The Ballet Game - Chapter 11

Mrs Dale decides to bring some sanity back to their nighttime routine. But the night ends up even crazier in more ways than one..

The Ballet Game

Chapter 11

By Beffy Flowers

Jimmy returned to the kitchen, half-expecting Mrs Dale to feel his shirt to see if he was still wearing the bra underneath. But she didn't, and Jimmy helped the others finish setting the table for dinner. They began eating, and to Jimmy's delight, the conversation started with Laura's cheerleading practice, and drifted from there to other innocent topics that had nothing to do with what had happened to him that day.

As they were finishing dessert, however, Mrs Dale abruptly brought the subject to the fore. "Now, before everyone runs off, let's have a little chat about what went on here this morning. I know I didn't give you all much time to get ready, and I will take some responsibility for the fact that Jimmy was stuck wearing a bra this morning. But why did I rush you? Because you were horsing around, throwing strawberries and the like. And then I dropped you off with specific instructions to help Jimmy before class. Why couldn't you have found a way to do it?" Jenny started to speak, then bit her lip.

"And Jimmy -- you actually faked an illness with the school nurse instead of quietly explaining your situation to someone? I'm sure if you had approached the guidance counselors, they would have been able to help you with complete privacy and discretion. That is their job, after all, and they deal with far more serious matters than simple undergarments."

She paused to look around. "Jimmy's mother trusted us to take care of this boy and we end up endangering his academic career. Unforgiveable. I can't tell you what it will do to me when she finds out what happened."

"Mrs. Dale, please! Don't tell my mom! She -- she won't..." Jimmy panicked.

"Just let me finish. I was going to say that perhaps it would be best if she didn't know about this little incident. It's not that I want to hide my mistakes, but I don't think it would be in Jimmy's best interest to have this get out. It's a potentially embarassing issue, and it seems like no real harm has been done. He missed a day of school, but his excellent study habits should make up for that. Perhaps it would be best to keep things quiet, for his sake."

He breathed a sigh of relief.

"But that means that we've got to stop torturing the poor boy with all these flimsy clothes. I know it's all fun and charming, but this morning showed us that even the most innocent games can end up hurting someone. So tonight, Jimmy, you'll be wearing one of MY nighties, to give you a little more coverage."

"But Mom! I was going to..." Jenny objected.

"No buts! You've had him for three nights, but now he's mine. This extended slumber party is over, and now we're going to make things as normal as possible around here for the remaining time that Jimmy's here with us. That's final."

Jimmy immediately sensed the contradictions and irony of Mrs Dale's declarations. She had been the one to check on his panties every night. She was the one who would rather continue dressing Jimmy in nighties, however long their hemlines, instead of simply washing his boxer shorts during the week or buying him a pair of pajamas. She was the one who had dressed him in her own still-warm slip and her daughter's pantyhose, right there in the next room.

But he saw no acknowledgement of this irony in Jenny or Laura's eyes. He was surprised, but stayed quiet. He knew without a doubt that he wanted to keep wearing nighties to bed every night -- even if they were Mrs Dale's. He dared not endanger that, any more than he dare utter his delight at having worn Jenny's bra all day -- such a confession might change the whole dynamic that was going on and end the tingle-charged excitement that each night brought.

All these thoughts spun through his head in a matter of seconds, but then left him with a complete inability to respond aloud. Jenny was quiet too, but Laura attempted to relieve the tension by just putting her hand on Mrs Dale's and saying "Okay, Mom. Okay."

The rest of the evening was spent quietly cleaning up and watching TV. When it was time to get ready for bed, Mrs Dale took Jimmy up to her room while the girls were in Laura's. It seemed like she timed it that way to avoid seeing them in the hall. She led him into her room and closed the door.

"Now Jimmy, just take off your clothes, and let me see how this fits on you. I haven't worn it in ages, but it was too nice to just throw out. I'll just be a minute. Hurry up now -- take off your clothes!" She stepped into her walk-in closet.

