Petticoating Encouraged Ladd’s Exchange Mall Book 3 Part A

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Petticoating Encouraged
Ladd's Exchange Mall
Book 3 Part A
Jennifer Sue

Saturday evening Helga Halteman paced back and forth as she surveyed the hard faces of her nephews as they sat in the living room. Her lover and co-worker Margo Spayd sat in her recliner, watching expectantly. Seated in a comfortable chair was the eldest, fourteen year old Eric. Beside him upon the sofa sat his thirteen year old cousin Marc, his twelve year old brother Wendal, and Marc's eleven year old brother Ramon. The four boys all bore looks of sullen impatience. The tension in the room was so thick you could almost cut it. The last ten days had been quite an ordeal for all six of them.

Helga thought back to the last time she had seen the boys. Eric had been three, Ramon just an infant. The parting had been rough. The extended family lived in a huge old farmhouse, quite similar to the home she now owned and in which they sat. Her father, Eric, was the stern patriarch of the family. Her older brothers, Mark and Wilhelm, were red-faced with rage, only held back from physically restraining her by her calm father. His demeanor scared her more than her brother's anger.

"Once you walk out that door, Helga, don't bother to come back." His stiff bearing and heavy accent revealed his German SS background. "I'll not have a child of mine disobey my orders, especially a girl!"

Just barely she controlled the tremors she felt about to engulf her as she picked up the single battered suitcase she had packed. With her back stiff, she turned and walked out the door. The entire time she walked down the dirt driveway, she waited for someone to charge after her to bring her back. When she reached the road, she breathed easier, but until she was actually on the bus, she had been quite apprehensive.

Over the years, she had faithfully sent Christmas, Easter, and Birthday cards, but never received a thing in return. When she received the phone call from the State Police, she had not really been surprised.

The medical practice of her physician father and brothers had been sued for sexual misconduct and malpractice. The resulting settlements would bankrupt the family. The proud patriarch could not accept this last defeat. Methodically he poisoned his entire family except for Helga and the four boys who were off at a tough military academy.

Even after all that had happened Helga felt duty bound to her family. The strong blood is thicker than water mind-set demanded that she respond. After making arrangements with LYMASTER ASSOCIATES for legal aid she returned home to assume control and make all necessary preparations for the burials and settlement of the estate. It was quite obvious that nothing would remain of the estate after all the debts and punitive awards were paid off.

The boys had been sent home for the funerals. They had been told little of Helga except that she was a renegade and had betrayed the family. Their obedience of Helga had been on shaky ground, only the fact that she was doing what had to be done consoled their manly pride. After the burials Helga escorted them back to the school, where they were refused readmission since March and April's tuition had not been paid. The estate could not pay the past due bill, nor could Helga. As their legal guardian she had no choice but to bring them home with her. She was no more happy about the their situation than they.

Although the boys understood the circumstances of their having to come live with their Aunt Helga, they were far from content. Their lives had been male dominated, taking orders from a woman was unheard of in their experience. To have that woman be an exiled lesbian family member made the problem considerably worse. In short, they were male chauvinists par excellent. A major confrontation was rapidly building.

Taking a deep breath Helga spoke. "All right, boys. Let's get things out into the open. None of us is happy with what has happened. You have no family but me and I'm legally responsible for you until you turn eighteen. Those are the hard facts. Now we have to live with them. The way you lived in the past is gone. You will not live like the male chauvinists your fathers and grandfather were." She could see them start to bristle so she quickly shut them down by continuing. ""You can see where that kind of attitude got them! As long as you live under my roof, you'll live by my rules. Is that clear?"

The three younger boys glanced uncertainly at Eric. Eric had already assumed the role of family patriarch much to Helga's dismay. Eric was fully aware that his brother and cousins looked to him for guidance, inside his stomach was churning. The confrontation he knew was coming had arrived. Now he had to be a man. Calling upon the stoicism the military academy had bestowed upon him, Eric stood and looked directly at his aunt. "There is another option," he spoke coolly trying to hide his sweaty palms. He didn't like playing this role. "You could take us back home and turn us over to the county as orphans. You really don't have to keep us. Especially under the circumstances." His meaningful glance at Margo left the explanation of those circumstances quite unnecessary. Breathing a bit easier now that it was out in the open he settled back into the chair, having successfully thrown down the gauntlet.

Margo smiled a shark's smile that sent a shiver of dread through all four boys. Helga spoke softly but firmly. "You are family. I won't give you up to strangers. You will live here, attend ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL and learn to be decent human beings. I refuse to allow you to grow up to be NAZIS like your fathers."

That once more raised the boys' hackles, they were ready for a fight. But family unity, at any cost, had been ingrained in them from birth. Eric hastily tried to find a solution to their dilemma. In addition, he realized that they could not win a fight against these determined women. Unfortunately his mouth opened before he could think of a way out. "There is nothing wrong with the way our family lived," he stated vehemently. "There is a lot wrong with the way you live." As soon as the words were out, Eric knew he'd gone too far, but it was too late to take the words back.

Now it was Helga's turn to bristle. Before she could respond Margo spoke. "You boys seem to think the fact that Helga and I are lovers is wrong. You are entitled to your opinion. Even if it is incorrect, we will respect your RIGHT to hold that opinion. However, you are not entitled to disobey your Aunt. If she says you will live here and abide by our rules, that's exactly what will happen. We have ways to make sure that happens!"

The boys' anger was evident. So was their apprehension. They all now realized they were in for a tough time. Helga stepped in to make an effort to diffuse the pending explosion. "All right, let's not let this discussion get out of hand. You'll have to accept the simple fact that you're going to be living here. The rules are simple. You will be polite, obedient, and respectful of Margo as well as me. You will be polite and respectful of each other. You will stay out of trouble and do your school work and chores. Further clarification of your expected behavior will be given when appropriate. We'll give you the next few days to adapt to the changes, after that, we'll take firm steps to insure that you follow our desires. If you cooperate, we'll all get along just fine. I'll see that you get all you need and will reward good behavior. Now I think it best if we all go to bed. It's been a long day for all of us."

The boys silently followed Eric's lead as he left the room. Helga collapsed upon the sofa and cradled her aching head in her hands, attempting to will the impending migraine to go away. Margo waited until the boys had climbed the stairs before speaking.

"I don't think they'll cooperate willingly," she spoke with a hint of glee in her voice. "They present us with quite a challenge. I think it would be best for all of us if we use the boys to test some of our developments."

Helga glanced up with a surprised expression upon her face. Gazing at Margo for a few moments she thought about the import of her words. For the first time in the last week a smile slowly filled her haggard face. "I think you may be right," she stated softly. "Otherwise they'll probably turn out like their fathers."

Congregating in the hall outside their bedrooms Eric looked at his brother Wendal and cousins Marc and Ramon. "We'll do as we've done since this mess started. We know what's right and that's what we'll do. If it happens to agree with what those queers want us to do, that'll be all right. If it conflicts, then we resist. We must not give in." The younger boys gravely nodded their assent to Eric's plan before heading into their rooms. As Eric lay in his bed, he thought of how close he'd come to really mouthing off to the two women and shuddered. He realized he wasn't ready to be a leader. The pressure was too great. If he guided them in the wrong direction... well, he'd rather not think about that. Uneasily he rolled over, looking about the bedroom. This was the first time he'd ever had a room all to himself. The same went for the others. It seemed strange being alone, yet it was nice. Reaching between his legs he began to massage and stroke his manhood. A smile appeared upon his face as he relaxed and enjoyed himself. For the first time he didn't have to try to hide his actions. After he climaxed he rolled over, satisfied, and idly wondered if others were doing likewise. He felt sure they were. His dreams were troubled, he felt his leadership leading them to disaster.

When LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL opened Sunday, Helga led the boys on a tour and shopping expedition. First they toured the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER where Helga and Margo were the co-managers. The boys were amazed by the range of products and services available. They were introduced to the movers and shakers of the successful enterprises. They were impressed and smitten by the numerous sexily feminine women and girls they saw. It was, however, quite hard for them to accept the fact that the mall was so female dominated.

