Momma's Boy - Part 1

Momma's Boy - part 1
Two Boys going down the wrong path. Their mothers take them in a world of magic, brainwashing, threats and more. The Mothers want their sons to be daughters. One boy accepts, one boy does not accept. Who would you be?

His nose was bleeding. It was just my luck. I know Cody is my best friend, but sometimes he just got on my nerves. Today when he called me tiny, I decided to show him that even tiny boys could beat someone up. Let’s face it; he was only a few centimeters taller than me. I don’t understand why he wanted to annoy up. Maybe he just wanted a fight. 

My name is Sonny. I am 12. So is Cody, but he thinks I am smaller, because he is a few centimeters higher than I am. I know I already said that. But my penis was bigger than his, and it even had some hair. Sorry for being rude and naming that. And in case you are asking how I know, we have taken showers before after gym class.


Back to the fight; my fist hit Cody’s nose and this stunned him. I was about to ask if he had enough and could we be friends again when I felt the teacher’s hand on my shoulder. Cody and I were led into the headmaster’s office.


Of course our mothers were called and they were on the way. This meant trouble, as I knew that Mum would be so mad at me. This was the second time I have been in the headmaster’s office in the last two weeks. While we were waiting, Cody apologized and asked if we could be friends. I tried to cheer him up by saying that if we survived our mothers, we would be friends for life.


Our mothers came in. They were told them that we were in a fight. Then my mum said that she would speak with me. She said it in a calm voice, which surprised me. It especially surprised me when she looked at me and smiled, saying that we will discuss it when we get home. Then she smiled at the headmaster and said that she thinks that things will change quickly in the future. I just smiled thinking that Mum must be sick or something. She usually gets mad at me, even if it’s in the school office. It was just as surprising as Cody’s mother was just as calm and said that she had a plan for Cody. Of course this could be bad as we could be grounded for the next 50 years.


When we were on the way home I heard Cody’s mother say to Mum:

“Hey, I see you got the same ring as me.” She said

“Yes, I met this East European woman called Madame Isabella this morning and we were talking how bad boys were today. Then she said she had a ring that would help things and show others that I understand them.”

“The same happened to me. It’s like a ring to show support. I think it’s a good ideal. They have a ribbon to show support against aids, we have a ring”

“I know. The problem is that I feel tingles going through my body up to my brain. I looked at the ring and thought that it looked ugly and tried to take it off, but then I couldn’t breathe until I put the ring on again”

“That happened to me.”


We were in the car on the way home and I thought that the conversation was very strange. I looked at her ring and it was a cool ring. Once in a while there would be a light glow from it where I would see that mum would blink very fast. That was also funny. But I didn’t laugh; as I didn’t know what trouble I was in when I came home.

When we came home I stood in the sitting room. I was waiting for her to start shouting and the usual. But she told me to sit down and wait.

Mum picked up the telephone. I could see the ring glow once again. It was so cool when it did that.

“Hello, this is Sonny’s mother. You know what we spoke about a few weeks ago, that our husbands left us, and it’s just us that are raising our sons. I remember you complaining that your house was too big and you wanted to move…”

“ ……….”

“That’s right. Well I suddenly got an idea. We have two spare rooms after Sonny’s father found his young secretary. Why don’t you and Cody move here?”

“ …… “

“Really? You thought of the same?”

“ ….. “

“Yes I agree that this ring is strange. Sometimes it’s like its putting thoughts in my head.”

“ …. “

“Sure, why not. There is no better time than the present. You just move what you need over tomorrow.”


“I agree, you don’t need a lot, and you can just rent out the house. I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow.”


As if I didn’t guess it already, Mum came into me and said that Cody and his Mum would be moving in tomorrow. I didn’t dare ask if she’s gone crazy or what the hell she was thinking about. It seemed like it was too soon for me. I could understand if he would be moving in a few months’ time, but moving in the next day. I will never understand parents. I suppose it was smart, as it was weekend. They would have time to get settled in.


The next day they came when I was still in bed. I just put the pillow over my head. Didn’t anyone have any notion to sleep a bit longer on Saturdays anymore? I could hear them show Cody his room and where his mother will sleep. It didn’t sound like they had that much to bring. It was basically their clothes and books and his toys and computer.


After they moved in, Cody came into my room without knocking. He thought it was so fun that we would be living together. I suppose he was right. He didn’t even think that it was strange that it was so soon. He thinks that our mothers must have talked about it for weeks. I doubt that. I decided to cheer up. It was nice to have my best friend living with me.

The weekend was a blast. Cody and I had so much fun. We played play station and seen DVDs and wrestled and everything. It was like a half year of fun and games in one weekend. I quickly forgot that they moved in so quickly. It was so fun that they would be living with us.