He felt very strange undressing here, even though she had already seen him in underwear. Her room was sort of an inner sanctum of femininity -- in a different way from Jenny's overtly pink decor. The colors were soft and tasteful, there was a sheer scarf draped over one lamp, and there was that wonderful smell of Mrs Dale's perfume. On the chair by her vanity lay various articles of lingerie, drawing his eye like a magnet. Breaking the trance, he moved quickly to shed his pants, socks, and shirt.

She returned, holding up the nightgown in question. "Now this is still pretty girly, but it's longer and will cover you up more. I used to love sleeping in this and I think you'll like it too." She held it up against him. It was a baby blue waltz-length nightgown, done in a traditional-looking style. It had semi-sheer sleeves and an empire waist gathered gently with elastic. It looked like there were two or three layers of nylon material floating down from the bodice, to provide opacity. Her eyes were aglow, and she looked mildly excited. For his part, Jimmy sighed involuntarily as he touched the slippery fabric with one hand.

"Here, let me get this over your head." She helped him put in on, and the material slid over his chest and hips with electric shocks of tingles. He was speechless. It was indeed more modest that the other nighties he had worn so far, but all the feminine details -- the lacy sleeves, the little bow, the pastel color -- were sending shivers up his spine. And elsewhere. In almost no time, he had become fully aroused, though the abundant material seemed to be hiding his condition.

As if on cue, she said, "now for your panties. Try these on." She handed him a pair of white nylon panties with a bit of lace adorning them around the waist and leg holes. She didn't turn away, so he did in a pointless attempt at modesty. He bent over and reached under the nightgown to pull off his boxers and step into the panties. Somehow he managed to pull them up snugly without having to lift the hem too much. Was he learning their dress-up tricks now?

"Do they fit? Are they comfortable?" She looked at his hips, but could see nothing. She moved to feel along his sides, which finally prompted him to speak.

"They're fine, Mrs Dale. Just the right size." This wasn't exactly true. His current state of excitement was stretching them in front, but he didn't want to admit that to her or be made to try on more panties in front of her. She seemed satisfied.

He opened the door and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed, enjoying the sensation of the nylon hem brushing against his legs. There was another sensation that was even more enjoyable -- the smooth material kept slipping gently against the satiny front of his panties. He felt a little faint as Jenny stepped out into the hall.

"Oh Jimmy! That's so beautiful! I didn't know Mom had a nightie like that!" Her eyes were wide as she touched the sheer lacy sleeve of one arm.

"Well, she mentioned that this was an old nightgown that she hadn't worn in a long time, but that it would cover me up more. I guess it does. What do you think?" His voice was starting to squeak as his panties stretched from the strain.

"Sure, Jimmy -- it covers you better than my little baby dolls, but I can't believe how pretty it looks on you! Your arms are nice and covered and your knees are decent, so I guess you feel a little less embarassed about wearing this, huh?"

"I, uh, well, I feel..." Jimmy was at a loss for words again. Laura walked out to join in.

"Oh my god, you look like a bedtime princess, Jimmy!" She did a wolf-whistle to add emphasis. "Maybe we should give you a tiara."

Jenny punched Laura lightly in the arm. "Stop teasing him. Mom's going to get mad. And anyway, he's only wearing what Mom's making him wear. Let's just help him be comfortable, like Mom said."

They changed the subject to deciding who would use the bathroom next, and went about brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and otherwise getting ready for bed. Jimmy's physical excitement didn't wane, but he forced himself to ignore it for the moment while he concentrated on cleaning up.

When he was done, he stepped out of the bathroom and met Mrs Dale in the hall. "Good night, sweetie," she said as she hugged him. "I hope you'll be comfortable tonight. I've got to go do some laundry, so I'll just see you in the morning." Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief as she walked away. He was almost home-free for the evening. He entered his room, however, and was surprised to see Jenny and Laura. Jenny smiled and took his hand, while Laura smirked at him as she left. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that she was holding a pair of pantyhose and some lingerie.

His outfit from last night! He had forgotten! He hadn't had time to clean things up in the morning, so he had just stashed the balled-up pantyhose, panties, and half-slip he had been wearing that night under his pillow. Apparently the girls had found the garments there, and were reclaiming them! They would surely notice the stains he had left in last night's madness!

