The Red Dress - Part 2

His face lighted up as he spoke and he thought of how lucky he was to have her. She rarely thought of her pleasure in bed. She loved attending him and his needs, and desires. He never had to give a second thought to her desires because her only true desire; her only true need; was to please him.

The Red Dress
Part 2
By Kelly Blake

2. Her Red Dress
“Remember, my dear wife, one foot in front of the other.”

The gin helped her relax enough to walk without even thinking about it. He opened the taxi’s door for her and she carefully seated herself, smoothing the bottom of her dress as she sat down and he followed her in as she slid carefully across the seat. He sat up against her with his arm around her shoulders pulling her into him and his other hand on her thigh.

The driver’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw the husband gently bite his wife’s ear and move his hand up to caress her breast. He smiled at the driver in the rear view mirror as he told him where they wanted to go. The driver nodded and, with a stunned look on his face, took them to the restaurant.

Once at their destination, the husband opened the door, exited the taxi after paying the driver, then extended his arm so that his wife could exit. She was completely unfamiliar with the restaurant, but extremely impressed. He held the door open for her as she entered into the dimly lighted warmth of wooden floors, crystal chandeliers and linen table clothes.

He slipped the maitre de a folded bill and they are escorted to a secluded semi-circular booth. A wine list and menu are placed down at each setting and the candle that sits beside the small arrangement of fresh cut flowers was lit.

She was aglow with the very romantic setting arranged by her husband and she grasped his hand and smiled lovingly at him. He beamed with the pride that comes from being able to entertain such a beautiful woman at his leisure.

As her eyes became more accustomed to the dim light, she surveyed the room and saw mostly couples; all well dressed and engaged in quiet talk or simply gazing at their companions. The wonderfully delicious aromas from the various foods permeated the establishment.

The place settings are complete with several forks of varying sizes, three knives, several spoons and two stemmed glasses, one of which is filled with water by their waiter. They both placed their fine linen napkins on their laps and he began to look at the menus.

The young waiter, Andrew, an unemployed ‘actor’ and student, attended them. He looked at the husband and was somewhat surprised at the higher pitch of his voice. He looked carefully and suddenly his eyebrows arched and a gentle smile broke out on his face. He looked at the wife and his smile now displayed his perfectly aligned and very white teeth.

The husband ordered for the two of them. They would have the shell fish special with the smoked trout appetizers and hearts of palm salads. Of course they would have a good French Brut with their meal.

“Very good sir.”

Andrew disappeared with their order. His wife looked at him with wide opened eyes.

“I think he knows!”

She was a bit unnerved. He held her hand and smiled.

“Yes…but perhaps he’s the only one that does. Look around you. Nobody’s looking at me. They’re all look at you. You are so beautiful tonight.”

He loved her demure look, eyes downcast and painted nails to her face. She always seemed to have that look but never before has it been…so real. The husband began to speak to her, but she only heard every other word. She suddenly couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She dreamily gazed into his eyes as he spoke and suddenly realized how terminally handsome he was.

His face lighted up as he spoke and he thought of how lucky he was to have her. She rarely thought of her pleasure in bed. She loved attending him and his needs, and desires. He never had to give a second thought to her desires because her only true desire; her only true need; was to please him. Dear Lord he loved her so very much.

She excited him so much. He could feel the dampness between his legs. He no longer even thought about what he was saying. All he thought about was her between his legs; doing what she did as nobody else could ever do. She was like a starving woman when she was down in ‘her place’. She would exhaust him with her mouth and tongue to the point of unconsciousness.

On occasion, if he happened to strike first, he would please her with his mouth and two, or three, fingers. Sometimes he would mount her and wring the lust from her body as he clutched her breasts and squeezed her nipples. But she was never demanding and seemed very satisfied doing what she did.

He slipped his foot out of his ankle boot and slowly brought it up the inside of her leg. His foot inched its way beneath the red dress and he felt her heat through his silk dress socks. His toes wiggled their way to her crotch. She sighed as he gently rubbed her equipage. As he ran his toes along her length, her eyes closed in a moment of ecstasy and she had to breathe through her mouth. Andrew arrived with their champagne.

She barely remembered the dinner. Her mind and her heart were totally engrossed with thoughts of him and what his very presence was doing to her. She trembled with excitement and she felt herself leaking fluid between her thighs.

He barely remembered the dinner. He simply couldn’t wait to have her alone and all to himself so he could put her between his legs. That was where she belonged. He felt the wetness between his legs as he dampened his silk boxer shorts.

