Petticoating Flourishes Ladd’s Exchange Mall Book 2 Part A

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Petticoating Flourishes
Ladd’s Exchange Mall
Book 2 Part A
Jennifer Sue

By the middle of May; Louise, Tammy, Jamie, Brenda, and Tracy were competing to see who could be the biggest tease. The perky eighth grade girls had talked their parents into letting them take dancing lessons together at METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE. They wanted Tina Bemis, the owner, to teach them jazz and aerobic dancing so they could all make the cheerleader squad for the upcoming school year. Tonia, Kylie, Carla, and Nichole asked Tina to teach them the same lessons in addition to the tap and ballet lessons they were already taking once they found out what the older girls had done. Stephanie, Phylis, Lisa, Lynda, and Paula were also taking beginner tap and ballet lessons at the studio.

May 14 happened to be the birthday of Tammy Endress and Nichole Chestnut. The mothers of both girls decided to have a Friday night birthday party/sleep over for their daughter and her classmates. Dr. Makes-Shemanski assured the mothers that none of the boy/girls had functional male equipment and that they were completely sterile. Tammy invited Louise, Jamie, Brenda, and Tracy to her sleep over party while Nichole invited Tonia, Kylie, and Carla to her's.

The older girls brought their things with them to school, and went to the Endress home immediately after school. The first thing they did was to share their gifts with Tammy. All five girls squealed and giggled as she opened the presents and modeled the article of clothing or jewelry. They laughed and giggled about how different their lives had become since the change. Since Louise was the newest crossover, she was still a bit unsure of herself. Tammy had reluctantly accepted her femininity since she knew that she was no longer a male, but still she harbored hope for a miracle that could restore her manhood. Jamie had no doubts left that she was no longer male. Brenda and Tracy did their best to assure all three boy/girls that they were now pretty girls. They talked and jabbered for hours discussing fashions and hairstyles, with Brenda and Tracy trying to get the other three to start talking about boys as boyfriends.

It was past 8:00 when they realized they'd forgotten to call for the pizza. Giggling with excitement, they made the call and changed into their skimpy baby-doll nighties before it was delivered. When the hapless teenage delivery boy arrived, Brenda stood hidden by the door as she whipped open the door, leaned her head around the edge, and asked him to put the pizzas on the coffee table while she got the money from her purse.

Once inside, the poor boy was quite shocked to see the five sexy thirteen and just turned fourteen year old girls teasingly clad in their lace and ruffled nighties. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he attempted to see all that could be seen without being too obvious. Pert little breasts with erect nipples teasing showed through the diaphanous nylon of the nighties. Tiny bikini panties covered the rounded sexy bottoms of the giggling girls as they pranced about preparing plates and drinks for their repast. By the time the befuddled guy staggered out the door, there was a very distinct bulge in his jeans.

Scurrying to the windows after turning out the lights, the conspirators looked out to see the boy step behind the bushes near the front walk to shield himself from the street. Quickly pulling his zipper down, he yanked his swollen manhood from the tight confines of his unyielding jeans and proceeded to whack-off as he thought of the sexy visions he had beheld just moments before. All the girls watched in heated amazement as he shot his load into the shrubbery. Brenda opened the window and clapped her hands, the other girls immediately joined in. The startled boy looked up to see the giggling scantily clad girls watching him. Even in the dark they could tell he blushed as he hurriedly stuffed his limp tool in his pants before running out to his car and taking off.

Naturally their success in teasing the boy to the point where he had to jerk off was the topic of their conversation for the rest of the evening. By the time they finished eating the pizza, the girls were quite horny. Each was touching herself while trying not to be obvious.

Jamie was the one who finally brought the subject of their own sexuality out in the open. "Damn," she stated emphatically during a lull in their animated discussion. "I'm so horny right now I think I could let a guy do almost anything he wants to me." As she said it she reached up and fondled both of her firm breasts, closing her eyes and moaning from the pleasant feelings her self stimulation was creating.

The declaration and her actions created startled looks on the faces of the others. Brenda began giggling as she reached up to caress her pert breasts. "I agree," she breathed heavily.

In a few moments all were fondling their pert breasts and squeezing their hot thighs together. The room filled with moans and heavy breathing. No one was sure who started it, but within five minutes, each girl was snuggled inside her blanket on the floor. They were so horny it didn't matter who heard their squeals and moans of self release. Each of them experimented with hands and fingers being well employed on virtually every portion of their bodies. One by one they each reached their peak and squealed out their climax.

As they lay huddled together afterwards basking in the warm afterglow of their masturbatory tryst, they talked softly to relieve their blushing guilt. Even as they talked, hands continued to roam, although not as insistently as a bit earlier. Their natural curiosity about the changes the former boys had undergone resulted in a bit of brazen show and tell. Brenda and Tracy were a bit disappointed that the boy/girls no longer functioned as males. All were amazed that Jamie looked like a real girl between her legs, and she explained how Dr. Balkut had created the illusion. Pointedly she looked at both Tammy and Louise and suggested they have the same done to them. Tammy blushed most of all because she was the only one present who still had her balls. Jamie then stated that eventually she would like to have sex with a guy once her transformation was completed. Once more Tammy and Louise shivered. They were almost to the point where they were able to accept being a girl, especially now after they had experienced a girlish orgasm. But the idea of submitting sexually to a guy, well they both were far from considering that. None of the guests recalled falling asleep.

The next morning Olivia said nothing about finding the girls sprawled about the floor as she woke them for breakfast. Not a word was spoken about the disheveled nighties. Nor was anything said about the moaning and squeals that had come from the living room. The girls knew what they had done, and why. Each also knew they would do it again. Olivia made sure that each of the mothers was made aware of the activities of their daughter, knowing that they had discussed the possibility and approved it before agreeing to the party. The girls of course were kept in the dark about that facet of their successful sleep-over.

Nichole was a bundle of nerves as she waited for her guests to arrive. They had decided to start her party at six o'clock with a formal diner, with the guests arriving after 5:30. This was the first time she was having girlfriends over, and her mother wisely left her alone. Most of their neighbors and all of Nicholas' former buddies avoided them. The loneliness made Nichole love her mother even more than normal, especially after her father had left them. It still hurt her deeply whenever she thought of him. He had been the one who insisted that Nichole live as a girl after her injuries destroyed her manhood. Yet when he saw the shy pretty girl he had forced her to become running around the house, he couldn't handle it. The only way she and her mother knew he was still alive was the arrival of their monthly support payment.

Nichole greeted her guests clad in a polyester-cotton-sateen pink floral print tea-length dress with back button closure, lace trimmed square collar, and full skirt set off by a blue taffeta sash that tied in the front. Tonia and Kylie came together, and Carla arrived shortly afterwards. Tonia wore a back zippered pink party dress of sheer polyester voile with pink and green lace trim on the collar, puffed sleeves, and hem. Satin rosettes and a ribbon sash detailed the bodice. Kylie was draped in a lustrous purple velvet dress with a dropped waist and back zipper closure. The long sleeves were trimmed in pretty lace. An intricately patterned medallion lace overlay with satin ribbon rosettes tapered to the waist over the princess seamed bodice. Carla was clothed in a festive polished cotton coral pink and blue floral dress accented with sheer puffed polyester chiffon sleeves. Princess seams shaped the bodice to her slender form. The dropped waist, tie-back sash, and front button closure added dramatically to the femininity of the dress. The full skirt was fluffed out by an attached nylon crinoline petticoat.

The gaily wrapped presents were placed next to the cake, and the stylish young ladies seated themselves at the table as Nichole's mother served them their meal. Their conversation quite naturally centered on their undeniably feminine outfits as they daintily consumed their repast. When they had finished, Nichole opened her gifts, eagerly displaying the darling lingerie and pretty earrings she received. Each girl was rewarded with a kiss. Carla was the only one who flinched at Nichole's completely feminine reaction to the gifts. The others giggled gaily at her discomfort which made her feel less awkward since each of them understood the difficulties of adapting to their girlish status.

After the cutting the cake, Nichole's mother played big band era songs and the four girls danced. The two weeks of ballroom dancing lessons they'd recently received proved well worth the time and effort. Tina Bemis, owner of METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE, donated the lessons when she learned of the plans for the birthday party dance which the four ex-boys would attend. All of them delighted in the swirling skirts and crinkling of lace undergarments. By nine o'clock, they were tired, and each went to change into their baby-doll nighties. Nichole's mother obligingly left the girls alone in Nichole's bedroom. They all blushed when they first saw that their hems only reached a few inches below their pert tushes. The soft silky diaphanous material allowed shadowed glimpses of their burgeoning femininity. By ten o'clock, each was feeling awkwardly aroused and erect nipples could be seen tenting the swelling bodice of each boy/girl.

Since they sequestered themselves in the bedroom their conversation had been dancing around the subject of boys and their budding desire to impress the lads with their girlishness. All of them were unsure and frightened by their growing feminine sexual yearnings and felt a bit guilty about betraying their birth gender.

As they all sprawled on the bed Nichole finally broke the ice. "Tonia," she asked quietly as her soft voice caught everyone's attention. "Do you remember the day we met, in the girls' lav as I was taking you to class?"

Tonia's bright blush let Kylie and Carla know that she recalled the incident which made them quite eager to hear all the juicy details. Nichole quietly related the unexpected and unintentional sexual encounter. All four girls understood that it had been an accident. Yet they knew they were curious about their feminine sexuality and how they would react when they did become sexually active. The topic made each of them even hornier than they were before.

Biting her lips tentatively Nichole tentatively reached out and almost touched Tonia's erect nipple. Tonia gasped but didn't pull away. The sudden bravado vanished as Nichole yanked her hand back and blushed. All four giggled nervously.

Nichole needed to explore her girlishness but was too shy and unsure to attempt intimate contact with Tonia. Sheepishly she brought her hand to her own nipple and began to tweak it and roll it gently between her fingers. Moans of sheer delighted escaped her pressed lips.

