Momma's Boy

.Momma's Boys

Written by Dauphin
Two Boys going down the wrong path. Their mothers take them in a world of magic, brainwashing, threats and more. The Mothers want their sons to be daughters. One boy accepts, one boy does not accept. Who would you be?
"This story is a classic! It shows two boys journey, one of which fights any change. It has a dominant woman that we hate and yet would love to know." Diana
"This story was fun writing as it used many cliches and is not a sentimental story. It was also a hard story to follow up on, as many wanted the same sort of story. It was hard when people still talked about this one but did not think the new ones were as good. " Dauphin

Momma's Boys

His nose was bleeding. It was just my luck. I know Cody is my best friend, but sometimes he just got on my nerves. Today when he called me tiny, I decided to show him that even tiny boys could beat someone up. Let’s face it; he was only a few centimetres taller than me. I don’t understand why he wanted to annoy up. Maybe he just wanted a fight.

My name is Sonny. I am 12. So is Cody, but he thinks I am smaller because he is a few centimetres higher than I am. I know I already said that. But my penis was bigger than his, and it even had some hair. Sorry for being rude and naming that. And in case you are asking how I know, we have taken showers before after gym class.

Back to the fight; my first hit Cody’s nose and this stunned him. I was about to ask if he had enough and could we be friends again when I felt the teacher’s hand on my shoulder. Cody and I were led into the headmaster’s office.

Of course, our mothers were called and they were on the way. This meant trouble, as I knew that Mum would be so mad at me. This was the second time I have been in the headmaster’s office in the last two weeks. While we were waiting, Cody apologized and asked if we could be friends. I tried to cheer him up by saying that if we survived our mothers, we would be friends for life.

Our mothers came in. They were told them that we were in a fight. Then my mum said that she would speak with me. She said it in a calm voice, which surprised me. It especially surprised me when she looked at me and smiled, saying that we will discuss it when we get home. Then she smiled at the headmaster and said that she thinks that things will change quickly in the future. I just smiled thinking that Mum must be sick or something. She usually gets mad at me, even if it’s in the school office. It was just as surprising as Cody’s mother was just as calm and said that she had a plan for Cody. Of course, this could be bad as we could be grounded for the next 50 years.

When we were on the way home I heard Cody’s mother say to Mum:

“Hey, I see you got the same ring as me.” She said

“Yes, I met this East European woman called Madame Isabella this morning and we were talking how bad boys were today. Then she said she had a ring that would help things and show others that I understand them.”

“The same happened to me. It’s like a ring to show support. I think it’s a good ideal. They have a ribbon to show support for aids, we have a ring”

“I know. The problem is that I feel tingles going through my body up to my brain. I looked at the ring and thought that it looked ugly and tried to take it off, but then I couldn’t breathe until I put the ring on again”

“That happened to me.”

We were in the car on the way home and I thought that the conversation was very strange. I looked at her ring and it was a cool ring. Once in a while, there would be a light glow from it where I would see that mum would blink very fast. That was also funny. But I didn’t laugh; as I didn’t know what trouble I was in when I came home.

When we came home I stood in the sitting room. I was waiting for her to start shouting and the usual. But she told me to sit down and wait.

Mum picked up the telephone. I could see the ring glow once again. It was so cool when it did that.

“Hello, this is Sonny’s mother. You know what we spoke about a few weeks ago, that our husbands left us, and it’s just us that are raising our sons. I remember you complaining that your house was too big and you wanted to move…”

“ ……….”

“That’s right. Well, I suddenly got an idea. We have two spare rooms after Sonny’s father found his young secretary. Why don’t you and Cody move here?”

“ …… “

“Really? You thought of the same?”

“ ….. “

“Yes, I agree that this ring is strange. Sometimes it’s like it’s putting thoughts in my head.”

“ …. “

“Sure, why not. There is no better time than the present. You just move what you need over tomorrow.”


“I agree, you don’t need a lot, and you can just rent out the house. I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.”

As if I didn’t guess it already, Mum came to me and said that Cody and his Mum would be moving in tomorrow. I didn’t dare ask if she’s gone crazy or what the hell she was thinking about. It seemed like it was too soon for me. I could understand if he would be moving in a few months’ time, but moving in the next day. I will never understand parents. I suppose it was smart, as it was weekend. They would have time to get settled in.

The next day they came when I was still in bed. I just put the pillow over my head. Didn’t anyone have any notion to sleep a bit longer on Saturdays anymore? I could hear them show Cody his room and where his mother will sleep. It didn’t sound like they had that much to bring. It was basically their clothes and books and his toys and computer.

After they moved in, Cody came into my room without knocking. He thought it was so fun that we would be living together. I suppose he was right. He didn’t even think that it was strange that it was so soon. He thinks that our mothers must have talked about it for weeks. I doubt that. I decided to cheer up. It was nice to have my best friend living with me.

The weekend was a blast. Cody and I had so much fun. We played play station and seen DVDs and wrestled and everything. It was like a half year of fun and games in one weekend. I quickly forgot that they moved in so quickly. It was so fun that they would be living with us.

Of course, there was one disadvantage. Instead of having one mother that was constantly bickering, now there were two mothers that bickered. Two women that said remember to do your chores and to clean up, not to make so much noise and to remember to leave the toilet seat down. Sometimes it was like listening to two parrots just repeats things.

Sunday night was no different. Cody wanted to see Kim Possible, this girl who can do everything. I wanted to see a Batman film. I had the remote first but he grabbed it out of my hand and started watching his stupid cartoon. Then I did what any boy would do, I jumped on him. I grabbed the remote from him. Then we started wrestling on the floor. It wasn’t that we were mad at each other. It was that just at the time, it was more fun wrestling. Of course, the two mums came in and separated us. That was such a shame. I nearly had him pinned down. They started screaming and shouting at us saying this and that. You have a mother; you know the type of things that they say.

After we sat as quiet as could be, they started talking

“They always fight,” Mum said as I seen her ring glow a small bit

“I know “Cody’s mother responded. Her ring was glowing as well and her eyes were winking a bit quicker.

“Don’t you wish sometimes they were born as girls?”

“I wish Cody was born as baby girl” That made me laugh.

“So do I” I stopped laughing when Mum said this.

“Remember that woman we met. She has dance classes for boys. I think we should send them to dance.”

“I think that is a brilliant idea.”

I looked at Cody. He just sat there as nothing was said. Our mothers have just said we were going dancing and he was just sitting there. I looked at my mother and said I was not going dancing. She looked at me as harshly and it looked like she was going to explode. She said that if she decided I will go dancing, I would even If she had to drag me by my neck and spank me all the way. I had a glimpse of hope. She did say if she decided, so that means it has not been decided yet. But something in her eyes and face told me that I should not push her too far.

I could hardly sleep that night. The talks about dance made shivers go through my back. After a few hours of thinking I thought it would make me very popular if everyone could see I was a hip hop dancer or break-dancer. A smile came to my face. I could break dance in the middle of the hallways and everyone would be cheering me on, or maybe I could dance hip-hop on the teacher’s desk. Imagine that?

The next day we got into trouble. It wasn’t really our fault. It was during lunch break and this girl was standing in the corner of the playground where we were. Then we saw a puddle beneath her. We started laughing when we saw that she peed herself. I mean she was a girl our age that peed herself. That is totally strange. So we started calling her names and I tried lifting her skirt to see her wet panties. A teacher came up and took Cody and me by our shoulders.

