wouldn't tell anyone!"

"I said I wouldn't humiliate you by publicly revealing who you were," Lydia corrected as she looked directly into Bobbi Jo's eyes. "Now, young lady, as punishment for your outburst, you just go stand in the corner by the door."

Bobbi Jo was properly put in place by the polite scolding. However, he couldn't understand why his mother had blatantly winked at him when she sent him to stand in the corner by the door. It seemed as if she was merely sending him to stand in the corner as a show of power rather than as a real punishment. Perhaps it was meant to intimidate Tommy. That had to be it, at least he hoped that was the case.

"Yesterday I met a group of enlightened women," Lydia explained as she turned to Ellen and Linda. "They feel that males are too controlled by their testosterone. Those males who have little control over their actions, particularly those with conceited chauvinistic outlooks, should be eliminated. Now they do not want to kill these males, but to re-educate them. The best way to do this is through strict Petticoat Discipline. Often this involves forcing the offending male to undergo a complete sex-change and become a female. That's what I'm doing to Bobbi Jo. My husband underwent sex-change surgery late last night. That's what Linda means when she says that Tommy is going to die. Tommy the boy will die... but the child will live... as a girl."

"It took meeting Grace Henry and Olivia Childress yesterday to open my eyes," Lydia explained. "I haven't met Dr. Cassandra Trate yet, but I have spoken to her on the phone. She is one remarkable woman and the mover behind this philosophy of strict Petticoat Discipline. She's made arrangements with Mother Superior Murphy at St. Patrick's Parochial School to accept any student who is changing their sex. The school accepts the boy's records from his old school and alters them to indicate the child has always been a girl. All our lives are going to change. We're going to take control of our lives. No longer will we kow-tow to arrogant males. We'll put those women's lib people to shame with what we do. I want you to join me, to join Grace, to join Olivia, to join Hillary Balkut, and to join Dr. Trate in establishing a new way of handling chauvinistic males. Are you willing to do it?"

"I think I see what you mean," Ellen agreed as she surveyed Bobbi Jo's demure appearance. "So you were Robert Waters. I saw you teasing Tommy several times, You were quite a nasty bully. If this is the change that only one day makes, I heartily agree. Linda, please don't take offence to this, but my grandson is not the kind of grandchild about whom a grandmother would like to brag. Now if instead I had a sweet granddaughter, that would be most delightful."

"Yes, I am more than willing to do it," Linda replied with fierce determination. "I take no offense to what you've said, Ellen. In fact, I heartily agree with your assessment. I have one particular male in mind who would benefit from strict Petticoat Discipline. Isn't that right, TAMMY?"

Tommy cowered away from his mother and grandmother. He didn't like their crazy idea about killing off boys and turning them into girls. It seemed ridiculously impossible. But one look at Bobbi Jo meekly standing in the corner by the door told him it was all too possible.

Bobbi Jo smiled when she saw Tommy's nervous glance at him. Tommy was going to be turned into a girl! Now he understood why his mother sent him to stand in the corner by the door. A mischievous smiled played across his girlish lips as he kept a close eye on Tommy.

"I'm sure if I'd have known about this Petticoat Discipline and had been able to implement it on my son, he would not be in jail today," Ellen stated. "You said your husband just had a sex-change operation. Did he want to do it?"

"No, but he had no choice," Lydia explained. "I had him trapped."

"Tommy is due to get out of jail in two weeks," Ellen declared. "He'll be coming home to me to sponge until he remakes his connections in the drug world. He'll either end up in jail again or dead. Do you think this group of women can help kill my son and save my child?"

"That should be no problem at all," Lydia stated. "I'm sure arrangements can be made."

"Linda, I'd like you and my granddaughter to move in with me," Ellen offered. "I have plenty of room and it'd be easier for Tammy to begin her life in a new environment. I'll pay her tuition to attend St. Patrick's Parochial School."

"No way," Tommy yelled as he bolted for the door. "You're not going to turn me into a sissy!"

Linda and Ellen were caught by surprise as the boy made for the door. The realized he would get out before they could reach him. Lydia wasn't in the least worried. In fact, she smiled as she saw Bobbi Jo daintily slip a Mary Jane clad foot across the doorway just as Tommy pushed open the door. The surprised boy tripped and fell face first across the threshold. His mother and grandmother were on him before he could get to his feet. As the two women unceremoniously dragged him back inside, Bobbi Jo stood in the corner with his hands demurely folded looking quite angelic.

