Petticoating Encouraged Ladd’s Exchange Mall Book 3 Part B

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Petticoating Encouraged
Ladd's Exchange Mall
Book 3 Part B

Once their assignments were completed. Helga and Margo took the boys to the amusement complex and purchased their memberships. Eric was too worn out to do anything other than watch. Even that depressed him as he realized that the sexy girls could not cause him to become aroused like he had in the past. Marc, Wendal, and Ramon chalked Eric's lack of energy and sadness off to the flu. The three younger boys were quite excited to see their pretty classmates in their cute swimsuits and tennis dresses. Marc was a bit disconcerted when he realized that Wendal and Ramon were both furtively adjusting their erect manhood into more comfortable positions while his penis was making no attempt to react to the lovely girls. It took a good half hour before the boys realized that they were being turned on by the cute figures of former boys! Their chagrin and embarrassment was clearly evident upon their faces. The two women chuckled when they saw how upset the three boys were because the former boys had awakened their macho libido. They also rightly assumed that Eric was upset because he realized it would not take an awful lot for him to become a girl just like them.

The tastefully landscaped, open, park like indoor amusement complex was one of several long awaited ventures. All the youths associated with the mall had purchased advance memberships. As a result, they too had quickly finished their homework assignments and rushed to the pool and tennis courts. Jamie Clipp, Brenda Fairchild, Tracy Freidman, Tammy Endress, Louise Bloom, Nichole Chestnut, Tonia Fairchild, Kelly Freidman, Carla Bloom, Heather Getzoff, Janet Getzoff, Pamela Sue James, Linda Evers, Tiffany Davis, and Justine Bowers vied with each other not only in competition on the tennis courts and diving board, but also in their showing off their perky budding femininity. The snug swimsuits and cute mini-skirted tennis dresses were virtually identical to their dance and gym uniforms. They all delighted in showing off their feminine charms and competed to see who could tease and entice the most boys. All the girls closely watched the Halteman boys and wondered how long it would be before they joined their Petticoated ranks.

The same day the amusement complex opened, ground was broken for a new housing development near the mall. The base price of a home was $250,000. The development was expected to attract upwardly mobile couples, and most of the hundred twenty sites were sold before the construction started. All would be sold before construction was completed before the end of the summer.

That evening none of the boys suspected anything to be out of the ordinary as they used the BELLE TOOTHPASTE and BELLE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. The day had been exciting, a bit frightening, and quite exhausting for all of them.

As he prepared for bed and despite his every effort, Eric couldn't stop himself from wondering what it'd be like to be as soft and shapely as the former boys he'd been unable to stop watching. The fact the panties he wore under his pajamas felt so nice only made the problem worse. When Helga came into the room to massage the BELLE CULTIVATOR LOTION into his now completely deflated masculinity, she found him near tears. Very tenderly she rubbed the cool, numbing lotion into his soft flesh, once more relaxing him as she assured him that everything would work out for the best. He almost believed her when she told him that she had no desire to harm her nephews. While she was attending him, everything seemed to be all right. Yet once she left, his doubts and uncertainty resurfaced. It was quite a while before he was able to fall asleep.

As the other boys settled into bed, unbidden dreams about the cute girls they'd watched that afternoon came to them. Wendal and Ramon quickly succumbed to their aroused needs and blissfully played with themselves. Afterwards they fell asleep totally unaware that they would soon lose all sexual interest in girls. Marc was totally frustrated when he finally fell asleep after vainly trying to satisfy his arousal. Despite his best efforts, he'd failed to even get himself hard. Little did he suspect that the underwear he'd recently removed had rendered his manhood temporarily useless.

In all four bedrooms as the boys fell asleep, the BELLE RADIO/DIGITAL ALARM CLOCKS upon their nightstands softly clicked. The hidden min-cassette player activated Stage I of the subliminal hypnotic messages that would forever alter their lives.

For Eric the morning had been quite disturbing. The panties felt almost right about his now flat, virtually smooth groin. Much to his dismay, he found himself debating whether he should wear the panties to school in place of his jockey shorts! With a shudder of repulsion he took them off and carefully placed them beneath his pillow. Thoughts of revenge against his aunt kept coming into his mind, but every time he felt a headache start and his stomach churn. Unconsciously he decided that revenge wasn't worth the cost of thinking about if it made him ill. As a result he convinced himself that his life would be much easier if he stopped trying to figure things out and simply accepted whatever happened. The tapes, lack of male hormones, and the influx of female hormones were already making drastic changes in him.

Marc finally found relief when he woke up with a piss hard-on. Deciding to take advantage of his erection, he quickly subdued the uncooperative monster, thus proving that he still was a man. He wrote off the problems of the previous night to his disgust that the feminine girls had once been boys. Breathing a bit easier, he dressed, not realizing his underwear would once more render him impotent.

Wendal and Ramon both awoke refreshed and relaxed. All the boys felt mentally and physically different when they awoke the next morning. They were less angry about their dilemma. Each made his bed, put his dirty clothes in the hamper, spent more time before the mirror making sure his hair was right, and walked quietly to the breakfast table.

Margo sidled up to Helga and told her that the boys had all made their beds and straightened their bedrooms. They also realized that for the first time since their arrival, no doors had been slammed, no one had run down the steps, no one was loud, and no one belched. Both women were amazed at quickness of the tapes and the progress they were making in emasculating the boys.

The school day went much easier for the boys, they were less concerned about their problems and more accepting of the transformations of their classmates. They hurried through their homework and were allowed to go to the pool and tennis courts where they once more enjoyed watching the pretty girls. The fact that many of them had once been boys didn't seem to matter nearly as much as it had yesterday. What had seemed horrifying then now seemed normal. One can only speculate how they would have reacted if they'd known the tapes were responsible for the changes in their outlook.

That night Eric eagerly slipped into his soft panties after Helga had massaged the BELLE CULTIVATOR LOTION into his rapidly softening, tighter groin. Sleep came easily to the emasculated young man. Marc once more experienced the frustration of impotence. This time the changes in his emotional stability caused him to cry himself to sleep. Wendal and Ramon both successfully relieved themselves and blissfully fell asleep. The BELLE RADIO/DIGITAL ALARM CLOCKS activated the second day of Stage I of the sinister subliminal hypnotic tapes once they fell asleep.

Thursday morning, Eric caught himself putting his trousers on before removing his panties. The unconscious act embarrassed him, yet he had to admit that the panties fit better and felt nicer than boys' underpants. Almost reluctantly he removed the panties before dressing. Marc once more awoke with an erection. As the day before he quickly and successfully sought to reassure himself that he was still a man. All the boys tidied their bedrooms and made their beds without being told to do so before quietly going for breakfast. Each took his dirty dishes to the sink before they left for school. None of them questioned the changes they were undergoing. The boys once more enjoyed the benefits of being cooperative in school and doing their homework by making it to the pool and tennis courts to enjoy the sights. The girls noticed the rapid changes occurring in the boys' behavior and secretly giggled amongst themselves. They tried to figure out what was being done to the boys to make such drastic changes in so short a period of time without the use of Petticoating. That evening the boys voiced no objection and willing helped to clean the house when asked to do so by Margo.

At bedtime, Eric again eagerly slipped into his soft, silken panties after Helga massaged the BELLE CULTIVATOR LOTION into his almost flat groin before falling into a restful sleep. Marc once more cried himself to sleep angered by his nighttime impotence. Wendal and Ramon climbed into bed and after relieving their sexual tensions went to sleep like the good boys they had become. Neither noticed that their need for relief had greatly diminished or that the intensity of their orgasms was less than normal. As soon as they fell asleep, the tapes started, completing Stage I of the subliminal hypnotic program.

Friday morning Eric thought quite seriously about leaving the panties on under his school clothes. This time he had to force himself to remove the silky delight. His new emotions and feelings really confused him, but he found it easier to ignore the problems than confront them. Marc awoke with only a semi-erection and stubbornly struggled until he coaxed himself to orgasm. Just like Eric, he found it easier to ignore his growing problem than try to figure it out. Again all four boys cleaned their bedrooms and made their beds, quietly made their way to the table for breakfast and took their dirty dishes to the sink before leaving for school.

The day went even smoother as the boys adapted to the routine and expectations of the school. That afternoon the girls at the pool and tennis courts noticed further changes in the attitudes and behavior of the boys. That night Eric had his panties on before Helga came into his room. Marc fell asleep upon his tear stained damp pillow quite frustrated over his inability to even achieve a reaction from his limp numb penis. Wendal and Ramon simply went to bed and fell asleep like angelic innocent boys. Masturbation never even entered their minds. None of the boys even thought about rebelling or resisting Aunt Helga. Once more the BELLE RADIO/DIGITAL ALARM CLOCKS activated their secret mission after the boys were asleep. Stage II of the subliminal hypnotic tapes started the boys into the next step of their transformation.

