Petticoating Encouraged Ladd’s Exchange Mall Book 3 Part C

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Petticoating Encouraged
Ladd's Exchange Mall
Book 3 Part C

LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL had earned the reputation of being quite unfriendly, unaccepting, and unforgiving of what most people accept as normal boyish behavior. As a result, the local boys quickly learned to avoid the mall whenever possible and only visited it if forced to do so.

Mystified by the almost complete absence of other boys and more than a bit frightened by this realization, Dion and Duane decided they had better meet the only other boy that haunted the mall.

For poor Daniel, things at home were getting tougher. His Aunt Gwen was becoming increasingly demanding that he grow up and behave as a gentleman. At least once a week he had to endure a lecture about how he was sloppy, rude, and uncaring. Although she never threatened to have him Petticoated, the unspoken threat dangled constantly above his head like the fabled sword of Damocles. Outside his home and school, the only place he was allowed to be was in the mall. There he at least had freedom of movement. His attraction to the pretty girls who flocked to the mall was undeniable. Many nights he relived scenes he'd witness during the day as he slowly masturbated. The guilt he felt for doing this was almost overwhelming since he knew that many of the pretty girls he dreamt about had until recently been boys. The dichotomy of what he saw and what he knew was slowly tearing him apart. Most times he cried himself to sleep after his climaxes, dreading that he was a homosexual.

Daniel had seen the twins about the mall and yearned to meet them. He desperately missed the companionship of having buddies to run around with and have fun. At the same time he saw how boisterous they were and was afraid that he'd forget himself and get into trouble. Why they were allowed to run rampant for so long also puzzled him since he knew that such actions had been quickly squelched in the past. As a result, he hung back and avoided the twins.

Dion and Duane had a difficult time cornering Daniel. Whenever they approached, he managed to slip away. They finally cornered him in the GARDEN OF EDEN FOOD COURT. Daniel was taken by surprise when the boys placed their tray upon the table where he was seated eating lunch. With a sinking heart he knew he had no choice but to talk to them. When the twins introduced themselves Daniel forced a smile and introduced himself to them. A few moments were spent exchanging general background information and their likes and dislikes. The three boys found they liked each other and shared numerous likes. Time passed quickly as they sat and talked. The boys were still being filmed. The filming, as most done inside the mall, was being done by the ever present hidden security surveillance cameras.

After about an hour, the question Daniel had been trying to avoid was finally asked. "Duane and I have been wondering why there are no other guys around here except us," Dion stated simply as he and Duane looked intently at Daniel. "Especially with all the cute girls everywhere you turn."

Daniel blushed deeply and fidgeted nervously in his seat. Cautiously he looked about to see if anyone was watching or eavesdropping. Five girls about their age at a nearby table seemed to be the only ones paying any attention to them, apparently in the hopes of flirting with the only boys about. When he felt confident that no one could overhear them, he leaned forward and spoke in a low voice in quite a conspiring tone.

"This place is dangerous for boys. The only reason I'm here is because my aunt works here and she won't allow me to leave. She has the security guards watch me to make sure I stay here. If I don't do what she wants, I'll probably wind up like all the other guys who got into trouble."

Instead of explaining what was keeping most guys away from the mall, his demeanor and words only confused the twins. That he was terrified of what might happen to him if he were to get into trouble was quite obvious. "What other guys," asked Duane and Dion as one.

Daniel looked about once more, nervously licking his lips while perspiration beaded upon his furrowed forehead. "That's the trouble, once you get into trouble around here, you're not a guy anymore."

The earnestness and terror Daniel projected unsettled the twins. Either Daniel was crazy or something really weird was happening about the mall. "How can you not be a guy when you are a guy?" The twins asked simultaneously obviously confused and growing anxious because of his cryptic remarks.

"That's what I mean," answered Daniel plaintively. "They punish a boy by not letting him be a guy. It's called Petticoat Punishment. They take a guy and make him dress and act like a girl! They even turn guys into girls!"

Duane and Dion looked at Daniel as if he were from outer space. "That's crazy," they replied as one. "How can they do that to a guy? What kind of a guy would let somebody make him wear a dress?"

Daniel sighed and looked about furtively, the sweat was now profusely rolling down his face. "I know it's hard to believe. But I saw it happen to two of my best friends!" Seeing the disbelief upon their scornful faces Daniel began to explain. "I just moved here last December. My new buddies told me about Petticoating, but just like you, I didn't believe them. I thought it was some kind of a joke. Anyway, we attended ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, and the nuns are really strict. Timmy and Justin had been in hot water a couple of times before I arrived and were warned that they'd be Petticoated if they got into trouble again."

Daniel paused to catch his breath. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Anxiously he looked over at the table of pretty girls who were still giggling and watching them. Swallowing nervously he turned back to the twins and spoke. "Do you see that pretty blonde in the denim mini-skirt sitting over with the other girls?"

Dion and Duane looked over at the undeniably cute girls. When the girls saw the boys looking them over, they who smiled coquettishly and waved. Dion and Duane waved back. "Yeah, we've regularly seen all of them about the mall. They're all cute."

Daniel swallowed bitterly. "Well that's Pamela Sue James, she moved here in January. Timmy had met her after church the day before she started school and as she was walking away, the wind blew her skirts up. He got an eyeful. When she walked into class the next day, he almost choked and started telling Justin and me all about her sexy panties. Our teacher promptly nailed us for talking. We got called up front and she demanded to know what we were talking about. Naturally we couldn't tell her we were discussing the new girl's panties. But all the teachers and nuns in the school are sneaky, our teacher set us up. She made us go to different corners and write down what we were talking about, telling us we'd be in major trouble if all three papers didn't agree. Since Timmy and Justin were so afraid of being Petticoated, I decided to write the truth. So did they. The teacher just smiled and thanked us for being honest. We were relieved. Then at lunch we saw Pamela Sue with Linda Evers, the black haired girl over there. We tried to work around so we could see her panties if she moved right and were talking about her when Mother Superior Mary Francis came up behind us and caught us."

After a brief pause to collect his courage, Daniel continued. "Well, to make a long story short, Timmy and Justin were petticoated, I was warned that if I got out of line again I'd be Petticoated too. For that time my punishment was to go with Justin and Timmy while they were outfitted as girls. It was horrible! I've been terrified since then, afraid I'll be next." Daniel was so upset and unnerved that he was shivering and covered in goosebumps.

Duane and Dion were not sure they could believe the outlandish tale but were equally convinced that Daniel was absolutely positive he was telling the horrid truth. They had to find out so they asked the obvious question. "What happened to Timmy and Justin?"

Daniel's hands were trembling as he wrung them together. "See the two brunettes with Pamela Sue?" Daniel asked in a voice that squeaked as the twins turned to look. "They're names are Tiffany Davis and Justine Bowers. They used to Timmy Davis and Justin Bowers. The other blonde is Ramona Halteman, three months ago she was Ramon Halteman. Of the five girls, Linda Evers and Pamela Sue are the only ones who were born girls!"

Dion and Duane stared at the still giggling flirty girls in disbelief. "That's impossible," they replied together, shaken to even think such changes were possible. "We've seen them in swim suits. Neither of us saw anything to indicate there was anything but a pussy between their legs. They're real girls, besides, they're growing tits! Boys don't grow tits!" They were becoming indignant thinking that their new friend was either trying to tell them a tall tale or was crazy.

Daniel shook his head sadly. "I didn't believe it at first either. But I've seen it happen too often. They do things to them in the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER to change them into girls. This entire mall seems to specialize in transforming guys into girls. Even several of the women used to be men!" Daniels' voice was edging on desperation and hysteria as he tried to convince the twins that he was telling the truth. "Look, I know it's hard to believe. When I first came here I didn't believe it when Timmy and Justin told me about it. But it's true! Heck, ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL and LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL even operate a pen-pal club for boys who are living as girls! It's called BELLE which stands for Boys Echoing Lacy Lass Essence! In the last couple of months they've even set up a number of businesses solely devoted to transforming boys into girls. They've even established a catalog called BOYS WERE US specializing in things to help mothers transform their sons into girls. Then there's BELLE ADVERTIZING, BELLE FOTO, BELLE PUBLICATIONS, BELLE SOUNDS, BELLE BROADCASTING, and BELLE COMMUNICATIONS. They do advertizing and things to spread the word about Petticoating boys. I don't know what else I can tell you to convince you..." Daniel whined haplessly.

Dion and Duane jerked upright from their slouched disbelieving pose when they heard the list of companies that were supposedly working to feminize boys. The twins exchanged worried glances. Swallowing hard they both squeaked out, "Did you say BELLE COMMUNICATIONS?"

Daniel saw he had suddenly caught their rapt attention. Their rigid bodies belied their sudden apprehension. Nervously he wet his lips and nodded his head. "Yeah, BELLE COMMUNICATIONS is the main operation linking and coordinating the others in their efforts."

Dion and Duane stared at Daniel for a moment as their faces paled, then simultaneously slumping back in their seats they looked dismally at each other. "I think we're in big trouble," they mumbled together.

Now Daniel was really confused and frightened. Something was terribly wrong and BELLE COMMUNICATIONS was at the center of it. "Don't tell me you two are hooked up with BELLE COMMUNICATIONS," he stated already knowing the truth even as he spoke.

Dion and Duane proceeded to tell Daniel all about the advertisement they had responded to and the contracts they had signed to do a series of documentaries and that quite a lot of filming had already been done. They also told him that one of them was to be somehow changed while the other remained as a control figure.

Daniel sagged in his seat and closed his eyes. "I... I heard my aunt talking... she said they've begun to film a documentary... about Petticoating..."

The twins couldn't believe what they were hearing. They definitely didn't want to HEAR what they were hearing. Yet all three boys realized just how the chosen boy was to be changed.

