A New Life for Stacy

An idle conversation, a quick check of a web page, and you find that your life can change pretty quickly!

A New Life For Stacy

by StacyInLove

Copyright © 07/21/2000 by StacyInLove

One of my good friends, John, was your typical All American guy. Though it never came up, we all suspected that John was gay. With his looks and charm, he could have had his pick of the ladies. He never seemed to date any however.

Though none of us ever gave a second thought about doing stuff alone with John, I noticed that he wanted to hang out with me more and more frequently. It got to the point where I started wondering why. Did he want to "do" something with me? It started making me a little nervous. Not that I thought John would ever try to force himself on me. My being so small and slight in comparison to him did make me think, however, that he could easily overpower me if he wanted to.

We were at his place, watching a game and having some beers. John was sitting just a little too close to me on the couch. I was feeling uncomfortable and just HAD to say something. I always like to get right to the point so I just came out and asked, "Are you gay John?"

He looked at me with a stunned look at first. I could see the wheels turning- like he was debating what he should say to me. It was almost like he had wanted me to ask the question and was now deciding weather of not to give me a response that he had practiced a hundred times in his mind. His pause and his obvious indecision made me jump to a conclusion.

"It's alright John, I-"

"No- No- No- It's not- ahhh- " He paused. Suddenly though, he seemed to have made some kind of decisision. He continued. "I don't THINK I'm gay Brian. I'm certainly not into guys. It's just that-"

John was obviously having a hard time telling me something and I was confused as hell. He started again. "- I want you to look at something. Then maybe you'll understand."

I didn't know what to expect as he led me over to the computer, which he turned on. I thought I would soon be looking at some bazaar pictures. I never expected to see just words. John had brought up "Fictionmania." He invited me to read a little as he excused himself for some water. He wanted to give me a chance to read without him looking over my shoulder.

I was stunned! These were all stories about guys dressing up or turning into girls! Story after story. John came back.

"Holy shit John. You like to dress like a chick?!"

"No. I never so much as tried on a pair of panties in my life."


"Let me finish Brian. This is hard enough saying. I mean- I'm really trusting you a lot to not go telling everyone. I'm also scared shitless that I'm about to lose you as a friend."

All I could say was "OK" and then shut up.

"I can't help myself Brian. These 'girls' turn me on. I've never met one but would give me arm to. The idea of going out with one of these girls is all I think about these days! I know it's not normal- but I can't help it."

"They're guys John," I managed to say.

"No Brian- not really. That's just it too. I think of them as girls- girls with a hell of a secret. That's why I don't really think I'm gay."

We talked about it for quite a while. I had a hard time seeing things like John did. Finally I said it didn't matter one shit what he liked as far as I was concerned. He was always going to be my friend and this wouldn't change a thing. "Shit John," I said. "We all thought you were gay all this time anyway." With promises to keep his secret, we went back to watching the game.

John sat down close again and I suddenly remembered why I asked if he was gay in the first place. Oh shit!

"John," I asked. "There's more to it all isn't there? I mean, I've been getting a strange vibe from you lately man. Tell me that you, me, and those stories have no connection. John?!"

His pause, discomfort and red face said more than any words. I knew right then that John put me into his fantasies! "Shit John," I said. "You can get those thoughts out of your head right fucking now!"

Things got weird in a hurry. He was as uncomfortable as I was. I wanted to just go so I could sort it all out. He agreed with a worried/pained look on his face. I could hear him behind the door as I left. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!--------"

It took a few days before either of us could face each other. We bumped into each other with mutual friends. We tried acting normal. At one point I almost forgot what had happened a few days earlier. Damn! John was a good friend and I wasn't going to just cut him out of my life! I got a chance to say a few words to him on the side.

"I miss you man."

"Me too."

"I'm just not into that 'stuff' OK?"


We shook hands and that was that. Things were more or less back to normal. When we were alone, I occasionally busted his chops. Little stuff. Like coming home from the video store with Die Hard, Terminator- and The Crying Game.

Every once in a while I would think about why he had thought of me in the first place. I was convinced it wasn't just because we were "close." I was small and slight. He must have thought I would look good as a chick! What did he get out of it all anyway? What was up with those stories?! Out of curiosity I visited the Fictionmania site "just to see."

Many of the stories were sexual and made me a little hard in spite of myself. I thought, "That doesn't mean I'm into this stuff."

