Petticoating Returns Ladd's Exchange Mall Book 1 Part A

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Petticoating Returns

Ladd’s Exchange Mall
Book One Part A
Jennifer Sue

Lydia Ladd... the name sounds soft, feminine, even melodic. To many that's exactly what it was. To others, it is stark terror. She started life as the pampered daughter of a real estate tycoon, her idyllic life was gently and subtlety altered through the unwitting efforts of her teachers, friends, and family. Once she reached adulthood she was the epitome of elegant womanhood. At the same time she was also an advocate of women's rights, and did her utmost to destroy the male-dominated businesses that oppressed females. Her life became one of championing femininity at the expense of overt masculinity.

Her first major disillusionment with men occurred with the death of her father. Lydia then made the mistake of trusting another man, even if that man was her husband and the father of her son. She vowed that she would never repeat those mistakes. Of course, she had exacted what she considered to be exquisite revenge upon those who actually did the dastardly deeds. The thrill she received from administering that harsh retribution firmly locked her into the course in life she'd set when she found out about her father's secrets. It was a course that many unfortunate males, (or should we say ex-males) would find horrifying as they crossed her path. Perhaps one day you'll meet Lydia...

It all started quite innocently. She had been a studious, plain Jane type girl all through her sheltered parochial school education. As an adult she stood 5' 10" and 150 pounds, she was a statuesque, blue-eyed blonde. Her father had established and built LADD'S REALTY AND INSURANCE, an extremely successful insurance and real estate business that made several million dollars a year. Lydia never wanted for anything. During her senior year of college, she was unexpectedly swept off her feet by James Charles.

At 5' 6", James was not a big man, and his boyish good looks attracted most females to him. He never had any problems getting dates, nor getting almost anything else he wanted. While his grades were above average and he was ambitious, he wanted an easy life. In Lydia he saw a woman who could help him start at the top. By the time the two graduated, they were engaged, and James gratefully accepted the management position that Frank Ladd offered his future son-in-law.

Lydia bowed to accepted practice and changed her name to that of her husband, and became Lydia Ladd Charles. The couple moved into Frank Ladd's huge 1920's era grand stone mansion that sat atop a low hill amid well manicured lawns and gardens. The staff consisted of a loyal husband and wife team who worked as chauffeur/groundskeeper and cook/laundress. In addition there were two maids, but it was hard to find dependable help so there was a constant turnover in those positions. The newly wed couple easily settled into an idyllic life with Lydia assuming control of the household while the men went off to work.

Their marriage was quite good for the first few years. James proved to be quite adept in learning the business and prospered. Lydia became pregnant during their third year and soon gave birth to their son James Jr. In October, just after JJ started kindergarten, things began to fall apart for the couple. Frank Ladd suffered a fatal heart attack in the bedroom of the apartment he supplied his mistress. The scandal was successfully covered up, but Lydia had been quite jaded by the sordid events.

Lydia had idolized her father. He had been her whole life after the tragic death of her mother when she was thirteen. A drunk driver, naturally a man, had run a stop sign and collided with her mother's car. Lydia was seated beside her mother when the accident occurred and survived almost unscathed, at least physically. However the mental pain and anguish remained buried and was never dealt with until all the unsavory circumstances surrounding the death of her father surfaced. Near a mental breakdown, she sought counseling.

Dr. Helen Alterson was an ardent feminist. She had struggled all her life against a male dominated society, starting with her abusive, alcoholic father who regularly molested her until she was old enough to defend herself. All through school she had achieved straight A's, and had the highest grade point average in her high school at graduation. The administration felt the valedictorian should be a male, so even though she had earned that slot, she had been forced to yield it and accept the salutatorian slot. This so infuriated her that she sued the district, and after a long drawn out legal battle involving the ACLU, she won. It was a Phyric victory, since she was a senior in college by then. Her reputation proceeded her, and the administration of her college made sure that there was no discrimination against her. Once more she graduated at the top with a 4.00 GPA. Her entry into grad school was a breeze, and she earned her doctorate in Psychology.

Interning and working at several major inner city hospitals, she established a reputation as a man hater, and pushed the police and courts to punish abusive husbands and fathers. By using hypnosis, she was able to get inside the minds of her patients and draw out long suppressed fears to be dealt with. Just as capably she used her ability to instill confidence, submissiveness, or other traits in her patients. She also earned an excellent reputation among her female clients as a concerned and compassionate human being. Her male patients left her feeling like the scum of the earth, bearing the burden of responsibility for their actions and inconsiderate behavior by becoming submissive to the needs of the women about them.

Lydia had heard of Dr. Alterson's abilities and skill and arranged to see her for the treatment she needed. Dr. Alterson discovered the fears and anger buried inside Lydia, and used hypnosis to bring it all out in the open. She really helped Lydia come to grips with her problems. Basically it boiled down to the simple fact that it had been a male who was at fault in loss of both her parents, and that males were not to be taken on their word.

Formerly meek and submissive, Lydia immediately began to blossom into a thinking, independent woman. One of her first acts was to revert to her maiden name, much to her husband's dismay. In January she successfully rebuffed James Sr. in his efforts to assume full control of the family business, LADD'S REALTY AND INSURANCE, by retaining her position as sole owner to become chairperson of the board of directors. She did appoint James as president which seemed to mollify him since he would be in charge of the daily operations. Immediately she began to replace the members of board of directors with women, the first of whom was Dr. Alterson. In addition, she appointed the top saleswoman, Gwen Deeter, as Vice President to see that the day to day operations were not as sexist as they had been under her father's guidance. Gwen had orders to report directly to Lydia if there were any problems in that area.

Lydia sensed Dr. Alterson's desire to be her own boss. However, her work limited her income since many of her patients could ill afford the normal fees of her profession. Lydia decided to refurbish and remodel her father's first major development property as a center for helping women entrepreneurs, or those catering to women, establish their businesses. The complex was located on the land that made up the front of the Ladd estate. Lydia renamed the small suburban shopping/apartment/condominium complex LADD'S EXCHANGE and it quickly became a Mecca for frustrated women. It was the perfect location for her partnership with Dr. Alterson and in March the pair set up ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER an exclusive private health clinic. Dr. Alterson knew and recruited several women physicians in various specialties who would eagerly come to work in an environment established and run by women that would cater to the all the needs of women.

Over the next few months Lydia invested several million dollars renovating, upgrading, improving, and adding to the LADD'S EXCHANGE complex. There were five 4 story, 24 unit one, two, and three bedroom apartment houses; five 2 story, 5 unit two and three bedroom condominiums; and a dual strip mall. The two 900 feet long by 100 feet deep buildings of the shopping mall were at right angles to the street and faced each other across a crowded, hazardous 500 feett wide central parking lot with a much larger parking area next to the busy road. The row of apartment buildings was located behind the shopping malls 100 feet from the retail buildings. Each apartment building was 100 feet long and 80 feet deep and 50 feet apart. The row of condominiums was 100 feet behind the apartment buildings, and they were 100 feet long and 80 feet deep and 50 feet apart.

To improve the retail area, Lydia had a second floor added to the existing buildings and the parking lot between the two buildings torn up. Two 100 feet wide concourses were constructed next to the existing malls. Between them two additional 300 feet wide by 400 feet long two floor retail buildings were added with a 100 feet wide concourse separating them and connecting the two longer concourses so that the new and old buildings formed a huge "H". Soaring rounded glass roofs were constructed over the promenades. This created wide, enclosed areas that were put to many uses, among which were comfortable shrub and flower gardens with ponds, fountains, and benches, and small kiosks. The second floor was surrounded by a wide walkway inside the concourses. Naturally, Lydia began to actively recruit women to open stores and shops to make the mall a full spectrum facility.