We sat in our usual chairs outside their headmaster’s office waiting for our Mums to come.

This would be bad for us. We were there last Friday and already back again a few days after. I was sort shaking because I knew this was twice in a row and Mums temper would clearly explode.

That didn’t happen. Mum and Cody’s mum came in and heard what we did. Then there was silence. The silence was as painful as if the two mums started screaming and knocking down walls.

Then Mum said, “I promise that this time will be the last time that these two boys will be here in the office. They are starting to dance today. It is at Isabella’s school of dance. She has a special class for boys.”

“I heard about that. Two other boys from here will help. I hear she is from Eastern Europe. In fact, I have spoken with a teacher pal of mine that said she worked at his town, and the changes in the boys she had there was spectacular.”

“That is why we are sending our boys. Something tells us that she will help our boys. They are getting out of control.”

“Well as they are starting at the dance, I will see if that works. They will not be suspended. But I do not want to see both of them in my office again.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t”

With that, we were left school. The two mothers and two boys were quiet in the car. Learning how to dance was an easy punishment. I couldn’t understand what the punishment was. I mean at the least, it would make me even more popular if I could dance hip-hop. Maybe do the moonwalk. I saw that on some oldie music video. As long as it wasn’t ballroom dancing, I wouldn’t care. You had to wear geeky suits and dance with girls that had ten inches of makeup on and a false smile, and not to mention the old-fashioned music.

We got at the dance studio. It was not that big. There was a huge mirror on one wall with a bar going across it. The floors were wood and shiny. It looked OK.

Cody and I walked into a changing room. We saw two boys from our school. They were Andrew and James. They were in the class above us. That was OK. They were quite popular at school and always got into trouble. We put on shorts and a t-shirt. It looked like we were going to play football without shoes, as there was a sign that said we could only wear socks when we were dancing. I thought that was strange, but maybe she did not want any streaks on her floor.

After we got in, we stood like 4 excited people waiting for dance to start. Then I laughed when the teacher came out. She looked exactly like Madonna in the “Hung up” video. She had white tights and pink leotard. She even had the long wavy hair like Madonna.

She told us to stand against the rail and to try bending down keeping our legs together and knees forward. This was easy. But we had to do it so many times, even with our arm straight out. I was always good with balance, so I had no problem. It was funny watching Cody stumble a few times. Then we had to raise our legs in all directions. She would say a word that sounded like it was French or something, and we would know if we would move our legs to the side or front or back. This was basically our first lesson. During the lesson, I thought when would we get to dance to some cool music?

In the end, she said that we were excellent, and will be great ballet dancers. I think I was about to faint when she said this. Was all this ballet? Were we going to ballet dance? I could not understand it. I wanted to hit something. This was the worse punishment that Mum could ever give me. How could she? I felt like telling the police. I felt like telling the FBI. Even CNN!

I didn’t say a word to Mum for the next few days. Cody was just as mad as I was. We supported each other in how hard it was. We felt sorry for each other and ourselves. What happened if the others at school found out? We would be the laughing stock of the whole school.

When I tried speaking to Mum about it, she just responded that she already paid for it and I would have to do it.

“Mum, I don’t want to do ballet”

“I already paid for it. You have to.”

“I never said I wanted to do ballet”

“But you did the exercises at the bar”


“You didn’t complain then”


“So you did ballet and didn’t complain”

“I know but then she said it was ballet, and I don’t want to do ballet”

“Well tough, you will continue doing ballet.”

“What if I don’t”?

“Then I will punish you by taking your computer and your play station and TV and a few other things. I don’t see what you are being such a sulking baby. Cody already told his mother that he will continue”

I lost the battle, and I agreed to give it a chance for 3 months. I didn’t want to make mum mad. But I told her that I would do no shows or show anyone how I dance and mum promised she wouldn’t tell anyone, not even my grandparents.

I didn’t know at the same time that Cody’s mother was talking with him about the same. He got even madder than me and got more threats.

So the week after, we were back at ballet. It was still the 4 of us. The exercise was the same. We just stretched our legs and went up and down. Then she told us to sit down.

“I am so happy that you have come back,” She started, “I know you are disappointed that you are doing ballet. I know you think it’s for girls. But do you see any girls are here? No some of the most famous ballet dancers are men. Look at yourselves, you are wearing shorts. You all look like boys. Even if you were wearing a leotard and tights, you would still be boys. It is how you feel inside. Ballet will make you all into better boys. I am so happy that you are here. Next week you will get a present and we will have a party instead of practising”

I laughed when she said we would still look like a boy if we wear tights. I would look like a sissy. But next week we would be having a party, so I didn’t have to worry about doing ballet.

The week went by quickly and believe it or not, we didn’t get into trouble at home or at school. Mum got someone to put a mirror up and bar in the basement. I watched him when he was putting up. He was a bit annoying because he kept asking where my sister is, the one that does ballet. I didn’t want to tell him that I didn’t have any sister and that the bars were for me. I just let him ask and didn’t answer. After he asked a thousand times, I said that it was Cody that did ballet. The workman laughed and said it was strange for a boy to do ballet.

The next ballet lesson came. The day was changed to Thursday, instead of Monday when it usually is. Our mums were allowed to be there. I noticed that all four of them were wearing the same rings. There was also another woman there and she was standing in this chair like you would see in the dentist shop. I hope we will not be playing musical chairs or something like that. I mean how childish would that be?

Isabella started by welcoming us.

“Welcome my pretty boys and their mothers. Today is the first day in your new life. Ballet and the gift you will get is the baptism you need to be the new boys that your mothers deserve. There is a glass before you, let's cheer for our new future and your future selves.”

I looked at the glass; it had this blue liquid in it. It looked quite disgusting. I took a sip of it and it tasted like pee. I looked at Cody and he was squinting his eyes as well. I wanted to throw the cup down but something told me that I had to taste more. I tasted more and didn’t mind the taste. I could see our mothers on chairs, looking at some catalogues with ballet clothes. When I looked at the cover, it had a picture of a ballerina girl. They were probably looking at new shorts and things. The more I looked at them, the blurrier it became.

After a glass, I asked if I could have more. My voice sounded slurry and I felt so dizzy. Everything was blurry. I remember thinking that the drink tasted so bad. Now I thought that it tasted so good.

So here I was and everything was so blurry. I think that I even saw butterflies flying around. I tried reaching after them, and then they changed into rainbows. I could hear myself giggling. This was so funny. It was like I was in a world of magic.

Then I heard this voice that sounded like angels say “come with me it’s your turn”. It wasn’t like anyone else’s voice, it was an angel’s voice that filled my head when she spoke, and sounded like an echo. It was like the voice-controlled my body.

I tried to stand up, but my legs were like jelly. Then the angel with the strange body lifted me up. I heard her saying that I was so small and light; I would be easy in the future. These words echoed in my mind, and even though I was fighting to understand what they meant, I really didn’t care because the voice was so soothing. Besides the chair I was sitting in was like a cloud.

The next thing I knew was that everything went black
When I woke up I was home. I woke up and felt so good. To be honest, the last thing I remembered was that I had a drink something. It was at ballet class. How did I get home? I looked at the clock. It was 9:44. I was in a panic. I must have overslept.

I rushed into the kitchen asking my Mum to drive me to school. She started laughing saying that it was weekend. I have been asleep for two days after the party. I just shrugged my shoulder and said sorry to my mother, I don’t remember what I did at the party, but it must have been one huge party. Mum told me that Cody’s mum was in his room as he woke up a bit earlier.

