Petticoating: Official Policy Ladd's Exchange Mall Book 4 Part D

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Petticoating Encouraged
Ladd's Exchange Mall
Book 4 Part D

by Jennifer Sue

The two weeks that Dani and Danielle spent finishing their recuperation sped by for the two new friends. After the day of their awakening, they had been given matching babydoll nighties. They looked adorable in the floral satin baby doll sleep chemise trimmed with delicate heart lace and a ruffle flounce. As the hormones changed them, several times a day they both explored their nubile, blossoming bodies. Neither was ashamed to orgasm before the other since invariably they were both doing the same thing! They chattered tirelessly of their past and their hopes for the future. While Danielle expressed her jealousy over Dani's experiences with Cindy, Dani mischievously suggested that Cindy would not let the fact that he was now a girl stop them from continuing their relationship. Dani even suggested that when Danielle came to visit, she would arrange for Danielle to join Cindy in dominating Peter and Dave. The virginal Danielle bit her lip in nervous anticipation making Dani laugh. The giggling duo were the sweethearts and delight of the entire staff.

Dr. Michelle McAnnally stopped by every day to welcome the girls into the sisterhood. Her time of penance had passed and she was up to doing simple tasks as she neared her time of discharge. The female hormones had taken their toll of her shaky masculinity. It was with a great sense of relief that she was able to put her homosexual past to rest. Now that she was a female, her attraction to men as sexual partners would be considered heterosexual. A whole new life, free from the fear closet gays have, was now available to her. She had every intention of making up for lost time!

Finally the day came when the girls were ready to be discharged. By that time the BELLE SUBLIMINAL HYPNOTIC TAPES had done their job. Not a boyish thought or idea remained in their fluffy pretty heads. Tearfully, they started their goodbyes as soon as they'd finished breakfast. At 4:00pm Doris arrived with several bags in her arms. Behind her Cindy emerged into the room, all smiles and laughs. Cindy stopped short between the beds with a look of consternation and puzzlement upon her cute face as she looked at the identical girls. It had been her intention to rush into the room and surprise Dani with a warm hug. Only she couldn't tell which girl was Dani!

The two pretty girls laughed upon seeing Cindy's confusion. "Well Cindy, which one of us is Dani," Danielle asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Cindy looked from one to the other in amazement. "I'd been told the two of you looked like twins, but I never expected that you'd be so alike or so pretty." Placing her hands upon her hips she studied the giggling girls closely. Then a huge grin came across her face as she rushed to Dani's bed and hugged her.

Both girls were pleasantly surprised as their soft breasts touched, causing both to tingle and their nipples to harden. The promise of renewing their sexual experimentation was quite implicit in their greeting.

Looking over at the pouting Danielle, Cindy now giggled. "I almost chose you, Danielle, when you called me by name. But then I noticed the way Dani was giggling. That hasn't changed. I knew it had to be her. But I don't want you to feel left out, so here's a hug for you too." With that she abandoned Dani and stepped to Danielle, taking her in a warm embrace, making sure that her already aroused pointy breasts pressed against Danielle's budding delights.

Danielle didn't know how to react to the hot, sexual embrace as her nipples hardened. All she knew was that she had to visit Dani as soon as possible and sample what the hot little Cindy had to offer.

Cindy stepped back with a twinkle in her eye as she smiled at Danielle. "I've heard that you and Dani have become good friends. I hope you come to visit Dani soon so I can get to know you better too." After a sensual, promising wink, Cindy turned back to Dani. Stepping back to her bed, she tugged off the sheets. "That's a cute nightie, Dani, but it's time for you to come home. I picked out a real cute outfit for you to wear, so out of bed and let's get to it, GIRL!"

Doris had been standing back, watching Cindy interact with the girls, delighted at the unquestioning acceptance she had for the sex-changed duo. Now she placed the packages she'd been holding upon the bed and began to remove the various items.

While Cindy unashamedly helped Dani out of her nightie, Doris arranged the clothes. Cindy smiled, "Yummy," she stated lewdly as she took in Dani's nude feminine body. "You're really going to look hot! I'll have to fight you for the boys!" She predicted with a giggle.

Dani and Danielle both blushed at the open wantonness of the perky girl. Both could barely wait to get alone with her. Their solo sexual explorations promised to look dull compared to what this girl promised them!

Dani and Danielle both shuddered as Cindy held out a pair of pretty soft white nylon panties trimmed with a double ruffle of fine french lace and handmade pink satin rosebuds. Dani shivered with delight as she slipped the sexy, sensual garment up her smooth, soft legs to settle them about her rounded, girlish bottom. Next was a beginner stretch bra of white stretch nylon lace with elastic trim that supported and caressed Dani's pert AA breasts, exhibiting their future promise. The delicate pink flower between the cups accented her blossoming bosom. After having Dani sit upon the bed, Cindy showed her how to slip the pretty rose patterned pink nylon tights onto her shapely legs. Next came a white full bouffant petticoat for a dressy, fluffy look. The rows of fine, soft tulle were perfect for full circle skirts and full skirted dresses. When Cindy proudly held the dress up for the girls to see, it took away the breath of Dani and Danielle. The back zippered pink party dress of sheer polyester voile had pink and green lace trim on the collar, puffed sleeves and hem. Satin rosettes and a ribbon sash tied into a large bow at her back detailed the bodice. The petticoat held the full knee length skirt out daintily. Dani couldn't resist twirling about so the full skirt could lift to reveal her dainty petticoat. She bit her lip in embarrassment afterward as the others laughed at the girlish delight she had exhibited.

Then came the dressy fine kid-skin T-strap pearlized pink shoes with a bow at the T. As a final piece, a pink satin ribbon hairbow decorated in the center with a rose was tied about her straight blonde shoulder length locks. Dani looked absolutely adorable in the utterly feminine outfit. Electric sensations coursed throughout her body as she attempted to assimilate the myriad new delightful perceptions the girlish clothes imparted.

Danielle just stayed in her bed, feeling her nipples growing harder by the second as she jealously watched Dani swirl about in the delightful outfit. It took all her willpower not to cry.

Dani spun to Cindy, the glow upon her pretty face said more than words would ever do. The two friends hugged excitedly as Dani expressed her thanks for the totally fem outfit. Doris swept Dani into a tearful embrace, delighted with her daughter. When the hugs were done, Doris gathered up the abandoned nightie to place it in one of the packages. Assembling the packages, she cleared her throat to indicate it was time for them to head home. Hand in hand, Dani and Cindy skipped from the room followed by Doris. Danielle could no longer hold back the tears. The only true friend she'd ever had walked out the door without even saying goodbye. She rolled over to bury her face in her pillow as she burst into tears.

Dani hadn't gone fifteen feet down the hall when she stopped short, jerking Cindy to a halt and almost causing her mother to run her over. Wide-eyed with consternation, she looked at the two. "I'll be right back, I need to say good bye to Danielle." Before they could respond, Dani whipped past them back to the room where Danielle lay crying. Dani knew why the girl was crying. Before she reached the bed, she to was bawling her eyes out.

Sitting daintily upon the bed, Dani placed a loving hand on Danielle's shaking shoulder. "Danielle..."

Danielle whipped about to look up into her friends tear streaked face. When she realized she wasn't dreaming, she flung herself into Dani's arms. The girls hugged and cried for several seconds. For the first time, they felt their breasts touching. Unashamedly, almost wantonly, each reached out to tentatively caress the breasts of the other. Their tears quickly dried, but their shortness of breath continued as they built rapidly to a fever pitch of passion.