Saturday morning Helga left the boys sleep in. When they finally awoke, they were pleasantly surprised to find that an appetizing brunch was being prepared for them. Eric reluctantly started to remove his panties then stopped. Since there was no school today, why not wear the slinky enchantments all day. With an impish grin of self-satisfaction, he slipped a pair of jeans over his smoothly pantied bottom. He didn't want to admit that there was no evidence of a masculine bulge to disrupt the smooth flow of the panty line in his crotch. Marc again found himself without a morning erection. Looking forlornly down at his uncooperative manhood, he sighed and dressed, deciding it simply wasn't worth the aggravation and frustration. Wendal and Ramon hurriedly but neatly dressed before they scampered downstairs to offer their assistance with the brunch preparation. After the meal, Eric and Marc did the dishes without being asked.

Helga and Margo were both amazed at the cooperativeness, neatness and politeness of the fastidious boys. All day the boys strived to be good and please their aunt. It was a need they had to fulfill. None of them seemed to notice the queasy feelings they had whenever a thought to do something nasty or devilish popped into their minds. Arguing seemed to be the last thing upon their contented minds. Each was happy to stay out of the way and not create waves. That night none of the boys even thought about masturbation as they prepared for bed.

Eric blushed deeply when he reached beneath his pillow to retrieve his pajamas. In their place he discovered a clean pair of panties identical to those he wore and a soft, pink nylon ruffled babydoll nightie. He quickly realized that his aunt must have checked and discovered that he'd never removed the panties. She had then replaced his pajamas with the nightie. With a shiver of trepidation and anticipation he slowly slipped into the cute babydoll nightie. The warm, sensual feelings the soft ruffled material created wherever it touched his flesh made him feel small and cozy. He was lost enjoying the sensual thrills of his delectable nightie when his reverie was suddenly disturbed by his aunt.

"Well, Erica," she stated with a broad grin upon her obviously pleased face. "Don't you look vulnerable and sweet! You'd better be careful the others don't catch you dressed like this," she admonished him gently.

Eric blushed a deep red and bit his lips. Without further words she massaged the BELLE CULTIVATOR LOTION into his almost feminine groin. When she finished, the warm, tender hug she gave him made his embarrassed confusion a lot easier to accept. Once more he found it easier not to question what was happening as he quickly fell asleep.

The other boys climbed quietly into bed and quickly fell asleep. None of the boys thought a thing about the changes they were undergoing. Stage II of the subliminal hypnotic tapes completed it's insidious reprogramming of their vulnerable psyches.

Sunday morning Helga and Margo noted the greatly improved manners and politeness of the quiet lads. They willingly acquiesced to Helga's every request. By day's end their home sparkled. Both Helga and Margo had a difficult time believing the four boys were the same scruffy young hellions who arrived only a week before. The tapes were having a marvelous effect upon them.

That night Eric blushed prettily when Helga gave him a loving kiss upon his cheek when she came to give him his nightly massage. Clad in his adorable nightie, he trembled and moaned with pleasure as she touched his flesh. Marc tentatively stroked his limp manhood trying to decide whether to attempt masturbating. With a sigh he turned off his light before rolling over and quickly falling asleep. Wendal and Ramon fell asleep the instant their tired heads touched their pillows.

For Eric and Marc, Margo had reset their BELLE RADIO/DIGITAL ALARM CLOCKS to replay Stages I and II of the subliminal hypnotic tapes in the back-up reinforcement mode. Wendal and Ramon continued their indoctrination into girlhood by listening to Stage III.

Monday morning, Eric was not too surprised to discover that all his male underwear was gone. He selected a pair of lace trimmed peach nylon panties. Both he and Marc arrived at breakfast looking neat and cheerful in their clean school uniforms. They were a bit concerned that Wendal and Ramon didn't join them so Helga and Margo went to check on the missing lads.

What they found surprised but pleased them. The boys were near tears as they stood forlornly before their mirrors looking at their all too boyish reflections. Neither liked the way they looked. When pressed, they began to whine that they simply couldn't stand to wear their dumb plain old school uniform and wished they had something to jazz it up. Once they started complaining about their appearance, they didn't stop. Their hair looked awful and needed a hair ribbon or hairbow. Their ears looked ugly and naked, earrings would take care of that but neither had pierced ears. Their nails were yucky and needed a manicure and polish. But the worst was their horrid clothes! By the time they'd finished their complaints both were in tears. Helga and Margo comforted their charges, delighted to see the dramatic effects of the tapes. One night listening to Stage III of the subliminal hypnotic tapes and already they had become quite the sissy. After receiving promises of a shopping trip that evening to remedy their complaints, the boys reluctantly left their bedrooms.

Eric and Marc were amazed when their tear stained brothers finally joined them for breakfast. Their mincing steps made them appear to be quite swish. The way they kept their legs together, spoke, giggled and kept touching their hair made the changes they'd undergone glaringly evident. Their every move and mannerism seemed to proclaim that they were far from being a normal guy.

All day the two were looked upon with amazement by their classmates as they blithely swished their way through their activities. Both fidgeted uncomfortably all day and complained bitterly about the horrid boys' uniform they had to wear. That afternoon at the pool and tennis courts, they eagerly joined the girls. It was quite obvious that, instead of being aroused by the girls, they were almost drooling over the hair ribbons and hairbows, earrings, and cute outfits that the girls so willingly showed off. The girls quickly realized the change in interest of the two swishy boys and eagerly set about to ensnare them into their feminine world. Neither Wendal nor Ramon tried to stop the girls when they tied ribbons into their long hair. They simply looked at their sissy reflections and smiled with an expression of obvious longing upon their faces. The girls were now sure that something was being done to the boys to change them.

Eric and Marc were both embarrassed by the behavior of their younger brothers. Yet the effects of the tapes upon the older boys left them unable to condemn or say anything against their siblings.
Helga smiled when she came for the boys and witnessed the reluctance of Wendal and Ramon to return their borrowed girlish adornments. She had to admonish the sissy duo to hurry or they'd be late for their appointments at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER with Dr. Makes-Shemanski. During the check-ups, the physical changes they had undergone were not really noticeable.

Dr. Balkut and Dr. Alterson were there to check up on Eric. Since the chemical castration was non-invasive, Dr. Balkut wanted to see the results so she could make a comparison to the previous emasculation surgery she had performed on the other boy/girls. Eric quite naturally had quite a bit of loose empty flesh hanging between his legs. The CULTIVATOR LOTION was shrinking the remains of his manhood, but there was still a lot there. Dr. Balkut told him that in another week or two she'd do a nip and tuck to enable him to relieve himself in a manner similar to that of a girl. That bit of information stunned the boy, but the influence of the tapes made him meekly accept her pronouncement.

Marc blushed deeply and said nothing when Dr. Makes-Shemanski was unable to coax him into erection or ejaculation. Wendal and Ramon seemed virtually unchanged physically, but were showing definite signs of the devastating effects of the subliminal hypnotic tapes. The behavior of the two boys left no doubt that each was now a sissy. Both begged the doctor to pierce their ears which Helga approved.

The mental and emotional changes the first two stages had wrought in all four boys was remarkable. Last week the boys had been uptight, rowdy and belligerent despite being terrified of the prospect of being Petticoated. Now they were polite, meek, and well behaved. None of the boys objected when Dr. Makes-Shemanski administered two injections. They never even questioned what they were receiving.

After they left, Dr. Balkut invited Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski and Dr. Helen Alterson to her office to see the mold she'd made of Eric's genitals. Sandra smiled as she saw the proudly exhibited life-like model with a name/date tag in the display case with the pickled remains of the previous emasculations she had performed. The two doctors shook their heads in disbelief as they read the pamphlet describing the just administered new drugs developed at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER. All three wondered just how the physical changes the drugs would cause would effect the already polite demeanor of the boys.


We offer two types of hormone blockers, available in an injectable form or in a topically applied version. Either can be used alone to good effect, but when used together are quite devastating. Both function similarly. Once in the patients body, it flows harmlessly through the recipient's blood stream until it reaches the brain. There it will seek out and bind to the nervous system's receptors that monitor the amount of hormones that the body will produce. After completely covering and shielding the receptors from the blood stream, the receptors then send false signals to the brain. The brain reads those signals as true and reacts accordingly.