Dion and Duane spoke as one. "We've got to tell Mom about this. She's got to get us out of the deal! She won't let them change one of us into a girl."

"I don't want to disillusion you, but if I know how they operate, your mother was fully aware of what they intend to do to you when she signed the contracts. She probably wants one of you to become her daughter," Daniel ruefully told the stunned duo. "I hate to tell you this, but it's too late to stop them. I wouldn't even be surprised if they know what we've been talking about. I know my aunt finds out about everything I do here."

While the boys were talking, the security monitor that was being used to film the boys was recording their every word and reaction. The crew placed several calls to let their superiors know that the twins had discovered what was to be done to them and who had told them. Before the boys finished eating and morosely left their table to meander aimlessly through the mall, decisions were already being made to start the transformation. Gwen Deeter was also notified about Daniel's role in their discovery. She saw the three boys walking listlessly down the mall promenade as she headed for BELLE COMMUNICATIONS to watch the tape and analyze Daniel's role. Now that the twins knew the truth, the conspirators had to start the transition of the chosen one.

The three boys walked about the mall for two hours, discussing various ways in which the twins could avoid their doom. The many ever present security cameras and high tech directional microphones picked up every clandestine word and expression. Gwen Deeter, Betty Franz, Lydia Ladd, Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski, Victoria Makes-Shemanski, and Dr. Helen Alterson had placed themselves at a corner as the boys approached to catch the guys off guard.

At once all three boys knew that somehow Daniel's appraisal that the women knew all about their clandestine discussion. Daniel almost lost control of his bladder when the boys turned a corner and almost bumped into his aunt. The presence of the twin's mother only proved to all three boys that she knew and condoned the planned transformation.

"Are you feeling all right, Daniel?" Gwen asked her terrified nephew sweetly. "I think you look a bit down in the dumps. Are you afraid I might decide to Petticoat you too?"

Daniel backed up a step, ready to flee. All his fears of being Petticoated hit at once. His mouth opened and closed a few times as he fruitlessly tried to come up with an answer that would satisfy his aunt.

With a chuckle she patted him atop his head. "I have no intention of Petticoating you... at least for now. Instead, we have a job that needs doing and you're going to do it. Since you figured out what we intend to do to one of the twins and you've told them, we've decided to start the transformation immediately." After pausing for a few moments to let the import of her words register she looked meaningfully at the disbelieving but frightened twins.

Duane and Dion were glaring at their mother as the realization that she was betraying them sank into their bewildered minds. They heard Gwen Deeter's interchange with Daniel. As the silence grew, they felt her gaze upon them and wilted away from their confrontation with their mother.

When she had their attention Gwen spoke. "We assume that neither of you wants to volunteer to be the lucky one who gets to become a girl, so since Daniel spilled the beans, he will decide which of you is to be the chosen one."

Daniel's eyes grew wide. Revealed in them was the relief that he was not to be Petticoated blended with the agony of being the instrument by which the one of his new friends would be feminized. The twins both backed away as they listened to the conversation only to be stopped by a group of mall security guards who had silently came up behind them.

Daniel looked at his aunt pleadingly. "No Aunt Gwen," he whined petulantly. "Please don't make me do that!"

"You most certainly will, young MAN," she stated firmly. "That is unless you do want to be Petticoated. Your choice is to either pick one of them to be Petticoated, or have me chose one to be Petticoated WITH you. Now, which will it be?"

Daniel looked helplessly at the cowering twins. Both were silently imploring him to choose the other. With an audible sigh he lowered his head in defeat. "I'll pick one," he said forlornly as tears trickled from his eyes. After a few moments of agonizing frustration he reached in his pocket and pulled out a quarter. Looking once more at the twins he flipped it high into the air. "Heads it'll be Dion, tails Duane," he stated softly as the coin bounced several times on the tiled floor.

The location for the confrontation had been chosen with care since four surveillance cameras could be focused upon the area. One kept it's focus on the faces of the twins, one shot the entire group, and the last two followed the coin. Everyone's eyes were upon the coin as it spun to a halt.

With a loud expulsion of air Duane relaxed and let out his breath. Dion's knees buckled as he passed out. The security guards were ready for the boys to bolt and so were in position to catch the doomed boy as he sagged to floor. Needless to say the coin had come up heads.

The guards picked up Dion and carried him as they followed the adults. Duane and Daniel were left standing at the corner, no one had said a word to them as to what they were to do. Numbly they stood and watched as the group carrying Dion headed down the mall and turned into TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING. The boys had no idea what to do or where to hide, neither said a word, they simply leaned against the wall and forlornly watched the entrance of TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING. Fifteen minutes later the guards emerged and headed towards them. The two stunned boys stiffened as their hearts rose to choke off their lungs, not knowing but dreading what would happen next. As the guards walked past they didn't even glance at the wide-eyed, pale, trembling boys who now cowered against the wall.

Over the next ten minutes the boys exchanged bewildered looks. Neither knew what to do, say, or expect.

"What did they say the boy who wasn't selected would do while the chosen one was being changed?" Daniel was finally able to ask Duane.

It took Duane a moment to snap out of his stupor to hoarsely reply. "They said he was to be left alone to act as a control for comparisons to show how effective the changes in the chosen one would be. That's why they wanted identical twins, to show living proof of the before and after."

It took almost five minutes of silent contemplation by both boys until they both reached the conclusion that they would probably be allowed to remain boys... if they behaved. Both exchanged confused, relieved smiles knowing that nothing they could do would save Dion from his fate. With typical overstated male arrogance they headed off to the arcade to indulge their masculine need to prove their manly superiority by engaging in games of violence.

Dion yelped and sat upright, frantically looking about through watering eyes. Smelling salts had returned him to the land of the living. His disorientation ended quickly as he realized in was inside a beauty salon with the women who intended to transform him into a female. Instantly he attempted to bolt from the beautician's chair in which he sat. With a grunt he jerked up short. Looking down he belatedly realized his arms were strapped securely to the arms of the chair. His ankles were fastened securely to the footrest and a seat belt about his waist held him prisoner in the pink soft leather chair.

The camera crew was already set up, filming his struggles and the agony clearly evident upon his face as he realized where he was and what they intended to do to him. Cursing loudly he threatened to beat them, to sue them, to get them for what they were doing to him. He claimed they were violating his constitutional rights, that it was illegal to transform a boy into a girl, especially if he didn't want to become a girl. It became obvious that Dion, his trusted twin, had totally abandoned him to his humiliating fate.

The women merely smiled and filmed his tirade as his fears and blustering grew unbounded. Their total lack of concern for his objections ate away at his ability to think cohesively. Soon he was reduced to pleading and begging for a reprieve from his doom. Everyone found it quite amusing when in desperation Dion blurted out that Duane should substitute for him since Duane would make a better girl. The mere selection of Dion for feminization had caused the boys to begin to divert from each other. Self preservation finally estranged the here-to-fore inseparable twins.

Dr. Helen Alterson stepped forward and took Dion's quivering hands in hers. With deep concern and caring etched into her kind face she looked deeply into his wet red eyes as she brought all of her skills to bear. In a few moments the sobbing, trembling boy stopped pleading and crying. Dr. Alterson smiled warmly at the still terrified lad and released one hand, stepping to the side, she motioned Susan Bangs to step forward. Susan picked up his hand and squeezed it affectionately as Helen spoke. "Dionne, this is Susan Bangs. She owns TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING and will personally see that you receive only the best treatments and styles. Susan has helped dozens of boys make the transition from boyhood into girlhood so you have absolutely nothing to fear."

Dion's eyes grew wide when he heard her call him Dionne instead of Dion. A violent shiver passed through his body, he had trouble catching his breath, his heart was pounding harder than he'd ever felt it. The room was spinning slightly and his reflexes made him squeeze the hands of the two women for support. Several times he opened his mouth to protest, to deny the feminine fate they were about to force upon him, only his throat was too dry to even make a sound.

Susan smiled and reached out to run her fingers through Dion's long blonde hair. "You have very pretty hair, Dionne. I know I can do wonders with it! Now you just relax and enjoy what we're doing to you."

Once more Dion tried to protest his willingness to be transformed into a girl. Again he was too upset to make a sound.

Dr. Alterson smiled and spoke softly. "Dionne, we all know and understand your reluctance to become a girl. Almost every boy does when he faces the same future. Justine Bowers, Tiffany Davis, and Ramona Halteman were just as upset as you are when they were first Petticoated. You saw them about the mall several times during the past ten days and you and Duane both liked what you saw. I have no doubts that you never would have guessed that they were ever anything other than very pretty, happy girls if Daniel hadn't told you. Yet six months ago Justin and Timmy were normal, rowdy boys. Three months ago Ramon was a normal boy who had just left a tough military school. If you were to ask them if they would go back to being a boy if they could, they'd laugh in your face. They and every other boy who we've helped make the transition from boyhood into girlhood would never switch back to being a boy. They are happy and glad to be girls and want to stay that way. Once you get over your initial hostility to the idea of becoming a girl, you'll fall in love with it too. The new way of life, the pretty clothes, the softness and gentleness of girlishness will become second nature. In a few weeks, maybe less, you'll be as happy with your girlishness as any of the girls you've seen who used to be boys. The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner you'll be happy. There is no way you can avoid becoming a pretty girl, it's only a matter of time. The agony and pain you experience during your transformation is completely under your control. How long you make it an ordeal instead of a pleasure is up to you and you alone."

Dion wet his lips and took a deep breath. With a great deal of effort he forced himself to stop trembling. In a soft shaky voice he spoke. "I don't want to be a girl. I don't even believe that those others ever were boys! This is all some kind of sick joke." Taking another deep breath he collected himself, his words had made sense to his muddled mind and seemed to give him strength. His voice was firmer and louder as he went on. "There's no way you can turn me into a girl. Duane and I are boys, we're all male. Why you can't even make me look like a girl!" This last was said with a snarling challenge as he pulled his hands free from her grasp.