Tonia was soon rubbing her own nipples and moaning. Kylie began touching, fondling, and tweaking her pouty breasts. Carla was so intent upon watching the others that she squealed in surprise when she felt her own fingers gently wrap about her budding nipples. Quickly recovering, she closed her eyes and lost herself in her exploration. All four quickly rose to a fever pitch of excitement and arousal. Moans and nervous giggles emanated from each as they overrode the final barrier of their male sexuality and the macho repulsiveness of their girlish actions. Soon all four reached a squealing, wriggling climax. They fell asleep with satisfied smiles upon their pretty faces.

In the morning, they sheepishly avoided the subject. After a few moments, Nichole began to giggle, the others joined in. When the tension had dissipated, Nichole unabashedly suggested they try it again. Despite their red faces, none of them hesitated to touch themselves. Once more they all quickly rode a wave of hedonistic delight until they collapsed in the aftermath of feminine orgasms.

As they caught their breath, they quietly talked about their girlish feelings and how their new life contrasted with their former existence. All expressed a growing curiosity about making out with boys and a definite reluctance and embarrassment to do so. Only Tonia had no regrets or lingering doubts about her lost masculinity. When the four red-faced giggling girls emerged from the bedroom it was ten o'clock. Nichole's mother had wisely left the youngsters alone as they explored their burgeoning femininity. All the mothers were informed of the muffled moans and excited squeals that had emanated from the bedroom, and all were pleased that their daughters were accepting their girlhood.

The only one of the four boy/girls who was upset about their play was Carla. She thoroughly enjoyed the encounter, and looked forward to doing it again. What disturbed her the most was that she discovered that she was the only one who still had her testicles, yet she had felt the same orgasms as the rest. That disconcerting fact, coupled with her inability to function as a male, left her wondering if it was worthwhile trying to retain her masculinity.

That the two birthday parties were successful was beyond a doubt. All the boy/girls attending discovered that they were more girlish than they had thought possible, and most disturbing was the knowledge that as males, they were worthless. Their only value now lay upon the road to femininity. The feminine sexual awakening of the boy/girls had profound effects upon their acceptance of their girlhood. As time passed, they thought more and more about their girlishness, and the need to separate themselves from their boyhood past by eliminating the only visible reminder of their birth gender. The results of their thoughts and further sexual encounters would coalesce into action by the end of the summer.


By the end April, the medical establishments associated with LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL met virtually every medical need. In addition to ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES APOTHECARY, ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES COUNSELING CLINIC, ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, and ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES PLASTIC SURGERY; Dr. Makes-Shemanski had set up ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES SURGERY and ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES REHAB CENTER, rooms for recovering patients. Joyce Jabs ran ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES NURSING CENTER; Freda Seaman had set up ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES OPTICAL CENTER; Virginia Fillman operated ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES LABS; Becky Maulfair ran ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC; Joan Hiddenman operated ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES IMAGING CLINIC; and Doreen Fix had opened ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES DENTAL CLINIC. The shop owners and employees of LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL and it's environs were offered irresistible rates to join LADD'S EXCHANGE HMO which utilized the first class medical facilities that Lydia insisted be installed in all the operations. In addition, Lydia asked Sandra Makes-Shemanski to set up a research facility to investigate various devices, equipment, clothing, herbs, and medications, that would suppress masculinity and enhance femininity. Sandra set about finding women who specialized in the various areas for ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER. Dr. Helga Halteman proved to be ideal as one of the group leaders with her extensive background in herbal and pharmaceutical medications. Dr. Margo Spayd with her electronics and engineering experience ran another group.


Lydia Ladd saw at least one of the happy boy/girls and their families almost every day in the LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. With every sighting she thought about Petticoating her son JJ, especially each time she saw Vicki Makes-Shemanski with her giggling nieces. Seeing Phylis Makes-Shemanski and Stephanie Bloom as they skipped through LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL with their lace trimmed skirts swirling and beribboned ponytails bouncing was especially trying for her since they were in JJ's class. Each time she decided to persevere and not Petticoat JJ. Unknown to them all, JJ's days of boyish obnoxiousness were drawing to a close.

The fateful day when Lydia's family finally became prime examples of Petticoating was Memorial Day after JJ turned eight. Harry Simms became more and more frustrated with his escort duties as JJ became increasingly demanding. It had been a trying week at the office for Harry, and JJ was being even more obnoxious than usual. Harry did his best to keep his cool during the ball game but drank too many beers. When they returned to their room after the game, he had room service send up a bottle of scotch. JJ refused to go to bed and insisted upon staying up with Harry. No longer willing to put up with the hassles of attempting to control the bratty lad, Harry gave in. The two sat in chairs to watch the TV. JJ drank some of the Scotch and even smoked pot. Both passed out in the chairs.

JJ woke up to find himself coughing and quite nauseated. Heavy smoke filled the room. Fortunately in his stupor the boy had slipped from his chair. The entire seat of the chair was smoldering. Try as he might, he was unable to do more than cry and cough. Harry was finally roused from his stupor by JJ's coughing. Panic set in. The man arose but was quickly overcome. He collapsed upon JJ lay, inadvertently trapping the boy under him.

Fortunately the smoke detector in the room went off. Firefighters broke down the room door and easily extinguished the smoldering blaze as paramedics rushed the overcome duo to safety. The entire hotel had been evacuated. Needless to say, it was a very chagrined James Sr. who claimed his son and faced the police questions about the alcohol and pot his son had consumed.

It was late morning when JJ woke up hurting and nauseous. Harry, seated beside him in the rear seat of the car as they headed home, wasn't much better. Harry was aware of what he'd done, and although scared and frightened by his nefarious deed, he felt justified in what he'd done.

JJ slumped almost catatonic in a corner of the car as they drove home, and James warned the boy that he even though he wasn't feeling well, he'd better not tell his mother what had happened.

Lydia knew something was wrong when JJ went right up to his room instead of regaling her with his weekend exploits once they arrived home. James was still hopeful of keeping what had happened a secret and told her that JJ was feeling under the weather and left to check up on matters at the office. Ever the concerned mother, Lydia was upset by James' cavalier attitude about JJ and went to check on her son. She was startled to discover his bedroom door locked, something he never did unless he was trying to hide something. She was even more shocked when he refused to open it and told her to leave him alone before falling silent and not responding to her further demands to entry.

Deeply troubled, she sent for Dave, the groundskeeper to open the door. What she discovered when he forced the door horrified and shook her to the roots of her being. JJ was still dressed sprawled on his bed, with blood trickling from his nose. Dave and his wife Betty who had accompanied him to JJ's room administered first aid to the disoriented JJ while Lydia contacted the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, the private clinic Lydia had established with Dr. Alterson. The lad's swollen face and wheezing gave additional evidence that something was seriously wrong.

Once in the clinic, from inside an oxygen tent the sedated boy spilled the gruesome details of the booze, pot, and fire... as well as all that had been happening since his father had been taking Tricia Tremont and Harry along on their trips. Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski increased the strength of the sedative until he lapsed into blissful unconsciousness.

Lydia used her extensive resources to verify all that JJ had confessed. Furious and outraged, Lydia used all of her resources to hush up the affair, and set the wheels in motion to exact her revenge. Dr. Helen Alterson was as outraged as Lydia by the abuse by neglect that JJ had taken. Together, the two set out to punish the evildoers.

The three adult participants in the father/son togetherness sporting trip debacle quickly faced Lydia's wrath. That same evening James saw his entire world crash about him when Lydia confronted him with her knowledge of his affair. Hatred was seething from her as he back-peddled trying to appease her. When she told him what had happened to JJ and that he was at that moment clinging to life in an oxygen tent, he was devastated and broke down, confessing to everything. Despite her rage Lydia recognized that his grief for JJ was genuine and that he'd never intended for the boy to be hurt. With the aid of Dr. Alterson, she was able to get him back on his feet and to his office Tuesday morning to set a trap for Tricia. Numbly he went like a lamb to the slaughter as he followed Lydia's instructions.

Tricia Tremont had been looking for a sugar daddy and thought she had found one in James Charles. She started working for LADD REALTY AND INSURANCE right out of high school. Her curvaceous miniskirted body had attracted his attention the day she had been hired, and it didn't take her long to become his personal secretary. She used her position to let herself be seduced by the self proclaimed stud and had used that as a stepping stone to becoming his mistress. The death of Frank Ladd and the changes Lydia instituted waylaid her plans. Gwen Deeter's appointment as vice president left no doubt that the Lydia intended her as a spy to report any illicit activities that might occur. Tricia whined and cajoled until James found a way to bypass his wife. All went well on their numerous rendezvous and she was happy with the many gifts she received. The crap hit the fan so quickly that she never knew what hit her.

She showed up for work Tuesday morning after their trip, late as usual, never suspecting that anything was amiss. Going into James' office she assumed that his pale continence was due to lack of rest over the weekend debacle. She went right up to him and gave him a big kiss, never noticing that Lydia, Dr. Alterson, and Susan Lymaster were seated in chairs behind the door and witnessed the event. Her stuttered explanation was cut short as Lydia told her she was in deep trouble right along with Harry Simms and James for what happened to JJ. Susan Lymaster listed the laws the conspirators had broken and the jail terms she could expect unless she did as ordered. Her proclamations of innocence were ignored, and she found herself left with no alternative but to agree to follow orders. She wrote out a letter of resignation and signed the forms for her voluntary commitment for psychological treatment and assignation of power of attorney, then whimpered in fear as Dr. Alterson gave her a sedative.

When Harry Simms joined the firm, he had been hoping to get ahead by buttering up to his boss. When he was first asked to go along to the sporting events, he thought he'd scored big. He felt a major let-down when it turned out that his boss only wanted him to babysit his obnoxious son while he made love to his secretary. The humiliation was made easier to accept by the regular raises and perks he received. Unfortunately his libido had been particularly high over the weekend after a rough week. Too much booze and drugs warped his frustrations into giving up and hurting the very lad he was to protect.