Both blockers will perform flawlessly for four to five weeks. After that they become brittle and less flexible, unable to resist the constant battering of the flowing blood. The blood begins to slowly erode the blocker coating off the receptors and the brain begins to accurately read the hormonal levels in the bloodstream. It will take about two weeks for the coating to be worn away enough for the brain to get accurate readings. Thus, a single treatment will mean the blocker does it's job for between six to seven weeks.

Booster treatments are recommended at least every five weeks to insure that the recipient continues to obtain the full benefits of the blocker. Booster treatments received after the blockers have worn away will have the desired effects quicker than an initial treatment if given within four weeks of the due date.

*************** ***************


T-BLOCK is a viscous pale blue fluid that causes the receiver to feel a wash of coolness spread through his body. He may become chilled for a few moments. Once the T-BLOCK reaches and binds to the appropriate receptors, it causes the receptor to signal the brain that an overabundance of testosterone is in the bloodstream. The brain then orders the organs that manufacture testosterone to cease production until the level in the bloodstream drops. This results in a steady flushing of the bloodstream of every bit of testosterone. This can take anywhere from three to six days depending upon the individual. Since the T-BLOCK is still on the receptors, the brain does not detect the absence of testosterone and therefore does not order the organs to resume production.

The lack of testosterone will cause the male to lose his aggressiveness and competitiveness. His need to show off and prove his manliness will also fade. The longer the absence of the male hormone, the more sedate and submissive the male will become. His ability to achieve an erection will steadily fade once the testosterone has been flushed from his body. Complete loss of the ability to function will occur sometime during the second week depending upon the individual's previous capabilities.

As with anything that is not allowed to function in the manner it was created, the organs which produce the testosterone will begin to atrophy. No significant loss of the ability to function will be noticeable until after the first month. After that, not only will the organ's ability to resume production of testosterone degenerate, it will also begin to shrivel and shrink. By the end of two months, the organ will have lost about 20 percent of it's production capacity and size. At three months there should be a 40 percent loss in both production capacity and size. At four months there should be a 60 percent loss in both production capacity and size. The fifth month should reveal an 80 percent loss in capacity and size. By the sixth month, all ability to produce testosterone will most likely have been lost and the organ shrunk to the size of an infant's organ.

*************** **************


E-BLOCK is a viscous light pink fluid that causes the receiver to feel a flush of warmth spread through his body. He may become light-headed for a few moments. Once the E-BLOCK reaches and binds to the appropriate receptors, it causes the receptor to signal the brain of an estrogen deficiency in the bloodstream. The brain then orders the organs that manufacture estrogens to increase production until their level in the bloodstream reaches the normal balance. This results in a steady accumulation in the bloodstream of estrogens. It can take anywhere from three to six days depending upon the individual for the estrogens to overwhelm any testosterone and infiltrate every portion of his body. Since the E-BLOCK is still on the receptors, the brain does not detect the growing levels of the estrogens and therefore does not order the organs to cease production.

The abundance of estrogens will cause the male to lose his aggressiveness and competitiveness. His need to show off and prove his manliness will also fade. The longer the estrogens are allowed to influence his body and mind, the more sedate and submissive the male will become. His desire and ability to achieve an erection will diminish. Complete loss of the ability to function may occur anytime after the end of the second week depending upon the individual's previous capabilities.

As with anything that is allowed to function in the manner it was created, the organs which produce the estrogens will begin to thrive. No significant gain of the ability to function is noticeable until after the first month. After that it steadily increases it's production rate until about the third month when it has reached it's maximum. At this point he'll be producing at least as much natural estrogen as a normal female.

What all this means is that his masculinity is subverted and eliminated during the first month. From then on, he'll be entering the normal sequence of female puberty.

If the drugs worked as well as the literature stated, the three doctors could hardly wait to see the results. The products of the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER were proving to be quite effective and very interesting.

After leaving the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, Helga allowed Eric and Marc to go to LADD'S EXCHANGE CINEMA while she took Wendal and Ramon to THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE. Olivia Endress saw the excited mincing lads enter and lost no time in offering to assist them in selecting new clothes. Helga explained the boys felt they'd like fancier clothes. Soft, silken nylon, ruffles, lace, and ribbons were their main interests. Olivia was delighted to help them select new night clothes. Wendal choose a cute set of baby blue shortie pajamas made of silky nylon with lace ruffled cuffs and neck. Ramon was directed away from the girlish pajamas to an adorable lavishly lace trimmed lavender babydoll nightie. The giggling lads then went on to choose several sets of pretty lace edged nylon panties and camisoles in various pastel shades. After that Helga suggested they get some ruffled blouses the same color as their uniform shirts to replace the standard plain uniform shirts. The boys leapt at the chance and choose blouses that had a ruffled bodice and cuffs elaborately frilled with lace. As they passed the socks, both grew dewy eyed gazing upon the cute lace topped anklets on display. With a playful laugh, Helga told them to choose several pair which they eagerly did. At the checkout, the boys blushed when Helga reached over and picked out several hair ribbons and bows to place with their other selections.

As the happy trio left, Helga had another devilish idea and decided to take the sissy lads one more step away from their macho boyish past. Without any hesitation she led them next door to NEW SENSATIONS SHOES. There both lads giggled as they were fitted for black patent leather Mary Jane strap shoes to replace their black oxfords. It was two very bouncy giggling sissies that greeted their older brothers when they emerged from the movie theater. The numerous packages were quickly distributed amongst the four boys.

That night Helga once more treated Eric to his nightly massage and steady effeminization as he donned his feminine babydoll nightie. Marc silently and forlornly climbed into bed, afraid to even touch his manhood. Both Eric and Marc found themselves wondering what was making all the changes they were experiencing. However, the more they thought about their dilemma, the more unsettled their stomachs became. Both also felt the beginning of a bad migraine headache. At the same time, a great weariness seemed to overtake them. It was a pattern that would be repeated whenever they attempted to resist or figure out what was happening to them. They quickly adapted the ruse of what they don't know can't hurt them. As for Wendal and Ramon, they both eagerly donned their girlish bed clothes and climbed into bed, easily falling asleep. Again the perfidious subliminal hypnotic tapes activated once the boys were asleep. Wendal and Ramon completed Stage III while Eric and Marc remained on the reinforcing mode for Stage II.

Tuesday morning Wendal and Ramon were again late for breakfast. Eric fidgeted in his chair as he ate, furtively enjoying the sensations his soft panties. Marc toyed with his food, unsure why he felt so depressed. Both looked up in complete shock when their younger brothers literally skipped into the room. Studded earrings sparkled in the ears, their hair had been restyled with short bangs over their eyes and a bouncy beribboned ponytail. Soft pink polish graced their well shaped nails. The ruffled blouses, lace topped anklets, and shiny black Mary Jane shoes seemed to scream the fact the wearers were complete sissies. Not a word was said as the pair sat daintily, giggling at the discomfort of their older brothers. Both wondered if they suspected the soft, lace trimmed nylon lingerie they wore beneath their sissified uniforms.

In school, the girls eagerly heaped compliments upon the obviously sissy boys. They were eager to discover how the boys were being changed. Not one boy said a word about the changes in the sissy lads appearance even though everyone noticed. The guys knew better than to interfere with or harass the sissy duo although they wondered what was being done to so rapidly alter the formerly all macho boys so quickly and easily, especially since there was no evidence that they were being forced to dress and behave differently. No one had ever witnessed such a dramatic change in so short a period of time without severe Petticoating.

Daniel Deeter was one of several boys who were absolutely terrified by the rapid sissification of their new classmates. He was one of the few people not in the know that suspected some new force or process at work to transform boys into girls. The behavioral changes in all four boys had been significant during the previous week. Everyone noticed the rapid changes, but only those who feared undergoing such changes themselves worried. The sudden sissy behavior of Wendal and Ramon on Monday had disconcerted Daniel while most people had accepted the weekend change with a mere shrug. But on Tuesday morning when the sissies minced into the school in their totally sissified version of the normal male school uniform, not to mention their beribboned hair, nail polish, and jewelry; everyone sat up and took notice! Yet even by the end of the day that too had been accepted as normal by most people. Daniel was confused, upset, angry, and worried. Why had all four boys seemed to change at the same rate the first week, then over the weekend Eric and Marc stayed unchanged while Wendal and Ramon slid deeper into girlishness. In the back of his mind was the fear that his Aunt Gwen would do the same to him.