"Good girl," Lydia declared as she held out her arms.

Bobbi Jo smiled happily and scurried in a delightful swirl of skirts to the warm hug. It felt so good to be praised and hugged. Being a girl wasn't going to be so bad after all. However, on glancing at Tommy, she wilted guiltily from his damning glare.

"Tommy, Bobbi Jo did what I expected her to do when I sent her to stand by the door," Lydia explained to the cowed lad. "I knew you'd foolishly try to run away so I purposely made you think I was punishing her by having her stand in the corner so she'd be in position to stop you. Even if you had made it through the door, we'd have caught you and transformed you into a girl. Bobbi Jo's assistance has just made it less of a hassle."

Linda and Ellen looked at Lydia and Bobbi Jo with respect. Jane and Barbara, who were working in the store and had witnessed the entire scene, were also impressed.

"Bobbi Jo and I are to meet Mrs. Henry and her charming two new daughters at Guido's at one," Lydia said. "Perhaps you'd like to join us. I'm sure Tommy would like to meet fifteen year old Allie and fourteen year old Jamie, who like Bobbi Jo were boys until yesterday."

"Jane, Barbara, can you please mind the shop for the rest of the day," Lydia asked the two employees. "I have a feeling Linda and Ellen will want to take Tommy to FairyTale Fashions after we're done eating."

"I'm sure you can be done buying a new wardrobe for Tammy by four," Lydia explained. "You can meet us at St. Patrick's Parochial School at four thirty to enroll Tammy as we enroll Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie."

At one they met at Guido's as planned. Grace Henry was delighted to meet Tommy, Linda, and Ellen. Allie and Jamie, dressed alike and similarly to Bobbi Jo, curtseyed daintily. Bobbi Jo responded with a curtsey of his own. Linda and Ellen were delighted with the demure girlishness of the three transformed boys. They found it difficult to believe the three demure young ladies had ever been boys much less the nasty boys they truly had been before their unwanted transformations. Tommy was ready to puke as he was surrounded by the overt girlishness. It seemed inconceivable that Allie and Jamie had ever been boys. But then it seemed just as impossible that Bobbi Jo had ever been a boy yet he knew that was the truth. The women never for a moment left Tommy forget that he would soon be joining the ranks of petticoated lads. Tommy's resolve to not let himself be humiliated in skirts was on shaky ground since he knew how tough a guy Robert had been. What hope did he have?

As they were waiting for their appetizers, Grace used her cell phone to call Olivia Childress to tell her about Tommy. Tommy squirmed uneasily in his seat as Grace smiled and informed Linda and Ellen that Olivia would be more than delighted to help them reveal sweet little Tammy who was hidden beneath Tommy's rowdy exterior. Linda and Ellen decided to go over to FairyTale Fashions as soon as they finished their meal.

Despite his struggles, Tommy wasn't given a chance to flee as he dragged between his mother and grandmother as they headed for the entrance of FairyTale Fashions. Linda firmly held one hand of the recalcitrant boy while Ellen did likewise with the other. At times, they simply carried him as he tried to fall to the ground. Several customers, mothers and daughters, looked to see what the commotion was about as the crying boy was pulled inside the store.

Olivia and Stephanie swept down upon the struggling lad. You must be Ms Fritz and Mrs. Harris," Olivia greeted Linda and Ellen. "I'm Olivia Childress, the owner of FairyTale Fashions and this is my daughter, Stephanie."

"I'm pleased to meet you," Linda replied as she exerted herself to maintain control of Tommy. "I apologize for my son."

Stephanie promptly knelt on one knee before Tommy and took his flailing head firmly in her hands to stare unblinkingly into his eyes. "Tommy, I strongly suggest you settle down," Stephanie softly chided the crying lad as he continued his struggle. "You're attracting attention to yourself with your bad behavior. Do you want everyone here to know that you're here to be outfitted as a sweet little girl?"

Tommy's eyes grew wide with fear as he finally noticed the women and girls, some his age, intently watching him. Embarrassed by their blatant stares, he sagged helplessly in the grasp of his captors and began to cry.

"I understand how you feel," Stephanie cooed softly as she slipped her arms about Tommy's trembling body. "It is horrible at first when a boy discovers that he's going to be turned into a girl. I went through the same thing when I was ten."