I said I would brush my teeth and clean myself. Mum said that would be great.

I took the toothpaste as I usually do and then thought why God created teeth if we had to brush them every day. Then I looked in the mirror and started brushing my teeth. Then it struck me.

There was something wrong with me.

My hair looked a lot longer. Halfway down to my neck. It was also a bit lighter than my usual dark hair. Sometimes this happened during the summer. But it was a few months until summer.

Then I saw it. It was my ears. I had earrings! Not one, but two. I know what everyone at school said this meant. It is OK for a boy to wear one earring, but wearing two of them means that you like other boys or you are a sissy. I looked closer at the earrings that have a small silver flower that was flat and a gold butterfly on top of it. There were the strangest earrings I ever saw, but how did they get there?

“Hi, Sonny. I have seen you woke up” Cody said as he barged into the bathroom, without knocking, “Wow, your hair grown as well.”

“Did you see these earrings we have? Someone pierced our ears,” I shouted struggling to hold back my anger as well as a tear

“I know. I have the same”

“In both ears. Only puffs have them in both ears.”

“I don’t know. They look sorta pretty.”

“Listen to what you’re saying. Only girls say they are pretty. These are for girls”

“Look in the mirror.” He said.

I rushed down to my mother and showed my earrings and complained about a half an hour. Mum expected this to happen and said that at the party, I said I wanted them. I said that I didn’t remember anything, and the drink was probably whiskey or something that got me drunk. That made Mum mad and said that she would never give me alcohol and if she ever saw me drink it, I would be so red in my bum. She also said that Madame Isabella said not to take the earrings off otherwise there would be consequences.

I didn’t go out all day. I tried doing other things but all I could feel was my ears. I went into Cody’s room and he wasn’t doing much. I asked him why he just accepted that he had earrings. He explained that he had to wear them because he asked for them. I tried being reasonable with him telling him that he doesn’t remember asking and it was probably some magic drink. Cody just laughed and said there’s no such thing as magic and to stop bothering him.

I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was not going to have any earrings. I tried to take them off. Just as I did, the face of Madame Isabella appeared in the mirror. The image of her looked mad as she said, “There will be consequences”. With that the whole room went white; I felt myself go dizzy once again and fainted on the floor.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was in my bed. I looked around. This must have been a bad dream. I put my hands to my ears and noticed that the earrings were still there. It was like my heart dropped. It was no bad dream.

Mum came in and told me that she warned me that I am not to take the earrings off. I said I tried but it was like I was hit by lightning. I said I thought I saw Isabella in the mirror. She looked mad. Mum said that Isabella also said that they couldn’t be removed. I told her that Isabella must be some sort of witch because how is it that I cannot take earrings out? Everyone should be able to take them out.

Mum said just forget they were there and to go in and take a nice bath. As I walked in I already saw Cody there. He had loads of bubbles in the bath with some Rose petals. I had to look at him twice as he looked like a girl in the bath.

He asked me did I want to join him, I said no as politely as I could. Then he said that he was finished. I reminded him to empty the water, as I didn’t want to smell like perfume or roses.

I started taking off my clothes as I usually do. I looked in the mirror and could see that my hair was now longer than Cody's. It was nearly down to my shoulder. He noticed me looking at that and said that Isabella said it would grow to remind me not to take my earrings out. I laughed bravely and said at least I can cover the earrings with my hair. This made Cody a bit upset and said why I would ever do that, he thought they were so pretty.

I did what I thought was best to do. I tried to forget that I even had them. If anyone would tease me at school, then I would just say that they were modern now and only geeks and nerds didn’t wear them. I had my plan. I hoped it worked.

Cody was now drying himself and nearly all my clothes were off. I could see him staring at me. I asked him why was he being so weird, then he just pointed and said look. He was looking at my nipples. I became weak in my legs when I saw them. They were browner and pointed out. It also looked like my skin was a bit swollen around them. Then I realized that they looked like boobs. I started to breath heavy. Then Cody said don’t worry; you could hardly notice them, except my nipples were a small bit bigger.

I tried to calm down thinking that I would be wearing something over them. The last few days have been very weird, and I wondered when would weird things stop happening to me? Then I saw Cody staring at me again. He was staring at my thing. He was sure acting gay today. Why was he looking at that? I looked down and then seen what his lips were saying but without any words.

My hair above my thing was gone! I was now hairless just like Cody was.

I fell to the tub and called for Mum to come. Of course, Cody’s Mum came as well so I had everyone looking at me.

“Mum look at my nipples and my hair down below is gone”

“It’s all about growing up”

“Mum, I’m supposed to grow more hair, not less. And only girls grow boobs”

“Well then, do not try to rebel against Isabella. Do what she says; otherwise, she will punish you more and more.”

“Is this her fault? I told you she is a witch”

“Or you are disobedient for trying to take your earrings off”

That night I could not sleep. My nipples were so sensitive and I felt like my PJs were too heavy. When I took the PJ trousers I thought I was cold. That night was the longest night of my life. I didn’t sleep for 10 minutes.

The next day was Monday. It was Ballet day. I woke up and told Mum that I didn’t sleep and told her why. I could see her ring start to glow again. She advised that I talk to Isabella today. Then she said I could catch up on my sleep with the kindergarten when they had naps. Before I could complain, she was already ringing to the kindergarten teacher explaining that I did not sleep and I would need to have a nap so I can dance after school.

As I guessed everyone teased us about the earrings. Cody didn’t really mind, and no one believed me when I said it was now the fashion in New York and even Paris. They called us sissies and things like that. I could feel my eyes become wet. I didn’t understand anything anymore. If they said this a few weeks ago I would make their nose bleed. Now I could feel myself nearly cry.

When it was Lunchtime, I walked slowly to the kindergarten class. It was like a spy mission. I kept on looking to see if anyone could see me. I sneaked into the room with a load of small children. The teacher showed me a mattress where I could lie on. It had a blanket with Winnie the Pool and the thinnest pillow I ever saw as well. On the pillow, there was a pink pacifier. Maybe she thought that I was much younger than I actually was. I lied down on the mattress and closed my eyes.

At the start, I couldn’t sleep. Then the teacher came and put the pacifier in my mouth. I spit it out and she just put it in again. Then I drifted towards sleep. I had a weird dream that I was a girl. I had long hair and had a dress on in school and all the boys fancied me. When I woke up, I was a bit confused. That was the worst nightmare that I ever had.

The teacher said goodbye to me and said she was sorry for the pacifier. She was just used to the younger children.

That afternoon we had ballet. It went pretty much like the other times. The other boys also had the same earrings. We tried some dance steps away from the bars. I was pleased when Isabella said that I was the best. I knew that Cody would be upset over this because he seemed to want to please Madame Isabella the most.

After the ballet, Isabella said she would like to speak with me.

“I hear that you have tried to take off your earrings,” she said

“Yes, I mean look at them. Only girls wear earrings”

“You don’t understand sweetie. Boys can wear them too. The flower in the earring represents the beauty in you, how sweet and kind you are. The butterfly shows how unique you are. How graceful you are. This is a great present for me, and yet you tried to take them off”


“What happened when you took them off”?

“I lost my hair above my… well-“

“Your privates.”

“Yea now I look like a little boy. My Nipples are also sensitive and I can’t sleep”

“Will you try to take them off again?”