In April after those renovations had started, JJ's school, ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, which was located beside the LADD'S EXCHANGE complex and Lydia's personal estate appealed to Lydia for financial help in upgrading their facilities. Lydia was an alumni of the school and sat down with the Mother Superior and her staff to see what was needed and what help could be given. Lydia had many fond memories of the years she had spent inside those imposing brick structures.

Lydia was surprised to see that Mother Superior Mary Francis still looked the same. After their initial conversation, the discussion slowly slipped by Lydia as that stern visage invoked many memories, most of them pleasant. Lydia couldn't help but smile as she recalled several occasions when the domineering nun had collared an errant boy and paddled him before his classmates. This kept most of the boys well behaved and in line. They all wanted to avoid the next step in the school's strict discipline. When paddling didn't settle a boy, the next step, at the parent's discretion, was either expulsion or Petticoat Discipline... putting the boy into the girls' uniform and making him attend class. Usually a boy only needed one dose, most needed only to witness another boy undergoing the humiliating treatment. Of course, there was the occasional boy who seemed to misbehave so he would be put into skirts. Lydia wondered whatever happened to a boy from her class, Marcus Blushing, who spent his last two years of high school under constant Petticoat Discipline. She had been friends with the slight boy all through their schooling and had never been able to understand why the normally meek lad had done those out of character nasty deeds knowing full well that he'd be Petticoated.

Mother Superior Mary Francis noticed the faint smile and far away look in Lydia's eyes and curtly asked, "Well, Lydia, I see you haven't changed too much since your graduation. I never saw such a good student who was constantly drifting away with her thoughts. What are you daydreaming about now?"

Lydia blushed like a schoolgirl, Sister Mary Francis had that effect on people, and haltingly replied, "I... I was just recalling the methods that you employed to keep the boys in line..." Here she paused and sheepishly looked at Sister Mary Francis.

Sister Mary Francis smiled and added softly but firmly, "We still use those same methods just as effectively although now most of the parents withdraw their bratty boys before we can petticoat them." Somehow in the unerring way that made her so effective she went on with a twinkle in her eyes, "Which Petticoated boy caught your fancy?"

Lydia blushed deeply, still amazed at the Nun's unerring perceptiveness and sheepishly replied, "I'm curious about whatever became of Marcus Blushing."

Sister Mary Francis laughed which surprised Lydia, and two of the three staff members tittered while the third blushed which only added to Lydia's confusion. Quickly regaining her composure, Sister Mary Francis spoke. "Let me answer your question about Marcus by introducing my staff. This is Sister Faith Beggs, our budget directoress," she stated as Lydia shook hands with the tiny grey haired fiftyish woman. "Next to her is Sister Rebecca Bomboy, head teacher of the high school," she stated as Lydia shook hands with an imposing dark haired woman in her early forties. "And last is the head teacher of our elementary school, Sister Marcia Blushing," she finished as Lydia shook hands with the slight, red faced Nun who was about her age.

Lydia froze in mid hand shake. Suddenly her mouth dropped open as she recognized that Sister Marcia was Marcus Blushing! Lydia could have been knocked over with a feather at that point.

Sister Mary Francis laughed aloud once more and her face kept it's grin. Lydia thought the stately white haired woman looked quite attractive when she smiled. Looking once more at Sister Marcia, Lydia wondered if she and Marcus were really the same person.

Sister Mary Francis settled down but kept the smile on her face. "Your friend and classmate Marcus Blushing wished he'd been born a girl. I figured that out when he was in the fifth grade. I could tell by the way he reacted whenever he saw another boy being Petticoated. He wasn't horrified or embarrassed like the other guys, he was jealous, only he didn't realize it. Over the next few years I watched him quite closely, and determined I was right. From conversations with his widowed mother I learned that she had always wanted a daughter, and that while she tried to raise Marcus as a boy, her heart wasn't in it. When I confronted them with my idea, Marcus denied it, but we all knew the truth. That was just after he'd turned 16 after finishing tenth grade. We arranged for him to do all those nasty things so that I could Petticoat him. That way he could live as a girl without being hassled by his friends and schoolmates. It worked quite well too. No one ever suspected the truth."

"When he graduated, I made arrangements for him to become a full time permanent woman by having him join a nunnery and take his vows. Once he'd accepted himself as a nun, we helped her through college and hired her as a teacher. She is quite capable and knows how to handle errant little boys quite effectively," Sister Mary Francis added proudly. "Sister Marcia isn't the only male nun in our facility."

That statement caught the stunned Lydia off balance as she glanced in disbelief at Sister Mary Francis. How could a man be a nun? Weren't they dangerous to have around the children? These and dozens of other questions swirled in her head.

Still smiling, the good sister continued, "During the depression, there was a boy who spent most of his time climbing trees, playing gangsters or cowboys and Indians, or baseball. His manners were virtually non-existent and he had little respect for his elders. His alcoholic father saw nothing wrong with his son's boorishness, and despite his mother's best efforts, he was quite a hellion, both at home and at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI. The mother superior at that time had been unable to convince the lad's father of his child's growing delinquency. It took the theft of the school's charity box which the father found in the boy's bedroom to show him the truth. Being a good Irish Catholic, the father almost beat the boy to death."

A brief shiver swept over Sister Mary Francis, almost as if she could feel that beating, then she grew solemn as she continued, "In the hospital, the remorseful father finally listened to the mother superior and her plans for corrective action. Her solution was an old tried and true method used by many mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and nuns. It is quite effective in controlling rowdy, unrepentant boys. The ten year old boy found himself leaving the hospital in petticoats. The results were quite dramatic since he was required not only to wear girls' clothes, he had to behave like one too. The first week he was full of hatred and rebelliousness, but the Petticoats took their toll. By the end of a month, he appeared to be a delightfully modest, polite young lady. He never returned to pants since it just so happened that the only permanent damage he suffered in the beating was the loss of his testicles. As the feminized boy grew, he never entered male puberty, but grew soft and rounded. His Petticoat Punishment had changed to Petticoat delight by the time he reached high school. By that time he thought of himself as a girl, and she too took her vows and became a teaching nun here. Having realized the benefits and effectiveness of Petticoat Discipline, she was instrumental in having the technique urged upon the parents of recalcitrant boys by nuns across the country."

Here Sister Mary Francis paused to catch her breath. Looking directly at Lydia she went on, "I knew what Marcus was feeling when he was a student, and I know what Sister Marcia feels now. My name used to be Mark Frank, I was that fortunate boy."

Lydia was left speechless. The woman she'd feared and admired and often tried to emulate after the death of her mother had just confessed to her that she was really a male!

Before Lydia could form her thoughts the sister went on, "Since I know the fears and joys of being a boy in skirts, I encourage and welcome letters from boys now living as girls. I've become an advice columnist on the subject. I've even created a pen-pal club called B.E.L.L.E., which stands for Boys Echoing Lacy Lass Essence. It's similar to A.A., and operates as a safe place in which the correspondents can air concerns, fears, and joys with others who are in similar situations. There is no condemnation, the openness helps the confused and frightened boys to accept their girlhood."

"We currently have several Petticoated boys attending school, and we're always looking for more," added Sister Mary Francis with an impish grin. "Unfortunately, our financial resources are not able to keep up with the growth of modern technology. We need to update or science labs, and we'd like to place computers in every classroom. For that we need business sponsors. We're hoping that you, with your efforts to upgrade LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL, will help us and head our campaign to enlist the businesses in your complex to contribute on a regular basis. I'm sure we can help you out as well by encouraging our students and parents to shop in your facilities."

Lydia was impressed with the plan, and realized that Sister Mary Francis combined the best of the male world with that of the female. It all made sense with what Dr. Alterson had been telling her. The seeds for the future aspirations of LADD's EXCHANGE were planted, watered, and ready to sprout. "I'll be glad to help you, Mother Superior," Lydia replied with a smile. “As a matter of fact, I'm sure several of my business associates will be more than glad to assist you in whatever way they can to help the school and those fortunate lads adapt to their girlish life. I'm certain modern medicine can be extremely effective in converting unwilling, unrepentant boys into sweet, docile girls."