The day after the nefarious deed, he wrote out a letter of confession, stayed home, and anxiously awaited the cops with a loaded pistol by his side ready to blow his brains out. When they didn't show, he breathed a bit easier and vowed to tell his boss that he would no longer escort JJ anywhere even if it meant quitting his job. That night he drank himself to sleep. He never made it to work Tuesday morning. At 7:00am, wearing only his robe, he staggered to the door in response to a persistent knocking. Afraid it might be the police he peeked tentatively outside to find a distraught beautiful miniskirted buxom girl standing there. When he opened the door, she asked to use his phone to call a tow truck because her car had broken down. Amazed and hoping for a score, he invited her inside, After she made her call she turned to him with a smile and thanked him with a hot kiss. He never even felt the needle pierce the skin of his buttocks. When he awoke in the clinic to find himself secured to a litter the terror returned. Soon Lydia Ladd, Dr. Alterson, and Susan Lymaster confronted him. Quickly he confessed and begged them to kill him and get it over with. The suicide note of confession and the loaded gun saved his life. Dr. Alterson quickly ascertained that what he had done was not premeditated but the result of frustration and alcohol. When Harry was given the option of accepting their terms or being turned over to the police he only too willingly wrote out a letter of resignation and signed the forms for his voluntary commitment for psychological treatment and assignation of power of attorney.

Once all three miscreants were in the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, Susan Lymaster took care of all the required legal matters to complete the decided upon transformations and make everything perfectly legal. Dr. Alterson, Dr. Makes-Shemanski, and Dr. Balkut used their skills to accomplish the physical changes needed to assist the transformations of the adult conspirators. Harry was given a complete sex change while Tricia received a hysterectomy. Both were altered through skillful use of plastic surgery into almost identical copies of the other. Both were brainwashed into their new duties and roles as maids and sex toys. They were allowed to retain their memories of their past life so they were fully aware of what their new life meant and thus were quite humiliated by what they'd become. However, they could not help but follow their mental reprogramming and enjoy their new lifestyle, which only further added to their frustrations.

James was not as lucky. Since his own self-gratification had forced Harry into the position where he had lost control, Lydia placed the majority of the responsibility for what had happened on him. He was castrated and given a feminine body but forced to keep his useless, nonfunctional penis. He was not brainwashed into his new role, but blackmailed into performing his new duties by the threat of what would happen to JJ if he failed.

Since it had been his rampant sex drive which had gotten him into the mess in the first place, Lydia felt justified in seeing to it that James received regular sex. He found himself to be the office receptionist/bimbo, always available to sex hungry customers. It was left up to James, now Jane, as to how best to satisfy the perverted demands of those clients. To his utter disgust he quickly became adept at both oral and anal lovemaking. Only weekly sessions with Dr. Alterson allowed him to keep his sanity as he had to live with his forced homosexuality. For Lydia, the revenge was bittersweet.


Like most boys, Heath Martin tried to emulate his father who taught his son, by example and expectation, to always keep his word. His Dad never said much, but what he did say, he meant. Every word that he spoke was carefully chosen. He said a man wasn't a real man unless he was willing to back up his words with action. That philosophy was how he lived, and it cost him his life.

Dale Martin was a plain clothes detective working undercover when he was killed in a blaze of machine gun bullets. The fact that he knew that he was going to be killed didn't stop him from continuing on his chosen path. All of the many arrangements he made were plain evidence that he knew full well that he would die violently. His funeral had been arranged and was paid for, he made sure that his wife and son would be well taken care of financially, and he left a long letter explaining why he was doing what he was doing with his goodbyes... which also provided indisputable evidence against his killers.

The regional drug czar had evaded every effort to nail him. After seeing so many lives ruined, Dale had sworn to see that he was put behind bars for life. As an undercover agent, he began to rip off the drug runners, couriers, and dealers. The druglord was impressed by Dale's chutzpa, and decided to meet him to see if he was a fool to be eliminated or a man to be incorporated into his organization.

Dale had video cameras recording their confrontation. The druglord recognized Dale not as a fool or someone to be brought into the mob, but as a man to fear. Dale stood up to the bastard and told him that he was going to put him out of business. In the course of their discussion, Dale was able to have the drug lord brag about all his deals and affairs as he showed off his power. Finally the druglord told Dale he was the one going to be put out of business as the bodyguards drew their machine pistols and aimed them at Dale. Dale smirked and spit in his face. They immediately opened up and shredded him.

The videos, shot from four different angles, recorded every word and action in all it's gruesomeness. The druglord and his henchmen were sent up for life without parole. The entire drug operation was destroyed. Dale had kept his word and died a man.

Heath was proud of his father, and during the funeral swore on his casket that he would lead his life as his dad had led his, that he'd be a man of his word. Heath always kept his word... but he wished that he could learn to think before he spoke. You know the saying: WARNING: BE SURE TO ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE MOUTH! If he had, he wouldn't be in the situation he's in today. Now he'll never be able to follow in his Dad's footsteps and die as a man.

Heath was eight at the time of his father's funeral. Even though they were well off, his Mom decided she needed to work, just for something to do. She took an easy job as a research specialist in a large law firm that employed their family lawyer and friend, Dave Getzoff. Dave and Dale had been roommates and played football together in college. They shared the philosophy as to the sacredness of a man's word, which is not always an easy matter for a lawyer. Dale Martin had made all the arrangements for his family's well being through Dave, and he took Heath under his firm wing as a surrogate father. Heath accepted his guidance and looked up to him just as he had his Dad.

Their families often vacationed together, and got along quite well. Dave's daughter, Janet, and Heath were the same age and got along all right although they often had differences of opinions on matters relating to the equality and differences of the sexes. Heath was a chauvinist par excellence while she was a feminine paradox extolling women's rights. She was all sugar and spice, loved to be soft, feminine, frilly and lacy, while insisting that a female could do anything as well or as better than a male.

A year after Dale Martin was killed, Dave Getzoff's wife, Linda, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The news hit them all quite hard and the Martins helped as much as they could as the hearty woman bravely wasted away before our eyes. Linda's mother, Martha Medlar moved in with them to nurse Linda through her illness, to take care of their home, and to help raise Janet. The year it took for Linda to die drew them all together.

It was only natural that Barbara Martin and Dave Getzoff began to go out after Linda died. From her death-bed, Linda had even suggested that they marry. Martha had no qualms about their union and stated unequivocally that she thought their marriage would be best for everyone. Janet and Heath didn't object. They both thought it would be nice to have two parents again. They also enjoyed their almost sibling like rivalry.

A year after Linda's death, Barbara and Dave married. Barbara adopted Janet and Dave adopted Heath. From that day on Heath called him DAD. They moved into the Getzoff home where Grandma Medlar had agreed to stay on as housekeeper and accepted Heath as her grandson. The adults were always careful not to contradict the others, and Janet and Heath learned from the start that they were not to play one adult against the others. Whatever one stated as policy, proper behavior, or punishment was supported fully by the others. As things eventually worked out, that was to prove to be against Heath's boyhood.

Janet and Heath argued incessantly about the superiority of males or females. The adults were always careful to avoid taking sides. When the kids would appeal to them for a ruling or opinion, they would make them research their view and present it to the other. They made sure they stayed rational and calm, and their skills at debating grew. Unfortunately, Janet's grew faster than Heath's. She began to regularly best him, and he began to grow desperate for a win. The boy should have thought of his Dad's words about saying only what you intend to back up, but he was too brash to think that far.

The day Janet trapped Heath was one he'll never forget. They were arguing about whether boys or girls were smarter, what started the confrontation they couldn't even recall. Heath's point was that guys had more common sense, her's was that girls get better grades. They had reached the point where they automatically began their research to support their side, and when they presented their cases, it was before the assembled family where the debate could be refereed. As usual Janet began to win. Heath became angry and a bit flustered, and when she shut down his side of the dispute, he made the biggest blunder of his life.

"All right," Heath said vehemently. "You win this one. But I still say that men are stronger, tougher, and better than women. Men work hard and use their common sense. The only reason girls get better grades than boys is because girls have things so much easier than guys it's no wonder they have the time study harder!"

"That's really a joke," Janet laughed. "Girls have things easier than guys; that'll be the day! If you had to go through what I do every day, you'd beg to be put out of your misery!"

Dave, Barbara, and Grandma Medlar shifted in their seats to remind the kids that they were still present and that the debate was deteriorating into an argument. Grandma interjected herself at this point by suggesting, "I really think that you should drop the subject for now before someone says or does something they might regret later."

Heath later thought that he should have taken her warning and just kept his mouth shut. Unfortunately, his haughty male pride refused to sit down and keep quiet. When he came back at Janet with that old classic response, "Oh yeah?" he had unknowingly started digging a hole to bury himself. Janet didn't even answer, she just sat in her chair smirking. She was quite aware that Grandma had been referring to him. Heath knew it too and that really irritated him. Janet was so smug and superior, Heath wanted very desperately to knock her down a few pegs.

Barbara spoke up then, "I really think this has gone far enough."

Heath just wouldn't let it drop. Still glaring at Janet he challenged her. "If I wanted to, I could do everything you do, and do it better!" Deeper and deeper he dug his hole.

"Well, it's really a moot point," Janet added with a frivolous sigh. "You wouldn't have the guts to even try doing everything I do."

Dave stood up signaling the end of the debate.

Janet's taunt made Heath burn. His stupid male pride reared it's ugly head. Ignoring Dave and without even thinking of the ramifications of what he was saying he snapped back at her, "What do you mean I don't have the guts. I CAN do everything you do!" The hole he was digging was getting so deep that the sun was barely visible.

"All right," she stated calmly as she looked him straight in the eye. "Prove it!"

Suddenly Heath realized why the adults had been trying to get him to drop the matter. Janet must have seen that realization cross his face because she began to smirk. She had him trapped and gloated. Heath couldn't think of anything to say and swallowed back the bile he felt rising slowly up his throat. Anger and frustration took over as he began to feel very warm and perspire.

