Written by Dauphin
An 11 year old boy plays little sister with his neighbour . On a walk they save the president’s daughter. Now the haunt is on for the hero(ine)
"Heros come in all shapes and sizes. Dauphin writes a cute story for us unless you can see some things that do not happen in reality" Diana
"The idea was good. It was a rush job and certainly got some reactions. " Dauphin


Hello everyone. I am so happy that my story will be on this site. It’s not a story about me finding out there was a girl living in my boy’s body, and it’s not a story about some girl or woman making me their slave. It’s not a story about me finding a boyfriend and being his girlfriend. This is my story where I tell the truth about what happened to me. I hope you won’t laugh at me. There is one thing I would like to say before I start. Things happened so quickly. I don’t know where to start. Things happened so quickly

My name is Summer, and that is not a girl’s name before you start telling me it is. It is a unisex name. All my life people keep telling me it’s a girl’s name. I am 11 years old. I live in the wealthy area in the city. It’s not my fault that my parents are wealthy, they just are. I like doing most things like video games, and watching TV, and sports. Life is good. My parents love me more than anything. They spend all their spare time with me, so I can’t complain. Well if I could complain, it would be about two things. The first is that I wet the bed. I had to wear these stupid diapers at night.

In the building where we lived, there were no children except a girl called Shelly.

Shelly was also 11. She had a quick temper. Mum always said that she thought that Shelly was a spoiled child that got whatever she wanted. I didn’t think so. When you talked and played with Shelly, you found out she was the nicest girl in the world. No, I did not fancy her; she was just a good friend. It is true that she wanted to decide everything. But that’s ok, usually, she had some fun games and things we could do. Like we would tease the doorman.

One day when I was visiting Shelly. We were bored looking at some magazines.

“I know what we can do,” Shelly shouted


“We can play that you are my baby sister.”

“Why baby?”

“Well you do wear diapers and wet the bed”

“You promised that you would not tease about that.”

“I’m not, but I can see by the bulge that you are wearing one now.”

“That’s because Mum says I should wear it here, otherwise I forget to go to the toilet when we play so much”

“So, if you wore one of my dresses, you would be a baby girl.”

I don’t know why I did it. But for the next hour, I let her take off my clothes until I sat just in my diaper. Of course, she said I was pretty in my diaper and teased me somewhat about it. I sat down sort of half freezing and thinking if this was a good game after all.

She showed me this yellow dress. It definitely looked like something a baby would wear. It was yellow with white lace around the sleeves and around the hem and neck; it also had red flowers on them. She told me to raise my arms and put the dress on me.

Then she said I would need some sandals. I wore sandals before, but that was when I was younger and these sandals were yellow to match the dress. It was obvious that they were girl’s sandals.

The last thing she did was to fix my hair. She said it was quite long, but it still had what she called a skater boy style. Then she got an idea. She put my hair in a ponytail.

She asked me how I felt,

“This dress is strange, it’s like I can feel the breeze go up it. It’s like I’m naked from the waist down.”

Shelly promised that I would get used to it, and took me to the mirror. I nearly fainted. There was a girl in the mirror, although she looked younger than I really was. Then it stroke me, this girl was me! I wasn’t an ugly girl either. I never thought that I had such a girlish face. I started there looking at my eyes with the long eyelashes, and my lips, that didn’t need any makeup.

We spent an hour playing sister and baby sister. We were on a couch when I laid my head on her lap. She gave me milk in a bottle. Those things are sure hard to suck from. Despite me being against it at the start, I liked playing being a baby. It was like having a big sister taking care of me, and I always wanted to have a big sister. If wearing the dress were the price of having a big sister, then I would wear a dress. As a boy, I looked like a wimp. As a girl I was pretty.

After an hour, Shelly said that we should go out for a walk. I said no way. I was wearing a dress. Shelly talked and talked, and at the end she made me admit that I looked like a girl, and no one would even notice I was a boy. She said we would look like two sisters going for a walk. She said it was a dare. I know she just wanted a laugh.

I don’t know why I said yes to this. It was like the time Mum bought me a pink coat and said no one will notice. I wore the pink coat to school and everyone teased. When I told Mum everyone teased, she just said that everyone was jealous of my pink coat. Yeah, right!

