by Kristina L S

…a dry martini of a Fetishy cliché, a good dollop of raw home made spirit with a dash of insouciance and a twist of lime…

Symbiotic; a mutually supportive relationship… at least that's how I choose to see it.
Dependence and inter-dependence, give and take. One side or the other, but are we always on one side of the line? Does it shift, or perhaps the question is, what would make you cross?

This is a work of adult fiction.
No resemblance to reality should be inferred or expected.
Copyright KLS 2009.


by Kristina L S

He was waiting there, as she had known he would be. A gentle request that they should meet and discuss their… relationship. To be fair that was too grand a word for what they shared, at least thus far, but she did hope that would change. How he responded to what she said would decide that. Leaving such a thing to another's whim was not something she did easily, but this time there was no choice.

Her eyes wandered up and down as she gazed appreciatively at him from a small distance before he became aware of her and adjusted. He sat at the outside table partly shielded from the soft morning sun. He was beautiful, slender, delicate almost, a feminine man in age but seemingly more the boy. And he loved her as he had repeatedly said. Even lounging as he was in the padded aluminium chair he had a grace that belied maleness and yet he was male and wanted her. But she… wanted something else.

She slipped unnoticed for a moment into the chair opposite.

"Hello Paul, I'm glad you're here, we need to decide if we have a possibility of making something together. I hope so, but I need to lay out what I… require. You must decide if you wish to… or can."

He had straightened noticeably as soon as he was aware of her, his posture perfect and his attention focused on her, his soft brown eyes gazing adoringly but with some puzzlement as she spoke.

"You know I will do anything for you Diane, I love you and wish to be with you always." His eyes lowered and he clenched his hands slightly before taking a breath and looking her in the eyes again. "I love you, though I know I am not the most manly of men. You are taller, probably stronger, older, more experienced and worldly so I am hardly a catch in one sense. "

He paused and flicked his gaze from one of her dark blue eyes to the other trying to read her thoughts. The sun sparkled on her flowing honey blonde hair and he sighed at how lovely she was.

She smiled at his innocence, this gentle almost girlish boy man. A small flutter of fear warred with the desire. She wanted him, but not in any way he had ever considered, of that she had little doubt.

"Do you recall Paul, the day we first met here some months ago?" She paused waiting for him to nod.

"Yes of course I do. I fell instantly in love and have been hoping to win you ever since."

"Ah yes, such a gentle and polite pursuit. You really are a lovely person." She smiled warmly. "You asked what I was drawing on my pad and I closed it before you could see. I said I would show you when I thought you might understand it. You shrugged slightly and replied that you would love to see when I was ready to show it."

" Yes that sounds about right. I did wonder if you were some sort of abstract artist and were used to people frowning, not recognising what they were seeing. "

She laughed delightedly and watched with a grin as he blushed and sat back brushing his long wavy brown hair behind his right ear. A movement so unconsciously girlish that her heart beat quickened and she licked her lips.

"This is the drawing I did that day, I would be interested in your impression." She slid the parchment like A4 sheet across the table and watched his reaction as a hawk watches for a foraging mouse to pause.

His eyes widened and he swallowed as a light blush lit his face once again. Then he straightened in his chair and shuffled in his seat obviously slightly uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Her smile widened as his breathing quickened slightly and she knew what caused his mild discomfort. Sliding her chair around the table she stopped beside him and leant in so she could feel his reactions and almost taste his sweat. He could smell her soft scent and his nostrils flared as his eyes flicked to her, he swallowed and looked again at the drawing he held.

"So my dear Paul, what do you see? How does it make you feel?" There was husky edge to her voice now that made him nervously shift in his seat and then he deliberately straightened so they were almost touching shoulders again.

"Umm, I… ah, it's not abstract. I…"

"Does it excite you Paul? Do you fear what you see? Who is she Paul?" She languidly dropped her left hand to rest softly in his lap the cause of his discomfort pulsing under the palm of her hand. Twitching in indecision and animal longing.

Her right hand grasped the edge of the drawing and lifted it slightly so it was more upright in front of them. He turned and gazed deeply into her eyes and again tried to read her thoughts. All he saw was the intense blue heat of an oxy torch and he shivered and again as the small movement made the hand resting where it was much more prominent in his mind. She smiled as he gulped a few times and slowly turned back to look.

