Changing Cal: Chapter 4

Cal is a 16 year old boy who has been chasing the girl of his dream almost all his life. When some pesky nanites infect Cal and turn him into a girl how will he deal with it? Will he still be the same person or will he become someone else when the girl in him now takes over?

Hello all Issy here with another chapter and it seems to be another short one. I don't know why but lately all of them seem short to me. Anyway this is Chapter four and I think it cam out well. Warning there may still be some misspells or bad grammer in this as well because I'm still looking for a proof reader. Any I hope you all enjoy and thanks in advance for all your comments and votes!

I had plenty of time before my friends and I were to meet me so I ran over all the ways I could tell them. No matter how I phrased it I couldn’t see how they all just wouldn’t freak out. A male friend turning into a girl wasn’t a common thing and actually made me think of how the others who had done it. How had they dealt with telling their friends, with telling family, and after it was over. I thought it had to have been easier for them they’d had more time to prepare. They’d had more time to get it all out of the way before they’d become female it had to have been easier.

As a guy I knew it how uncomfortable it was going to be for my male friends, even though it was nothing like having a sex change it was still something most males would have trouble with. This was far form a willing thing I was going through, so I hoped that because of that it wouldn’t be as bad. Kevin, Scotty, and Ashley were all great guys and even though I was losing my ticket to the boys club I was hoping we’d all still be friends in some way.

Madison I hoped on the other hand would react a little better like most women did to things like this. Women always seemed to be more open to the whole changing gender thing and because of that I hoped she would accept it a little better. The only thing that made me worry about telling Madison was that as far as she knew I was still mad at her and all because of that stupid plan. It seemed like ancient history now my brothers plan and the fail proof way I was going to get Madison.

I was seriously worried about how willing to listen to me Madison was after everything. As I walked into the Alley I knew I’d find out soon enough and not wanting to have this conversation interrupted I took a table in the back corner to wait for my friends. I sat alone for a while thinking because even as slowly as I had walked I was still about thirty minutes early. The first of my friends to arrive was Kevin so I waved him to the back corner and he joined me after slugging me in the arm to say hello.

“Hey man so you’re not dying or anything are you, cause I don’t think I could deal with that man?” Kevin was my oldest and best friend we’d been in every grade together; our families even took vacations together at times. Truth be told Kevin was more like a brother to me then my own brother and even though it sounded like he was joking I knew he probably meant it.

“No I’m not dying but it’s not much better. Listen I wanna tell everyone at the same time so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. So let’s wait for the others ok.” Shortly after Kevin arrived and after some idle sports talk between us Ashley and Scotty walked through the front doors to join us. I hadn’t known Scotty as long as Kevin but we were still pretty close and although I’d only known Ashley less then a year we’d become close too.

After reassuring the new arrivals that I wasn’t dying I told them I wanted to wait before telling them what was wrong. Conversation with my friends were always so easy we talked about whatever came up and I hated feeling that already slipping away. I listened as my three friends talked amongst themselves and for the first time felt like an outsider. I was already nervously tapping my foot waiting on Madison and chewing on my fingernails.

Every time the door opened my eyes flashed to the person to see if it was Madison. After about twenty minutes waiting I began to wonder if she wasn’t coming. I wondered if I’d made her so mad that she didn’t even want to see me but all that went away as the door opened again and there she was. Madison was so beautiful with long dark hair down to just below her shoulders, pale silk like skin, large green eyes that looked right into me every time, and a petite little body.

Wearing some black tights, a ballet skirt, shoes, and a jacket over her leotard I realized why she was late. Stupid I thought to myself she had dance classes on Tuesday nights. I’d totally lost track of days when all this had started but it didn’t matter now because she was there. I stood up and pulled out the last chair for her which she took with a smile looking at me nervously.

“What’s wrong Cal why did you want me here?” I could see the pain on Madison’s face as she asked me and I knew that like the others she feared it was serious. So not wanting to delay the painful any longer I took my seat and took a deep breath to let it all come out.

“Ok I guess everyone’s here now so I can tell you.”I took another deep breath looking around at my friends and wondered which ones would still be there at the end of my explanation. “I’m not dying Madison but it’s not much better. In a couple days the Cal you knew won’t exist. I have GANs!”

I watched as a look of knowing came over Madison’s face as the others just looked confused. Ok I thought you’re being too vague it’s time to get blunt. “I’ve been infected by the gender altering nanoids I’m turning into a girl!”

A little terrified I said it to loud and a quite fell over the shop. I could feel the eyes of the entire place on me as I place my face in my hands too afraid to look. Even though I couldn’t see it I knew they were all very much in shock and trying to figure out what to say. After a few more minutes I began to worry they had all left but I felt a small hand on my shoulder that brought me out of hiding.

“It’s ok Cal what can we do?” Everyone was still there Madison stood behind me with her hands on my shoulder as my other friends gave me a look of sympathy. “Is there a cure?” I didn’t have to look to know it would be Scotty who’d ask the hard questions everyone else wouldn’t.

“No and the nanoids are transforming me faster then all the others so three days from now if there was it wouldn’t do me any good.” For the first time hearing it put so bluntly by myself it finally hit me I was becoming a girl and there was no way to stop it or reverse it once it was done. In three days I would be a female for the rest of my life however long that was.

“Man I don’t know what to say Cal.” I looked at Kevin and then at the others, and at their pain filled faces trying to decide what to say to a boy who had three days before he was going to be a girl forever. I didn’t know what to tell them I didn’t know what to say either but the one person who I’d been to afraid to look at did.