The meeting ended with smiles and good feelings on the part of all who attended. Lydia and Sister Marcia made arrangements to meet to renew their friendship. Lydia took the first major step on the road towards the destruction of nasty, unsavory males by associating herself with the experienced nuns.

When she returned home, Lydia began to re-examine her life. Her son JJ was becoming quite a handful and she realized that James Sr. was spending very little time with the boy. Lydia began to question James about all the time he spent at the office and wondered out loud if he, like her father, was having affairs. James Jr. had just turned six by this time, and she chided her husband for not spending time with the wild boy. To add to her disillusionment with her family Lydia desperately wanted a daughter to fawn over and pamper. She began to question whether her suspicions about James Sr. Possible extra-curricular sexual activities had anything to do with her inability to have a second child.

Naturally James indignantly denied having any affairs, and blamed their infertility problems on Lydia's anxiety. In reality, he was having an affair with his 19 year old secretary, and she hadn't been the first. If the truth be told, he had never stopped using his good looks to seduce women. Once James Jr. was born, he quietly had visited a doctor and had a vasectomy while his newborn son and Lydia were still in the hospital.

James decided to turn the heat down a bit by paying more attention to JJ and began to take his son to sporting events. Attending professional baseball, basketball, and football games became a weekly event for the duo. James saw a lot of himself in his son, and used their time together to educate his son on how to charm the fairer sex by using his brains and looks. JJ was a rapid learner and soon had his mother convinced that he'd turned over a new leaf and given up on his wild ways. It almost broke Lydia's heart to refuse JJ's request for a mini-bike. His unhappy but quiet acceptance of her refusal pleased her. A more polite and well behaved boy couldn't be found, at least when his mother was around.

The household staff knew otherwise, as did his teachers and classmates who grew to detest the obnoxious spoiled brat. Lydia found it hard to believe the tales she heard about her son's misadventures. She went to see Sister Marcia about JJ and was surprised by unfavorable report. The lad was smart enough to stay just at the line of requiring severe discipline without crossing over it. Lydia approved the use of corporal discipline when the teachers saw fit, moving that line for the unsuspecting boy.

After a few spankings JJ realized he'd better not be quite so bad in school since the teachers had a direct line to his mother. JJ relished playing the innocent victim of people who were jealous of their wealth. JJ's angelic appearance made his pleas of guiltlessness all the more believable. His lithe, slim build long straight blonde hair, and big innocent blue eyes gave him an aura of credulity.

James found his affairs limited to quickies in the office due to the vigilance of Gwen Deeter. Neither he nor Tricia Tremont, his secretary/mistress, were happy. Tricia pouted more and more each day. She had grown used to nice dinners and expensive gifts before Frank Ladd's untimely death. Finally she issued James an ultimatum, either they go back to the way things had been, or she'd go to Lydia. James knew the petulant girl would do as she threatened since she really had nothing to lose. Being resourceful, James latched onto Harry Simms, a young man fresh from college to be his surrogate.

James told Lydia that Harry and Tricia were dating and both liked sports. Explaining that he was often quite tired from his work, he thought it would be a good idea if the young couple accompanied JJ and he to the events to share in the driving and keeping an eye on the rambunctious boy. Lydia saw no harm in such a relationship and didn't object, a decision she would later regret.

The first time the two accompanied him and his dad to a baseball game, JJ sensed the tension of the fake couple. Tricia obviously wanted to be with his father, and Harry just as obviously was trying to keep JJ occupied so that he wouldn't see the relationship between the two. Precocious JJ was well aware that Harry was his well paid babysitter. Just as he was quite aware that Tricia was not Harry's girlfriend but his father's. He was also aware that his mother suspected nothing to be amiss as the two younger adults accompanied them to the sporting events. JJ decided to play along with the adults and see what would develop. The wiles and guiles that his father had taught him were put to good use.

By their fourth trip to the city to watch a game James decided to make a day of it and stay overnight. JJ could barely suppress his delight when Harry turned into his high paid babysitter as they shared a room while his father and Tricia shared another. When they arrived home, Lydia wanted to hear all about their weekend and JJ effervescently told all that they had seen and done. He looked straight at his dad as he told his mother all about the neat rooms they stayed in. Perspiration was flowing freely from James as he listened to JJ tell his mother all about their trip. The relief he felt when JJ said nothing about who had slept with whom was monumental.

Moments later JJ cornered his dad and innocently asked once more about that min-bike he wanted. James frowned and told his son that it was out of the question, adding that he was disappointed with JJ since the matter had been discussed and closed previously. JJ smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and turned to walk away, nonchalantly saying as he did so that he forgot to tell his mother who had stayed in each room during their overnight jaunt.

James quickly called JJ back and told the sweetly smiling boy that he'd only been joking and that they would be going to pick out the mini-bike the next day. JJ smiled and thanked his dad, then went off to play. James looked after his son with a wry grin, realizing he'd taught the lad too well.

The mini-bike upset Lydia, but James Sr. insisted it was a guy thing. Lydia couldn't understand why James was suddenly spoiling JJ. In the past he'd preached that the boy must earn all he received. When she questioned him, he sloughed her objections off with the excuse that she had been the one who insisted he spend more time with the boy.

James and JJ quickly reached an understanding where JJ would get whatever he wanted as long as it wasn't so outlandish that Lydia would strenuously object to it. James was assured of JJ's silence about his affair with Tricia, and now openly engaged in fondling and teasing sex play around the boy. JJ and Harry often went to the games alone while James and Tricia went elsewhere. Things went on in this vein for quite a while.


About a year after James began his illicit affair using JJ as his cover, a different set of circumstances was taking place across town. Susan Lymaster was making a copy of the personnel file of Carla Fake, hoping it would prove useful at a later date. Chuckling mirthlessly to herself while she stealthily made the photocopies, she thought the old lecher had gotten exactly what he'd deserved. His many efforts to corner and paw at her ate at her, adding to her distrust and dislike of males.

Susan was beautiful, blue-eyed, and had a magnificent mane of flaming red hair. She had been one of those girls who had been a beauty all her life and had learned quite early that men want only one thing from a female. Her sixth grade teacher had touched and fondled her, but when she complained, no one had listened or believed. His attention only stopped when she had firmly placed her knee in his groin.

Almost every interaction she had with men after that was similar. By the time she reached senior high, she had given up on men and began experimenting with lesbianism. In college she easily seduced her naive roommate, Linda Almen, and the two became and remained steady lovers. Susan used her brains and wiles, and often used her sensuous body to tease men into getting what she wanted. Her sexy body had easily landed her present position as a junior attorney with the prestigious law firm founded by her lecherous boss.

The quality of her work was excellent so she kept her job while many lesser qualified women had to submit to the old goat's advances or be fired. In addition to fending him off, virtually all the senior partners had no qualms about attempting to seduce their subordinates or clients. Unfortunately, Susan knew that she had no opportunity for advancement unless she too gave in, and no other firm would hire her, such was her boss' power.

Pretty female attorneys weren't the only ones to feel the sexual harassment. Secretaries and clients were subject to the same problems. Such was the fate of curvaceous Carla Fake. The pretty secretary was extremely efficient and Susan felt heat flashes whenever they had been close. They had often discussed their problems with unwanted sexual advances, and a natural friendship had started to develop between the two women. Susan had been able to control her lust for Carla while the male staff had not. Carla had been quite effective in slipping away from major groping until that morning. The entire office was abuzz with the rumors and innuendos of the encounter in the supply room between their esteemed founder and the sexy secretary.

Susan knew if only a quarter of what she heard was true, she could use it to her advantage to advance or get a good recommendation for moving to another firm, thus her need for a copy of Carla's file. In her partitioned corner of the main office, she studied the file and marveled at what it contained. Everything looked innocent on the surface, but when you knew what to look for, the clues were clearly evident.