“Well, I can’t do anything about the hair. I can do something about the sleep. I would also like to warn you that if you go against my wishes, there will be consequences”

“Are you- are you- are you a witch?”

“No. What I do is what your mother wants and is for your own best good. Now open the pack and see now that you will be able to sleep.”

I opened the pack and it was some nightclothes. I folded it out and once again I could feel the banking of my heart when I saw a picture of Barbie. I was about to say that this was a girl’s nightdress, but I decided not to make Isabella mad. I mean she might make me bald or something like that.

She was right. That night Mum helped me put the nightdress on and it felt so nice. You know like when you wear a Superman costume and the feeling when the cape flows in the air. The nightdress was the same as if I could feel the fresh air going up it and telling me sleeping would be like sleeping on a pink cloud. I mean cloud.

Of course, Cody came in and seen it. If he called me a sissy or any other words like that I would pounce on him. The only thing he said was that it was so pretty and he started begging his mother for one. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was he under Isabella’s spell that he was begging for a girl’s nightdress?

Needless to say, the next night he was wearing a pink one. What was the world coming to? He said to his Mum that he would lie in my bed for a while and talk before he went to bed

“Now we both have pretty nightdresses” he started

“I don’t know why you even wanted one. They are for girls and I only wear one because it helps me with a problem I have.”

“But it is a gift from Madame Isabella. If she thinks it will make you a better dancer then it will also make me a better dancer.”

“Why do you care what she thinks”?

“I want to be a better ballet dancer!”

“Why? Ballet is for girls. I agreed to do it for a bit and then I am stopping”

“I will never stop. I love ballet. It is the best time of the week. I always look forward to it and when we don’t have ballet, I love practising”

“You would never have said that a few weeks ago.”

“I know, but things have changed. I don’t understand why you are being so stubborn.”

Cody put his hands around me and started hugging me. I thought he was just trying to make me feel better. He started caressing my back and this made me feel a lot better. Nothing was said. It was just one friend trying to console another friend, or at least I thought it was. That was until I could see his face come closer to my face, and the next thing I knew was that he was trying to kiss me. I was in shock. I pushed him off and got mad at him saying that I was not gay. This made Cody cry. Of course, I felt sad that I pushed him off, but I had to show him that I was not gay. He could give me a hug, as long as it was not a gay kiss.

The next day, Cody was hardly speaking with me. I think he was mad at me because of the night before. But at the end of the day, I decided to walk into his room. I was surprised that he was so happy. It seemed like he forgot all about the night before. He asked me what I thought of his new posters. He explained that Mum has also bought some for my room.

I looked at the walls. They were pictures of bodybuilders, and boys our age that was just in speedos. There were also pictures of boys our age wearing dresses or even diapers. They looked so weird. I mean how many 12-year-olds wear dresses and diapers.

He asked me what I thought. I just said that I think there should be pictures of women in bikinis and the room would be much nicer. Again his answer shocked me. He said it’s much nicer to look at the ones that were up now than some stupid pictures of women. I think that he was going cry.

The next week at ballet was pretty much easy. Isabella was nice to me because I told her that I was using her nightdress and I was sleeping well. Otherwise, we practised on the bar and moving around on our feet while trying to look at graceful as we could.

In the end, Madame Isabella said, “I hear that 3 of you have decorated your walls with posters of men. This does not mean that you are gay. It is OK to look at other men and think that they are cute. It is even OK to masturbate when you look at them. I see nothing wrong with that. I have to tell you all something. Remember if you do not there will be consequences. You all notice that your hair is growing and is now down to your shoulders. You are not allowed to cut your hair. Your parents do not want it and neither do I. You are allowed to cut your fringes in what they call a page style”

I didn’t say anything all the way home in the car. I just thought that now Isabella has gone too far. I mean now we weren’t allowed to cut our hair. I could hear the two Mums say that they think it’s a good idea to let our hair grow, as we would look cute. I even would look cute in a ponytail. That was the last drop. Isabella was only supposed to teach us how to dance. Now she was telling us what to wear on our ears and in bed, what to put on our walls and now not to cut our hair. I wasn’t blind. She wanted us to look like girls in some show she wanted to do. Then everyone would laugh at us, and after we could be boys again but have no friends. The fact that she could brainwash and control our mums and Cody and the other boys showed also that she was a witch. I could hardly go to the police claiming she was a witch. They would just laugh at me.

I decided what I was going to do.

When I came home, I rushed into the kitchen and took scissors. I took some pillows in the bathroom and put them on the floor just in case I was hit by some lightning or fainted or some other punishment by Isabella.

I started cutting my hair. It was actually quite cool. Each time I cut a piece of it off some sparks came from my head. After I cut it and cut it, I looked in the mirror, and I looked like a boy.

I looked in the mirror. No Isabella

I looked at the floor. I didn’t faint

I survived Isabella’s latest threat. I smiled looking at the mirror. I looked nearly like my old self again.

I should not have smiled. A bright light shone under the door. It was a bright light with pink stars. It looked so cool, but the light was so bright, I had to cover my eyes. Then everything started to shake like it was an earthquake. I was being swung from side to side. I thought it was the end of the world. An earthquake! The light coming under the door must have been heaven or something.

After what it seemed to be like a lifetime, the light vanished and the shaking stopped. I looked in the mirror.

My hair was back. It was like I have never cut it. I looked down at my body at noticed that the sleeves were much longer and the legs in my trousers were on the floor. While I looked as tall as an 11-year old a few moments before (Even though I was 12), I now looked as tall as a 9-year-old.

This made me so mad. What did Isabella do now? Why do her consequences always have to be like this? What will everyone say at school when they saw me this size?

I walked out of the bathroom and Mum was standing there. I could see that the ring on her finger was glowing a lot.

“I see that you tried to cut your hair. When will you ever do as you’re told? The only thing that Isabella told you to was not to cut your hair, and as soon as you got home, you had to cut your hair. You don’t see Cody coming home and cutting his hair. No, he does what Isabella said. Now, look at you. You look like a little boy. I suppose this is the best punishment, as you are just acting like a little boy”

I knew I dared not say anything to Mum as she dragged me into her room. I stood in the corner with a tear in my eye. Maybe I looked like a little boy, but I will be strong enough not to cry. Isabella would never make me stoop that so low as to cry.

I was wrong.

Mum went back and forth saying that she hoped it would never come to this, and Cody was standing at the door with tears flowing down his cheeks. Boy, he looked so tall! But why was he crying? I wasn’t about to be executed.

Then Mum came towards the bed. She emptied some baby powder on the bed and threw a disposable diaper on the bed. As soon as I saw this I ran towards the door. But she caught me by my arm. One problem that I shrunk was that I was no longer as strong as I was. I was a little weakling. She threw me on the bed where she tried taking my clothes off. I screamed for the police and social services and anyone that would help me. I started crying and begging my Mum to please let me alone and I will do whatever she said.

It was to no avail, she just held my kicking legs down until I had no energy to fight anymore. The pampers or whatever they were plastic and thick. They had some girlish cartoon in the front and some red hearts at the elastics at the top and around my legs. At least they could have used boy diapers instead of these stupid pink ones. I was too tired of fighting and my head was beginning to hurt after all the crying.

The diaper was on and Cody was going on about how nice it looked with all the pretty cartoons and colours. I didn’t even have the fighting in me to stick my middle finger up at him. I was smaller and now had a nightdress and diaper on me made me feels younger. I was no longer the wild 12-year-old boy; I was the 9-year-old boy with a diaper on.