So there we were, like two sisters walking to the park. Shelly held my hand. I am sure that others thought that she was taking care of me. I noticed when the wind blew a bit that my dress blew in all directions. Not as bad as that Marilyn Monroe dresses did, but it was enough to see the diaper that I was wearing. This made me blush a lot.

“Listen," Shelly said, “We live in a city. No one notices anyone. I mean look at all those emos and rockers walking. We will have forgotten them in a few minutes. The same is if someone sees my little sister’s diaper. They would have forgotten it in five minutes. The worse that could happen is that they would discuss it at supper, and they would not even know who they were talking about”

Shelly was right, and in any case, it didn’t matter because I was already out in public with a dress and a diaper on underneath.

Just as I was a world way in my thoughts, we heard a big crash. It was a black limo that crashed into a white van. Two men in black got out of the white van and shot down a bunch of men that were wearing sunglasses.

The next thing we heard was sirens. The men in black ran away leaving behind a few dead men and a limo with smoke coming out of it. It was just like something that you would see on TV. Shelly and I along with 50 other people just stood there.

A few TV cameras were there and were taping everything

Then I heard a scream. It came from the black car. No one moved. Everyone was just standing there. I couldn’t believe it. A girl was crying and no one was helping her.

I rushed to the car and opened the door. Inside was a girl my age that was screaming and crying. I put my hand over her mouth but that didn’t help. So, I put her hand on my shoulders and lifted her from the car. It was hard to breathe because of the smoke. I could also feel the flames from the fire. This girl didn’t do her part. I had to drag her. I kept on telling her to walk because she was as heavy as a stone… a big stone. I looked forward and all I could see were flashes. The media people were taking pictures of me. I thought it would be better if they helped. It was hard to see where I was going because of the flashes.

At last, I dragged the girl to where Shelly was. I looked behind; the car was totally in flames

Then I saw the media with their microphones and cameras rush toward me, the girl was lying on the ground and some medics were taking care of her. It was then that reality hit me. I was a boy wearing a dress, and I did not want to be on TV. I ran towards Shelly, and we ran home. This was not that easy when you are wearing a diaper.

We arrived at Shelly’s house and quickly changed into my boy clothes. We were totally hyper. We never thought we would experience shooting and a car crash. We talked about the fact that we saw the girl before, but we were unsure where we saw her. She must have been famous. I also looked forward so we can play little sister again.

That night, I begged Mum and Dad if we could see the news. Dad always watches it, so I thought he would think I was grown up if I asked to see it. He smiled and said, of course, it was just in time.

“…. The big news today is that terrorists had attempted to kill the president’s daughter when she was driving through our city. The Secret Service assigned to her was all killed. The situation looked bleak as the president’s daughter’s car was in flames and she could not get out. This story has a good ending. While the adults were looking at the burning car, only the courage of a girl the same age as the president’s daughter saved the day. This unknown girl saved the president’s daughter by dragging her from the car. The President’s daughter is said to be ok, but shocked after the ordeal, and the strange girl… she cannot be found.”

Mum and Dad stared at the screen. Their original reactions were that it is good for the president’s daughter that she survived and talk about the stupid terrorists. Then they looked at the picture of the girl. I sat in my chair wondering if they would recognize me. Their boy dressed as a girl.

“I think I saw her someplace,” Mum said. I think my heart jumped out of my mouth, “Her face is so familiar”

“You are right, but I can’t place where I saw her. Do you think that we saw her at a family party or something?

“I don’t know. There is something with her eyes”

I kept quiet. It was amazing that their son was dressed as a girl, and they never recognized me. Looking at the TV screen, I would never have recognized myself after.

The news was on the late news. Mum and Dad were surprised that I wanted to see the news again. It was the same news story that they gave before, but they added some comments at the end, “The girl, who is the heroine of the nation, is unknown, But analysts have said she must be mentally challenged in a special home for children, if you look closely at the girl, you will see that she is wearing a diaper. The search for the heroine continues. If you know where this girl is, then ring to the following number.”

I got mad. “That’s bad. They are saying she’s a retard because she wears diapers. I have to wear them at night and I’m not a retard.”

“Calm down Summer. They just can’t find the girl. The whole nation wants to thank her, and the only thing we know is that she wears diapers. Besides, if she wears a diaper during the day, then she must have a problem.”

“You make me wear diapers during the day sometimes," I whispered. Luckily they didn’t hear.