Monday morning the boys dressed in the navy blue dress slacks, light blue dress shirts, navy blue necktie and vest, navy blue socks, and black oxford shoes of the ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. Although they didn't particularly like the uniform, it wasn't too different from the uniform they had worn at the military academy and it was a lot more comfortable, relatively speaking. After breakfast, they accompanied Helga and Margo to the school offices where they were seen by Mother Superior Mary Francis. They discovered the strict rules of the school to be milder than what they'd had at the academy. Each was assigned a companion guide to show them the about the school.

Peter Edwards led Eric on a quick tour before joining the same ninth grade class as Jamie Clipp, Brenda Fairchild, Tracy Freidman, Tammy Endress, and Louise Bloom. Eric found Peter to be a meek, polite, intelligent boy, much different from his own coarseness and that of his former classmates at the academy. Much to his disappointment, he discovered that all the boys in his class were like Peter, almost sissyish.

Marc and Wendal were escorted to their class by Rick Scott. They too found him and the boys of their class to be quite polite and subdued, not at all like normal guys. They wound up in the same seventh grade class as Nichole Chestnut, Tonia Fairchild, Kelly Freidman, Carla Bloom, Heather Getzoff, and Janet Getzoff.

Ramon's companion turned out to be Daniel Deeter. Daniel behaved like the other boys in the school, cautious and almost timid. But underneath his meek exterior Ramon could sense a barely controlled boyish rebelliousness. In his sixth grade class were Pamela Sue James, Linda Evers, Tiffany Davis, and Justine Bowers.

The Haltemans found that having girls in their class was quite a change from their previous all male school. They simply couldn't concentrate as they lusted after all the soft, demure, pretty girls wearing the school's cute girls' uniform. The sleeveless scoop necked hot pink velveteen jumper fit snugly accentuating their pert breasts while the gently flaring pleated skirt swung saucily about their smooth thighs just two inches above their lovely knees. The soft pale pink nylon blouse had a wide Peter Pan collar of delicate lace that lay alluringly atop the shoulder straps of the jumper. The flaring two inch cuffs of the blouse's long sleeves were made of the same fragile lace. The pale pink nylon kneesox and T-strap hot pink patent leather shoes matched the colors of the jumper and blouse. Almost all had their long hair gathered into a bouncy ponytail secured by intertwined ribbons, one of pale pink and the other of hot pink, formed into a bow which added to their fragile girlishness and completed their outfit.

As a result of their distraction, they often missed instructions. By lunch all had been reprimanded by their teachers. The boys and their guides met for lunch. As they ate they asked their guides why all the boys seemed so meek and well-behaved. The guides shrugged and lowered their heads as they continued to eat. It was obvious they didn't want to answer that query. Pressing on, Eric explained that even in the harsh confines of the military academy boys would be boys. He wanted to know what was so bad here to keep the guys so firmly crushed.

Daniel looked to the older guides and saw they were not going to respond as they kept their heads bowed and were toying with their food. He sighed and felt the new boys should be warned. "The difference here is the nuns and LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. If any guy steps out of line, they nail us to the wall. Spanking, humiliation, suspension, or expulsion; they don't hesitate to use any or all of them on us. Any real guy could take those things, but they have another punishment that makes us behave the way we do. If a guy still acts up after those punishments, they Petticoat him."

The mere mention of the subject made the three guides blush, shiver, and look cautiously over their shoulders.

The Haltemans looked at Daniel, the other guides and each other in obvious confusion. Ramon spoke up first since he was Daniel's companion. "What's Petticoating and what's the Mall have to do with it? Our Aunt works there."

Daniel lowered his voice to the point where it was barely audible. "In that case you guys better be good! Petticoating is when they make a guy dress and behave like a girl! Anyone connected to the Mall is sure to use Petticoating!"

The eyes of the four newcomers almost popped from their astonished heads. As the import of Daniel's revelation sank in, so did Aunt Helga's cryptic stern warning that firm steps would be taken to make them obey her. "You mean to tell me that you guys let the nuns dress you up in the girls' uniform?" Eric asked in total disbelief.

"You better believe we do," answered Rick solemnly. "If you try to fight them, they actually change you into a girl!"

That really stunned the Haltemans. After a moments shock, Marc spoke indignantly. "That's against the law. Besides, I haven't seen any guys dressed up like girls. I think you guys are just trying to pull a fast one off on us. If this punishment is so bad and used so much, where are all the victims?"

Peter replied to his accusations. "It isn't against the law when they have a lawyer file legal papers to have your name changed and birth certificate altered. The doctors at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER operate to remove all your male parts. The stores all cooperate to dress and train you to be a proper young lady. The reason you don't notice any boys in dresses is because the changes they make are so complete you'd never know the person had ever been a boy."

Eric responded gruffly. "I think you guys are just trying to pull our leg! If what you say is true, then you're all just a bunch of sissies! There's no way they can change boys into girls so completely. Just who are some of these guys who've been changed into girls?"

The three guides looked at each other for reassurance before Peter spoke. "We don't know all of them, we think there is at least one we don't know about for every one we do." Taking a deep breath to steady himself he went on. "In the ninth grade class it's Jamie Clipp, Tammy Endress, and Louise Bloom. In the seventh grade, it's Nichole Chestnut, Tonia Fairchild, Kelly Freidman, and Carla Bloom. In the sixth grade it's Tiffany Davis and Justine Bowers. In the third grade there's Phylis Shemanski, Stephanie Bloom, and Jennifer Jane Ladd. In first grade it's Paula Shemanski. There are adults too, over at the mall. Andrea Bloom, Jane Clipp, Carla Fake, Victoria Makes-Shemanski, Verna Freidman, and Jane Charles.

The Halteman boys sat there in total disbelief. They'd been ogling the classmates Peter had mentioned. There was no way that those cute girls could ever have been boys. They had met all the adults too, there was no way any of them could have ever been men! "You're lying," stated Eric coldly. "This is just a story you made up to try to scare us. Now what's the real story?" His assumption about the falsification of the facts presented to them buoyed up the crestfallen Haltemans.

Peter and Rick shrugged their shoulders helplessly assuming that nothing they could say would convince the new boys about the terrible truth. But Daniel spoke up. "It is the truth," he stated with great solemnity. "I was with Tiffany and Justine when they were Petticoated. The three of us were best friends then and always getting into trouble. We got nailed in mid January of this year for talking about Pamela Sue James' panties. Timmy, he's Tiffany now, caught a glimpse of her lacy undies when the wind blew her skirt up. He was telling us about it during class and Miss Alder caught us. She made us tell her what we were talking about which got us into hot water. By lunch we were pissed off about it so we tried to get a peek of her panties just for spite but the nuns caught us. That did it, getting nailed twice in one day for the same thing. Timmy and Justin were already on probation and it was either Petticoating or expulsion for them, but since I was still a fairly new student, my record wasn't as bad as theirs. My punishment was to accompany them while they were Petticoated and transformed. Believe me, once you see that, you'll never get into trouble! Besides, if you don't believe us, ask your aunt."

Daniel's story made the Halteman boys swallow hard. The story was so far out it just might be true. They realized that their guides and the other boys in the school believed the tales. It also explained why there were two girls for every boy in the student body and why there were no male teachers in the entire school. The rest of the day they stepped warily and listened closely. They also watched the supposed boy/girls carefully to see if they could detect any sign of boyishness. They found not the slightest trace of boyishness in any of the girls, but on the other side they could find no evidence that the tale they'd heard was anything but true. By the time school ended they were quite shaken up, rattled to the very core of their boyishness. They even followed the large group of giggling girls to the mall hoping to catch some sign of boyishness but failed. What really unnerved them was that all the girls in the school seemed totally feminine. Not one showed even a tiny bit of tomboyishness.

When they arrived at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER they went to Helga's office. Helga greeted them warmly and asked how their first day at school had been. She could see they were quite upset. Their response was a non-committal shrug, followed by a barrage of questions about Petticoating, the nuns, the Mall, and her involvement in the entire affair.