Dave, Barbara, and Grandma Medlar looked at one another as they attempted to come up with a solution to the growing dilemma that wouldn't make Heath look like a total fool. Finally Dave spoke, "That's enough. This has gone on too long already."

Heath was ready to do just as Dave said at that point but this time Janet didn't stop. "You can't prove it because it's not true," she stated defiantly. Then she threw in a zinger she knew Heath couldn't let pass. "Besides," she said with smug superiority. "You don't have the guts to even try to prove it."

Heath should have taken the easy way out and looked to Dave to stop things before they went any further, but Janet's self-righteous countenance egged the boy's macho stupidity onward... she was daring him to prove her wrong. Every red blooded boy knows a challenge by a girl can't be turned down. Purposely he avoided looking at the adults who were trying to cut him off. "Yes I do have the guts," he stated categorically glaring at Janet. "I can prove it!" The anger in his voice left no doubt that he was totally serious.

Janet laughed, she actually laughed! "You don't have what it takes to live like a GIRL." Contemptuous dismissal of the entire affair as if it was unimportant was the humiliating yet taunting tone of her voice.

Standing up Heath angrily clenched his fists and almost shouted. "Yes I do!" Even as he spoke those words he could feel the walls of the hole he'd dug caving in atop him. He felt a suffocating heaviness upon his chest as he realized what he had said.

The ball was in Janet's court and she had a free throw. The game hung in the balance. If she made the shot, Heath was the loser, whether or not he could prove his point or not was now irrelevant. The only way he could prove that he could do the things she did better than she did them was to actually do them! That meant he'd have to become, in effect, a girl!

Everyone fell silent, the adults knew things had gone too far. They were desperately searching for a way to shut both kids down and defuse the emerging crisis without condemning the boy or saying that Janet was right. They wanted both to emerge unscathed. Afterwards Heath wished they had just embarrassed him by sending him to his room to cool off and let Janet bask in her win.

Before they came up with a way to stop them, Janet looked Heath straight in the eye, all mirth had disappeared and only deadly earnestness remained. "Now we'll see if you're a real man or a wimp. A man should be willing to back up his statements with action. For you to prove that you can do everything I do better than I can do them, you'll first have to learn how to do them. Since my activities and routines change throughout the year, you'll have to spend at least a year doing the things I do better than I do them. Are you man enough to be a girl for a year?"

She had backed him into a corner with no way out. She had used her ace by impugning his manliness and questioning his sacred word. The hole he'd dug was now filled in with him trapped hopelessly under what felt like a ton of debris. Heath had no idea how to get out of the awkward position he'd created. Knowing he'd created the mess made it all that much worse.

Dave looked at Janet and coldly stated, "Janet, that's unfair. You can't expect Heath to live like a girl for a year."

"Of course I know that," she stated in a hurt tone of voice. "But he shouldn't go around making statements like he did if he isn't willing to back them up. I'm just using this as another example to prove that girls are smarter than guys. I really don't expect him to live as a girl for a year." Then as the tension of the moment began to fade she giggled and went on, "For one thing, you'd never let him." Then she turned serious once more, "Heath simply is not ready to be a man like his dad or you, and he certainly is not capable of besting me. I won't hold him responsible for his words." This last was said with great magnanimity.

Heath had just breathed a sigh of relief when Dave intervened. He had opened the caved-in hole and thrown him a rope to pull him out. Heath had just made it to the top when Janet's condescending attitude forced him to release that rope and fall back over the edge into the bottomless pit that yawned before him. The anger he felt was quite evident in his voice which was soft but hard and steady as he spoke. "I'm not a wimp," the boy stated while glaring at Janet. "I don't need anyone to help me," He scowled at Dave. Then looked over all of them and continued, "I'll show all of you that I'm a man of my word and I'll back up my words to the hilt. I can do the things Janet does better than she can do them. It doesn't matter if you'll let me do it or not, I'm going to prove it to all of you! I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means living as a girl." His pulse had to be around 200, he knew that he was quite flushed and breathing hard.

They all just stared at Heath in disbelief during his tirade. At first, no one knew what to say. While the lad was pausing to catch his breath, his brain finally kicked in and chided his macho pride for being so arrogantly stupid. He knew he was in this mess well over his head and that he had no way of getting out. His only hope was that Dave would forbid him from carrying out his ill chosen words.

Unfortunately Grandma Medlar (the meddler) spoke up just as Dave opened his mouth, so he kept silent, not wanting to contradict her and hoping she had come up with a better answer to the dilemma. "I don't approve of this at all and I'm sure I speak for us all. However, Heath, you've made several statements that we can't overlook. If we let you get away with this, you'll continue to make poor choices, and we'll feel obligated to let you get away with doing so. I see only two choices for you to make. The first and smartest is to apologize to all of us and ask us to forgive you for your hasty, unthought, and ill chosen words. Doing so will not make you any less of a man, for a true man can also admit that he has made a mistake and apologize. The second is to follow through and give you the chance to prove you are as good as your word. If you make no choice, that means you cannot admit to your error, and in effect force us to assume you've made the second choice. I insist that you decide which choice to make now." Barbara and Dave both felt that Grandma Medlar's options were just and silently waited Heath's response.

The silence that followed was quite deafening. Heath's heart was in his throat, the blood pounding in his ears sounded as if he were inside a bass drum during a ZZ TOP concert. His vision narrowed to Grandma as she stared at him expectantly. The lad felt the flesh at his temples jumping to each rapid pulse, his throat felt like he'd eaten the Sahara desert. His brain ordered him to beg them for forgiveness. His damn male arrogance told them to jamb it where the sun never shines. His mouth opened and closed several times as he wordlessly tried to respond, but nothing came out. His dilemma was quite evident upon his face as they all stared at him apprehensively. The proud, stubborn lad knew he should apologize and eat his own words, but he simply couldn't bring himself to apologize. By the same token, there was no way he wanted to spend a year being a better girl than Janet.

Grandma waited five minutes before letting out a deep sigh. "So be it," she said fatalistically. "Since you made no decision, you'll have to stick by your word. We may as well start right now. Janet, since you caused this situation, I expect you to teach Heath what he needs to know so that he at least has a fair chance to prove his point. We will all help him learn how to be a proper young lady. None of us," she asserted as she looked from one to the others, "will in any way tease, taunt, torment, or demean his efforts." The pause that followed was fraught with deep thoughts of what the future would bring.

"All right, HEATHER," she turned back to the dumbfounded boy with a sweet smile that turned his stomach. "Let's get you up to the bathroom for a nice bubblebath." With that he knew his fate was sealed. No one said a word as he numbly allowed her to take a firm grip upon his hand and lead him upstairs to the bathroom. His indecision had planted the tombstone over the grave he'd dug for himself.

As the duo entered the bathroom, Heath held back and began to stammer a protest. "Gr... Grandma Medlar... I... I changed my mind. I'll apologize... please..."

She never released his hand or gave any indication that she'd heard his plea. Once she had him inside she closed the door and curtly ordered the embarrassed confused boy to undress as she turned on the water and reached into the closet for the fragrant bubble bath. Mechanically Heath began to undress. Apparently he was too slow and she began to help him out of his jeans. Little did he know that it would be the last time for a very long time that he would ever wear jeans.

By the time he stood before her vainly trying to retain what little modesty he had remaining, the tub was filled with warm, bubbly water. The sweet fragrance of lilacs in bloom filled the room as she guided her adopted grandson into the tub and had him immerse himself. Heath mutely watched as she gathered up his discarded clothes and left the room.

As he lay in the water he began to think about what he'd gotten himself into. Since neither his mother nor step-father had attempted to stop Grandma Medlar he knew there would be no turning back from the course he'd so stupidly laid out for himself. He chastised himself unmercifully and felt tears of remorse trickling down his cheeks. He had no idea how long he lay there moping in his misery, but the gentle knock on the door followed immediately by it's opening snapped him back to reality.

Janet peeked inside to see Heath's tear streaked face emerging from a sea of bubbles. She smiled sadly in obvious commiseration of his dilemma and entered carrying an armful of dainty clothes. "Grandma says that you're to dry off and put these things on." She obviously saw the look of despair upon his face as she added, "I'm really sorry about all this. If you need any help putting any of this on, just ask. I'll wait outside." With that she deposited the girl's clothes atop the vanity and left.

Heath stared at his fate for several minutes knowing that he had no choice. With a reluctant sigh he flipped open the drain and stood. His twelve year old prepubescent boyish body was still hairless and had yet to show any signs of masculine development. While he knew this would help him in his attempt to best Janet, it was a source of embarrassment. The bath had left his flesh soft, smooth, and sensitive. The fluffy towel seemed to almost scratch his softened flesh as he dried. Looking at himself in the mirror he wished once more that he had been blessed with a dark, robust build like his father instead of cursed with a slim, pale form like his mother. His shoulder length straight blonde hair didn't add anything to his male image. silently Heath cursed himself for procrastinating about getting his locks shorn.

Shaking his head sorrowfully as he considered how his irresponsible behavior had put him in this position, he picked up the lace edged, soft, pink nylon bikini panties with one hand and held them as far away from himself as he could while he beheld his fate for the next year. After a few moments of useless conjecture, manfully (?) he swallowed the bile he found rising up his throat and steeled himself by thinking of how bravely his Dad had faced death. That thought helped him do what he had to do. If his dad could stout-heartily go to his death, Heath could just as valiantly spend the next year outdoing a girl at being a girl!