"She is, I guess a captive perhaps some conquest, but… I don't know. She is not afraid, looks almost proud and maybe even aroused."

"Hmmm, yes, what else? Describe her to me."

"Umm, height I would guess average for a girl, maybe a pinch above. Long dark hair pulled into a single plait and tied with a ribbon. Hoop earrings… and um, full but not big, ah and other smaller hoops in her… um…"

"Yes Paul, her nipples. And what else?"

"Ah, she has other rings down… and a sort of pin or rod running down and pressing…"

"Yes, she has what might be a chastity device fitted to her pubis."

His gaze flicked to her and back again as she felt him twitch, doubting he could be more aroused. "Keep going Paul."

"There is a small disk dangling at the bottom of the… ah, pin. She is cuffed hands above her head a chain going off above. Her ankles are likewise chained to rings in the floor. Her, black probably, ankle boots have spike heels, maybe three inches, black stockings and suspender straps from a, black again I would guess, corset tightly trimming her waist. This pushes up her breasts and makes the rings there more prominent. "

She pulled the drawing toward them as a waitress approached and coffees were ordered.
With a brief glance at where Diane's hand sat the waitress smiled and winked as Paul blushed once more. Nothing was said until the coffees arrived and they sipped, Diane's hand idly brushing back and forth, to keep the edge on.

"So Paul what else? How does she look? How does she make you feel?"

"She has a lovely figure, helped of course by the corset. She seems proud almost happy to be chained as someone looks at her. I… well you can tell I am aroused, she's beautiful and enticing and captive to whoever is there."

"Yes she is, you have not described her face."

"She's um… pretty. A slightly long but delicate featured face. Full lips and open expressive eyes with a hint of longing in them. She is ready and willing for… I don't know. Full brows slightly shaped, a little makeup I guess but that's not obvious with the pencil shading."

"Does she remind you of anyone?"

"N… no, I don't think so. But, maybe, just…" He frowned and blushed once more as her hand pressed gently.

"Look at her Paul." She leant in close and whispered in his right ear. " You my dear Paul are everything I seek." She licked his ear lobe and felt him shiver as he twitched under her palm.

"I need a certain type of lover. You are that type, but you need to listen and then decide if you can be what I need and I think what you need too. " Her right hand rested on his right knee and her head leant on his shoulder as she whispered on.

"You my dear are a classic submissive. I am a dominant, together we make a whole that lacks one without the other, neither complete. Yet I have no desire at all for a man. I like them as friends or associates but never as a lover. So… I ask again do you recognise the girl in the drawing?"

"I… no, I don't." He gulped again and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

She smiled though he couldn't see it he could hear it her voice. " Yes you do, don't you? I saw you sitting there and I drew what I felt. The last few months I have been trying to get to know you and decide if what I saw then was real and how to approach you. This is I am sure something you have no knowledge of. But that is what I saw in you, a glimpse of a future that might be."

"What. But that's… I'm a man, I…" He fell silent again as her hand pressed gently and he straightened involuntarily.

"You are a beautiful feminine man and that is what makes this possible. We can be together, lovers, partners a tighter bond than most marriages. Mistress and slave, not an abuse but a mutual bond based on trust and love." His whole body twitched as she had spoken. "I know a lady, a friend that runs a beauty spa. I have an appointment for you. I will be with you I assure you, there's no way I would not be. You would enter the cubicle and strip. She will wash and then slightly trim your hair, tying it back in the single plait with a black silk ribbon." She nibbled his ear lobe and felt the shiver and another twitch.

"Then a full body wax everything below the neck, followed by some lovely creams and lotions to smooth and soften. Then a complete facial, your brows shaped slightly and ears pierced, silver hoops. While you sit back with the cleansing mask on she will strap your arms down and then your legs into the stirrups and work on your little boy. A few uncomfortable minutes as she presses to split the muscle fibres below your scrotum, opening an internal passage into the pelvic cavity without cutting. Then your little balls will be pushed up into this opening, I believe this is a little painful but only momentarily. Then she will pull your little peeny inside itself and push it into your belly holding it there with some medical adhesive. The next few minutes will be strange as she tugs and shapes your loose skin into the semblance of a girls vulva again using the glue. Now… a small steel catheter will be pushed into your now hidden little boys head, leaving a small nub protruding. A template will be pressed over this guide point and the points for piercing marked."