Still, I found myself logging in every once in a while. Certain types of stories "did it for me" more than others. Before long, I found myself going through the categories to filter out what I liked. "What I liked!" I thought to myself. "Enough is enough!" I satisfied my curiosity. There was no need to visit the site again.

But I did. In spite of the volume of works, I discovered that I read a good many of them. I found that I eagerly awaited the "New Today" listings. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I DOING?!!

One day I was in the shower jerking off. Instead of the usual fantasies that got me going, I noticed that I thought back a fictionmania scenario. Then it happened. I was in the shower thinking about dressing up myself. I pictured myself getting all pretty- and then John coming over. I stood there in shock as my cum went down the drain. Did I just jerk off thinking about John?!

I wanted to say something to John but didn't know what to say. A week went by. Two. Finally I asked him.

"John? What exactly did you want to do the time you showed me that Fictionmania site?"

"Why?" he asked.

"Well, I- uh- I - checked out the site a couple of times since you showed me-"

"Which stories?"

I started naming a few and stopped myself. I was giving him too much. John had a little smile and a curious twinkle in his eye as I continued.

"Shit John. I've just wondered what you had in mind! That's all!"

"OK- OK. I didn't really plan on anything. No offense but I just always thought you would look really good as a woman. If you were at all curious, I thought I might help arrange it just to see. No hanky panky. If you were comfortable enough that you wouldn't be found out (and I know you wouldn't) then maybe we could have gone someplace to fool the world a bit."

"I'm curious," was all I said.

True to his words, John helped arrange a "transformation" for me. I had an appointment at a place a couple of hours away for the following month. He said it was going to be a special salon that did these kinds of things in private. He was paying for it all. He wouldn't tell me how much. He did say that even though I was small and slight that I should try to get "girl thin." When I asked what he meant, he just showed me the models in the nearest magazine. I saw what he meant. Still- when he said I should get to 135 pounds, I nearly fell out of my chair!

"If they can do it- so can you."

Though I didn't believe him, I started to quickly shed pounds that I never knew I had to spare. As I saw how the dropping weight started to make my arms, shoulders, legs, waist and everything else look more and more "womanly", I started getting nervous (and exited) about the upcoming appointment. When the big day arrived, I was nearly at my target. I was a 138 pound wisp! I drove myself to the salon. Somehow, I finally left the car and knocked on the door. I was petrified!

After trying to put me at ease for a bit, I was confronted with the Nair. I went into the shower and came out hairless! My god! I had never even tried a stitch of women's clothes and I had just removed my body hair! I toweled off and got into the special panty/girdle as instructed. There was a little catheter tube connected so that I would not have to take anything off to "pee." I could just sit "like any other girl deary." When I left the bathroom, the cinching was tightened even further behind me. The cruel boning actually made it hard to breath but gave me a wasp-like waist. Subtle padding rounded out my ass and hips. Holy shit! I already looked like a woman with my smooth thin body, my new curves, and no trace of my manhood! Part of me wanted to get out. Another part was too scared to say no to anything happening to me. Another part didn't want to say no.

I couldn't believe that I was sitting there with dye in my hair as my new long red nails (and matching toes) dried! It took hours to weave the extensions into my hair. I felt the weight of the unbelievably realistic breasts glued firmly to my chest. I was so numb to what was happening to me that I barely blinked when my ears were pierced- or my brows plucked!

When it was all over, I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror! My long blonde mane fell about the spaghetti straps on my otherwise bare shoulders. The little black cocktail dress clung to my hourglass curves and showed off most of my silky smooth thighs. The feel of those sheer stockings as I stood perched in high stiletto pumps was making my hidden prick strain uselessly against its tight prison. Everything was getting to me! The feel of earrings swaying against my neck. The taste of lipstick. The feel of my thickly curled lashes. The clink of my bracelets. The smell of my perfume. The squeezes and tugs hidden from view. EVERYTHING! I thought I might cum right there!

I was given some quick tips on how to sit, stand and act like a woman. The best advice was, "Don't try too hard sweetie! Let the trappings do it for you!" Sure enough, the heels and outfit forced me to move a certain way- like it or not. Similarly, long nails made it impossible to pick things up or hold them like anything but a woman. "That's it! You are soooooo pretty!" My things were in a purse.

