Momma's Boy - Part 2

Momma's Boy - part 2
Two Boys going down the wrong path. Their mothers take them in a world of magic, brainwashing, threats and more. The Mothers want their sons to be daughters. One boy accepts, one boy does not accept. Who would you be?

When I woke up I was home. I woke up and felt so good. To be honest, the last thing I remembered was that I had a drink something. It was at ballet class. How did I get home? I looked at the clock. It was 9:44. I was in a panic. I must have overslept.


I rushed into the kitchen asking my Mum to drive me to school. She started laughing saying that it was weekend. I have been asleep for two days after the party. I just shrugged my shoulder and said sorry to my mother, I don’t remember what I did at the party, but it must have been one huge party. Mum told me that Cody’s mum was in his room as he woke up a bit earlier.

I said I would brush my teeth and clean myself. Mum said that would be great.

I took the toothpaste as I usually do and then thought why God created teeth if we had to brush them every day. Then I looked in the mirror and started brushing my teeth. Then it struck me.

There was something wrong with me.

My hair looked a lot longer. Halfway down to my neck. It was also a bit lighter than my usual dark hair. Sometimes this happened during the summer. But it was a few months until summer.

Then I saw it. It was my ears. I had earrings! Not one, but two. I know what everyone at school said this meant. It is OK for a boy to wear one earring, but wearing two of them means that you like other boys or you are a sissy. I looked closer at the earrings that have a small silver flower that was flat and a gold butterfly on top of it. These was the strangest earrings I ever seen, but how did they get there?

“Hi Sonny. I have seen you woke up” Cody said as he barged into the bathroom, without knocking, “Wow, your hair grown as well.”

“Did you see these earrings we have? Someone pierced our ears,” I shouted struggling to hold back my anger as well as a tear

“I know. I have the same”

“In both ears. Only puffs have them in both ears.”

“I don’t know. They look sorta pretty.”

“Listen to what you’re saying. Only girls say they are pretty. These are for girls”

“Look in the mirror.” He said.


I rushed down to my mother and showed my earrings and complained for a half an hour. Mum expected this to happen and said that at the party, I said I wanted them. I said that I didn’t remember anything, and the drink was probably whiskey or something that got me drunk. That made Mum mad and said that she would never give me alcohol and if she ever seen me drink it, I would be so red in my bum. She also said that Madame Isabella said not to take the earrings off otherwise there would be consequences.


I didn’t go out all day. I tried doing other things but all I could feel was my ears. I went into Cody’s room and he wasn’t doing much. I asked him why he just accepted that he had earrings. He explained that he had to wear them because he asked for them. I tried being reasonable with him telling him that he doesn’t remember asking and it was probably some magic drink. Cody just laughed and said there’s no such thing as magic and to stop bothering him.


I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was not going to have any earrings. I tried to take them off. Just as I did, the face of Madame Isabella appeared in the mirror. The image of her looked mad as she said, “There will be consequences”. With that the whole room went white; I felt myself go dizzy once again and fainted on the floor.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was in my bed. I looked around. This must have been a bad dream. I put my hands to my ears and noticed that the earrings were still there. It was like my heart dropped. It was no bad dream.

Mum came in and told me that she warned me that I am not to take the earrings off. I said I tried but it was like I was hit by lightning. I said I thought I seen Isabella in the mirror. She looked mad. Mum said that Isabella also said that they couldn’t be removed. I told her that Isabella must be some sort of witch because how is it that I cannot take earrings out? Everyone should be able to take them out.

Mum said just forget they were there and to go in and take a nice bath. As I walked in I already seen Cody there. He had loads of bubbles in the bath with some Rose petals. I had to look at him twice as he looked like a girl in the bath.

He asked me did I want to join him, I said no as politely as I could. Then he said that he was finished. I reminded him to empty the water, as I didn’t want to smell like perfume or roses.

I started taking off my clothes as I usually do. I looked in the mirror and could see that my hair was now longer than Cody's. It was nearly down to my shoulder. He noticed me looking at that and said that Isabella said it would grow to remind me not to take my earrings out. I laughed bravely and said at least I can cover the earrings with my hair. This made Cody a bit upset and said why I would ever do that, he thought they were so pretty.