Once they had quieted, Helga smiled. "All that you heard is absolutely true. The girls and women you mentioned were males, but are no longer. The nuns do Petticoat errant young men. Everyone here at LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL knows about the transformations and helps. Margo and I are both researching new methods to make the transformations less painful and traumatic." After allowing her words to sink in a wolfish grin appeared on her face. "I can assure you that I will not hesitate to Petticoat any or all of you if I feel your behavior warrants such punishment." To say that the boys were stunned by her all too candid confession would be quite an understatement. Curtly she led the boys to the conference room where she had them sit about the table to work on their homework until she and Margo had finished their day's work.

The boys sat silently lost in their fears as they struggled to concentrate on completing their assignments. Thinking about Petticoating and how terrible such a punishment must be almost made them ill. They all tensed when Margo entered the room a few minutes later. They relaxed when she placed a bowl of candy on the table.

"I'm glad to see you all busily doing your homework," she stated with her ever present shark's smile. "You'll find that we'll treat you well as long as you behave and follow our instructions. This candy is a reward for the good day you've had. Share it equally or you'll spoil your appetite for supper." As she left the room she stopped and looked back as they were all reaching into the bowl. "No fighting..." she warned menacingly as she left.

Margo's actions surprised the boys, but they were not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Eagerly they reached into the bowl. Her warning at that point quickly sobered them as they made sure each received an equal amount of the goodies. Each had five pieces of the individually wrapped gummy candy. Popping a piece into their mouths, they were pleasantly surprised to find a sweet liquid squirt into their mouths as they bit down on it. The tasty treats didn't last too long.

Ramon smacked his lips as he looked at the sparkling cello wrapper. "That was really good! BELLE CANDY, I never heard of it, but I hope they give us more!"

Wendal looked at Eric and smiled. "You know, maybe it won't be so bad living here with Aunt Helga and Margo. How they want us to behave hasn't been bad so far, just a little different. If they're going to give us treats and stuff for being good, I say let's do it. I sure don't want to be Petticoated!"

Marc nodded his head. "Yeah, I think you're right. Things haven't been too bad. I think I can live the way they want us to behave."

Eric shook his head and sighed. "I hope you're right, but I'm afraid this might be some type of trap. I guess we should go along with them for now, but let's keep our eyes open. I still don't trust either of those to lezzies." Eric was relieved that the others thought they should cooperate. That certainly took some of the pressure off of him. He looked about the table noting that his words of caution had sobered the others.

In Helga's office, Margo smirked as she turned down the volume on the monitor of the closed circuit TV. They had seen and heard everything the boys had done. "We'll have to be careful to keep pressure on them but not too much. We'll have to punish them, especially Eric. He's too cautious and will be our biggest problem. If we can keep them apart, let their fears work on their minds, we'll have them right where we want them."

"Yes," agreed Helga. "Eric is the key. I suppose we should take them to see Dr. Makes-Shemanski. I'm sure she can come up with an excuse to give them weekly physicals to monitor the physical changes and milk them for the sperm bank. I still can't believe it was so easy to get them to eat the BELLE CANDY." With a smile on her face she picked up the box the candy had been packaged in and read the label.


An individually wrapped, multi-flavored and colored gummy candy with a sweet liquid center. The liquid center contains a 10 mg dosage of Estradiol.

Five pieces a day will steadily transform him into her. The first few days may result in morning nausea as his body adapts to it's new feminine hormonal balance. After two weeks, a tenderness and slight swelling will be noticeable at his nipples. The third week will result in a lessening of the male sex drive and functions. Erections will take longer to achieve and they will not be as firm. Ejaculate will no longer be milky white but opaque, and the amount of discharge will greatly decrease. The fourth week will reveal a firm swelling beneath the nipple, the start of his breasts. Erections will most likely be impossible, continued stimulation may result in tiny amounts of ejaculate which will be clear and sterile. After the fourth week, development will be similar to that of a girl entering puberty.

Mood changes, fits of depression and tears, and uncertainty will be increasingly evident as his personality changes due to the hormonal influences.

With a giggle she placed the box back on her desk. "It shouldn't take too long for their masculinity to be overwhelmed."

"Yes, it should be interesting to watch them change and soften. Now, on which one should we try the VANQUISHER and ENHANCER?" Margo asked with undisguised glee as she rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

Helga hesitated. "I'm not sure I really want to try that, it's so experimental, but I suppose Marc would be the best choice."

"Marc will be perfect. He's already into puberty so we'll be able to see how effective it actually is before we market it," stated Margo.

"I suppose you're right," sighed Helga. "Let me read the description again."

Margo handed her notebook to Helga after opening it to the appropriate page. Helga settled back to read while Margo turned the monitor's volume back up to watch the boys.


The VANQUISHER is manufactured of a flexible space age man-made material to look and feel like ordinary cotton and is designed to look like an ordinary pair of jockey shorts. The unique fabric of this garment will comfortably mold itself to the wearer's body and modifies itself to conform to any and all physical changes he experiences. The wearer will be blissfully unaware that anything is out of the ordinary and wear the device without objection. Hidden inside the waist band is a miniature pre-programmed microprocessor that controls three separate functions. Embedded in the seams is a flexible rechargeable battery (18"L x 1/8"W x 1/32"H) that provides enough power for 16 hours of uninterrupted operation. The programs are activated by a body heat/humidity sensor switch.

The first function activates a fine wire mesh antennae woven into the fabric surrounding the wearer's penis and testicles. Unnoticeable vigorous microwaves of specially selected frequencies and intensities are projected into the area and effect only the nerves. Initially this produces a faint warm, pleasant, tingling sensation for about the first hour. Continued stimulation causes a disruption in the normal flow of impulses along the nerves which after three to four hours results in an unnoticeable, general numbness which not only leaves the wearer impotent, but eliminates physical sexual desires until the nerves recover. This causes the wearer to be less competitive. It also virtually eliminates the normal boyish need to show off while lulling him into activities of a more passive nature.

The longer the device is worn, the longer it takes for the nerves to rejuvenate. Based on wearing the device for 12 hours every day, recovery takes about 2 hours the first day. Each day the recovery time increases so that by the end of the week it will take about 6 hours. By the end of the second week the wearer will be totally impotent and have virtually no physical sexual desires.

Also at about two weeks of daily use, the production of male hormones by the testicles ceases and the male organs begin to atrophy due to irreversible nerve damage. By the end of the third week, the organs will begin to irreversibly shrink at the rate of about 20 percent a week. By the time the wearer notices the loss, the combined effect of the nerve damage and loss of male hormone production should have lulled him into a passive state of anxiety and fear which will leave him unable to voice his concerns. By the end of the twelfth week the steady rate of loss means that even the largest organs will have been reduced to less than an inch in length and the testicles, if found, are worthless. In effect, the male has been reduced to a eunuch.

The second function of this unique device offers a different specialty. Embedded in the fabric surrounding the wearer's hips and buttocks is a second fine wire mesh antennae that sends a different set of vigorous microwaves of specially set frequencies into the muscles and fatty tissue beneath the flesh. These microwaves stimulate and firm the muscles while inducing fatty deposits to accumulate in the area. This produces a soft yet firm, well rounded feminine derriere by the end of twelve weeks.

The third function is handled by a third fine wire mesh antennae woven into the fabric of almost the entire garment that emits yet another different set of vigorous microwaves of specially set frequencies into the epidermis. The only region where this antennae does not operate is an area of the groin. These select microwaves effect only the roots of body hair, causing them to die. Once dead, the remnants will fall out during bathing. The finer the hair, the quicker the death of the root. Even the coarsest body hair should be eliminated within 6 weeks. The region not treated will reduce the normal male pubic hair array to the neat inverted triangle common on females.

NOTE: This device must be hand washed. A battery recharger is included.