With that resolved, he expelled a deep breath and manfully (!) stepped into the panties and drew them up his soft thighs to settle them about his hips. The tingling as they slithered up his hairless legs caused his penis to begin to swell. By the time he had them in place, Heath had unwillingly achieved his first full erection which did little to calm his nerves. Once more his heart was pounding as he uselessly willed his uncooperative betraying manhood to subside, but the more he thought about it, the more the pressure increased. With a sigh of frustration Heath realized there was but one thing to do. Taking the matter in hand, he wrestled the uncooperative monster from it's hiding place in the panties, and quickly reduced it to a flaccid state as the few drops of his first emission of manly fluid dripped forlornly into the commode. Taking a piece of bathroom tissue, he despondently cleaned his delinquent member before stuffing it back into his horridly delightful panties. Heath grinned sardonically about the way he had achieved his first orgasm.

Seeing his smiling face in the mirror caused him to stop and think about what he'd just done. Those thoughts caused him to shiver with tremendous trepidation about his ability to survive the year as a girl. The simple act of putting on a skimpy pair of panties had caused him to become so aroused that he had to jerk off! On top of that, he'd felt physically satisfied when he'd stuffed himself back inside the nylon prison of the panties which he'd already labeled as being HIS panties! Shaking his head in disbelief at what was happening to him, he took another deep breath and gingerly picked up the dainty training bra that perfectly matched the panties. Heath knew that Janet had started to wear a training bra just after she'd started the sixth grade as most girls do. For a girl, wearing a bra seemed like a rite of passage from being a child to being a teenager. Heath knew that Janet had only begun to show actual signs of needing a bra since school let out four weeks ago. Reluctantly he slipped his arms into the straps. Carefully positioning it about his boyish chest he haplessly attempted to twist his arms behind his back to hook the monstrosity together.

Concerned that he was taking too long, Janet knocked on the door and opened it. "Do you need any help?" She inquired softly as she poked her head around the door. Seeing Heath's flustered expression she giggled and stepped inside. "Let me help you with that. They're really difficult until you get the hang of doing it." Without waiting for a response she stepped behind him and took the devilish garment from his hands. She quickly slipped it off his arms, turned it around, and placed it about his chest backwards. "Do it like this," she instructed seriously with no hint of teasing or malice. "Hook it in front, then turn it around. Lean forward a bit and slip your arms in the straps. Once you have the straps in place, gather up the loose flesh and lift it into the cups as you stand up."

Heath felt a weird tingling in his flat breasts when she cupped his loose flesh and lifted it into the soft lace cup of the bra. He was as shocked as she was to see just how much flesh she'd been able to place in the soft yet restraining confines of the bra. He turned beet red when the soft flesh of his false pert breasts didn't slip out of the cup but stayed there!

Janet looked at Heath in dead seriousness as she petulantly stated, "It's not fair! You've got bigger boobs that I do!"

The mortified boy looked down at the soft fleshy mounds inside the soft pink lace prison and shivered, then looked helplessly at Janet, unable to explain why he had breasts. When Janet saw his hapless countenance, her jealousy softened and she began to giggle. The tension suddenly vanished and he joined her. They caught a glimpse of their reflection in the mirror and were a bit taken aback to see what appeared to be two pretty giggling pre-teen girls, one dressed and the other in her lingerie.

Janet saw what Heath saw as they looked at their reflection as they returned to the reality of the situation. She sobered and stated honestly, "I hate to admit it, but you might just have a chance to pull this off."

Part of Heath was delighted to hear her confess that he stood a chance of redeeming himself. Another part felt totally repulsed that his mere appearance could lead to such a concession. She sensed his distress and impulsively hugged him. He returned her hug and they both began to cry.

When they'd dried their tears, she helped him finish dressing. A snug pink cotton sleeveless top with a picture of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn showed his burgeoning breasts to great advantage. A sleek pink nylon half slip with an inch of lace at the hem peeked daringly out from beneath a flaring two tiered faded denim miniskirt. The tops of a pair of pink tube sox were gathered haphazardly about his slim ankles, and a pair of pink and grey saddle shoes completed his first girlish outfit.

Janet just shook her head in disbelief as she surveyed Heath. Almost indignantly she told me, "Now I'm sure I'm going to have problems outdoing you. You look cuter than me already!"

Heath could only blush because he could see that what she said was true. He was cuter! His boyish pride was shattered, but the stirring he felt in his loins left him no doubt that he was still a guy in that area!

"Well," Janet stated fatalistically. "I backed you into this and promised to help you as much as I could so let me help you with your hair." She brushed his soft blonde locks forward and trimmed off bangs that reached to his eyebrows. Then she showed him how to brush the rest of his silken tresses back and gather them into a pert, high, bouncy pony tail at the rear of his head. She then picked up a pink ribbon and showed him how to tie it into a perky bow to accentuate his by now obvious girlishness.

Picking up a bottle of pink nail polish, she instructed Heath in the proper techniques of manicuring one's nails. When he had completed that task, they gazed upon his undeniably feminine reflection. Both were stunned to speechlessness. After a few moments of silent reflection, Janet took Heath's soft, pretty hands in hers and gave him a sisterly peck upon his rosy cheek. Strange new emotions were sweeping over the mesmerized lad, and he knew they were girlish feelings. Janet assured him that she was thrilled to have him as her sister which made him blush.

Janet could not help but giggle, "You look absolutely adorable, Heather. Look, let me teach you how to curtsey. I'm sure you'll impress Mom, Dad, and Grandma if you do a neat curtsey for them." With that she showed him how to gingerly hold the sides of his miniskirt out, cross his left leg behind his right so the toe of his shoe touched the floor, and dip gracefully with the right knee. It took him a few tries until he got everything down to her satisfaction, and then she led him from the bathroom to present him to the adults.

With each step Heath shivered and thrilled to the soft, gentle swish of his slip and skirt. He found himself thinking that perhaps this wasn't going to be so bad after all. With that idea, he decided to act as girlish as possible for his debut.

As the duo entered the living room the hushed conversation the adults had been having fell silent as all three heads turned to look at Heath. The demure blushing petticoated lad smiled sweetly at their gaping mouths and dropped into a perfectly darling curtsey. The only sound that could be heard was the soft sound of the crinkling lace of his dainty slip. Heath completed his curtsey and demurely folded his hands together at his waist, so they could see his pink nails and waited.

Time seemed to stop as the adults carefully surveyed the feminized lad. Finally Barbara stood and held out her arms for her "son" to come to her. With his short skirt fluttering Heath rushed into her warm embrace, and both began to cry. Finally they regained control and she sat down on the sofa pulling him down to sit beside her. Carefully, the cross-dressed boy adjusted and smoothed his skirt so there would be no wrinkles.

Grandma Medlar smiled broadly and nodded her head. "I think we may have something here," she stated. "Heather, you're much too pretty and natural as a girl for this to be some sort of fluke of nature. I'm beginning to think that perhaps you were really meant to be a girl."

Heath blushed deeply as he demurely folded his hands upon his lap after trying to tug his short skirt down from it's mid-thigh resting point. Janet sat beside him and smiled broadly, pleased with her handiwork. Apprehensively Heath looked towards Dave to see his reaction. Dave merely smiled wanly and shook his head which really disturbed the confused boy. "Is something wrong, Dad?" Heath spoke softly, almost afraid he wasn't as convincingly girlish as he thought he was.

With a deep sigh Dave settled back in his chair. "No, Heather," he stated almost sadly. "There's nothing wrong. That's the problem. I don't see a boy dressed up as a girl, all I can see is a lovely girl! We were talking about males who appear to be females when you came into the room." Taking a deep breath he looked at Barbara and Grandma Medlar for reassurance and agreement.

After a brief pause to collect his thoughts, he went on. "I've told you about how the senior partners in the office are constantly chasing all the pretty women. Well, you've reminded me of something that happened a year and a half ago."

Confusion was evident upon Heath's pretty face because he certainly didn't see any connection between him dressing as a girl and something involving those horny old goats. Janet appeared just as confused. Barbara, Grandma Medlar, and Dave all started to laugh at their bewilderment.

"I'll have to explain," Dave stated gaily. "It seems old man Ripley had been trying to get this one particularly cute but aloof secretary to do him certain favors. She wore tight, short skirts and snug low cut sweaters that showed off the flesh of her cleavage. Despite her teasing, she wanted nothing to do with any man much less doing "favors" and spurned his every effort, just as she spurned every other guy in the office. Most of us assumed she was a lesbian and laughed it off. Well, old man Ripley was not one to give up, so one day when this girl was in the supply room, he took advantage of his size to pin her against the shelving and slip his hand up under her miniskirt and grab the crotch of her panties."

The adults broke into laughter which left Janet and Heath even more confused. When Dave regained control he continued. "She screamed and he yelped. He must have been trying to pull his hand away like he'd reached into a pot of boiling water." Once more they laughed. "It seemed that cute sexy girl who had been teasing everyone in the office had a penis tucked inside her panties."

That revelation stunned Janet and Heath. "But I thought you said she had real breasts?" The stunned boy asked in obvious puzzlement.

Janet looked right at Heath and reached out and grasped one of his bra encased protruding breasts. "So do you, Heather," she stated firmly, causing him to blush deeply while they all suppressed a giggle.

"That's what I'm getting at, Heather. Carla Fake was a genetic male, but he sure looked, moved, and acted like a sexy woman. Just as you're really a male but right now you look, move and act like a real girl," Dave stated bluntly.

Heath felt and looked stunned as they all waited for him to absorb what they had said. When he finally understood, Dave continued. "Carla was quietly terminated with a nice severance package. Things at the office grew bad for several months as several women quit in a huff over the sexual advances. One junior partner, a woman, Susan Lymaster started her own law firm shortly after that debacle. She's doing quite well and LYMASTER ASSOCIATES is sharing an office with CLIPP-ALMEN CPA in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. Carla Fake is working for them as office manager, and she's quite efficient. It seems that Susan is a lesbian, and is now living with Carla. I bet their relationship is quite interesting. As a matter of fact, she's been after me to join her, claims she needs a male partner who won't treat women as sex objects. She's offered to hire Mom too."