Wendal and Ramon were the center of attention at the pool and tennis courts that afternoon. The girls did their best to answer the myriad questions the two sissy lads asked about girlish styles, fashions, and feelings. Eric and Marc stayed discreetly on the sidelines, watching their sissy brothers interact with the girls. Both were dumbfounded by their overtly sissy antics and wondered briefly what was happening. Each time they began to question what was happening their stomachs would churn and their heads pound.

That night Wendal and Ramon giggled happily as they eagerly donned their girlish night clothes. They thrilled to the soft, pleasant sensations their delightful night clothes sent coursing through their sensitized bodies. A warm feeling of contentment came over them as they easily fell asleep. Eric and Marc tossed and turned. Their minds were rebelling against the influence of the tapes. Their subconscious demanded they find out what was happening. As a result, both eventually had pounding migraine headaches that drove all thoughts but pain from their head.

Marc finally settled himself and was almost asleep when he heard moaning and the sound of someone being sick. Struggling up from his self-imposed catatonic state he went to investigate. What he found started his head pounding, but his need to help overcame and cushioned the headache. Kneeling before the porcelain throne was Eric... clad in his adorable lace trimmed pink babydoll nightie.

When Eric realized he'd been discovered, he tried to flee, but was unable to rise to his feet. Instead, he collapsed, bursting into tears as all the inner stress let loose.

Despite Marc's repulsion at seeing Eric dressed as a girl and crying his eyes out, the tapes made him feel only compassion. Tenderly he helped Eric sit up, cleaned him and then helped him back to his bedroom. When Eric crawled into bed, the hem of his short nightie rose to reveal the pretty matching panties... and his totally smooth, girlish groin. Marc stopped short, his mouth fell open in disbelief at what he thought he'd seen. He knew that Eric was adequately endowed, but the panties revealed no sign of any masculinity.

Eric quickly realized what had happened, once more his emotions overwhelmed him. Doubling over he buried his face in his hands and cried.

The tears invoked Marc's concern, his heart went out to his cousin. The only thing he could do was sit beside Eric and take his sobbing cousin in his arms to comfort him. Strange feelings engulfed Marc as he tenderly caressed Eric. An unfamiliar but pleasurable arousal spread slowly throughout his emasculated body.

Eric felt a strange warmth come over him as he cuddled against Marc. A new, unfamiliar but pleasant arousal spread rapidly over his emasculated body, pushing his fears and tears away. He discovered, much to his chagrin, that being held by a boy was quite nice.

The weird mutual arousal calmed the fears of both boys, and when Eric finally regained his composure, the two separated, embarrassed by their unexpected reactions. Knowing that Marc needed and explanation, Eric hesitantly recounted what had been done to his masculinity.

Marc was horrified and repulsed until he recalled that his manhood was not functioning all that well. Guiltily he told Eric what was happening to him.

After a bit of silent contemplation, they began to discuss the changes they and their brothers were experiencing. As long as they remained calm, they discovered they could talk about their problem. As soon as they began to get excited, the nausea and headaches began to return. Slowly they reached the conclusion that the changes were not natural. Eric's emasculation was proof of that. Helga and Margo had to be behind what was happening. Unfortunately, they could go no further in solving their dilemma since the nausea and headaches prevented speculation beyond the knowledge that they were being changed by some outside source. Eric was the more emotionally drained of the two and finally nodded off to sleep. Marc covered him before wearily retiring to his own bed.

Once more the subliminal hypnotic tapes resumed their stealthy work as the boys fell asleep. Eric and Marc both received their back-up of STAGE II. Wendal received a back-up of Stage III. Stage IV activated in Ramon's bedroom, sending him over the edge that defined boyhood. No longer would he be a boyish sissy, instead he would be a girlish boy.

Wednesday morning Helga was waiting outside Ramon's bedroom before the boys awoke. One by one the boys awoke and stretched. Marc and Wendal scrambled from their rooms almost instantly when they heard Ramon's plaintive wail, Eric took a few moments to don his robe to hide his nightie. Helga curtly ordered them to continue their morning preparations, assuring them that she would deal with the problem. Later, Eric and Marc looked up from their breakfast when Wendal came waltzing in dressed in his sissified school uniform. Not understanding why the younger boys had become so swish, the older boys shook their head in confusion. He solemnly informed them that Ramon was still whimpering but that Aunt Helga was still with him. When the three had finished their breakfast there was still no sign of Ramon. As they prepared to leave for school, Margo went to check on Ramon. A few moments later she returned.

"Ramon will be all right," she told them. "You go on to school, we'll see that he gets there. Right now he's simply too upset to even get ready." In response to their questioning concerned faces, she continued, "He's quite upset and needs some special attention. Just be sure to wait for him outside his classroom when school lets out so you can all walk to the mall together." She knew that her cryptic caution that he needed special consideration made the boys feel uneasy as they wondered what had happened this time. As for Ramon, well...

Ramon woke up feeling warm and content. After turning off his alarm clock, he threw back the covers and stretched his body in his normal early morning ritual. As he relaxed he stroked and caressed his lovely nightie, reveling in girlish delight to the sensations created by the soft, silken fabric. Rolling out of bed, he skipped to the mirror where he could admire his pretty girlish reflection. As he gazed upon himself, he coquettishly twisted his torso, delighting in his feminine reflection and the sensual swirling of his lace edged nightie. Finally with a sigh he turned away and went to his closet. Upon opening his closet door he froze as he stared at his wardrobe. A frown quickly formed as he gazed at his neat, clean slacks, shirts and jackets. They were nice... for a boy... His lips began to quiver as he realized that he had to wear those yucky boy clothes. They were his, after all he was a boy, but the thought of destroying the girl he had seen in the mirror horrified him. The realization that he was a boy and not a girl shocked and terrified him. Up until that moment he'd felt as if he really were a girl. The really bizarre thing was that he still felt like a girl! The pleasant caress of his nightie told him that he still looked like a girl. How could he look so girlish and still be a boy? Yet he found that he didn't want to be a boy any longer and the idea of putting on boy clothes turned his stomach. He knew that he wanted to be a girl, wear delightfully feminine clothes, and be soft and pretty all the time. The dichotomy of his feelings and physical status confused him as he wondered what was happening to make him feel this way.

One small part of his brain tried to logic out what was happening. All his life, up until he'd moved here, he'd been a boy, all boy! Yet now he was feeling anything but boyish. Frightened and unsure of what was happening, he found he couldn't cope with the situation. Unceremoniously he burst into tears, bemoaning his frustrations. The resulting wail was what the others had heard.

Time lost meaning for him. Two arms enveloped him, turning him about and smothering his tear-streaked face in a warm, shapely bosom that welcomed his tears. The warm hugs and caresses reassured him that everything would be all right. His entire body shook with the force of his heart rending sobs as Aunt Helga comforted him.

Vaguely he recalled Margo quietly checking on them and Aunt Helga softly shooing her away to let him finish his cry in peace while safely ensconced in her loving embrace. When he finally exhausted his tears, he snuggled closer to his protector.

Helga tenderly stroked his long hair and soothed his shattered spirit. "Do you feel better now?" His tentative nod left her know he felt a tiny bit better. "Do you want to tell me about it?" She guided him to his bed while she awaited his reply. Sitting down she pulled him onto her lap and resumed stroking his hair.

Ramon's mind was totally confused. After a few minutes he meekly spoke. "I'm not sure what's happening, Aunt Helga. I suddenly hate being a boy! I never felt this way before, I know I was happy being a boy! Now the idea of putting on a pair of pants makes me feel sick! I just don't understand."

"It's all right, RAMONA." Helga reassured the trembling sissy. Just as she was sure he would, he stiffened when she'd called him Ramona. "If you'll be honest with yourself, you'll admit that you never really were happy as a boy. You just didn't realize there were any other options so you forced yourself to be a tough guy just as everyone expected you to be. Until you moved in here, you never even realized how unhappy you were. Once you discovered that boys can become girls, your true feelings started to surface. Unconsciously you started to hate being a boy and everything that being a boy means."

Helga paused to let he message sink in before he went on. "You're not really tough and mean like your grandfather taught you boys are supposed to be. You're much too sensitive and caring. That part of you has started to emerge since you moved in with me. At first you were shocked once you realized that boys can become girls and be accepted by everyone. The more you watched the boy/girls, the more attracted you became, not to them, but to girlishness. At first you probably expressed those new emotions by feeling a certain sexual attraction to the girls. Then the sexual attraction faded as you became envious of their ability to be so soft and girlish. You found yourself wanting to be a girl in every way. Your subconscious finally broke through your stubborn male ego to make you feel like a girl! To put things truthfully, you want and need to be a soft, pretty girl.