"Ahem," Gwen cleared her throat from the doorway as the girls quickly separated, blushing to the tips of their toes.

Dani slipped off the bed, curtseyed to Gwen, then turned to kiss Danielle sexily upon the lips. "Bye Danielle," she whispered huskily as she tried to control her passion. "I'll call you later tonight."

Danielle smiled, reassured that Dani did care about her. Leaning forward she returned the kiss. "I'll be waiting," she replied breathlessly as Dani straightened her skirts before fleeing the room.

Dani rejoined her mother and Cindy, placing her hand in Cindy's. Together they headed out of the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER. All the nurses and doctors they passed delighted in Dani's girlishness and wished the glowing girl all the best. Once out in LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL, Dani trembled as her dainty skirt swirled about her legs with every step. She knew for sure that she'd never miss being a boy.

Gwen looked at Danielle from beneath furrowed eyebrows as the poor girl shrank in her bed. "That was some goodbye," she stated gently as she placed her packages upon the abandoned bed. "You know that I don't approve of sexual activities," she went on sternly as poor Danielle cowered deeper into the bed. "However, Dr. Alterson has told me time and time again that no matter what I do or say, you'll find some way to explore and satisfy your sexuality. I guess I have no choice but to let you do so."

Danielle looked up at her stern aunt with surprise. No response came to her as she listened with stunned surprise.

"All I want," Gwen continued. "Is for you to be happy. As hard as that may be for you to believe with all that's happened between us. Meeting Doris, Fred and Dani have shown me that I've been too strict with you. That doesn't mean I won't continue to be strict and demanding. I fully intend that will be the best DAUGHTER anyone could ever want."

Danielle's eyes grew wide as she recalled the earlier promise Aunt Gwen had made to adopt her as a daughter.

"Yes, the adoption had been approved. You are now legally my daughter," Gwen continued with a satisfied grin. "As your mother I'm willing to let you have a bit of freedom, even sexual freedom. One thing I will demand, however, is that you know your lover. I will not tolerate wanton, promiscuous behavior. I'm still a prude. I fully approve of Dani and her friends. I've met Cindy, Peter and Dave. They're nice kids from good families. I think I could let you get to know them better."

Danielle smiled, tears of happiness coursed down her cheeks. "Oh Aunt Gwen... mother," she enthused as she slipped out of bed to embrace her. "Thank you! I promise to be a good girl. I won't make you ashamed of having me as your daughter."

"I hope not," replied Gwen as she returned the hug. "Now let's get you home," she stated as she slipped the nightie over Danielle's head.

As Danielle watched, Gwen laid out her outfit. She couldn't help but smile with nervous anticipation, licking her lips, as she checked out the outfit. Eagerly she held out her arms as Gwen slipped the beginner stretch bra of pink stretch nylon lace with elastic trim over her pert AA breasts. The soft cups molded themselves to her girlishness and proudly displayed her nubile charms. A delicate pink satin rosebud between the cups made their fullness all the more evident. The matching pretty soft pink nylon lace panties decorated pink satin rosebuds snugged themselves sensually to Danielle's girlish tush. Then came a matching soft and comfortable fine French stretch lace pink camisole decorated with pink satin rosebuds. Following this was a soft and comfortable fine French stretch lace pink half-slip decorated with handmade pink satin rosebuds that reached only to mid-thigh. Danielle marveled at the soft femininity of the girlish lingerie as it touched and caressed her nubile charms.

Next came a charming white pure cotton button front peasant blouse frilled with ruffles at the collar and puffed sleeves. The soft sheerness of the material allowed the pink lace of her lingerie to be seen adding a sense of innocent charm. Held in place by a golden chain belt, the white cotton mini-skirt with one inch knife pleats hung from her snug waist. The swirling hem of the short skirt teasingly revealed glimpses of her lacy pink half-slip. Danielle shivered at the vulnerability she felt wearing such a daringly short skirt, but she had no intention of removing it!

At the end of the long, smooth, shapely legs the short skirt revealed, Gwen slipped pleated organdy lace trimmed white anklets into place. Danielle blushed at the childish femininity created by the bulky lace at her dainty ankles. A glossy pair of white and pink leather saddle shoes with white and pink striped laces tied into neat perky bows completed the childish effect upon her all too dainty feet. Taking a brush, Gwen parted Danielle's hair down the middle before gathering the shoulder length blonde locks into matching ponytails just above her ears. White tulle and organdy lace hair bows with French clips held the bouncy ponytails in place.

Stepping back to survey her handiwork displayed on her blushing, fidgeting niece, Gwen was pleased to see that she had created the image she wanted. The glimpses of pink lingerie beneath the white blouse and mini-skirt announced that here was a perky, provocative young pre-teen. The long, girlish legs added immensely to the image of youthful eroticism. At the same time, the organdy lace on the twin ponytails and about her trim ankles called attention to her youthful naivete and virginity. The pink and white saddle shoes added to the aura of girlish innocence. All in all, Danielle would turn the head of any guy old enough to have male hormones pumping through his body while notifying them that she was too young to be touched... yet... with the promise for the future was that this pristine lass would be much desired.

Danielle knew exactly what she looked like and thrilled to the knowledge that she'd drive guys crazy with lust while being safe from their touch. A giggle escaped her pouty lips as she realized that as they left the mall, any teenage guys who saw her would most likely spend the night in bed jerking off while dreaming about the image she was presenting.

Gwen smiled and shook her head as she smiled at her giggling daughter. She was well aware of what the pretty girl was thinking. Gathering up her packages, she escorted her skipping daughter from the room.

Danielle decided to skip to add to the dichotomy of her image. The staff had to laugh at the image she portrayed. They recognized a tease in the making. The perky girl shivered with undisguised delight as her sensual lingerie swirled about her exposed, vulnerable legs as she skipped out into the mall. Everyone, but especially the guys, turned to see the giggling girl skip childishly down the promenades. The generous glimpses of her lacy pink half-slip and occasionally even her panties made them develop all too evident lumps in their pants. Danielle was delighted!

When they arrived home, Danielle hugged her mother and thanked her once more for turning her into a girl. They spent the rest of the night trying on the many similarly sexy yet childish outfits that Gwen had assembled for her cute daughter.

Dani arrived home with a bit of trepidation. Everyone in the neighborhood was anxious to meet the new girl and so had gathered on the lawn of the Deiter home to greet the sex-changed hero who had saved Cindy. As the crowd gathered about the car, Cindy emerged first, shielding Dani from the rest. A mischievous giggle left everyone know she was building the suspense. Doris came around from the driver's side to stand on the other side of the car door. The two females formed a sort of honor guard for the apprehensive girl inside. Cindy called out to Peter and Dave to come forward to help Dani emerge from the car and to serve as body guards.

Taking a deep breath, Dani slid to the edge of the seat and swung her legs out the door. Reaching inside to offer aid was one hand from Peter and Dave, who could not see Dani's face but were dry mouthed from watching her pretty legs. Daintily placing her hands in theirs, she allowed them to pull her out of the car. Both boys grew wide-eyed as their mouths dropped open. So stunned by her great looks that they simply stood there holding Dani's hands looking like dumb jerks.

For the first time Dani sensed the power that a pretty girl can exert over an otherwise stronger male. That knowledge gave her the confidence she needed to face the curious onlookers. Deciding to give them the works, she giggled girlishly as she daintily slipped her hands from their paws. Standing on tip toe, she kissed first one, then the other boy on the cheek before turning to the spectator. Smiling coquettishly she spun in a circle making her skirt twirl about her pretty legs while revealing the generous lace and ruffles of her petticoat. After that she curtseyed demurely before standing before their admiring gaze with her hands folded modestly behind her back.