The ENHANCER is manufactured of a flexible space age man-made material to look and feel like ordinary cotton and is designed to look like an ordinary cotton V-neck undershirt. The unique fabric of this garment will comfortably mold itself to the wearer's body, and modifies itself to conform to any and all physical changes he experiences. The wearer will be blissfully unaware that anything is out of the ordinary and should wear the device without objection. Inside the neck trim is a miniature pre-programmed microprocessor that controls three functions. Inside the bottom hem is a flexible rechargeable battery (18"L x 1/8"W x 1/32"H). The programs are activated by a body heat/humidity sensor switch.

The first function is handled by a fine wire mesh antennae woven into the fabric surrounding the wearer's breasts that sends vigorous microwaves of specially selected frequencies and intensities into the muscles and fatty tissues beneath his flesh. These microwaves stimulate and firm the muscles while inducing fatty deposits to accumulate in the effected area. At the same time they create a warm, comfortable, fuzzy feeling of contentment. Wearing this garment for 12 hours a day will produce the desired results. The first two weeks will produce no noticeable changes. During the third and fourth weeks a gradual enlargement of the areolae and nipples will occur along with some increasing sensitivity. A steadily growing puffiness beneath the nipples will occur during the fifth and sixth weeks. The sensitivity of his budding breasts will cause him to unconsciously fondle his new treasures. The seventh and eighth weeks will reveal a gentle swelling of the entire breast area. It will most likely be the time the wearer notices the continual swelling. The titillating, pleasurable influence of the stimulation will most likely cause him to be so embarrassed, shy, and confused about his developing assets that he will be afraid to voice his concerns. By the tenth week he will probably sport perky AA cup breasts. By the twelfth week he should have blossomed soft yet firm, sensitive, well rounded, bouncy A cup breasts. During this period of development, the fabric will stretch with and support his burgeoning breasts with complete comfort.

The second function is regulated by a second fine wire mesh antennae woven into the fabric surrounding the wearer's waist, back, and abdomen that sends a different set of vigorous microwaves of specially set frequencies into the muscles and fatty tissues beneath the flesh of those areas. These microwaves stimulate and firm the muscles while inducing the fatty deposits in the areas to dissolve. The microprocessor compares the dimensions of the wearer's chest, breasts, and waist at each activation. A pre-programmed chart determines the optimum ratios for the wearer's age and will stop the second function when that ratio has been achieved. The first two weeks will yield no visible changes. After that, a loss of about half an inch a week will occur in the wearer's waist dimensions until he reaches the desired size. The end result will be a smooth yet firm, flat, narrow feminine waist.

The third function is handled by a third fine wire mesh antennae woven into the fabric of the entire garment that emits yet another different set of vigorous microwaves of specially set frequencies into the epidermis. These select microwaves effect only the roots of body hair, causing them to die. Once dead, the remnants will fall out during bathing. The finer the hair, the quicker the death of the root. Even the coarsest body hair should be eliminated within 6 weeks.

NOTE: This device must be hand washed. A battery recharger is included.

Helga shook her head in wonderment as she closed the notebook. Looking up at the monitor she too watched the boys. They had apparently finished their homework and had moved the chairs to form mini-forts. They were battling each other by throwing mini spitballs across the table.

Margo smiled as she took the notebook. "I can hardly wait to see Marc start to change," she giggled gleefully. "I know my design will work! Tonight I'll take a few sets home and replace his old underwear. We'll have to replace all their underwear so they won't get suspicious."

"I think you're right," replied Helga. "But we've got to do something right now to settle them. They're busy being boys right now which we don't want. They can't stay out of trouble without close supervision. At least this (she indicated their war) will give us the leverage we need to maneuver them. I'm afraid we'll have to do something quite drastic to Eric to make him avoid close contact with the others. That will calm them all down."

The women watched as their game escalated into a free for all wrestling bout. Looking at each other they knew the time was right to step in to stop the growing riot and humiliate and terrify the boys at the same time. "Let's call Dr. Makes-Shemanski now to see if she and Dr. Sarah Balkut can see them immediately," stated Helga as she picked up the phone. "If she can, we'll nail them now and break up their little game. They'll be so abashed and frightened by our intrusion that they won't give us a hard time about going for their physicals. I'll take a sample of the BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER along. I'm sure once Sandra has milked Eric we'll have no trouble what so ever of trying it out on him."

"In that case, I'll take some VANQUISHER and ENHANCER underwear home for him too. It'll help subdue him," stated Margo with a chuckle.

Fifteen minutes later four solemn boys sat nervously in the waiting room of the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. They hadn't even noticed the door to the conference room open much less the two women enter until Ramon bounced into Margo. All four froze immediately, knowing they were in deep crap. The looks of anger and disgust upon their aunt's face and that of her lover sent shivers through their very souls. The specter of Petticoating loomed over them. They didn't even try to protest going for the physicals.

One by one they were led to an examination room and left alone with their fears. Their minds played upon those fears. Their misgivings grew massive. Without the familiar companionship and support of the other guys, they felt lost and forlorn. Visions of wearing girls' clothes haunted them during their agonizing wait.

Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski, Dr. Helen Alterson, and Dr. Sarah Balkut were more than willing to go along with Helga's plans. They were anxious to try out the new developments for feminizing irascible lads. Eric was the first to be examined. Helga and Margo were both present when he shame-facedly stripped to his birthday suit in response to Sandra's stern orders. The physical itself was swift but thorough, ending with him flat on his back as Dr. Makes-Shemanski expertly milked his masculine essence. All four women silently wondered how he'd be reacting if he knew this would be his last manly emission. Before his penis had a chance to subside, Dr. Makes-Shemanski applied a rubber tourniquet about his genitals.

Eric was quite apprehensive as the physical progressed. While rapid, it was normal up to the point where he was unexpectedly milked for a semen sample. While Dr. Alterson silently scrutinized his reactions, Eric's wide eyes filled with terror as he looked in disbelief as Dr. Balkut approached him with a syringe. The wolfish smile upon her face and the milky white liquid in the syringe made him tremble. Before the stunned boy could protest or move, she firmly grasped his balls in a vise-like grip that made him yelp in pain and very quickly decide not to even try to move since any movement he might make would result in excruciating pain. His mouth silently spasmed open and shut as he tried to come up with a response, either protest or question what was happening.

Before he could make a sound Dr. Balkut deftly and painlessly plunged the needle into his scrotum, first one testicle and then the other, carefully administering equal amounts of the contents into each. Withdrawing the syringe from his scrotum, she grasped his still swollen penis. Starting at the base, she plunged the syringe in several times, equally spacing each penetration and administering equal portions until she reached the swollen purple tip of his engorged manhood.

Eric felt very little after the pain and discomfort of the initial grasp by Dr. Balkut upon his genitals due to the tightness of the tourniquet. By the time she completed the injections, he felt quite faint as she gently patted his groin and smiled wickedly, obviously satisfied with her efforts. Before he could say anything she slipped a pair of plastic gloves on her hands before she opened the lid of a plastic one quart container. She scooped out several handfuls of wet a plaster-like substance and coated his swollen genitals. Wetting his lips he managed to weakly stammer out a few words. "Wh... what a... are you d... doing?"

Dr. Balkut smiled sweetly. "I'm making a mold of your manhood so I can cast a replica of it. That way we'll have something to remember what it looked like."

Eric lost any trace of color in his face. "Why will I need a model of it to remember what it looks like?" His voice was strained and breaking as he asked the question. In his heart he feared that he already knew the reason, but he had to hear them say it.

Helga smiled wickedly. "I warned you to listen to me. You failed... miserably. I just made sure that you will listen to me from now on. Dr. Balkut just administered a product that I developed to control rowdy men and boys by eliminating their constant need to prove and show off their manhood. It's called BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER. It's a special one use caustic solution that will emulsify all the soft internal tissue except the blood vessels and urethra in the area of administration. You'll find that you'll have to relieve yourself quite heavily for the next 24 to 36 hours as the emulsified remains of your manhood are flushed from your body."