I did what I thought was best to do. I tried to forget that I even had them. If anyone would tease me at school, then I would just say that they were modern now and only geeks and nerds didn’t wear them. I had my plan. I hoped it worked.

Cody was now drying himself and nearly all my clothes were off. I could see him staring at me. I asked him why was he being so weird, then he just pointed and said look. He was looking at my nipples. I became weak in my legs when I saw them. They were browner and pointed out. It also looked like my skin was a bit swollen around them. Then I realized that they looked like boobs. I started to breath heavy. Then Cody said don’t worry; you could hardly notice them, except my nipples were a small bit bigger.

I tried to calm down thinking that I would be wearing something over them. The last few days have been very weird, and I wondered when would weird things stop happening to me? Then I saw Cody staring at me again. He was staring at my thing. He was sure acting gay today. Why was he looking at that? I looked down and then seen what his lips was saying but without any words.

My hair above my thing was gone! I was now hairless just like Cody was.

I fell to the tub and called for Mum to come. Of course Cody’s Mum came as well so I had everyone looking at me.

“Mum look at my nipples and my hair down below is gone”

“It’s all about growing up”

“Mum, I’m supposed to grow more hair, not less. And only girls grow boobs”

“Well then, do not try to rebel against Isabella. Do what she says; otherwise she will punish you more and more.”

“Is this her fault? I told you she is a witch”

“Or you are disobedient for trying to take your earrings off”


That night I could not sleep. My nipples were so sensitive and I felt like my pjs were too heavy. When I took the PJ trousers I thought I was cold. That night was the longest night in my life. I didn’t sleep for 10 minutes.


The next day was Monday. It was Ballet day. I woke up and told Mum that I didn’t sleep and told her why. I could see her ring start to glow again. She advised that I talk to Isabella today. Then she said I could catch up on my sleep with the kindergarten when they had naps. Before I could complain, she was already ringing to the kindergarten teacher explaining that I did not sleep and I would need to have a nap so I can dance after school.


As I guessed everyone teased us about the earrings. Cody didn’t really mind, and no one believed me when I said it was now the fashion in New York and even Paris. They called us sissies and things like that. I could feel my eyes become wet. I didn’t understand anything anymore. If they said this a few weeks ago I would make their nose bleed. Now I could feel myself nearly cry.


When it was Lunchtime, I walked slowly to the kindergarten class. It was like a spy mission. I kept on looking to see if anyone could see me. I sneaked into the room with a load of small children. The teacher showed me a mattress where I could lie on. It had a blanket with Winnie the Pool and the thinnest pillow I ever seen as well. On the pillow there was a pink pacifier. Maybe she thought that I was much younger than I actually was. I lied down on the mattress and closed my eyes.

At the start, I couldn’t sleep. Then the teacher came and put the pacifier in my mouth. I spit it out and she just put it in again. Then I drifted towards sleep. I had a weird dream that I was a girl. I had long hair and had a dress on in school and all the boys fancied me. When I woke up, I was a bit confused. That was the worst nightmare that I ever had.

The teacher said goodbye to me and said she was sorry for the pacifier. She was just used to the younger children.


That afternoon we had ballet. It went pretty much like the other times. The other boys also had the same earrings. We tried some dance steps away from the bars. I was pleased when Isabella said that I was the best. I knew that that Cody would be upset over this because he seemed to want to please Madame Isabella the most.

After the ballet, Isabella said she would like to speak with me.

“I hear that you have tried to take off your earrings,” she said

“Yes, I mean look at them. Only girls wear earrings”

“You don’t understand sweetie. Boys can wear them too. The flower in the earring represents the beauty in you, how sweet and kind you are. The butterfly shows how unique you are. How graceful you are. This is a great present from me, and yet you tried to take them off”


“What happened when you took them off”?

“I lost my hair above my… well-“

“Your privates.”

“Yea now I look like a little boy. My Nipples are also sensitive and I can’t sleep”

“Will you try to take them off again?”


