Petticoating: Official Policy Ladd's Exchange Mall Book 4 Part A

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Petticoating Encouraged
Ladd's Exchange Mall
Book 4 Part A

by Jennifer Sue

Sister Justine Kane smiled with smug superiority as the executive committee of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY reviewed her plans for the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY. The detailed plans not only included the physical layout of the buildings in the high security compound to be constructed next door to the campus of ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL. The months of painstaking work she had put into the scheme was rewarded by the smiles and nods of the committee members. Once everyone had reviewed the plans, Sister Justine fielded numerous questions, unhesitatingly answering all to the satisfaction of the interrogator.

At age forty five, Sister Justine had only been a full member of the ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI CONVENT for a year. The previous year she'd taken her vows and served her novitiate with the sisters. That year had been one of adjustment for both as the order brought the head strong woman into their group. Sister Justine Kane had taken her vows after retiring from the U.S. Army after twenty years of dedicated service.

Lt. Colonel Justine Kane, U.S. Army, retired; was an imposing woman not easily overlooked. Standing six feet five inches tall, weighing 240 pounds without an ounce of fat, this severe appearing woman left no doubt that she could do whatever she set her mind to do. Due to her size, her school days were lonely and bitter. A straight A student from a poor family, she earned a full ROTC scholarship to PENN STATE UNIVERSITY. Upon graduating with honors, her B.A. in business administration aided her during her military career. The first five years she served at various bases around the world, always earning the highest ratings and the begrudging respect of her superior officers. As a First Lieutenant she took command of a platoon of women recruits for basic training. Over the next fifteen years she worked her way up to Lt. Colonel in the command structure of the basic training system.

All those years, Justine Kane was lonely, looking for meaning in her life. Deeply religious, she just never seemed to find the right combination to meet her faith and abilities. One of the results of that search was that she spent time listening to the new recruits as they adapted to military discipline. Many used their faith to make the transition from private to military life. As she approached retirement it was from one of these young women that she discovered ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL.

The idea of a strict, no nonsense school that utilized Petticoat Discipline intrigued her. The years of being kept under the thumb of the male dominated hierarchy of the military had made Justine chomp at the bit. Petticoating rowdy boys would be a most satisfactory method of gratification and revenge. Her senses perked up as she sought out the recruit in private for further details. What she learned made her want to investigate further. Taking an earned leave, she visited the school and talked to the nuns, explaining that she had heard about their school from a recruit and wanted to find out for herself how they operated.

Leery at first of this bulky, imposing woman, the nuns walked carefully as they tried to answer her questions. Finally Mother Superior Mary Francis sat down to talk with her. Mother Superior Mary Francis immediately saw the loneliness inside Justine. In addition, she saw the no nonsense demeanor and recruit training experience could be utilized to further the goals of the order and the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY. The result was that Justine decided to join the order upon her retirement.

The MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY would be a unique juvenile detention center. A reform school that not only sought to reform but truly would change the young offenders. Petticoat Discipline in all the variations the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY had developed would be utilized as proved appropriate. The BORNAMAN COUNTY JUVENILE COURT was already proving the effectiveness of the Society's techniques by the simple fact that one hundred percent of those juvenile offenders placed in the BORNAMAN COUNTY ALTERNATIVE Discipline Program so far seemed to be fully reformed. None had ever gotten into trouble with the law or in school once they completed the program. The same success rate was the goal of the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY.

The only thing they needed to implement the program was state support. Now that they had the plan, they needed to find someone high up in the state criminal justice department to champion their cause. The need to pass new regulations and rules to allow the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY to do it's job was a prerequisite. The guidelines for sentencing offenders to the facility had to include that parental rights had been severed and that the offender was now a sole ward of the state. The BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY now began to look for a way to get inside the state criminal justice system.


Maxwell Bentley and Kendal Wainwright met in kindergarten. Their personalities clicked and by the end of the school year, all the teachers were dreading having the duo in their classroom. Now while they were never bad, they walked that thin line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. On top of that, both were intelligent. They were able to be straight A students and could still disrupt a classroom. Together, they overcame every obstacle placed in their path by teachers and administrators determined to teach the guys a lesson. The only loyalty they had was to themselves. Their bond was like that of many twins in that they thought of each other and how they could get ahead, have fun, power and prestige while doing the least amount of work. Their relationship continued on through college where they earned BA degrees in business administration and masters degrees in criminology.

Camille Granger and Daphne Klang were the best of friends all through school. They too clicked and while Maxwell and Kendal outwitted their teachers, these two out-charmed them. The goal of these two was to make it into a good college where they could latch onto a husband who would take care of them in style. It was inevitable that the four met.

While they did fall in love, that was not their main relationship. The guys knew that the girls could use their good looks and charm to influence others in their behalf. The physical relationship they enjoyed was good, but the economic alliance was better. Married while the guys were in grad school, the wives worked to help support their husbands, knowing that they would be taken care of in turn.

As grad assistants, the guys interned with in the office of a prominent big city district attorney. An excellent judge of character, he realized the two mercenary men could be of great assistance to his career goals. The three formed an unstoppable holy alliance that wormed it's way into the headlines. With Maxwell and Kendal behind him, the DA climbed in successful prosecutions and fame. The two rode his coattails all the way to the governor's office.

Once there, the new governor realized he didn't need the two anymore, but couldn't afford to let them go. Maxwell and Kendal knew that also. A satisfactory compromise was reached in which they were appointed into executive positions in the state criminal justice system. One thing they insisted on was that their positions not be subject to elimination or replacement as patronage jobs. If the governor lost an election or moved on, they didn't want to be left out in the cold. Their new jobs gave them the job security, financial reward, power and prestige they wanted.

They weren’t looking for a free ride, they did their jobs extremely well. No one could ever say they were freeloading. They put in whatever hours they needed to do get their jobs done. Of course, the way they worked together, they overwhelmed all opposition and made their jobs appear easy. Judge Joyce Fetterman of the BORNAMAN COUNTY JUVENILE COURT met the dynamic duo and knew that they could be useful to the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY and their plans for the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY.

After explaining the positions of the men to the executive committee of the group, they decided to bring the men aboard in order to further their goals. Upon investigating the men and their families to look for a weak spot that could be used as leverage to get the men to their team, they found what they needed in their sons.

Ashton Bentley and Sheldon Wainwright were best friends since their birth six weeks apart. They too formed a team much like their fathers. Neither missed a chance to use or flaunt the influence and prestige their fathers had garnered. Only they often strayed over the line into bad behavior. Their teachers, school administrators and neighbors had all had run ins with the pair.
Their teachers had a fit trying to control the indulged duo. The public school administrators treaded lightly around the stunts of the raucous boys in order not to draw the ire of their all too prominent fathers. One can imagine the results of that attitude. The boys were experts at threatening their teachers with the wrath of their dear dads. Only the teamwork and positions of their fathers kept them from being charged for serious misdeeds.

Although Maxwell and Kendal always stuck up for the sons, they also knew they had to curtail the almost irrepressible lads to keep any hint of scandal from marring their polished images. So although the boys seemed to get away with their antics to those they offended, once home they both received severe spankings.

The investigation also showed that Camille and Daphne were pressuring their husbands to move out of their apartments and into homes that suited their status. Several real estate brokers had been contacted about new housing. That news gave the plotters the key they needed. LADD'S REALTY & INSURANCE sent out a fancy brochure for their luxury development.