Then Mum lifted me into my room, which was no longer even looked like my room. It looked like a baby’s room. It had a crib and a blanket in the middle of the floor with loads of toys. Not my play station but baby toys. Mum lowered me in the crib and gave me a bottle saying that I must be thirsty.

My brain was so empty that I just put the bottle in my mouth and started sucking. The warm milk was quite nice and I just stared at the ceiling. I was looking at the sign in the crib. It was a metal sign who made it. There was the name of the company and the Roman Numbers when it was made.

Time passed as drank from the bottle and listened to some Hannah Montana Music. I used to hate her, as she is only for little girls that like dancing before a mirror.

As more time passed, I looked back at the sign in the crib. What did the letters at the end mean? Oh yes, they were Roman numbers. But why can’t I remember what the number was? I used to know what they were

Or did I?

The next morning I woke up. Mum lifted me out of the crib and took my diaper off. I thought that she would put some boxers on me now. But instead, she started putting a diaper on me. I started kicking and everything, as I did not want to wear a diaper to school.

Mum said, “Listen darling. There are a few things we have to talk about. Remember that there are consequences to the fact that you tried to cut your hair. You know now that you are the size of a nine-year-old. You will also find out that you have forgotten many of the things that you used to know. So now, you will have to be in the same class as the 9-year-olds.”

“Mum, they will laugh at me”

“No, they will just think that you always went into that class”

“How is that?”

“Isabella can do things that we never can imagine. You will have new friends and the old ones will think you are one of the younger ones”

“Can’t you see that she is a witch?”

“No, and besides that, your room has been changed to a nursery until you can learn to do what adults say.”

“I noticed that but I don’t want to wear a diaper to school”

“That was not Isabella’s punishment. That was mine. If you can’t act your age then you can be a baby and wear a diaper to school.”

“I don’t want to”

“Let me think. OK. If you agree to take naps every day at the Kindergarten then I will let you wear briefs.”

I thought about it and agreed to the nap. I hoped Mum would forget about it after a few days.

I went to school. Cody did not sit with me. He knew that I was really 12 and not 9, but he did not want to sit with me, because now he was convinced I was a small kid. This made me mad. Maybe I was smaller, but I was a better dancer and I did not have posters up of half-naked men.

Otherwise, the day went quite well. I suddenly had new friends that didn’t use all their time to talk about girls. The teacher was nice, but it was a bit hard what she taught us. How much did I forget?

At Lunch, I tried to sneak past the kindergarten and play football with the others. The Kindergarten teacher caught me by my shoulder and asked did I forget that I needed a nap. She also said I was too pretty to be playing football.

The nap was like the last time. I slept in a little mattress and the pacifier helped me to sleep. Usually, I could stay up all day, but I was so tired.

Of course, the others in my class teased that needed a nap, but I didn’t hit them. I would probably have teased if I were them too. I just said that I could dream about playing football on the moon

When I came home, Mum asked was I wet. I said no. Then she put me on the bed and put a diaper on me. I didn’t complain, as long as I didn’t have to wear at school.

Cody was totally different now that I was a 9-year-old. I know I was 12, but I looked and lived like a 9-year-old, so I was starting to consider myself as a 9-year-old. Of course, I was a 9 year old with diapers and a crib, but others didn’t know that.

Cody was meaner. The frustration that he had since he found Isabella thought I was a better dancer than he was shown. Now he was teasing me that I was a baby, and always asked me if I was wet. Usually, I would have jumped on him, but something stopped me. I didn’t want to really fight him. I just ran to a corner and hid.

Later that night, I was lying on my stomach on the floor watching some cartoon that Mum put on. A few weeks ago, I would have been bored. But now I was deeply interested in the cartoon. It was about a girl that lived on a farm, and her father had no money. Now the father wanted to sell the horse and the girl did all she could to keep the horse. My eyes were a bit watery because the story was so sad.

Just as it came to the most important part, Cody said that he could see my diaper. I looked back and could see that my nightdress was a bit too high and that the diaper could be seen. I opened my mouth, as I was about to tell him what was on my mind, but as soon as I opened my mouth, tears came out. I didn’t believe it, I was crying like a little girl. Cody tried saying he was sorry, but it was too late. All evening, he was teasing me about diapers and the way he ignored me at school. The tears started flowing from my eyes and Mum came and put a pacifier in my mouth and said that it’s time that relaxes in my bed. She could have said crib.

I was taken to my refurbished room and mum helped me in the crib. She hung a new thing from the ceiling. It was some lights and when she turned a button they turned around. You could see a trail of stars follow them as they turned around. Then she turned on some Hannah Montana Music and then made sure the pacifier was in my mouth. I was just staring at the lights turning around and listening to the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Even when my eyes were becoming heavy, I just had to say.

I hardly heard my Mum go while she said good night princess.


The next morning was the same as the day before. Mum asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper to school. I said no. It was a diaper and besides that, it was a girl’s diaper. Everyone would laugh at me. Mum said that it was up to me. If I think I was wiser than her, then I could try it, but warned not to blame her if something bad happened.

The morning went fine. The classes were a bit hard, but I was doing my best to keep up with what the teacher was saying. At times, I thought it was unfair that I had to learn the same things twice, but I have noticed as time went, I was forgetting about who I was and have forgotten the fact that I was 12. I was now 9 and that's all I knew.

At lunch, I went to the Kindergarten class and without being coaxed put the pacifier in my mouth. I spit it out a few seconds later when I realized what I did, but that didn’t last long. I needed it in my mouth to sleep, so I slept with the pacifier.

When I woke up, the teacher pulled down my jeans. I was about to scream when she explained that I had a little accident when I slept, and not to worry about it, lots of children my age does. The problem was that she did not have lots of changing clothes. In fact, the only ones that she had been some jeans from a girl are now 12 that used to have the same problem. Suddenly a bit of my memory came back, I realized that this was the same girl that Cody and I laughed at weeks earlier for peeing herself on the playground. I had no choice but to wear her clothes. It was some white panties with daisies as well as jeans. They had roses go down the back of the legs as well as around the pockets. I felt the tears once again when I realized that I was getting girls jeans on.

I sneaked back to the class, and of course, everyone was staring at my trousers and asking if I a girl or boy. They couldn’t really see, because my hair was so long, I had girlish earrings and now I was wearing girl’s jeans. I said that I was a boy. The teasing became worse as I became more frantic and said that I was a boy. They insisted that I was a girl and called me names like sissy and princess and puff.

I challenged them that if they wanted to see if I was a girl or boy, they could have a fight. I was relieved when Declan came towards me. He was the weakest boy in the class. I gave him one of my knockout punches that always winded someone. That didn’t happen this time, he just laughed and said that I hit like a girl. Then he punched me and it felt like I flew through the air for several feet

The worse thing was that I could feel myself peeing again. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t stop. The new jeans I got were totally wet. One thing about jeans, you can see when they are wet. I couldn’t have! I did! I peed myself in front of everyone. While everyone was laughing and teasing, I was sent to the nurse’s office. She said that she already spoke to my Mum and she told me to wear one of the school diapers. I was about to get mad and shout and even cry when the nurse stuck a pacifier in my mouth and quickly removed my wet clothes and before I knew it, I had a diaper on me. While I was staring at the diaper and also wondering why it was a girl’s diaper, I got the same story that she only had some clothes from a girl that went before. It was like this girl was haunting me. All my problems started when I teased her. Now I was in the same situation. The nurse said she only had leggings. What were leggings? I soon found out as they were just like tights. You could see every curve in my legs and of course, you could see my diaper.