Pete and Dave snapped out of their glazed reverie only when Cindy kicked them each in the shin. Hobbling noticeably as they blushed deeply, they proceeded to escort the pretty girl who had been their rough housing buddy only a few short weeks before. They both should have known that Dani would be a pretty girl. Their short tenure at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL had revealed numerous pretty girls who had once been boys. In typical male arrogance, however, they had assumed that any boy who would allow himself to be transformed into a girl had to have been a sissy guy who would thus become a pretty girl. Their buddy Danny had been like them, smaller but just as macho as they. to see him thus transformed into an undeniably pretty and vivacious a girl shocked them to the very roots of their being. The tales their fearful male classmates about the ease with which guys could be transformed had meant little to them until they saw the results. Now they understood why the guys were so careful to obey the nuns and never, ever abuse or tease a girl, whether she was a real girl or a transformed boy. The few scoldings they had already received came home to haunt them. Independently, they both decided to tow the line so they would never be subject to Petticoat Discipline.

The reception/party that greeted Dani lasted over three hours. Pete and Dave couldn't take their eyes off the pretty Dani who missed no chance to tease her former buddies. Cindy enjoyed the flirting as much as Dani. Several times she sidled up to the guys and told them that she was going to sample Dani's charms that night and would let them know what they were missing. The guys left with hard lumps in their jeans. Cindy and Dani giggled knowing that they would be jerking off before too long.

As Cindy expected, Dani begged to have Cindy stay overnight. Dani's pleas that she was not used to sleeping alone brought sympathy from her parents as well as from Cindy's. They agreed to let the two girls spend the night together since tomorrow would be a Saturday. Cindy rushed home to get her things while Dani timidly entered her remodeled bedroom to see what feminine delights Cindy and her mother had picked out.

She was not disappointed. The smile that filled her face was genuine. She understood that the two plotters were determined to see that she was as surrounded by femininity as possible. Due to the effect of the BELLE SUBLIMINAL HYPNOTIC TAPES, that was exactly what she wanted! The room had pink floral wall paper above four foot high cherry wainscoting. The rich wood trim around the doors and windows matched the cherry finish of the walls. The floor was covered with a thick pink shag rug which sank beneath her feet with every step. The filly pink lace curtains covered rich brocaded drapes that matched the wall paper. The bed was a four poster in the same rich cherry as the other wood. The dresser, nightstand, desk and make-up table also matched. The bedspread and the skirt about the make-up table matched the pink floral fabric of the drapes. All in all it was a delightfully feminine room without being too prissy.

By the time Dani had finished drinking in the sights and feel of her redone bedroom, Cindy had returned. After wishing the girls goodnight, Doris and Fred when to clean up the mess the reception had left. The girls closed and locked the bedroom door.

The next move was for the two girls to fly into each other's arms. The eager hugs, kisses and caresses only served to arouse both. Neither even attempted to slip into their cute nighties as they hurriedly undressed as they continued to touch and kiss with eager delight. By the time they were nude, both girls were panting. Their nipples stood out proudly from their perky breasts while moisture glistened in their soft, curly pubic hair. Cindy's breasts were slightly larger but both knew that Dani wouldn't be long in catching up to her development. The two stood drooling as they looked the other over for several seconds. It took every bit of their will power to keep from rushing together. Naked, wanting to jump each other but refraining, their hot breasts touched nipple to nipple as their questing tongues searched out the depths of their lover's mouth while each had a hand buried in the wetness between her smooth legs. Neither could explain how they wound up on the bed as they brought themselves to a terrific, satisfying climax.

Before too long they lay side by side, gently kissing and touching, leisurely admiring their nubile bodies. Neither bothered to count the number of orgasms they achieved that night. Neither was sure what time they fell asleep. In the morning they woke up snuggled comfortably to find the bedroom lights still on and the curtains still drawn open as the morning sunlight streamed into the room. Dani started to kiss and stroke Cindy, but Cindy put her off with a hot, promising kiss.

"The sunlight is shining right in my face, Dani," Cindy cooed softly. "Hang on a minute while I close the drapes." Cindy hopped out of bed and scurried to the drapes. When she reached the window, she screeched and called Dani over.

"Look at this," she giggled as she pointed to the outside.

Dani looked out to see hand and nose prints smeared on the window with gobs of creamy white come dripping from the window sill. An involuntary shudder passed through her as she realized what those findings meant. "Ohhhh...." was all she could say.

Cindy laughed and slipped an arm about her stunned girlfriend. "Don't worry, Dani," she managed to say between bursts of giggles. "I know who did this. When I got home last night to get my things, Pete and Dave were waiting on the steps to the clubhouse. You had them so worked up they wanted me to make them whack off. I got pissed off because they were hot about you instead of me so I told them to go home and jerk off. Then I told them I was getting my things to come back here to jump your bones. When I came back outside with my bag, they were still there, waiting. I told them again to go jerk off because I was going to come over here and teach you what it means to really be a girl. I laughed in their faces and told them I was going to be the first one inside your panties. They just stood there like a couple of dopes so I left and came over here. I guess they followed and snuck around to this window. When they saw what we were doing, stripping and rubbing each other, they probably went bonkers. I guess they really did jerk off... several times from the looks of it." Cindy's laughter died down as she saw that Dani was not amused.

For a few moments Dani just shook her head. "Boys are so crude," she said with deep conviction. "I should know." After another pause she turned to Cindy who had been intently watching her. "Cindy, after what we did last night, the few doubts that I had about being a girl were erased. I know that I'm a girl, all girl... just like you! As a boy as was an ego centric jerk, just like Pete and Dave. The best thing that ever happened to me was my sex-change. Of course as a guy I was to dumb and stubborn to ever admit that being a guy was tough and not much fun. When you're a guy you've got to be proving just how tough and manly you are all the time to the point where you can't stop to smell the roses. All a guy cares about is showing off and getting laid!" Cindy kept quiet as Dani thought some more. "Cindy, you're my best friend. You knew that being a girl is a lot better than being a guy. You knew how to control me and the other guys because we thought with our cocks. I saw that last night when I teased Pete and Dave. If I'd have asked them to kiss my toes in exchange for a kiss they'd have done it. What jerks! But even so, they're still our good friends." Dani looked intently at Cindy as Cindy waited patiently for the cute girl to get her thoughts in order. "Cindy, we've got to help our friends, it's only right. Poor Pete and Dave don't know how bad off they are. We've got to save them from themselves! We've got to stop them before they start thinking with their cocks all the time like most guys! We've got to turn them into girls too!"

Cindy just stared at her pretty girlfriend for a few moments to see if she was serious. "Dani," she finally cautioned. "How could we do that? What happened to you was an accident, that type of accident just doesn't happen, you know. Sure, it would be nice to help our friends, but it's just not possible! You just can't go around turning guys into girls!"

Now Dani giggled. "Of course you can, silly," she giggled. They do it all the time. Do you have any idea of how many of the girls at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL used to be boys? Quite a few! There have been a lot of men that they changed into women too! They have this group called the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY that does it. They have all sorts of ways and things to help."

"Yeah," replied Cindy thoughtfully. "They're the ones that held the meeting for all of us where they explained what happened to you. They made the arrangements for us to transfer schools. Maybe they could do something to help us turn Pete and Dave into girls!"

