by shalimar

Yit’gadal: I am standing saying the prayer, Kadash because they died. Earlier this month I did it in honor of Becky. As a person she was a light as bright as a supernova. She was one of the main reasons there is an Evil Witch Family. In the family she was my niece, the daughter of Jenna Hitch, and the sister of Cathleen. Although she was physically a lot older, to us she was eight. And like most eight-year-olds she sparkled with her exuberance. But like a supernova she burnt out quickly, succumbing to cancer six years ago.

Yit’gadash: Two weeks ago it was Mother’s Day. As the Evil Witch I was blessed by G_d to have many daughters, Maggie, Baruchah, Ally, Michelle, Amelia, Amanda, Rachel, Steffie, and, fortunately, including being a grandmother, many others. However, last Transgender Day of Remembrance (2008) I read a name. One of my babies. She had been murdered on the previous Transgender Day of Remembrance. The man who probably strangled her claimed it was an accident. He said her scarf got caught. He got away with it.

Sh’may ramah: Why am I standing? For Kimmy Elizabeth, one of my sisters and the mother of Piper. She died just hours after the end of Shavoot, the Festival of Weeks. She needed a heart transplant. If only someone had signed a donor card.

…B’alma dey v’ra: She also didn’t lead a happy life. Most of us that are transsexual are like that. Some of us, like her and me, can rise up above the pain and sorrow of being in the wrong sex. Some of us can’t. So we end up in psychiatric institutions or as suicides.

Kir’ootay: I am also standing for Darla Raspberry who died within hours of Kimmy. She needed a liver transplant. Is there any wonder that I am adamant about making sure that donor card is completed?

Y’hay sh’may raba: I am grateful to G_d for knowing them. Although it was too brief they loved me and allowed me to love them.

And let us say, amen.

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