Susan couldn't repress a chuckle as she imagined the expression on the old fart's face when he made his discovery. Apparently he had used his immense bulk to pin Carla against the shelving. If the rumors were to be believed, he'd been slobbering all over her face as he sloppily kissed her. While one chubby paw squeezed her firm breasts he slipped his other grubby hand under her short skirt to caress her panty clad womanhood. His enraged, horrified scream had been heard by three quarters of the staff, and his pale, clammy face gave evidence of his revulsion as he stumbled from the supply room and into his private restroom where his violent retching was audible.

Scarlet-faced Carla emerged quietly from the supply room a few moments later, her normally immaculate make-up smeared. Everyone watched in unmoving silence as she made her weaving way into the ladies restroom. No one moved or spoke as they listened to the agonized moans coming from the boss' restroom, wondering if Carla had crushed the old bastard's balls.

Finally one of the office sycophants rushed into the boss to offer assistance as the office suddenly bubbled with whispered questions and comments. Every eye was on Carla as she emerged from the restroom after having repaired her make-up and regained her composure. Avoiding any eye contact, she went to her desk, gathered her few personal belongings into her purse, and left without saying a word. Other brown-nosers then rushed into the boss' aid with the news that she'd left.

The rumors that emerged were quickly squelched, and the entire affair hushed up, thus all knew the entire affair had to be true. The men were horrified while the women were delighted. The old lecher had apparently discovered that Carla was, in reality, Carl!

Susan closed the file with a wry gin upon her face and placed it in her brief case. The attraction she had felt for Carla was the only time she had ever felt arousal for a male, even though at the time she didn't know Carla was a male. The idea of a totally feminine male made her warm and tingly as she thought about getting it on with a someone like Carla. Susan thought she might like having the best of both sexes in one person. That idea intrigued her and grew, as did her need for release. She could barely wait to get back to her apartment and share the news of what had happened with Linda.

The two college lovers lived together in their neat but small one bedroom apartment. Linda had been depressed lately and really needed cheering up. Ever since her boss' wife had fallen ill, her work load had increased steadily. What the future would hold was up in the air since the woman was being buried at that very moment.


Across town the mid-March wind blew cold droplets of rain under the protective canopy and chilled the small group of people who were solemnly gathered with their heads bowed. Much to everyone's relief the minister hurried through the burial ceremony. After paying their condolences to the bereaved family, most of the people scurried away to their nearby autos and warmth. Linda hesitated a moment as she looked at her boss and his son, her heart went out to them. The grief she felt over the loss of her parents was still fresh after many years. Her emotions were quite mixed as she squeezed her boss' hand, his silent nod acknowledging her concern before she slowly walked away leaving them alone with their grief.

James Clipp hugged his son close to him as they remained beneath the sagging, drenched, canopy while they watched the casket being lowered into the ground. He was as overwhelmed as Jimmy by the sudden illness and death of the of his wife. Diagnosed only in mid-January, the cancer had taken her in just two months, leaving the duo ill prepared to face life on their own. Both had been totally dependent upon the departed wife/mother for their well-being and guidance. James wondered how he'd manage to handle his CPA business and raise his son. Ever since he'd started seventh grade, Jimmy slowly changed from a neat, quiet, studious boy into a loud, belligerent, troublesome youth, and the change had accelerated as his mother's illness had progressed.

As she drove home, Linda Almen was deep in thought about her future. She was a short and pudgy plain Jane type of girl. Never had she had problems with men trying to take advantage of her, they ignored her, much to her dismay. Not one guy had ever asked her for a date, and the death of her parents during her senior year of high school had left her desperate for love and attention. Susan had used those needs to seduce the relationship hungry girl.

Their relationship was mutually satisfactory, and they truly cared for one another. Susan occasionally went out and picked up other women, but Linda was too shy and uncertain to attempt anything. Deep down Linda wanted a man, and to become a mother. Susan recognized this, and feared that one day some unscrupulous older man would find Linda easy prey for his deprivations. That had been one of the reasons she'd been glad when Linda had landed the job as assistant CPA with Clipp CPA since James Clipp was a small nerdy type guy who was happily married with a son.

Linda had supper ready when Susan arrived home. A warm hug and kiss kindled the fires that had been growing slowly all day. As they ate, Susan listened intently to Linda as she spoke about the funeral. Susan suddenly realized that Linda was falling in love with her boss and not even aware of the fact. This worried Susan as she didn't want to lose her lover. Using the emotional high that Linda had achieved, Susan easily had the girl in bed and moaning with the pleasure of her release.

As they snuggled afterwards, Linda laughed as Susan described the events in the office that day, then suddenly began to cry. Bewildered, Susan did her best to comfort Linda. Once she'd calmed her, the ensuing quiet discussion revealed Linda's jealousy that a guy could be more attractive that she, plus her growing need to become a mother. After Linda fell into an exhausted sleep, Susan lay quietly wondering what she could do to relieve Linda's anguish and still keep her. Slowly a wild plan began to form.

James had placed more and more control into Linda's capable hands as his wife's illness had progressed until she was now doing as much work as he was. Susan suggested that Linda offer her services as a lawyer to James as he tried to rearrange his affairs. Eagerly he accepted the offer and Susan became a regular visitor to the CPA office. With Susan's subtle encouragement during their lovemaking, Linda began taking on a more dominate role in the office so that she was making most of the major decisions by mid-April. James quite willingly yielded to Linda just as he had yielded to his wife.

It was also in mid-April that Linda found James with his head propped heavily on his arms, massaging his temples. She knew that Jimmy was becoming more of a problem, and the call that she'd just transferred into James from the school had to be another crisis. By this time, thanks to Susan's hints and suggestions, Linda realized she was falling for her boss. Stepping silently behind him, she tenderly slipped his hands away and took over the soothing massage.

James sighed as he relaxed under her capable ministrations, and told her that Jimmy was being given in-school suspension for the rest of the school year for being caught trying to sneak into the girls' locker room. He wondered aloud whether he should take Jimmy back to see Dr. Alterson at the BETTER THAN BEFORE counseling center. Bemoaning his inability to control the wild lad, James instinctively turned to bury his face in Linda's soft, comforting bosom just as he had often done with his wife. Linda was startled but pleased by his unexpected move, having no idea how to react, she simply continued the massage. As he relaxed, James began to cry as his emotions burst forth. Linda felt her breasts tingle and her nipples harden. Her breathing became short, and a familiar heat began in her groin. At the same time, slowly, almost imperceptibly, James tearful sobbing changed to passion.

Without conscious thought by either of them, they were soon locked in a passionate kiss as their hands explored each other. Soon they had slipped to the floor where the pent up frustrations and lust of James mingled with the desire and needs of Linda. Afterwards they cuddled quietly, James felt guilty for seducing Linda, her awkward lovemaking had been ample evidence of her virginity with a man. Although Linda had achieved great orgasms in her lesbian lovemaking with Susan, she now felt fulfilled for the first time in her life, and wished to repeat their lovemaking.

Slowly they disentangled themselves as their passion cooled. A long, quiet but earnest conversation followed as they confessed their hopes and fears. Both wanted time to think and were not ready to make a firm commitment, so they returned to their work, knowing that many more trysts would be occurring.

Jimmy sat in the detention room with the other borderline delinquents, smirking with satisfaction. They all had slapped him on the back and congratulated him on his escapade. Finally he was being accepted as one of them. Inside, he was trembling, afraid of what punishment he faced at home. Whatever it was, though, would be worth it! The assistant principal had caught him in the outer locker room as he'd been making his escape from the showers where he had successfully spied upon the glistening naked nubile bodies of his female classmates. Several of the twelve year olds were really stacked!