"I bet I know just how to get it started," giggled Dani as she pointed to the tell-tale damning stains on her window sill. "Let's start screaming. When my parents rush in we'll just cry and point to the window. They'll take it from there. When we calm down, we'll just tell the truth and say we didn't see or hear a thing. My parents will call your parents and it won't take them long to check with Pete and Dave's parents. Of course the guys will be too dumb to be able to deny they were here. I'll play miss hurt and innocent. Once they're caught, you tell them the nuns at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL know how to handle such things. I'll ask for Dr. Alterson, she said to come to her if I had any problems adjusting to being a girl. I can tell her that Pete and Dave did this because they're just dumb guys. Then I'll just wistfully say it's too bad they can't become girls like I did," Dani giggled softly.

Cindy laughed, covering her mouth to keep the noise down. When she had herself under control, she looked at Dani and nodded. Both girls became serious and ran to slip into their nighties which had lain unworn all night. Once dressed they scurried to the window, nodded and began screaming.

In less than a minute, Fred and Doris came bursting into the room to find two terrified screeching girls hopping up and down, screaming their heads off, while pointing to the window. Doris rushed to the girls and took them in a protective embrace as they both buried their faces in her bosom and wept piteously. Fred rushed right to the window. Looking through he saw no one, it was only when he looked down that he saw what had upset the girls.

Fred spun to the girls, teeth clenched and fists balled so tightly his knuckles were white. His face couldn't get any redder as he stalked to the girls. "Did you see who it was?" His voice pointed clearly to his barely checked rage.

The girls shook their heads "NO" as they continued to sob with their faces buried against Doris. "What is it," Doris asked with fear and concern.

"It appears the girls had a couple of Peeping Toms outside during the night. Two of them judging from the footprints. I have a pretty good idea who they were. They jerked off all over the window sill," Fred growled. "When I get my hands on them I'll..."

"I want my Mommy," wailed Cindy loudly at that point as she raised her tear streaked face to gulp for air. "And my Daddy!" She added before she buried her face once more in Doris' protective embrace.

Doris took control as she guided the girls to Dani's bed. As she sat down with a crying girl cuddled on either side, she looked at Fred. "Call Ralph and Betty. Don't do anything until they get here. If it was Pete and Dave, they're not going to go anywhere. I have a better way to handle them. Just get the Hughes over here right away."

Fred stood there with the helpless rage burning. It irritated the heck out of him when Doris was right. It was something he'd never admit. Taking a deep breath he stormed out of the room. The girls began to settle down, their heart-rending sobs reduced to tiny hiccups that periodically shook their bodies. Doris continued to soothe and comfort the hysterical girls. Five minutes later Ralph and Betty Hughes rushed into the bedroom, followed immediately by Fred. The men went right to the window while Betty rushed to her still sobbing daughter. Sitting on the bed, she took Cindy from Doris, wrapping her arms around her shivering daughter. Cindy immediately burst into a renewed bout of tears as she hugged her mother fiercely. Dani too burst into fresh sobs in reaction to Cindy.

At the window Fred pointed out the damning evidence. "DAMN," exclaimed Ralph. "I'll bet it was those two little perverts! I haven't trusted them further than I could throw them! Let's go..."

"NO," stated Doris vehemently. "Stop and think for a minute. If you go barging over to their homes, accusing their sons of this, what will they do? They'll defend the boys to the limit just as you two would if anyone accused our girls of wrong doing!"

"That's right," agreed Betty. "Let's use our heads. We want George and Wilma and Steve and Linda on our side!"

The girls once more settled down as they snuggled into the protection of their mothers. The men stood helplessly and fumed. The mothers thought.

"I have it," stated Doris firmly after a few moments. "Call George and Steve, ask them to come right over. Tell them there's a problem with the girls and you need their help right away. When they both get here, take them out to the window and show them the evidence. They'll take it from there. We'll stay here with the girls so they can see us through the window. They'll know what the boys were watching when they did it."

Fred and Ralph nodded their heads as they saw the wisdom behind Doris suggestion. Neither man would admit that it took a woman's devious mind to come up with the perfect plan. Ten minutes later, Doris and Betty looked outside to see the four men examining the damning evidence. The grim faces of George and Steve made clearly evident that they knew who the culprits were. Once the men left, Doris and Betty had the girls calmed enough to where they could dress.

Fifteen minutes later, George, Wilma and Peter Williams; Steve, Linda and David Graves; Ralph, Betty and Cindy Hughes: and Fred, Doris and Dani Deiter sat in the livingroom of the Deiter home. The boys were white faced and shivering, their parents embarrassed and angry. The girls cowered protectively against their mothers, refusing to look at the boys while their fathers glowered at the boys. Doris explained what they found outside Dani's window and how the girls had reacted.

"Well," snarled George. "Did you do it," he asked Pete.

Pete shuffled his feet and slowly nodded his bowed head.

"Oh Peter," moaned Wilma. "How could you?"

"Dave," snapped Steve questioningly.

Dave followed Pete's example and reluctantly nodded his head.

"Oh my God..." Linda whispered as she covered her mouth and glared at her son with disgust.

Fred and Ralph stood, fists balled, ready to strike the cringing boys. Doris held up a hand to stop them. "Violence won't solve the problem," she stated evenly. "But a suitable punishment must be found. One with which we can all agree." She looked at the other adults to see them nodding. "Does anyone have any ideas?"

No one said a word for the next few minutes as the boys grew more and more panic stricken. Both thought about telling what they had seen the girls doing, but realized that they wouldn't be believed. Plus the girls would never admit to it. Their fear just continued to grow.

Finally Cindy raised her head and glared at the boys. "Maybe we should do what the nuns at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL do to boys who tease abuse girls."

The boys jerked and looked up at Cindy, their eyes grew wide with unvoiced fear which the adults were quick to note.

"What do the nuns do to boys who tease or abuse girls," Wilma asked. Whatever it was, it had to be something horrible if it made her belligerent son wince.

"They Petticoat them," Cindy explained with obvious hope in her voice as she glared at the wilting boys who were trying their best to hold back their tears.

"I heard about that," Dani added as she glared at the boys mischievously. "Danielle, the girl I was with in the hospital, told me all about it. She said that several of her friends had been Petticoated for being bad. Of course, that's why she was in the hospital. She had been a bad boy and was being punished by being forced to have a sex-change only he switched places with me. They gave it to him anyway. Now, just like me, she's glad that she's a girl instead of a yucky boy! All boys do is get into trouble and do stupid things to hurt girls! I should know, cause I was one of those dumb guys not too long ago! The best thing that could happen to Pete and Dave is to have them Petticoated!"

Doris spoke up. "The girls may have something there. Dr. Alterson, who you met at the meeting we had about Dani, is a strong advocate of Petticoat Discipline. She's part of a group, the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY, that helps correct problem boys. I think we should call her. She can tell us more about what is involved and just how effective it is. I'm sure she'll see us right away."