Ramon sat cuddled upon Helga's lap as she continued to stroke his hair and coo comfortingly. He thought about what she told him and realized that what she said about his strange and unexpected girlish feelings was all the truth! Physically he was a boy, but he felt like a girl. He shivered as he attempted to get a handle on his dilemma.

Helga relentlessly continued to tear down the last walls of his masculinity. "The best thing for you to do is to let your inner self out! Be the girl you feel inside. Get rid of all those horrid male clothes in your closet! After breakfast, you and I will go to THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE to get you a girls' school uniform and other pretty clothes for you to wear. It's time you faced reality and stopped pretending to be a boy. Let yourself become the girl you really are!"

Helga's words made a weird kind of sense to the confused lad. Looking up into her eyes for reassurance, he was relieved to see a pleasant smile instead of a jeering face. "I'm scared, Aunt Helga," he whispered. "I don't know how to be a girl. What will everyone say if I suddenly appear dressed up as a girl?"

"Of course you know how to be a girl," admonished Helga. "You're being a girl right now! All you have to do is cut out all the phony macho crap and be yourself. As far as what everyone will say about you, that's simple. They'll say that you're a lovely girl! Eric, Marc, and Wendal will accept you for what you are."

Ramon took a few moments to digest her words. As Helga's words burned themselves into his brain, a drastic change occurred. At that moment, Ramon ceased to exist, Ramona had been born!

Helga could tell that she'd won. "Now young lady, the others have already left for school. Let's go eat a light breakfast, then we'll head to the mall and THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE. We'll get you all the new girls' clothes you could want. Then you'll be the girl you want to be." With that she stood Ramona her feet, kissed her red cheeks, rose, took her hand and led her to the kitchen for breakfast while still wearing her delightfully girlish nightie.

As they entered the kitchen Margo looked up, knew the change had been made and smiled, stating gaily. "Well, it looks like we have a pretty little girl in our midst! I don't see a trace of that crude boy Ramon." The way she said "BOY" made it sound like a swear word.

Once more Ramona blushed. She felt relieved to be accepted as a girl and to have her girlishness so easily recognized. She felt pretty and quite natural wearing her nightie. The girlish feelings still confused her a bit in their unfamiliarity. Ramona daintily wiped her mouth when she finished eating. She felt comfortable with her identity as a girl trapped inside a boy's body. In addition, she was determined to see what could be done to eliminate every sign of her horrid boyhood. Delicately she gathered her dishes, took them to the sink, washed them and put them away. When she'd finished, she turned about to see that Helga and Margo were smiling at her girlish behavior. Blushing and giggling apprehensively, she did her best to perform a curtsey. In a soft, girlish voice she asked, "What can I wear to the mall to get my new dresses?"

"I have a big, green plaid sweater that you could slip on. It'll probably reach your knees, but using one of my gold chain belts we can snug it about your waist. You should look quite lovely in it," Margo suggested.

"Yes, I think that will do just fine," agreed Helga. "You can wear your lingerie. I know Olivia Endress will have you in the cutest dresses faster than you can imagine. Ramona, you'll soon be dressed like a proper lady."

Ramona eagerly bit her lower lip in undisguised anticipation. The sparkling in her eyes betrayed her eagerness to get to the mall. "How soon can I put the sweater on?"

The obvious anxiousness in her voice made Helga and Margo grin with pride about the effectiveness of their products. "Let's go up to my bedroom right now," Margo stated with a wolfish grin of satisfaction as she stood to hold out her hand to the pretty girl.

Helga watched as Ramona tentatively slipped her hand into Margo's grasp. The two headed upstairs to get Ramona dressed in the sweater. Once they were gone, Helga called ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL to inform them of Ramona's change from boyhood to girlhood.

When Ramona saw her reflection in the mirror after Margo had finished outfitting her, she was stunned by her girlishness. What little doubt she had about Helga's insistence that she was a girl who had been born in a male body and had been masquerading as a macho boy completely disappeared. The image in the mirror was that of a shy but quite pretty preteen girl. The bulky knit green plaid sweater dress ended two inches above her dimpled knees. A delicate gold chain belt accented her narrow waist. Her long blonde hair had been brushed back into a pony tail secured with a green ribbon while short bangs hung to just above her eyebrows. All in all she looked quite lovely with no evidence that she was in reality male.

Helga gasped and broke into a delighted smile when she entered the room to see how soon Ramona would be ready. The girl she saw was lovely, far beyond her expectations. Ramona turned from the mirror looking expectantly at her aunt. When she saw the smile, she blushed and lowered her eyes. Margo laughed, obviously pleased by their reactions. Helga marched to Ramona and swept the timid girl into a warm, loving embrace. Ramona quickly returned the hug while Margo stood by beaming.

Half an hour later, Helga led Ramona into THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE where she was greeted by Olivia Endress. Olivia had nothing but compliments and praise for Ramona and Helga, reassuring them that they were doing the correct thing by having Ramona become a young lady. Ramona shivered with delight as she tried on pretty lingerie, skirts, dresses, blouses, and finally the ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL uniform. Everything fit her well and she looked stunning. An hour later the duo stopped by ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT for a light lunch before heading for the school.

Mother Superior Mary Francis and the entire office staff gushed over Ramona. The shy girl blushed incessantly and smiled demurely while her files were changed to show her changed status. Finally when all the paperwork was completed, she hugged her Aunt Helga goodbye and nervously headed for her classroom.

Everyone in the sixth grade class had been wondering what was happening to Ramon during the short time he had been in their class to cause him to change so rapidly from a seemingly rough and ready guy into a giggling sissy. Every head turned to look and the class fell silent when Ramona entered the room just after lunch. Mother Superior Mary Francis introduced the blushing girl to her classmates and left. The class was swept with muted whisperings and comments. All were surprised at the complete transformation despite having seen the steady changes Ramon had undergone.

Daniel Deeter was terrified by the soft, pretty girl Ramona had become. Now he was absolutely sure that something had been done to Ramon to cause the changes. That something had to come from the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER. If his Aunt Gwen decided he should become a girl, he feared that he too would surely succumb to the evil methods that had been employed to create Ramona. It took all his inner strength to keep from jumping up and fleeing. He realized if he did that, he was doomed. Firmly he resolved to be good and plan an escape. He had to get away from this place before it was too late and he too was transformed into a girl.

Eric and Marc were pained to see Wendal come swishing up to them after school let out. Neither said a word against the sissy since the tapes had left them unable to condemn him. Reluctantly the two older boys followed Wendal to Ramon's classroom as Aunt Helga had instructed. All three were momentarily shocked when Ramona came skipping out of the classroom in the company of the other boy/girls. When she saw her brother and cousins, she giggled and ran to them, throwing her arms about them in a welcoming hug. Stepping back, she smiled coquettishly and spun in a circle, showing off her complete girlishness. Eric and Marc were speechless. How could Ramon have been changed so completely? Wendal was the first to recover. He complimented Ramona on her girlishness. Everyone could see the sissy was jealous of Ramona's girlishness. Eric and Marc recovered enough to tell Ramona how pretty she was. Still it was hard to tell what shocked them more, Ramona's transformation or Wendal's jealousy.

Both boys jumped when they felt a strong hand suddenly clasp their shoulder. Looking behind them they saw Mother Superior Mary Francis, which was enough to unnerve them even more. "It looks as if Wendal is jealous of Ramona," she stated with a devilish grin. "Of course you can't really blame him, after all, she is quite cute. Don't you agree?"

When she asked the question, she squeezed their shoulders firmly. Both boys knew to nod their heads in agreement. Their throats were dry since they understood she was telling them how they should feel towards Ramona. In their short time at the school they had heard enough tales and seen ample evidence to know not to disagree or disobey the head of the school.

"I'm glad you understand the situation," she told the two shivering boys as she released them. "I suggest you better take good care of Wendal and Ramona. It could be quite unpleasant for both of you if you fail to do so." With that she turned and left, knowing that Eric and Marc understood what they were expected to do.

