By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing
Synopsis:When a young couple about to wed visits the TransBike, they receive a gift from the TransBike. .

Two young people entered the store, one was in a wheelchair.

"Ah, greetings my young friends, how may I help you this fine and wondrous Day"

The young lady standing had stopped the wheelchair and whispered to her companion. "Sir, Does this bike actually work or is it a ruse to sell bikes?"

Then the Dapper Gentleman began his sales pitch, "Good lady, this bike does work as promised, why do you ask, surely you don't wish to become a man?"

Then she looked upon him in horror. "No way!! Quite the opposite, I want to see my mate healed of his injuries."

Then, looking at the figure in the wheelchair. "Why you are quite lovely, I would never see you has a male, and I take it that this fine young woman with you is your wife."

"No we are not married yet, she want to wait until she we graduate and then give herself to me upon our wedding night."

"I take it from your blushing that you two have discussed this at length and have experimented."

"We have kissed, a bit, but that's it. I still want to have his children and be a birth Mum as well. Unfortunately,with his injuries, and low sperm count, that can never happen. That is why we are here. We are hoping that you can give us the miracle that we are looking for."

"Kind and loving lady, I promise you that if you want to give birth, that the bike can and will deliver upon its promise. But before I let you ride, I must know if you two can handle the responsibility of being parents."

"Why must you ask? We love each other and our 'rents approve of our marrying."

"Dear Lady, there are far to many orphans in the world and many children abused by their parents. THAT is why I ask. I want to be assured that your children will be loved."

"Sir, if I was not ready to be a Father, I would never have proposed to marry my intended!!"

"And we have loved each other ever since we were children ourselves."

"NO, it is not all that that I question, I question whether or not you can afford the cost of raising a child. Many parents can't and have orphaned many children."

"Sir, I am a Scientist and my man is a Champion Cyclist. His Mum is the Woman's World Champion Cyclist. So we can easily afford to raise a child."

"Then lovely man, pedal your way to Fatherhood with my Blessings."

"Kind Sir, I can not pedal right now, may my intended pedal for me?"

"Yes, she may."

"One last question before she rides if you don't mind please."

"What is the question my good man."

"My intended, sister and I have all suffered injury recently, will your bike help us as well as my intended?"

"Yes, all that she has to do is pedal away and ask for you and your sister to be healed."

"Thank you kind sir, I shall now pedal for them as well."

"WOW!! I can actually feel the scars fading away from where I was hurt!!"

"I can feel my body is now that of a woman, kind sir, how can we ever thank you for your gift?"

"Just invite me to the wedding."

"But we don't even know your name!!"

"Just invite Transbike and I will come."
Then the loving couple left to share the news of their miracle from Transbike.


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