The nods of the adults about the room confirmed their agreement. Pete and Dave broke down in tears as Doris made the phone call. Forty five minutes later, despite all the demeaning apologies, promises to never ever do anything wrong again and down right begging for a reprieve that the boys made; they were all greeted inside at the ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES MEDICAL CENTER by Dr. Alterson, Dr. Makes-Shemanski, Dr. Balkut, Dr. McAnnally and Dave Getzoff. Dave just happened to be the lawyer for the Graves, Williams and Hughes families as well as the Deiters and the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY. The boys were then made to wait together in an examination room while Dr. Alterson held a brief private counseling session with Dani and Cindy. The girls explained their plot and made their wishes for the future of their friends clearly known to the very understanding and smiling Dr. Alterson. Meanwhile the rest of the adults discussed Petticoating. Each adult was first given a cup of coffee laced with BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX as a precursor to their discussion. The previous intake of BELLE INTELLECT MATRIX with the resultant conditioning that the Williams and Graves had undergone during the mass meeting in LADD'S EXCHANGE THEATER made them extremely susceptible to the convincing arguments for Petticoating their irascible boys that the members of the BELLE PETTICOAT SOCIETY put forth. All were impressed by Dave Getzoff's tale of how happy he and his wife were once his son Heath became his daughter Heather. When Dr. Alterson and the girls rejoined the adults, the girls were given money and sent off to LADD'S EXCHANGE ARCADE.

Dr. Alterson looked at the anxiously waiting parents. "The girls are extremely upset and feel utterly betrayed by Pete and Dave. They will never trust the boys again," she stated emphatically. "Since the boys do not deny what they had did, they are bound to repeat the act or something even worse if we let them off too easily. Their pleading and begging is simply an effort to save their skins. They really feel little remorse for their vile actions other than being caught. The only solution is to Petticoat them."

There was very little left to discuss. With sighs of embarrassment about their ill-bred scions, both the Williams and the Graves acceded that the best option was to submit their hopelessly macho sons to Petticoat Discipline. The Deiters reassured them that once they accepted their new daughters, they'd be much happier.

An hour after their arrival, the two very tearful and by then overwrought boys were joined in the examining room by Drs. Makes-Shemanski, Balkut and McAnnally while their parents signed the required treatment, name change and birth certificate alteration forms. Their hopes for anything other than Petticoating were quickly dashed as Dr. Balkut brusquely fondled them to erection, milked them for samples to be deposited in the sperm bank and finally made molds of the last erection they would ever have. Twenty minutes later, the now sober ex-boys were joined by Dani, Cindy and the four mothers as they headed down to TRANSFORMATIONS STYLING to have their hair done, ears pierced and nails manicured. The BELLE EMASCULATION EMULSIFIER had already eliminated their incipient manhood while the BELLE HORMONE BLOCKERS M & F would insure all male hormone production stopped while female hormone production increased. Even though it was just 10:00am, the four fathers accompanied Dave Getzoff to the ADAM TO EVE CONNECTION for a few drinks while their sons became their daughters.

Peter and Dave were lost and overwhelmed as they were swamped by the technicians who only three weeks before had performed similar transformations on Ashley and Shelly. Stripped of their male clothes, then clad in the pink, silken kimonos, the crushed pair moved like zombies. The shampoo, trim, styling, electrolysis, permanent make-up, manicure and ear-piercings were too much for their already shattered insolence. Dani and Cindy cooed and giggled with delight as the treatments were administered to the hapless duo. The mothers simply oohhed and aahhed as they watched the formerly manly boys steadily change into pretty girls.

It was noon when the beauticians finished their eager ministrations. As they cleared away from the cowering, sniffling youngsters, a heavy silence enveloped the salon. Wilma and Linda were delighted. If they had not witnessed the transformations for themselves, they would not have believed it to be possible to so utterly transform such tough and crude boys. As Petra and Davina were helped from their chairs, their overjoyed mothers swept them into a loving embrace. The rattled ex-boys still had not seen themselves. Both felt that they had to look ridiculous, no way would it be possible to make them look like girls. They understood from their brief experience at ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL that they were no longer boys and would have to spend the rest of their lives as girls. They were afraid and ashamed that they'd look like some sort of tough, bulky, female along the lines of the infamous Soviet and East German Olympic competitors.

Susan Bangs, the consummate expert at crushing a boy's fantasies that he was so much a boy nothing could be done to him to make him look like a girl, maneuvered the dejected and numbed ex-boys before the wall of the shop which was hung with full length mirrors. "Petra and Davina," Susan called to the muddled twosome using their new names. "Please look at yourselves in the mirror. It's time you saw just how pretty you girls have become." Her commanding voice snapped them from their dejected reverie, forcing them to follow her directions.

Everyone cleared away to reveal the mirrors as the two boys winced, assuming she and the smiling faces of the others were laughing at their ludicrous appearance. At first they looked and blinked, not aware they were looking at their reflections. What they saw were two pink satin kimono clad, very wide-eyed, pretty girls staring intently at them. As they obediently tried to locate the mirror to look at themselves, their spirits rose a bit and they were pleased to realize that they still had enough of their former masculinity left to be attracted to the two girls they saw. Not wanting to get in anymore trouble by revealing their interest in the comely pair, they never the less watched them as looks of disorientation appeared on the cute faces of the girls. Like them, the girls seemed to be looking about as if searching for someone. All four blushed whenever their roving eyes met. The boys felt a moments respite from their ordeal as they cockily assumed the pretty girls found their impossible to hide manliness irresistible. It was at that point they realized the reason they couldn't see the mirror was that they were looking in the mirror. The full horror of that understanding struck home with devastating effect. Both pretty girls mouths dropped open in obvious startled amazement and the boys knew for sure that they were indeed seeing themselves. The last bit of their boyish pride and cockiness that they could somehow beat their girlish life were dashed into nothingness. Several moments passed as they searched in vain for some sign of their former boyhood. Not a smidgen of their former manliness was left to be seen. With sinking hearts they had to admit that they had been quite thoroughly Petticoated. Stupefied countenances appeared on their woebegone visages. They had no choice but to concede that they were now girls. The metamorphosis they had thought impossible had been easily accomplished. Virtually every bit of their boyish arrogance went down the drain. Cindy and Dani squealed with delight and flung their arms about their new girlfriends.

By 12:30pm the four girls were being led by their mothers into THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE. Olivia Endress, having been forewarned of their transformation, greeted them cordially. After a quick scrutinization of the winsome new girls, she smiled. "I always love meeting new girls. I know you'll just love what's in store for you here! Let's get you into a dressing room so we can take your measurements and get you outfitted." With this she led the feminized lads and their cheerful mothers into the back of the shop. "Tammy, please bring a tape measure and pad. We have to find out what size these pretty girls wear," Olivia called to a pretty young clerk.

Doris and Betty held Dani and Cindy back, knowing that Wilma and Linda would have to handle this part. This was Dani's first time in a clothing store and she was overwhelmed and delighted by the cute selections available. Soon the two girls were moving through the racks of dresses and skirts, making selections for the eager Dani to try.

Petra and Davina were no longer uncertain about what was happening to them, but they still didn't like it. They knew they were no longer boys and that they appeared to be pretty girls, but they still could not believe that it had happened so quickly. As they walked zombie-like through the racks of lovely dresses to the dressing room, they shivered with dread and repulsion. When the pretty young clerk joined them in the dressing room, they wished they could crawl in a hole. They recognized Tammy as one of the sexy older girls from their new school. Before they had time to get their thoughts in order their kimonos were being removed as th the smiling teenage girl stood ready with the tape to measure their nude, emasculated bodies. Tears of humiliation and defeat finally burst forth and trickled down their rosy cheeks as they faced their destiny.

"Girls," Olivia stated in a stern but reassuring voice as she began to repeat the story she'd told numerous other new changelings. "You don't have to be upset about Tammy seeing you like this. She has seen quite a few boys in the process of being transformed into girls. As a matter of fact, she simply loves to help boys get into their very first dress!"

