My Mistake, Chapter 12

Chapter 12
By Samantha Jenkins

I woke up to being gently shaken by Katie. She was already dressed, her wet hair hanging in a high ponytail.

“Wake up Morgan, you need to go get a shower. Jennifer will be out in a second. Your mom picked out some clothes for you to wear, they are on your bed.” I smiled up at her from my place on the air mattress. Katie offered her hand.

“Ok,” I said reaching up to take her had to help me get up. “What time is it?” I asked, our living room being the only room in the house with out a clock.

“It’s about ten minutes after six.” She said. Mom had picked out a simple red and black plaid pleated skirt and red turtleneck for Katie to wear. I stood up, my baby blue satin night gown falling back down to my ankles where it belonged. Katie smiled at me. “My mom would always yell at me when I was little and I’d get out of bed, and my night gown would be up around my waist...” Katie let the thought trail off. I shook my head to let my hair shake out. I followed Katie up the steps toward the bathroom. When we got there Jennifer was coming out of the bathroom wearing a pink robe.

“Morning, Morgan” Jen said.

“Morning Jen,” I said in passing. I stopped and looked at her. She had done the same thing.

“You guys have never done that before.” Mom said, suddenly appearing in her door way. Jennifer and I smiled at each other. I shrugged and went into the bathroom, where my lilac colored robe was already hanging on the robe hook. I took off my nightgown and hopped into the shower. After I took my shower I walked into my room, and saw an ankle length black skirt and a baby pink light turtleneck sweater. I heard foot steps and turned to see Katie standing there. She saw what was laying on the bed.

“I don’t remember us buying that.” She said. Sitting on the floor was a pair of black patent Mary Janes. “Or those.” She pointed at the shoes.

“That’s because you didn’t even know that they were in the house.” Mom said, startling us both and causing us to turn and look at her.

“Hi Mom.” I said, as Katie rummaged around in my dresser and pulled out a pair of
pink satin panties, a matching bra and a pair of black tights. I looked at Katie.

“Satin?” I said, picking up the panties and looking at them. They were a very low cut bikini, and I looked at both mom and Katie who seems to not be leaving and I slipped them on under my robe, once I pulled them up around my waist.

“Yes, Satin.” I must have smiled once I had gotten the panties pulled up around my waist

“See, I told you it was a good choice” Jen said appearing in the doorway.

“Will you guys go so I can get dressed?” I asked, They all nodded and left, but as mom left she looked at me.

“Come get me when you are ready for your hair to be done.” After my door had been shut, I dropped my robe on the floor, I picked up the bra and put it on, and then sat on the bed, and put the tights on. I stood up and looked at my self in the mirror. I looked like most any other girl my age, I turned back to the bed and picked up the skirt and slid it up to my waist. and then picked up the sweater that was still laying on my bed. I slipped it over my head and felt the softness against my stomach. I was slipping my feet in the Mary Janes when there was a knock on the door. I turned around and opened it, and then sat in the chair in front of the vanity, contemplating what to do with my hair. I looked in the mirror and saw Katie pick a brush up off of the dresser and start to walk toward me. Katie had a smile on her face and I saw the red ribbon that was tied at the top of her ponytail and a pair of similar length baby pink ribbons in her left hand. She grinned.

“Your sister is doing pigtails, and I’m going to change mine here in a few minutes.” Katie said, starting to brush my hair. If you’ve never had some one brush your hair, you really should try it some time. Katie brushed out my hair, and put it up in a pair of matching pony tails. I’m not sure from where, but Katie pulled two pink ribbons out and put them in my hair. Jen walked in the room wearing a baby blue turtleneck sweater and similar black ankle length skirt. She even had the matching Mary Janes on her feet.

“Are you girls almost ready?” Mom called up from down stairs. The three of us looked at each other, our pigtails bouncing.


“Lets get in the car. I need to meet with Mrs. Paskly before Morgan can just go into classes.


I held on to Katie’s hand for dear life all the way to the school. I had never been this nervous when I was going to school before and that included the time that I went dressed because of the play. Then I had a reason to be dressed like that. This time, I was being punished, a unique punishment, but a punishment none the less. As soon as I had walked out the door into the garage, the fact that outside the garage was twenty degrees, hit me and I got goose bumps from my toes to the hairs on my head. I was not really looking forward to today, but at the same time, yes I was. This was a play, and the whole world was my stage. I wondered how long it would take some of the people at school to realize that Morgan was really Josh, and I did, to an extent, worry about my safety. I knew that Katie and Jennifer would have my back and that they wouldn’t let me go anywhere alone. Mom was backing her car into a parking spot in front of the school when Katie squeezed my hand.

“Alright girls, we’re here. Lets go inside so I can talk to Mrs. Paskly.” Katie and Jen both opened their doors and I just sat there, watching as the busses pulled up. Katie opened my door for me and offered her hand to help me out of the back seat of the car. She had a smile on her face as she leaned close to me and whispered in my ear

“The world is your stage, have a little fun with this. You may never get this opportunity again.” I let her help me out of the car, looked at her, and then smiled.

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