Why High School English Sucks -4-

Why High School English Sucks
Part Four
By Willy Mays Hayes

Que the "Jaws" theme please, Rebecca's comin' and she's taking over!


The next morning I rose early. The annoying klaxon blaring from my clock radio roused me at five thirty. After I finished cleaning my self, pausing only to tease my nipples I shaved my legs smooth. I examined the contents of my closet.

“Hmm, what to wear, that blouse looks absolutely divine on me!” I gushed in a soft girly squeal.

I selected a silky smooth blue skirt to wear with my creamy white short sleeved blouse. I removed a silky pink push up bra from my dresser along with a matching pair of pink panties and a pair of sheer nylons. I pulled on the panties, admiring the way they hugged my shapely hips.

“Oohhh!” I groaned as I pulled on the nylons, the silky sensation being mildly arousing.

I slid my arms into the straps of the bra before fastening the clips. I shuddered as I adjusted my breasts in their cups, the smooth silk teasing my erect nipples. I slid on the knee length skirt next before putting on and buttoning the blouse.

I admired myself in the mirror “I look great, I think I can attract the boy Rebecca needs in this, I hope I get to at least kiss him before he changes!” I whispered out loud, redness spreading across my face from the very thought.

I pulled out my compact and make up. I put on some grey eyes shadow, outlined my eyes in eyeliner, and brushed my eyelashes with some mascara. I applied a small amount of rouge to my cheekbones before coating my lips in several layers of very light pink lipstick. I grabed my light pink cashmere sweater and pulled it over my arms, leaving the front unbuttoned. With a touch of perfume I was down the stairs and at the kitchen table, ready to go.

“Good morning Katherine, you sure do look lovely today, are you ready?” Rebecca asked, already dressed, her make up immaculate as usual.

“Yes, but I’m really nervous, what happens if it doesn’t work?” I said in a shy demure voice, fraught with concern.

“It will work I promise, now are you hungry for any breakfast or would you just prefer to go?” she asked politely.

“Lets just go, I’m not hungry, but could I get a hug please?” I asked in my shy childish voice.

“Of course Kathy” she smiled as she held me in a loving embrace, “Now lets get to school before we’re late!”

At the end of fourth period I saw him, his name was Todd, and he was the captain of the school football team, and a royal jerk. His six three, two hundred and twenty five pound bulk easily had me beat, but I had to complete my mission.

As I started in his direction I said softly under my breath “Here goes nothing!”

I caught up to him just as he was passing Rebecca’s classroom, I bumped into him and knocking the books out of his hands and onto the floor. He grabbed my arm and threw me into the classroom.

I screamed as he threw me off the ground and into a desk in Rebecca’s class. He put his big hairy hand over my mouth and with his other hand began to tear my blouse off.

“You’ve been asking for it bitch!” he yelled in rage, “You refuse to help with my homework, you snitch on everyone, and you just knocked my books to the floor, now its payback time!”

He forced his hand under my bra and began to fondle my breast before trying to rip off my skirt.

“You’re gonna give me sex and your gonna like it Bitch!” he ranted as he pulled my panties down around my ankles, “You’re gonna regret everything you’ve ever done before I’m done with you!” he screamed.

I chose that moment to bite his hand, as he pulled it back in surprise I said in my calmest voice, “No Todd, YOU are gonna regret that you ever met me asshole!”

I plunged the needle I had hidden in my hand into his butt and watched his body go limp and slump to the floor.

“Well done Kathy!” exalted Rebecca as she walked into the classroom, closing the door behind her, “Now for the fun part, place him in the seat and tie him down please Katherine.” she said, her voice barely restraining the excitement that was evident on her face.

To Be Continued…

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