Before Eric and Marc could get Wendal and Ramon so they could head for the mall, they were cut off by the girls from their classes who suddenly swarmed about them. Pamela Sue James, Linda Evers, Tiffany Davis, and Justine Bowers surrounded Wendal and Ramona. Taking their arms, they began to talk about fashions and other girlish topics as they headed off to the mall. Before Eric and Marc could break through the cordon of girls, they found themselves separated, cut off, and enveloped by talking, giggling girls. Jamie Clipp, Brenda Fairchild, Tracy Freidman, Tammy Endress, and Louise Bloom encased Eric while Nichole Chestnut, Tonia Fairchild, Kelly Freidman, Carla Bloom, Heather Getzoff, and Janet Getzoff did the same to Marc. The girls included them in their groups babbling about how glad they were that the Haltemans were getting into the swing of things as they all headed off for the mall. Eric and Marc both shivered as they realized just what the girls really meant. Ramona was already dressed as a girl, Wendal was jealous and in all probability would soon join the ranks of the girls. Since both Eric and Marc were effectively emasculated, they realized it was just a matter of time before they too were dressed as girls. That knowledge shocked them and rendered them unable to resist the girls who did a thorough job of keeping the boys apart.

When they reached the mall, instead of going to Aunt Helga, the group guided the Haltemans to METAMORPHOSIS CLUB. The owners, Pamela Mannering and Beverly Eveland greeted the boys as they entered with the chattering girls. When Eric and Marc protested that they'd get in trouble for not being where they were supposed to be, Pamela laughed and informed them that they had been enrolled with her and were supposed to be there. Once more Eric and Marc were stunned. Before they could say more, the girls swept the Haltemans to different sections of the enterprise.

Eric found himself swept along amongst the girls as they toured the center. Suddenly he found himself shoved inside a locker room where the girls pinioned his arms. Despite his valiant efforts and vehement protests they pulled off his pants to reveal his pretty panties. At the moment they succeeded in revealing his sissy underwear he went limp in their grasp while wishing the floor would open and swallow him. However, instead of teasing or condemning him, the girls complimented him on his excellent taste in panties. They even reassured him that they understood just how he felt wearing them. Each of the girls tenderly stroked his smooth groin and giggled. Eric found himself getting turned on by their actions. Suddenly he recalled that most of the pretty girls surrounding him had once been boys. With an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach he realized he was doomed to join them. The only question was when.

The girls wasted no time as they proceeded to strip off all his clothes but his panties. Despite his efforts to keep track of them, his boy clothes disappeared. When he felt and saw the padded bra being placed about his chest he knew the time had arrived when he would join them. He cried and begged them not to do this to him but they merely giggled and told him it was for the best. They assured him he'd fall in love with his pretty dresses just as he had with the panties. Eric sadly realized their words were all too true, once more wondering what was being done to him and the other guys to make such drastic changes in their behavior and attitudes.

A shudder went through him when the smiling girls approached him with the cute tennis dress. All too soon, as far as he was concerned, he was dressed. The girls then restyled his hair before allowing him to see himself. The entire time they were working on him he was assaulted by the pleasant, tempting sensations the sexy girls' clothes were constantly imparting to his almost overwhelmed body. The girls were right, he was falling in love with the way the cute outfit made him feel.

When they were done, they stood him before the mirror. What he saw shocked him to his very core. He knew instantly that he'd never wear pants again. What he saw was a very cute teenage girl. The tennis dress was girlishly charming. The form fitting one piece pink stretch satin leotard had snug three-quarter length sleeves and a front and rear scooped neckline that came dangerously close to revealing her pert false breasts. Only covering her soft, rounded tush by two inches, the attached saucy fluttering pink satin skirt dipped gracefully in the front and back creating an image of soft girlishness. The cuffs, neckline, and skirt were trimmed in one inch ruffled eyelet white lace with a thin pink satin ribbon threaded amongst the frills. Hot pink stretch nylon tights and hot pink tennis shoes adorned her feet and legs. Completing the provocative outfit was a frothy hot pink lace and light pink satin ribbon hairbow which secured a high, bouncy blonde ponytail at the back of the girl's perky head. Eric felt an unwanted but delightful shiver of excitement course through his now thoroughly emasculated body. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he realized that Aunt Helga was getting what she wanted. Eric unhappily comprehended that he was rapidly fading as his new alter-ego, Erica, came cavorting to the forefront of his psyche.

Before he could formulate a plan to escape his looming transition into girlhood, the girls had changed into identical tennis dresses, thrust a racket into his hand, and led him off to the courts. There he really wasn't surprised to see Ramona and Wendal already there dressed just like all the other girls, including himself. Ramona and Wendy, as the girls called Wendal, were giggling and frolicking about. Eric saw how much his brother enjoyed spinning about to have his skirt flare out, and fought a sudden strong urge to do the same thing. When Wendy saw Erica, she squealed with delight and rushed to greet her big sister. Although it would take a little getting used too, Eric realized he had better start thinking of himself as a girl. It was quite obvious that Wendy and Ramona already considered themselves girls. With a sigh of defeat, the persona of Eric seemed to dissipate like an early morning fog struck by brilliant morning sunshine. It was a smiling Erica who returned Wendy's sisterly hug.

While Eric, Wendal, and Ramona had been swept away into their girlhood, Marc found himself being led about by the girls. One by one they'd slip away to reappear clad in the sexy tennis dresses. He bit his lip as he realized that he wasn't being turned on by the physical contact of the sexy young girls who surrounded him. It took all his will power to keep from crying as he bemoaned the loss of his masculine sex drive. Soon he was led to the courts where he received the shock of his life when he saw Erica and Wendy with Ramona amongst the other girls. He had been prepared to see Ramona, possibly Wendy, but never Erica. Suddenly his chest felt tight and he had trouble breathing. The room began to spin. The girls saw him growing weak kneed. Full of concern and knowing full well what was causing his dizziness the girls took him to the sidelines where they sat him on a bench. They then ran off to the courts to join the others. Morosely he sat and watched the girls play, stunned to be able to see little difference between them and Erica, Wendy, and Ramona.

When the giggling girls, including his cousins and brother, were finishing their last set, Marc was startled out of his dismal reverie by Aunt Helga as she took a seat beside him. "They're quite pretty, aren't they," she stated proudly to her remaining nephew. "They really look happy too. That makes me glad." She watched the pale lad beside her knowing that he had to agree with her assessment even though he didn't want too. "Well, Marc, do you want to make it unanimous? Would you like to become a pretty girl like the others?"

Marc shuddered violently and paled even more. His mouth was so dry he couldn't speak. He now knew for sure that his Aunt Helga intended to transform him into a girl too. He'd hoped she might let him remain a boy, but her statement shattered his forlorn hope. The only response he could give her was a violent head shaking.

Smiling sweetly, she patted him upon the thigh. "Well, we'll see, darling, we'll see." She barely suppressed a giggle as she knew she had terrified the melancholy lad.

The matches finished; Erica, Wendy, and Ramona skipped off the courts and over to the seats. Helga stood and eagerly exchanged hugs with her pretty nieces while Marc numbly allowed them to tug him to his feet so they could hug him too. Still wearing their cute tennis dresses, Helga took Erica and Wendy to THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE where they were outfitted with complete girls' wardrobes. Ramona giggled and eagerly helped Erica and Wendy make their selections. Marc stood to the side and fought back tears, knowing that soon he'd be shopping for dresses too. For a few moments he even thought about throwing in the towel and joining them. Something held him back, a bit of lingering macho pride which he felt sure would soon be eliminated.

That night as the four Halteman youths fell asleep, the subliminal hypnotic tapes activated. Marc began Stage III. Erica and Wendy began Stage IV, while Ramona continued Stage IV. Margo assured Helga that Erica could go directly to Stage IV since all previous Stages were included. Helga readily agreed since, after all, Erica was already Petticoated.

Thursday morning, a bewildered Marc found himself eagerly dressing in the sissy outfit that Wendal had worn. At the breakfast table he was greeted by three giggling, chattering girls clad in the pretty girls' school uniform. Despite his best efforts he found himself being jealous of their obvious femininity. Even though he realized he'd once more been altered during the night, he found himself unable to resist. As they walked to school, Marc felt a strange sinking feeling in his stomach as he realized that soon he'd too be in dresses.

Daniel Deeter blanched when he saw the Haltemans arrive at school. Biting his lip he turned away, afraid to even look at the former boys, as if somehow what happened to transform them into girls was contagious.

By Friday night, Marc was a thoroughly frazzled sissy. Erica, Wendy, and Ramona had been on him all evening to at least try on a dress, just to see how it felt. Several times he'd almost given in, but from somewhere deep with-in, he held back, valiantly fighting the increasingly demanding urges to dress like a girl. The cost was his nerves, when he finally collapsed into bed that night the repressed tears burst forth and continued until he'd cried himself to sleep. No sooner had he fallen asleep than the subliminal hypnotic tape activated Stage IV. The crumbling but stubborn last walls of his masculinity were swept away.

