Crystal Friend — Chapter 2

Crystal Friend

Chapter 2

By Mildred Ki'Lya

Edited by Sephrena Lynn Miller


“You have nothing at all to fear from me, please! I never kill. And, I do not need much blood.” Blushing a deep rose red, she continued lowering her eyes, “It’s not the blood itself I need - it’s a gift of life, the blood is just the medium. That is different from how you are thinking of what the word ‘vampire’ is.”

Ashley was dumbfounded by what Meryl had told her.

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I want to thank Sephrena Lynn Miller for her extensive review and editing of this chapter, that helped me refining this story (even if it means some delay). If you find it great, it's because of her. Thanks as well to Sika Sinn for some corrections and Clarisse for advice, support and ideas.


Ashley was now back in her bed, deeply sleeping. There was no chance of waking her up. Meryl was looking over at her friend with mixed feelings. She seemed as if she was on the verge of doing something, but, there was always something that was keeping her from doing it. She finally decided to let her friend sleep a little more. Meryl opened the window some and changed into her pixie form. She fluttered out the window and over the houses of the neighborhood. She occasionally hovered by a window, peering inside with curiosity.

After a few hours of flying about, Meryl flew back to Ashley's room and closed the window. In an instant, her flying body disappeared and became her other self in human form. With Ashley sleeping like a log, Meryl proceeded to look through Ashley's clothes and selected a lavender flowered nightgown to wear for the night.

Meryl then slipped quietly into bed with Ashley. For a moment, she was just happy contemplating her friend sleeping. She was so peaceful Meryl hesitated to disturb Ashley. Finally, she came closer and gently whispered something unintelligible to Ashley's ears. Ashley was still fast sleep, seemingly impervious to her friend.

Meryl gently pressed her lips against Ashley’s cheek and then came down slowly onto her neck. Ashley unconsciously responded by lifting her chin, inviting her friend closer. At that, Meryl became more passionate: the slight kissing Meryl started turned into a gentle sucking on her neck. Both of them seemed to immensely enjoy the experience. A moment later, Meryl still attached to her friend's neck slid her arms around her chest and held her in a loving embrace.

After what seemed an eternity, Meryl pulled away from Ashley’s neck. Traces of blood were showing on Ashley where she had obviously been bitten. With a small sense of guilt, Meryl's red lips came back to the wound. When Meryl pulled away from kissing this time, no hint of what had happened remained.

Meryl snuggled in close with Ashley and closed her eyes. Soon her breathing slowed in rhythm to her friend beside her.

- - - - -

When the crystal alarm clock finally cleansed all the sleepiness from Ashley's eyes, she suddenly sensed a warmth close to her, she was not alone in her bed. After a brief moment of panic, she remembered: last evening, the egg, and Meryl. She couldn't remember going to sleep, obviously Meryl decided to share her bed. Meryl was supposed to be accompanying her to school today too. ‘How close is she getting towards me?’ Ashley wondered. “Morning,” came the feminine voice from beside her, interrupting her thoughts.

“Morning,” Ashley replied, finally blinking her eyes wide open. “I see you decided to sleep with me. I don't really mind that, but I don't know how Mum will react. If she finds out...”

“I don’t mean to cause any trouble…” apologized Meryl.

“No, you haven't,“ objected Meryl. ”But have you figured out yet how we can explain your presence?”

“Why not tell her the truth? Usually, it’s the best solution.”

“Somehow, I don't think she would understand.”

“I can fix that!” Meryl grinned.

Ashley, suddenly realizing that perhaps there was more to her friend than she knew, started imagining her mother chastising her for having a stranger over without permission and Meryl sweetly talking her way out of it ”• the image was a bit much. Ashley couldn't help but to giggle at that. When she recovered, she then told Meryl. “I had a strange dream last night. It's a bit silly, and I don't know how it came to my mind, but I dreamed that you were a vampire and that you were feeding from me.”

Finishing the sentence, Ashley burst out laughing as if what she said was the funniest thing on earth.

Meryl just lost all color from her face. She had planned on telling Ashley what had happened, but didn't expect that!

‘Uh oh!’ she thought, ‘if she was able to perceive that then she may have a talent!’

Ashley sensing discomfort from her friend asked, “What's the matter?”

Meryl, fingering the bedspread, just looked sheepishly down at the spread, really at nothing in particular. She stayed silent.

Ashley, then, with some concern in her voice, asked what she dared not think. “Is there something between your kind and vampires?”

Meryl lifted her gaze to meet Ashley’s. “Well,” she replied shyly, “I guess. In your mind, your image of it, there is similarity.”

Ashley, somewhat frightened and excited at the same time, just kept her mouth shut and decided to let her friend continue.