She paused to judge his reactions at this point. Breathing was rapid and his heart was racing, she could feel it through his neck and her left hand was moving as he twitched and shifted. The heat rose from him as he panted.

"Then eight small polished steel rings, top and bottom and two, two and two. She will pull them together in pairs and slide the curved pin through, bottom two pair first, pressing the small opening for the catheter nub and then through the top pair. This is a tight fit to keep everything close and enhance the look. Finally the single top point will be fixed with a small smooth polished lock nut and the same at the base with the small silver disk dangling. On that disk is two initials, a capital D for Diane a diagonal slash and a smaller below the slash capital P for Paula." She squeezed her hand slightly at this and felt his whole body stiffen and a gasped indrawn breath.

"Yes, that's right and you can picture the image as I drew it. I don't need or want a man and you will not be, nor will it be an issue for long. Next as you recover from this she will finish cleansing your face and make you up. A light feminine look lips a little plumped to enhance your pout." She kissed his neck and throat and felt the pulse under the skin, smelt the light earthy musk rising from him.

"A manicure with small extensions and a pedicure with a soft red polish on all your neatly shaped nails. Your hands will be lovely, much more feminine. Toes, so cute."

She chuckled as he shivered visibly and twitched some more beneath her hand.

"Now, at this point you will be released from the bonds and sheer black stockings rolled up your legs and the stiletto heeled ankle boots laced onto your feet. I will help you stand as she slips the black silk corset around your torso and settles it at your hips, fastens the front busk and while I hold you upright your arms outstretched she will tighten the laces. Once done she will slide her hand into the cups pulling up the bunched flesh and slipping some enhancers into the base of each to further the illusion of breasts." She again nibbled his throat and ear and felt him twitch and shiver, he had not said a word for minutes as she spoke, the only sounds he made were small gasps and gulped breaths.

"Then my dear Paula while I keep hold of your hands she will fasten slender cuffs to your wrists and ankles, again a lightly polished steel. Fine; more like jewellery than potential restraints, but certainly strong enough. Lastly I will place a similar collar around your lovely slender neck. I will lean in and kiss you softly on your glistening lips as I hold your gentle slim hands with the shaped and painted tips our fingers clasping in shared passion. "

She lifted her hand and turned his head to her and kissed him softly, paused as he shuddered and grunted and she thought was going to come as the pulsing increased beneath her hand, but his breath slowed after a moment and he relaxed slightly, his eyes closed. Her hand lowered again to its resting place in his lap.

"Still with me lover?" She felt him nod ever so slightly. "Right… at this point I will push your hands together behind your back and the cuffs will lock together. I'll clip a plaited leather leash to your collar and lead you gently to the full-length mirror to view the new you for the first time. I expect you will be somewhat mixed emotionally with what you see."

" I… said… anything. " His voice was strained and tense. "I mean what I say, I always do… I love you." He had surprised her with this gentle outburst and it seemed he was going to say more but he stopped and stilled himself with an obvious effort.

"Ah, my lovely girl, I'm impressed. I knew you had strength, I love that you show it to me, here and now." She pressed her forehead against his… no enough of that… 'her' cheek and took a deep breath of his fear and arousal. "Oh my Paula what a pairing we will make. So there you are looking at yourself for the first time the pupae of that drawing, the inspiration, the bud of the flower within. Once you have stopped shaking and the realisation of just how sensual a female you make takes hold, well there is another small detail. So I lead you back to the bench and get you to lean forward while she steps close and brushes across your hips with an alcohol wipe. A small cut on the left, some pressure as something is pressed in and then a spray to hold it closed. This is the anti androgen implant, to stop your body absorbing male hormones. The action is repeated on the right this time a mixed progesterone and oestrogen implant to begin the feminisation of your body. Lastly an injection of primogyn to kick start the process."

She paused to gather her thoughts as the whole situation was driving her up the wall with desire. She nuzzled 'her' neck and pressed her hand against the twitching animal under the cotton trousers.