I won’t tell you what my classmates said when I came back. Use your imagination.

When I got on the bus, Cody saw me. He smiled when he saw my leggings and the diaper budge in them.

“I like the trousers you’re wearing. They look a bit like tights.”

“Stop teasing”

“I am not teasing. I really like them. I wish Mum would buy me them”

I looked at him, thinking that he was very strange. Why would any boy want to go around with leggings on? He was so strange. He had men on his wall and he liked nightdresses and now leggings. I wonder what was wrong with him. It was at the tip of my tongue. But I forget what it’s called.

When I came home, Mum found out that I wet so many times at school. She became quite mad and said that I should listen to adults. She told me that this would happen, and told me that she didn’t want to hear any complaints that I would be wearing diapers from now on, except when I dance. Then I could wear briefs or boxers. For some reason; I didn’t complain or feel like arguing with her. She seemed so much bigger than me.

Three months have passed, and I forgot all about the 3 months I told my Mum that I would give ballet a chance. I was now used to my new life. I think it’s about time to tell you all that my life was at this point

At this time, I was now a 9-year-old boy. The more time that went by, the less that I remembered that I was once a 12 year old. In the end, we totally forgot about it.

At home Mum still punished me like I was a baby, by making me wear diapers all the time. My room looked like a nursery, which meant that I slept in a crib and had some toys that no one would ever want to play with. I did. I had an imagination. I really loved this play telephone. I used to pretend that I was ringing to everyone on the planet. I used to talk with people like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Mostly at home, I would just wear a t-shirt and diaper. It was OK despite the fact that Cody teased. The worse was when Mum or Cody’s Mum was very mad at me and threw me in the backyard with nothing but a t-shirt and diaper on.

At school, I tried being normal. I didn’t have many friends. Many of my friends were girls as they thought that I looked and in many ways acted like one. I loved playing house in which I always was the baby sister. I didn’t mind that. At least I had some friends. During the break time, I would take my naps in the kindergarten class. It became more of a routine and something that I liked. Some of the younger ones thought that it was funny that I had to take a nap, as well as I slept with a pacifier and a girl’s diaper. I was teased, because my hair was so long and that I wore a diaper. Many said I was both a boy and girl. They also said I was a diaper boy and always asked if I was wet. But I became used to it.

Cody was also strange. He really liked pictures of men on his wall. When we went shopping for clothes, he would look at the girl’s section and say everything was pretty. He used the word pretty a lot. This annoyed his Mum and would by unisex clothes; you know the ones that could be worn by boys and girls. He was of course teased in school because his hair was long, he wore the same earrings and there were rumours that he was looking at boys in the showers. He still teased me, but I think that’s because I was better than him at the ballet.

I often thought about the way that Mum treated me. You know she basically treated me like a baby. Who would let their son wear a nightdress and earrings? Deep down I think that Isabella was making my mother hates me. Why else would she do that? At times I missed the way we were. I missed when we were normal, and I knew that my mother loved me. Now I think deep down she hated me. I knew that love was greater than any magic. I still loved my mother so much and I loved myself.

It was time to go to Ballet as usual. This time we were changing into our shorts when Isabella came in. She hardly ever came in. I mean was a woman supposed come into boys changing rooms? Then she took some tights and gave them to us and told us to put them on under our shorts.

You should have seen Cody’s face. Ever since the day he saw me in the leggings, he has been obsessed with girl clothes. Now he had a chance to try them on, and it was clear what he thought of it.

“It is like heaven on my legs. It is like a smooth rose brushing against my skin. It is like when I take them on that they become part of my skin. It is different when you have socks on. You forget that they are on. When you have these tights on, you know that you are wearing them all the time. Why is it only that a girl can wear these? This is the best thing that happened to me in some time.”

I asked them did they think that only girls wore tights. Like robots, they all answered that this was what Isabella wanted them to do. She was thinking how they could be better dancers, and I should have more trust in her.

I started putting the tights on very carefully, thinking that I didn’t want to destroy them. I wonder how they actually made them. Cody was right, they felt nice. But we probably looked like clowns.

Ballet went well that day. I now loved dancing. It made me feel like a bird flying and I forgot all about the way Mum hated me or the teasing at school. When I danced, I was free.

After ballet, we were taking off our shorts and what we thought was our dancing tights, when Isabella came in. She said that we would have noticed that our Mums were not there when we were dancing. In fact, they have been out buying a present for us, and we were to wear these presents all day unless it was very hot. All the boys were smiling, but not me. I knew that every time she came with a message, that it was not good.

When we got home, both Cody’s Mum and my Mum had a small bag with them. Cody snapped his from his mother and then sprang the bag open. Tights fell on the table. So many tights that I thought they bought the whole shop. Cody nearly tore his trousers open and started putting on his tights. His Mum had to calm him down so he didn’t tear them. After he had the tights on, he gave his mother so many hugs and said thank you a few thousand times. I wondered how he would thank her if he were given a bike or even a car.

I opened my bag. No surprise, there were enough tights to last a lifetime. With a small smile, I took some white tights with butterflies and slowly put them on. I gave my mum a small hug and whispered thanks. Mum said that I put them on too early, as we had to put my diaper back on.

From that day on, tights became part of my life.

A few days later, Cody brought home a friend. His name was John. He was Cody’s new best friend. They seemed to always hang around at school. By this time, Cody was like a big brother for me. It was hard to believe that he has only been living here for a half year.

John and Cody came barging in my room just as I was getting changed. I could hear him and Cody talking.

“Does he wear Diapers?”

“Yes, he pisses himself, and he has that cot because he falls out of the bed. I know that he is 9, but he gets treated like a baby.”

“Doesn’t he get mad?”

“No, he is a baby, so why should he.”

“Is that a nightdress on the crib, and why is he wearing tights?”

“Why does he wear girl’s things?”

“Have you not noticed that everyone calls him princess and sissy at school?”

“Yes, but I didn’t think it was this much, and how cute, he also uses a pacifier.”

“It keeps him from crying”

You can imagine how embarrassed I was at this, and how mad I was. When Cody was acting all tough towards John, he had the same earrings that I had and he had even had tights on. It was hard for me to keep quiet, but for some reason I did. This made me mad at myself as well. Why did I just not stand up for myself? Why did I let them tease me like that? I should have sprung up at Cody and punched him where it hurt. I don’t care if they were right, that I was a baby or whatever. Cody should have supported me, not to try to impress some boy.

I found out later why he wanted to impress John. He came into my room after John went and tried to apologize for what he said. I said that I would pay him back. Cody went on and on about how much he likes John and even went so far as to say that John was cute. I laughed at him and said that sounded so gay. I told him I knew how to get revenge

He just shrugged his shoulder, and said I didn’t dare, because Isabella would do something! What she would do. I didn’t know.

The next day, Mum got me ready for school as usual. I had my diaper on tights on. Then she put my normal boy’s clothes on and said that my hair was now too long. She started playing with it and doing her best to make it look a bit tidier. Then she took this hair band that had little plastic flowers in them. She used it to put my hair in a ponytail. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. I looked just like a girl.