The bait worked. When the model homes were toured and the various floor plans examined by the two couples, the quoted price was at cost. From their investigations, the four realized the custom built homes that LADD'S REALTY & INSURANCE was building were what they wanted with a far lower price than they'd seen. When they questioned why the price was so low, they were told the homes were being offered to them at cost as the prestige of having them living in the development would enhance desirability for other buyers. By July 1 the papers were signed and construction began. A rush was put on the buildings and extra care was taken in the construction. The efficiency and quality of LADD enterprises was being demonstrated. By the middle of August, the homes were completed and the two families moved in just before the start of the new school year.

Ashton and Sheldon were read the riot act by their parents. They were told the relocation was being made to give them a new start to escape their notoriety. The chagrinned boys knew they had caused many headaches for their parents. Upon moving, they did their best to keep their noses clean. As a result, they avoided the neighbors and spent their time at the nearby LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. The boys hammered the entertainment opportunities the mall had to offer. Their burgeoning sexuality only added to their cockiness and macho attitudes. The lack of male competition allowed them to strut about like peacocks as they showed off for the myriad giggling, pretty girls they encountered in the mall. They felt as if they'd inherited a harem. Unfortunately they failed to notice the unnatural yet complete femininity of the pretty, flirtatious girls or the lack of lustful males loitering in the mall to pick up babe's. The guys thought they were in heaven as they wantonly ogled the comely girls. They were fascinated by all the pretty girls they saw. To their just awakening masculinity, they felt the mall was a horny boy's dream come true. They were too busy girl watching and lusting to miss their former now banned mischievous activities.


Victoria Makes-Shemanski walked into ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT to meet Dr. Helen Alterson for her mid-monthly post-operative luncheon counseling session. Seated at the table with Dr. Alterson was a plain woman who appeared to be quite nervous. Something about the woman looked familiar to Victoria, but she just couldn't place where or even if she had ever met her. As the two women saw Victoria approach, the strange woman paled. Slowly and with great effort she rose and extended a hand towards Victoria.

"Hello, Victoria," she greeted as if she'd known her for years. "It's been quite a long time."

Victoria was now completely perplexed. This woman obviously knew her from some time before her sex-change surgery. Yet she still could not recall ever meeting her. Out of courtesy, Victoria accepted the hand. "I'm so glad to meet you," Victoria stated diplomatically while they shook hands warmly.

Dr. Alterson laughed. "Well Victoria, it's quite obvious you have no idea who your friend is even though she looks familiar. I don't think you'll ever guess where you two met. Please sit down while I explain."

Victoria sat as Dr. Alterson went on. "When you were injured, many of your comrades were concerned about your welfare. They kept in touch with you as you adjusted to life without your manhood. As time passed, many stopped asking after you and you never really missed them. Several did keep in touch even after your discharge and relocation here. As you know at your ex-wife's suggestion, all who inquired about you once we'd begun your sexual reassignment were referred to me so I could explain what was happening. All of them accepted your decision and all but one never contacted me again. That one did keep in touch with me. I sensed something in him that I just had to investigate. At my urging, he came for a counseling session. I discovered I was correct in my assumptions and convinced him that he should continue seeing me. Victoria, I'd like you to meet that person, Norma Stern."

Victoria sat a few seconds as her mind made all the connections. Suddenly her moth dropped open and her eyes grew wide. Next her hands shot across the table to envelope the hands of the apprehensive woman. "Norma Stern...," she stated in a soft voice. "Norman Stern... SARGE!"

Norma smiled wanly and acknowledged Victoria's reasoning. "Like I said, it's been a long time," she softly responded.

"I'd never have suspect you were a transsexual! You were always so manly," Victoria stated.

"Yeah, that was my cover," Norma stated sadly. "All those years I deluded myself to the truth. I knew I was not happy or satisfied, but I could never discover what made feel so bad. Even as a kid I knew I was different, that's why I dropped out of school at sixteen to join the army."

"There wasn't a man who ever served with you that didn't respect you," stated Victoria proudly. "Everyone hoped you'd be beside them when the shit hit the fan. You were the best, most dependable and efficient sergeant the army had. On top of that you were just about the smartest too."

Norma smiled at the compliments. "Well, I realize now all that was a cover for my unrecognized yearning to be a woman. I constantly had to prove how manly I was. I earned my G.E.D. and corporal strips by the time I was eighteen. I'd made sergeant by the time I was twenty. At twenty four I received my B.A. All those years I spent searching for happiness and never found it. I thought the comraderie and respect of my fellow soldiers would give it to me but it didn't. I wasted my whole life trying to prove I was something I was not."

"Over the years I served with a lot of good men and Victor Shemanski was among the best." Norma went on. "I was angry and flustered when I heard about how that land mine had blown off your manhood. Then the nightmares started. I dreamed I had been the one injured. At least twice a week I had that nightmare. Suddenly I realized I was really sick. Something had to be wrong in my head to make me have the unconscious desire to be emasculated."

"I remember how awkward you were whenever you came to visit me as I recuperated," Victoria answered. She could relate to Norma's feelings. "Now that I think about it, it was more than the others. They were ashamed to talk about my loss and talked about everything but that. You talked about nothing but my loss, yet did it so that I wasn't upset."

"Yes," replied Norma. "I was trying to find out how you felt about losing your manhood. I was living vicariously through your grief. When you moved here, I was relieved to know that I had an excuse not to get into things any deeper than I already had. But I couldn't let it alone. I started thinking about your loss. Finally I called and talked to Sandra. When she suggested that I talk to Dr. Alterson, I was a uncertain. But once more I was drawn to you like a moth to a flame."

"Dr. Alterson explained that Sandra had been slowly feminizing you and that you were going to have the sex-change surgery. Like everyone else, I was stunned. But unlike the others, I found myself drawn even deeper, my dreams added the sex-change. Fortunately, Dr. Alterson recognized my dilemma. When she finally convinced me to come see her, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown."

"After several months of counseling, I accepted that I was really a transsexual. I made everyone keep it a secret from you. As my thirty year mark came up, I decided to retire at full pension and move here. Two months before I retired, your ex-wife Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski and Dr. Balkut castrated me. Dr. Alterson put me on female hormones. By the time I retired in May, there wasn't much left to my tough manly physique. I'd gone all soft and started developing breasts. I moved into LADD'S APARTMENTS for the final step. July first I became a woman."

"This place does a lot of that," Victoria smiled pleasantly.

"I know," replied Norma with a chuckle. "I saw Dr. Balkut's collection. I'm pleased to tell you that she placed my pickled remains right next to the plaque commemorating you loss."

"Victoria has seen the collection," replied Dr. Alterson with a laugh. "It has to be one of the most bizarre collections ever done. Each trophy is formally labeled and mounted. The date, age and willingness of the donor are neatly recorded on the tiny plaques. The worst thing for Dr. Balkut was when we introduced BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER. She was really upset to learn that she wasn't going to be able to pickle and mount her specimens. Then she figured out she could make plaster molds of the genitals before they were destroyed. Now she makes life-like plastic castings for her display case."

"Well, I've been a woman for six weeks now, out on my own for the last two," Norma stated proudly. "For the first time in my forty six years I'm truly happy."

Victoria smiled happily. "I'm really glad, Norma. Listen, if you need a job, you can count on me to help you find something. With your military background, I can give you a job with LADD'S EXCHANGE SECURITY."

"Thank you, Victoria, but I'm already working. To gain more experience with children, I'm helping out at the METAMORPHOSIS CLUB," replied Norma. "Not that I'm not thankful for your offer. But I want to make up for all the years of womanhood I missed. I know now that I missed being a mother and housewife. I put my name in with TRANSITIONS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY to see if they can locate a governess/housekeeper type job for me. I think I can handle any kids after thirty years in the army!"

"I think you can," laughed Victoria in agreement.

Dr. Alterson took her leave to allow the two friends to renew their friendship.