Fortunately the stern woman had assumed he been entering the area instead of leaving, otherwise he'd have been expelled. The guys had all eagerly listened to his vivid descriptions of the bounteous attributes of the girls. Most were shocked by his revelation that one of the girls who loved showing off her assets by wearing tight sweaters was really showing off her padding.

For Jimmy, his acclaim by the young hoods was music to his ears. Ever since he could remember he'd been the subject of teasing and ridicule by the tough classmates he tried so hard to emulate. The fact that he'd been a straight "A" student through grade school compounded their teasing. In seventh grade he dropped to a "C" average, much to his parents' dismay, and the teasing about his nerdiness slacked off. Besides that problem area, he'd always been the smallest in his class. Things had grown worse as most of the guys began to show signs of their masculinity. Deepening voices, body hair growth, and for some even beards signaled their advancement into manhood. In the showers, Jimmy felt embarrassed when he looked upon their manly equipment. They proudly strutted about with semi-erections showing off their hairy 6 to 8 inch specimens while Jimmy did his best to hide his infantile hairless 2 inches. Standing a full head shorter than most of his classmates, Jimmy looked like a juvenile eight year old compared to them. Their unmerciful teasing, coupled with the loss of his protective mother, was forcing him to prove he was as much a man as they were even if he wasn't as well hung. His trip into the girls' locker room had given him the boost his wilting manliness needed. The nerdy image he brought with him was gone.

That night, James read Jimmy the riot act and grounded the boy indefinitely. Jimmy used his new found machismo to slough off the butt chewing in a manner which infuriated James. James lay in bed thinking alternatively about Jimmy and Linda. Anger and lust are quite similar.

When she arrived home from work that night, Susan knew immediately by the glow upon Linda's face that she'd lost her virginity. Immediate action was needed to prevent her form losing her lover. Without waiting for the details or supper, she took Linda's arm and led her to their bedroom where she fell upon her with unbridled lust. Linda had vowed to end their lesbian relationship just as Susan had suspected she would, but the quickness of her assault had overwhelmed the still tingling girl.

Afterwards a confused Linda lay contently in Susan's arms and listened to her wild plan. Linda giggled and snuggled into Susan's warm breasts. "You want to keep me as your lover even if James and I get married. That's really unbelievable, Susan," Linda told her lover. "After what you just did to me, though, I think you may be able to get your wish."

Susan stroked her lover warmly. "I know I'll get my wish," she stated confidently. "James is weak and submissive. If we play our cards right, he'll agree to our menage-et-trois. We'll all benefit by our affair. Besides, I discovered I really like the flavor his juices add to yours." She laughed at Linda's shocked reaction to that revelation and thought to herself, "Maybe I'll even sample some direct from the source. I'd never do so from a macho guy, but James is different, almost like one of us... like Carla maybe..." With those thoughts, the lovers drifted off to a blissful dream filled sleep.
A week passed before James and Linda made love again. Jimmy still basked in the warmth of his glory, and Susan plotted. By the time the school year ended, James and Linda were getting it on almost every day. Susan eagerly devoured Linda every night and was ready for the next step in her plan. Jimmy realized he was walking on eggshells with his new buddies, they once more began to question his virility. It was time for him to pull another stunt to prove he really was one of the guys. Vainly he tried to come up with a solution, but his grounding prevented any such miss-deeds. Each night he attempted to masturbate, playing with his diminutive manhood until it was too sore to touch with frustrating results.

June 13th was day to remember for James, Linda, and Susan. By prior arrangement, Susan just happened to enter the unlocked office of CLIPP CPA while Linda and James were getting it on in his office. Carefully locking the door behind her, she nervously stripped to the buff and quietly slipped into James' office. The writhing duo on the couch were oblivious to her presence. As she watched, Susan's already aroused libido reached new heights. She saw what Linda was doing to James' manhood with her tongue, and felt the urge to join in. Her past fears of men were still very much present, but James' stature and position, and knowing that Linda totally dominated him, made him safe. Her desire to sample his juices directly had grown to an obsession over the past few weeks as she eagerly drank his nectar from Linda's nest.

Linda made room for Susan without missing a beat as she licked James' quivering manhood. Tentatively at first Susan flicked her tongue against his musky turgid flesh, then as she found herself drawn to it, she opened her mouth and completely engulfed his 5 inches. James at first merely accepted the additional stimulation without realizing it's source. As he rapidly approached the bursting point he realized the effort was strikingly different from that which Linda normally used. The urgency and animal lust were literally more than he could stand. Looking down he was stunned to see Susan's bobbing head, but was unable to stop his explosion as she drained every bit of his available juices.

Totally drained and confused, he sank back in delighted exhaustion as the two women realized he was wasted. Their lust had not been close to being satiated, so they did what came natural for them and turned to each other. James just lay and watched as the two women writhed on the floor in the most arousing, steamy "69" scene he'd ever imagined. By the time they were finished, he was ready for more. Linda smiled and accepted his advances as Susan crawled to the side to watch their frantic coupling.

Afterwards, Linda and Susan confessed their lesbian relationship to James, who listened in stunned amazement. Both naked women were touching and fondling him as they told him about their past sexual history and their affair. By the time Susan engulfed him once more, he was more than willing to accept anything either of them wanted. Susan's plan had worked!

Jimmy had met Linda before the death of his mother and liked the pleasant young woman. In April he had met Susan when she had come to their home to go through the legal papers as she took over the legal affairs of the family. Jimmy liked what he saw. Susan, as far as Jimmy was concerned, was a walking Playboy Centerfold. While Linda and Susan realized that Jimmy was a young male chauvinist pig, both did their best to placate the rowdy lad and stay on his good side out of fear that his opinion could derail their plans for James. So when James sat down with Jimmy to talk to him about his growing affair with Linda, and his desire to have not only Linda but Susan move into their home, the horny lad licked his lips in anticipation of living under the same roof with his dream girl. When the lease on their apartment expired at the end of June, Linda moved into James' bedroom while Susan took over the vacant third bedroom between James' and Jimmy's bedrooms.

Linda and Susan took over the housekeeping, laundry, and cooking chores much to the relief of the beleaguered males. Jimmy delighted in watching Susan work around the house, and she purposely dressed provocatively to tease and entice the boy. Susan changed into a silky, ruffled lace trimmed nightie and robe each night about 9:30pm. Jimmy and James both drooled over the sexy beauty as she proudly displayed her assets. Linda was not worried since she would take James to bed and use his arousal to her advantage as they spent themselves. While they did that, Susan would escort an eager Jimmy to his bed and tuck him in tenderly, giving him a warm kiss upon his forehead. To do this she had to sit on the edge of his bed and lean across him, propping herself up on one arm placed on his other side. After Susan left him alone, this closeness finally enabled Jimmy to achieve an erection, and he exhausted himself and his awakening manhood in heady fantasy trysts with the nymph, Susan, before falling into a dead sleep immediately afterwards.

Susan was well aware of the effect she had upon Jimmy, and intentionally teased him knowing that he'd stay in his room playing out his dreams. She had "accidentally" left a pair of her frilliest panties hanging in the bathroom. Sure enough, Jimmy took the bait and snatched up the dainty delight and snuck it back to his room. Each night after Susan left him alone, he would retrieve them from their hiding place and slip them beneath the covers. As he fantasized about Susan, he would fondle the soft, lace trimmed nylon imagining she still wore them. Inevitably, he would come in their cloying softness, drop the soggy mess wearily to the floor, and fall asleep. In the morning he'd carefully retrieve and rinse them out before returning them to their hiding place.

After leaving Jimmy to his fantasies, Susan would join James and Linda who had by that time consummated their lust. James would lay on the side of the bed and watch as Susan entered and kissed Linda, slowly working her way into their favorite "69" position. When satiated, both women would turn to the re-aroused James and use their tongues to exhaust him. Then Linda and James would both caress and tongue Susan until she climaxed. Susan would return to her bedroom while James and Linda cuddled, usually getting it on once more before going to sleep.