As so many times before, he couldn't speak and felt astounded at the turn of events, even as Jenny smiled and hugged him. "Oh Jimmy, I wish I had a gown like yours and we could sleep together. Wouldn't that be fun? I am so jealous! Do you like it? How does it fit?" Her voice was soft and quiet, but her words came non-stop. It was then that he noticed she was wearing a short yellow chemise with a white bra apparent under the spaghetti straps. She looked incredible.

She giggled as she noticed where his eyes had drifted. "Yeah, I was going to have you wear this tonight, but I guess Mom had other ideas. You'll probably be better off in that one anyway, cause it's kind of cold tonight. I think I'm going to wear some tights. What about you?"

Laura returned, which surprised Jimmy and again filled him with apprehension. He didn't know what she had done with those clothes, but she seemed to act normally enough. "Jimmy, you want some tights to match that nightie? I think I've got just the pair." She winked at Jenny.

"Yeah! Can he wear your blue tights? Oh yes, Jimmy, won't you please wear her tights tonight? If Mom asks, you can just tell her you were cold, so it won't look like we made you do it, right? Please? At least just try them on and let us see how they look on you?" Jimmy nodded reluctantly, knowing that Jenny wouldn't let up until she got her way. He didn't want to get himself or the girls into trouble with Mrs Dale, but maybe he could just try them on for a minute.

Laura produced the tights from behind her back -- she had purposefully come to give them to him, it seemed. She held them up against his waist, letting the legs brush against his nightie. They were nearly the same shade of baby blue he had on, and had an open lace texture on the legs. He had never seen a pair of tights like that on anyone -- and started feeling faint again.

Jenny announced, "I'm going to wear some too, I'll be right back! Put them on, J-bird, and I'll go put mine on!" She pranced out of the room, leaving him alone with Laura. Her hands were still holding the tights against his waist, and he could feel some nylon sliding against nylon over his bulging anatomy. He looked down and was aghast to see that Laura was holding the waistband snugly enough against him that his bulge was vaguely apparent underneath the layers of fabric. Even worse, Laura was looking straight at it.

"Okay, let's get these girls on you," she said as she squatted down and lowered the tights, brushing lightly against him as she did so. He felt a shudder run through him. She gathered up one leg and stretched it snugly over one of his feet. "You know, I get the feeling this isn't such a tortuous ordeal for you, dressing up in lingerie every night." She kept her eyes on her work as she gathered up the other leg. "I mean, you don't seem to mind so much that three women are dressing you up." With the word "up", she began pulling the tights up his legs, moving up under the hem of his nightie as she slowly passed his knees. He realized that he hadn't even attempted to put the tights on himself, nor had he objected when she did started to do it.

"Pretty nighties, girly panties, sheer pantyhose," her hands reached mid-thigh and paused to re-gather the material, keeping it stretched snugly around him. She glanced at his waist again and might have noticed that hint of the bulge tenting his panties as she tugged upwards. She was working blindly because of the nightie, so her eyes met his from her kneeling position and he felt even more flush and breathless. The textured tights felt unbelievable on his legs.

"You're going to wear my pantyhose for the second night in a row. Did you like my pantyhose last night?" she asked with a coy, sidelong glance, and his heart lurched. She knew! She must have noticed the stain! Did she? He was mortified, and yet still he could not move or speak. He could feel himself pulsing inside the satin confines of his panties.

"Aren't these pretty? Do you like these pantyhose?" She stretched out the word, as she began drawing the panty portion up toward his hips. He felt a surge of tingles wash over him. And he felt another surge approaching fast. She glanced at the door for a moment, then continued. Her voice became quieter while still sounding playful as her hands pulled the waistband up high in back. "Which was nicer to wear, my pantyhose or Jen's bra? Do you want to wear a nice bra under that nightie? Something nice and lacy?" He couldn't believe this was happening. Her questions were obviously rhetorical as it was plainly evident she expected no reply, at least not verbally.