“Listen Cal I know we had some problems right before all this but I’m here for you and so are the guys I’m sure.” I turned to look at Madison and as she smiled at me my heart leapt as the others at the table agreed with her. So my friends are behind me I thought to myself. I couldn’t wrap my head around how accepting they all were being and doubted I would have been as accepting if it had been one of them.

“Thanks guys I don’t know what to say.” Madison squeezed my shoulder and took her seat again next to me but kept a hand on my shoulder as if to support me. The conversation started up again and went into their own theories about whom or what was releasing the nanoids. I couldn’t help but smile at some of the more ridiculous ones and some of the jokes about me getting access to the girl’s rooms and other places boys were forbidden.

“So what are you going to look like?” Again I knew it was Scotty who would ask this and I thought about it again. It was a hard thing to picture myself as a girl and scary as hell to boot. “I guess what I would have looked like if I had been born a girl. Probably something like my mom I guess.” I thought about my mother again and remember the few pictures I’d seen of her around my age. It wasn’t a bad image and I thought silently to myself I could deal with that if I had too.

However the image I had of my mother and the one everyone else did were very different as they all told me how hot my mother was and if I did end up looking like her that I was going to be “smoking hot”. I shivered at the thought of being considered hot as a female I was sure it was better then being ugly but just the thought of males finding me attractive made me crawl. The conversation continued down the road of how I was going to look after until I finally told them it was getting late.

After everyone again told me that I was going to be fine the boys pledge to protect me from all the other guys if I did end up hot. I laughed at the thought of my three friends having to be my bodyguards when I knew I could take any of them with one exception.

As the guys all left together I walked out and down the street with Madison who other then reassuring me a few times that I was going to be ok had said very little. “Hey I want to say I’m sorry about ignoring you and treating you like I did it was stupid.” Madison suddenly had a look like she had just remembered what I was saying and punched me in the arm hard.

“Oh yeah what was that about! You really had me thinking I’d done something to make you mad at me?” I rubbed my arm fainting pain as we walked towards our houses and I tried to find the words to apologize better then I had.

“It was stupid Madison but I was trying to make you see what you were missing out on.” I kicked the ground wishing it was my brother and his stupid plan. “Why? You’re my best male… sorry but you were my best male friend! “ I watched as Madison turned red realizing I was soon going to be one of her best female friends.

“I wanted to be more Madison you know how much I like you and I wanted you to be my girlfriend. It doesn’t matter now though, I’m sorry about it and soon there’s no way you’ll ever want me in that way.” I stopped dead in my tracks and stared out at the lake we were walking by and tried not to look at Madison as she did the same.

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that.” The words floated to me like they were passing through water and made little sense as a stared at her confused. “I’m gay Cal or a lesbian I guess whatever they call it.” My mouth fell open and I would like to say that I had always secretly known but I hadn’t. “I haven’t told anyone except you and I’m sorry to dump it on you now with all you’re going through but… well maybe I feel like you’ll understand now.”

I didn’t know what to say suddenly it seemed like I was becoming what I had always wanted to be, I was becoming what Madison wanted. It still didn’t make me feel any better about becoming a girl but it gave me hope of getting something I had always want with Madison. “I would have always understood Madison and I do. Honestly I can’t see ever liking guys either so I’m right there with you. “

We laughed together for a while and chatted about what makes women so attractive as we started to walk again. I began to feel like for the first time Madison and I were really closer then just friends. It was a long walk and an even longer talk we had knowing that neither one of us had any reason to hold back. It was so great that I almost didn’t want to leave her as we got to her house.

“Well I better go inside my parents are gonna freak if I stay out any later.” As Madison smiled at me I agreed and hoped my parents hadn’t figured out I was gone at all. Madison started to walk towards her house as a watched her stop and walk back to me. Leaning in she kissed me on the lips and giggled as she walked away into her house.

The smile on my face as I walked back to my house couldn’t be hidden. When I had thought of all the ways this night could have gone this had never been one of them. So Madison was gay and it seemed slightly interested in a relationship with me when I was finally female. As much as I wanted that I still very much doubted I wanted to be a girl but at least it was a positive for life after transformation.

I would have stayed happy the rest of the night after sneaking back into the house and still not being found out but a thought crept into my head. The doctors had said that more then likely I would be attracted to men after because I was straight. I didn’t want to think of it but the thought also brought back the images of my nightmare. The pregnant girl, her husband, my family all in the hospital a picture prefect scene except I was the girl in it.

I couldn’t help but wonder if after all this time trying to get Madison and now finally having a chance. If now it was going to be taken away because I wasn’t going to be attracted to her anymore. I couldn’t ever imagine not being completely obsessed with Madison so I ignored the doctors and convinced myself I would still be attracted to Madison.

It wouldn’t be easy we’d be lesbians after all I thought but for her I could deal with it. If I had to deal with becoming a girl dealing with being a lesbian wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard. So it was decided I would be a lesbian, decided before I had even fully become a girl, but I knew it had to be right. After a quick shower and a look in the mirror to wonder what I would look like in the morning after more nanoid shenanigans I went to bed.

As much as I wanted my dream to be about Madison and I together the hospital dream again snuck in. This time it seemed to last a little longer as I watched the girl go into labor and my mother comfort her with the guy still there. Just as the girl was about to give birth I woke again in a cold sweat hyperventilating.

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