The Saturday of the Labor day weekend was hectic at LADD’S EXCHANGE MALL as everyone was out doing last minute pre-school shopping. Danny Deiter, Cindy Hughes, Peter Williams and David Graves had just left the crowded mall as they headed home. Pedaling their bicycles carefully through the mall traffic, they heard the eerie screech of tires being slammed to a halt followed by the rending sound of smashed, over-stressed, tearing metal that occurs during a car accident. Turning to see the crash, the four friends were startled to see one of involved cars hurtling towards them. Peter, David and Danny instinctively started to pedal out of harms way. Cindy, however, was frozen by the sight.

Danny quickly realized that Cindy was about to be pulped. Not having the time to turn, he leapt off his bike and headed back to Cindy. Danny threw himself into Cindy sending her spilling off her bike and out of harms way. As she fell to the side, her miniskirt flew up and Danny caught sight of her sexy pink satin panties... the ones that matched the pair he and the other guys were wearing. Even as he was rebounding from the collision with her, he felt a warmth spread through his body as he stared at the inviting sight of her sprawled body and her exposed panties.

Things seemed to be moving in slow motion as Danny suddenly felt the out of control car strike him. He felt no pain as he was tossed into the air by the impact, a few micro seconds later he smashed head first into the windshield of the car. Somehow he managed to keep his eyes on Cindy so the last thing he saw before losing consciousness was Cindy's pretty panties.

A crowd gathered round the still form of the unconscious boy as he lay cradled in Cindy's comforting arms while she cried. Soon Danny was being picked up and carried into the mall to the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. There the efficient doctors and nurses began to treat his injuries.


Daniel Deeter stood silently but belligerently before his Aunt Gwen. For what had to be the thousandth time he listened to her diatribe about how belligerent and poorly behaved he was. Gwen saw she was getting nowhere, so in frustration, she sent him to his room. Daniel stomped off.

In his bedroom Daniel flopped upon his bed and thought of all that had brought him to this place. With defiant belligerence, he loosened his pants and pushed them down. Grasping his manhood firmly he began to masturbate. As he set about releasing his pent up frustrations he thought of the pretty girls skipping about the pool at LADD'S EXCHANGE SWIMMING POOL. Even though he knew several had been boys, they still turned him on. In addition to the pleasure he got from jerking off, the fact that his aunt hated "self-abuse" as she called it made it all the more satisfying. Every time he did it, he made sure to catch his load in a tissue which he then made sure to place atop the waste basket in the bathroom where his aunt was sure to find it. As he lay basking in the warm afterglow of his discharge, Daniel began to think seriously about what the future held for him. His Petticoating was probably not too far off. Getting up he took the cum dampened tissue to the bathroom, then went to his closet and pulled out the carefully hoarded bundle of clothes and money. Silently he opened his second floor bedroom window and dropped the bag into the bushes below. Once Aunt Gwen fell asleep, he'd slip out, retrieve the bundle and be on his way.

Downstairs Gwen poured herself a stiff drink as she reminisced about her brother and nephew. Daniel was becoming worse now that his hormones were starting to kick in. The brat had even taking to masturbating and planting the evidence of his indiscretion where she would find it. It seemed the more she scolded him about such wanton activities, the more he went out of his way to see that she knew he was doing it. It was time to eliminate her nephew. With a sigh she picked up the phone and called the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES CLINIC to notify them she would be bringing Daniel in that night. Once done she sat back and smiled wearily. In less than twenty four hours, she'd have a sweet niece instead of a sour nephew.

Dr. Helen Balkut and Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski were called and put on notice to be ready for Daniel's surgery first thing in the morning. Dr. Michael McAnnally left home to meet Gwen and Daniel at the hospital.


Danny Deiter woke up with a terrible headache. A wild dream was still vivid in his mind. Cindy was lying on a sidewalk with her skirts lifted smiling at Danny invitingly. Danny went to her and for the first time actually had intercourse with her. As he struggled awake, he could still see her pretty panties.

Blinking away the image, he looked about the room in confusion trying to figure out where he was. Slowly it all came back. Cindy, her panties, the car, the impact, Cindy's panties, then nothing. A squeeze on his hand made him look to his side where he saw his mother and father. Tears were flowing down his mother’s cheeks as she clutched his hand.

"Oh Danny," Doris Deiter cried lovingly. "You're all right!" his mother gasped in surprise and stood to embrace her son. "Oh Danny," she cried once more. "We were so worried about you!" Then she burst into tears of happiness.

Fred, his father approached the bed and looked down at Danny, a proud, tear choked smile upon his normally stern face. Nodding his head approvingly he spoke. "The guys told us how you saved Cindy. We're all proud of you. Cindy's parents can't get done thanking us for your bravery. The doctors say you're going to be all right. They don't understand how you avoided broken bones or internal damage. You hardly have a bruise on you but you sure took a whack to the head. You have one major league concussion, but otherwise you're okay. How do you feel?"

"Well," Danny began sheepishly with a wince of pain. "I'd be a lot better if Mom wouldn't be hugging me so tightly. It hurts."

Doris immediately released him and put her hands to her mouth in horror as she realized that she'd been hurting him. "Oh Danny," she cried as tears ran down her cheeks. "I didn't mean to hurt you,! I'm so sorry..."

"Mom. It's all right," Danny said with a grimace as he settled back onto the bed. "I needed a hug, even if it hurt. Just not such a long one." He saw his mother gratefully accept his forgiveness. Then he looked down to see the IV in his left arm and all sorts of wires leading from his chest and head to the myriad of monitors about the room.

Before they could say or do anything else a nurse hurriedly entered the room with a look of concern upon her face. When she saw Danny was awake and lucid, she relaxed. "The monitors went off and I rushed in," she explained. "I'm glad to see our hero is finally awake. You've given us quite a scare, but it was wonderful to see you awake." She then proceeded to check his pulse, temperature and vital signs, smiling at the results. I'll send in a doctor, but you're doing fine." With that she left the room.

Cindy had begged the staff not to let Danny's parents know about the panties. In the end, she had to confess about how she was dominating the three boys. The young girl was stunned to learn the staff thought her manipulations and domination of the boys was quite wonderful. They promised to keep the secret.

All the nurses and staff were delighted to have Danny in their care. The out-pouring of concern by the young hero's friends and family had given them a warm spot in their hearts for the boy... especially after they'd discovered the pretty pink satin panties he'd been wearing. At first they were surprised, until Cindy explained how she'd gotten the boy into the panties. It was seldom the staff ever treated a boy who was going to remain a boy. The other boys they treated were referred to by their surnames, in this case, Danny was simply Danny. He was a happy novelty for them.

Danny looked perplexed and asked, “Did the car hit me?”

The sober but relieved expressions upon his parents' faces told him that was the case. "Wow!" he said. "No wonder I'm tired and achy."

Dr. Sandra Makes-Shemanski entered the room to check on the boy. Upon seeing him awake she smiled broadly as she checked him. "Well Danny, you seem to be doing quite well. No one is quite sure how you got to Cindy to knock her out of the way, much less how you survived with so few injuries. Other that a nasty blow to the head, you're fine."

Danny realized he might have to stay in the hospital. "Can I go home now?"

"No," replied Dr. Makes-Shemanski. "You just came out of a ten hour coma. It'll be for the best if you stay here for night to make sure you're all right. I’ll have your IV’s taken out and monitors removed so you can rest better."

Doris and Fred nodded their heads in solemn agreement as a nurse began unhooking the tubes and wires..

"Now, it's best if we leave you alone. I'll have your parents call in the morning after I check on you. If everything is still all right, you can go home. For now, you need your rest." With that she gave him a tranquilizer to help him sleep before she ushered the parents out of the room.