"You're partially correct, Dionne," Dr. Alterson said in a laughing tone as she stepped back from the beautician's chair where the soon to be feminized boy sat. "You and Duane are boys and all male. That's exactly why we chose you! Duane will still be a boy and all male after you've become a soft, lovely girl. We want to use the two of you to show the contrast. The totality of your feminine transformation will be that much more evident when compared to Duane's masculinity. The films we have of you up to now show that you and Duane are all boy. The films we'll make now will document your transformation from boyhood into girlhood while showing Duane is still a boy. When you've accepted your girlishness, admitting that you like being a girl and want to stay that way, never going back to being a boy; we'll film you and Duane as brother and sister, proof that even the most masculine boy can be transformed into a sweet girl. Just think what watching a set of films like that would do to your masculine cockiness. You'd know that you couldn't stop us. You'd know that you were going to become a girl. You wouldn't fight us so hard or long then, would you? Sure, you'd still probably try at first, but once the new girlish feelings start, you'd know you couldn't stop us. You'd give up resisting your girlishness. Your transformation would be easier and less painful for all of us. That's what you'll be doing for us and all the future boys who are to become girls."

Dion sat there horrified by the scenario she described. In his mind's eye he could imagine how he'd feel if he had been shown a film like they intended to make. The stories they told him of the others who had been transformed made him wonder if fighting them was worthwhile. Yet enough doubt remained that they were telling the truth, or that the boys had really been anything other than sissies to begin with. But a film, showing how boyish the boy had been before becoming a pretty girl, with an unchanged identical twin to remain as a comparison and reminder; such a film would surely destroy his hope and will to resist. Clenching his fists he struggled to break his bonds, to escape. Fears rose and filled his mind. If he allowed them to make this film, he would be betraying all the boys who would see it. "I won't let you do it! I won't be a traitor! No one will ever call me the Benedict Arnold of boyhood!" Tears of frustration filled his eyes as he vowed to never let them succeed in transforming him into a girl. He would not be a traitor!

The women were easily able to read the thoughts running through Dion's mind by the changing expressions upon his face. They were pleased by his apparent resolve to fight them every step of his transformation. That was exactly what they wanted him to do. The phrasing of their comments and explanations had been carefully chosen to engender the reactions he'd evidenced. The more he fought and resisted his feminization, the more dramatic and effective his transformation would appear. The dramatic pause for talking was over. The speeches and Dion's reactions were all on film. Their effect upon the future boys who would see the film would, they hoped, prove devastating to their fragile male egos.

An emergency medical team stood off to the side prepared with suction devices and oxygen in case the next portion of their plot to break Dion’s spirit.

Susan tilted the beautician's chair until the boy was prone and signaled her employees. Immediately Dion began to curse and fight against his restraints. Susan smiled wickedly and picked up a small bar of soap and a leather gag from the sink. Deftly she popped the wet soap into Dion's cursing mouth before the startled lad knew what was happening. The acrid taste of the soap led to an instant attempt to spit it out, but Susan was quicker. She had the gag covering his mouth and was already tying it securely behind his head before he could catch the elusive bar with his tongue to spit it out. His angry struggles quickly transformed into frantic ones. Terror filled his wide open watering eyes as frothy bubbles emerged from the edges of the gag. The hostile curses were replaced with muffled gurgles.

"Well Dionne, it seems you have a slight problem, doesn't it?" Susan's sweet condescending tone only added to Dion's discomfort, anger, and frustration. "How much you suffer during these treatments is entirely up to you. It really doesn't matter to us whether you cooperate or not since we'll give you all the beauty treatments either way. The soap will stay in your mouth until you stop struggling and let us do our job. If you apologize for being so rude and uncooperative, I'll let you rinse the soap out of your mouth and give you a mint to help take away the flavor." She signaled her girls to begin.

One began washing Dion's long blonde hair despite his thrashing attempts to keep his head away from the sink. One pulled a chair over, sat, removed the struggling boy's sneakers and socks, and began to pedicure his toe nails. Another started manicuring his finger nails after prying his fists apart. The almost hysterical lad began to hyper-ventilate and choke on the now syrupy white goo his saliva and the soap had formed.

With his vow to resist their efforts fresh in his mind, Dion valiantly tried to swear and fight his bounds when Susan tilted the chair. Part of him knew it was senseless to struggle since he had no hope of escaping, but his injured masculine pride would not let him meekly give in to their outrageous plans for his feminization. Susan's wicked smile had only served to increase his growing apprehension and fears which resulted in increased resistance on his part. The unexpected caustic taste of the soap which she had thrust suddenly into his mouth Dion caused him to panic. The gag only added to his consternation. Uncontrolled salivation as he unsuccessfully tried use his tongue to push the soap from his mouth turned the soap into mush. A surge of panic induced adrenalin gave him added strength to fight his restraints. The ability to think coherently slipped away. Time seemed to stop as his outraged boyishness struggled. Suddenly he felt the room start to spin as his vision narrowed. As he began to gasp for breath he swallowed some of the acrid pudding-like goop in his mouth. The shock as it reached his churning stomach snapped his overwrought mind back to rationality.

Dion stopped struggling, going limp as his watering eyes cleared of his hatred and lust for revenge. Fear and terror were clearly evident in his begging expression as he desperately sought Susan's gaze.

Susan was waiting for just such a reaction. "Well, it appears our tough little boy is ready to cry UNCLE, although AUNTIE would be more appropriate," she stated as she looked directly into his pleading eyes.

Despite his vow to resist, Dion vigorously nodded his head to indicate his willingness to stop fighting.

Smiling victoriously Susan reached behind Dion's head to grasp the ends of the gag. "I'll remove the gag and let you spit out the soap. Then you can rinse your mouth and I'll give you a mint. But first you must promise to cooperate and after you spit out the soap apologize for being such a bad boy. Are you willing to do that, Dionne?"

Dion winced at the continual use of his feminized name but unhesitatingly nodded his agreement to her humiliating terms. In typical cocky male superiority he had no intention of apologizing, assuming that once he had the gag off and the vile soap out he'd be able to prevent them from putting it back in his mouth.

Susan was well aware of his thoughts as she removed the gag to let him spit out the soap.

Immediately after spitting the remanent of the soap from his mouth Dion turned his head to face his tormentor. "Fuck you, bitch," he snarled as foam sprayed from his soap flecked sneering lips.

The hapless lad's head was snapped to face the opposite wall by the impact of Susan's open hand. The dazed boy's mouth fell open as he shook his head to stop the ringing in his ears and clear his muddled thoughts. Susan had another, larger, wet bar of soap ready. Grasping his chin firmly, she thrust the slippery bar of soap into his mouth. The gag was firmly in place before he recover.

Dion was so disoriented by the sharp blow that he had been unable to resist Susan. Copious tears flowed down his bulging cheeks as he regained his senses. This time the bar of soap was so large he couldn't even move his tongue. As his eyes focused, he saw Susan leering down at him. Instantly he realized what had happened and that Susan had fully expected him to do what he'd done. He knew that he had been out-maneuvered and out-smarted. The shame he felt over his utter defeat was only made worse by his cocky resolve not to be bested by a woman. With this knowledge came hopelessness. He made no attempt to struggle or spit out the soap. Meekly he looked at Susan, his eyes acknowledging his bitter defeat.

Susan tenderly patted his sore red cheek. "Now that we understand each other a little better, Dionne," she stated calmly but with great authority. "I'll let you spit the soap out again. Only this time you will thank me for helping you to see the error of your arrogant boyish ways and tell me that you are sorry for your rudeness. You will then tell me that you no longer want to be a bad little boy. You will then ask me very nicely to help you become the sweet little girl you should have been born. Then you will cooperate fully with us. Do you understand, DIONNE?"

Coughing on the soap spittle trickling down his throat and from the corners of his mouth, now very close to losing the contents of his churning stomach, Dion glumly nodded his head acquiescing his defeat and submitting to his conqueror. He knew he had no choice but to yield.

Susan removed the gag and let the crushed boy spit out the soap. Magnanimously she offered him a cup of water to rinse the vile soap from his mouth.

Gasping for breath after he finished his fifth rinse, he lidded his red tear stained eyes in bitter defeat. Biting his lip while he gathered what little remained of his inner strength, he briefly debated whether to forgo his pledge. Through his slitted eyes he saw another bar of soap in Susan's hand. What little stamina he had left fled his limp body. With his shoulders sagging in utter subjugation, he stammered softly. "Th...thank you for helping me see how bad a boy I've been. I... I'm really sorry for being so rude and behaving so badly." Pausing momentarily to take a deep breath he continued, "I... I don't want to be a bad little boy anymore. C... can y... you pl... please h... help m... me t... to b... be...," The humiliated boy's voice cracked as he tried to force the vile words out. His mouth and throat were burning like the sands of a desert due to the still lingering soap residue. Taking another deep breath he wet his lips before going on. "Can you please... help me become a... a... sweet little g... g... girl!" Once more he was forced to stop to catch his breath as he barely choked back a sob. Tears of degradation flowed freely. Looking up he hoped Susan was satisfied. To his chagrin he saw that she was waiting, wanting him to confess fully to his misdeeds and admit his lack of manhood. With shoulders sagged in unequivocal defeat he lowered his gaze. "I'm such a b... bad boy I sh... should have b... been b... born a g... girl. C... can you pl... please help me c... correct that m... mistake? W... will you pl...please h... help me b... become a g... good l... little g... girl?" Dion lost all control once the words were out. Turning his head away from Susan he burst into heart-rending tears.