Heath sat deep in thought for a few moments as he took in Dave's words. Dave waited until it was evident by the girlish boy's face that he understood before he continued, "What do you think, Barbara, should we join Susan? My opinions have left me with no opportunity to advance where I'm at and Susan will take me on as a full partner. We won't have that long rush hour commute since we only live a few blocks from the mall. Besides, with Heath becoming a girl, we'll need her expertise. She has handled several cases of this nature. Her original lesbian lover Linda Almen is a CPA and married her boss James Clipp. Somehow, Susan moved in with them, hired Carla, and then they managed to induce James and his son Jimmy into dressing like girls. Now all five of them are living together as females. Jimmy is now Jamie, a thoroughly feminine teenager attending ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL and James is Jane, a very presentable woman CPA. I'm sure Susan could help me with the legal papers to get your records changed to state that you're a girl and get you into ST. FRANCIS too."

Heath's eyes grew wide as he listened to Dave going on about males becoming females. Two hours ago he had never even been aware that anything like that could happen. Now here he sat with his hands demurely folded in his skirted lap as he listened to what his parents were telling him. It seemed to the perplexed lad that they assumed he was going to become a girl permanently! "AHHH... just a minute here," he stammered as the import of their words sank into his thick brain. "I have no intention of becoming a girl. This is only going to be for a year so I can prove my point. There's no way I'm going to actually become a girl!" This last he stated quite indignantly even though his nerves were showing as his hand idly crept up until his pretty pink painted fingers were fiddling with the pink ribbon holding his bouncy ponytail in place.

Heath wasn't even aware he was messing with the ribbon until their silent stares made him aware that his totally feminine actions were belying his words. Blushing beet red he quickly lowered his hands and eyes in shame. No one said a word, none were needed. Deep in his heart Heath feared that perhaps their forecast for his future might just be accurate. It made him wonder how he could be slipping so easily into the role of a girl. Maybe they were right and he should have been born a girl. He was simply too confused to figure it out.

“Please don’t take what I’m about to say as an insult, because it certainly is not. You must understand you’re most likely going to actually become a girl,” Dave said. “For you to spend a year as a girl you certainly can’t continue your education at your current school. That’s why we need to enroll you and Janet at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL for the next year. But truthfully, Heath, I don’t think your masculinity will survive the year.”

Heath was left speechless. A very big part of him feared Dave’s prediction might be all too true. All the poor boy knew for sure was that for the next year, he was going to have to eat, breath and think like a girl to keep his word. He wondered if his departed father was rolling over in his grave at what his ill-spoken statements had wrought, but he was still determined to see this mess through to the end.

The rest of the day went quickly as Heath followed Janet about, easily mimicking her every move. Everyone treated him as if he had always been a girl. Everything he did and said made it seem as if they were right. Fortunately they allowed him very little time to think about how easily he had accepted the role of a girl, and he simply did what seemed appropriate. That night he found himself slipping on a cute fluffy little pink babydoll nightie and crawling under the satin covers of the spare twin bed in Janet's bedroom. Sleep came quickly and with it dreams of girlish delights in which he was a real girl!

The next day Heath awoke exhausted, stiff, and confused by the games his mind was playing on him. Grandma came in and bade Janet and he to dress. Janet simply handed him a pair of pink nylon lace edged panties and matching pre-teen bra. Heath put them on with no trouble at all, even fluffing up his breasts as Janet had shown him the day before. He was a little disturbed yet relieved that his pantied manhood didn't get hard this time. A simple slip, sleeveless sundress, and sandals completed his girlish attire.

Janet and Heath entered the kitchen and joined the adults for breakfast. His perky beribboned ponytail swung over his shoulder as he leaned front to smooth his skirt as he sat. Grandma Medlar beamed at his obvious natural girlishness. Barbara and Dave hugged their "daughters" goodbye as they set off for work, determined to hand in their notice so they could join LYMASTER ASSOCIATES. Susan Lymaster had been delighted by their phone call late last night when they informed her that they would resign their current positions and join her as soon as possible.

After Janet and Heath had cleaned up the breakfast dishes, Grandma Medlar stated that she was taking them to LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL after lunch. "Janet doesn't have enough clothes for two girls to share so we'll have to buy more at THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE." Then looking pointedly at Heath she went on, "besides, I think it'll be a good experience for you to visit TRANSFORMATION STYLING for your first complete beauty treatment." Quite naturally Heath blushed at that prospect.

The "sisters" spent the rest of the morning doing the myriad little things Janet normally did. Heath had to admit that a girls' life wasn't as easy as he had expected. About 11:30 am the phone rang, and Grandma Medlar had a hushed conversation before she burst out laughing. Janet and Heath wondered what was so funny. After she hung up, she looked at them quite mirthfully and told them that Dave had called from the office of LYMASTER ASSOCIATES. It seemed that when Barbara and he had tendered their resignations, Old Man Ripley had blown his top and fired them both. When they called Susan Lymaster she told them to come to her office and they could start to work there right away. The entire family would meet with their new employers at the mall for lunch.

With that, she told Janet to get a purse for Heath and off they went. Fifteen minutes later they entered the LYMASTER ASSOCIATES/CLIPP-ALMEN CPA offices. The beautiful young woman who greeted them identified herself as Carla Fake. Before a stunned Heath stood a very sexily feminine woman whom he knew to be a male! He wondered if he'd look as good as she did when he grew up. That thought made him blanche and shiver, after all, he was only going to be a girl for a year, not for the rest of his life! Heath determined that he had to keep those weird ideas out of his thoughts or he'd doom himself to spending the rest of his life as a female.

Before he could reconcile his confused thoughts, Dave, his mother, and Susan Lymaster came out to greet them. Carla and Susan made several complimentary comments about his obvious natural girlishness which only added to his confusion. Quickly they ushered them over to the CPA side of the office suite where they was introduced to Linda Almen and Jane Clipp. If Heath had been told that one of the two was really a man, he would have chosen Linda, and would have been wrong. Jane appeared to be a stunning middle-aged professional woman! They too complimented his girlishness then called out to a pretty teenage girl who was filing papers.

Heath watched in awe as the perky girl sauntered over to join them. She was so innocent yet so alluring that Heath felt his manhood strain against his snug panties. Her short pleated pink mini-skirt swayed sexily with the natural swing of her rounded hips. The two inch belt snugged firmly about her waist accentuated her slim figure. The snug short sleeved pink sweater hugged her pert breasts. A beribboned long brunette ponytail swung saucily with every movement of her head. The smile upon her pretty face was one of undisguised contentment. Heath could have been knocked over by a feather when they introduced her as Jamie Clipp! She was a boy too!

All had an enjoyable lunch where Heath basked in the compliments about his girlishness while he observed theirs. 24 hours ago he was a normal boy who had never even suspected that boys could dress as girls, much less live as them. Now here he sat, looking for all the world to be a pretty girl, at a table with two other girls, one of whom was a boy, with four women, two of whom were men, and Mom and Dad! Talk about confusion! Heath was overwhelmed as he tried to take it all in and assimilate it into his being.

Shortly after lunch a nervous Heath was reclining in a chair with an operator washing his hair while Grandma Medlar, his mom, Susan, and Carla spoke with the owner, Susan Bangs, about what treatments he should receive. Janet stood by the adults listening and Heath could tell by the look on her face that she wished she would be the one to be getting what he was to receive. That made him shiver, since he assumed Susan Bangs had been told by them to give him the works. If only he'd known just what she'd been told, Heath would have ran out. But as they say, ignorance is bliss, so he meekly let them have their way. Once his hair was shampooed, Grandma Medlar and Janet came over and told Heath to be a good girl and cooperate with the staff while she took Janet clothes shopping. He could tell from the tone of her voice that he had better cooperate fully which made him even more frightened about their intentions. He envisioned himself done up like Dolly Parton and wondered if he should try to get away.

Before he could make up his mind, the hairdresser guided him to her chair where she began to brush and snip while the manicurist set up next to him and proceeded to do both his finger nails and his toe nails. On the other side of the overwhelmed lad another woman wheeled a cart on which sat a little chrome box with all sorts of dials and wires. She plugged it in and began sorting things out until the operator was done trimming his hair. The woman with the machine smiled and reclined Heath's seat, then washed his eyebrows with a stinging liquid, being careful not to let any get into his eyes. Then she told him that he might feel a little burning until the lotion she'd applied numbed his skin and that he should just relax. Heath stared wide-eyed wondering what they were doing as she picked up a tweezers and a weird pen that was connected to the machine by a wire and had a thin needle at the tip. He closed his eyes as she instructed and felt an almost burning tingling on his eye brows while the box hummed softly as she touched first the needle and then the tweezers to his face. The slight discomfort he felt quickly passed as his skin seemed to go numb in that area. Well, between the gentleness of the manicurist handling his feet and hands, the slight hum of the box, the gentle touches on his forehead, combined with his mental confusion; the girlish lad fell asleep.

Janet woke Heath up three hours later with a broad grin upon her face as she literally gushed, "Oh Heather, you really look cute! They really did a great job on you!"

The groggy boy struggled to consciousness and turned to look at his reflection in the mirror. He was totally unprepared for what he beheld. Dolly Parton he wasn't, but he certainly couldn't be a boy! The pretty girl he'd been when they had arrived had been made even cuter! The reflection revealed that her eyebrows had been thinned and arched giving her an inquisitive look. Her cheeks were girlishly rosy and her lips a soft glossy pink. A hint of delicate blue shading accentuated her eyelids, and delicately thin dark eyeliner set off her big baby blue eyes and naturally long dark lashes. They had even pierced her ears while she slept! Heath knew there was now no way he could even try to appear as a boy. Even if he were to put on his scruffiest set of clothes, he'd simply look like a cute tomboy! To say Heath was devastated by his transformation is an understatement.

But worse was yet to come as he heard Janet begging Grandma to let her have the same treatment he had received while she took him to finish the shopping. "Grandma, it's not fair! Heather looks too good now! I don't stand a chance of beating her," she whined petulantly. "That permanent make-up is simply scrumptious, and I want my eyebrows thinned with electrolysis like Heather's."