Of course, there was one disadvantage. Instead of having one mother that was constantly bickering, now there were two mothers that bickered. Two women that said remember to do your chores and to clean up, not to make so much noise and to remember to leave the toilet seat down. Sometimes it was like listening to two parrots just repeats things.

Sunday night was no different. Cody wanted to see Kim Possible, this girl who can do everything. I wanted to see a Batman film. I had the remote first but he grabbed it out of my hand and started watching his stupid cartoon. Then I did what any boy would do, I jumped on him. I grabbed the remote from him. Then we started wrestling on the floor. It wasn’t that we were mad at each other. It was that just at the time, it was more fun wrestling. Of course the two mums came in and separated us. That was such a shame. I nearly had him pinned down. They started screaming and shouting at us saying this and that. You have a mother; you know the type of things that they say.

After we sat as quiet as could be, they started talking

“They always fight” Mum said as I seen her ring glow a small bit

“I know “ Cody’s mother responded. Her Ring was glowing as well and her eyes were winking a bit quicker.

“Don’t you wish sometimes they were born as girls?”

“I wish Cody was born as baby girl” That made me laugh.

“So do I” I stopped laughing when Mum said this.

“Remember that woman we met. She has dance classes for boys. I think we should send them to dance.”

“I think that is a brilliant idea.”


I looked at Cody. He just sat there as nothing was said. Our mothers have just said we were going dancing and he was just sitting there. I looked at my mother and said I was not going dancing. She looked at me as harshly and it looked like she was going to explode. She said that if she decided I will go dancing, I would even If she had to drag me by my neck and spank me all the way. I had a glimpse of hope. She did say if she decided, so that means it has not been decided yet. But something in her eyes and face told me that I should not push her too far.


I could hardly sleep that night. The talks about dance made shivers go through my back. After a few hours of thinking I thought it would make me very popular if everyone could see I was a hip hop dancer or break-dancer. A smile came to my face. I could break dance in the middle of the hallways and everyone would be cheering me on, or maybe I could dance hip-hop on the teacher’s desk. Imagine that?


The next day we got into trouble. It wasn’t really our fault. It was during lunch break and this girl was standing in the corner of the playground where we were. Then we saw a puddle beneath her. We started laughing when we saw that she peed herself. I mean she was a girl our age that peed herself. That is totally strange. So we started calling her names and I tried lifting her skirt to see her wet panties. A teacher came up and took Cody and me by our shoulders.


We sat in our usual chairs outside their headmaster’s office waiting for our Mums to come.

This would be bad for us. We were there last Friday and already back again a few days after. I was sort shaking because I knew this was twice in a row and Mums temper would clearly explode.

That didn’t happen. Mum and Cody’s mum came in and heard what we did. Then there was silence. The silence was as painful as if the two mums started screaming and knocking down walls.

Then Mum said, “I promise that this time will be the last time that these two boys will be here in the office. They are starting at dance today. It is at Isabella’s school of dance. She has a special class for boys.”

“I heard about that. Two other boys from here will help. I hear she is from Eastern Europe. In fact I have spoken with a teacher pal of mine that said she worked at his town, and the changes in the boys she had there was spectacular.”

“That is why we are sending our boys. Something tells us that she will help our boys. They are getting out of control.”

“Well as they are starting at dance, I will see if that works. They will not be suspended. But I do not want to see both of them in my office again.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t”


With that we were left school. The two mothers and two boys were quiet in the car. Learning how to dance was an easy punishment. I couldn’t understand what the punishment was. I mean at the least, it would make me even more popular if I could dance hip-hop. Maybe do the moonwalk. I saw that on some oldie music video. As long as it wasn’t ballroom dancing, I wouldn’t care. You had to wear geeky suits and dance with girls that had ten inches of make up on and a false smile, and not to mention the old fashioned music.


We got at the dance studio. It was not that big. There was a huge mirror on one wall with a bar going across it. The floors were wood and shiny. It looked OK.

Cody and I walked into a changing room. We saw two boys from our school. They were Andrew and James. They were in the class above us. That was OK. They were quite popular at school and always got into trouble. We put on shorts and a t-shirt. It looked like we were going to play football without shoes, as there was a sign that said we could only wear socks when we were dancing. I thought that was strange, but maybe she did not want any streaks on her floor.

After we got in, we stood like 4 excited people waiting for dance to start. Then I laughed when the teacher came out. She looked exactly like Madonna in the “Hung up” video. She had white tights and pink leotard. She even had the long wavy hair like Madonna.

She told us to stand against the rail and to try bending down keeping our legs together and knees forward. This was easy. But we had to do it so many times, even with our arm straight out. I was always good with balance, so I had no problem. It was funny watching Cody stumble a few times. Then we had to raise our legs in all directions. She would say a word that sounded like it was French or something, and we would know if we would move our legs to the side or front or back. This was basically our first lesson. During the lesson I thought when would we get to dance to some cool music?