Meryl, flush with embarrassment and sensing Ashley’s feelings sharply said “Stop! Please, I am not that! Well... yes, I am something like that. Let me explain.”

Meryl returned her focus to the bedspread, not knowing how to say what she wanted to tell Ashley. When she finally found out, she focused on Ashley, looking at her in the eyes.

“You have nothing at all to fear from me, please! I never kill. And, I do not need much blood.” Blushing a deep rose red, she continued lowering her eyes, “It’s not the blood itself I need - it’s a gift of life, the blood is just the medium. That is different from how you are thinking of what the word ‘vampire’ is.”

Ashley was dumbfounded by what Meryl had told her.

“So, yes, I fed from you last night. I could only do so because you let me do it, unconsciously. I could never do any harm to you.” Meryl lowered her eyelids. “I care too much… for you.”

Meryl paused and looked at Ashley. Ashley‘s mouth was slightly open.

“You mean you drank my blood?”

Meryl, quite embarrassed, just nodded in affirmation.

After the first moment of shock passed, Ashley, now curious, asked, “But why would you need it?”

Meryl slightly grinned, “I don't need it to survive ”• I'm not a ‘vampire.’ But if I want to do anything magical, I need, what you could call the ‘energy’ ”• the gift of life. I don't need to drink blood. There are other ways...”

Ashley’s response was, “Cool!”

“You really don't have a problem with it?” asked Meryl, not quite understanding her friend’s reaction. She knew most humans did not find drinking blood ‘cool.’ Ashley seemed different somehow.

“Well,” Ashley started and raised her eyebrow, “Just ask me next time, before you do something like that to me. Not that I mind, especially since it doesn't seem to be painful. But I'd prefer being aware of it.”

“I will. I promise. I just hadn't planned this out, and I needed it badly. Since you let me ...”

Ashley pulled her hair from her face and pulled it back out of the way over her shoulder. “I like vampires.”

Meryl‘s look changed to puzzlement.

“Vampires that don’t kill. I don’t suppose it’s rational, but that’s just the way I am. I always liked it. It’s cool.”

Ashley took both of her friend’s hands and clasped them into her own and stated. “Don't feel guilty, you did nothing wrong. We are friends.”

Meryl smiled and felt the warmth from Ashley’s feelings. Shyly, she asked “Would you help me around here?”

“Friends help one another. I really have never felt this way towards anyone else, but I do feel that we are friends. I can completely trust you.”

Meryl broke into a smile as Ashley pulled her close and the two embraced.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice hollered up from downstairs. “Ashley! What's taking you so long? If you don't hurry up and get dressed, you'll be late for school.”

At that, Ashley and Meryl looked at each other. Finally Meryl broke the silence. “I suppose I'd better to hide now, I don't suppose your mother will be happy seeing me like that.”

Ashley was obviously lacking words.

Meryl continued “Don't worry about me, it's not as if I haven't eaten already,” she said grinned, “Just do like you normally do things every morning and your mother shouldn't suspect a thing.”

Following Meryl's advice, Ashley started to rummage through her wardrobe to find something to wear for the day. “If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask,” Ashley said as she had found something appropriate to wear and headed for the bathroom.

Left alone, Meryl started to look in Ashley's clothes to see if she could find anything to wear. She found an apple green dress and a white cardigan that could go with it. Completely dressed, she tidied the bed and then figured out that she had better hide in case Ashley's mother wanted to see what she was doing. So, after an instantaneous transformation, she flew behind a cushion to wait patiently for Ashley's return.

- - - - -

Thirty minutes later, Ashley returned. Feeling that she was safe, Meryl showed herself and cheerfully asked, “So, are you ready to go?”

“Yes. Are you ready for your first day at school?” Ashley replied as she was picking up her backpack.

“I hope so.”

“Good. Hmmm, how are you getting out of the house? Flying out of the window?”

“That's an idea! Can you close it behind me?”

Meryl opened the window. “See you outside!”

An instant later, she was gone. Ashley closed dutifully the window before heading downstairs.

To Be Continued...


Thanks for reading :) As always, I can't guarantee on any regularity. And, I have to tell you, I don't know at all where this is heading. I have few ideas for the next chapter, but no vision for the long term. If you can give me some ideas there.

I suppose there have to be obstacles to make a story fun, if not, the story is just going to be the story of a normal and boring life. So, what? I want Ashley and Meryl to be close friends, not keeping something voluntarily from each other. Ashley has a loving family that already let her being a girl. I plan to have Ashley start soon some hind of treatment (I can't stand her being without anything). More important, I don't believe humans can be bad. Surely, they can sometimes forget themselves, but I believe humans are fundamentally good. So, what ?

Still, I'm thinking of few ideas, but I'll let you wonder what it is. Still, if you have ideas to submit within the guidelines just the above paragraph, I'd be glad to read about them.



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