Danny was too worked up to sleep. No one had mentioned a word about his panties. Obviously some one had to have removed them. The tranquilizer did let him relax while he tried to watch some TV.

After a bit, a nurse came in to check how he was doing. She could see the concern upon his face. "You can relax, Danny," she told him kindly. "Cindy explained ALL about the panties. We won't let your parents know. She has them and will give them back to you once you're released."

Danny was surprised by the easy acceptance of his pantied situation. For that he was quite thankful. Now with his mind at ease, just a few hours after regaining consciousness, he settled cautiously in his bed, turned off the TV and wished the room would stop spinning.

His parents had patiently waited outside the room until he fell asleep, keeping a concerned watch on him through the monitoring camera from the nurse's station. Assured that their son was being taken care of by the nurses, they headed home, welcoming the first chance to relax they could get since the accident. Half asleep, Danny scratched his left wrist where they'd removed the IV and felt something wrapped snugly about his arm that wouldn't slip off. In the dim light he lifted his arm to see what it was. He half chuckled and smiled to see it was his plastic hospital I.D. bracelet. In his dizzy state he started giggling when he read "DANIEL DEITER" typed in big letters. "I know my name," he joked to himself as he drifted off to sleep despite his massive headache, secure in the knowledge that he'd not only saved his beloved Cindy, but had become a hero as well.


Daniel was almost caught tossing the bundle from his window. He'd just closed the window when Gwen stepped into the room. With a rapidly beating heart and red face he meekly followed her beckoning finger. Soon they were in the car headed towards LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. Not a word had been spoken. Daniel assumed they were going for supper at the ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT. Instead he felt his stomach doing flip-flops as they headed for the second floor and the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. With a sinking feeling in his heart he realized he'd waited too long to run away. Looking about, he suddenly bolted.

The ever vigilant surveillance cameras caught Daniel on the run. The security guard on monitoring duty electronically locked the exit doors moments before Daniel slammed into them. Fortunately the strong glass held. Two security guards picked the stunned boy up and carried him to the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER where his Aunt Gwen and Dr. McAnnally were waiting.

Daniel regained his senses as Dr. McAnnally withdrew the needle from his arm. "Now you just lie back and sleep, Daniel. There's nothing you can do. Running away will do no good."

Daniel tried to sit up but a strange warmth was spreading throughout his body as the substance that had been injected swept through him. Loosing all control, he fell back on the bed. Moments later his eyes closed as he lost all conscious control of his body.

"I'm glad I notified security to be ready," stated Gwen coldly. "I still think we should strap him down."

"I told you that won't be necessary," Dr. McAnnally stated indignantly. "This injection has already put him to sleep. Combined with his own fatigue, he'll sleep through to the morning. Besides, if he thrashes about in his sleep and bruises himself against restraining straps, I may not be able to operate."

"All right," Gwen sighed reluctantly. "It's just that now that I've finally made up my mind to have his sex changed, I want it done and over with."

"By noon tomorrow, you'll have your niece," Dr. McAnnally stated. "I still wish you would reconsider. It's not right forcing a boy to become a girl."

"It's not right for a boy to be disobedient and disrespectful either," Gwen replied. "I gave him more than enough opportunities to reform. I even told him what I'd do to him if he pushed me too far. The way I look at it, he knew what to expect. He saw quite a few of his friends Petticoated. The fault is entirely his."

"All right," stated Dr. McAnnally softly. "Let's go down to the ADAM TO EVE CONNECTION. I can use a good stiff drink." With that Dr. McAnnally took Gwen by the arm and escorted her out of the room. Desperately he hoped she hadn't noticed the frantic eye movements beneath Daniel's closed eyelids that signified the only barely comatose boy could hear and understand what was being said. He just hoped the dose had been correct and that Daniel would come out of the drug induced stupor before the morning.

Daniel was surprised as his body control left. Even though he couldn't move a muscle, his hearing was sharp. Every word his Aunt Gwen and Doctor McAnnally spoke he'd heard and understood. His aunt thought he was asleep, Dr. McAnnally had told her he was asleep. Yet he was wide awake. Suddenly it all became clear. During previous examinations by Dr. McAnnally and even tonight, the man had left it be known that he didn't approve of forced Petticoating. The doctor had given him something to make him unable to react but appear to sleep so he could hear what was going to happen. The doctor wanted him to escape! With renewed hope Daniel struggled to regain control of his body.

Feeling had returned to his feet and hands by the time the night nurse came in to check on him. Very carefully he didn't move as she checked him. Once gone, he willed himself to move. Finally he crawled from the bed. Hopelessness once more enveloped him when he discovered all his clothes had been removed. There was no way he could run away in the skimpy hospital gown he wore.


Danny awoke with a start, he'd started to wet himself but caught it just in time. His bladder was full and urgently needed release. Quickly he tossed aside the covers and sat up. Almost instantly the room started to spin. Frantically he clung to the sheets to keep himself from spilling off the spinning bed. The after effects of the concussion were still hitting him. Taking several deep breaths he finally slowed the spinning room down. Cautiously he slipped from the bed and stood on wobbly legs. Nausea was added to his growing headache as he steadied himself. Finally he managed to muster enough strength to stagger across the room to the door. Opening it, he hurriedly stepped through. Instead of finding himself in the bathroom, he was out in the hall. He'd gone out the wrong door!


Daniel stood in the open door of his room, peering out into the empty hall. It was better to try to escape wearing the gown than wait for his sex to be changed. He was just about ready to dash for the nearby emergency exit when the door opened in the room beside his. Staying carefully in the shadowed recess of the door, he watched as a boy stumbled out into the hall. The boy was his height, had long blond hair like his and even had the same general build! An evil smile came across his face as he realized he might be able to use the obviously disoriented boy to make his escape. Making sure the hall was empty, he dashed over to the boy and took his arm just as he was starting to slump down. The boy looked up in obvious confusion.

Danny felt a hand grasp his arm as he felt himself drifting off to sleep "Bathroom...," he mumbled by way of explanation.

Daniel was elated. "Keep quiet," he ordered as he tugged the boy into his room. "Here is the bathroom."

Gratefully Danny nodded his head and plopped upon the seat. The loud sound of splashing urine filled the room as Danny released his bladder.

After getting the boy to the toilet, Daniel scurried into the room the boy had left. A quick search revealed a set of clothes but no underwear. That was no real problem. With growing elation, Daniel dressed. The clothes fit perfectly.

Danny finished voiding. Rising, he wanted to thank the strange boy who'd helped him find the bathroom. Leaving the little room, he entered the hospital room. The boy was no where in sight, but Danny's head was pounding. He had to lie down. Not realizing he wasn't in his room, Danny slipped beneath the covers and went to sleep.

Daniel checked his vacated room before he left. Seeing the boy asleep in his bed made him feel good. When the nurses checked the rooms, they'd assume he was asleep and that the other boy had run off. Daniel did not feel any remorse or guilt about the switch since he assumed the mistake would be recognized and corrected before the boy went into surgery in his place. But then again, the boy was probably destined to have drastic surgery anyway or he wouldn’t be here. Quietly he slipped out of the room and the mall. His hours spent roaming the mall had enabled him to know and avoid the location of the security cameras. As he ran back to his home to retrieve the bundle he'd dropped, the adrenalin pumping through him fully woke him up. With the bundle in hand, he headed off for the interstate to hitch a ride.

It was about 6:00am when the night nurse discovered Danny Deiter's room empty and his clothes gone. Immediately she notified security who began a search. Fred and Doris were dumbfounded when they learned that Danny had dressed and disappeared. Dr. Makes-Shemanski assured the worried parents that they would find him. She told them sometimes a blow to the head like Danny received sometimes makes people do strange things. An APB was put out to the police to be on the lookout for the blonde haired boy... including a description of his clothing.