“Well I can’t do anything about the hair. I can do something about the sleep. I would also like to warn you that if you go against my wishes, there will be consequences”

“Are you- are you- are you a witch?”

“No. What I do is what your mother wants and is for your own best good. Now open the pack and see now that you will be able to sleep.”


I opened the pack and it was some nightclothes. I folded it out and once again I could feel the banking of my heart when I saw a picture of Barbie. I was about to say that this was a girl’s nightdress, but I decided not to make Isabella mad. I mean she might make me bald or something like that.


She was right. That night Mum helped me put the nightdress on and it felt so nice. You know like when you wear a superman costume and the feeling when the cape flows in the air. The nightdress was the same, as if I could feel the fresh air going up it and telling me sleeping would be like sleeping on a pink cloud. I mean cloud.

Of course Cody came in and seen it. If he called me a sissy or any other words like that I would pounce on him. The only thing he said was that it was so pretty and he started begging his mother for one. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was he under Isabella’s spell that he was begging for a girl’s nightdress?


Needless to say, the next night he was wearing a pink one. What was the world coming to? He said to his Mum that he would lie in my bed for a while and talk before he went to bed

“Now we both have pretty night dresses” he started

“I don’t know why you even wanted one. They are for girls and I only wear one because it helps me with a problem I have.”

“But it is a gift from Madame Isabella. If she thinks it will make you a better dancer then it will also make me a better dancer.”

“Why do you care what she thinks”?

“I want to be a better ballet dancer!”

“Why? Ballet is for girls. I agreed to do it for a bit and then I am stopping”

“I will never stop. I love ballet. It is the best time during the week. I always look forward to it and when we don’t have ballet, I love practicing”

“You would never have said that a few weeks ago.”

“I know, but things have changed. I don’t understand why you are being so stubborn.”


Cody put his hands around me and started hugging me. I thought he was just trying to make me feel better. He started caressing my back and this made me feel a lot better. Nothing was said. It was just one friend trying to console another friend, or at least I thought it was. That was until I could see his face come closer to my face, and the next thing I knew was that he was trying to kiss me. I was in shock. I pushed him off and got mad at him saying that I was not gay. This made Cody cry. Of course I felt sad that I pushed him off, but I had to show him that I was not gay. He could give me a hug, as long as it was not a gay kiss.


The next day, Cody was hardly speaking with me. I think he was mad at me because of the night before. But at the end of the day, I decided to walk into his room. I was surprised that he was so happy. It seemed like he forgot all about the night before. He asked me what I thought of his new posters. He explained that Mum has also bought some for my room.

I looked at the walls. They were pictures of body builders, and boys our age that was just in speedos. There were also pictures of boys our age wearing dresses or even diapers. They looked so weird. I mean how many 12 year olds wear dresses and diapers.

He asked me what I thought. I just said that I think there should be pictures of women in bikinis and the room would be much nicer. Again his answer shocked me. He said it’s much nicer to look at the ones that were up now than some stupid pictures of women.  I think that he was going cry.


The next week at ballet was pretty much easy. Isabella was nice to me because I told her that I was using her nightdress and I was sleeping well. Otherwise we practiced on the bar and moving around on our feet while trying to look at graceful as we could.

At the end Madame Isabella said, “I hear that 3 of you have decorated your walls with posters of men. This does not mean that you are gay. It is Ok to look at other men and think that they are cute. It is even Ok to masturbate when you look at them. I see nothing wrong with that. I have to tell you all something. Remember if you do not there will be consequences. You all notice that your hair is growing and is now own to your shoulders. You are not allowed to cut your hair. Your parents do not want it and neither do I. You are allowed to cut your fringes in what they call a page style”


I didn’t say anything all the way home in the car. I just thought that now Isabella has gone too far. I mean now we weren’t allowed to cut our hair. I could hear the two Mums say that they think it’s a good idea to let our hair grow, as we would look cute. I even would look cute with a ponytail. That was the last drop. Isabella was only supposed to teach us how to dance. Now she was telling us what to wear on our ears and in bed, what to put on our walls and now not to cut our hair. I wasn’t blind. She wanted us to look like girls in some show she wanted to do. Then everyone would laugh at us, and after we could be boys again but have no friends. The fact that she could brainwash and control our mums and Cody and the other boys showed also that she was a witch. I could hardly go to the police claiming she was a witch. They would just laugh at me.

