Michele And The Predator -2-


The Predator has Michele, a closet transvestite, trapped in her house and is taking his time as he takes his pleasure from her. He does not know she is a transvestite and thinks she is a sexy mature socialite; he's in for a surprise!


The Predator was satisfied with his first taste of the woman who he had
bent over the kitchen table and held captive; but he was far from
finished with her. The snooty bitch had been taught her first lesson
for the evening; his warm issue dribbling down her stockinged legs was
evidence of that. "I bet she's never been taken in the rear before," he
thought to himself. He was still befuddled why she was wearing
pantyhose under stockings though? Maybe she had really bad varicose
veins or maybe her legs were just pale and untanned? These society
bitches were all so vain about their appearances, that's what attracted
him to them.

The Predator pulled the woman up by her handcuffed wrists and heard her
grunt into the ball-gag as she tottered on her high-heels. He pushed
her down the corridor to where he knew her bedroom was located at the
rear or the house. He couldn't help but become excited again as he
looked at her round bottom and shapely nylon encased legs as she
staggered ahead of him down the hall; he started to think what he was
going to do next and started to stiffen in his jeans. When he got to
the bedroom door he pushed her hard so that the bitch was propelled
forward and fell face down on to the bed.

The Predator looked excitedly at the woman sprawled before him on her
bed; her white A-line skirt had ridden up revealing the crotch of her
full-cut red nylon panties and the lacy tops of her taupe high-sheen
stockings, the tops of her thighs were framed magnificently by the
black lace of the nylon full-slip. He opened his fly and coaxed his
member to a full erection. God he loved this!

Michele lay sprawled on her bed; feeling completely exposed and
helpless. She could feel his sticky come still dribbling from her back
passage and she felt so degraded lying there with her skirt riding up
revealing her red nylon panties and the lacy stocking tops; she wished
she had never experimented with crossdressing; it was her fault, she
should be ashamed of herself. She was even more ashamed that she had
orgasmed when the predator had sodomised her; "my God, when would this
end," she thought. Then she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper
opening and looked up to see the man open his fly and stroke his member
until it was rock hard. Michele groaned into her gag and wondered what
was going to happen next; how could this animal become aroused again so

The Predator jumped onto the bed beside the woman; his hard member
wobbling out in front him. He undid his belt and shucked down his jeans
and underwear and kicked off his shoes when his clothing bunched at his
ankles then he pulled off his socks so that he was naked from the waist
down. The woman lay still on the bed breathing heavily through her nose
because of the ball gag in her mouth. He worked his way into the middle
of the bed so that his crotch was level with the woman's face. He
reached out and turned her head so that she was facing his erect penis,
it bobbed up and down in front of her pretty face. This was the part he
really loved, but it was also the most dangerous! He warned the woman
that he was about to take the ball gag out of her mouth and if she
cried out or attempted to bite he would beat her until she begged him
to stop. To prove his point he slapped her once across the face. He
looked into her pretty heavily made-up eyes and saw the beginnings of a
single tear; then the tear ran down her face leaving a small streak of
mascara. The Predator figured she had got the message and reached
behind her head and released the gag.

Michele screamed inside as the man jumped onto the bed; his erection
wobbling out in front him and removed his clothing from the waist down.
It would have been a comical sight in any other circumstances; the man
struggling out of his jeans as his cock bounced up and down in front of
him; but Michele was starting to realise what was going to happen next
as the man moved forward and his erection approached her face. She
could smell her musk on his manhood from when he had fucked her arse
and she saw a bead of clear pre-seminal fluid form at the eye of his
glans. Michele could not really understand the warning he issued but
when he slapped her face she understood his intent. Her face stung and
her head was reeling as the man reached behind her head and ripped off
the ball gag; she gasped as the gag was released and managed to say one
word: "Please!" before the beast pushed his cock into her mouth and
grabbed the sides of her face and held her there while he fucked her

The Predator had done this to all of his victims and always loved the
shocked expression on their faces as his cock invaded their mouths. The
woman was so stunned that she didn't even think of biting; instead her
lips clamped over his shaft and her tongue began slaver around the head
of his penis as she tried to eject his member without biting it. The
Predator started to fuck her face; his powerful hands held her face
steady as he pushed his cock back and forth between her lipsticked
lips. She could do nothing, trussed as she was, except capitulate.

The Predator looked down and was aroused and excited by the sight in
front of him. The woman was heavily made-up (which he loved); her
pretty face was framed by her brunette hair which hung to her shoulders
and fringed her brows, her eyes were outlined in back eyeliner and her
lashes heavily mascared. Pale blue eye shadow blending to a shade of
dark pink coloured her sparkling eyes, her cheeks were heavily rouged,
defining the lines of her cheekbones, her lips were coated in with a
deep plum red lipstick; and sticking out of her matronly but attractive
face was his pink, hard cock. He looked down her body at her arse and
legs and then slid his eyes back up again to the woman's face and began
to fuck her mouth harder.