At 7:00am, the day nurse entered Daniel Deeter's room to get him ready for 8:00am surgery. The excitement created by Danny's disappearance had everyone upset and on edge. Picking up the chart from the end of the bed, she carefully checked to make sure she was in the correct room. DANIEL DEETER was blazoned across the record sheet. As was her custom she went to the sleeping boy and picked up his left hand to check his ID bracelet. As she went to this task her mind wandered as she thought about the missing hero, hoping he was not so disoriented that he might hurt himself. DANIEL DEITER read the bracelet upon the slumbering lad's wrist. With a sigh she left to get assistance and a gurney. Looking down at the sleeping boy she smiled as she pictured him in a dress. He'd be quite pretty, too bad he was being forced to make the change. She'd been warned that the boy might put up resistance when he awoke.

At 7:15am, the nurse returned with nurse's aid to help and a gurney. As the women talked about Danny's disappearance they perfunctorily checked the bracelet against the chart as they transferred both to the gurney. Danny hardly stirred from his deep sleep. Once more the similarities escaped them. DANIEL DEETER on the chart and DANIEL DEITER on the bracelet.

At 7:30am the pre-op nurse accepted the gurney from the two women. The day nurse left the nurse's aid to assist the pre-op nurse if the boy woke. They too chatted about the missing boy as they checked the operating room schedule against the chart and bracelet of the sleeping lad. Both commented that the boy would make a lovely girl as they missed the slight spelling difference in the names.

By 7:30am Daniel reached the interstate. With a sharp intake of breath he puffed out his chest to make himself look bigger. Trudging to the berm of the road he watched the cars and trucks whiz past. Finally he stuck out his thumb and began to walk backwards, hoping for a ride.

At 7:45am, Danny was wheeled into the surgery. The surgery nurse checked the bracelet as the pre-op nurse told her that the runaway boy had still not been found. She too missed the spelling difference.

At 8:00am Dr. McAnnally entered the surgery to see the unconscious boy prepped for surgery. Sadly he shook his head. The last ditch plan to let the boy run away had obviously failed. Looking into the sleeping face, or at least as much of it as he could see beneath the oxygen mask, he was thankful that at least he'd make a pretty girl. When Dr. Makes-Shemanski and Dr. Balkut entered, he shuddered and watched as they milked a sperm sample to be sent to the sperm bank. Once that was done they began the delicate surgery.

By 8:00am Daniel was dejected. No one was even slowing down as he plodded along. Already his thumb was sore from sticking it out. In addition, the noise and exhaust fumes were making him feel ill. At first his hopes raised when he saw the car put on it's turn signal, slow down and start to pull over. Then he saw the policeman behind the wheel. Turning to run, Daniel jumped over the guardrail. Unfortunately, upon landing he slipped on the loose gravel on the other side, lost his balance and fell head first down the grassy thirty foot embankment. The cement culvert at the bottom of the incline stopped his rapid descent quite abruptly.

The officer clambered down to the motionless boy. After making sure he was breathing, he called for an ambulance. He also left them know he'd found the missing boy.

By 8:25am, An ambulance had arrived on the interstate to carry the injured boy back to the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. Fred and Doris were notified their son had been found but re-injured when he'd fallen down the bank. The staff at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER was abuzz as they awaited the boy's return.

By 8:50am the ambulance crew and paramedics had Daniel safely strapped onto a gurney, negotiated the hazardous trip up the bank and loaded him into the ambulance. With sirens blazing, they headed through the heavy holiday traffic for the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER.

By 9:15am Daniel was being wheeled into the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER treatment room. Doris and Fred watched helplessly as the inert tousled blond form was hurriedly trundled past. The neck brace and oxygen mask on the boy prevented them from getting a good view. They were not allowed too close as the medical team rushed him into X-ray to see how badly he'd injured himself this time.

By 11:00am Danny was wheeled into the recovery room. He was now a complete girl. Dr. McAnnally greeted Gwen outside the surgery as they watched Dr. Balkut eagerly head off to mount the newest addition for her bizarre genitalia collection. Gwen and Dr. McAnnally decided to go for a drink. Dr. Makes-Shemanski headed off to check up on the runaway hero.

When she arrived in the treatment area, Fred and Doris were near panic. When they saw Dr. Makes-Shemanski they immediately rushed her demanding to know how their son was and when they be allowed to see him. Dr. Makes-Shemanski calmed them down by assuring them she would find out how Danny was doing after explaining that she'd just completed a delicate operation and didn't know what their son's status was, she promised to get right back to them. A few moments later she returned to tell them there were no serious injuries and that he was resting comfortably. She apologized for the delay in getting back to them but with the excitement of Danny running off and the major surgery they'd completed, she hoped they would understand. With a sigh of relief, the tired doctor led the distraught parents to the sleeping boy.

The concern upon the faces of the two parents quickly turned confusion and then to anger. Like a pair of wildcats, they turned to pounce upon Dr. Makes-Shemanski. "This isn't our Danny," they shouted angrily. "What have you done with him?"

Dr. Makes-Shemanski assumed they were overwrought from the emotional distress. "This is Danny," she tried to reassure them. "Just look at the identification bracelet." She was about to tell them that their state of mind was causing them to make an error as she picked up the limp wrist and looked at the name. What she saw made her heart stop. DANIEL DEETER read the bracelet. But she'd just done a complete sex change on Daniel Deeter. This boy had to be Daniel Deiter... The train of confused thoughts came to a screeching halt as she realized there had been a terrible mix up.

"Oh my God," a white faced Dr. Makes-Shemanski muttered as she turned to the parents. "This is Daniel Deeter. He was scheduled for surgery this morning. That was the operation I was performing while they brought your runaway son in... Oh my God..." Dr. Makes-Shemanski felt the room lurch as the ramifications of what had been done struck home. Quickly collecting herself she looked at Fred and Doris. "I think we operated on your son by mistake. Somehow the two switched places."

Fred and Doris were flabbergasted. How could such a thing happen? Before they could react Dr. Makes-Shemanski stiffened and took complete control of herself. "Danny is all right, he has to be the boy in the recovery room. Please come with me to my office to wait while I double check the identity. I promise to be back in ten minutes."

Fred and Doris were too stunned to argue with the now domineering doctor as they allowed themselves to be ushered into the office. Inside they looked at each other in total bewilderment before sitting.

Dr. Makes-Shemanski rushed to recovery to check the ID bracelet. The staff was obviously bewildered by her stern appearance and by the "DAMN!" that came from her mouth as she placed the pretty new girl's wrist back under the sheet. Turning angrily she looked about. "Notify Dr. Balkut, Dr. McAnnally, Gwen Deeter, Lydia Ladd, Victoria Makes-Shemanski, Susan Lymaster and Dave Getzoff. Have them drop what they're doing and meet in Dr. Alterson's office immediately. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! We operated on the wrong boy!"

The staff only hesitated a moment after the order was issued and as the ramifications sank in. Immediately they all headed to notify the persons requested and spread the word of the error. Dr. Makes-Shemanski headed to Dr. Alterson's office to tell her the bad news.

Dr. Alterson knew the moment she saw Dr. Makes-Shemanski burst into her office without knocking that something was drastically wrong. Her face paled as she realized the significance of the error. Thinking rapidly she grabbed a small vial of the latest development of the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER before heading over to Dr. Makes-Shemanski's office to calm and placate the Deiters until the hasty staff meeting reached a consensus.

After introducing herself she offered the distraught parents a cup of coffee in which she placed a tablespoon of BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX. As she sat behind the desk to help establish her authority she read the label once more. If this compound performed in the field as it did in the lab, the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY would be delighted.