Heath listened to her words in total disbelief as he continued to look at his totally feminine reflection. Since his mom had it done a few years ago to help her save time in the morning, he knew exactly what permanent make-up meant... it was tattooed on! For the same reason he also knew that electrolysis was the permanent removal of hair. All of which meant that his cute make-up, pierced ears, and thinned delicate eyebrows would be an unremovable part of him for the rest of his life! The changes the talented beauticians had made to his face left him with no choice but to live as a girl with no hope of ever returning to boyhood! The instructions they had received had trapped him in skirts! Heath's mind went almost blank as he tried to think of some way out of this mess.

Before Heath could get a grip on the enormity of it all, he found himself being led by Grandma up to the second floor of the mall while Janet was happily ensconced in the beauty shop willingly undergoing the same procedures he had unwittingly received. Quickly ushered into the office of Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski in the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, he stood before the doctor as she gave him a quick physical. Unaware of their intentions and still bewildered by the series of irreversible events, he meekly submitted to having his panties lowered as she examined his manhood. The fact that she made no comments or showed any shock at what was between his effeminate loins relieved the perplexed lad while creating a myriad of new questions as to what was happening to him. Dr. Makes-Shemanski seemed to accept that a bit of masculinity on an otherwise feminine body was normal. Heath found out later that was exactly the case! He complied with her request to turn about, bend over, and grasp his ankles while she examined his derriere. A sense of fear grabbed him when the doctor told him what she was going to do. Deftly she slipped a finger into his very private place. Much to his surprise it wasn’t painful. His manhood swelled but Doctor Makes-Shemanski told him his response was normal. All too soon he began to ejaculate. A nurse in the room had placed a vial with a small funnel to capture every drop he spurted. Confused and feeling both embarrassed and blissful because of his orgasm, he was unprepared for the sting of a needle as it pierced his buttocks.

As Heath pulled up his panties, he was even less prepared to be informed that he had just a dose of female hormones into his bloodstream! That meant that he would be a girl hormonally! In addition, all traces of his burgeoning manhood would be quickly suppressed, due to his young age and lack of masculine development, possibly permanently so if he continued taking the hormones. Numbly Heath took the prescription that Dr. Makes-Shemanski handed him. Grandma Medlar guided him to ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES APOTHECARY where Andrew Bloom nervously filled a bottle with female hormones and handed it to the trembling boy/girl. Heath realized that he was being irreversibly forced down the road to femininity.

Tears began to flow as Heath realized that his erections and orgasms of yesterday and in the doctor’s office could very well be the only ones he might ever have. As he cried, he felt a strange sense of relief. They were seeing to it that he would no longer be a male, thus he wouldn't have to worry about being a man and having to keep his word! That concept had put him in this predicament in the first place. With a sigh he realized that becoming a girl would not be a terrible thing. As he contemplated his future as a pretty girl, all he could think of was that his "miss"-judged words were forcing him to be a MISS!


Kaye Bloom had watched her husband closely as he filled the prescription for Heath's female hormones. She sighed knowing things couldn't continue as they currently stood. The children had settled into their new feminine lives quite satisfactorily. All in all, the turmoil that their disobedient sons had created in the family had passed.

Andy was finding it increasingly difficult to fit into his clothes. Since his castration, the female hormones had taken a steady and unrelenting toll of his masculine body. His hair was full and lustrous, reaching past his shoulders and requiring a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. His hips, now soft and rounded, barely fit inside his pants. In addition, his steadily swelling breasts made it increasingly difficult to find shirts that effectively hide his blossoming femininity. Kaye delighted in his growing girlishness, and spent hours fondling and nursing on his tender breasts. Unfortunately, the hormones were also eliminating his ability to function as a male. While she hadn't intended to have him lose his male sexual functions, she had to admit that it was already too late to prevent it from happening. Her delight in Baby Andi was wearing thin, but not her love for Andrea.

The filling of Heath's prescription was the turning point. Kaye decided that it was time Baby Andi grew up. After telling Andrew that she had to do some shopping for the "girls", she headed out to THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE. Olivia Endress greeted her warmly, and after exchanging pleasantries, Kaye came to the purpose of her visit.

"The female hormones have changed Andrew to the point where it's difficult for him to get into his male clothes. I think it's time that Andrea made her appearance." Her voice wavered a bit as she spoke. "When I started this I had no intention of having Andrew appear in public as a female. In light of the loss of male abilities, I now find that I must reconsider that position. After all, Victoria Makes-Shemanski and Jane Clipp made the transition from male to female, and no one in the mall batted an eye. I just hope that the same will happen for Andrea."

Based on their previous discussions, Olivia understood Kaye's initial reluctance to feminize her husband completely. However she also knew that once he'd been castrated, his complete feminization was virtually unstoppable. Up until now she had been unable to help Kaye see that outcome. "I think you're doing the right thing, Kaye," Olivia reassured her. "It's best to make the transition all at once rather than piecemeal. Let's start by setting an appointment with Susan Bangs for a hair style. Slip him a tranquilizer before he goes so he'll fall asleep in the chair. Then she can give him the works while he sleeps. You know, electrolysis to make his eyebrows dainty, permanent lipstick, blush, eye liner, and eye shadow. When he wakes up, he'll look like a woman. I can guarantee that once he discovers he can never look like a man, he'll accept his womanhood."

Kaye thought for a few minutes. What Olivia said made sense. Slowly she nodded her head. "I think you're right, Olivia. Thanks. I'll go see Susan now." Slowly she stood and the two women hugged.

"I know you'll be pleased with the results. After all, from what you've told me the two of you are currently satisfying each other sexually as two women, why not make it official?" Olivia smiled and squeezed Kaye's hand reassuringly. "The sooner you do it, the better it will be for the both of you and the girls."

Kaye headed right over to TRANSFORMATION STYLING beauty salon and Susan Bangs. Susan knew immediately that Kaye was nervous and agitated and suspected the reason. As with most of the "in the know" group who eagerly assisted in the transformations of males into females, she knew that Andrew Bloom had been castrated and on female hormones for several months. Kaye's explanation of what she wanted Susan to do to Andy confirmed her strong suspicions that the hormones had altered him to the point he had great difficulty appearing as a male. Susan put Kaye at ease with a smile and the reassurance that what Olivia had suggested was indeed the best course to pursue. They set an appointment for early the next morning. Susan suggested that Kaye see Dr. Makes-Shemanski for a suitable drug to knock Andy out for the duration of the treatment.

Kaye soon was seated before Dr. Makes-Shemanski as she once more explained the situation in which she found herself and Andy. Sandra smiled. "I was wondering when you'd stop by. I've been keeping my eye on Andy, and there isn't very much remaining of the man he once was. I'll contact Dr. Alterson to let her know what's happening." Going over to a locked cabinet, she opened a door and removed a small bottle containing a clear liquid. "Pour this into whatever you know he'll drink a half hour before you get him to TRANSFORMATION STYLING. If it takes any longer than a half hour to get him there, you'll have to wheel him in. He'll sleep about five hours, which should give Susan enough time to work her magic. Tell Susan to call Dr. Alterson when he starts waking up so she can be there to help him accept the change."

Kaye slipped the tiny one dose bottle into her purse, thanked Dr. Makes-Shemanski, and headed back to ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES APOTHECARY. Andy was busy filling prescriptions, so she waited until he had a break to tell him that she had set up an appointment for him at nine o'clock at TRANSFORMATION STYLING to have his long hair trimmed. Andy never suspected a thing to be amiss since he'd been hinting for the last month that he'd really like to get his hair cut into a more masculine style.


It was that same morning that JJ finally awakened from his Memorial Day ordeal. During that time when he occasionally started to come to his senses he felt as if he were stumbling about in a thick, enigmatic, fog enshrouded swamp. Sounds, lights, and voices would momentarily swim into blurred perspective only to be swept away. When the fog finally cleared and he woke up, he felt tired and weak. Cautiously he tried to get up but discovered he was strapped in a bed. He looked around the sanitary but plush room to see his mother sitting in a chair staring at him intently. All the fears he'd had about what she'd do if she ever found out about his complicity in his father's affair came home to roost.

"Well, darling," she said sweetly as she rose from her seat to stand beside his bed. "I'm glad to see you're finally awake. I had the doctors keep you sedated until you completely recovered."

JJ's heart rose to his throat and he blanched at her cool, demeanor. He'd never seen her so sanguine. Whatever she planned for punishment was sure to be utter hell.

"You've been asleep for six weeks," she told him, pleased to see his fear and shock. "Almost everything has changed since your "injuries". I'm sure you know how displeased I am with your involvement in this entire affair. You will pay for it, I guarantee that!" Her icy voice left no doubt that she meant all she was stating. Then she smiled again and added, "But if you cooperate and do all that I tell you from now on, your punishment won't be as bad as what the others have received."

With that she called out in a harsh voice, "Bridget and Marie, you may come in now." The door to the room opened and two identical raven haired gorgeous young women clad in skin tight, skimpy French Maid uniforms entered. Both curtseyed smartly and demurred to their obvious mistress, Lydia.

For an eight year old, JJ was quite precocious and worldly, and he couldn't take his eyes off the two beauties. Their full firm breasts almost popped out the tops of their minidresses. They looked vaguely familiar but his groggy brain couldn't make the connection as to where he knew them. Lydia solved that problem for him.

"I can see that you realize you’ve met them but can't place them," she laughed haughtily before she continued. "For the next five years these ‘twins’ are our new maids. I had them undergo some surgery to improve their looks and make them appear identical. Neither really wanted to do it, but I left them no choice. It was either cooperate or go to jail for a very long, long time." She was pleased to see her comments add to JJ's confusion.

"You knew Bridget as Tricia Tremont," she stated coolly, pleased to see the recognition flood into JJ's face. "You knew Marie as Harry Simms." Delight lit her face as JJ's mouth dropped open as he surveyed the beautiful girls.