Eric's head fell back on the examining table as he listened in dumbfounded shock and disbelief as she went on. "It's really simple to use. After the tourniquet has been applied about the selected recipient's genitals, as has been done with you, 5 cc's of the EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER is injected directly into each testicle and into the center of the penis every half inch starting at the base. After waiting fifteen minutes, the treated areas must be squeezed firmly. All your precious internal tissue will "pulp". For three minutes this pulp has to be manipulated so that it is completely mixed to break up any remaining clumps of tissue and to thoroughly blend the mixture. After waiting another fifteen minutes to make sure everything has been completely emulsified, the neutralizing agent will be administered at about the same locations as the initial treatments. The genitals will have to be manipulated for about two minutes so that the emulsified remains are thoroughly blended with the neutralizer. Then after five minutes the tourniquet can be removed. After that your blood vessels will collect the emulsified remains and your kidneys will filter it out. You'll literally piss away your manhood!" All four women laughed at his terrified expression.

Smiling sweetly she looked directly in to his stunned disbelieving eyes. "At this very moment you're being chemically castrated. Your penis is being rendered a useless empty tube of flesh, as is your precious manly sack. There isn't a thing you or anyone else can do to stop it from happening. You're not a boy anymore, Eric."

Eric lay back silently, tears trickled from his eyes as he morosely waited. Sandra smiled, picked up the tube containing his sperm and held it before his red eyes. Patting his head condescendingly with her other hand she spoke soothingly. "This sperm sample will be placed in our sperm bank. You can use it to father children with a woman of your choosing or we can use it for someone who needs artificial insemination. When you're ready to have me finish converting you into a girl, just let me know. I've got to check on the others."

Eric's eyes grew wide and he tried to sit up. "No... not them too..."

Helga none too gently pushed him back onto the table. "There isn't a thing you can do to stop us from doing the same thing to them."

The look upon the faces of the women told him that Helga's words were all too true. In defeat he slumped back on the table, sorry for not running away the first chance they'd had to escape. Sobs began to shake his body.

"However," Helga added in a gentler but still authoritarian tone. "We are not going to do this to the others... YET. We'll give you all a chance to straighten out and follow our desires. They'll just be getting physicals now. You and they will have a brief check-up every Monday and a full physical once a month. We want to see how your body changes without any manly influences. We'll need to check the others to make sure they don't get suspicious of your check-ups. We will not tell them that you're not a male any longer. You can masquerade as a boy as long as you want to do so and follow our rules. I'll expect complete cooperation. If you don't, well without any male hormones in your body, female hormones will make some very interesting changes in you as I'm sure you can well imagine." She watched him shiver before she continued. "The choice is yours, Eric. You can live and guide your brother and cousins as their big eunuch brother or you can become a sweet big sister to them. I'll need your decision by the time the treatment is done." She gently but very meaningfully patted his softening but still swollen, purple genitals as she spoke those last words.

Eric shuddered in disbelief at what was happening to him. Wiping away the tears he thought about what his life would be like. Glancing down at himself he sniffled. He'd started to develop a promising manly physique, his light beard required shaving every other day. Now those manly changes would stop, possibly even reverse without the hormones his testicles had produced. But maybe... maybe they were just trying to frighten him... he knew of nothing that could do what they claimed... dissolve his manhood... impossible... wasn't it?

Dr. Balkut carefully removed the solidified mold from his now completely numb genitals. Using a sanitizing solution she cleaned the area before she began the three minute manipulation to break up and dissolve any remaining clumps and mix the emulsifying remains of his manhood.

Eric shuddered violently at the strange sensations her actions created. Unable to avoid looking at her movements, he felt his stomach churn as she squeezed his scrotum and penis until the flesh from two sides touched. Bulges were created in other areas as the pudding-like pulp oozed away from the pressure. Feeling light headed, he left his head fall back upon the table as he gasped for breath. The full realization that he was losing his manhood struck home with devastating effect.

Meanwhile Helga and Margo accompanied Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski as she examined each of the other boys in turn. Taking sperm samples for the sperm bank and meticulously recording their vital statistics and measurements kept each boy apprehensive and worried. The effects of the various treatments they would be receiving would be quite interesting to chart. The boys would make a very effective field test for the products to be marketed in the BELLE CATALOG.

Returning to Eric, the three women smiled when they saw that Dr. Balkut had removed the tourniquet, but felt a momentary pang of regret when they saw his tear streaked forlorn face. "Well Eric," Dr. Makes-Shemanski stated seriously as she recovered her self-control while she examined his floppy, pulpy manhood, fascinated by the startling effect. "The EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER worked quite well. Do you want me to start you on female hormones?"

Biting his lip in terror Eric shook his head quite vehemently. "No female hormones! I'll do as Aunt Helga wants. I'll help the others be good so this doesn't happen to them. But you've got to promise not to use that stuff on them," he stated in a soft and dejected voice as he pointed to the package the BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER had come in. Only a tiny bit of his former machismo cockiness was evident in his being.

"I promise we will not use BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER on the others unless they decide they want to become girls," Helga stated, glad he hadn't asked if they intended to use any other of their diabolical methods and products to accomplish the same results. "Now pull yourself together or the others will suspect something is wrong. After all, I'm sure you want to retain your tough guy image and keep your LITTLE loss a secret." The last added a sadistic jab to his sense of deprivation.

Dr. Alterson had remained a silent observer throughout Eric's ordeal. Her careful observations would be of use in setting up procedures to handle future boys who would receive BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER. Dr. Balkut was delighted with the prospect of having the masculine insides of male genitals dissolved and flushed away without the need of cautious surgery. The time and effort of performing a penectomy so that the urethra and flesh remained for future use as a vagina had been quite excessive but necessary. Now a simple chemical castration did the same in minutes without the dangers of intrusive surgery. Her only regret was that she would no longer have the actual removed remnant to display. However, she was sure that models made from molds of the patient would serve just as well.

Half an hour later the Haltemans and Margo were seated in ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT eating dinner. None of the boys felt particularly hungry and sullenly munched their food. Eric merely picked at his plate, stirring the food around with his fork but eating little. Periodically he'd shift position and squeeze his thighs together. The strange flattening sensation of his squishy manhood made him shiver as he felt his former manhood bulge out in areas away from the pressure points. Half way through the meal he felt his urine unexpectedly start to trickle into his underwear. The sudden intake of breath and his wide astonished eyes as he strained to stem the unexpected flow left everyone at the table know something was wrong. Blushing deeply he stuttered, "I... I don't feel to good... I... I've got to go to the bathroom..."

Margo and Helga exchanged knowing looks as the boys looked inquiringly at him. Helga spoke, "Well just don't sit, there, go!"

Awkwardly holding his napkin in front to hide the wet spot clearly evident at his crotch, he hurried to the mens room. Barely making it to the urinal he hurriedly tugged his zipper open and fished out his squiggly flaccid penis as more fluid began to dribble. Despite his tightly clenched buttocks and groin muscles, he was not able to stop the unwanted flow as his urine splattered fitfully upon his legs and shoes. The churning of his stomach as he attempted to hold his destroyed manhood didn't help his control. The limp penis was about as easy to control and aim as a slightly filled floppy water balloon. Realizing he would be unable to continue without soaking himself and the floor and not able to stop the increasing flow, he squeezed the flesh of his penis flat to pinch off the stream of urine. Barely suppressing tears he scurried into a stall, spun about as he fumbled with one hand to undo his belt to drop his wet trousers and finally sat. It was with great relief that he finally released the flow. The limp tube of his penis swung forlornly as his yellow urine gushed forth. With the relief came sudden unbidden insight into his new condition. The muscles and tissue that had been in his penis had been the primary means of controlling his urine flow. They were now gone. He would have to learn to control his flow using the same methods and muscles that girls employ. Silent sobs began to wrack his body as he looked at the useless dangling flesh and the large wet spots on his trousers.