This specially formulated clear, tasteless, odorless, liquid compound is designed for use with those who oppose Petticoat Discipline. A teaspoon of this added to a drink will relax and open the person's mind. Pre-existing notions, ideas and even prejudices can be attacked and destroyed by calm, logical and heart-felt reasoning. It is important to have the quarry in a relaxing environment, free from outside distractions so an effective case for the use of Petticoat Discipline can be presented. If the benefits and wisdom of Petticoat Discipline are succinctly introduced, the listener will be convinced and accept what was presented. The mind opening effect will last about an hour after consumption. (CAUTION: This compound may be used for purposes other than aiding Petticoat Discipline.)

"I'm not sure exactly how the mix-up occurred," Dr. Alterson began once she saw the couple relaxing. "We are still checking on that. What we do know is that the boy you saw was to have major cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately he did not want the operation and had tried to run away. To keep him from trying again, after he was admitted last night we took his clothing. Somehow during the night, your son wound up in the other boy's room and the other boy took your son's clothes and ran away. The similarities between the boys is quite remarkable with their slight build, fair skin, blonde hair and size. Both are twelve years old, born only two weeks apart. Both are named Daniel. Both last names are pronounced the same. Your last name is spelled D-E-I-T-E-R and his is D-E-E-T-E-R. In the excitement of finding your son's room empty and his clothes missing, the staff missed the slight spelling difference."

"What's important is that your child is safe and in excellent health," Dr. Alterson continued once she saw that the Deiters understood her explanation. "The surgery performed is not reversible." Dr. Alterson looked closely at the parents, took a deep breath and went on. "Your son is now your daughter. The surgery was a complete sex change. I can assure you she is quite pretty and will grow up to be a beautiful, happy woman. Our staff is meeting now, I'm sure they'll be meeting you shortly to discuss the situation." Utilizing her psychiatric skills, Dr. Alterson was able to keep the stunned Deiters mollified as they waited, refilling their coffee cups with the relaxing potion.

"What we all have to do now," Dr. Alterson continued her convincing argument, "is think what is best for your child and do it. The sex-change is a fact. The skill of our staff will guarantee that your daughter is quite feminine in every detail. Every sign of masculinity has been wiped out. I can offer you an example of our skill. You've met Victoria Makes-Shemanski, the head of LADD'S EXCHANGE SECURITY. She is Dr. Makes-Shemanski's adopted sister. Until her sex-change, she was the doctor's husband. You have to admit that she is happy and content with her life as it now is as well as being totally feminine with no sign that she was ever a male. Victor Shemanski never wanted to be a woman. In fact, he was an officer in the U.S. Army. While acting as an advisor in Latin America, the jeep he was riding in struck a land mind. He was the only survivor, but suffered the loss of his manhood. As you can imagine he was devastated. A tough, macho military man, father of four, suddenly emasculated and his promising career ended."

Dr Alterson paused once more to let the Deiter's feel Victor's agony. Building compassion was one of the best ways to overcome prejudices. "The military hospitals could do little for him. They simply were not prepared for treating that kind of injury. While they healed his body, they couldn't heal his mind. Dr. Makes-Shemanski, his wife, brought him here to me since I specialize in gender disorders. In the course of our treatments, we all realized his recovery was stopped by the fact that he was a man who could not be a man. He felt that in order to live and enjoy life, you had to be sexual, even if you didn't act upon it. Victor had suicidal thoughts until I forced him to see that there was no way he could ever return to his masculinity. That left him three options. Continue as he was, sexless; which he couldn't do. Commit suicide which he couldn't do because of his family. Or to undergo a sex-change to be able to live a sexual life. As you can see, he chose the last."

"Victoria is now living with a man, they share a home with Dr. Makes-Shemanski and her lover while raising their four daughters. Ironically, two of the children were born boys." Dr. Alterson waited as the implications of that sank into their now completely relaxed and open minds. "When they saw their father slip into womanhood and enjoy it, coupled with the happiness of their sisters, they wanted to make the change too. They began by cross-dressing, but that only fueled their desire to be girls. Finally, they came to me for treatment. Now they are happy little girls. So are the dozens of others who have been treated by the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY, as we call ourselves."

Meanwhile the hastily summoned members of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY gathered in Dr. Alterson's office. Dr. Makes-Shemanski explained the assumed scenario and what had happened. Gwen Deeter was angry and ashamed that Daniel had tricked the other boy. Dr. McAnnally moaned and buried his face in his hands, knowing that he was responsible for what had happened by his attempt to let Daniel escape. Everyone looked at him in obvious confusion.

Knowing that he was responsible was more than he could bear in silence. With tears running down his cheeks he apologized profusely as he confessed what he had done. No one said a word to comfort him. Lydia Ladd simply stated they would deal with him after they had solved the problem his actions had created.

Dave Getzoff stated that he was the Deiter family lawyer, adding that the family was reasonable providing everything was above board. By noon the Deiter's were asked to join the staff. By then Dr. Alterson had succeeded in making them accept the fact that their son was irrevocably their daughter and that they all had a responsibility to make his transition as easy as possible.

Fred and Gwen were surprised to find Dave Getzoff there. He explained that LYMASTER ASSOCIATES was the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER law firm. Dave assured them he had already taken the liberty of representing them honestly and to their best interests. Once the introductions were made and the apologies given, Dave explained the offer.

"All medical expenses will be paid, including counseling for Danny and you. A complete girls' wardrobe will be provided at no cost from any store in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. All legal forms, name change, birth certificate alteration, whatever, will be taken care of by LYMASTER ASSOCIATES at no charge. We will pay to move you to a new home or pay any remodeling and refurnishing of your present home that you may want to make things suitable for a daughter. Tuition to ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL will be provided if you desire. A trust fund will be set up for Danny that will yield a million dollars by age twenty one. Each of you will also be given a trust fund that will be a half million dollars by the time you retire. In addition, any other reasonable expenses will be paid. In addition, my expenses for representing you will be paid."

"I must tell you we are truly sorry for the mix-up, but I can tell you from personal experience that once you get to know your new daughter, you'll love her more than you did as a son. My step-son became my daughter a year ago and we're all happy with the change. Heather would never dream of going back to becoming Heath. The settlement we're offering is better than you'll get by a lawsuit. By suing, you might get a bit more, but you'll have to pay out forty percent in lawyer contingency fees and it will take three to five years to get through the courts. That means publicity which the private settlement we're offering will avoid. As your lawyer, I strongly recommend you accept the offer," Dave stated in closing.

Lydia Ladd told about her delight with her former son now Jennifer Jane. Victoria Makes-Shemanski unabashedly admitted that she had been Dr. Makes-Shemanski's husband. Dr. Makes-Shemanski related the tale of their sons. Dr. Alterson reminded them of all the other former males who were now happily living as females.

Fred and Doris sat and listened with their relaxed and open minds thanks to the BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX, nodding their heads all through the greetings, apologies, offer and explanation. They were overwhelmed by the prompt response and by the presence of Lydia Ladd. They knew Lydia to be a local powerhouse. To have her drop everything to come to the meeting made them feel important. Both realized the offer was better than they could get by suing and more prompt. The couple looked at each other and nodded.

"We'll accept the offer," Fred stated softly. "We really have no choice. Your concern seems genuine and I can see how the mix-up occurred. However, there are a few points not clarified. First, is Daniel Deeter going to be punished?"

Everyone turned to Gwen. "I am very sorry for Daniel's actions. I can assure you that my nephew will be severely punished. As a matter of fact, as soon as this meeting is over, he will receive the surgery your son received by mistake. I will personally see that he suffers for his actions." The vehemence and determination clearly evident in her voice left no doubt in anyone's mind that Daniel would indeed suffer.