They barely made it through the meal. Andrew had cleared the table and poured the last of the champagne. Before Andrew could relate the special desserts, the husband crooked his finger. Andrew bent down so that the husband could speak softly into his ear, “Perhaps you have a…private powder room we might use for a few moments after you take our dessert order?”

Andrew turned his head to look directly into the husband’s eyes. He smiled and nodded his head, “Follow me sir…and madam. I’ll bring you the chocolate covered strawberries, which are heavenly tonight. And the mousse is superb, as always. In about…oh…ten minutes?”

The husband laughed, “Andrew…you are the man!”

He discretely handed the waiter a folded twenty dollar bill. The husband arose from his chair and then assisted his wife leaving the table. They followed the waiter to the rear of the restaurant, “Just go past the rest rooms and it’s the next door on the right. It says ‘handicapped’ on the door.”

They walked down the hall and the husband opened the door for his wife. She stepped into the room and he followed closing and locking the door behind them. He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. He took her in his arms and kissed her as he has never done before. He wanted her to feel his desire and need. He felt her tremble as he simply took her breath away.

She felt his lips on hers and felt them slide slightly on her lipstick. She tasted the champagne in his mouth and sucked on his tongue when it entered her. She rubbed her crotch against him as she simply let him take her.

Her hands found his belt and she opened the buckle. She unbuttoned his trousers and let them slide down his legs. She knelt at his feet and reached into his shorts. She could smell his excitement as she felt his dampness.

He leaned back against the basin counter and kicked off his shoe. He let his leg slip out of the trouser leg as she pulled his boxers down. He set his rump on the counter and lifted his leg ,resting his foot on the counter top as well.

She couldn’t wait or even tease. She simply went to his crotch and ran her tongue from the bottom of his slit to the top as slowly as she could. He moaned and placed his hands on her head. She tasted his essence, his dampness, his excitement and desire for her.

His lips parted like the petals of a rose opening. Her tongue glided up and down his petals like a skater on ice. He was so very wet. His aroma was more intoxicating then the gin and the wine and she wanted to rub her entire face in it. But time was of the essence and she wanted to please him quickly so that their evening together could continue.

He rolled his pelvis to the movement of her tongue. His thighs quaked as he felt his orgasm start to build. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily through his mouth as her tongue bedeviled his clit. She was frantic in her lapping and she felt his clit poke its head, enlarge, and swell beneath her tongue’s persuasion. She suddenly sucked the nubbin into her mouth and sucked on it with her lips.

He exploded with a groan and a roar as his thighs quivered beyond control and his body, in its awkward position, undulated as his orgasm ripped through him.

She looked up at him and, with his clit still between her lips, smiled. She felt his wetness on her mouth and chin. His eyes were still closed as the after shocks of his explosion rippled through his body. As his breathing returned to normal, he looked down to see his wife’s eyes and smiling face.

She gave him one more gentle pull with her lips, which caused him to spasm one more time, and then she let go. As she arose from her knees, he noticed that she had also relieved herself and had spurted a very small puddle of fluid on the floor.

He began to redress himself as she cleaned her fluid up with a paper towel. Then they both checked themselves in the mirror. It was quite obvious to both of them that she needed to repair her make up. He assisted with this task after she washed her mouth and chin. He put the final touches on her face and let her redo her lips.

One last look in the mirror and they left the room to return to their table. He held her around her waist and nuzzled her ear as they walked. He felt so good; so relaxed. She smiled, her eyes still glazed from the wine and her lust; his scent still permeating her mind and exciting her.

Upon seeing his customers return, Andrew rushed to the table. The husband held his wife’s chair out and helped her sit and Andrew assisted the husband, “I’ll have your desserts out in a moment. Would you care for coffee or a brandy?”

The husband ordered two coffees and two strong single malt whiskeys. His wife looked at him in surprise, “My head is already spinning from the champagne. I don’t think I can eat or drink more. I am so stuffed.”

“The night is young and I still want to go out to a bar or a club. I feel like dancing…or something. Anyway, this is your last evening of stuffing your self as you please. Tomorrow you start your new diet.”


“I want you to lose some weight. Your ‘new’ clothes would fit much better and you wouldn’t have to feel so confined in firm foundation garments. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

She looked at him as if he came from a different planet. In a voice that was part whine and part begging, she spoke, “Nooooo…I so much wanted to go home…”

She reached across the table to take his hands in hers. Her eyes pleaded as she continued,“…and continue making love to you. Can’t we go to a club another time? Please?”

“Now listen dear…it was you who wanted to get dressed up, wasn’t it?”

She nodded and averted her eyes with her head bowed.

“So the very least you can do is accommodate me. And anyway, you are having a good time, aren’t you?’