Saturday morning, Erica, Wendy, and Ramona squealed with delight when Marcia demurely joined them for breakfast. Helga and Margo exchanged happy grins. Their research and development had paid off quite handsomely. Two weeks had elapsed since Helga brought four tough guys into their home. Now those same four were, for all intents and purposes; soft, delightfully feminine girls.

After breakfast, Helga took the girls to METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE where they were enrolled in ballet, tap, and jazz dancing classes. Tina Bemis was delighted with the obvious girlishness of the four youths and did her best to praise them and guide them towards graceful movements.

Monday Daniel Deeter was saddened and disheartened but not really shocked when he saw the four pretty Halteman girls arrive for school. The rapid transformation of the four guys into sweet girls had been the subtlest he had witnessed or heard about. Once more he feared for his own masculinity, knowing that almost daily his dear Aunt Gwen scolded him for some masculine action or trait.

That evening, Dr. Makes-Shemanski, Dr. Alterson, and Dr. Balkut examined the demure Halteman girls. This time the four remained in the same room. The three younger were quite amazed when they saw the deflated remanent of Erica's lost manhood. While they watched, Dr. Balkut did the nip and tuck on Erica. The finished groin looked just like that of a real girl. Dr. Alterson explained that all the boy/girls had been similarly remodeled. She went on to explain that the excess flesh that was carefully tucked inside would later serve to create a functional vagina for the boy/girls once they turned eighteen. If they were to be so equipped now, she told the blushing boy/girls, their male sexual libido would lure them into trying out their femininity. With the nip and tuck, light petting could be enjoyed, but complete intercourse would be impossible. Thus the new girls would have to remain chaste. Dr. Balkut then made molds of the masculine remains of Ramona, Wendy, and Marcia before she administered BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER to each of them. Dr. Alterson told them that in two weeks, they too would have their masculine remains nipped and tucked. All four were blushingly excited over the results of Erica's remodeling and of their being so altered.


Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski, Dr. Helen Alterson, Dr. Sarah Balkut, and virtually all the rest of the denizens of LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL had closely watched the two week experiment. All were elated at the rapid success and virtual lack of resistance the boys had been able to offer. Lydia Ladd and Mother Superior Mary Francis were particularly delighted with the results. They pushed forward with their plans to publish their results in the BELLE NEWSLETTER that went to those interested in Petticoating boys. Also in the works was their BOYS WERE US catalog which would feature the devices and medications used to achieve the transformations along with many other products that would do the same.

As they talked about the catalog for do-it-yourself transformations, they realized they needed more and better means of training boys in the ways of becoming girls. The medicines, tapes, and devices would transform the bodies and minds, but what about afterward? Things were needed to aid the independent transformer in training the new girls in feminine behavior, deportment, and skills.

April Manson had opened TRANSITIONS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY several months previously. April had been friends with Carla Fake, who convinced April to meet with Lydia Ladd. April Manson was a transsexual just like Carla, the two had met during their counseling sessions years before near the start of their hormone therapy. The two had kept in touch over the years and April often expressed her jealousy of Carla's life in the LADD organization. As a result of the meeting, April quit her job counseling job with a nationwide job service corporation and with Lydia's financial aid established TRANSITIONS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. After the initial start up of hiring and training a staff, she began to look for ways to further the goals of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY.

The new business not only advertized locally in conventional manners but also nationally in newsletters and magazines oriented towards the transsexual and transvestite. Although there were slight variations, they all contained the same information.

It's time to get out of the closet! A transsexual job counselor has established an employment agency that specializes in finding positions where transsexuals and transvestites are welcomed and even desired. The caring, understanding employers will even allow crossdressing on the job. Positions are available in construction, HVAC, automotive, medical, retail sales and service, security, restaurant, communications, financial and banking, insurance, real estate, and many others. Locally call (GAL) SIS WORK, out of town dial 1 (800) TVTS JOB (888-7562).

The response was tremendous, and most of the positions were with the businesses housed in LADD's EXCHANGE MALL. The influx of hard working, dedicated TV/TS were delighted to have jobs with employers who encouraged and supported their lifestyles.

In addition, April joined forces with Pam Mannering and Beverly Eveland, partners in the METAMORPHOSIS PRESCHOOL & DAYCARE, to hire, train, and place Nannies, Governess', and baby sitters. These carefully screened individuals would carry out the aims and goals of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY.

Lydia Ladd called a meeting of Dr. Makes-Shemanski of ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER, Dr. Alterson of ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES COUNSELING CLINIC, Mother Superior Mary Francis of ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Dr. Helga Halteman and Dr. Margo Spayd of ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH, Dr. Balkut of ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES PLASTIC SURGERY, Faye Conzelman of BELLE ADVERTIZING, Joyce Petty of BELLE FOTO, Dorothy Lacey of BELLE PUBLICATIONS, Beverly Blossom of BELLE COMMUNICATIONS, Debra Bliss of BELLE SOUNDS, Shirley Webb of BELLE BROADCASTING, Pamela Mannering and Beverly Eveland of METAMORPHOSIS PRESCHOOL & DAYCARE and METAMORPHOSIS CLUB, Tina Bemis of METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE, Wanda Wails of METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Cynthia Childress of BOYS WERE US, and Susan Lymaster of LYMASTER ASSOCIATES. The topic was their progress towards achieving their goal of mass Petticoating and what was needed to provide the follow-up training once the transformations were completed.

They decided to produce a set of books, pamphlets, cassette tapes, and video tapes detailing procedures to be followed in training former boys to behave and react like girls. Some were to be explanatory, some inspirational, and others instructional. The topics would cover manners, etiquette, deportment, walking, sitting, running, curtseying, giggling, sewing, fashion sense, color coordination, hair styling, make-up, baby sitting, first aid, CPR, cheerleading, ballet, tap and jazz dancing, cooking, cleaning, laundering, and the host of other details that made a girl soft and delightfully feminine. They also decided to put out a series on sex, everything from unconscious flirting to satisfying a male or female sexual partner while keeping the boy/girl's true sex secret.

Most of the videos and photographs that would be needed, along with enthusiastic testimonials as to the beneficial results of Petticoating, could be made using the boys who had already become girls. All agreed that the best validation of the theories and practice of Petticoating could be best represented by following someone as they made the transition. Further discussion lead to the idea of seeking a set of identical twin boys aged nine to eleven with no other siblings. Their father should be completely out of their lives, and their mother at her wit's end as to how to deal with her mischievous offspring. One boy would be Petticoated and transformed into a demure girl while the other would be allowed to remain a male as a control model. They were certain that simply being in the proximity of his Petticoated brother would turn the remaining boy into a quiet, well behaved, polite lad.

The following advertizement was placed in many newspapers during the first week of May:

Identical twin boys, ages nine through eleven, are wanted for a documentary series about how to correct behavior problems. No prior acting experience is required. Salary, health care, housing, and private schooling will be provided. Substantial discounts will be available for all purchases in a nearby mall. This will be a one to two year project that will forever change the boys. There is potential for continued employment. Interested mothers please call BELLE COMMUNICATIONS at 1-800-269-4475 for a preliminary interview.

The response to the ad was larger than expected. The preliminary phone interviews weeded out those who had fathers still active in the lives of their sons and those who had other siblings. A detailed application and request for a photograph of the twins and themselves along with a date by which they could become available for the project was sent out by overnight express mail. Included was a return envelope for overnight express mail. A dozen applications were received and reviewed by May tenth. These were ranked as to which they thought would be the best choice. Dr. Alterson and Mother Superior Mary Francis then set out to conduct personal interviews of the potential candidates in their home environment. After the interviews, the possible candidates had been narrowed to two families. Lydia Ladd and Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski visited both. The Franz family was brought to LADD'S EXCHANGE INN for a tour of the facilities and a full panel interview.

The mother, Betty, was a moderately successful real estate salesperson who had never found the right man. Knowing that her biological clock was running down, she decided at age 35 to become a single parent and raise one child. Using artificial insemination, she succeeded in becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, she gave birth to identical twins. Although she did her best to raise the boys, they soon had her running helplessly in circles.

Betty almost forgot that she a personal life outside the boys. The boys were not bad, but they were far from being angelic. As they grew older, they became harder to control and discipline. She quickly discovered that the boys shredded baby sitters. Sports seemed to be the only outlet they had for their pent up aggressions. As a result, they excelled at baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, and basketball. When she wasn't scolding the boys, she was taking them to a game or practice. During the past year they had grown belligerent in addition to their normal feisty nature. Fights with classmates became a daily occurrence. Their grades slipped. Their coaches benched them for unnecessary roughness, not only to their opponents but to their teammates. Betty didn't know which way to turn, but knew that things had to change drastically. As if in answer to her prayers, she saw the advertizement for the documentary.