Cody came rushing down to breakfast and I could see that his Mum had the same with his hair. I was also surprised at him. He looked like a girl as well.

This can’t be good.

And it wasn’t. At school, everyone teased about my hair and said now I looked like a little princess. Who would blame them? Even I was shocked when I looked in the mirror.

The next ballet class was also strange. It was like Isabella was seeing how far she could push us. This time she stood in the changing room when we came. I figured that she either liked looking at us or wanted to see who was wearing tights. It was good that I was wearing tights, as she would have hit me with lightning.

She told us to strip off all our clothes. We did without even asking her why. At the ballet, she was the Queen, and we were her slaves. You could say that she was our Queen all the time even at home because she had our mothers in her control.

She all told us to look at each other’s body. She said to pay special attention to each other’s privates. She asked us does this make us feel funny looking at each other. Cody was breathing heavy and admitted it did. He told Isabella that he felt like touching it and even doing more. I felt like I was going to vomit. I knew all the time that he was gay. If he came close to me and tried anything like that, I would cut his hand off. I don’t care if Isabella changed me to a frog.

Then Isabella explained that it is OK to fancy another boy. Some might say it’s being gay, and she admitted it was. She explained that gays tend to be full of compassion and are very kind people. Otherwise, men treat girls like sex objects. She explained that some men and boys would consider us sissies, and we should be happy to be a sissy because it shows that we are not afraid to show that we are really girls deep inside and would love to have men show affection towards us. She looked at me and could see my defiant face. She explained if ever in doubt if we are sissies, or want to be sissies, we should just look in the mirror.

Cody then admitted that he loved girl’s things and the way he looks now compared to how he did. He told us all that often he felt like he was a girl, and this made him feel bad. Now he felt good because he knew that he was a sissy. I stared at him wanted to laugh my head off as he admitted all this, despite the fact that it must have taken a lot of courage.

I decided that I was not a sissy.

Then Isabella told us that it was time to get ready for class. She explained that in order that we can dance better and be better sissies, it was time that we wore panties all the time. I looked at her in disbelief and said now she was going too far but as usual, she was one step ahead of me and said that some of us would not need panties all the time, as we wore diapers, and they are already girl’s diapers. Everyone looked at me. How I hated her at this stage.

You could see that Cody rushed and put his panties and tights on. If he wanted to impress us that he was a sissy, he was doing a good job.

It took me some time to put mine on and I must admit that they felt nice. I would rather wear panties than wearing diapers.

When we got home we were talking to our Mums while we were drinking a glass of milk. Cody was bragging to his mother that he was a sissy and he was proud of it. His mother said that it was ok and that she loved him no matter what. She also said that she noticed that he was nicer to others and was doing better since he started becoming a sissy. When last has he been in the headmasters office?

His mother said that she has removed all his briefs and boxers and now he only had panties. Nothing could surprise me when I saw how happy Cody was about that.

Mum asked me did I consider myself a sissy, and she warned me to think about my answers because there are always consequences. I looked her in the eye and said what I thought, “I am not a sissy, but I am being made one”

Then before anyone could be shocked, we heard thunder. Then the furniture shook a small bit and I dropped my glass. At first, I thought it was just because I was afraid of the lightning, then mum gave me another glass and for some reason, I could not hold it in my hand.

By the time we were eating dinner, Mum got mad at me spilling my drink all the time and refused to refill my glass. She went into a cupboard and took out this baby’s bottle. It was of course pink. Was this Isabella’s consequence that I could only drink from a girl’s baby bottle? Isabella was so mean

Now I was more of a baby. It was obvious that I could choose between being a sissy or a baby. While Cody was becoming more of a sissy every day, I was becoming more of a baby.

That night I surprised myself. I was in the crib looking at the lights going around and listening to the music. Once again I was in my own little world where I asked Mum if I could have my bottle. I couldn’t believe myself, I was asking for a bottle. But looking at the lights and listening to the music while drinking made me feel so good. I didn’t know this at the time, but the bottle would be a great comfort for many years ahead.

Some days went by, and nothing spectacular happened. We lived in a weird house, where one boy was a sissy and another one was a baby. I was still sure that Mum hated me and I was sure that Cody thought I was too small to play with.

I decided to try to be nice to Cody and walked into his room. I forgot to knock and by the way, he never knocked when he came into my room.

I saw John on top of Cody says, “I know that you want me to do this, you sissy. I know that you fancy other boys and you want to be their girlfriend. Is that why you have such long hair and earrings as well as panties? You are just a sissy and you want to me to do this to you.”

Cody was just staring dreamily into John’s eyes, and nodding at all this. One thing was that they were naked lying on top of each other, but then they started kissing. It looked so gay and so gross. I just shut the door and hid in my room again. How could Cody even kiss a boy? Boys are supposed to kiss girls.

I needed to do something about this. I decided to ring To Isabella and tell her to stop making Cody a sissy and gay. I did this and there was quietness on the telephone.

Isabella said with her funny accent that she was proud of Cody, that he was accepting his role and hoped that he pleased and made John happy. I shouted that it was gross. She simply asked do I remember what she said and that we are sissies and sissies are supposed to make other boys feel good. I said that this is wrong and she just warned me not to tell anyone else.

The next day went as usual. On the way home there was no place in the front of the back, so I walked towards the back. I am sure that Cody would let me sit with him. When I came towards the back of the bus, Cody totally ignored me. There was an empty seat next to him and I tried sitting there. By now everyone thought we were just brothers, and I think Cody thought this as well because he just shouted that he was waiting for John to come, and he would rather have his friend sit there rather than a diaper boy.

This was the last time he would insult me. Now I was tired of it and him, so I shouted at the top of my mouth that I know that he wanted John to sit with him because they like being naked together and kissing each other. The effect was good everyone was calling Cody gay and laughing at him. I saw that he started to cry. Deep down, I felt sorry for him

Then I started coughing and coughing. The words of Isabella went through my mind. Do not tell others. I broke another rule. Now it was time for the witch’s consequence. At first, it felt like a small worm in my stomach and the pain grew more and more. I held my stomach and crumbled to the floor. I was crying in pain and screaming. The last thing I saw was Cody leaning over me crying, begging me not to die.

Everything was black

I woke up. The pain was still there. I could hear ambulance sirens

Everything was black

I woke up and I was being pushed through the hospital on a bed. It felt like there were 10 snakes in my stomach. I thought that this was it. I disobeyed Isabella and now she was going to kill me because I never listened to her. As I was suffering from the pain; I was accepting that I would die. I would be at peace, away from a witch, a mum that hated me and being forced to be a baby.

Maybe death is not the worst thing.

But it doesn’t take courage to die. It takes courage to live, to find out who I am and not what Isabella or mum wants me to be. I wanted to live

I closed my eyes.

“Your daughter should be awake soon. We are not sure what happened to her. Maybe she has eaten something wrong. We have been observing her. The only thing we can see is that she has a very weak bladder and this means she has to wear diapers. She also has bad finger coordination, so she might have problems holding a glass or cup or spoons and forks. Her stomach is also very sensible, so we have been given her baby food.”

I opened my eyes. I was hearing the doctor speak while I was opening my eyes. He was still speaking. The poor girl I thought. Imagine she had to eat baby food. I didn’t understand why he was talking to Mum. What did she care if a girl was sick, he should be telling her about me!