Her hands moved to pull up the front waistband of the tights under his nightie, stretching them snugly against him. "Did you like wearing Jenny's bra today? Do you want to wear a bra tomorrow? Wear a feminine bra, like a girl?" He felt the waistband slide up against him through his panties, though she kept her fingers skillfully to the side without actually touching him. As she reached the top, she pulled the waist out slightly to draw them up tautly, torturing him in the process. When she let go with a barely audible snap, a little bit of the innermost layer of the nightie was caught inside and pinned firmly against the tip of his anatomy, which by this point had started peeking over the lace of his panties.

"Do you like Mom's silky night-dress? You're wearing a dress with pantyhose and panties, so nice and feminine. What kind of panties are you wearing? Are they pretty? I bet we could find a bra to match them, and then you'd be wearing a bra and panties under your dress like a girl. Do you want to wear my cute pantyhose to bed tonight? Do you like wearing pantyhose?" Her whispered words made him tremble. But at last, with a playful smirk, she relented, standing up.

"I'm sorry Jimmy, I shouldn't be teasing you. You wore your bra the whole day today, so I just wanted to see for myself if you were actually into our little dressup games." She winked. "I guess you are. Well, stick around -- we've got more games to play. Hey, either you got *really* excited or I caught some of your nightie in those tights, let me fix that."

The material had bunched up somewhat right at the most embarassing spot. She grabbed a pinch of nylon material and tugged upwards, pulling it out from under his tights. The brief sensation of nylon rubbing against the tip of his penis stunned him. Being dressed like this had already made him ready to burst, and Laura's provacative "test" left him just short of a quivering heap. This indirect contact very nearly did him in.

And then, inadvertently, she went in for the kill. "Wait, I think it's still stuck. Let me try it again, 'cause it's still bunched up here. No, hold on, let me smooth it down." Jimmy's hands tried to intervene, but it was too late. Laura was smoothing down the front of his nightgown because of the bulge still apparent underneath. She held his hip with one hand, and smoothed down the front of his nightie with the other. Jimmy could not believe that she wasn't aware of what was happening, On the third pass, his hips twitched forward slightly. Their motion was entirely involuntarily, and had everything to do with his uncontained excitement. At that point, Laura's hand came firmly into contact with his penis. Her eyes met his and widened -- she apparently was surprised at what she felt. She wrapped her fingers around him, through his layers, as if to confirm what was already obvious, uttering a low "Oh my god!"

They heard Jenny down the hall. Laura squeezed his penis as she looked at him, saying quickly, "I didn't know my hose would get you THIS excited. Looks like there's still a boy under all these clothes. Just don't get too excited or we'll have you doing all our laundry, okay?" She let him go with a light pat, and nudged him into a sitting position on the bed. She handed him a pillow and motioned for him to hold it on his waist to hide his excitement.

Jenny entered the room, making some playful ballet steps to draw attention to her legs, which were now clad in sheer white hose. Jimmy was in physical agony from all his tingles, but managed to calm himself somewhat as he gripped the pillow. Laura gave Jenny a tickle in the ribs on her way out the door, saying "Okay, Jenny, he's all yours."

"Jimmy! Those tights look so cute on you! Can I see them? Cross your legs. Oh my oh my! Did Laura help you put them on? I can't get over how good those lacy tights look on you! Hey, stand up and walk around. I love how you look in that nightie with your lace stockings!" She smiled warmly when he complimented her own legs, and got up to give him a hug.

Jimmy felt an instinct to back away, fearing that she might feel what was going on, but that only led her to draw in closer as her lips found his. They exchanged a few long lingering kisses, and Jimmy almost lost control during the last one, when she pressed against him and slipped the tip of her tongue into his mouth. He let out an involuntary sigh, and Jenny paused to gaze into his eyes. "Jimmy, I think you are the perfect boy." Kiss. "I think we should go out." Kiss. "Or stay here". Long kiss. "I don't care." Kiss. "I just, I think I'm falling..." Urgent kiss.

As their lips parted, she smiled at him, her cheeks glowing red. And then she left, without another word. This time, Jimmy didn't even notice her legs as she left the room.

To Be Continued...

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