Once he'd regained some semblance of control he went to the sink and washed up as best he could, then stood before the hot air hand dryer and tried to dry his trousers. By the time he'd dried himself sufficiently to hide the wet spots he'd stopped trembling. Returning to the stall he wadded up toilet paper and stuffed it at the tip of his squishy penis as a precaution against any future leaks. Numbly he returned to his family.

The guys were quite worried by Eric's long absence. They could all see by his pale countenance that he'd undergone quite a traumatic ordeal. Before the guys could say anything Helga spoke, "Eric, it looks like you might have a touch of the flu."

Her statement obviously confused Eric as he resumed his seat. Suddenly he realized she was giving him a way out of his dilemma. Having the flu would explain his long absence and his disquieting appearance. Meekly he nodded his head, his pale face and red eyes making him look as if he were physically ill rather than mentally distressed. The loss of his manhood left a huge empty pit in his stomach.

No one else commented as they finished their meal. Eric sat with head bowed looking at his hands as he morosely contemplated his future. His thoughts were confused. How could his aunt have done this heinous deed and then turn around and bail him out of his dilemma? Why did they take the semen sample for the sperm bank if they merely wanted to emasculate him? The only reasonable explanation he was able to arrive at was that maybe she was being truthful when she told him that she did not want to hurt them but only wanted them to behave as she saw fit. If that were true then her destruction of his manhood had been a necessary evil to ensure his cooperation. The saving of his sperm the only possible to preserve his essence, his genes. He had a lot to think about, and having the "flu" would give him the chance he needed to be left alone to think without the guys bugging him.

After all the boys were safely in their bedrooms, Helga quietly knocked on Eric's door. Looking up from his bed as she entered carrying several items she could see the confusion and depression upon his forlorn face. Once more Helga felt a pang of regret for what she was doing to him even though she knew her actions were in the best interests of all. Smiling warmly she sat on the side of the bed and placed a loving hand upon his arm. "I've brought you some new underwear. All of your old stuff is quite ratty." She waited as he acknowledged her gift. "Well, Eric," she went on. "What are you going to do? I know you want to fight me for what I've done to you. But you also know that I'll destroy the manhood of your brother and cousins if you do. I'll make a deal with you. In the privacy of this room, I'll pamper you and see that you're as comfortable as possible. In addition, I'll get each of you your own stereo, TV, VCR/DVD, and computer. All you and they have to do is follow my rules. If you think you can get me in trouble with the law for what I've had done to you, you probably could. But just think what would happen to you. You'd still be sexless, only living in a foster home where everyone would know it. In addition all of you would be split apart to separate homes. Just think about that before you do anything foolish."

After giving him a few moments to digest what she'd told him she went on. "I have a special lotion that will ease your discomfort, help you relax and actually make you accept what has happened to you." With that she pulled down his covers and tugged his pajama bottoms off. Producing a bottle labeled BELLE CULTIVATOR LOTION she poured a handful of the white lotion onto her hands. Deftly she massaged the lotion into the soft flesh of his spongy genitals.

Eric found himself relaxing as the cool lotion was tenderly applied to his destroyed manhood. The sensations created in his pulpy genitals was strangely exciting. It felt similar to masturbating and although not quite as intense it was even more satisfying. Numbness slowly spread throughout the treated region causing the pleasant sensations to be replaced by a soft, warm, almost fuzzy glow that lulled him to sleep. Gently Helga slipped a pair of lace trimmed, soft, silky, pink BELLE VANQUISHER/F panties up his thighs settling them tenderly into place about his emasculated loins. Carefully she pulled the covers back over him and placed his pajama bottoms atop the hamper. Before she silently left the room the BELLE VANQUISHER PANTIES had activated their diabolical programing.

While Helga was with Eric, Margo entered Marc's bedroom unannounced. Marc jumped and hurriedly pulled the covers over his exposed raging erection. Angrily he snapped at her, "What the hell do you think you're doing barging into my room? I'll..." The furious glare upon Margo's face as she heard his tirade quickly silenced him. Silently he bit his lip and waited, he realized he was in hot water.

Margo stalked to his bed and unceremoniously yanked the covers off his body. Revealed was his hard-on with his hand still firmly ensconced about it's girth. Blushing furiously he removed his hand and meekly lowered his gaze.

"This is my home," she stated coolly as she surveyed his nude body. "If I want to come into your room without knocking, I will. I expect an apology! After all, I was just bringing you some new underwear." Gazing meaningfully at his deflating manhood she continued, "After all, it's not as if I was interrupting that much."

Her cutting derogatory comment hurt Marc deeply. The size of his manhood had always made him self-conscious. From examples he had seen in the shower rooms at the military academy he realized that he was much less endowed than the other boys his age. "I'm sorry..." he stammered as she placed the new underwear in his drawer and removed the old. She acknowledged his apology and left.

Turning off the light on his nightstand he rolled over and tried to go to sleep. The anger and frustration he felt at her rude interruption and even ruder comments burned inside him. This caused him to lose all desire to pick up where he'd stopped when she had entered. Sleep evaded him for quite a while since all he could do was try to come up with a way to get even with the lesbian bitch who had insulted his masculinity.

Margo chuckled to herself as she replaced the underwear in Wendal and Ramons' bedrooms with normal jockey shorts and T-shirts. Both boys were already asleep and thus presented no problems. Returning to her room she prepared for bed. After showering, Helga entered the bedroom and slipped between the covers into Margo's awaiting embrace. After the duo quenched their lust, they cuddled together. Margo idly picked up the BELLE CULTIVATOR lotion box. The instructions for proper use fell out. Both she and Helga giggled as they read.


A soothing Aloe Vera based lotion for the genital region that contains three main ingredients:
1. Menthol to cool and tighten loose flesh.
2. Benzocaine (10%) to numb the treated area.
3. Transdermal Estradiol (2mg/application average absorption).

A single application will, for 16 -24 hours, cause temporary genital shrinkage and loss of erection capability. Repeated doses will lengthen the duration of the effects.

Daily use will cause the following after:
1st week: General nausea, slight reduction of testicular hormone and sperm production, and genital shrinkage of about 20%.
2nd week: Nausea clears, genitals shrink a further 15% (35 % total), testicles start to atrophy resulting in about a 10% reduction in testosterone and sperm production.
3rd week: Genitals shrink a further 10% (45% total), continued testicle atrophy with a further 25% (35% total) reduction in testosterone and sperm production, testicles will begin to recede into body, breast area will be tender, the aureole will increase in size, nipples will erect when touched, body/facial hair growth will begin to decline while head hair growth increases, voice will begin to "crack" into a higher register, and an increase in emotions and mood swings is noticeable.
4th week: Genitals shrink a further 10% (55% total), continued testicle atrophy with a further 25% (60% total) reduction in testosterone and sperm production, testicles will have receded completely into body, puffiness under and increased sensitivity in breasts is noticeable, body/facial hair growth continues to decline and color becomes lighter while head hair growth continues to increase, voice will slip into a higher register and stay there for short periods.
5th week: Genitals shrink a further 10% (65% total), continued testicle atrophy with a further 25% (85% total) reduction in testosterone and sperm production, body/facial hair growth virtually halted and now a light blonde color while head hair growth is abundant and luxurious, voice will slide steadily into a higher register and stay there, feminine breast development is evident.
6th week: Genital shrink a further 10% (75% total), testicles completely atrophied with no testosterone or sperm production, body/facial hair growth reduced to soft blonde "peach fuzz" while head hair is shimmery and bouncy, voice mellows into a soft feminine timbre, breasts development is quite evident (jiggling may cause soreness and a training bra is recommended) sexual arousal is centered in the breasts.
CAUTION: Daily use beyond the sixth week will cause the above described shrinkage, atrophy, and other changes to become permanent. If used after BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER the time required for the genital reduction will be cut in half.

I wonder how manly Eric will feel when all that loose flesh is snugged against his bottom," Margo asked rhetorically. "Tomorrow we'll bring home BELLE RADIO/DIGITAL Alarm clocks for each of them. I think Ramon will enjoy listening to all four stages of the tapes. Wendal should get up to Stage III while Eric and Marc should stop at Stage II.