She demurely bowed her head a bit lower. He simply adored her when she did that. He knew she was blushing beneath her make up and he loved it!

“Yes. You’re right. I did want this. And you did help me, so…I will do whatever pleases you.”

After they had their desserts, coffee and the drinks, Andrew came to present the check, “Andrew, we’re thinking of going somewhere to have a few drinks and perhaps dance.”

She looked at him with surprise. He knew she wasn’t a good dancer and indeed didn’t even like to dance. Well…perhaps a slow dance was nice.

“One of my workers mentioned The Whale and the Dolphin. I think that’s close to here.”

Andrew gave the husband a thoughtful look, complete with his hand under his chin. He looked at the wife and again back at the husband.

“To be honest, that club is a lesbian bar. Although gays are allowed in as couples, they basically cater to women and they make no bones about that. It might not be the experience you’d be looking for.”

”Do you have another suggestion?”

The husband was really determined to make a night of it. He did not want this…he did not want to ‘put his wife away’ just yet.

“Why yes, I do!”

Andrew suddenly became very animated with his hands fluttering and his eye brows arching. His grin was ear to ear as he spoke.

“You might want to try The Fantasy Club. It’s only three blocks from here. It’s a cabaret and I think you’ll love it!”

“What’s a cabaret?”

Andrew couldn’t believe the husband hadn’t heard of a cabaret before.

“Well…it’s a place where men dress as women and they put on a show. They impersonate various divas, like Cher, or Diana Ross, or…well…anybody. They sing and have dance routines and it’s quite enjoyable. Straight couples as well as single men and women go to have fun.”
The husband’s face lighted up as Andrew spoke. His wife didn’t seem so enthusiastic.

“The audience is half the show anyway. The cover is a bit high but it does include two drinks. And…there is dancing as well as finger food.”

The husband smiled and looked at his wife.

“Well? What do you think dear? It sounds like fun to me.”

Her head still somewhat bowed, she looked up at him through her eye lashes and nodded, “Yes dear, that sounds fine to me.”

The husband paid the bill, with a handsome tip for Andrew, in cash, of course. He arose and helped his wife up. He placed the shawl around her shoulders and they both exited the restaurant to walk to The Fantasy Club.

“Do I really have to go on a diet? I’m not even close to being over weight.”

She leaned into him as he put his arm around her shoulders. The night air was crisp and refreshing after being in the restaurant for so long.

“Look, we’re not talking a major weight drop here…only a few pounds. Just imagine being able to wear fine silk undies instead of that girdle, although it does manage to keep your little secret tucked away. Wouldn’t you like to look really good in some of the other dresses?”

“Is this going to be a thing now?”

“That depends on you sweet heart. You can’t imagine how wonderful you look to me and how much of a turn on this is.”

She giggled and then looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Yes…it is a turn on. And I love the way you look; so…strong and…virile.”

They could see a small gathering of people on the street ahead of them. As they approached, one of the ‘women’ smiled and spoke to the wife.

“Welcome to the party honey. You’ll love it here.”

The husband felt the wife’s grip on his arm tighten and she tried to hide in his shoulder.

“Oh my God!!! I don’t think I can do this.”

He continued walking, taking her up with him. A man looked at both of them. He smiled and nodded and bide them a good evening. The husband laughed, “I think we’re both going to be appreciated here.”

They walked up to the front of the theatrically lighted entrance which featured, in neon pink, the name The Fantasy Club. There was a rather burly tuxedoed man at the door who immediately greeted the husband and wife and ushered them through to the counter.

At the counter, a gorgeous woman, with a rather deep voice, greeted them and asked if they were a party of two, or more.

“Only us.”

The husband smiled at the ‘woman’ appreciatively; maybe to much so because the wife nudged him slightly in the ribs. The woman smiled charmingly in return as she spoke.

“First time here?”

“Yes. But you come very highly recommended; Andrew, the waiter at The Grill House.”

“Oh yes, Andrew! He sometimes fills in here if one of our girls is sick; he’s an absolute doll. He told you all about us?”

“I couldn’t stop him.”

She then looked toward the wife and smiled disarmingly, “And this is your first time honey?”

The husband answered.

“She’s a bit shy. This is my wife’s first time out.”

The woman smiled knowingly, and slyly, at the husband.

“She’s an absolute doll. I can guarantee that you’ll both love it here. I’ll charge you for one plus an extra ten and that’ll get you two drinks each.”

The woman smiled broadly as the husband handled over his credit card. She looked at the name, put her hand daintily to her mouth and smiled.