Once in Stephanie's soft embrace, Tommy relaxed. "Y... you were a boy," Tommy sobbed incredulously as he looked into Stephanie's pretty compassionate face. "You're much to pretty to have ever been a boy."

Olivia signaled Linda and Ellen to release Tommy's hands. The women warily did so and following Olivia's signals, stepped away from Tommy and Stephanie.

"Thank you for the compliment," Stephanie replied as she pulled Tommy down to sit upon her other knee. "But you saw Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie. They don't look like they were ever boys. They look like pretty girls too. They didn't like being forced to become girls any more than you do. But as you noticed they're getting used to being girls in only one day. That's the way it works. I hated my first time in girl's clothes. Before that day, I was a rough and tumble boy. I played Little league baseball, and football, I played cops and robbers, army, climbed trees, and all that other by stuff. But once I wore a dress I changed. The longer I wore dresses, the more I changed. Now I can't imagine being a boy. In a few weeks Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie won't want to ever go back to being boys. The same will be true for you."

"No way," Tommy protested petulantly. "I'll never like being a sissy!

"Oh I thoroughly agree," Stephanie declared. "You're afraid of being a sissy. I'd hate being a sissy too. But you see, I'm not a sissy. I'm a girl. Just as Bobbi Jo, Allie, Jamie, and you will be girls. Everyone knows that girls can't be sissies. Only boys can be sissies. So you see, you're fighting something that doesn't exist. Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie are not boys dressed as girls. They are girls who just used to be boys. That's what will happen to you. Now, if you continue to make a fuss out here and attract all this attention, you'll be calling attention to a boy who's in a sissy situation. Now I know you don't want that. If you come with me into the back, we'll get you outfitted in private so that you'll look as much like a girl as any other girl. No one will think anything is out of the ordinary about you. You can't be a sissy if everyone thinks you're a girl, now can you?"

"You're getting me all confused," Tommy replied. "I'm a boy, not a girl. You can't just change a boy into a girl."

"Oh that's where you're wrong," Stephanie chuckled. "We do it all the time. You know you mother and grandmother are determined to force you to become a girl. Look, I'll make you a deal. Let's go into the back. In a dressing room with no one else present, I'll outfit you as a girl. Now you understand that you must cooperate with me for this to be a fair deal. When I'm done and before anyone else comes into the dressing room, you'll stand in front of the mirrors and look at yourself. If you can honestly say that you look like a boy dressed in girl's clothes and not like a prissy girl who has always worn dresses, I'll let you change into the clothes you're wearing now and sneak you out the back door. If you do look as if you've always been a prissy girl, you'll know that you weren't really much of a boy to begin with. You'll then have to cooperate with your mother and grandmother and become Tammy. Just remember, you won't be a sissy because only boys can be sissies. Do we have a deal?"

Tommy glanced about to see the customers had gone back to their shopping now that his temper tantrum show was over. His mother and grandmother were off to one side with Olivia quietly watching Stephanie and he. "I don't really have much choice, do I," Tommy asked.

"You can start making a fuss again," Stephanie explained. "In which case my mother will announce to all the customers that you are going to be transformed into a girl. Then everyone will look at you and think that you're a big sissy. You'll be taken to the dressing room and put in a dress, but nothing will be done with your hair to make you look like a girl. You'll look like a boy wearing a dress. Then you'll be brought back out here so everyone can see that you are a sissy. You have two choices, come with me and let me make you look like a real girl or resist and have everyone see that you really are a sissy. Now, will you accept my deal or not?"

Tommy sighed and lowered his head. "All right," he mumbled.

"Great," Stephanie exclaimed as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before standing him on his feet. Then taking his hand she smiled at him. "Let's go. No one will notice where we're going if you behave."

Linda and Ellen watched in amazement as Stephanie coddled Tommy and spoke softly to him. They were really surprised when she stood and took his hand to lead him quietly into the back of the store and the dressing rooms.

"That was simply amazing," Linda declared. "I've never seen him calm down so quickly and be so cooperative. I'd love to know how she did it."

"Let's go to my office and watch," Olivia said. "Stephanie has a special touch with boys being Petticoated. You see, she knows exactly how they feel. Nine years ago she was my ten year old son."

"That lovely young lady was once a boy," Ellen asked in disbelief.