"I can assure you that they both are fully functional females who will never have to worry about getting pregnant. I've made sure of that. They've also received quite an indoctrination from Dr. Alterson in proper submissive behavior and absolute obedience. They will do anything that I order them to do. Both have been trained in all aspects of housework, personal maid service, and all aspects of sexually servicing both males and females in any and every way. The best thing is that they both have no choice but to appear as if they absolutely love their new lives!"

Both girls blushed deeply at her revelations and JJ knew that her every word was absolutely true. He shivered in dread at what other surprises she had in store for him. The fear and trepidation evident upon his face pleased Lydia. Surreptitiously he tried to free himself from the restraining straps about his stomach and chest, not wanting to have his efforts discovered by his mother.

At Lydia's signal both maids wiggled sexily to a corner of the room and stood mutely awaiting their mistress' orders. "Your father is paying even more dearly than these two," Lydia stated coldly. Turning towards the door, she called out imperiously, "You may enter, Jane."

The door opened and a petite, blushing, pretty, wide eyed, winsome blonde entered slowly. She appeared to be about 20 or so. The four inch heels of the pumps at the end of her long, slender, shapely legs exaggerated the sexy wiggle of her well rounded hips. Her low cut skin tight tantalizing minidress barely covered her D cup breasts which jiggled provocatively. The narrowness of her waist gave her a decidedly hour glass shaped voluptuous figure. Full pouty lips begging to be kissed set off her rosy cheeks. Dangling earrings bounced against the soft white flesh of her slender neck as her long blonde hair swept back over her soft shoulders. Her well manicured delicate hands were clasped demurely at her waist.

"I see you're impressed by this beauty," Lydia stated. "Do you recognize her?" She waited while JJ searched for a clue, seeing the confusion upon his sweet terrified face. Laughing heartily she went on, "This lovely beauty used to be your father."

JJ felt his stomach drop as he scrutinized the sexy girl, then he passed out cold. The acrid odor of smelling salts brought him unwillingly back to consciousness. He looked about in confusion as he struggled to regain his shattered senses. All hopes that it'd all been a nightmare shattered when he saw the three women standing in the room with his mother.

"Now, darling," she cooed sweetly to JJ. "I haven't told you half of what I've done so don't go fainting on me already. Unlike Bridget and Marie, who still recall what they were but have been brainwashed to love their new roles, Jane here has not received any such benefits. As a matter of fact, she still has what's left of her pitiful manhood dangling between her pretty legs, although I've made sure it's useless. She not only remembers who and what she was, she absolutely hates what she's become. Since I will no longer allow her to be president of our business, I've had to find her a new position. She's now the new receptionist! Not only that, but she escorts important customers whenever they need a date! I know they love having such a young and sexy girl hanging on their arm. I also know she satisfies ALL their desires, even though she hates every minute of it. She knows that if she doesn't do as I expect her to do, I'll be forced to punish YOU! At this time, you're the only thing she has left from the past over which she has any control, and then it's only to keep me from exacting a final revenge on you for her failures. She knows that she has to be a good girl and please all our customers."

Motioning an obviously mortified Jane over to JJ's bed, Lydia pointed to the lovely girl's dangling earrings. "I had these specially made for Jane. I've had them permanently fixed so they'll never come off. She'll wear them for the rest of her life. Aren't they lovely?"

JJ peered closely at the unique baubles. Fine but sturdy gold wire went through the soft lobes of Jane's ears. From each a gold chain suspended a clear plastic oval in which were embedded 3/4" x 3/8" pinkish oblong objects. Looking closely JJ could see what appeared to be tiny veins criss-crossing the surface of the objects and tiny half inch long squiggly tubes emerging from one end. He had no idea what he was looking at, but knew that it was significant.

Lydia laughed cruelly as tears slowly trickled out of the corners of Jane's eyes. "You see, darling," she explained to JJ. "During my investigations of your "injuries", I discovered that your father had a vasectomy while I was in the hospital giving birth to you so he could go out and whore around without fear. All these years I've been trying to get pregnant so that I could have the daughter I always wanted, and he knew full well that he couldn't father another child. He even had the balls to blame me for my inability to conceive. Since his balls weren't capable of doing their job, they were useless to either of us. I decided I'd be doing him a favor by making sure he wouldn't be burdened with carrying a useless sack between his legs." Her words struck terror in JJ as he felt he knew the direction her drawn out explanation was heading.

"Now one just doesn't throw out the family jewels because they're not as useful as they once were. After finding out all the details of his affair with Tricia, I felt these earrings would be a most appropriate degradation." Pausing for dramatic effect she reached out and flicked the earrings so that they swung about brushing Jane's neck before she finished with what JJ dreaded was coming. "I had your father's useless jewels turned into these exquisite earrings! Now every time they brush his lovely neck, they'll remind him of what he did. Every time he looks in a mirror, he'll be able to see what he's lost... and what their demands have cost him. "

JJ sank onto the bed in hopeless despair. If his mother had been able to wrought all these changes in the three adults, what chance did he stand in avoiding her plans for him? He knew that his mother was about to reveal his punishment.

Lydia sent Jane to another corner of the room as she sat on the edge of the bed and released JJ's bondage. "Since you were a major part of your father's deceit, I decided to use you to punish him while I punish you!" Her beaming face revealed the delight she felt as she unveiled her efforts. Pulling down the covers she exposed JJ.

Looking down at himself, he was horrified to see he was wearing a soft, silken, lace edged ruffled pink nightie. Drawing in a deep breath he feared he might have a set of earrings to match Jane's and hastily reached up to feel his ears. It was with great relief that all he felt were tiny studs embedded in each earlobe. His assuagement vanished quickly as he realized the deviousness of his mother's plans, he was relieved that his ears had MERELY been pierced!

"No, sweety," Lydia comforted him. "Your jewels are still intact... for now." She let her words have the impact she'd planned as she saw JJ blanch. "As long as you are my sweet, adorable, polite, obedient, pretty little girl, I'll let you keep them. If you don't do as I expect, well, I can always have a second pair of earrings made."

JJ shivered in absolute dread. He was well aware that his mother would do as she threatened if he didn't cooperate. Life as a girl loomed before him like a dragon waiting to slay the brave knight. In his daydreams he'd often fancied himself to be a knight fighting off dragons, only now his armor would be silks and satins, lace and ruffles instead of steel and iron.

"Since I can't have the daughter I've always wanted and since I'm not at all satisfied with your disappointing performance as my son, I've decided that your punishment will be to be the darling daughter of my dreams," Lydia passed sentence upon her son. "You will never again wear pants. From now on it will be pretty dresses and skirts for you. Whether you retain your feeble manhood is entirely up to you. I've already had a tiny time released dosage of female hormones implanted in your pretty derriere. Even though you haven't seen your face yet, I've had your appearance altered to that of a cute girl. You now have an adorable up-turned button nose. Your lips are full and pouty, and tattooed a pretty pink. Your cheeks have been tattooed with soft blush. Your eyes are wide and innocent with tattooed baby blue eye-shadow and eyeliner. Your eyebrows are arched and fine, electrolysis does a marvelous job. I even had your ears bobbed and pierced. No matter what you try to do, you'll always appear to be a pretty girl."

JJ sank into the depths of despair and tears came to his eyes as he contemplated his future. Sobs began to wrack his slender, now utterly girlish body. Lydia took him into her arms to comfort him. "It'll be all right, Jennifer Jane," she told him revealing his new name for the first time. "Everything will be all right, baby. There will be no more nasty sports and such for you, my sweet princess. I know that you'll grow to love being a soft, dainty little girl."

As she ushered everyone out of his room she stopped at the door and turned to smile at her stunned new daughter. "Tomorrow you get to come home and see how enchanting your new bedroom is decorated. I just know you'll love it," she gushed as she turned off the light. "Now you get your beauty rest, darling, sweet dreams!"

JJ stared at the door for several minutes lost in his fears. He was quite certain that his mother had every intention of turning him into a sweet little girl. His earlier tears had eased the initial horror of his predicament, and now he was able to examine his prospects with a little more rationality. Although he detested what he saw, he knew that he had no options but to do as his mother expected. Horrified by what she'd done to his father, Tricia, and Harry; he vowed that he'd never give her any reason to go that far with him. He recalled the lessons his father had taught him about how to pacify people and determined to use those techniques with his mother. If he had to be her daughter, he'd at least try to make it on his terms as much as he could within the strict parameters he knew she would establish. The events of the day combined with his exhaustion to finally let him drift off to a fitful sleep.

In his dreams he saw a fierce fire breathing dragon harassing a fair maiden. A brave knight in full shiny armor galloped forward on his splendid white charger with his needle pointed lance aimed for the dragon's heart. The dragon reared back and exhaled a mighty plume of fire and smoke obscuring the knight. When the smoke cleared, the knight and his horse lay in a smoking, smoldering heap. The dragon laughed unmercifully as the maiden wailed and rushed past the dragon to the fallen knight, her long silken dress fluttering sweetly and her golden tresses flouncing out from beneath her cone shaped hat, veiling her face. Kneeling by the smoking blackened armor she tenderly opened the visor to see who her vanquished hero had been. JJ recognized the face of his father! The maiden turned in shock to face the laughing dragon, the laughter was that of his mother, and the dragon bore a striking resemblance to his mother! A glint of light reflected from the untarnished inside of the knight's shield and attracted JJ's attention. Fittingly his perspective changed so that he could see the maiden's lovely terror stricken face mirrored upon the shiny metal surface, JJ saw his own face. Just then the maiden let forth a loud, piercing scream!

JJ sat upright in his bed, his scream still echoing about the room as he perspired profusely. Panting heavily he tried to regain his breath and stop his violent trembling. The nightmare was still quite vivid in his memory, seared there by it's utter horror. Once he calmed himself he laid back down and hoped for a dreamless sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he saw the fair maiden's lovely face. It was his own... Finally, just before dawn, sleep overtook him.

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