“I really need to see a picture I.D.; at least this one time. Once we do this, we’ll have you on file and there’ll be…no confusion?”

The husband laughed and gave her his driver’s license. After the charge was made, the woman signaled over toward another in the darkened archway that led into the club. A gorgeous, tall, slender blond in an electric blue, sequined, micro dress approached them and the woman spoke,

“To newbees…give them a good table and make sure they’re well taken care of. I believe we have two new members to our little club.”

The blond smiled at both of them as she took the wife’s hand.

“God honey, you look really beautiful tonight. Is this merino wool? I wish I could afford something like this. I also wish I had someone as handsome an escort as you to take me somewhere in it.”

She glanced back to smile at the husband. As she walked, she talked. And the more she talked, the less fearful the wife became. The wife felt as if she and the blond were simply two people, they could have been at the market, or in a diner, talking about nothing…and everything; although the blond did all the talking.

The husband barely listened. He simply followed behind taking in the sights around him. There were men and women, men and ‘women’, ‘women’, and men. He was delighted to know that he, at least from what he could see in the dimly lighted club, was the only man without the proper ‘equipment’. He noticed that he drew as many glances, and outright stares, as his wife; maybe even more.

They finally arrived at their table; one row back, just off center, in front the wooden dance floor. The blond seated the wife and kneeled down to speak into her ear, “Listen sweetie, if you need to use the little room, we go by how you’re dressed. Know what I mean?”

The wife nodded.


She looked at her husband while still speaking in her ear.

“…we do sometimes make exceptions.”

The wife broke out laughing, as did the blond. The husband, who hadn’t heard a word, gave both of them a questioning look. The blond and the wife began to laugh again.

“Just girl talk handsome. You’ll find out when the time is right. Now, what can I get you two to drink? The champagne cocktails are an absolute dream…but very potent. Would you like to try one?”

The blond’s mouth was less then a whisper away from the wife’s ear.

“I really love your scent. Chanel…and maybe something a bit more organic? It’s heavenly.”

They both giggled as the blond arose and scurried off to fetch their drinks. In the meantime, a five piece band began to play and several couples got up to dance. The experience of seeing women dance with women was new to both of them; regardless of whether the women were…women or not.

The husband got up and offered his hand to his wife. She looked at him and took it. They walked to the floor and began to dance together. The song was medium tempo so while some danced apart from their partners, the wife was wrapped in her husband’s arms, her arms on his shoulders and her head resting on his chest. Her eyes were closed and her fingers gently squeezed his arms and shoulders.

They danced once more before she said her feet hurt. The husband laughed and whispered that now she knows how it feels. He kissed her lips and, wrapping his arm around her waist, escorted her back to their table. The cocktails were waiting for them. The condensation made rivulets down the side of the chilled fluted glass.

The husband seated his wife and then took his place. He raised his glass in a motion to toast and his wife followed suit.

“Here’s to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”

She gently touch his glass with her own.

“And to the best husband I could ever have.”

They touched glasses again and sipped the cocktail.

“Oh my God! This is so good!”

With that said, she downed the entire drink in a few gulps. Her husband looked at her in amazement, “Listen sweet heart, there is a brandy or something in this drink. You’d better go easy. We’ve already had quite a bit to drink. More than your usual, you know.”

“I really would like another one. That was really good. Let’s dance again.”

The husband signaled the blond that one more cocktail was needed and then escorted his wife back to the dance floor; this time minus her high heels. The band was playing something a bit more up beat and she started gyrating even before her feet touched the wooden floor. Her husband, right behind her, also began moving to the beat and they danced facing one another; looking into each others eyes and smiling at the lewd thoughts that past between them.

They expressed their desires through their movements and were soon gyrating against each other. The husband thrust his pelvis out at her and she in turn thrust hers. They were grinding against one another as she laughed and sang with the music; a tune she was familiar with from Lord only knows where.

They danced one faster tempo song and then a very slow song together. She really ground her crotch into him and her hands were inside his jacket gently squeezing his chest and then his ass. She was in heaven. Her head on his chest and eyes closed as he kept his large hands on her shapely ass. His chin rested on her head and he inhaled the fragrance of her perfume mixed with the mild aroma of her perspiration.

She tired of dancing and wanted to rest a bit so they when once again to their table. She once again downed the cocktail waiting for her as he finished his and ordered two more.

“If you’re going to drink like that, I might as well take full advantage…”

Her husband laughed as he spoke; his eyes afire with thoughts of her naked and at his command.

“After all, it’s been some time since you’ve been…out of control?”

“Yes…it has…and I’m ready. I needed this tonight. I think I’ve needed this for some time now, you know?”