At the end she said that we were excellent, and will be great ballet dancers. I think I was about to faint when she said this. Was all this ballet? Were we going to ballet dance? I could not understand it. I wanted to hit something. This was the worse punishment that Mum could ever give me. How could she? I felt like telling the police. I felt like telling the FBI. Even CNN!

I didn’t say a word to Mum for the next few days. Cody was just as mad as I was. We supported each other in how hard it was. We felt sorry for each other and ourselves. What happened if the others at school found out? We would be the laughing stock in the whole school.


When I tried speaking to Mum about it, she just responded that she already paid for it and I would have to do it.

“Mum, I don’t want to do ballet”

“I already paid for it. You have to.”

“I never said I wanted to do ballet”

“But you did the exercises at the bar”


“You didn’t complain then”


“So you did ballet and didn’t complain”

“I know but then she said it was ballet, and I don’t want to do ballet”

“Well tough, you will continue doing ballet.”

“What if I don’t”?

“Then I will punish you by taking your computer and your play station and TV and a few other things. I don’t see what you are being such a sulking baby. Cody already told his mother that he will continue”


I lost the battle, and I agreed to give it a chance for 3 months. I didn’t want to make mum mad. But I told her that I would do no shows or show anyone how I dance and mum promised she wouldn’t tell anyone, not even my grandparents.

I didn’t know at the same time that Cody’s mother was talking with him about the same. He got even madder than me and got more threats.


So the week after, we were back at ballet. It was still the 4 of us. The exercise was the same. We just stretched our legs and went up and down. Then she told us to sit down.

“I am so happy that you have come back,” She started, “I know you are disappointed that you are doing ballet. I know you think it’s for girls. But do you see any girls are here? No some of the most famous ballet dancers are men. Look at yourselves, you are wearing shorts. You all look like boys. Even if you were wearing a leotard and tights, you would still be boys. It is how you feel inside. Ballet will make you all into better boys. I am so happy that you are here. Next week you will get a present and we will have a party instead of practicing”

I laughed when she said we would still look like a boy if we wear tights. I would look like a sissy. But next week we would be having a party, so I didn’t have to worry about doing ballet.


The week went by quickly and believe it or not, we didn’t get into trouble at home or at school. Mum got someone to put a mirror up and bar in the basement. I watched him when he was putting up. He was a bit annoying because he kept asking where my sister is, the one that does ballet. I didn’t want to tell him that I didn’t have any sister and that the bars were for me. I just let him ask and didn’t answer. After he asked a thousand times, I said that it was Cody that did ballet. The workman laughed and said it was strange for a boy to do ballet.


The next ballet lesson came. The day was changed to Thursday, instead of Monday when it usually is. Our mums were allowed to be there. I noticed that all four of them were wearing the same rings. There was also another woman there and she was standing behind this chair like you would see in the dentist shop. I hope we will not be playing musical chairs or something like that. I mean how childish would that be?

Isabella started by welcoming us.

“Welcome my pretty boys and their mothers. Today is the first day in your new life. Ballet and the gift you will get is the baptism you need to be the new boys that your mothers deserve. There is a glass before you, lets cheer for our new future and your future selves.”

I looked at the glass; it had this blue liquid in it. It looked quite disgusting. I took a sip of it and it tasted like pee. I looked at Cody and he was squinting his eyes as well. I wanted to throw the cup down but something told me that I had to taste more. I tasted more and didn’t mind the taste. I could see our mothers on chairs, looking at some catalogues with ballet clothes. When I looked at the cover, it had a picture of a ballerina girl. They were probably looking at new shorts and things. The more I looked at them, the blurrier it became.

After a glass, I asked if I could have more. My voice sounded slurry and I felt so dizzy. Everything was blurry. I remember thinking that the drink tasted so bad. Now I thought that it tasted so good.  

So here I was and everything was so blurry. I think that I even seen butterflies flying around. I tried reaching after them, and then they changed into rainbows. I could hear myself giggling. This was so funny. It was like I was in a world of magic.

Then I heard this voice that sounded like angels say “come with me it’s your turn”. It wasn’t like anyone else’s voice, it was an angel’s voice that filled my head when she spoke, and sounded like an echo. It was like the voice controlled my body.

I tried to stand up, but my legs were like jelly. Then the angel with the strange body lifted me up. I heard her saying that I was so small and light; I would be easy in the future. These words echoed in my mind, and even though I was fighting to understand what they meant, I really didn’t care because the voice was so soothing. Besides the chair I was sitting in was like a cloud.

The next thing I knew was that everything went black

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