The next day, everyone was talking about the heroine at school. Everyone was saying how pretty she was, and courageous and a shame she had to wear Pampers. I felt so bad. I thought that Shelly and I were cheating these people by not telling them the truth. But how could we tell the truth? Everyone would laugh if they knew I wore a dress. I could hear them calling me names now, “sissy”. I am the only one that knew that they would never see the girl again. I would not go out in public with the dress on; I would only wear it when we played little sister inside

It didn’t become better when the President issued a statement that he would like to meet the heroine and thank her personally. The Nationwide search was on and people claimed to have seen her (me) in all corners of the country. The whole thing was getting out of hand. I am sure there were more important things to be done. As I told you earlier, I was not going to make her appear again, as that would mean that I had to go out with a dress on.

Some people thought it was amazing that they couldn't find a little girl.

After school, I came in and rested on the sofa. What a day! No sooner than I had time to think, the phone rang. It was Shelly. She wanted me to come to her place as soon as possible. She was in deep trouble.

I rushed up to her place and she was waiting to tell me what was bothering her,

“It’s good that you came,” she said, “These two Secret Service men came to our door. They were looking at the film and noticed it was me that was with the heroine. They made me promise that I would bring the heroine to CNN tomorrow. The president will hold a live ceremony. You have to come”

“No way. They will forget about the heroine. The President daughter is fine. What’s the big fuss? I can’t go out in public with a dress on. I am not a sissy”

“But you liked being a girl. You liked going out as a girl”

“What if people recognize me?”

“They won’t recognize you. Did you parents recognize you? Please, I need you to help me here. They were Secret Service. I don’t know what will happen if they come to our door if I don’t come with you. Besides they will just continue asking me who this girl is.”

“Ok, I’ll show up at the president’s ceremony tomorrow.”

Shelly was happy, and deep down so was I.

The next day, we had no school. It was the weekend so I rushed to Shelly. She was dressed in her best clothes, which was a gown dress. It made her look like an adult I think.

On her bed was a pure white dress with a red ribbon that went around it. It looked like something Shirley Temple would wear. Shelly started taking my clothes off. She became a big sister again rushing and complaining how much she had to do. She got a bit mad that I was not wearing a diaper, but she was also prepared for this. I had to lie on the bed while she started changing my diaper. I went totally red in embarrassment. When I was about to complain she just stuck a pacifier in my mouth. Then she put some white tights on and the dress. The tights were a weird feeling. It felt like someone was feeling my legs all the time. I didn’t wear sandals this time, I wore Mary James. The last thing was to put my head in a ponytail. I looked at the mirror before we left, the heroine was back! I loved the clothes

A Black limo came to collect us. On the way out to the Limo, I saw Mum. I heard her say “Shannon is that you?” just as I entered. My heart sunk. Did Mum know see me? Anyway, we were driven to the TV station where the president was.

When I stood outside the Limo, everyone was shouting and cheering. I felt like I was Britney Spears or someone. There were some Secret Service men holding them back. At one stage this person got hold of my ponytail and pulled. Wow that hurt. Then it seemed like every camera in the country was there. Thousands and thousands of pictures were taken of me, and with each picture, there was a flash. Once again I thought I was going to be blind.

The meeting with the President was very short. He said thanks because I saved his daughter and I said you’re welcome. Then he shook hands, and I gave the president’s daughter a hug, and it was all over.

Well, that was until Mum came on the stage. She rushed towards me telling everyone I was her son. I became so embarrassed that I started to cry. Why was Mum doing this when most of the world could hear it? She gave me a hug saying that it was OK, and we would have a talk when I got home from the girl in my boy's body. Needless to say, I was confused. The only thing that I understood was that the whole world knew that I was a boy in a dress that saved the President’s daughter. You could imagine what it said in the news that night.

So you see why I am writing this account. I want people to be clear about a few things:

· If I like wearing dresses, then that is up to me. It doesn’t mean that I am a girl

· If I like playing the little sister with Shelly, then I will. We don’t harm each other and I like playing baby sister.

· I am not handicapped or retarded if I wear a diaper. My bladder will get bigger and stronger.

That is what I would tell Mum when we had a talk about it. I am sure that she would understand me and not interfere with the game that Shelly and I had. I hope she won’t think I am some freak

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