Susan looked to the film crew who smiled and gave her a thumbs up sign to indicate they had captured every movement, expression, word and intonation of the confrontation on film. Turning back to the sobbing lad she leaned over his prostrate heaving body. Turning his head towards her, she waited until he looked forlornly up into her dazzling warm eyes. Compassionately she leaned forward and kissed the tears away from his red cheeks.

The tender action totally confused the crushed lad. "There now, Dionne," she reassured the youth. "Things will be much better now that you know the truth about yourself. It's much better this way, after all, you never really were very much of a boy. I know you'll make a lovely happy girl. Now you just relax and enjoy how we pamper you." With those words she popped a mint into his mouth to help chase away the loathsome remnant of the soap taste. Then she proceeded to remove the bindings that had held the boy in place.

Dion rubbed his sore wrists as he thankfully sucked on the mint. The one beautician resumed his pedicure while another started to rinse his hair. The third waited until he had returned the circulation to his wrists before she gently picked up his hand to finish the manicure. Briefly he wondered if he could bolt away now that he was free. But he felt too tired to even try. Besides, he saw Susan standing to one side watching and waiting. He doubted if he'd even be able to make it off the chair. Then too he shuddered to think what she'd do to him and force him to say when she caught him. That thought made him realize he was assuming that any escape attempt would fail. This realization coupled with his overwhelming defeat made him wonder if perhaps she was right. Was he such a poor boy that he'd be better off being a girl? Had the right choice been made in selecting him to become the girl instead of Duane? With a sad reluctance he felt that Duane would not have been so easily defeated. For the first time in his life, he was unsure of his masculinity. Had he been born in the wrong sex? What would life as a girl bring? How would it feel to wear a dress and be pretty? With a shudder he realized that he was already admitting that they had defeated his masculinity. Doubts about his boyishness were now firmly planted in his confused mind. Never again could he be a confident and cocky boy.

When the beautician finished his pedicure she left only to return with a cart. From the cart she pulled a cord and plugged it into a nearby outlet. After adjusting several dials on a machine atop the cart, she picked up a tweezers-like device attached to the box by a wire. Deftly she leaned over the distressed lad and carefully touched the tweezers to his eyebrows. Dion felt a slight burning tingly sensations for about fifteen seconds before she withdrew the tweezers. Clamped in it he saw a hair. Again and again she returned to his eyebrows, first one then the other until he lost count of the hairs she removed. As she worked it dawned on him that she was reshaping his bushy masculine eyebrows into girlish counterparts. This knowledge and his lack of will to even try to stop her devastating efforts, drove him deeper into his mourning for his lost boyhood.

When the beautician finished his manicure, she to left momentarily only to return with a tray. From the tray she took an aerosol can and with a directional nozzle sprayed one earlobe. The cold stung and quickly numbed the area. Mutely he watched as she picked up a gun-like device. Deftly she slipped the slotted end over his lobe and pulled the trigger. Dion felt a slight tug but no pain. Quickly she moved the gun a bit and pulled the trigger once more. Picking up two half inch golden rings, she placed them into the holes she created. Moving to the other side, she repeated the procedure. Once more Dion understood that she'd double pierced his ears and installed dainty golden hoop earrings. Tears came to his eyes as he realized how they were rapidly transforming him, robbing him of his boyishness, yet he was so defeated and depressed that he could do nothing but cry.

The stylist began to comb and trim his long straight wet hair. She created a cute set of bangs that just touched his newly thinned eyebrows. By his ears she left long, wispy tendrils of golden hair. The rest she brushed back and trimmed the split ends, evening the length. When she finished, she teased and curled his soft, shiny blonde locks as she dried them with a blow dryer. Taking a ribbon she secured his locks into a bouncy ponytail at the top back of his head. His bangs were softly curled against his forehead, and the wispy tendrils hung down to his pretty earrings. Once more he felt lost and forlorn. What little remained of his boyish arrogance was now a desolate wasteland, virtually lifeless and abandoned. It was a state he feared he'd never be able to revisit.

Dion's self esteem was at an all time low by the time they pulled his hands to help him out of the chair. Momentarily confused by his emergence from his fatalistic reverie, his disorientation ended quickly as they astutely stripped him of his blue jeans, t-shirt, and jockey shorts. His feeble protests were ignored. The ordeal he'd just endured had rendered his body so numbed and stiff that he was unable to resist there efficient efforts. As quickly as they had removed his boy clothes, they slipped girls' clothes on his shivering form. Soft lace trimmed pink satin panties and matching camisole were deftly slipped into place. While someone pulled a matching slip over his head, someone else helped him maintain his balance as they raised a foot. Another person slipped a lace topped pink nylon anklet over his foot followed by a white patent leather Mary Jane shoe. As the slip was adjusted about his trembling body the two women switched legs and slipped the mates to his dainty anklet and shoe into place. His mind was spinning as his head was engulfed in fluff as a soft festive polished cotton coral pink and blue floral dress accented with sheer puffed polyester chiffon sleeves enveloped him. As they smoothed it into place they adjusted the princess seams to add shape to the bodice. The dropped waist was snugged about him by a tie-back sash, and the front buttons fully enclosed him in the dress. The full skirt was fluffed out by an attached nylon crinoline petticoat that crinkled loudly and tickled his bare thighs through the thin material of the sheer slip.

The soft, lacy, silken feminine clothes were put on him so quickly and created so many new sensations and emotions that his bludgeoned mind was unable to keep track of what was actually taking place. It seemed as if every nerve and sense was being overwhelmed by new and totally different but startlingly pleasant perceptions. Someone tied a large lacy ribbon into a perky bow to adorn his newly created bouncy ponytail as another person fluffed his bangs as they led him to stand him before a full length mirror.

The sight that met his red tear stained eyes was almost more than he could handle. The first thought in his muddled mind when he saw his reflection was how much he wished he'd be able to get into the panties of the cute and sexy pretty girl that stood before him. The swelling of his manhood, quickly restricted and constrained by the soft silken panties he wore, served to shock him back to the reality of his dilemma. A violent shudder shook his entire body as he realized he was looking in a mirror and not at a real girl. With a sinking feeling in his stomach he realized that quite literally he was already in the perky girl's panties. His rampant manhood quickly deflated as did what little remained of his manly ego. Tears of defeat trickled down his soft rosy cheeks.


Since their arrival, Betty Franz had been inducted into the ranks of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY as the denizens of LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL and ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL had begun calling themselves. She had met and talked to all the former males. Each and every one were now undeniably feminine. Their happiness in their transformation made her feel better about her decision to transform one of her sons into a girl, but a lot of guilt about what she was doing still remained. The fact that her twins were undeniably boys in their actions as well as their appearance made her wonder how such masculinity could be subverted into girlishness. The reassurances that the most of the former boys she met had been just as masculine before their Petticoating did little to assuage her doubts. The BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY had decided to wait until the twins discovered what kind of transformation awaited the chosen boy before they started the metamorphosis. They felt the filming of the lads shock would make their documentary that much more believable and effective. Plans had been set and awaited the signal from the film crew that the boys had discovered their fate. When the word was finally spread everyone scurried to make it to the confrontation.

Following Dr. Alterson's advice, Betty had kept silent and successfully kept her face from showing any signs that she might be having second thoughts about transforming one of her sons into a girl during the confrontation. She understood that her mere presence would serve notice to the boys that she understood and approved of what was to happen. When they arrived at TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING she quietly sat off to one side of the beauty salon to intently watch her son's initial transformation. The skill and speed with which the beauticians worked their magic utterly amazed and delighted her. If she hadn't been present to witness the emergence of Dionne, she would have had trouble believing that the pretty girl she saw had been the scruffy unconscious boy who had been carried into the salon only two hours before.

Dr. Alterson indicated that Betty could now greet her new daughter. Betty stood slowly, and walked up behind Dion as he stood spell-bound by his feminine image. Tenderly she slipped her arms about him to give him a warm, reassuring hug; smiling happily as she looked at his reflection.

Dion sullenly raised his eyes to meet his mother's adoring gaze as reflected in the mirror. Any hope that he might have harbored that she would relent and spare his masculinity was shattered at that moment. Without a doubt he knew that she was delighted with his transformation. Slowly his head sank to his chest as he openly began sobbing.

"It's all right, Dionne," Betty purred reassuringly to her feminized son. "Everything is going to be just fine. You're absolutely perfect as a young girl. Why if I hadn't watched them make the changes, I wouldn't have believed it was possible. Now you just cooperate with us and I know you'll just love becoming a pretty girl!"

Dion couldn't stop sobbing. After having seen the results of their efforts, he knew that they would never let up in their efforts to completely feminize him. His boyish indignation at what they had done demanded retribution. Unfortunately the ordeal of being helplessly bound in the beautician's chair and having soap forced into his mouth had crushed his determination to fight. At this point his will to resist was non-existent. At the same time he faced an immense dichotomy between his resentment of being dressed as a girl and the new and quite delightful sensations the pretty clothes were causing. Despite his desire to detest his girlish attire, he could not do so. The soft silky nylon and lace simply felt too good to be denied.

Slowly his tears dried up. No one said a word as he continued to stand before the mirror while Betty continued her embrace. Finally he raised his red eyes to once more look at his reflected image. Carefully he checked the pretty girl over, looking for some flaw in her apparent femininity. Other than her red eyes, the image he saw was all girl. Swallowing hard he was forced to admit that they had succeeded in transforming him into a girl.

Dr. Alterson had been watching him closely. When she saw the final acceptance of his girlish image as being real, she stepped in to speak. Dion looked forlornly away from his image to her when she cleared her throat. "From this moment you are a girl. You will never again be a boy. Your name is now Dionne. Your birth certificate and school records are being legally changed at this very moment in the offices of LYMASTER ASSOCIATES to show your new name and sex. By the time you leave here, there will be no legal evidence that a boy named Dion ever existed. Do you understand that this means you can never return to being a boy?"