I'll have to review the descriptions in the morning," Helga whispered as she turned off the light and snuggled up to Margo.

Eric awoke from his sleep suddenly with a tremendously full bladder. It was still dark, but without a clock he had no idea what time it was. At first it didn't dawn on him that his normal urine induced erection was missing. Languidly he stretched, shaking his head to dispel the horrible nightmare he'd been having. The soft, slick, silken feelings about his loins caused him to freeze. Hesitantly he reached beneath the covers to discover he wasn't wearing his pajama bottoms. In their stead he found soft silken panties. With trembling fingers he pressed against his genitals through the soft material of the panties, only to feel his male flesh easily flatten. With a sudden dread he realized he hadn't been having a nightmare.

The pressure of his touch quickly reminded him that his bladder was full. Reacting quickly he grasped the limp fleshy tube that had been his penis and pinched off the beginning flow of urine. Flipping the covers back he stood, horrified to see he was wearing pretty pink lace trimmed panties. Suppressing a shudder he rushed to the bathroom, hurriedly raised the seat of the toilet, and fumbled for the fly of his underwear. Angrily he realized panties didn't have flys and that he couldn't stand to relieve himself. Clenching his teeth as tears of frustration coursed down his cheeks, he lowered the seat, tugged down the panties, and sat. The instant he released the hold on his penis, the urine gushed forth. Taking some toilet paper he cleaned himself, stood, and tugged the panties back about his hips as he silently cursed Helga for all that she'd done to him. Hurrying back to his bedroom before one of the other guys might see him he looked for his pajamas bottoms. Picking them up from the hamper he was about to remove the panties when he stopped.

A frightening thought occurred to him in his anger and confusion. If he removed the panties, his aunt would probably be upset. The sissy panties were probably a test of some sort to see if he'd cooperate or rebel. Removing the panties would probably be interpreted as a sign of rebellion. Neither he nor the others could afford to anger his aunt. With a sigh of defeat he left the panties on as he slipped on the pajama bottoms. He hoped that she'd understand wearing the pajamas would indicate his independence while leaving the panties on would show that he would cooperate. He just hoped she wouldn't get too upset. Four more times he had to make trips to the bathroom that night. Each time he sadly noted the diminishing contents of his emulsified manhood.

Helga woke Eric fifteen minutes before the others and told him to hurry through his morning ablutions before she awoke the others. She smiled and rewarded him with a pat upon the head when she saw that he was wearing the panties beneath his pajamas. Weakly returning her smile he hurried to the bathroom and returned to his room before she awoke the others. Finally able to remove the panties. he angrily flung them into a corner and started dressing in his new jockey shorts. Just then there was a gentle knock on his door. Curtly he told the person to go away. Instead the door opened and Helga entered, causing Eric to freeze in both fear and anger.

"I don't appreciate being told to go away," she informed him as he blanched. Tossing him a small box she went on. "I brought you a box of panty shields. Women use them to protect their panties from leaks during their time of the month. You'll most likely need them for a similar reason." Eric's face turned bright red revealing that he understood what she meant.

"Did you enjoy sleeping in the panties?" She asked as she walked to the corner to pick up the dainty panties. The look upon his face revealed his feelings about being pantied. Carefully she folded them and tucked them beneath his pillow with his pajamas. "You'd better take good care of these. I want you to sleep in them every night," she told him curtly. "Under the circumstances you'll find they'll fit you a lot better than boys' jockey shorts. Besides, it'll serve to remind you what will happen to all of you if you don't cooperate."

It was made obvious by his humbled expression that the implications of her warning were fully understood. Once more she had forced him to bow to her demands. His anger over what she'd done to him was settling while his confusion increased. He realized she could do anything she wanted to any of them. That made him wonder why she was playing this game of destroying his manhood bit by bit when she could do it all at once. This puzzle had to be figured out in order to save his brother and cousins.

As they ate breakfast, Helga and Margo watched the boys. They looked quite handsome in the school uniforms. Eric looked better than he had when he'd gone to bed last night and even managed a weak smile when Helga winked at him. Both he and Marc were squirming a bit as the BELLE VANQUISHER/M and the BELLE ENHANCER/M underwear began their insidious assault upon their bodies.

While the boys walked to school, Eric talked to them. "Aunt Helga had a long talk with me last night. Margo wanted to Petticoat us for acting up yesterday. She doesn't like boys, especially rowdy ones. Fortunately Aunt Helga talked her out of it... for now."

Marc spoke up when Eric fell silent. "I know she doesn't like guys. She barged into my room last night to give me new underwear and caught me jerking off. Boy was she pissed!"

"It's stuff like that we're going to have to keep from happening," warned Eric. "I know what I said about not cooperating, but that's all changed now. Everything that Daniel and the other guys have told us about what goes on around here... Aunt Helga confirmed. What it boils down to is once you're Petticoated, you never get out of skirts. They turn you into a girl. What I saw and heard at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES CLINIC convinced me that they have done just that many times. We'd better stay out of trouble and do as we're told. Besides, if for some reason Aunt Helga would turn us over to the juvenile authorities or child welfare, they'd split us up into different foster homes. We might never see each other again. Our only choice is to do as Aunt Helga and Margo want. She told me that if we cooperate, we'll each get a stereo, TV, VCR/DVD, and computer for our bedrooms."

The boys nodded to the wisdom and advice that Eric shared with them as they trudged onward. "Anyway, being here is a lot better than at the military academy," Eric added hoping he wasn't betraying the others. Inside his mind a disgusted voice was screaming that he was doing just that. The voice of reason, however, told him that none of them really had any choice but to cooperate. Saddened, they walked on silently, all were lost in their own morose contemplations.

Meanwhile Helga sat in her office reviewing the description of the Belle RADIO/DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK and the accompanying hypnotic mini cassette tapes.


This unique unit functions as a normal radio/digital alarm clock with a special difference. Hidden underneath behind the compartment of the battery back-up power supply is a mini-cassette player. This unit is activated by a group of sensors invisibly located behind the face plate of the digital display. These sensors should be targeted towards the head of the sleeping boy by aiming the face plate. Special microprocessors will monitor the movements and respiration of the boy. It will be able to determine when he's falling asleep. At that point a soft "white noise" feature activates to quickly lull him into a deep sleep. Once the sensors determine that he is in a state of deep sleep, the subliminal hypnotic mini cassette tape will be activated. Almost immediately he'll lapse into a receptive trance as the message you selected is repeated until he awakens. This will result in the firm implantation of the desired post-hypnotic suggestions. The changes in his behavior, thoughts, and feelings will be evident almost immediately. The subliminal tape player has a Stage Selector Switch with four settings that correspond to the four stages of the tapes.

NOTE: A series of subliminal hypnotic programs are available on a wide range of topics and desired changes.



There are four stages for each program, each stage includes all previous stages. Be sure to set the Stage Selector Switch on the player for the stage you want play. The post-hypnotic suggestions should be firmly implanted by following the recommended schedule. Changes should be noted after the first night.

Stage I should be played on nights 1 to 3. Will result in a decent boy.
Stage II should be played on nights 4 & 5. Will result in a good boy.
Stage III should be played on nights 6 & 7. Will result in a sissy boy.
Stage IV should be played on nights 8 to 10. Will result in a girlish boy.

NOTE: The programs can be combined into any combination or all selections for faster implementation.


This tape will make the listener detest violence. It will take him from a tough bully to a totally submissive individual.
Stage I:
He'll find himself unable to participate in or encourage violence.
Stage II:
He'll find himself feeling uneasy when violence occurs and will stop watching violence.
Stage III: When exposed to violence he'll become distressed and cry.
Stage IV:
When exposed to violence he'll become nauseated and hysterical.


This tape will make the listener abhor disorder and dirt. This will alter the worst slob into a fastidious individual.
Stage I:
He'll develop an urge to clean up and put things away.
Stage II:
Exposure to clutter or a mess will cause unease and a need to clean.
Stage III: Exposure to clutter or a mess will cause distress, anger, scolding of the mess maker, and hurried cleaning.
Stage IV:
Exposure to clutter or a mess will cause nausea, frenzied cleaning, and fussiness.