James was delighted that Jimmy had suddenly lost all interest in hanging out with his hoodlum buddies since Linda and Susan moved in. He was well aware that Susan's teasing was the reason for the boy's sudden desire to stay home and be good. The fact that he'd almost failed seventh grade had also put quite a damper on his growing delinquency. Susan made it abundantly clear that if Jimmy misbehaved, he would not be tucked in at night, and thus would lose his stimulus for his nightly fantasies. While James felt uneasy about the method, he couldn't argue with the results. For the first time since his wife had died, Jimmy was being obedient. He decided the price was not too high. By the end of July, the four had developed a comfortable, caring extended family relationship.

Susan, Linda and James had many discussions about the sexual harassment Susan and other women faced when dealing with male dominated firms. Susan had steered many disgruntled women to CLIPP CPA since Linda and James were willing and able to meet the needs of women. It was August 1st when James finally asked Susan why she didn't open her own practice to serve females, just as she'd convinced him to do. Her reply was simple... finances. It took money to set up a new office and time to establish a profitable business.

As the plotting duo had planned, at that point in the discussion Linda commented that CLIPP CPA had reached the point where the two of them were at their capacity. Susan asked why they didn't hire a secretary to handle the phone and desk operations. James replied that they didn't have enough space for another desk, and doubted if they had enough work to keep a full time secretary busy. Susan suppressed a smile and winked at Linda.

"You know," Susan spoke up as if a bright idea had just struck. "If you were to relocate you could expand your office space and I could take a portion to establish my own practice. Between your needs for a secretary and mine, we could hire a full time secretary and share her."

James sat up and looked thoughtful. "Yes, that does sound like a good idea. I could expand CLIPP CPA's business simply by tapping into your clientele and vise-versa! I think we should check into it."

Linda drew in a deep breath and placed a dampening hand on James' arm. "James," she stated coolly while she shivered inside at the boldness of her move. "I think CLIPP CPA should change it's name if we do this. I believe I'm much more than your employee at this point. If anything I'm a partner. When we move, it should be as CLIPP-ALMEN CPA."

Linda and Susan waited with baited breath as James looked at Linda, obviously deep in thought. Finally he nodded his head and smiled, much to their relief. "Yes, I think you're right," he stated. "I've been talking about treating women fairly and I thought I was, now I realize that I've been a chauvinist too." Turning to Susan, he added, "As the first client of LYMASTER ASSOCIATES - ATTORNEYS AT LAW, I'd like you to handle the paperwork to change the name of CLIPP CPA to CLIPP-ALMEN CPA. In addition, I think we could draw up a partnership for our new businesses. How does 25% interest in LYMASTER ASSOCIATES for CLIPP-ALMEN CPA sound in exchange for 25% interest of CLIPP-ALMEN CPA for LYMASTER ASSOCIATES?"

Susan laughed openly and hugged James, with Linda joining. James didn't object as the happy trio soon found the hug growing torrid. After they were all satiated, James looked at Susan and nonchalantly asked, "Just how long have you been plotting this?"

Linda audibly caught her breath but Susan smiled confidently. "Since the very beginning, darling. Since day one."

James merely settled back into Linda's arms and smiled. "So, where should we relocate and who should we hire as secretary? I assume you have that all figured out too, right?"

Susan nodded her head. "Yes, CLIPP-ALMEN CPA will be my second client. I'm already working for Lydia Ladd. Once we set up business in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL, I'll take over the accounts of all of Lydia's businesses. She'll be moving her CPA business to you at the same time."

James sat up and opened his eyes in amazement. "Lydia Ladd," he questioned in disbelief. "She's one dynamic woman. Who'd have thought that she'd accomplish so much in a year and a half. She took the crumbling businesses her father owned and turned them all around. She's done more for women's equality in this area than anyone. She's got to be worth several million dollars; she owns LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL, LADD REALTY AND INSURANCE, and is the main partner in ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. If we get all that business, we'll have to hire several assistant CPAs." Shaking his head, he marveled at Susan's accomplishments. "I guess we'll need more than one full time secretary, but won't need our partnership," he added sadly as an afterthought.

"On the contrary," Susan smiled. "I insist we form the partnership. I have no intention of losing either of you! Besides, I already have an experienced secretary lined up to become our joint office manager, she comes highly recommended by Lydia Ladd and Dr. Alterson from BETTER THAN BEFORE counseling center which will also be one of our clients. You've heard me talk about her quite often, Carla Fake."

James smiled broadly, "Of course, the transsexual secretary. She'd fit right in with our menage-et-trois. You might even let yourself lose your virginity to a male like that. Heaven knows I've tried often enough without success."

Susan didn't bat an eye and looked straight at James. "I'll make you a deal, James. If Carla does take my cherry, you'll let her take your's too."

James paled and coughed, "Well now, I don't know about that..."

Linda jumped in at that point as she squeezed his manhood tenderly. "Come off it, lover. What I've got in my hand doesn't agree with your disclaimer. I think Susan's offer is valid." Then she looked at Susan and added her own twist, "provided she then let's you sample her!"

Susan smiled and nodded, "That's only fair. But I'll tell you now, it'll be a while before I let any man stick his thing in me like that! James, we're both safe for a while."

James was mollified by the carrot offered with the stick and meekly agreed to the deal. The thought of getting it on with a male repulsed him, but he'd seen Carla, she certainly didn't look like a male, and he doubted whether she could function as such. The more he thought about it, the more he felt safe from ever having to fulfill their bargain.

Their conversation ended as most did, in another tumble on the well used bed.

Ever since they'd moved into the Clipp home, Susan and Linda were slowly but steadily luring James and Jimmy into becoming lingerie addicts and budding transvestites. Soft nylon, ruffles, and lace were constantly surrounding and teasing them. Once James had agreed to their partnership, Susan informed Linda that it was time to go into the next step of her plan and bring both males into full feminine blossom.

On August 2nd, Linda had little trouble coaxing James into lingerie. She and Susan had worn him out, and as they cuddled after Susan left, she pouted. James wanted to know what was wrong, and after a bit a of calculated hedging, she said, "I don't want you to get jealous but at times I miss falling asleep cuddled up next to Susan."

James was jealous and hurt. "I thought you loved sleeping with me. What does Susan give you that I don't?"

Linda snuggled up to him. "Well," she said sheepishly. "I like her soft, smooth skin and the feeling of our nighties as we snuggle."

James was silent for a few moments as he idly stroked Linda through her nightie. "Well, my skin isn't too rough and you have your nightie on..." he whined in response.

Linda sat up and looked at him with a devilish grin upon her face. "I have an idea," she giggled. "Come with me," she ordered as she took his hand and led him to the bathroom. "Step into the shower," she told him as she rummaged in the linen closet.

She was pouring a handful of NAIR onto her hand as she approached him. It didn't take James long to realize what she intended to do to him and opened his mouth to protest, but her obvious delight in what she was about to do silenced him. With a sigh, he allowed her to spread the depilatory lotion all over his body, including his genitals. Fifteen minutes later he shivered with unexpected delight as she rinsed every bit of his sparse body hair down the drain. He saw it clumping about the drain and wondered if he was doing the right thing. Before he could feel too guilty, she spread a lilac scented skin softening lotion over his smooth flesh and tenderly massaged it into his receptive skin. New and delightfully strange sensations swept his entire body as she carefully tended to him. He didn't even argue when she slipped the soft powder blue babydoll nightie over his head when they returned to the bedroom. He marveled at the softness and sexiness of the diaphanous material as it gently swirled and caressed his sensitized flesh. All too soon they were in bed once more, entwined in tender and highly passionate lovemaking.

As they lay together afterwards basking in the warm afterglow of the best love-making either had ever experienced, their soft smooth flesh rubbing against each other through the double layers of their nighties, he whispered hoarsely to her, "Now I understand why you miss sleeping with Susan."