Just like she knew they would, Olivia's words had just the opposite effect on the lads. Instead of making them relax, they both grew more mortified and exasperated. Her timing was perfect, for just before they reached the breaking point, Tammy spoke up.

"Come on, guys, it's not all that bad. It may be rough when you first realize that you look like a girl, but there really is nothing you can do to stop it. Since you look like a girl, enjoy it! I certainly do! I know you two enjoyed admiring my girlfriends and me at school and we enjoyed it too! Now don't go getting all uppity about the fact that you screwed up to the point that your parents had to change you into girls. That makes you sound exactly like sissies! Of course, now that you're not boys, being a sissy isn't something to be chagrined about. Besides, I know that you'll love being soft, pretty girls! Especially when you start developing breasts like I have!" Tammy giggled, it happened every time she told the poor transformees that they were going to grow boobs. It was a delight to see their faces growing cloudy as they tried to figure out if she was trying to make them feel better or teasing them. Wilma and Betty had begun to take umbrage with this audacious girl and her catty remarks, but before they could voice a complaint she went on with a soft, lilting voice. "I can say anything I please about sissy boys who are on their way to becoming happy, pretty girls. A year and a half ago I was a boy!" Tammy then took her skirt in her hands and performed a darling curtsey.

The looks of stunned disbelief upon the four faces watching Tammy made Olivia titter. "It's true," Olivia chuckled as she put an arm about Tammy. "This perky teenage beauty was my son Tommy. Tammy and I are much happier than we ever were when he was still a boy. The same will be true for you too, once you accept your girlishness. Now you just relax while Tammy and I pick out a cute outfit for you to wear."

Wilma and Linda looked on in admiration as Olivia and Tammy left. Poor Petra and Davina swallowed the last of their manly hopes. All four realized that if Tammy had been a boy, it wouldn't take long for Petra and Davina to adapt to live as girls. No one said a word as they waited. Each was in their own little world of thought, the boys in hell and the mothers heaven.

When Olivia and Tammy returned with their arms loaded down with feminine fluff, Wilma and Linda were ecstatic. Petra and Davina shuddered as they were quickly clad in identical terribly bewitching ensembles. Both quiver with unwanted but irrefutable quickening perceptions as they were herded into taking the last step away from their boyhood. Once fully clothed, Wilma and Linda oohhed and aahhed in delight as the sissy boys flushed intensely. Then the boys were turned to face the drapery hung wall as Tammy pulled the cords to open curtains to reveal a full length mirror. As planned, Petra and Davina saw that they had indeed been transformed from tough guys into perky preteen girls. The last bit of their boyishness fled from the horror revealed.

The fleeing into the void, Peter and David allowed Petra and Davina to simper at their new girlish likeness. They saw themselves as girls for the first time. The soft lace edging of their matching pink nylon panties, dainty training bras and soft slip clung to and cuddled their unprepared formerly boyish flesh almost to rapture. Their matching outfits, an exquisite dress made of ivory organdy over peach satin had a spray of satin roses and a fountain of pearls kissing the organdy bow at the waist. Ivory satin ribbon trimmed the ruffled organdy collar, sleeves and skirt while a large organdy sash tied in the back. All in all it made them look soft, demure and virginally innocent.

As one, the two girls began to sway before the mirror, mesmerized by the utter girlishness of the swishing skirt and slip as they tickled their exposed thighs on each pass. Looking at each other they momentarily blushed as they thought of their betrayal of their masculinity before they burst into giggles. Together they pirouetted to skip into the waiting embrace of their deliriously happy mothers. Olivia and Tammy wiped tears of joy and satisfaction from their faces as they once more witnessed two boys succumb to the delights and pleasure of girlhood. Peter and David had been destroyed. Only two bashful girls, Petra and Davina, remained.

As they emerged from the dressing room into the shop, they felt a momentary dread as they faced the world. Wearing their dresses they were exposed for all to see. Cindy and Dani rushed up to the timid pair with shrieks of delight. After kissing their new girlfriends upon the cheek, the four broke into nervous giggling as the tension and fears evaporated. Petra, Davina and Dani continued to browse through the racks for several minutes, licking their lips in anxious confusion. The pretty clothes excited and embarrassed them, they wanted to try them on, yet enough of their former male reticence remained that they felt restrained from doing so. Cindy laughed at their nervous antics, she told them there would be plenty of opportunities to return for some real shopping! The four mothers joined in the laughter. Finally it was time to leave. They had to meet their menfolks for a late lunch.

Upon leaving THE CLOTHING EXPERIENCE, Doris, Betty, Wilma and Linda took their giggling daughters to be enrolled in the METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF DANCE and the METAMORPHOSIS SCHOOL OF MUSIC. Tina Bemis and Wanda Wails had been notified that they were coming and had the application forms waiting when they arrived. Tina gave them a brief preliminary lesson by teaching the new girls how to curtsey like proper young ladies. Still a bit embarrassed by their sudden girlishness, Petra and Davina began to giggle gleefully as they learned the definitive demonstration of femininity. The happy mothers and daughters then headed off to the ADAM'S RIB RESTAURANT to meet the unsuspecting fathers.

Dave Getzoff had invited his wife Barbara and their daughters Heather and Janet to join the other families for lunch. Fred Deiter, Ralph Hughes, George Williams and Steven Graves were unable to tell which of the two very coquettish teenagers had once been a boy. They were amazed by the totality of Heather's transformation once the truth was known. All had seen the remarkable change Dani had undergone, but they still weren't sure that such changes were as commonplace as the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY claimed. It was at that point that Dani and Cindy scurried up to the table. ALl eyes strained to see Petra and Davina, but they quickly realized the girls were being hidden behind the four mothers. When they had everyone's attention, they separated to reveal the perky blushing duo. The four fathers were speechless when they saw Petra and Davina. When the awkward duo performed a delicate curtsey, George and Steve understood the finality of what they had so rashly done to their sons.

As they thought about their boys, they analyzed the changes that had been wrought. Peter had been a husky rough and ready guy. Petra she was large boned and a bit awkward as if she was just metamorphosizing from a tomboy phase into a becoming young lady who's rough angles would surely soften into comely curves as the female hormones erased the male. David had been a tough, wiry boy of average build. Davina was supple and lithe, definitely on the path to becoming a vivacious teenage beauty. By the time lunch was finished, all had accepted the transformation.

Lydia Ladd stopped by the table to give the Getzoff, Deiter, Hughes, Williams and Graves families the BELLE CARD; a hot pink plastic embossed credit card. LADD'S EXCHANGE MALL, she explained, in cooperation with the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY had decided to issue it's own, unique credit card to members of the society. Issued by NEW DEAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, the bank Lydia owned headquartered in the mall, the card automatically gave the user a fifteen percent discount on all purchases, with an additional fifteen percent for the first month after a family had a son transformed into a daughter to help them afford the many changes that had to be made as far as clothing and furnishings. The interest rate would be two percent above the prime rate with no annual fee. All stores as well as the automatic teller machine in the mall would accept the card. All were impressed with the way the BELLE PETTICOAT DISCIPLINE SOCIETY took care of it's own.

Saturday evening, Dani and Danielle spent an hour on the telephone discussing the sudden transformations of the boys. Both were anxiously looking forward to Monday when they would meet in school.