Michele was still stunned from the slap as the rubbery flesh invaded
her mouth and her first reaction was to eject the foul tasting monster.
She was conscious of the fact that if she bit the invading penis she
would suffer badly, so she clamped her lips over the man's shaft and
tried to eject it. Michele pushed her tongue onto head of his penis and
tasted a male cock for the first time. It was not what she expected; it
was not salty as she had read it described so many times, but more of a
creamy floury taste with an undercurrent of musk. She could also taste
her own lipstick and perfume, and god help her if she didn't feel a
stirring in her panties as her own member began to stiffen. Then she
felt the man start to push his cock in and out of her mouth, groaning
with pleasure. Michele realised that her attempts to expel his member
were in fact arousing the man further; her tongue slathering along his
glands and her lips tight against the taut sleek skin of his shaft were
in no way effective in ejecting the invading penis, they were having
the opposite effect. Michele decided that there was no way she was
going to be able to repel his attack and decided that she would try to
excite the man as much as possible so that he would get this barbaric
act over with as soon as possible. As the Predator started to fuck her
face; his powerful hands holding her face steady, she started to suck
on the intruding member and work her tongue over his glans as her
lipsticked lips moved up and down the shaft.

The Predator used long slow strokes so that the woman could breathe
through her nose in time with his thrusts; he didn't want her gagging.
Her soft lips and tongue were proving extremely arousing on the
delicate nerves of his manhood. He loved it when he pulled back and the
flange of his glans was between her lips and then the slippery feel of
her wet tongue slavering his cock as he thrust into her face. If he
didn't know better he would think the bitch was encouraging him.

The Predator felt his orgasm begin as his scrotum contracted and his
penis started to convulse. Waves of pleasure shot though him as he felt
his semen churn out of his scrotal sac and begin to shoot along the
channel inside his cock, searching for release through the opening in
the eye of his glans; the hot load spurned on by the blood engorged
spongy walls of his shaft contracting and convulsing. The Predator held
the woman's face hard and steady; he allowed the first few squirts of
his ejaculate to stream into her hot wet mouth and then he pulled his
cock back and out of her mouth; the head of his cock plopping out over
her lips as the first jet of hot sticky semen ejaculated out of the eye
of his convulsing cock.

Michele sucked and licked the invading penis as it raped her mouth; she
was increasingly aware of the gossamer feel of her silky lingerie and
stockings, the taste of her own lipstick and the light caress of her
hair on her face. She could not help but become further aroused; the
fact that she was cuffed and vulnerable added to her pleasure and
allowed her to find an excuse for her debased reaction to this invasion
of her sanctity; after all what could she do? All she could do, she
rationalised, was to capitulate and to try to bring this brutal action
to a swift end. Then Michele realised what was happening as the man
quickened his pace and she felt his organ begin to contract and
convulse. Her mouth filled with warm yeasty semen; it didn't seem to
spurt out of his cock as she expected it would, it seemed more to just
suddenly appear in her mouth. Michele couldn't escape the eroticism of
giving her first fellatio, even if it was against her will; she felt
herself ejaculate into her panties again, the warm flood of her own
ejaculate soaking her panties and pantyhose as she swallowed his seed.
Then the man pulled back suddenly and his cock plopped out of her mouth
and she felt streams of hot sticky semen start to splash onto her face.

The Predator moaned with pleasure as stream after stream of white, warm
fluid shot all over the woman's face; he rubbed his cock on her cheeks,
her lips and her nose; coming all over her. A long rope of semen ran
from the woman's brow, across her eye and onto her nose; as his cock
rubbed against her face the semen mixed with her makeup and began to
make a colour palate of semen, makeup and lipstick all over her eyes,
cheeks and lips. He forced his cock back into her mouth as the last
convulsions of his orgasm consumed him.

The Predator sighed as the last of his issue spent into her lipsticked
smeared mouth; he stared into her scared, pretty eyes, now panda-like
with the mixture of semen, mascara and eyeliner smudged all around
them. God he loved to do this to these stuck up matrons. He pulled his
cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face again, the sperm
and makeup now mixing with her tears. He let go of her face as she
began to sob and rolled her over so that she was on her back, face up
so that she could watch his final degrading act. He moved down the bed
and grabbed a handful of her pristine white skirt and wiped the
congealed mess of come and makeup off his cock with it. Her skirt was
stained black and red by her makeup and silvery gobs of sperm were
mixed in with the mess. "That'll stain," he laughed wickedly at the
stuck up matron lying handcuffed on the bed before him.

The Predator finished wiping the mess on her skirt that was now rucked
around her waist, and then he noticed the stain in the front of her red
nylon panties. He knew that the spend from when he had fucked her had
stained her underwear, he had seen the results of his orgasm on her
buttocks and thighs; but he hadn't touched her cunt yet; he was saving
that for later; so why was there wet semen all over the front of her
panties? Then he saw the bulge there straining against the nylon
pantyhose and panty gusset and slowly but surely he realised what it
was! This fucking woman had a cock!!! What the fuck????????????

To be continued...


Orginally published by Michele Nylons at Fictionmania

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