Linda snuggled closer and whispered back as she caressed him through the nylon, "Not anymore, Jane. I'm perfectly happy sleeping with you now. But that doesn't mean we both can't enjoy sleeping with Susan." Snuggling closer she quickly drifted off to sleep.

James lay there reveling in the newness and delight of what had happened. He hadn't missed the fact that she'd called him Jane instead of James and wondered what significance that held for his future. Finally, after much inner turmoil, he decided that if what was to come was any where nearly as pleasant as what he had experienced, he wouldn't object. He was sure of his masculinity and knew that Linda wanted only the best for him, even if it meant a bit of feminization. With that, he contentedly drifted off to sleep with strange visions of himself dressed fully as a woman dancing through his vivid dreams.

In the morning, they touched and caressed much longer and more tenderly then ever. James didn't even resist or complain when they began to dress for work after their joint shower when Linda handed him a pair of powder blue nylon panties edged in lace. He took them with a wry grin and slipped them sensuously up his baby soft and smooth legs. Linda giggled and reached inside to tenderly position his hairless genitals back between his legs. She held up a matching nylon camisole and raised her eyebrows in question. James smiled and daintily raised his arms so she could slip it over his head. He shivered as she smoothed it into place about his hairless torso. They kissed tenderly before they finished dressing.

"It's a shame to cover your pretty lingerie up with those nasty male clothes," Linda whined plaintively as James finished cinching the belt of his trousers. "Sometime we'll have to see what you look like in a dress. I bet you'll look divine, and I'm sure you'll love the way it'll make you feel."

James blushed because he had the identical thoughts in his bewildered mind.

Jimmy's introduction into lingerie wasn't as pleasant. When he awoke that morning, he was surprised to see Susan silently seated by his bed. The look upon her face left him know immediately that she was very upset about something. As the cobwebs slowly cleared from his mind, he racked his memory trying to recall what he might have done to upset her, but nothing appeared. Sitting up, he looked at her in question, then he suddenly blanched as he saw the cum soaked panties dangling from one hooked finger.

Seeing him pale, Susan knew she had Jimmy right where she wanted him. "I was wondering what had happened to these," she stated coolly as she held the damp panties up for display. "I came in to tell you to gather up your laundry and I found them crumpled on the floor. What do you have to say?"

What could he say? Opening and closing his mouth several times didn't give him an answer. Jimmy's mind spun in circles as he searched for an out.

"You obviously like lingerie." Looking at him accusingly she asked, "Were you wearing them when you did this?"

Jimmy shook his head no, still unable to find the words to answer.

"I don't believe you," she stated firmly. "I bet you went into the girl's locker room to steal some lingerie. I've seen the way you ogle me when I'm in my nightie. I bet you wished that you could wear pretty things too. Most little sissy boys do. Would you like me to get you a complete girls' outfit?" Before he could reply she went on with her voice dripping in sweet sarcasm, "I bet you'd look simply adorable in a dress and petticoats! You're much too pretty to be a boy. You really should have been a girl!"

Her questions, suggestions, and taunts were more than Jimmy could take. Biting his lips and hanging his head in shame, he was unable to stem the tears which began flowing down his reddened cheeks. There was no way he could begin to count how often had he heard those same or similar questions and comments. All his life, his earliest memories, contained them. Grade school had been hell because of it. During the past year as his classmates had entered puberty and swaggering about, he'd been forced to hide his equipment because it was so embarrassingly minuscule, almost like an infant's. Were they all correct? Doubts about his manhood had assailed him at every turn the last few months. Even his raid into the girls' locker room had left him doubting as he realized that physically he resembled those he had spied upon rather than those to whom he reported his discoveries. It was only the last month that he'd even been able to function as a male, and now even that had betrayed him.

Susan, changing tactics from the accuser to the defender, dropped the panties and moved to his bed and took him into her warm, comforting arms. "It's all right, Jimmy," she soothed. "There's nothing wrong with a boy who'd rather be a girl. As a matter of fact, you've met a girl whom I know you thought was beautiful who is really a boy."

Jimmy raised his teary eyes to look at her in fear and disbelief.

"Carla Fake is really a boy," she confided to the bewildered lad. "He has lived as a girl since he was about your age. Doctor Alterson from BETTER THAN BEFORE counseling center has been treating him for years with female hormones to enhance his natural beauty and femininity. The same could be done for you, JAMIE," she stated forcefully calling him by the feminized version of his name. "You wouldn't have to start the hormones right away, but I think it just might be for the best if you were to spend the next few weeks before school starts living as a girl to try it out and see if you might like it better. I'm sure your dad and Linda wouldn't mind such an experiment since they know all about Carla. We all know you're not happy living the way you are now. Your failure at school and your raid to the girls' locker room were just futile attempts to prove you're a tough guy. You have to admit what I've said is the truth," she stated firmly as she continued to comfort him.

Without looking up Susan knew that Linda and James were standing outside the room, looking in through the open door. Susan had carefully timed this encounter so that Linda had led the panty and camisole clad James from his room supposedly heading to breakfast. They had heard the conversation from the very start, and now were intently watching Jimmy's reaction.

Jimmy sat stone-like in Susan's embrace as her words struck home with calculated deadly accuracy. Even though he hated to admit it, he'd often thought his life might be better if he were a girl. His masculinity had never let him take any action on those thoughts. Knowing that Carla, sexy Carla was really a boy, stunned him. He had not been aware that it was possible for a boy to appear so girlish. He breathed deeply and shivered involuntarily as he remembered how effective Dr. Alterson had been in helping him to deal with his grief over the death of his mother. There were no doubts in his mind that she could help a boy become a girl. But was that what he wanted? Jimmy just didn't know, but he knew he wasn't happy.

Finally he softly asked, "I'm so confused... if Dad and Linda agree to let me try to be a girl, what happens if I don't like it? Will they make me do it anyway? I don't want to be forced into doing it. And what if I do like it? What'll I do about school?" Jimmy broke down in tears once more.

Linda nudged James into the room. Both had tears in their eyes as they had listened to Jimmy's anguished words. When Jimmy's sobs had subsided once more, James reached out to place a hand upon his son's slumped shoulder. "Jimmy," he began as the startled boy stiffened. "I heard everything. I promise you that we will not tease you, or force you to do anything that you don't want to do. If you want to experiment with being a girl, do so."

Linda chimed in with her support, "Jimmy, I agree with Susan. I think you should give being a girl a chance. If it turns out you don't like it, that will be the end of it and you'll have answered your doubts about whether you'd be better off being a girl. If it does work out, all the better. As far as school is concerned, if you want to be a girl we'll enroll you in ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL in the fall where no one will know that you're really a boy."

Susan eased her embrace and placed a hand under his chin, lifting his head so he could see the faces of the adults. "Jamie, as of this moment, for the next week, I want you to try being a girl, even if you don't like it. I think a week is needed to overcome your fears and boyish awkwardness to give girlhood a fair chance. Do you think you can handle that?"

Jimmy looked up at his Dad, blinking back tears. "I... I'm scared... Dad... what are you?"

“I talked him into trying on some of my things,” Linda explained. “He’s discovered he likes it.”

Jimmy just looked at his blushing father, uncertain how to react.

Linda felt her heart go out to the entrapped lad. A naughty spark lit up in the back of her mind and she barely suppressed a giggle. "Jamie," she began as she wrapped her arms about James. "We understand your fears and doubts about trying to be a girl for a week. To prove that we support you whole heartily in this, I'm sure your FATHER will join you in spending the week as a girl. Right AUNT JANE?"

James looked into Linda's gay eyes and saw the secret taunt and challenge. Exhaling deeply, he shook his head wryly, aware that his lover Linda had once more set him up. Turning to Jimmy, he smiled lopsidedly and shrugged his shoulders. "What do you say, JAMIE, should we give it a try?"

