Eileen in Genderland - Part 6

Eileen in Genderland - The Honeymoon
by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

[All of this I, I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me]

The couple had been married only nine hours. They spent their wedding night at the hotel where the reception was held, and apart from the broken ice machine down the hallway, everything else was wonderful. Jamie sat on the sofa in their suite. I suppose it's quite odd to go from a tuxedo to a teddy, but it was their wedding night after all. On the other hand, Bridey wore nothing at all. She was pouring some wine into two plastic cups, which were "sanitized for their protection." Nothing about the room seemed all that romantic and yet the two were smiling and laughing all the same.

"Hello, Mrs. Connors," Jamie said, nuzzling Bridey's neck as she attempted to sip her wine. She actually spilled some on the carpet, evoking a giggle from Jamie. It was perhaps the first time Jamie had ever giggled in her lifetime. Of course, "her" lifetime was just getting started, having spent the first twenty-seven years of her life as a "he." Bridey put down the cup and began to caress her lover's breast. They had only "test driven" the new equipment once after her surgery, and then only because it was something that was new. But every other aspect of their physical relationship was reserved for this night. No strangers to sex, both having been married before, but this evening was unique and wonderful and odd in a nice way and they wanted tonight to be special.

"I like these," Bridey said as she brushed her fingernails against Jamie's nipples, sending an altogether new and electric feeling throughout Jamie's body.

Bring me to life
[I've been living a lie.. There's nothing inside]
Bring me to life

In the softest, most lovely voice she had ever used, Jamie said, "They're yours to do with what you will, my dear." She leaned back and pulled her new bride into her for a kiss. Bridey pressed her lips hard against Jamie's, with a relish that neither had experienced. While they enjoyed their late spouses in every way, this obviously was different for a variety of reasons. First, Jamie's love for his first wife, while touching and tender, was also very tentative and even modest. Jamie had been assaulted and raped as a young man while living outwardly as a woman. Annie had rescued him physically by attending to him and seeing him to the hospital. But after a long absence, they met again, and fell in love. Annie always accepted Jamie's femme persona, even as he felt shame and guilt. His love with Annie was tender yet reserved, and he never felt much like a man after being partially mutilated years before in that attack. Annie never brought that up, and almost took pains to build him up as a man and a father to her son. But it was only after getting help for his son that he realized his own dilemma of identity, and understood and accepted himself for the woman he was to become.

[Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul]
{Don't let me die here}{there must be something more}
Bring me to life

"I love you, sweetheart," Bridey said as she lavished her new mate with kisses; kisses that might have meant little more than loving signs of affection when Jamie was a man. But now, even if her change was partial and cosmetic, the same kisses meant the world to her. She actually felt like she belonged; like she was finally who she was meant to be. Now, some might be surprised that she chose to stay complete in other "areas." Bridey wanted at least a try at having children. She was only thirty-two, and Jamie was five years younger than her. She didn't want a surrogate or a replacement. As odd as this sounds, she wanted her wife's children, so they decided to keep that part of Jamie that would enable all of their dreams to come true. And truth be told, pardon me if this sounds crude, but she loved that part of her new bride. The best of both worlds, I suppose.

Ive been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything

Bridey leaned forward and used her fingernails to gently tease her wife with a soft gouge or scratch in just the right place, evoking the first "uuuuhhhmmm" that had ever left Jamie's mouth. She kissed her on the neck, just behind the ear, and began nibbling at her lobe, evoking a similar but louder sigh. Jamie turned to her and kissed her wife and began to cry. One might attribute the display of emotion to the new hormones in her body, but truthfully, the dose was small, herbal, and one time only. It was the emotion of the moment, where she looked into Bridey's eyes and saw the look of love, if you pardon the expression. Bridey was categorically, absolutely devastatingly madly in love with her new wife, and her eyes showed that love in a way that made Jamie feel complete and whole for the first time in her life.

Now that I know what I'm without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and {make me real}
Bring me
To life

"Am I yours as well, my dear?" Bridey said, her own eyes filled with tears. She had lived as a widow for so long, unfulfilled and lonely. Her first love had only just begun to transition to her real self- Lisa O'Casey....when she died suddenly. Bridey lost two that day; you may recall another losing her lover and husband, one in the same, at the same time (See Another Secret-Beginnings) Bridey was filled with a wonder almost as strong as Jamie's. After Lisa died, she believed she would never love again, and yet here they were. Newlyweds; lovers, friends, companions for life; filled with more promise and life than either had ever dared hope for.

[wake me up] Wake me up inside
[I can't wake up] Wake me up inside
[Save me] Call my name and save me from the dark
[Wake me up] Bid my blood to run
[I cant wake up] Before I come undone
[Save me] Save me from the nothing I've become

"You are mine, Mrs. Connors. May I kiss your breast?"

"You certainly may, Mrs. Connors....no..wait. What am I saying...that's not right." She looked at Jamie with mock horror before laughing and saying softly in Jamie's ear,

"You certainly may, Ms. Connors." She smiled, and pressed herself against Jamie's body. "But only if i get to enjoy this," she said as she reached under the nightgown and caressed her lover's now-erect penis."

"After all- we are married, are we not?"

"Jamie buried her face in Bridey's chest and cooed,

"That we are, my sweet love, that we are."

The End...for now!

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

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