Mum noticed that I was awake and she immediately sat down by my side. For some reason, she looked very taller. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t say anything. Mum was crying and saying that I really scared her and that she loved me so much. This made me cry, as I didn’t hear Mum say that for years. A few minutes ago, I was ready to die because I thought she hated me. But now she loved me.

After some time, the doctor asked Mum to come again, as I could go home today so she can do the paperwork. I was a bit confused when the Mum said: “goodbye my little princess.” I know she called me this before, but why say it just after she said how much she loved me. My smile disappeared when I saw Isabella come in. She wanted to kill me but I survived. I beat the witch. Let her come and see that she didn’t succeed.

Suddenly I got an itch below my diaper. I put my hand in it and itched my private part. As I took my hand out, I thought something was wrong. I put my hand in it once again and noticed that I did not have a boy’s thing. The more I felt around, the more I couldn’t find it. I could only feel a girl’s hole. I know the dirty word for it, but I won’t say it here. I was strange, a few months before; I would have laughed at the dirty word but not now. It was rude. Then I thought to what I felt. I did not have a penis! I had a vagina!

“You know, you shouldn’t be feeling yourself,” Isabella said.

“My thing is gone”

“I know. You are now a girl”

“What do you mean I am a girl? I am a boy”

“Well, you look like a girl.”

“This can’t be true. Mum knows I am a boy”

“No. You see when you were a bad boy and started at the ballet, your mum wished that you were a girl. Still, when I gave you chance and chance, you disobeyed me. I have given you many warnings and you still disobeyed me. So now you are a girl. Your Mum does not remember the old you. No one remembers that you were a boy. They all just think that is a sweet 6-year-old girl, and always have been a girl.”

“Did you say 6?”

“Yes, but don’t worry. Your brain is changing to a 6-year-old brain. In a few weeks, you will have forgotten everything you knew as 9-year-old. In fact, you will slightly remember being a boy, but you will think it’s a bad dream”

“Why are you so mean?”

“I am not mean. Let me tell you something. If you continued the way you did, you would have ended up robbing banks or something like that. You would have been beating women and using them. Now you have a chance to be someone and do something good for society.”

Before I could say anything, Isabella went.

Mum came back to the room and said it was time. I sat up on the edge of the bed and was surprised that my feet didn’t touch the floor. She took my nightdress off and started putting some tights and a dress on me. While she was doing this, I was trying to convince her that I was a boy. Mum was just smiling saying that I am her girl, and I always will be. I could not convince her. Then I thought it’s hard to convince her when I am as tall as a 6-year-old and I didn’t have the vital parts that a boy has.

I was now a 6-year-old girl.

Over the next few weeks, Isabella was right. I now knew as much as a 6-year-old and nothing more. I forgot that I was once a boy. Sometimes I dreamt about it, but I thought it was just a dream

I had lots of beautiful clothes. I preferred to wear jeans and a t-shirt, but Mum loved to have me in pretty dresses. So did Cody that was now was like a big brother. In fact, I think he was jealous of them and wanted to try them on himself.

Each day Mum would come and take me out of the crib. Then she would put a new diaper on me. Most likely we would fight about what clothes I would wear. She didn’t want me to look like a tomboy. Then she would do my hair in a ponytail or some other style. I loved when she brushed my hair. When she was doing this, I would be sucking on my pacifier. This would be our next fight, as she would say I am too old to have a pacifier. I would clinch it in my mouth with my teeth. Who cares? I like it

Then we would have breakfast, which was baby food. This made Cody laugh a bit as he thought I was too old for baby food. I just pretended that it tasted so good so it would make him feel jealous. After that, I would sit on a chair waiting for Cody to get ready for school.

Cody didn’t look like the other boys. He looked nearly like a girl. I never teased him about this, unless he got me very mad. I didn’t know why he was so interested in my clothes. Deep down I wished I was born as a boy. I also knew that he wore panties and tights. This was a shame as he was teased because of it.

I had many friends at school. They all thought I was pretty and cute and nice. I tried my best to be nice, as it’s not nice being mean, is it? I was not teased because I had to wear diapers as the teacher explained that it was a medical problem and could happen to anyone. All the others were happy that it was me and not them. Sometimes when I went in trousers, the top of the diaper could be seen if I didn’t pull my trousers up a bit.

I still took naps at school. I was used to them now. I liked them, as it was a chance to use my pacifier to help me to sleep.

Ballet was my favourite time of the week. It was only me and Cody and two other boys. I was the best dancer, but maybe this was because I was a girl.

The boys also looked funny, because they were now wearing leotards and tights. They looked like girls with them on, especially because they didn’t cut their hair so short.

Cody loved wearing Leotards and tights and often wore them home. He explained that it was because he was a sissy. He wanted to be a girl, but he was a boy. I thought this was strange. Why would any boy want to be a girl?

One day, Isabella suggested that the boys wear girl dresses at home. This made Cody so happy. His Mum didn’t mind because she bought him all girls’ clothes. This meant that Cody rushed home from school and changed from his boy’s clothes to his girl clothes. He would also try some makeup on. This made me sad, as he was a boy and he could wear makeup and I was not allowed. He also had a boyfriend. At first, I thought this was gross, but now I think that it is cute.


I have written this story after getting an envelope in the mail. It was Isabella’s old notes. It had pictures of me as a boy and then notes on what she did. At first, I did not believe it, but the more and more I read it; the more I started to remember. I am not sure if this envelope is a hoax and if someone made me look like a boy by using photoshop or something. It’s all hard to believe. Let me read you the last part of the file where Isabella writes her conclusion:

“I am Madame Isabella, a Gypsy ballet instructor from Romania. I know a great deal of magic and have practised it a lot. No one will know about my power, therefore I would like to write about one town where I lived

I was in the town for two days, and immediately I found two mothers that were distressed that their sons were always in trouble. I wasted no time in giving them a ring.

The ring is a special magical ring, which subdues parents into believing everything that I say is right. The problem with this is that the ring could cause some parents to lose their sense of reality and accepts my reality as the only answer, which many would consider abuse. I do not. I consider it saving lives.

Sonny and Cody had to be saved. To do this it will be easier if they lived in the same house.

The idea of moving together was discussed by the parents a few weeks earlier. However, the power of the ring means that the two mothers lose all sense of time and practical planning. It was my plan that the two boys could support each other.

Again, this is a subliminal message from the ring. While many mothers would think this and then just laugh, the ring makes this joke to something that the mothers really want,

The boys got earrings. The earrings were from me. They were just like the rings the mothers had. The rings sent subliminal messages in the boy’s head to help them accept their fate. However, they didn’t have such a big effect on Sonny.

The subliminal messages through the earrings worked on Cody. He accepted everything and in no time became a sissy.

In the end, Sonny was changed to a six-year-old girl. He was treated like a baby for several years. Then she started to develop as a normal girl and teen. She became an online advisor to parents and is now blessed with two healthy boys.

As for Cody, he ended up becoming a full sissy, He was moved to a school where transgender children are respected and allowed. He is now a full-time woman in a man’s body. He is accepted for who he is.

I consider my experience in this town a success. Now it’s time to go to the next town.”

When I read this I had flashbacks. She thinks she did us a favour, but no one ever asked me what I wanted. I will always hate Isabella and love her. I will hate her because she stole my identity without asking me and I will love her for giving me the life I had.

This being said, did Isabella exist? Is this letter a hoax? Is it someone fooling with my mind? Whatever the case, I have lived a great life with a mum that loves me and now a husband and children that loves me.

Did she come to your town?

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