After a tour of the facilities, the boys were left at LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL amusement complex while their mother was briefed on what the documentary was all about. To say that Betty was flabbergasted when she was informed that many of the pretty girls she'd noticed had once been boys would be an understatement. The idea of filming the Petticoating of one twin while the other remained male intrigued her. Once the committee explained the details of their plans for her sons, she leapt at the chance to straighten out the boys and finally get the daughter she'd always wanted at the same time.

The selected twins were ten year old identical Dion and Duane Franz. With their piercing blue eyes, shoulder length stringy blonde hair, average build, height, and weight, they made a handsome pair. Their appearance, behavior, and demeanor left everyone know that they were all male. No one could ever mistake them for anything other than a pair of boisterous boys. During their tour the boys were delighted by the recreational activities available and the prospect of becoming actors. Visions of becoming the next Dylan and Cole Sprouse of the Disney show THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY danced in their heads. They never even asked what they would have to do or what the documentary was about.

Lydia Ladd addressed the excited boys when they were called into the conference. "First of all we don't want you going around bragging about how you're going to be featured in a documentary series. Our cameras and film crews will be filming you as much as possible but will be using hidden or camouflaged cameras as much as possible so we don't draw attention to our efforts and make ourselves obvious. We intend to follow you about for a while and record how you behave. Once we have collected enough footage, we will begin to change the way you behave. One of you will be made to do things that are totally different from what you've ever done while the other will remain as he is to act as a comparison. The chosen one will be required to dress and behave as we decide, including the choice of sports, hobbies, special lessons, reading material, and companions. This will mean that the two of you will grow apart and no longer be identical in actions, thoughts, or appearance. Of course you will be paid quite handsomely for your efforts. The chosen one quite naturally will receive much greater enumeration. Are the two of you willing to do whatever we may require of you to make the documentaries?"

The boys cockily answered as one. "Sure, we can handle anything! He'll be the one to do as you want." This last was said as they pointed to each other. They promptly exchanged scowling looks.

Everyone laughed and once she regained control, Lydia explained how they would select the brother to be changed. "We will randomly choose which of you is to be the chosen one. But know this, once we start there is no turning back or swapping places. Too much will have been invested. We need to know that you will accept whatever we demand. You must promise to abide by our decisions. If you decide not to cooperate once we start, we will force you do as we want. The contracts you and your mother have to sign with BELLE COMMUNICATIONS give us the right to have you do as we order. The law will be on our side and the courts will require you to abide by the terms of the agreement or face being jailed."

The boys looked at each other, they were tired of being identical. Both wanted to be independent. Also they figured they were tough enough to handle anything these crazy women tried to dish out to them. With visions of wealth and stardom they once more spoke in unison. "We promise to do whatever you want us to do."

That closed the deal. Susan Lymaster provided the contracts and notarized the signatures of Betty and the boys as they signed.


Pamela Mannering and Beverly Eveland operated the METAMORPHOSIS CLUB in conjunction with the other businesses dedicated to transforming rough, boisterous boys into demure young ladies. After crushing the boys' self-pride and cockiness, they instilled manners, concern for others, and pride in their femininity while teaching them how to cook, sew, baby sit, coordinate fashions and colors, and the myriad other matters that have been considered to be traditionally feminine arts. At the same time, they imparted self-worth and pride. Somehow they successfully blended old fashioned femininity with women's liberation to create attractive, vivacious young women who were not afraid to stand up for their rights yet able to accept the courtesies that ladies expect from men. Their efforts not only worked on the former boys, they like wise effected the real girls who joined the club.

They also dealt with sexuality. The normal high male sex drive of the converted boys had to be directed and controlled into femininity. To achieve this they were encouraged and taught acceptance of heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality. While teaching the girls about the need for restraint and maintaining proper reputations, they encouraged expressing and sharing their sexual needs with their peers. They were extremely careful to instill in all the girls that no one was to be forced to engage in sexual activities. No sexual activities between adults and juveniles were encouraged or tolerated. As a result, mutual sexual exploration was fostered amongst the similarly aged former boys and girls.

Tammy Endress and Nichole Chestnut shared May 14 as their birthday. The previous year each had held a birthday party at their home for their classmates, both of which ended in sequestered masturbation. The parents and guardians of the attending girls suspected that such might occur and were heartened to learn they had expressed and explored their growing girlishness since it reaffirmed the femininity of the former boys and went far in forcing their acceptance of their new lives as girls. This year the adults decided to have a joint birthday party at the METAMORPHOSIS CLUB. All the girls involved in the transformations and all of the former boys from Tammy's and Nichole's classes were invited. Jamie Clipp, Brenda Fairchild, Tracy Freidman, Louise Bloom, and Erica Halteman were the ninth going to tenth graders. Tonia Fairchild, Kelly Freidman, Carla Bloom, Heather Getzoff, Janet Getzoff, Marcia Halteman, and Wendy Halteman were the seventh going to eighth graders. They also invited the sixth going to seventh graders; Pamela Sue James, Linda Evers, Tiffany Davis, Justine Bowers, and Ramona Halteman.

The sleep-over birthday party was quite a success. Although the newer transformed boys were a bit reluctant to get involved, the older more experienced members began openly expressing and exploring their lust. The ambient sexual energy in the room quickly overwhelmed the last of the newly transformed former boys' masculine reluctance. Each took the final step in abandoning their male sexuality by embracing and experiencing the delights of their burgeoning femininity. This time, instead of quietly dropping off to sleep after their self-induced gratification, the adult leaders called each groups together to discuss their growing feminine sexuality. This drew the girls together and erased any feelings of guilt for what they had done. The girls felt the need of companionship and human contact. Tears of joy and hugs of comfort, the open expression of innocent girlish friendship and love, filled the room. Eventually, every party girl drifted off to blissful exhausted sleep cuddled serenely in the arms of a companion, or in some cases, companions. After the party, none of the former boys regretted the loss of their manhood. As far as the adults were concerned, the party was a huge success.

The Franz boys finished the fifth grade in their home school. During the last week of school the family packed and was ready to move to LADD'S EXCHANGE CONDOMINIUMS. When they settled into their new home on June 10 the film crews were there to record the comments, antics, and attitude of the boys.

Almost immediately the boys began to bicker. Both wanted the same bedroom. A fight was barely avoided by rolling a pair of dice, the higher roll getting his choice. The next day they were taken to LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL and split. While Dion received a complete physical at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER Duane went shopping. When Dion's check-up was finished, Duane underwent his physical while Dion went shopping. Both boys received a dose of BELLE T-BLOCK which stopped testosterone production in their prepubescent male bodies, thus assuring that they would not enter male puberty. Although only one was to be feminized, they didn't want the other to become physically overtly masculine.

The boys were taken on an identical itinerary to choose new clothes, video games, and bedroom furnishings. In every case, adding to the evidence of their identicalness, they selected the same items. Once more it was all captured on film. During the next two weeks, the boys were allowed plenty of free time during which they played pick-up baseball games at a nearby playground, went to the mall and generally did what they had always done. All their plotting, fighting, and carousing was captured for the documentary while at the same time they adapted to the constant presence of the film crew. They went from being "on stage" at every moment to ignoring their presence. Even when the filming crews weren't visible, the boys were being filmed, often from hidden cameras in an attempt to get a more natural feel for their lives. As the tapes were reviewed, everyone knew they had chosen the right boys.

From the first the boys wondered what the chosen one would have to do and undergo. Whenever they asked, they were told that they'd find out in due time. They discussed which position they would prefer, to be the control and left as he was or to be changed and get more money. Most of their time was spent in the LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL amusement complex. Miniature Golf, the arcade, and the pool were their main hang outs. They thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, especially at the pool as they ogled the pretty girls. It didn't matter where they were in the mall, any girls they encountered flirted outrageously and always dressed in soft, feminine outfits. Dion and Duane were loud and boisterous as they boldly made snide comments of what they thought of the women and girls, many times including what they'd like to do to the sexy girls. That too was caught on film.

So was their encounter with Daniel Deeter. They had seen the lone boy moping about the mall, surreptitiously watching the pretty girls ever since their first day. They could tell he was uncomfortable and yearning for some action, but something made him hold back. Whatever that something was obviously terrified him. So busy were the twins with their explorations and girl watching that they failed to notice Daniel was the only boy hanging about the mall other than themselves. It was on June 22 when they finally realized that fact.

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