On Monday morning, no one at the ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISSI PAROCHIAL SCHOOL said a thing about the status change of Petra and Davina. Everyone simply took such changes in stride. The only person upset by the changes was the Nun who headed the athletic department. She had hoped to utilize Peter and David as an experienced core for the start of a football team. Looking on the bright side she now had two excellent field hockey players. Danielle blushed deeply and timidly acknowledged the eager greetings of her former classmates who had known about her surgery. Dani was quite apprehensive, not only of her new sex but her new school. Fortunately she was greeted just as warmly as Danielle since they knew what had happened. Cindy bounced off the walls as she giggled and whispered to her four new girlfriends. Finally she had to be sent off to the office. It was a very somber and tender bottomed girl who meekly returned to class. After that, Danielle, Dani, Cindy, Petra and Davina were model students. The seventh grade class bubbled with girlish enthusiasm and delight as Pamela Sue James, Linda Evers, Tiffany Davis, Justine Bowers, Ramona Halteman, Cindy Hughes, Dani Deiter, Danielle Deeter, Petra Williams and Davina Graves became great friends.


On Monday October 22, the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY received the first twenty juvenile delinquents that Judge Joyce Fetterman of the BORNAMAN COUNTY JUVENILE COURT had selected from the ranks of juvenile offenders. Ranging in age from thirteen to sixteen, these hardened, tough street thugs were considered unredeemable by the state and their families. All the responsibilities, rights and privileges of the parents or guardians had been expunged. These young criminals were now the sole responsibility of the state. Maxwell Bentley and Kendal Wainwright were given state approval to give the facility a chance to prove it's worth. Their opponents and there were many in the state bureaucracy, had decided to discredit the two hot shots by allowing only the worst cases to be the litmus test for this private institution. The criminal records of these trouble makers would make the most liberal reformer change their mind about harsh punishments. All had been involved in selling and using drugs, armed assault, armed robbery and rape. Seven had killed people, six others had tortured and maimed their victims. Eight had been busted for pushing drugs to elementary aged kids. All felt they were tough hot shots; in addition they were smart asses, cocky, irreverent and disrespectful. Before being taken to the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY, they had been held in solitary confinement in the most secure state operated juvenile detention center to protect the other violent inmates from their hateful wrath and violence. None of them had any type of manners and even less education. Most could barely read or write.

The staff of nuns, hand picked by Sister Justine Kane, had been trained and achieved a black belt in several martial arts. None would easily fall prey to their wards. Each was also prepared to sacrifice herself if the situation required such.

The inmates had been roused early and sent to their bus without breakfast. All were grumpy and surly due to the early awakening and the lack of food. It was 9:00am as the high security bus rolled between the stone pillars of the entry, the new "students", looking through the heavy gage wire mesh that covered the windows, eyed the solid ten foot stone wall that surrounded the place. All smirked to note the lack of barbed wire. A ten foot wall wold be child's play for them to scale. When the bus pulled up to a narrow opening between two buildings, they grew a bit apprehensive when a heavy steel mesh cage rolled out to touch the bus. As of yet, they had seen no one, the cage had moved out automatically. Secure in their position behind a plexiglass enclosure, the driver and three guards electrically opened the door and ordered the inmates to exit. Not having any reason to refuse, they laconically stepped out, their hopes to roll under the bus and run off extinguished when they noted the cage prevented that option. Looking down the three foot wide alley between the buildings, they noted the heavy wire mesh roof with sharp downward pointing spikes over the top. The alley ran about fifty feet before turning a corner. Once all had exited the bus, a woman's stern voice from a hidden speaker ordered the congregated hoodlums to head down the alley. As cocky individuals are wont to do, they laughed and didn't budge. It that point they discovered this place wasn't going to be as easy as it appeared. Slowly, starting at the bus, the wire roof began lowering. It didn't take them long to realize that they had better move. As the last scurried away they had to do so in a crouched position to avoid being impaled. Their cries and threats went unheeded and unanswered.

All made it safely around the corner as the roof dropped to the ground, trapping them inside a fifteen foot square space with a closed steel door in one wall. Once more the disembodied voice spoke. This time they were ordered to take off their clothes. Again they scoffed and made wisecracks. A high pitched whine began, steadily growing louder. The ear piercing whine made their heads throb and ears ache. Clasping hands over their ears proved a useless deterrent as the resulting pain made them curse and howl. As the noise continued to grow, they began dropping to their knees, cradling their heads. When they were all on their knees, a few even writhing on the ground, the noise suddenly stopped. It took a few moments of silence for them to regain their senses. They looked about in shock and bewilderment, several wondering out loud what the hell was going on an what kind of a place they had been delivered to. Again the voice ordered them to disrobe. A few started, but most still refused. Once more the whine began. As it increased, the stubborn ones began to hurriedly disrobe. When the last had finally started undressing, the noise stopped. All were smart enough to understand they would suffer until all obeyed.

When they stood naked, the door swung open. The voice told them to leave their clothes and enter the door. This time they didn't hesitate. Their ears were still ringing. Inside the door was a shower room. Each was told to enter a wire mesh stall with a small shelf on which were several items. Warily they looked about, a few went to a stall. Most tried to check out where they were. Once more the whine began. At once all rushed into a stall, the spring loaded doors closing behind them with an ominous "click". Again the noise stopped once all had complied.

"By this time I would hope that all of you fully understand that you are to do as you are told. Any hesitation or back-talk will result in this," stated the voice in a syrupy sweet tone as the whine started, rose abruptly and stayed until all were driven to their knees. "As I stated, all will suffer if one disobeys. The decision to suffer is yours. Now you will scrub yourselves until your skin is pink and squeaky clean. You have fifteen minutes. If all are not done, you will suffer," this time the voice was harsh, almost as if the speaker looked forward to zapping them.

All picked up the rough wash cloth and soap and began to scrub. Keeping an eye on each other, slackards were threatened by the others. By the end of the time, all were spotlessly clean. The voice ordered them to cover their entire body, except the head, with the lotion on the shelf. Those that could read noted they had never heard of BELLE HAIRBLOCK. After fifteen minutes, they were allowed to rinse the lotion off. Murmurs of discontent, surprise and outright rage filled the room as every bit of their body hair went down the drains. Immediately the whine began, subsiding when their objections ceased. Next they were ordered to use the BELLE SHAMPOO. When done, all had soft, shiny hair.

It was 10:00am when the doors to the stalls "clicked" and opened. Another door opened as the voice told them to go into the hall, facing to the right. What they found made them hesitate. The whine sent them in. What they entered was a narrow wire corridor. So narrow they had to enter it sideways, shuffling their feet right to left.

Once all were inside, the voice ordered them to proceed one at a time. As the first reached the end, he stepped onto a low metal plate, a mesh dividers slid in from behind, preventing him from bending. The small enclosure was just twenty inches wide and ten inches deep. The close confines were claustrophobic, only the open mesh of the cage gave them breathing room. The box moved off, suspended by an overhead conveyor, carrying the inmate as the next entered his cage. The boxes proceeded into another room where a blindfold was immediately placed on them. So entrapped were they couldn't even raise their hands to remove it.

The voice told them to relax, explaining they were to receive a thorough physical examination. They were then probed, poked and injected. BELLE T-BLOCK AND BELLE F-BLOCK were administered in addition to any vaccinations their records indicated were required. Blood specimens as well as urine and sperm samples were also extracted. Throughout their ordeal, they saw no one. The last thing done to them was the emplacement of a BELLE CONTROL COLLAR.