I decided what I was going to do.


When I came home, I rushed into the kitchen and took a scissors. I took some pillows in the bathroom and put them on the floor just in case I was hit by some lightning or fainted or some other punishment by Isabella.

I started cutting my hair. It was actually quite cool. Each time I cut a piece of it off some sparks came from my head. After I cut it and cut it, I looked in the mirror, and I looked like a boy.

I looked in the mirror. No Isabella

I looked at the floor. I didn’t faint

I survived Isabella’s latest threat. I smiled looking at the mirror. I looked nearly like my old self again.


I should not have smiled. A bright light shone under the door. It was a bright light with pink stars. It looked so cool, but the light was so bright, I had to cover my eyes. Then everything started to shake like it was an earthquake. I was being swung from side to side. I thought it was the end of the world. An earthquake! The light coming under the door must have been heaven or something.

After what it seemed to be like a lifetime, the light vanished and the shaking stopped. I looked in the mirror.

My hair was back. It was like I never have cut it. I looked down at my body at noticed that the sleeves were much longer and the legs in my trousers were on the floor. While I looked as tall as an 11 year old a few moments before (Even though I was 12), I now looked as tall as a 9 year old.

This made me so mad. What did Isabella do now? Why do her consequences always have to be like this? What will everyone say at school when they saw me this size?


I walked out of the bathroom and Mum was standing there. I could see that the ring on her finger was glowing a lot.

“I see that you tried to cut your hair. When will you ever do as you’re told? The only thing that Isabella told you to was not to cut your hair, and as soon as you got home, you had to cut your hair. You don’t see Cody coming home and cutting his hair. No he does what Isabella said. Now look at you. You look like a little boy. I suppose this is the best punishment, as you are just acting like a little boy”


I knew I dared not say anything to Mum as she dragged me into her room. I stood in the corner with a tear in my eye. Maybe I looked like a little boy, but I will be strong enough not to cry. Isabella would never make me stoop that so low as to cry.

I was wrong.

Mum went back and forth saying that she hoped it would never come to this, and Cody was standing at the door with tears flowing down his cheeks. Boy, he looked so tall! But why was he crying? I wasn’t about to be executed.

Then Mum came towards the bed. She emptied some baby powder on the bed and threw a disposable diaper on the bed. As soon as I seen this I ran towards the door. But she caught me by my arm. One problem that I shrunk was that I was no longer as strong as I was. I was a little weakling. She threw me on the bed where she tried taking my clothes off. I screamed for the police and social services and anyone that would help me. I started crying and begging my Mum to please let me alone and I will do whatever she said.

It was to no avail, she just held my kicking legs down until I had no energy to fight anymore. The pampers or whatever they were plastic and thick. They had some girlish cartoon in the front and some red hearts at the elastics at the top and around my legs. At least they could have used boy diapers instead of these stupid pink ones. I was too tired of fighting and my head was beginning to hurt after all the crying.

The diaper was on and Cody was going on about how nice it looked with all the pretty cartoons and colours. I didn’t even have the fighting in me to stick my middle finger up at him. I was smaller and now had a nightdress and diaper on me made me feels younger. I was no longer the wild 12-year-old boy; I was the 9-year-old boy with a diaper on.

Then Mum lifted me into my room, which was no longer even looked like my room. It looked like a baby’s room. It had a crib and a blanket in the middle of the floor with loads of toys. Not my play station but baby toys. Mum lowered me in the crib and gave me a bottle saying that I must be thirsty.

My brain was so empty that I just put the bottle in my mouth and started sucking. The warm milk was quite nice and I just stared at the ceiling. I was looking at the sign in the crib. It was a metal sign who made it. There was the name of the company and the Roman Numbers when it was made.

Time passed as drank from the bottle and listened to some Hannah Montana Music. I used to hate her, as she is only for little girls that like dancing before a mirror.

