Changing Cal: Chapter 2

Cal is a 16 year old boy who has been chasing the girl of his dream almost all his life. When some pesky nanites infect Cal and turn him into a girl how will he deal with it? Will he still be the same person or will he become someone else when the girl in him now takes over?

Update 2/23/10: This Chapter has now been updated like the first removing somethings and adding others. Nothing major has been changed just minor stuff with a bit more character development i think. Anyway i hope you all enjoy! This story is inspired by the "Kate Draffen" and the "For a Girl" stories like I perviously stated but is NOT set in either universe. There are however some common elements but other then that this story stands on it's own.

The room was spinning as I sat in the hospital bed staring blankly at Doctor Phillips. I was really freaking out but it was like I was numb unable to move or speak after being told I was infected with the tiny robots causing people to change genders. It felt like I was underwater as Doctor Phillips spoke again sounding like every adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon. I had no idea what she was saying but I knew by her face she was asking me something. With a slight squeeze of my hand my mother brought me back to earth. “Wh…What was that I’m sorry?”

“I said are you ok Cal?” I was anything but ok so I shook my head wanting to run for the door. “I understand but that fact is your blood shows you are infected and I’m sorry there is nothing we can do about that.” It was like she was giving me a death sentence in a way. No I wasn’t actually dying but I felt like I was being replaced by someone else. “The truth is Cal it’s already started the nausea, dizziness, and headache are the Nanoids starting to change the cells in your body.”

I looked over at my mother still having trouble wrapping my head around all of it with another squeeze as if she knew what I was thinking she asked doctor Phillips how I’d become infected. With a look at Doctor Rivers she told us it wasn’t common knowledge but that they really had no idea how anyone was infected. The news reports on Gans never said how the people contracted the nanoids but everyone had their own theories from government conspiracy to alien abduction. “So you’re saying someone may have done this to him Doctor?” With a nod Doctor Phillips told us that could be a possibility but they really didn’t know.

“None of the people infected including Cal have anything in common with one another and haven’t had any contact with each other. This technology is so far beyond us we really don’t know how it works or how it’s spreading.” I couldn’t think about someone doing this to me I didn’t know anyone who I had upset enough for this so I had to believe it was random. As I keep running things through my head almost in sync with me my mother would ask the questions I was thinking. I was really glad she was there because I didn’t know if I could even speak without falling apart.

“What can we do?” I knew she was trying to be strong for me but I could see the look of concern on her face. As Doctor Rivers started to examine me Doctor Phillips shook her head and told us there wasn’t much to do other then wait for the nanoids to run the course. I couldn’t believe how nonchalantly she spoke about these things that were going to change my life it was like they were just another disease to her. “So what can we expect after the transformation what will he be like?” I didn’t really care what I’d be like after this was done but still I looked a Doctor Phillips for the answer.

“He’ll be a perfectly healthy teenage girl. So far all the transformations have had only slight issues and none have been fatal.” A perfectly healthy teenage girl how could I ever deal with being a perfectly healthy teenage girl? “How complete is the transformation? Will he be able to have children for example?” Up till now my mother and I had been on the same page with question but this one threw me because it was one that hadn’t came to me. With a nod I listened in horror as Doctor Phillips explained that I’d be a fully functional female capable of having a menstrual cycle and giving birth just like any other female.

The last thing I wanted to hear right now was that I’d be able to give birth after the transformation and just how much of a female I would be but I was still incapable of uttering a word. “When the nanoids are done no one well ever be able to tell he was ever male Mrs. Anders not even a trained doctor. During the process every cell in your son’s body will change and he’ll have a completely new DNA. Even his brain chemistry will be altered.” This seemed to worry my mother a little as she squeezed my hand and asked if I would still be the same person.

“Oh yes Mrs. Anders he’ll still be Cal with the same memories and experience that make up his personality. However things about him may change but it’s different for every person some become shyer, some more out going, some more flirty, some less it’s really hard to say what he’ll be like after.” I shook my head as it seemed the numbness and shock was fading a bit even though it seemed to get worse with every question my mother asked.

“What about his sexual preference will he be a lesbian?” As soon as my mother asked Doctor Phillips if I’d be a lesbian I couldn’t help but think about Madison and that of course I would be. I loved girls and that would never change even as a female I thought. “Well actually more often then not a heterosexual male who transforms becomes a heterosexual female. Meaning they end up being attracted to males after the transformation and vice verse for homosexuals.” I suddenly thought I had to become gay really quick but I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I just closed my eyes and tried to breath deeply.

I couldn’t even imagine being attracted to men and I refused to even think about it as my mother gave me a reassuring smile. “How long does he have Doctor Phillips.” With a look to the other Doctor for the first time Doctor Rivers spoke to me and my mother with an emotionless expression. “Three days. We can’t explain it but for some reason the nanoids in your son seem to be moving at a faster rate then the ones we’ve seen before. Normally it takes a couple months before the transformation is complete but from what we observed in Cal’s blood work and exams we are pretty sure he will be fully female in a couple days.”

Doctor Rivers went on to explain that due to the time it took from the last case of the nanoids till mine they believed this was a new version on Gans. He told my mother that most of the internal changes were well under way and that the external changes would start to appear by tomorrow morning. It almost seemed like it got worse by the minute as I found out not only was a turning into a girl but I was going to be one by the weekend. It was just my luck that not only do I get infected with these nanoids but I get the ones with a software update to work faster.