Dion looked numbly at Dr. Alterson, not wanting to believe what she told him. Up until a few moments ago if anyone had told him that all records of him as a boy could be replaced by documents showing that he was a girl he would have told them it was impossible. Of course that was when he was confident that there was no way he could be transformed from his indubitably boyish appearance to that which he now projected of absolute girlishness. Now he was afraid that the records could be altered. If what she said was true, then he had to admit that it would be impossible for him to ever become a boy again. "I... if you've ch... changed all my records... the...then I guess I'll have to... to become a... a... a g... girl..." His stuttered words were barely audible.

"I promise you that all your records are being changed, Dionne. You are a girl, now and forever. You will have to accept that fact, as well as your girlishness." Dr. Alterson paused for a few moments as she watched the inevitability of her guarantee sink into Dionne's unwilling mind. "You will be going out in public soon. Everyone who sees you will see exactly what you see in the mirror. Anyone who notices you will see a soft, pretty girl. They will not see a scruffy boy wearing girls' clothes. How you behave, the way you move and react, will either confirm or deny the image they behold. I know that if they see you as a boy wearing girls' clothes, you'd be humiliated. If they see a pretty girl who acts like a boy, they'll probably assume you're a tomboy, and treat you with little respect since a pretty girl should enjoy her femininity. The only way you can avoid being humiliated is to act completely girlish at all times so that no one will have any reason to doubt that you are anything but the pretty girl you appear to be. We're telling you this because it is not our desire to embarrass or humiliate you. We want you to be comfortable and happy with your girlishness. If you are discovered as a boy in a dress, it will be solely because you did something to reveal that you are not the girl you appear to be. We have done, and will continue to do everything we can to help you look and behave as girlish as possible. Do you understand that what happens when you're out in public is totally in your control?"

Once more Dion could not escape her effeminizing logic. Reluctantly he had to admit that she was right. Whether or not anyone saw through his all too girlish appearance and detected what little remained of the boy hidden beneath would be as a result of his actions. "Y... Yes, I understand..." he answered softly, defeat clearly evident in his voice and stance.

Dr. Alterson nodded to Betty. Betty released her hug on her ex-son and turned him around. With a tissue she wiped the tears from his eyes. "All right, Dionne. Since you understand that you have to behave like a girl to avoid detection, you had better start doing so right now. Stand up straight, don't slouch. Put a smile upon that pretty face. I know you can do it, you've bragged about how good an actor you were ever since we answered the ad. Now it's time to prove that you can act. Come on girl, let's see a smile."

Dion knew he had to do as they wanted. The humiliation he felt at being so easily transformed into a girl could only be multiplied by having people realize that he was a boy who had been feminized. In his stubborn, arrogant, and proud boyish mind, any boy who could be so feminized had to be a sissy. Up until today, he never had any doubts that he wasn't a sissy, he was a boy. But they had left him no choice but to be transformed into his present girlish appearance. Did that mean he was really a sissy and had never known it? What little masculine pride he had left could not be risked by facing the public humiliation and ridicule being labeled a sissy would entail. Summoning the last bit of his fading boyish pride, he forced a timid smile.

Everyone praised him for his effort and congratulated him for having the sense to accept his girlhood. This created additional mixed emotions. Part of him wanted to lash out, but he was much too terrified to show any resistance. Another part seemed to be falling in love with unfamiliar but very pleasant sensations his new wardrobe created. The image he saw in the mirror was reassuringly feminine. The praise and compliments for that girlishness gave him a strange sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. All in all, he was confused and bewildered, unable to resist and yet not quite willing to yield completely to the feminine delights that seemed to overwhelming him. Betty thanked everyone quite profusely for their efforts in giving her the lovely daughter she'd always wanted.

Gwen Deeter emerged from the sidelines to join Betty and Dionne. "Betty, I know that you sold real estate. I'm president of LADD'S REALTY & INSURANCE. I can always use a smart saleswoman. I know the housing and pay you're receiving for the boys to make the documentaries is nice, but judging from the speed of Dionne's conversion, it won't last long. I'd like to discuss the possibility of your joining my operation. Since it's almost supper time, I'd like to invite you to join me for dinner at ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT. Why don't we find Daniel and Duane, I'm sure they're wondering what's happened to Dionne by now."

Betty smiled warmly. She had known Gwen was involved in LADD'S REALTY & INSURANCE but never suspected that she was president. What the future would hold after the documentaries were completed had been a major concern, the prospect of a job appealed to her. At the same time, she wanted to see how Duane would react to Dionne. Daniel was already conditioned to witnessing the astounding conversions that took place. His presence, along with Gwen, would keep Duane from over-reacting to Dionne. "I'd be delighted to join you for dinner, Gwen. I was meaning to apply for a job with LADD'S REALTY & INSURANCE and look forward to discussing a position. However, I'm afraid we won't be able to discuss much when Duane sees Dionne." Betty placed a comforting, confident hand upon Dion's trembling shoulder.

Dion knew that he'd have to face going out in public as a girl. That didn't terrify him too much as long as no one knew that he was really a boy. But to face Duane and Daniel meant to face the betrayal of boyish ideals and the condemnation of sissyhood. "Please, Mother," he spoke in a soft, pleading, girlish voice. "I can't face Duane like this..."

"Nonsense, Dionne," interrupted Gwen. "Duane will be stunned by your transformation, but he'll get used to having a sister quite readily, I can assure you. As Daniel told you, he has witnessed several transformations that were just as startling and complete as yours has been. He has grown used to seeing boys become lovely girls. I'm sure that by now he has prepared Duane for your appearance as his sister. Now let's go find the boys." With that she took Dionne's trembling hand and led her and Betty from TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING.


Daniel and Duane spent about half an hour in LADD'S EXCHANGE ARCADE after their escape from the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY. Neither boy could really put his heart into the games and distractions offered by the arcade. Dion's ordeal weighed heavily upon their minds. The boys aimlessly wondered the mall for another half hour before finally stopping outside LADD'S EXCHANGE SWIMMING POOL where they forlornly admired the gorgeous girls in their sleek swimsuits. Pamela Sue James, Linda Evers, Tiffany Davis, Justine Bowers, and Ramona Halteman were there. Both boys found it difficult to control their growing arousal.

After half hour of girl watching, Duane glumly looked at Daniel. "Were Tiffany, Justine, and Ramona really boys?"

Daniel sighed deeply. "Yes, they were. They weren't sissies either. They were just as tough and boyish as we are... and Dion was..."

Duane became agitated about Daniel's inference that Dion was no longer tough and boyish. "Now wait a minute. Just because they took Dion doesn't mean they're going to be able to change him like they did the others. I know him, we're identical in every way. There is no way they could ever change me into a sissy girl so I know they can't do it to Dion!" His anger grew as did his indignation during his barely controlled rebuttal.

Daniel backed off a bit and raised his hands defensively. "Hey, don't take it out on me! I know how you feel. I used to feel the same way. Only I've seen what they can do. I know that a boy who has fallen into their clutches is doomed. If Dion has been changed, that doesn't mean that you are a sissy. All it means is that the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY is very good at what they do. I'll be perfectly honest with you. When we see Dion, we'll see a girl. I can practically guarantee there will be no sign that he was ever a boy. I know what to expect but I'll still be scared by what I see. You still don't understand what they can do. When you see Dion, you'll meet your twin sister. You had best prepare yourself for that. The worst part for me has always been knowing that the same thing could easily happen to me. If they decide to change you into a girl, they'll do it. Nothing can be done to stop them. We're at their mercy and they know it. I've had the threat hanging over me for six months and it's driving me crazy. I have nightmares that they're going to Petticoat me. Sometimes I wish they'd just do it and get it over with."

Duane was about to protest again when he froze. His face turned white as his mouth dropped open in total terror and shock. Daniel spun about to see his Aunt Gwen, Duane's mother Betty, and a nervous, red faced pretty girl. Daniel knew the girl had been Dion. Once more he felt the all too familiar feeling of vertigo as the entire world suddenly seemed to spin.

"I never suspected that you wished to be Petticoated," Gwen told her shocked nephew. "I may have to keep that in mind," she concluded ominously.

Betty looked at Duane. The petrified lad could do nothing but stare at the pretty girl. "Duane," she spoke firmly to get the staggered boy's attention. "I want you to meet your twin sister Dionne. Isn't she simply lovely?"

Dion mutely stood before the two boys with his eyes lowered to the floor. He could feel the heat emanating from his flushed face. The short trip through the mall had been much easier than he'd anticipated. As Dr. Alterson had assured him, as long as he acted like a girl, no one would suspect that he was a boy and therefore he didn't have a reason to be embarrassed. But now he faced two people who knew the truth. Two people who knew that he was a sissy. If the ground would have suddenly split, he would have leapt into the chasm.

Duane heard his mother's words. The girl he saw was indeed Dion, or more correctly had been Dion. Dionne was now much more appropriate for the pretty girl standing taciturnly before him. Daniel's warnings and predictions came back to roost with a vengeance. Dion had been turned into girl. If Dion had been transformed... so could he... Suddenly he understood Daniel's fears and overly cautious behavior. The thought that the same could be done to him was horrid and terrifying.

Gwen let the ensuing silence go on for a few minutes before she spoke to both dumbfounded boys. "We came to take the two of you for dinner. As you can see Dionne has become a beautiful young lady. You will treat her accordingly. We will tolerate no teasing or abuse. You will accept her as a girl. From this moment on, you will call her Dionne. It will be up to you to see that she never does anything that is not girlish. Any boyish reactions, facial expressions, or mannerisms that you witness will be reported immediately. Nothing that you do should in any way make her feel guilty or embarrassed about her girlishness. You will help her to be a girl at all times. There will be no tomboyishness in this young lass. She is not to be allowed to wear boy clothes anymore or to participate in any boyish activities. If you fail to follow these rules, we will be forced to take action that will guarantee that you will be Petticoated. Although we would like to keep Duane as a visible counter example for Dionne, if too many problems are created by your actions and attitudes, we will not hesitate to have you join her. Do you both understand?"