This tape will make the listener detest rudeness and inconsiderate behavior. This will change even the crudest boy into a polite individual.
Stage I:
He'll feel guilty for boorish behavior, and learn basics manners {such as please, thank you, bless you, and excuse me}.
Stage II:
Exposure to boorishness will create unease, he'll start being considerate, blush at a faux pas, and learn to show respect to his elders and women {by opening doors, holding chairs, and rising when someone enters a room}.
Stage III: Exposure to boorishness will create distress, he'll be polite, considerate, look down on those who are boorish and avoid them, and start learning detailed manners {such as proper table manners, proper place settings, and proper utensil use}.
Stage IV:
Exposure to boorishness will create nausea and disgust, he'll flee those who are boorish, be naturally well mannered, be quite prissy, and politely but mildly rebuke and instruct others in proper manners if appropriate.


This tape will refine his taste, fashion sense, and style of dress. The grungiest slob will change into a neatly dressed individual.
Stage I:
He'll feel guilty for wearing sloppy or grungy clothes, learn color and pattern coordination, desire to be dressed in coordinated clothes, grow interested in and be attracted to soft, silky girlish clothes and styles.
Stage II:
He'll feel uneasy and uncomfortable wearing grungy clothes, observe others, judge outfits, develop an interest in fashions, be repulsed by overtly masculine styles and harsh fabrics, find himself yearning for soft silky clothes, and ruffles and frills will be attractive and enticing.
Stage III: He'll be distressed if he wears grungy clothes, will be uncomfortable when around others who are grungily dressed, learn to select clothes for their durability and style, enjoy shopping for clothes, detest wearing normal male styles, and want to dress in sissy fashions with ruffles and frills.
Stage IV:
He'll be nauseated wearing grungy clothes, any male fashions, or even girlish pants, will be distressed when around others who are grungily dressed, and want and need to dress in soft silken ruffled and frilled dresses, skirts, and blouses.


This tape will make the listener become concerned that his personal appearance is pleasing and acceptable to others. The most slovenly boy will turn into an elegant lad.
Stage I:
He'll feel the need to be physically neat, clean, and well groomed.
Stage II:
He'll feel distressed when not physically neat, clean, and well groomed.
Stage III: He'll feel the need to grow long neat hair and nails, pierce his ears, and wear cologne.
Stage IV:
He'll feel the need to wear lipstick, blusher, eye liner and shadow, nail polish, perfume, hair clips, hair bows, hair ribbons, necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings.


This tape will make the listener alter his movements. The way he sits, stands, walks, speaks, and uses his hands; virtually all of his personal habits will change.
Stage I:
He'll slow down, won't run indoors or slam doors, will not flop into or tilt chairs, and will stop yelling, shouting, and cursing.
Stage II:
He'll take shorter steps when walking, tug and smooth his pants when sitting, sit properly with no slouching or sprawling, and his speech will be softer.
Stage III: He'll take mincing steps, keep his knees together when sitting, cross his legs at the ankle only, speak softly and shyly, toy with his hair, cover his mouth to giggle rather than laugh, and stand with hands demurely folded with one leg slightly bent.
Stage IV:
He'll have a wiggle in his walk, sit and rise daintily keeping his legs modestly together, may sit with one leg tucked girlishly beneath him, flutter his hands when speaking, blush at anything risque, and his voice will have girlish inflections.


The listener will alter the way he feels and reacts. His moods and feelings will change. The most belligerent boy will become a simpering sissy.
Stage I:
Feelings of anger and hatred will diminish and be of shorter, milder duration, he'll be easily chagrined, and be more relaxed.
Stage II:
Feelings of anger and hatred will make him feel uncomfortable, he'll avoid confrontations, be easily embarrassed, more empathetic, and will laugh or cry easier.
Stage III: Feelings of anger and hatred will make him feel nauseated, he'll be self-effacing and meek, will cry at sad stories, be empathetic, and be uncomfortable around those who are crude and harsh.
Stage IV:
He'll be timid, cooperative, helpful, giggle when scared, need to feel accepted and loved, and be totally empathetic.

Helga placed the papers on her desk top with an audible sigh. With a mischievous grin she thought that it would be quite interesting to put Ramon through all four stages of the entire set of tapes. He'd be absolutely girlish in ten days. Taking Wendal through the series to Stage III would also make an ideal experiment. She was anxious to see the lad become a swishy mincing sissy. Eric and Marc would definitely benefit from going through Stages I and II of the series. As she rose to take the descriptive papers back to Margo, she picked up a few for her own developments that she thought might prove useful on their efforts to change the boys. Margo wondered at the satisfied smirk upon Helga's face as she took the proffered papers. A huge smile soon appeared upon her face as she read.


A specially blended fluoride toothpaste containing a unique combination of Estradiol and an astringent. This combination will tighten and stretch the vocal cords, resulting in the user's voice modulating into a higher, feminine range.

During the first week of use a slight but not unpleasant tingling will be felt in the throat. The second week the tingling stops and no other effects are noticeable. The third week his voice will start to "crack" into a higher, girlish range. By the fourth week his voice will steadily raise into the feminine range, occasionally "cracking" back into his former range. The fifth week will find his voice has slipped into the higher, softer, feminine range with no "cracking". With continued use, by the eighth week his voice will be permanently raised into the softer, higher feminine range.


This unique formula contains Estrapipate and Panetol. The protein rich formula will moisturize hair from the within and expands hair size. The result is a longer, thicker, and fuller appearance that flexes and stretches. He'll have magnificent full flowing tresses that is thicker, fuller bodied, shinier, and more manageable with practically no split ends.

By noon the four BELLE RADIO/DIGITAL ALARM CLOCKS and their tapes, the BELLE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER, and the BELLE TOOTHPASTE were ready to be taken home. A bag of BELLE CANDY sat beside them ready to be distributed to the boys as they did their homework. The boys would never realize they'd been subtly altered until it was too late.

All four Halteman boys closely watched the girls that had once been boys. All were quite shocked to their very core by the apparent total physical and mental transformations that had been accomplished to turn the former boys into the delightfully feminine girls they had so obviously become. At lunch, Daniel Deeter once more assured them that the girls had once been boys like themselves. Eric upset Marc, Wendal, and Ramon when he informed them that he believed the transformations had been done. The three didn't want to believe that horrifying thought until Daniel laid an inescapable fact upon them.

"You've been watching them for some sign that they were boys at one time but have not found even one thing that could be even remotely considered masculine, right?" He asked them in disgust. When they nodded their agreement he went on. "If you watch the real girls, they occasionally do something not quite so feminine. After all, every girl has a bit of tomboy in them, right?"

Once more the guys agreed with Daniel's statement. Then the truth hit them like a ton of bricks. Only boys who had been thoroughly transformed into girls could be one hundred percent girlish! They were shocked into silence.

By the end of the school day, Eric was exhausted but glad very glad for the panty shields he'd been given. They had kept him from being embarrassed several times. The teachers had been notified of his need for frequent, unexpected relief. All told him when he entered their class that if he needed to go, for the day it wasn't necessary to ask permission, he was to quietly rise and leave. At least once every class he'd had to go. The humiliation of the constant reminder of his emasculated condition emotionally wore him to a frazzle when combined with not getting enough sleep because of the same problem. He was far too played out to even think about their dilemma by the time they reached the mall.

They were pleasantly surprised when Aunt Helga told them that if they were good and finished their homework, she take them down to the newly opened amusements. LADD'S EXCHANGE MINIATURE GOLF, LADD'S EXCHANGE SWIMMING POOL, LADD'S EXCHANGE TENNIS, and LADD'S EXCHANGE ARCADE were offering discounted memberships. The boys had heard their classmates talking about the four new businesses. Eagerly they finished their homework assignments while munching on their allotted five pieces of BELLE CANDY.

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