The next round of drinks came and this time she sipped hers. She fished around beneath the table with her feet trying to locate her shoes. She nearly fell off the chair as she finally located them and struggled, both with the alcohol and her ‘new’ nails, to redo the straps.

The wife gazed at her man and a look of distress suddenly appeared on her face, “I need to use the…little room.”


Her voice was hushed, but quite imperative as she spoke again, “I have to pee!”

The husband laughed and signaled to the blond again. He looked at his wife and, also in a hushed voice, spoke.

“I wonder how she keeps those enormous boobs in that tiny dress.”

His wife looked at him through narrowed eyes, tight lips as she replied,

“They’re probably glued into place!”

The blond was at their table, smiling her captivating smile.

“My wife needs to use the…little room?”

“Oh sure honey. Come with me.”

The blond grabbed the wife’s hand and led her through the maze of tables to a corner near the rear of the cavernous room. She was taken to the ‘Ladies’ room. The wife exhibited some hesitation and pulled back slightly.

“Look honey…you really can’t go in the other room unless…well…you want to do business. Know what I mean?”

She made an ‘o’ with her mouth and moved her head back and forth when the wife had a questioning look on her face. Of course the wife was shocked. Did that sort of thing really go on in here?

“I’ll go in with you sweet heart. Believe me, it’s no big deal.”

She led the wife in by the hand to the once private sanctuary of females only. The room was full of women; mostly preening themselves in front of the enormous gilt edged mirror on the wall. A few were lounging on the leather covered benches against the opposite wall. Nearly every one was talking at the same time to nobody in particular. The blond mustered her loudest voice and made the announcement.

“Listen girls, we have a newbee with us tonight so take it easy on her! Clear a stall so she can take care of business and keep the claws retracted…or else!”

There was a chorus of hellos and welcomes as the wife was escorted across the floor. Her eyes couldn’t even take in the scope of women she saw. All were superbly dressed for the occasion.

The hair styles were magnificently beyond description. Many wore wigs but there were a few who had their real hair done by stylists. Their make up was no less dramatic and striking. This might have been a formal ball if she weren’t the only one with a hem line just below the knee. Every one of them literally glittered with the excitement of the night and they were simply getting ready to party.

“Every one looks so…so…wonderful!”

“Oh honey, if you think this is something, you should see the dressing room for the performers. That’s really amazing. You can smell the estrogen and Botox in the air and hissy fits are a dime a dozen. They have to look perfect for the show. Which, by the way, begins in about ten minutes so don’t dally too long.”

The wife quickly scurried into an open stall. Now she had to negotiate the dress, the split slip, and girdle; not an easy task when one has business to urgently do. She lifted the hem of the dress and the slip as much as she could, while trying not to wrinkle them too badly, and gathered the materials under one arm. With the other, she lifted the spandex flap of her girdle exposing the garter tabs and her stocking tops; also not an easy job one handed.

Then she realized that everything in her vision was slightly rolling and she felt as if she were at sea. Hmmm…the cocktails! She carefully seated herself and did her business, wiping with a piece of tissue just to make sure nothing would leak and stain the girdle, the slip, or the dress. She stood and let the slip and dress fall as them might.

The noise in the ladies room was lessening which meant that show time was rapidly approaching. She hurried to straighten herself and to make sure the slits were aligned and after flushing, she left the stall. A quick trip over to the mirror was in order where she freshened her lipstick and powdered a bit of a shine off her nose. Hmmm…not bad at all she thought.
Getting to the doorway of the ladies room was presenting a bit of a challenge. Putting one foot in front of the other was rapidly becoming a nearly impossible task. The drinks were definitely stronger than she had imagined. Finally, through the door and out into the large room. The lights were beginning to dim and she was having trouble seeing where she was seated.

The wife simply began to wander into the room hoping to see her husband, or the tall blond who had been so very helpful. She felt something lightly rub across her butt. When she looked to see what it was, there was nobody close enough to blame. She continued walking when, she could swear, someone else squeezed her butt. She swiftly turned nearly losing her balance. Were it not for the tall blond grabbing her arms she would have fallen.

“Oh honey, we can’t have you hitting the floor now. Come on sweet heart, I’ll get you to your seat.”

And so she did. When they got to the table, the husband looked up at them with a look of impatience. He arose from his seat to help his wife into her chair.

“What took you so long?”

She looked up at him. He seemed to be swaying along with the room, “Men! You’re all alike!”

To Be Continued...
Once again I am thankful to be blessed with Lauran Travis (originator of ‘The Red Dress) and Stanman (the proof guy). Both have been most supportive.

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