Daniel, although still stunned by Dionne's girlishness, had been expecting to see the pretty girl. It was a with a defeated demeanor that he reticently nodded his acknowledgment to his Aunt's warning.

Duane had recovered enough to meekly nod his head. He was too caught up in the inner turmoil of wondering how they had managed such a miraculous alteration of his twin and the knowledge that he would appear to be just as soft and feminine if they decided to Petticoat him. Both lads resolved to squeal on any masculine actions that Dionne might have. It was either that or risk their own all too fragile masculinity.

Dion knew from Daniel's earlier recounts that the cowed lad would readily report any tomboyish actions. The threat of Petticoating would force Duane to do the same. Part of him was relieved to learn that this meant that ridicule from the two boys he feared the most would not occur. Another part was repulsed that he had no option but to behave as a girl before the two. Once more, he sadly realized, they had successfully boxed him into a position where he had no choice but to be as girlish as possible.

The relaxed, leisurely dinner was anything but relaxed for the youths. Betty and Gwen kept up an animated discussion about the future. Betty secured a position with LADD'S REALTY & INSURANCE. Dion was politely and gently corrected in his manners and actions. Almost anything he asked for was granted as long as he did it politely in a feminine manner. Duane and Daniel were harshly criticized for their poor manners and boorish behavior. Most of their requests were denied. Dion quickly came to the conclusion that being a girl might not be so bad after all. Daniel already knew what life was like being on the verge of Petticoating and had reluctantly slipped into his humbling, apologetic mode to deflect the specter of Petticoating. Duane quickly grew to understand why Daniel was terrified of these women and their threats to Petticoat him. Both boys did their best to stay out of the women's conversation.

When the meal was finished, Gwen took Daniel and headed home. She kept looking at her reticent nephew, wondering how he'd look as a girl. Daniel sat quietly, not wanting to give his aunt any reason to Petticoat him. Inside he was shivering, once more he had been involved in Petticoating a boy. When would his turn come?


Betty took her twins home. Duane went to his room to sulk and tremble. Dion was taken to his refurbished bedroom.

Efficient crews had been dispatched with all they needed to transform the bedroom into a delightful boudoir suited for a Princess. The huge canopy bed was decorated in pink floral satin with oodles of ruffles and lace. The drapes matched perfectly as did the luxuriously soft thick pink shag carpet.

Dion shivered when he first stepped inside the room that would make most girls' hearts flutter with feminine delight. The initial repulsion he felt was quickly minimized by the sad knowledge that he would quickly grow to love the girlishness of the room just as he was irreversibly falling in love with his blossoming girlishness. Dion didn't want to like what was happening to him, he wanted to hate being Petticoated and scream out his rage. But yet he felt irresistibly drawn towards the softness and gentleness of girlhood. Everything seemed so nice, and the way the clothes made him feel was downright criminal, boys' clothes never felt so nice and delightful!

Betty helped Dion undress, showing him how to hang up his pretty dress and fold his dainty lingerie. Then handing him a soft pink nylon robe, she led him to the bathroom where she filled the tub with hot water as she poured in a lilac scented bubble bath skin conditioner. The steamy bath quickly filled the room with the sweet floral scent of blooming lilacs. Dion trembled with dread as he slipped off the robe and gingerly stepped into the sea of bubbles. Once more he wanted to hate the femininity of the bath, but as he settled beneath the fragrant water, he couldn't help but relax and enjoy the feminine treat.

After the relaxing bubble bath, the exhausted lad didn't object as his mother dressed him in a fluffy, ruffle and lace trimmed pink satin babydoll nightie. The anticipation of how delightful the cute nightie would feel against his soft flesh overwhelmed his dwindling reluctance about his feminization. As his mother helped him settle into bed, she tucked the sheets about his soft, girlish body and kissed him tenderly upon his rosy cheek.

Duane had been summoned to bid Dionne goodnight as they had emerged from the fragrant bathroom. Dion felt uncomfortable under Duane's red-eyed silent perplexed gaze as he stood shivering in the door to the ultra-feminine bedroom to mumble a soft goodnight. His mother assured him that Duane would help him adjust to his girlishness and that everything would be just fine.

Once left alone with the girlish bedroom illuminated by a ballerina night lite; the experiences of the day came back to him. The initial horror of his transformation with the soap in his mouth had been replaced by softness and new very pleasant sensations as he was dressed in his new wardrobe. The shock of seeing the dramatic girlish changes they had wrought in his assumed invincible masculinity coupled with their convincing explanations of their goals and how he was doomed to yield to his new life made him doubt he had ever been a real guy. The initial exposure as he walked through the mall while appearing to be a cute girl stunned him. No one had even suspected he was anything but a girl. Everyone smiled at him and many even complimented him and his mother for being such a pretty girl.

Duane's reaction when he had first seen him had embarrassed him and really made him feel terrible. The terror and revulsion in Duane's expression had meant that they had succeeded in transforming him into a girl. The lecture Duane and Daniel had received left no doubt that they would not tease or torment him about his girlishness, in fact the boys had to accept and treat him as if he were a real girl. That took the fear and terror of facing the ridicule of the guys away. The dinner had shown him the difference between how boys behaved compared to girls and how harshly boys were treated as compared to the courtesies shown to girls. Slowly, as Dion analyzed all that had happened to him this day, he came to realize that as a girl he would be pampered, while boys would be harassed and have their normal male actions condemned and quashed; just as had happened to him in the past! The dilemma this posed left him exhausted. Sleep finally overcame him as his pretty head nestled into the soft satin covered pillow. Vivid dreams in which he was a pampered, happy girl dominated his dreams.

Duane flopped upon his bed after they had returned home and shuddered as he thought about how utterly Dion had been transformed from his rough twin brother into a totally alien soft and undeniably pretty girl. Taking into account what Daniel had told him about the determination and forcefulness of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY, Duane realized that poor Dion didn't have any choice but to accept what they were doing to him. The unveiled threats that Gwen Deeter had made to him and Daniel left them know that they had to accept and actually support Dion... or more correctly Dionne... or they too would be Petticoated. This left him in a tizzy as to how to react. He wanted to help Dion return to boyhood, yet if he tried, he'd find himself being transformed into a girl. Never in his short life had he felt so helpless and weak. Both he and Dion had always assumed that masculinity was supreme and could never be defeated. Anything even remotely resembling sissy conduct was an anathema to them. Now Dionne's girlishness revealed that all their smug macho arrogance had been an illusion. His own manhood was in jeopardy. For the first time in years, Duane broke down in tears.

He'd barely cried himself dry when his mother called for him to come bid his sister goodnight. Drying his eyes, he slowly emerged from his bedroom like a condemned prisoner heading for the gallows. When he saw the redecorated girlish bedroom, he recoiled in horror. Steeling himself he forced himself to stand in the doorway, fearing so much for his now fragile masculinity that he was afraid to set foot inside the temple of femininity that the room had become. When he saw Dionne climbing into bed wearing the cute pink babydoll nightie he felt his stomach start doing somersaults. The room spun as he leaned against the door for support and to control his shivering. He watched, wanting to disbelieve what he saw, as his mother gently tucked Dionne into bed and kissed her. The stern gaze of his mother forced him to mumble, "G... goodnight D... Dionne..." before he turned to flee from the horror of his twin's utter girlishness just before she was tucked into bed. The apprehensive expression on Dionne's face haunted him as he fled to the sweet smelling bathroom.

The lingering lilac scent effectively covered the repulsive odor as he lost the contents of his churning stomach into the waiting mouth of the commode. As he slowly disrobed and showered, the haunting image of the pretty girl he saw could not be his brother, yet he knew that she was his twin. Only after seeing her apprehensive face he could think of nothing other than the fact that she was obviously a girl! It was with great trepidation that he realized Daniel was correct in his dire warnings. The twin brother he had known all of his life no longer existed. His brother Dion had been replaced by his undeniably pretty sister Dionne. To make matters worse for himself and his efforts to cope with what was happening he found himself wondering what Dionne felt as a girl. Several times during the night he had seen feelings of pleasure sweep over his twin, only to be washed away by guilt. Daniel had warned them that girlish feelings quickly overwhelmed all who had been Petticoated. Daniel had even admitted that he sometimes wondered if he shouldn't just ask to be Petticoated to end his nightmare existence. At the time Duane had been mystified why a boy would ever wonder such a grotesque thing. Now he was beginning to understand the living nightmare that was Daniel's daily life... as his life as a boy now would be. Finally after much tossing and turning he fell into a restless sleep. The night was filled with nightmares for the troubled youth who had to accept his brother's sudden girlishness as well as his all too fragile masculinity and potential girlishness.


Daniel Deeter headed for his bedroom as soon as he arrived home. The emotional turmoil his nearness to the Petticoatings created was ripping him apart. Once more he wondered why his aunt simply didn't Petticoat him and get it over with. After an hour of fruitless pondering, he headed to the bathroom for his shower. After finishing, he decided to call it a night. The day's ordeal had worn him to a frazzle. Unfortunately he couldn't go to sleep. Tossing and turning he tried to fall asleep with no luck. Finally his bladder demanded attention so he headed for the bathroom once more. After finishing, he was returning to his room when he heard his aunt laugh. With his curiosity peaked, he crept to the top of the stairs and peered down into the living room.