The whole process took many hours. When I finally left, I notice that my car was nowhere to be seen. In its place was a limo. The driver was holding the door for me. I could see roses inside on the seat. Instead of being annoyed, I smiled and slid into the car. There was Champagne and a note. "Dearest Stacy. I can't wait to see you! Love, John." So he had named me Stacy. I liked it. The champagne was opened. I loved seeing my lipstick on the thin glass. I wasn't until an hour later that I realized that I left my regular clothes at the salon. Oh well.

We pulled up to a fancy restaurant. I tried not to stare at my own legs as they stretched out of the limo. John recognized the driver before he recognized me! I saw amazement in his eyes- and a swelling in his pants. Though I never imagined getting exited by a guy getting hard over me, I liked the effect! I felt so damn sexy! I felt like a woman!

I was definitely Stacy. John never broke the illusion once. I felt like I was on a date- except that the beautiful woman was ME! The champagne and wine only added to the wonderful time we were having. After dinner, we went to a little club for dancing. The ride over was incredible. I didn't stop him when John put his All American hand on my silky thigh. I couldn't believe it. I found myself WANTING to do something with John! I leaned over and touched my lips to his.

John's lips felt so warm and soft. I couldn't believe how kissing him was driving me wild! I was kissing a guy- and LIKING IT! I felt his tongue push past my lips and gently part my teeth. Oh my god! The slight rasp of whiskers only heightened the feeling. What the fuck was I doing?! Why was I liking it so much!!!! At that moment, I didn't care. I barely gave a thought to it as I put my hand on John's bulging crotch. He moaned as I gave it a tentative squeeze. Holy shit! I was kneading his dick!

The car stopped before we got any further. The club was intense. The sexual tension between us was consuming. It was driving us wild to deprive ourselves of what we both obviously wanted. Finally, he pulled me off the dance floor. The limo was waiting.

We were back at John's apartment. We barely closed the door before our tongues resumed exploring each other's mouths. The feel of his hands on the small of my back or bare shoulders sent shivers down my spine! His hands on my stockinged legs threatened to melt me on the spot. My hands felt almost like they were someone else'. I glanced down to watch my dainty polished fingers fumble with his pants and reach into his shorts! I felt his naked dick in my hand! I had to see it! My hand looked so pretty holding his hard penis! I had to have it!

I went to my knees right there behind the front door. My purse was on the floor next to his fallen keys. My face was level with his erect manhood. I leaned forward and kissed the tip! As I pulled away, a string of glistening pre-cum stretched between his dick and my lips. I could taste him! I licked my lips. John moaned. I leaned forward again.

This time, I parted my lips ever so slightly and slid them over the head of John's penis! I had a dick in my mouth!! Holy shit!! I flicked under it with the tip of my virgin tongue!

I pulled off- only to push forward on him again. This time, I could feel John's dick against the back of my throat!

"Oh my god Stacy!"

I pushed further.

I couldn't believe I wasn't choking. Slowly, I pushed forward. I felt John's cock working down my throat. It cut off my breath! Still, I kept taking him in me until my lips left lipstick against his body! I bobbed several times before having to take a breath! John was about to cum. To slow things down a bit, I pulled off and started to just gently kiss his penis all over. Soon though, I started licking and sucking and fucking his beautiful hard penis with my hungry little mouth! I didn't know who was closer to exploding!

John started begging for me to finish him off.

I took him down my throat again. I could feel he was about to lose it! My long nails were gently scratching his balls. I was about to cum myself without anyone touching me "down there." I needed John to cum with me.

I was slamming into his pelvis with his cock deep in my throat. On a whim, I tucked his balls into my mouth too and held him there! My tongue tickled the spot just under his ass. I felt his body spasm with mine! I could feel his body pumping cum deep into my gullet- even as my own cum dripped to soak my stockinged thighs! Finally I came off him gasping for air. I had just blown a man and eaten his cum!

I stood and as we fixed ourselves up, John pulled me toward him. He kissed me again. I could still taste his cum on my breath when he said, "I love you Stacy."

I didn't know what to say. I didn't have to know. I said what I had to admit I felt right then.

"I love you too John."

Instead of taking me home, John led me to his bedroom. After what we just did, I didn't quite know what he was up to until I saw the sexy wisp of a nightgown on the bed. I smiled and walked over to the bed. I hooked it over my shoulder and went into the bathroom. I knew where I was sleeping that night. And have been sleeping every night since.

I really do love you John. I hope you like our story sweetie. Never thought you would read about yourself here did you?


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