“We don’t know why these nanoids are working faster but they are also causing less pain then in the previous version which does seem to suggest they are more efficient. So with that being the case I think it’s safe for him to go home so he can deal with this in a more comfortable environment something the others weren’t able to do. Doctor Phillips and I will be staying in town and have already called in a few specialists in this field to help us. If you have anymore question I’ll give you my card and you can contact us. We’ll also come by your home tomorrow to do some more tests and see how Cal is doing.” He hadn’t said much but I already liked Doctor Rivers more then Phillips but it was probably because he was letting me go home.

With a smile my mother stood up to say goodbye to the doctors and thank them for their help even though as far as I could tell they hadn’t helped a bit. Once the doctors were gone I went into the bathroom and changed back into my cloths unable to help myself looking to see if anything had changed yet. It hadn’t of course and once I was dressed I joined my mother back in the other room as she was signing some paper work a nurse had to release me from the ER. “Alright let’s get home dear we should really let your father and brother know what’s going on before anything gets out.”

As we walked out to the car neither of us said anything but I could tell my mother wanted to. I knew she knew I was freaked out but she didn’t know what to say after all it wasn’t everyday your teenage son finds out he’s turning into your teenage daughter. The drive home was just as silent and even though I didn’t want to talk I was happy my mother was there she had really been helpful making me feel a little better. I knew the silence wouldn’t last long as my mother looked over at me every few minute on the way home and as we pulled in the garage she couldn’t stop herself.

“Cal before we talk to your father and brother I want to say something. I know this is possibly the worst thing you can think of happening to you right now but I’m here for you. I love you and your brother very much and you know that. However I always felt I missed out on something not having a daughter. I just want you to know I’ve had a life time of experience being a woman and I’m happy I can share that with you now.” I couldn’t help but think I had just had my first mother daughter bonding experience as she finished and I wasn’t even a girl yet.

My mother hugged me before getting out of the car almost like she expected me to react the way I did and not say I word. I sat in the car for a while longer after watching my mother enter the house trying to wrap my head around all of it. I was turning into a girl and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Now what I thought. I knew this was going to seriously mess with my head because it already had. I had no idea what I was going to say to my father or brother when I went inside but I knew that I couldn’t hide in the garage forever.

As I walked into the house my mother had gathered the family at the kitchen table and they were all waiting for me as I walked into the room. I sat down in my usual chair and as I looked over at my father I could tell he was nervous and unbelievably my brother looked a little nervous too. I stared at the wood in the table as my mother started to break the news to the rest of my family. “What is it Sandra what’s going on with Cal?” my father asked looking back and forth from my mother to me.

“Well something unusual has happened to Cal. Now I want you two to know that he’s not in any real danger and he’s not dying or anything.” My mother spoke in a calm voice that seemed to sooth my father and brother but I knew that the bomb was coming and it wouldn’t last. “Cal has been infected with Gans the gender altering nan-things and the doctors said he has already start the transformation into a female.” She went on to tell my father and brother everything the doctors had told us as they both stared at her in shock.

“Cal will be fully female by the end of the week you two and he needs us now so we’re going to help him in anyway we can.” The shocked look on my father’s and brother’s faces was the same one I’d seen from my mother earlier. Standing up my father came over and put his hand on my shoulder as he sat down in a chair next to me. “How are you doing buddy?” I didn’t know how to answer him so I shook my head as if to say not so well. “Well listen I want you to know that we’re going to get you through this and that you have no idea how relieved I am that other then this you’re going to be ok. I’m not saying that this isn’t really freaking me out but weather you’re my son or daughter I love you Cal and I always will.”

For the first time in a long time my father hugged me and like my mother before him I was glad he was there for me. My mother walked over and rubbed my back as she looked at my brother still sitting in exactly the same place he’d been in when she’d told him what was happening to me. He hadn’t moved at all other then to stare at the table with a still shocked expression on his face. “Mark say something dear.”

Hearing his name Mark snapped out of the trance and looked over at the three of us. Staring at us now he started to shake his head before he stood up. “What am I suppose to say tell me? My little brother’s a freak and turning into my sister maybe you three can deal with this but not me!” Storming off Mark went up stairs and I heard him slam the door to his room as my father and mother tried to comfort me. I couldn’t help but think Mark was right and that I was a freak as I sat there with my parents.

After a while my mother and father finally had to tell me to go to bed after seeing it was almost eleven but I was excused from school the next day. With everything that was going on they decided school was just too much to handle. I stayed up till almost 1 running everything that had happened over and over in my head before I finally drifted off to sleep. Once I did I wished I hadn’t as a new nightmare creped into my dreams.

The dream started simply enough as I walked into the hospital were my family was waiting for me. They stood up as I came closer and walked over smiling. I didn’t know why they seemed so happy helping me check into the hospital as my father and brother carried my bags to the room but nothing seemed really clear. My mother held my hand as the nurse wheeled me into the room and then helped me out of the chair and into the hospital bed.

Laying in the bed my family all smiled down at me as a man walked in and over to my bed side. Taking my hand he looked into my eyes and I was confused as he stared at me. I didn’t have time to think much of it when a female doctor entered the room smiling like the rest and went to the foot of my bed. I looked around the room confused at all the faces until seeing the reflection in the window of my room.

Standing in front of it before my father and brother had blocked the reflection. Leaving after the doctor came in I could now see it clearly without them in the way. It seemed to be a picturesque scene a young and very attractive girl with her husband or boyfriend holding her hand in a hospital bed. My mother stood next to them and smiled looking on as the doctor examined the very pregnant girl.

Slowly it started to click who the girl was as she matched my movements and I saw the look of panic come over her face causing me to wake in a cold sweat.

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