Fred and Doris shook their heads. "If he is going to undergo the same surgery, no punishment will be needed except that he face Danny knowing that he was responsible for what happened. It might even prove beneficial if the two were roomed together during their recovery. Also, we'll need time to decide some of the details such as moving or remodeling." Fred blushed a bit as he hesitated before going on. "I hate to ask this, but I feel I must. I know it will look like I'm taking advantage of the situation, I guess I am. You see, the company I worked for has gone out of business and my unemployment is running out. I haven't been able to find a new job. I need a decent job, but I don't want something as a pay off for this. If you have something, I'll earn the wages. I'm an honest man."

Lydia smiled and nodded. "Fred, I can tell that you are honest. I'll put you in touch with TRANSITIONS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY located here in the mall. They'll find you a job you like at the pay you deserve. An honest job for honest pay. One thing both you and Doris should be aware of is that everything under my wings is aimed at destroying male domination. The BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY was founded to aid anyone who has a crude male they wish to subjugate and feminize, or to help a male who, for whatever reason, can no longer function as a male. The operation your Danny received was to be Daniel's initiation. I must caution you that any job you get through my auspices will involve Petticoat Discipline, although not of you personally, unless you want it. Both of you are formally invited to join the society if you so desire."

The meeting was over by 1:00pm. Everyone went to see Danny. Fred and Doris couldn't believe the changes that had been made. The sleeping child they saw was their offspring, but little remained of their son. Before them was their undeniably pretty daughter. Danny had indeed become Dani.

By 1:30pm, the still shaken and pale Dr. McAnnally accompanied Dr. Makes-Shemanski and Dr. Balkut into the surgery. Lying on the operating table was Daniel. After milking this boy for a deposit in the sperm bank the two stern doctors forced Dr. McAnnally to perform the surgery on Daniel.

By 4:30pm Danielle was wheeled into recovery and placed beside Dani. Gwen joined Fred and Doris as they looked at the sleeping girls. All noted that the pretty young ladies looked so much alike that they could be twins. It had been agreed that the two cherubs would be roomed together and kept sedated during the painful first three weeks of their recovery.

In the surgery ante-room Dr. Alterson, Dr. Makes-Shemanski, Dr. Balkut, Lydia Ladd, Dave Getzoff and Victoria Makes-Shemanski confronted Dr. Michael McAnnally. No one said a word, they just glared at him. Dr. McAnnally broke down. With tears in his eyes he begged to be forgiven for his attempt to assist Daniel in escaping.

The stern members of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY looked coldly at the gay doctor as he hung his head. Without a word Victoria quickly snatched his arm, stepped behind him, flung her other arm about his neck and forced him into an inescapable hammer lock. Dr. Balkut immediately plunged a needle into his other arm. Dr. McAnnally struggled frantically for a few seconds until the powerful sedative took effect. Dr. Alterson pushed a gurney next to his slumping body as Dave Getzoff manhandled him onto the top. By 4:45pm he was on the operating table, naked. Even in their anger, the doctors took a sperm sample for the sperm bank before destroying his manhood.

It was 7:45 when Dr. Michelle McAnnally was wheeled into the recovery room to join Dani And Danielle. Dr. Alterson, Dr. Makes-Shemanski and Victoria Makes-Shemanski headed down to the ADAM TO EVE CONNECTION for a well deserved drink after their hectic, bizarre holiday.

Dr. Balkut whistled a happy tune as she carried the sealed containers containing the severed genitalia of Daniel Deeter and Dr. Michael McAnnally. In her private lab, she deftly pickled the organs and carefully mounted them in jars of formaldehyde. Meticulously she made the identification plaques and attached them as well as the one for Danny Deiter to the appropriate jars. With a lilt in her step and a smile upon her face, she headed to her office to place the bizarre trophies in her display case. For her, the holiday had been tremendous. Instead of the one specimen she had expected, she'd gotten three!


The next morning the sedated girls were wheeled into their room where the attentive staff lavished the unconscious duo with tender care. Several times a day they were given physical therapy to keep their muscles limber. In addition, their ligaments, tendons and muscles were stretched and reshaped to feminine capabilities. The aim was to have the new girls capable of dropping into a full split upon their recovery, something they and most boys, can never do. The nurses on each shift also massaged BELLE SKIN CREME into their rapidly softening, smooth, hairless flesh.

Dr. Michelle McAnnally emerged from her sedation to a world of pain in the private room she'd been assigned. No pain killers were ordered. The nurses were to provide the minimal service required to assure a full and complete recovery. In that vein she too received daily physical therapy to reshape her physical flexibility. BELLE SKIN CREME was thoroughly massaged into her flesh several times a day. The next weeks would give her plenty of lonely painful time to think about her error. Lydia Ladd entered the room that afternoon to explain what she was going to endure during her recovery as punishment for her actions. The only bright spot was that Lydia promised that once she had fully recovered, she'd be accepted as a woman and a member in good standing of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY.

Fred and Doris Deiter spent the next few days discussing what to do. Their friends and neighbors wanted to know how Danny was doing and when he'd be coming home. Cindy, Peter and David were always hovering nearby, anxious to find out about their friend. Fred and Doris didn't know how to tell them what had happened so they stated that Danny had suffered a set-back but was resting comfortably and that it would be a few weeks before he could come home. It was the overwhelming concern and friendship that finally convinced the Deiters to stay in their home rather than relocate. As can be expected, they still had no idea how to tell their friends and neighbors their son was now their daughter.

Dr. Alterson suggested they invite all the neighbors and friends to LADD'S EXCHANGE THEATER Saturday morning where she could explain what had happened to Danny in an environment free from distractions. Fred and Doris agreed and told everyone who had asked about Danny to please attend the meeting. Their grave, tight-lipped statement and their obvious unease convinced everyone they spoke to agree to come.


Dr. Alterson looked out on the murmuring crowd. Ever since she had suggested the mass meeting she'd been feverishly working with BELLE COMMUNICATIONS and the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES RESEARCH CENTER. They had come up with a highly illegal but devastatingly effective set-up of subliminal suggestions combined with group hypnosis. Making sure she and the staff avoided the auditorium or wore special filters, the prepared messages were piped into the waiting crowd hidden inside the music coming over the PA system. To aid their efforts, everyone was given a soda, coffee, or tea with a dose of BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX in order to help them slip into a hypnotic trance and accept what they were about to hear.

With her filters hidden by her hair, Dr. Alterson opened the presentation from the podium on center stage. "My name is Dr. Alterson," she introduced herself. "I've been asked to explain what has happened to Danny Deiter. First, let me state that Danny is doing fine but still faces a few weeks of recovery. Before I get into details about Danny, all of you need to know a lot more about this place. To do that we've prepared a short film will be shown describing the goals and aims of LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL since what had happened to Danny was a direct result of those aims. I promise to explain everything in detail after the film."

The effects of the BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX kept the attention of all who attended focused on Dr. Alterson and the screen as the lights dimmed and the film began. By the time the hypnotic film was over, everyone was mesmerized relaxed and willing to accept the goals of the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY.

Dr. Alterson stepped to the podium and told the by then completely mesmerized audience of the error that had led to Danny receiving sex change surgery. The crowd was steered into feeling happy for Danny and glad to be living near a place that could save boys from the ravages of testosterone. Even the toughest, most macho men in the audience felt that poor Danny deserved to be treated as a human being, not a freak. When the meeting was over, everybody agreed that Danny would be accepted and treated as if he had always been a girl. Several of the friends and neighbors offered to help the Deiters remodel or shop for appropriate feminine articles, furniture, toys, or clothes.

The BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY watched and monitored the meeting with keen interest. The effectiveness of the mass hypnosis, subliminal suggestions and BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX was amazing. While concerned for his welfare, not one person seemed offended or upset about what had happened to Danny. It now remained to be seen if the effect lasted. If it did, the costs involved in paying for Danny's transformation would prove to be a worthwhile investment.

During the next week the Deiter household was swarmed with construction people sent by Lydia Ladd as Danny's bedroom was enlarged and bigger closets added. At Cindy's urging a second full bath was added since she knew how much time a girl needed in that room. Cindy also went shopping with Doris to pick out ultra feminine furnishings for Dani's bedroom as well as several cute new outfits.

Cindy, Peter and David had the only sour notes to report on the entire affair. Their public school classmates had been concerned for Danny and the three friends had told the rest of their peers about the meeting. When they returned to school to report that Danny was now Dani, those uninfluenced students laughed and called their former friend a fag, fairy, fruit, sissy and other names too vile to repeat. There had been several fights as Peter and David tried to convince not only their classmates but the teachers and staff of their prejudice. The three friends began to be called the same names that had been used on Danny. Naturally the trio were upset and angry, as were their parents.

When the news reached Lydia Ladd, she huddled with Mother Superior Mary Francis. This meeting resulted in each family that had attended the meeting in LADD'S EXCHANGE THEATER receiving a personal letter from the pair expressing their horror at the reception the news of Danny's transformation had upon the staff and students of the public school. They went on to state that ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL already had several girls who had once been boys attending and that the staff and students were supportive and cooperative. The clearly higher academic standards of the private school versus the public was plain to see. Each family was urged to call ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL to set up an interview for possible enrollment of their children. The letter stated that Lydia was so outraged by the reaction in the public schools that she was setting up an aid program for those who might need financial assistance to avoid the bigoted trap of the public school system.

As a result of this out-reach, Cindy, Peter, David and virtually all of the other school age children of the families that had attended the meeting would eventually transfer out of the public schools and into ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL.


Ashton and Sheldon had not been idle during their first weeks in their new home. Already they had established themselves as potential trouble-makers in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL. The ever present hidden surveillance system kept the boys under close scrutiny at all times. The BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY kept looking for a wedge to use to pry their fathers into joining the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY.


Richard Schaich took another long pull from the bottle of OLD CROW whiskey. Upstairs he could still hear the muffled sobs of his son Collin. Why the boy didn't behave was still a mystery to the frustrated father. Why wasn't he able to make the boy understand? Why did he feel it necessary to lash out and strike the boy, not that the foul mouthed accusations hadn't deserved a smack. The main thing on his weary mind was what to do next.

Though happily married, Richard just didn't have the skills to be a caring father or husband. The wretched man loved his family but did not know how to show that love. Coming from a dysfunctional family, he had no concept of how to handle the minor day to day conflicts that arise in a family. His response was to lash out, feel remorse, apologize and go off to sulk with a bottle. His wife and son understood that he loved them, but the growing alcoholism became an ever growing barrier.

The last two years had seen everything go wrong for the Schaich family. The alcohol problem caused him to lose his well paying engineering job. It was only the income from his wife's teaching job that kept the family fed. The rest of the bills didn't get paid. Finally, Richard broke down and admitted that he had a problem. His stay at a rehab center put him on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, with his record, no one would hire him. A job placement service finally located a job. The pay was great, well into six figures, but it required a two year contract in a middle east hot spot. Family members were not allowed and only fourteen days were allowed during the contract period for returns home. The thirty hour air trip cut into the time available with family since every trip home would take four days of travel time. The job service assured him that successfully completing the contract would clear his past record so he could land a more local position.

Richard really had no choice but to accept the job. His wife assured him that she could hold down the fort. Reluctantly they parted. The job was tough, the bosses demanding, but Richard slipped right into the routine, earning excellent evaluations and bonuses.

At home, with his father gone, Collin went wild, especially after finishing the fifth grade. The summer had been spent with his mother constantly riding herd on him. When school restarted, she was glad for the relief. The open classroom environment of the sixth grade only served to give Collin more chances to get into trouble. During the first two weeks of school, he had been sent to the office three times.

Then the real problem hit. Sunday after the second week of school, Mrs. Schaich and Collin were driving home from church when a tractor-trailer ran a red light. Mrs. Schaich was killed instantly while Collin was merely buffeted violently. Richard received the notification on Monday morning. With hasty arrangements, he made it home on Wednesday evening. Since there were no relatives on either side of the family, Collin had been kept by BORNAMAN COUNTY CHILDREN'S SERVICES.

Richard retrieved his sad, shocked, depressed son and the two returned to their empty home. The funeral service was arranged for Friday. Collin and Richard had an even tougher time of getting along than they had in the past. The ENZMAN FUNERAL HOME took care of all the arrangements. The owner, Herbert Enzman, understood the problems that Richard had with Collin. During the final funeral arrangements, Richard had confessed to the empathetic man about his problems with the boy and his dilemma about what to do with him. There was no way he could take him back to his job site and there was no one to leave him with here. Herbert suggested Richard contact April Manson at the TRANSITIONS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY to see about hiring a live-in governess/housekeeper.

Richard looked strangely at the man. "You're the second person to advise me to do that," he stated. "The caseworker from Children's Services suggested I contact them about the same thing. It's the best idea I have, so I guess I'll have to check it out."

"I can help you set up an appointment with April," Herbert told the grieving man. "Her office is on the second floor, almost above my Funeral Home."

Richard shook his head. "LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL has really changed these last few years since Lydia Ladd took over from her father," Richard stated. "This place seems to have everything a person could need."

"That's exactly what Lydia intended when she took over. One place to do all your shopping, entertainment, exercise and health care," stated Herbert with obvious pride. "Every merchant here has been hand picked by Lydia for our empathy, cooperation and honesty."

Richard was quite impressed. He accepted the Saturday morning appointment that Herbert arranged with April. At last there seemed to be a little light at the end of the long tunnel. When Richard and Collin arrived at LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL for their meeting Saturday morning, they were surprised to see the mall security rushing two obviously dazed boys into LADD'S EXCHANGE SECURITY office. The group of swimsuit clad pretty girls who followed were quite agitated and babbling. All the two bystanders could catch was the word "RAPE". If those two young boys had raped someone, they had obviously chosen the wrong place to do so. Richard looked at his own son. The two desperados were about the same age and size. Richard was now sure that he had to find a tough, strict governess to take care of his wild boy before he got into any major trouble.

April Manson warmly greeted Richard and Collin. Almost at once she put them at ease with her friendly, understanding style. Mr. Enzman had obviously given her a brief outline of the needs which brought Richard to TRANSITIONS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. Richard quickly laid out the details of the situation in which he and Collin found themselves. April nodded her head in silent commiseration for their dilemma. While the adults were speaking, Collin looked about the office, still missing his mother and quite obviously bored.

"This is a tough one since you need to fill the position so quickly but I believe I can help you," April stated with a broad smile. "I have a recently retired sergeant, a thirty year veteran who is looking for a governess/housekeeper position. She is quite capable of handling any situation or child. I think she'll be ideal to take care of your son and home. If you'd like, I'm pretty sure I could set up an interview this morning."

Collin began to fidget nervously when he heard April say that his potential Governess had thirty years of military experience. Such a woman could make his burgeoning lifestyle very difficult.

Richard noticed Collin's apprehension and smiled. "Yes, I'd like to meet her as soon as possible."

"Fine," April smiled. "Let me give her a call to see if she can come right over." With that she picked up the telephone as she began to access her files.

To Be Continued...

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