"Oooh, you have no idea how hot this is making me my beauty. You see here we are on the cusp of a new life together and you… fighting with yourself at the base attraction for the image you give. The fear of who she is and what being her costs you and the pure almost beyond yourself desire to give all that you are and will ever be to me… your Mistress. To submit body and soul to my desire and know that binds me as much as you. Trust is the key, to know I will take and push and demand but never too far. Never what you really cannot give and that is my burden, one I take willingly. "

She paused once more, moving her left arm to hug 'her' gently as she kissed the silken cheek. Her right hand moved from knee to groin and pressed the advantage.

"So my sweet devoted slave." She felt the twitch at that word. "Yes I know… this is all new to you, but it is who you are, I assure you and I think in part you know that already. To give yourself… to kneel at my feet and pleasure me with your sweet and willing mouth. To take my masculine add on, to lick and suck and show your Mistress how feminine you are, how accepting of that most girl to boy action, leaving a lipstick ring low down. Finally to be taken, penetrated and revel in the explosive feelings of complete submission. You know, it will be weeks and your nipples will be super sensitive then become more normal in the womanly sense. A sort of puberty I suppose. Over months your body will soften and with constant corseting and effort you will be perfect. I expect no less, hair and makeup, immaculate. The tension between your remaining masculinity will fade both emotionally and physically. You will wear a corset at all times, heels and skirts or dresses. I will decide what and when but once that is established you may choose." She licked 'her' cheek and felt again that now familiar shiver, something she knew she would never tire of.

"Oh my beauty, you test my will, but no not yet, the reality is not yet, you need to hear and then bow to it with pride and joy in the giving. And my heart will swell with lust and love and power and pride that you are mine. I will slip a close fitting silken halter dress on your new shape and lead you out and home, to our home from that moment on. It will take time and effort but you will be mine and willingly... lovingly. You will dress as I desire, from the black satin maids uniform to serve my guests at dinner, the silken fluid shift that reveals as much as it covers as we walk into a club and arouse the envy and passion of all who see, who and what we are to each other and later, whatever else I and then you desire. Over time, yes you will have those small yet firm breasts and I will take you back to have the rings you have seen placed there. And we will love them won't we. "

Ah almost there she thought, a few more little details. She gently chewed 'her' ear lobe once more. She enjoyed the closeness and the resultant shiver.

"One further thing my lovely. That drawing where is it that she stands do you suppose? I know you have no idea but I'll tell you. It's a stage, a half circle in a club I attend now and then. You are there, centre of attention of perhaps fifty… perhaps more. Plus the focus of your desire and pride is that I am circling just there, not quite in view, tapping a riding crop against my thigh as I work the moment before striking." She smiled a dreamy ever so slightly lustful smile.

"Your pride is that I am there and have chosen to show you like this. And so I strike and you squeal slightly and smile and straighten and await… and it is not long before another and many. You gasp and squirm but of course cannot escape and truthfully you do not want to. Yes there are tears but there are moans of pleasure too and finally with a quick flurry you come, there for me, in front of the crowd and you are proud and rightfully so."

She paused for a moment to still herself, her desire evident in her eyes and voice.

"I will hug you close and kiss your tears as I move to release your bonds, a stage hand could, but I choose to and will always do so for you. Then I will lead you to a room upstairs and you will love me and then I you, until we lie together at peace and together almost as one. We will talk of what this is and where it might go, your fears and perhaps mine. Would I share you? Ah no my precious, though perhaps in some minor way with a few close friends. No we have a bond and that is a precious thing. All this is in the future, perhaps a year from now, perhaps a little less." She shrugged at that and stroked his… her cheek, her right giving a small squeeze.

"So my sweet love, we come to it. Can you feel this? Does it cry to you with truth beyond the surface confusion? Take a moment and give me your thoughts."

With that she sat back and looked calm and composed as she sipped her still slightly warm coffee. But her stomach churned and her heart beat a rapid tattoo. Was she right? Had she truly divined the future for Paula and herself? With an effort she gazed languidly almost indifferently at 'her' profile as 'she' sat beside her.

There was a small almost imperceptible movement as Paula straightened in her chair and turned to gaze deeply into Diane's eyes. Staring deeply and shifting from left to right and back as though to see what she chose to keep hidden. With a small almost cheeky smile she spoke.

"Diane, I love you."

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