As more time passed, I looked back at the sign in the crib. What did the letters at the end mean? Oh yes, they were Roman numbers. But why can’t I remember what the number was? I used to know what they were

Or did I?


The next morning I woke up. Mum lifted me out of the crib and took my diaper off. I thought that she would put some boxers on me now. But instead she started putting a diaper on me. I started kicking and everything, as I did not want to wear a diaper to school.

Mum said, “Listen darling. There are a few things we have to talk about. Remember that there are consequences to the fact that you tried to cut your hair. You know now that you are the size of a nine year old. You will also find out that you have forgotten many of the things that you used to know. So now, you will have to be in the same class as the 9 year olds.”

“Mum, they will laugh at me”

“No, they will just think that you always went into that class”

“How is that?”

“Isabella can do things that we never can imagine. You will have new friends and the old ones will think you are one of the younger ones”

“Can’t you see that she is a witch?”

“No, and besides that your room has been changed to a nursery until you can learn to do what adults say.”

“I noticed that but I don’t want to wear a diaper to school”

“That was not Isabella’s punishment. That was mine. If you can’t act your age then you can be a baby and wear a diaper to school.”

“I don’t want to”

“Let me think. OK. If you agree to take naps every day at the Kindergarten then I will let you wear briefs.”

I thought about it and agreed to the nap. I hoped Mum would forget about it after a few days.


I went to school. Cody did not sit with me. He knew that I was really 12 and not 9, but he did not want to sit with me, because now he was convinced I was a small kid.  This made me mad. Maybe I was smaller, but I was a better dancer and I did not have posters up of half-naked men.

Otherwise the day went quite well. I suddenly had new friends that didn’t use all their time to talk about girls. The teacher was nice, but it was a bit hard what she taught us. How much did I forget?

At Lunch, I tried to sneak past the kindergarten and play football with the others. The Kindergarten teacher caught me by my shoulder and asked did I forget that I needed a nap. She also said I was too pretty to be playing football.

The nap was like the last time. I slept in a little mattress and the pacifier helped me to sleep. Usually I could stay up all day, but I was so tired.

Of course the others in my class teased that needed a nap, but I didn’t hit them. I would probably have teased if I were them too. I just said that I could dream about playing football on the moon


When I came home, Mum asked was I wet. I said no. Then she put me on the bed and put a diaper on me. I didn’t complain, as long as I didn’t have to wear at school.

Cody was totally different now that I was a 9 year old. I know I was 12, but I looked and lived like a 9 year old, so I was starting to consider myself as a 9 year old. Of course I was a 9 year old with diapers and a crib, but others didn’t know that.

Cody was meaner. The frustration that he had since he found Isabella thought I was a better dancer than he was showed. Now he was teasing me that I was a baby, and always asked me if I was wet. Usually I would have jumped on him, but something stopped me. I didn’t want to really fight him. I just ran to a corner and hid.

Later that night, I was lying on my stomach on the floor watching some cartoon that Mum put on. A few weeks ago, I would have been bored. But now I was deeply interested in the cartoon. It was about a girl that lived on a farm, and her father had no money. Now the father wanted to sell the horse and the girl did all she could to keep the horse. My eyes were a bit watery, because the story was so sad.

Just as it came to the most important part, Cody said that he could see my diaper. I looked back and could see that my nightdress was a bit too high and that the diaper could be seen. I opened my mouth, as I was about to tell him what was on my mind, but as soon as I opened my mouth, tears came out. I didn’t believe it, I was crying like a little girl. Cody tried saying he was sorry, but it was too late. All evening, he was teasing me about diapers and the way he ignored me at school. The tears started flowing through my eyes and Mum came and put a pacifier in my mouth and said that its time that relax in my bed. She could have said crib.

I was taken to my refurnished room and mum helped me in the crib. She hung a new thing from the ceiling. It was some lights and when she turned a button they turned around. You could see a trail of stars follow them as they turned around. Then she turned on some Hannah Montana Music and then made sure the pacifier was in my mouth. I was just staring at the lights turning around and listening to the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Even when my eyes were becoming heavy, I just had to say.

I hardly heard my Mum go while she said good night princess.


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