"Stephan was every bit as rowdy as Tommy," Olivia declared as they entered her office. "I understand you might be interested in transforming Tommy's father into a woman. Let me tell you about Dr. Cassandra Trate while we watch Tommy become Tammy."

Tommy nervously entered the dressing room and nervously looked about. It was a relief to get out of the store and the overt femininity it simply oozed. It made his boyish skin crawl to be surrounded in such prissy girlishness.

"I have to take some measurements so I can select proper sizes for you," Stephanie explained as she pulled out a cloth tape measure. "Now I'm going to lock you inside while I go to get what you'll need. This is to keep you from welching on our deal and to keep everyone else out. Now, while I'm gone, strip down to your jockey shorts and put your clothing in a locker. That way we'll be able to get you outfitted quicker so we can see what you look like. I know that's the last thing you want, but the sooner we do it, the sooner it's over too. Besides, if we take too long, my mother will check up on us and you won't have time to get away."

Stephanie left the room, closing the door with an ominous click. Olivia, Linda, and Ellen watched via the closed circuit monitor as Tommy first tried the door, then checked the room for another exit. Realizing he was locked inside and that Stephanie would be returning, he slowly began to remove his clothes. The women smiled as they continued to discuss Tommy Harris and his imminent release from prison.

Tommy grew nervous once he was down to is jockey shorts. Stephanie was nice, one of the nicest girls he'd ever met. She was also beautiful. It was almost impossible to believe she had ever been a rowdy boy. Yet she did seem to understand his fears about being dressed as a girl. Then there was Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie. They looked like real girls too, yet he knew they had been boys. Stephanie had said the problem was with being a sissy. Only boys could be sissies. That made sense. So if a boy was turned into a girl, he couldn't be a sissy. That made a weird sense too. Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie seemed to have become girls. They looked and behaved like girls. They certainly did not seem like guys. They seemed like prissy girls, not sissies, just as Stephanie said. Still, he didn't want to be dressed as a girl much less to become a girl.

His ruminations were interrupted when Stephanie returned with her arms full of girlish clothes. Tommy almost bolted for the door as he looked at the soft, ruffled and lacy clothes, but Stephanie was quick and closed the door before he could move.

"I have the door set to lock automatically when it closes," Stephanie explained as she looked the nervous boy squarely in the eye. "You made a deal with me to cooperate. I want your word of honor as a boy you will do as I tell you until I'm finished with your transformation."

"I promise on my honor as a boy to cooperate with you," Tommy replied in a frightened quavering voice as he uneasily eyed the feminine clothes Stephanie had brought in for him to wear.

"Good," Stephanie replied. "Just remember, it takes a strong man to keep his word. I know."

Tommy felt like a condemned man being left in the gas chamber as he watched the door close, but Stephanie had challenged his honor as a man to keep his promise. No adult had ever treated him as an equal much less like a man as Stephanie had done. With trembling resolve, he bravely faced his unwanted ordeal like a man.

"I'll turn my back while you take off your jockey shorts and put on the panties," Stephanie calmly informed Tommy as she handed him the soft pretty lace trimmed pink nylon panties.

To an outsider it would have appeared that having a boy remove his jockey shorts and put on a pair of panties was an every day occurrence. Of course, at FairyTale Fashions it was not really an unusual occurrence although Stephanie wished it happened more often than it did.

Tommy reluctantly accepted the panties like someone reaching for the business end of a rattlesnake. Fortunately the panties didn't bite, but Tommy almost wished he had received a venomous fatal snake bite instead as he repulsively grasped the soft silken panties between thumb and forefinger. With great foreboding he skimmed out of his familiar jockey shorts and gingerly stepped into the panties. More embarrassed by his nudity than by the thought of wearing the panties, he quickly tugged them into place about his slender juvenile hips.

Tommy was amazed by the differences between the panties and his jockey shorts. Wearing jockey shorts had always been simply a requirement that felt neither bad nor good. In truth, once on, Tommy seldom even noticed he was wearing underwear. But the panties were different. They seemed to teasingly hug his flesh and the tender caresses changed with even the slightest movement. The lace edging tickled his still hairless legs and the soft nylon seemed to massage his backside in a manner that seemed delightfully naughty. The sensations unnerved him and made him feel decidedly un-boy-like.

"Do you have them on,"Stephanie asked even though she'd been watching Tommy in the mirror. "We can't waste time or our mothers will come in to see what's taking so long.