Susan was beside herself with delight at this turn of events. Things were working out better than she'd ever dreamed they possibly might. Catching Linda's laughing eyes, she winked.

Jimmy looked at his Dad in awe. "I'll give it a try if you will, AUNT JANE," he whispered apprehensively.

"Wonderful," said Linda gaily. Tugging on James' arm she spoke, "We may as well start right now, JANE. Susan, do you think you can find anything for Jamie to wear?"

Susan smiled and hugged Jamie. "I'm sure I can come up with something. You go get Jane ready for her debut. Jamie, let's get you started with a nice bubblebath while I find something for you to wear."

James allowed himself to be led back to their bedroom where Linda quickly stripped him to his lingerie. As her hands danced about his body, his mind was in a turmoil. His introduction into lingerie had been quite pleasant, and he hoped he'd enjoy what was about to happen. He smiled ironically as he watched Linda pull out a peasant blouse and mid-calf length denim skirt from the closet. "You two had this planned too, didn't you? You didn't even hesitate in deciding what to have me wear."

Linda blushed and looked closely to determine if James was upset by their plot before she smiled. "Well, we did talk about it, and I've been thinking about what to have you wear for a while. I like being a girl, and I'm used to being around girls. Susan feels the same. You and Jimmy, well, you're not like regular males, you're deeper. You both know that you don't fit in with most guys. That's the main reason Jimmy was getting out of hand. I know you're a man where it really counts, and that's what's really important. I want you to be happy, and the same with Jimmy. Susan and I just think you'll both be happier living as females."

"I thought that's what you intended. You want to turn me into a woman. I should really be angry, but I'm not. I'm a scared, but part of me wants to try it. I know that I'm not the world's most masculine guy, but I don't want to lose my manhood," stated James coolly. "What really irks me is that you plan to do the same to Jimmy. He's still too unsure of himself. I shouldn't let him do this."

"James," Linda stated firmly. "Neither I nor Susan would hurt Jimmy. We both think that turning him into a full time girl is the best thing that could happen to him. If he decides to keep his manhood, fine. If he decides to give it up completely, that would have to be his decision, all we can do is support him in whatever HE decides."

James nodded his head in reluctant acknowledgment as he sat upon the bed and slipped his feet into the sheer pantyhose Linda gave him. Standing, he wiggled his butt to snug the hose into place while pleasant sensations caused by the smooth nylon as it caressed his hairless flesh sent shivers of excitement through his body. It took all of his will power to stem the rising of his manhood as he took the offered half slip and stepped into it, grateful for the looseness of the soft nylon that shielded his stiffening manhood from sight.

Linda helped him to remove the camisole, and assisted him in securing the lacy bra about his de-fleeced torso. Reaching into a drawer she blushed as he gave her a knowing look as she withdrew the previously purchased mastectomy pads to fill the "B" cups. Once the bra was adjusted, he slipped on the loose fitting natural linen peasant blouse and buttoned it into place. Next he stepped into the denim skirt and settled it into place about his waist.

Sitting before the vanity, he slipped the low heeled white sandals onto his small stocking feet. Looking into the mirror, he sighed to see that he looked quite feminine except for his hair. Linda took a brush and styled his longish locks, snipping away here and there, spraying water on errant strands and judiciously using a curling iron to create a most becoming feminine pageboy. James shivered in apprehensive self doubt as he watched his steady, seemingly irreversible transformation. A touch of lipstick, a bit of eyeliner, shadow, and blush, topped of with a spray of perfume, and Jane was ready.

Both James and Linda marveled at the seemingly effortless and complete transformation that had been achieved as they surveyed the results in the full length mirror. James sighed in defeat and looked at Linda. "I suppose you and Susan intend to keep me in skirts from now on," he asked in a matter of fact manner.

Linda smiled and hugged Jane closely, "Only if YOU want to stay in skirts..." she purred as she ran her hands over Jane's shivering body. Her hand lingered on the lump she found in the front as she kissed Jane fully on the lips, their lipsticks merging. "Maybe we should relax a bit before we go out to see Susan and Jamie..." she cooed as she led the willing Jane back to the bed.

Jimmy lay in the tub with bubbles all about him, his moods swinging from melancholy to elation. The rage he'd felt during the last few years was over. He knew that he had no choice but to go along with the plan they'd outlined for him. Once and for ever he would find out just how much of a man he truly was. The opening of the door startled him from his reverie as Susan entered with several lacy garments in her arms.

"All done, Jamie?" She asked sweetly. "Let's rinse you off and see just how pretty a girl you really are," she stated gaily as she flipped the drain open.

Soon Jimmy stood before her as she liberally dusted his softened flesh with a lilac scented powder. Taking the small lace edged pink nylon stretch panties she gave him, he swallowed nervously and hesitated, unwilling to take the first step to his unmanning. Finally, after taking a deep breath, he stepped into the silken delight and quickly pulled it into place. Looking at his effeminate loins, he wondered that the panties fit perfectly and hid all traces of his diminutive manhood. Susan smiled encouragement at him when he glanced at her for approval before continuing to dress.

The training bra of white stretch nylon lace knit with elastic trim was padded to an "A" cup had a delicate pink flower between the cups fit snugly and gave his small body a decidedly feminine appearance. Shivering with unanticipated delight, he smiled wanly as he accepted the soft white nylon two tiered lily eyelet slip with tiny bow and rose appliques adorning the bodice. Following this he meekly accepted the festive polished cotton coral pink and blue floral dress accented with sheer puffed polyester chiffon long sleeves and lace trimmed neck. Princess seams shaped the bodice to his slender body while the dropped waist and tie-back sash highlighted his soft derriere. The full skirt was fluffed out by an attached nylon crinoline petticoat. New and unanticipated pleasant sensations swept through his emasculated form.

Susan smiled as she helped the trembling boy/girl button the front closure. No conversation was needed as she motioned him to sit upon the closed toilet, and she was delighted to see him naturally reach behind to spread and smooth his skirt. Kneeling before him, she accepted his daintily raised foot as she slipped a lace trimmed pink anklet into position about his slim ankle. This was followed immediately by a pink patent leather shoe with a pretty bow marking the crossover of the elastic straps. Jamie smiled hesitantly as she clad his other foot in the same manner.

Standing up she critically surveyed the shy girl who sat timorously before her. Except for her unkept hair, she was already quite lovely. Picking up the hairbrush, she began to stroke his shoulder length mousy brown hair until it gleamed. Using a scissors and curling iron she carefully created a set of bouncy bangs that flounced just over his naturally thin eyebrows. Next she parted the rest of his hair in the center and gathered each side together above his ears to form to high, bouncy ponytails which she secured with double bowed pink satin lace ribbon hairbows. Stepping back she smiled broadly as she once more surveyed the cute preteen girl she had created.

Jimmy trembled under her gaze and knew that he had to look as soft, delicate, and feminine as he felt. The last remnants of his boyish arrogance disappeared as he felt an inner peace envelope his entire body and mind. For the first time in his angry, harried life he felt at ease and comfortable. Turning to look at his reflection in the mirror above the vanity, he was shaken by the totality of his transformation. Slowly the expression he watched in the mirror transformed from one of stunned disbelief to one of happy contentment. When the reflected face was beaming with a smile, Jamie turned and gave Susan a warm, sisterly hug. The tingling from the nylon and lace encapsulated manhood trapped between the soft girlish thighs ceased, never to return. Jamie was a girl from that point on, undeniably feminine, and quite happy and delighted to stay that way for the rest of her life.

Jane and Jamie looked at each other when they met in the living room. Both knew that their lives would never be the same. Jane could see that Jimmy was gone forever, and it was only the lonely tingling between her thighs reminded her that she was still a male. She shivered as she wondered just how long that pleasant tingling would continue, afraid that it too might be extinguished permanently. Glancing apprehensively at Linda, she was pleased and relieved to note that she had no intention of letting that last bit of manhood be extinguished.

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