Gwen sat on the sofa talking animatedly to someone on the telephone. "Lydia, it was precious! I can't wait to see the film of the confrontation! The look on Duane's face was absolutely perfect! Of course Daniel has seen the results of Petticoating before so his reaction was more fatalistic. It was perfect timing. The boys had been discussing the Petticoating and Daniel had just told Duane that he was exhausted because of constantly worrying about when he'd be Petticoated. He finished by saying that he sometimes wished I'd have him Petticoated and get it over with! I almost burst out laughing. Imagine being so terrified about something over which you have no control. Instead of accepting it as an inescapable fact and getting on with your life you let the fear run your life. Right now he's behaving decently because of his fear. Of course, someday I may Petticoat him. I won't just de-sex him and put him on hormones to make him a faux-female like the other boys. If and when I decide to have him Petticoated he'll have a complete sex-change. I want him to be fully functional from the start of his girlhood."

Daniel eavesdropped on the conversation his aunt was having with Lydia Ladd in stunned horror before his churning stomach forced him to creep back to his bedroom. As he lay in bed he thought of what his Aunt Gwen had been saying. The more he thought, the angrier he became with himself. The fact that he could be Petticoated at any time and do nothing to stop it was stopping him from enjoying life. Aunt Gwen's words were so obviously true, Daniel felt foolish. He realized that his existence for the last six months was as if he had repeatedly run headlong into a solid wall. Instead of trying to go around it, he kept hitting his head against it trying to force his way through! There was nothing he could do to prevent his being Petticoated, so why did he let it worry him so? Long repressed anger and frustration bubbled to the surface. The knowledge of his stupidity about the way he was handling his dilemma forced him to admit to his masculine angst.

Once he did this, a wave of relief swept over him. For the first time since he witnessed the Petticoating of Timmy and Justin he felt relaxed. What his future held was out of his control and no amount of worry or fretting would change that fact. Instead of worrying and holding back, why shouldn't he go all out and enjoy his boyhood for as long as he had could? Why if he did it right, he could really give his dear old Aunt Gwen a run for her money! After all, he finally reasoned, if he was going to be transformed into a girl, he may as well give her good reason to do so! The prospect of being Petticoated suddenly lost it's aura of horror. If he started planning, he might even be able to run away before she decided to Petticoat him. If he failed, well so what. He had to admit that every one of the guys he knew who had been Petticoated was happy with their new girlishness. So what if it was different from and foreign to what he felt and expected out of life as a boy. At least half the world was female and they seemed to be just as functional as males. When he came right down to the bare facts, he really had nothing to lose by being as boyishly obnoxious as he wanted to be while he could do so. With a smile on his face, he settled back into his pillow and fell into the first sound sleep he'd had since Timmy and Justin were Petticoated.

In the morning, Gwen was quite surprised when Daniel didn't come down for breakfast. At first she was worried that he might be ill. Calling him from the bottom of the stairs elicited no response. Scurrying up the stairs she flung open the door to his bedroom only to discover his alarm clock unplugged and Daniel sleeping soundly on his stomach with his head buried under his pillow. The unexpected scene distracted her for a few moments until anger took over. Before the Petticoating of Timmy and Justin, the unwelcome scene before her had been an everyday occurrence. Since then, however, he had been quite scrupulous about being dressed for breakfast. Something had returned Daniel to his previous habits. With a growing dread she feared that her nephew might have finally figured out that he had nothing to lose by returning to his crude, obnoxious boyish behavior. It was with more than a bit of trepidation that she yanked the pillow from his head and smacked his butt.

Daniel yelped and sat up, blinking at the rude awakening. His first reaction was to cower as he opened his mouth to apologize. Quickly he recalled his decision not to be cowed by the threat of Petticoat Discipline. Clamping his mouth shut he smirked at his aunt, laid back down and turned his back to her.

Gwen barely controlled her rage. She knew that her fears had come true. Daniel was back to his devious boyhood. The brazen show he'd just given her had been planned to raise her ire and he'd succeeded. Now that the game was on, she swore not to give him the satisfaction of getting her goat.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she forced a smile upon her face. In a clear, carefully controlled voice she spoke. "Daniel, I'll be leaving in half an hour. You've already missed breakfast. I strongly suggest that you have your sorry butt dressed and ready when it's time to leave." With that she turned and left.

She hoped that he'd get up. She didn't really want to Petticoat him but she saw too much of his father in him. Self gratification had been his sole goal in life. That had lead to his bi-sexuality and the AIDS that finally killed him. Daniel would not be allowed to follow that same route. She knew that most of the women in the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY were active lesbians yet she did not consider that to be unacceptable. Women were tender and caring about their partners, eager to make sure that both achieved gratification and satisfaction. On the other hand she considered faggots to be the lowest scum on earth since, in her opinion, they didn't care about anyone's pleasure other than their own. Her brother had certainly fit that mold! That was why she would not just Petticoat Daniel, she would have a complete sex-change performed. Now that he had returned to his boyish ways, she knew that before too long she would have to see to his transformation. With a sigh she decided to start checking to see if Dr. Balkut or Dr. Makes-Shemanski had the experience and skills to do a complete sex-change. She wanted to make sure that Danielle would have complete orgasmic capabilities.

Daniel lay in bed and waited. He knew that he had almost blown it when he had instinctually cowered. The shocked and upset expression upon his aunt's face had told him that he had succeeded in getting to her. Unfortunately the calmness of her response revealed that a battle of wills was brewing. He decided not to push too far too quickly. Taking his time he dressed and got ready. Leaving his room he waited at the top of the stairs until Aunt Gwen came stalking up to the staircase to demand that he come down. As she placed her foot on the first step and opened her mouth to shout, Daniel stepped down onto the top step.

Gwen almost choked herself as she stifled her outburst. The redness of her face and the smirk on Daniel's face as he descended left both know that he had won the opening round of their renewed confrontation.


Dion was not quite conscious when he awoke in the soft bed. The satiny nightie and sheets felt so nice to his groggy mind that he merely stretched and luxuriated in the delightful feelings which were engulfing his body. Suddenly memories of yesterday's events sprang into his mind causing him to come fully awake. Once more he glared at his feminine surroundings and shuddered. Every atom of his boyish pride wanted to burst forth in rage to destroy the girlish bedroom. As the rage boiled within his seething mind, his body refused to let his mind act. It seemed as if a deeper part of his brain was exerting control over his much more passionate and volatile macho ego. The rage turned to confusion as the inner dichotomy kept him from acting upon his destructive instincts. The experiences and feelings of yesterday came to the surface. In the resulting cool, calm reflection he realized that the only bad part of his transformation had been his resistance and lack of cooperation.

That realization stunned him. If he looked at what had transpired, he had to admit that except for his hurt masculine pride, he'd enjoyed being a girl! Every bad thing had been a direct result of his insistence that his masculinity be appeased. Yet he could not deny that the girls' clothes felt a lot better and much nicer that his old boys' clothes. Sadly he shook his head as he realized that boys' clothes not only looked yucky, but they felt that way too! Girls' clothes, however felt soft and satiny, they made him aware of his body and gave great pleasure in their tender caresses of his flesh. A smile came across his face as he realized his hands were caressing his legs and torso through the soft lace and ruffled nylon of his cute babydoll nightie. There was no way he couldn't enjoy the delightful sensations.

Daniel's cautions that once Petticoated, all the guys seemed to soften and be overwhelmed by their new girlishness now made sense. Yesterday, before it had happened to him he was unable to understand how that could possibly happen. Just as he knew that Daniel and Duane still would not understand until they too experienced the delights of femininity for themselves. The obvious happiness and total girlishness that the Petticoated boys exhibited, as Daniel had pointed out to Duane and he yesterday, was the result of the sudden onset of these delectable girlish sensations. Even the way people reacted to and treated him as a girl was totally alien to the way he had been treated as a guy. As a guy every encounter was confrontational. A guy had to prove that he was tough and not to be messed with. A girl didn't have to put up with that macho crap. All she had to do was smile and dress in lovely clothes to be accepted.

As he reflected on these thoughts, he realized that he felt a bit sorry for real girls. Except for those who were overtly tomboys, they never realized how nice their lives were since they had nothing to compare it to. Once more he felt a wave of humiliation sweep over him as he realized that he was already giving in to his growing girlishness. Tears of frustration and confusion trickled down his cheeks as he realized that just as Daniel had predicted, he was rapidly losing his boyhood. The fear and uncertainty of the future rested heavily upon his mind. With a sigh he dried his eyes and made a decision. The masculine part of his mind wanted to fight, but lacked the will to put up with soap in the mouth and public exhibition as a sissy. Instead the easy way out of his dilemma would be to accept his fate and make the most of it as Dr. Alterson had advised him to do.

That decision placed the ego of Dion on a back burner with the flame turned off. A lopsided smile appeared on Dionne's pretty face as she flung back the covers and arose from her bed. Smiling broadly she slipped on her robe and padded to the bathroom to brush her teeth and do her morning toilet. The hidden cameras had captured the obvious turmoil and indecision of the pretty boy/girl as she reconciled herself to her fate. The documentaries would be quite effective.


Duane tossed and turned as the morning broke, worrying about Dion and how he could help his poor brother face his fate. The fact that he had to preserve his own masculinity was foremost in his mind and he harbored no doubts that the plotters would not hesitate to Petticoat him if he created too many problems. Seeing how Dionne had slipped so easily into a girlish persona yesterday had forced him to acknowledge that Daniel had been telling them the truth about the effects of Petticoating. That didn't mean he understood how a guy could succumb to girlishness, it simply meant that he was forced to acknowledge that it did happen.

As he reflected upon this, he realized that his best course of action was to accept Dionne as his sister and try to forget that he ever had a brother. If he couldn't do that, he would be doomed to screw up and be Petticoated. Now he understood that Daniel wasn't a wimp, but terrorized at the prospect of being Petticoated. He felt the same way. Never having been without a male buddy, Duane decided that Daniel would now have to be his friend, confident and co-conspirator. With that resolved, he slipped out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom to take a leak.

