A Fine Summer Day

A Fine Summer Day

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

She woke up early, excited about the day. She turned over in bed and was greeted by a warm, welcoming kiss from her love, which made her think twice, but only briefly before rising for the day. She got up, went to her dresser, found everything in order and put on her favorite lingerie. After putting on her hose, she walked to her closet to find her favorite outfit, the charcoal silk full skirted dress, which went oh so well with the charcoal grey pumps. After putting it on she walked to her vanity and sat down and applied her makeup, making her feel so lovely and attractive. Her love came to her with a nice cup of tea and placed it on the vanity, freeing them both for another warm embrace and kiss.

She spent most of the morning shopping for new clothes with her love, guaranteeing an even nicer afternoon of modeling every dress, skirt, and blouse for each other when they returned home. They shared the same size, and both of them looked marvelous in every outfit. The afternoon finished with her sitting at the computer, writing inspiring stories to her sisters around the globe, filling them with encouragement and hope. The evening came after a delightful dinner of salad and wine, with the smallest portion of cheesecake, which they both enjoyed with their coffee. After an evening of music and dance in the living room, they retired for the night, where they wore their favorite nightgowns. They embraced and she kissed her beloved goodnight after hours of exquisite love.


She turned over in bed and kissed her beloved, who still adored her, even though her love never really accepted this part of her. She turned over once again and cried herself to sleep; wishing things were different; praying for herself and her countless sisters who were also weeping over their unfulfilled dreams. While she didn’t hate herself, she really never loved herself either. She tried oh so hard to count her blessings and number her benefits and fortunes, realizing that if she focused on her unfulfilled dreams and lost hope she would never fall asleep. She wept softly, trying so hard not to let her love hear her sad lament over what could have been if she had only really been born a girl.

The End

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