"I have them on," Tommy confessed in an uncertain voice.

"They seem to fit you perfectly," Stephanie told the blushing boy as she pulled out a matching camisole. "They look as if they were made for you. Now let's slip this on."

Tommy shivered as she pulled the soft camisole over his head and settled it about his torso. The same delightful sensations he'd discovered the panties naughtily imparted were also created by the dainty camisole. This further disoriented the lad.

Before he could collect his wits, Stephanie had him sit on the bench as she deftly rolled a pair of pink nylon tights up his legs and snug them in place. The soft silky fabric made him tingle as it hugged and caressed every bit of the flesh on his nylon encased legs. The finishing touch came as Stephanie rolled a pair of dainty lace topped pink nylon anklets over his feet. Tommy almost wet himself as he saw how girlish his legs looked once Stephanie rolled down the lace tops of the anklets. She then helped him to his feet.

The confused boy shivered as he stood clad in the silky lace trimmed pink nylon panties, matching camisole, pink tights. and pink lace topped anklets. Tommy had little time to brood about this unwanted step towards girlishness as Stephanie slid a pink nylon slip edged in delicate lace over his heads and down his torso. The lace tickled his nylon clad thighs causing goosebumps and sending all too delightful sensations coursing through his body.

The totally bewildered lad allowed Stephanie to sit him on the bench in order to slip a cute pair of black patent leather Mary Jane shoes onto his now quite dainty feet. Stephanie showed him how to adjust the straps on his slip after she had buckled the ultra-girlish shoes firmly to his feet. Tears of humiliation and loss filled his eyes as he looked at his now all so girlish legs and feet. Tears filled his eyes as he realized there was no way his present dainty girlish legs and feet would carry him around the bases and across the football field.

Like Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie before him, poor Tommy was nearly overwhelmed with conflicting emotions of hatred, fear, anguish, and delight by the time Stephanie slipped a smaller version of the cotton pink and white gingham high waisted country girl style dress the others had worn over his head. Stephanie deftly slipped the brooding boy's arms through the full cut long sleeves before adjusting his slip and dress until they hung properly. Stephanie then adjusted the lace edged round neck opening until it too was properly situated.

Tommy numbly watched in disbelief as Stephanie adjusted the elastic lace edged cuffs so they fit properly at his wrists. While he knew the girlish hands that emerged from the sleeves were his, they no longer looked like the familiar boyish hands that had tossed a football with his buddies during the morning recess. Simply by changing out of his familiar boyish clothes into a prissy girl's dress he now seemed to magically possess girlish arms and hands.

Guiltily Tommy glanced at his emasculated image in the plentiful mirrors. There he was stunned to see his familiar still boyish head atop a girl's prissy body. With growing apprehension and uneasiness he noted that about an inch of the scalloped lace edged hem of the slip was visible beneath the full loose skirt which ended two inches above his now all so girlish knees. Looking intently at his tight clad girlish knees he wondered how they could be the same scruffy knees upon which he had knelt last night while playing with his Tonka trucks in the dirt pile behind their apartment.

Tommy's forlorn pondering was interrupted as Stephanie began to brush and style his sandy colored hair. As she began to work Tommy mentally kicked himself. Two years ago he discovered his mother detested long hair on boys when she inadvertently denounced a hippie type teenage boy for wearing his hair in a ponytail that reached to the middle of his back. Realizing it was a way to rebel, he'd steadfastly refused to have his hair cut since then. Now, because of his stubborn rebelliousness, his hair reached past his shoulders. Angered by his stupidity Tommy had no choice but to allow Stephanie to brush a section of hair foreword over his face before quickly trimming bangs even with his eyebrows. The remaining hair was parted down the middle, pulled back and brushed until it shown. Then to Tommy's utter dismay, Stephanie gathered his long tresses together, divided each side into three plaits, and began to weave little girl braids. The matching prissy braids dangled down to kiss his shoulder where the plaited ends were secured in place by strips of pink and white gingham cloth tied into cute bows.

As he looked down at the ends of his twin braids and their ultra girlish pink and white gingham bows, Tommy couldn't believe his scraggly long rebellious hair had been so thoroughly effeminized. Before Tommy could assimilate the latest assault on his much prized but quite shattered boyhood, Stephanie began to file his fingernails. Then she deftly applied a bright glossy pink polish. As the final act of Tommy's unwanted transformation from a rowdy boy into a prissy girl, Stephanie applied a soft pink gloss to his lips.