When he got there he was shocked to find the door locked and a soft feminine voice that he recognized as Dionne tell him that it would be a few minutes until SHE finished her morning ablutions. Duane stood there numbly staring at the closed door as his bladder began screaming for relief. He had heard horror tales from other guys about how their sisters hogged the bathroom but had never really paid much attention to the complaints. Slowly he realized that this would be the first of many mornings that he would have to wait patiently while his sister primped herself. With sadness he decided the best course would be for him to get up earlier than Dionne and make it to the bathroom first. The pressure of his bladder built as he despondently leaned against the wall with his thighs pressed tightly together and waited.

Betty was already in the kitchen preparing Dionne's favorite breakfast. The nervousness she felt was understandable. Except for the scuffling of feet from their bedrooms to the bathroom, the relative silence from the second floor was reassuring. Dr. Alterson had told her that if the twins awoke belligerent and hostile, their dealings with the twins would have to be strict and harsh. If they awoke apprehensive and thoughtful, the tactics would be kind firmness. If the Dr. Alterson was right, the twins would be quiet and polite when they came down to breakfast. Their behavior and attitudes could be altered by mild rebukes for misconduct and lavish praise for proper deportment.

Duane smiled weakly in response to Dionne's timid grin as she daintily emerged from the bathroom. Once more he sighed in defeat as he watched his new sister slip into her bedroom. There was absolutely no sign of Dion. The pressure of his bladder recalled his attention to more pressing matters as he staggered into the fragrant lilac scented bathroom. As he raised the seat of the commode he realized that Dionne had even sat to do her business. A shudder passed through him as he realized that he'd better remember to close the lid after every use or face the wrath of two females. Fatalistically he reconciled himself to the fact that he'd have to get used to the lingering smell of lilacs.


Dionne felt a chill of relief engulf her once she returned to her bedroom. Recalling her actions in the bathroom she marveled at how quickly she was adapting to her femininity. Sitting on the commode to relieve herself had not even been a conscious thought. When the bathroom doorknob had turned, her heart skipped a beat. She was glad she had locked the door or Duane would have barged in on her cautious preparations. The lingering lilac scent of her bubblebath refreshed her and made her feel warm and tingly. In the mirror she had seen a smile appear on her face as she brushed her hair. The very act of caring for her hair had seemed strange yet natural. Knowing that Duane was waiting made her apprehensive as she finished. Putting a shy smile on her face as she emerged had been rewarded by a weak grin from Duane. As she leaned against her closed bedroom door she breathed a sigh of relief. The unspoken communication they had as twin brothers left her know that Duane would not hassle her and had accepted her as his sister. Unfortunately, in the short time she'd been a girl, their ability to commune was already deteriorating. She wondered if they'd lose it completely, she hoped not. The best way to keep their link would be for Duane to be Petticoated too. A devilish grin appeared on her face as she thought about regaining her identical twin. Since she obviously could never return to boyhood, Duane would simply have to join her in girlhood! After all, she was enjoying her girlishness now that she had accepted it's irreversibility, so would he!

Dionne hummed happily to herself as she removed her robe and nightie. Opening the dresser, she picked out a pair of pretty soft white nylon panties decorated with fine french lace and handmade pink satin rosebuds. The sensations it created as she slipped on made her giggle with delight. Next she took a beginner stretch bra of white stretch nylon lace knit with elastic trim. The tag stated that it would fit breasts sized AAA to A. The delicate pink flower between the cups made her smile at it's soft femininity. Slipping it on she easily cupped her still boyish breasts in the soft confines of the lace. The erection of her nipples as they were tickled by the lace made her blush with excitement and wonder how long it would be before her breasts grew from the obvious boyish flatness to full firm girlishness.

The totality of her acceptance of her girlishness amazed her as she continued to happily dress. Then it struck her that the acceptance was probably due to the fact that she was enjoying her clothes for the first time! As a guy clothes were utilitarian, not pleasurable. With great anticipation about being able to enjoy getting dressed for the rest of her life she opened another drawer and picked out a slip. The white nylon two tiered lily eyelet slip with tiny bow and rose appliques adorning the top slithered dreamily about her as she adjusted it to her shivering soft body. Looking at her reflection in the full length mirror she smiled to see the pretty girl with the hem of her lacy swirling coquettishly.

From another drawer she chose a pair of classic cable knit cotton-lycra pink knee socks. Delighting in the slippery feel of her nylon slip against her satiny panties she sat upon her bed as she slipped them up her legs, daintily positioning the cuff at the top of her shapely calf. Going to the closet she chose a glossy pair of white and pink leather saddle shoes with white and pink striped laces that she tied into neat perky bows. Also from her closet she chose a charming white pure cotton button front peasant blouse frilled with ruffles at the collar and sheer puffed long sleeves. Then she selected a fresh pink and white gingham button front jumper with princess seams and a tie back sash to snug her slim waist.

Sitting at her dressing table she picked up a brush and curled her bangs before brushing the rest of her silky blonde hair back into a bouncy ponytail. Picking up a pink satin ribbon hairbow decorated in the center with a rose she used it to secure her ponytail. Picking up a tube of pink lipstick, she carefully applied it to her cupid lips to successfully create an adorable pout.

Going to her mirror she carefully surveyed her girlishness. A smile of contentment and satisfaction encompassed her pretty face. With a twirl that flared out the skirt of her soft jumper she skipped from her bedroom, ready to face the world.

Duane coughed and spit out the sip of orange juice he had just taken when Dionne skipped into the kitchen with a beaming smile upon her cute face. It was difficult for him to comprehend that the happy pretty girl he saw could be his twin. A shiver swept him as he struggled for control. It took a deep breath for him to steady his nerves. It would take more effort than he'd expected to accept Dionne and treat her as a girl. Not that she didn't appear to be a girl, it was just such a tremendous change.

Betty heard Dionne enter and saw Duane's reaction. When she turned to see her daughter, her mouth dropped open. Dionne was prettier and happier than she could ever have hoped for. A huge smile appeared on her face as Dionne skipped up to her and threw her arms about her. "Oh Dionne, you're absolutely beautiful!" Stepping back from the warm embrace she watched with fascination as Dionne pirouetted to show off her swirling skirt. At the same time she was pleased to see Duane regain control and force a weak grin.

Dionne wasn't sure why, but after she'd done her pirouette, she leaned over Duane and give him a sisterly peck upon his rapidly reddening cheek. Stepping back she grinned pixie-like and giggled at his discomfort. "Duane, thanks for being such a good brother," she added softly. "I really appreciate your acceptance of me as your sister. I wish you could understand how it feels to be a girl. I know that I've only been a girl for a short time, but I already know that Daniel was right. Once you're in skirts you'll never give them up! There are no words to describe what's happened to me, but I'm not a boy anymore. I may not be a complete girl, but it won't take too long. I really love what's happened to me!"

Duane was shocked to immobility by Dionne's impulsive kiss. As she stepped back her giggle and thanks broke the ice that froze him. To give himself something to do to help control his almost shattered nerves he once more picked up the orange juice and took a deep gulp as his lovely sister turned to his mother.

Turning to their mother Dionne smiled happily for a moment before speaking. "Thank you mother. I'll be the best daughter you could ever want." Then glancing slyly at Duane she impishly added, "The only way I could be happier was if I had a twin sister.

Orange juice sprayed across the table as Duane reflexively gagged when he heard Dionne state that she'd be happier with a twin sister. Gasping for breath, Duane tried not to panic. His mother stepped over and slapped him on the back a few times. When he finally recovered, he stared across the table at Dionne who was busily wiping the splattered orange juice from the table. The smile upon her face as she returned his gaze sent a chill through him as he realized that she was serious about having a twin sister. The fiendish smile upon his mother's face as she took in the scene only reinforced his exploding fears.

Betty held her breath as she watched the interplay between the twins. Dionne quite obviously had accepted her girlhood and did want Duane to join her as her sister. That same idea had crossed her mind several times. She decided to talk to the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY about Duane.

Little was spoken as they finished breakfast. Dionne ate delicately, while Duane simply toyed with his food, his appetite gone. Finally it was time to head to the mall. Today Dionne would be returning to TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING. The camera crews were ready to start taping a training film on basic make-up application and hairstyling. Susan Bangs would be instructing Dionne in how to select the correct colors to match complexion and hair color.

When they arrived at the mall, a morose Duane plodded off towards the arcade where he had agreed to meet Daniel. Daniel was leaning against the wall eyeing the pretty girls inside LADD'S EXCHANGE SWIMMING POOL, still basking in the afterglow of his victory over his aunt. When Daniel saw Duane, he immediately knew something was wrong. It didn't take Duane long to unburden himself.

Duane was almost in tears by the time he told Daniel about Dionne's apparent acceptance of her girlhood and her most unwelcome comment about wanting a twin sister. A few tears did trickle down his cheeks as he related the devilish grin upon his mother's face as she considered Dionne's request for a sister.

Daniel stared helplessly at Duane, not sure how to respond. If what Duane stated was true, Daniel was sure the suggestion of Petticoating the hapless twin was already being discussed. Finally he told Daniel about the telephone conversation he'd overheard. Duane listened as Daniel explained his resolve to live life as a guy to the fullest while he could, adding that when the time came for his Petticoating, he'd accept it as inevitable. Considering the nature of Duane's dilemma, he wisely said nothing about his idea for running away before that time came. The risk of Duane being Petticoated was too great to trust to the boy's honor to keep quiet once he was no longer a boy.

Duane seemed to perk up a bit as he thought about the fatalistic reasoning Daniel exposed. It did make a weird type of sense for a guy in their situation to be as macho as possible so that when he was finally Petticoated he would at least have warranted such drastic discipline.

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