"All right, I'm done," Stephanie told Tommy as she stepped back with a self-satisfied grin while blocking Tommy's view of himself in the mirrors. "Remember our deal. If you can honestly say that you look like a boy dressed in girl's clothes and not like a prissy girl who has always worn dresses, I'll let you change into the clothes you were wearing when you came in and sneak you out the back door. If you do look as if you've always been a prissy girl, you'll know that you weren't really much of a boy to begin with. That will mean that you'll have to cooperate with your mother and grandmother and become Tammy. Just remember, you won't be a sissy because only boys can be sissies. I'll be honest with you. Being a boy was just a huge mistake. You really should have been born a girl. You ARE Tammy. Now take a good look at yourself." With that, Stephanie stepped to one side so Tommy could see his reflection.

Where earlier he had glimpsed his familiar boyish head atop a prissy girl's body, Tommy now saw only a timid prissy girl. The erstwhile bully examined his transformed reflection in the multitude of mirrors. What he saw frightened him. No longer did he appear to be the ragamuffin eight year old boy he were accustomed to seeing. Now he saw only a prissy girl who looked as if she should be clutching a baby doll and having a pretend tea party. There was not even the slightest trace to hint that the cute little girl had ever been anything except a prissy girl. Tommy realized that according to the deal he'd made with Stephanie, he was indeed irrevocably losing his boyhood. The shocked boy now understood how Bobbi Jo had been so easily transformed into the cute girl he had encountered earlier. The same thing had just happened to him!

What really made it worse was that Tommy certainly didn't even feel like a boy as he looked at his all too girlish reflection. The feminized lad could feel his panties sensuously caressing the tucked away insignificant manhood that was the sole remaining sign that the cute little girl he saw in the mirrors was not the girl she seemed to be. The lace on the hem of his slip enticingly tickled his nylon clad thighs at his slightest movement. The way his skirts saucily swirled about him as he moved crushed what remained of his boyish machismo. Tommy discovered that it was impossible for him to feel even slightly masculine while dressed as the pretty little girl he now beheld in the mirrors.

Any lingering resistance to his feminization collapsed when Linda and Ellen entered the room moments later as Tommy was still drinking in the sight of his prissy girlishness. The tearily joyful women swept the demure prissy lass they beheld off her feet and smothered her with hugs and kisses. Tommy was unable to deny the complete girlishness that seemed to engulf him as he was subjected to the girlish praises lavished upon his reeling mind. Stephanie's words that only boys could be sissies rang true and clear in his ears. There was no way the cute little girl Stephanie had created out of Tommy could be considered a sissy boy. Then he remembered Stephanie tell him that his being a boy had been a mistake and that he should have been born a girl. Tommy felt his boyhood being swamped by the irresistible tsunami of delightful girlishness. To Tommy it seemed impossible to maintain a boyish self image. He had become Tammy, a prissy little girl, but that wasn't bad. Just like Bobbi Jo, Allie, and Jamie, sweet little Tammy seemed to be totally and naturally feminine. Unable to stem the flow of girlishness, Tommy was swept away on a one way flood into girlhood. The boy was lost, drowned by the torrent of frills. A shy, timid little girl emerged from the ravaged flood waters of prissy girlhood. Tammy placed her delicate hands into the now empowered hands of her mother and grandmother.

Linda and Ellen took Tammy out into the main store of FairyTale Fashions to select a suitable wardrobe for the quiet new girl. Tammy's reticence was quickly overwhelmed as she was submerged in little girl fluff. Satin and lace, ribbons and bows would be her trademark.

Ellen took Linda and Tammy back to her home where they placed Tammy's new wardrobe in a spare bedroom. Linda was given another bedroom to be her own. Plans were made for Linda and Tammy to move in that very day.

To Be Continued...

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licorice's picture

outside of the obvious man-hating going on here, these parents clearly don't give a damn about any of their children. They're forcing them into an incredibly destructive single-minded stereotype that will rob the 'girls' of any self esteem, self-respect, independence and confidence. These 'girls' are going to end up as little more than mindless dolls at this rate, unable to do anything that they're not told to, with a whole bucket of psychological problems.

There is also the fact that things like depression, self-destructive tendencies, lashing out and other problems are clearly not represented here.

It's so sad to see how much these parents absolutely despise their children.