The cage moved on and finally opened. The inmate didn't have to be told to exit. Jumping from the cage, he landed on the floor of a brightly lit empty large room. The cold floor made him jump. The chilled air made him shiver, a pair of disposable slippers dropped from a slot. Again no instructions were needed as he hurriedly put them on. Most tried to remove the their collars but were unsuccessful. Once all were in the room, their soft muttering, angry comments and questions as to what they were in for wafted through the air. Still nude, all had to stand since the walls and floor were too cold to lean against or sit down.

The glaring lights hurt their eyes and made them squint. When all had been in the room for a few minutes, the lights went out, leaving them in the dark. Their fear and apprehension grew, as did their protests and complaints. At 11:00am a loud gong sounded, bright glaring lights on one wall flooded the room as the wall opened revealing a stage. In the middle of the stage, standing behind a lectern, was a large, imposing woman. Standing six feet five inches tall, weighing 280 pounds without an ounce of fat, this severe appearing woman left no doubt that she could do whatever she set her mind to do. "My name is Sister Justine Kane," she stated in the powerful voice they immediately recognized as the one that had ordered them about all morning. I'm also known as Lt. Colonel Justine Kane, U.S. Army, retired. I know how to command and get respect. I can personally guarantee any of you punks that I can rip you apart with my bare hands."

If the guys hadn't already been shivering because of the cold, they would have been shivering now. The hard almost maniacal voice had already been seared into their brains as one to be feared and never trifled with. The body backing it up only reinforced those fears. They understood only too well that she would relish the chance to prove she was as good as her word.

"You are here because you are considered to be worthless piles of shit! You have committed every type of depravity, were feared where you lived and in the detention center. That is all in the past. When you are finished going through this program, you will be useful, obedient members of society and you'll have clean records."

A short pause gave them time to wonder what would happen, their experience so far indicated that her words were not mere conjecture. All quivered with dread.

"As you have already learned, orders are to be followed immediately with no hesitation, comments, or questions. If not, you will be severely punished. Not only you will receive the punishment, everyone in the group will receive it, as you have already witnessed." She held up a small device like a TV remote control. "This is your controller. Your collars are set to it's frequency. If I push number one like this..."

All felt a mild, uncomfortable tingling crawl along their flesh under the collar. "That is the warning signal. If I press number two..."

All howled and jumped, tugging fruitlessly at their collars as a pulsating shock zinged them repeatedly, pausing only long enough to ease the discomfort before hitting again for as long as she held the button. "That is a mild punishment. Button number three..."

All yelled and screamed, dancing about frantically while clawing at the collar as a strong pulsating shock repeatedly hammered them. "That is for severe punishment. Button number four..."

All froze, their eyes opened wide, screams evaporating soundlessly as they were incapacitated by a powerful, steady jolt of electricity. "That is self-explanatory," she explained after she released them as they panted to catch their breath. "All the staff has one. The exterior walls are lined with independently powered units that are on all the time. The closer you get, the worse the shock. At twenty feet you're frozen. Every room, hall, closet, nook and cranny are also equipped with them, as well as sound and camera monitors. You will be under constant surveillance, twenty four hours a day." She paused to let them absorb her statements. "In addition, you will not touch your genitals except to bathe them. Any other touching will result in the group being shocked. This means that you will sit to relieve yourselves and wipe yourself as if you were a girl." Their faces showed their displeasure at the last order.

"What I have told you are not idle threats," she told them coldly. "You will remember to do exactly as ordered immediately. If one of you fails, all suffer. After the evening meal each day there will be a punishment session where individual offenders will be punished separately from the group. The transgression will be announced and you will vote on the severity of the punishment. In this way, you can get back at anyone who is causing you a problem."

"Now let's get down to the cruel facts. Your families have been released from all responsibilities for you. All of you are now wards of the state. Since all of you were sentenced to stay incarcerated until age twenty one, you will do so here, under my rules." Once more she paused to let her words sink into the now silent, pale and cowed youths.

"I'm glad to see that you understand what that means," she sneered. "You are about to enter Phase One of you modification. There will be no TV, radio, stereos, books, or magazines. You will wear a uniform and be neat and clean at all times. You will learn and practice proper hygiene. You will learn and practice correct posture at all times. You will learn and use correct manners. You will be polite at all times. You will also learn and use proper English. You can be assured that any time one of you fails to follow these requirements, all of you be punished!" Pausing for a moment, she pressed button one on her controller. All felt the tingling and grew wide eyed, looking about to see who was doing something wrong.

"I'm glad to see you looking for the offender," she stated. "All of you are at fault. Correct posture for lectures is standing straight with the heels of your feet four inches apart while your toes are angled apart at a forty five degree angle. Your head is to be held erect while you look straight forward. Your hands should be folded neatly and placed on your stomach at your navel." It wasn't necessary for her to repeat the instructions. "Very good, you're learning fast."

"Your daily schedule will start at 5:30am. You will be in the gym by 6:00am to start your aerobic exercises. At 7:00am you will have breakfast. You will eat everything on your plate, take your BELLE VITAMINS and drink your juice. At 8:00am you will start your classes. At 12:00 noon you will have another aerobics session. Lunch will be at 1:00pm, again you will eat and drink everything. Classes resume at 2:00pm. Your last aerobics class will be at 6:00pm. Supper will be at 7:00pm, naturally you will devour everything. That will be followed immediately by your daily behavioral review and punishment. You will return to your room at 8:00pm, lights out will be at 8:30pm. The only change will be on Sundays where your classes will be about religion and faith. This phase should last about four weeks."

"Your stay here at the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY can be ended before age twenty one if you learn to cooperate and follow instructions. I am authorized to commute your sentences, give you new identities and release you once I am convinced the MISS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION ACADEMY has done it's job in reforming you." Once more she paused to look out on the twenty pale faces looking directly at her from atop the erect standing, nude youths.

"You will now form a single file and exit through the door. You will receive your uniform which you will put on without comment or delay. You may leave," as she ended her sentence, the door swung open.

The boys hastily scrambled into a line and filed silently into the next room. The warmth of this room was certainly a relief after the cold lecture hall. There they saw several more sturdy nuns, each with a controller hooked to the belt about her waist. Each stood behind a table upon which their uniforms were lying. One by one they walked to the first table where the nun checked their collar ID. Immediately she handed him a set of underwear.

"Step back and get dressed," she ordered brusquely as she turned to the next lad.

In turn, each boy went to each table and repeated the same procedure as the first. The few groans the sight of the clothes had elicited resulted in a button one jolt each time. When all had received and put on their uniforms, they reformed their line. They avoided looking in each other's eyes since they were obviously quite humiliated by the sissy uniform. Their absolute silence indicated their fear.

The underwear consisted of baby blue BELLE VANQUISHER - M shorts and BELLE ENHANCER - F shirt. A navy blue nylon shirt with a Peter Pan collar and short puffed sleeves was worn under snug baby blue velour bib front side buttoning overall shorts with no pockets or fly that reached to mid thigh. A navy blue nylon one inch headband was used to keep their long hair off their bright red faces. Navy blue nylon kneesox and glossy baby blue patent leather T-strap shoes completed the mortifying sissy uniform.

Ordered into the next room, they picked up their spare uniforms and personal supplies. BELLE TOOTHPASTE, BELLE SKIN CREME, BELLE SHAMPOO, BELLE CONDITIONER and BELLE CLEANSING BAR. By this time, each was wondering about their supplies, everything seemed to be from the BELLE Company, which none of them had ever heard of before today.

By 2:00pm they arrived in their open dormitory. The light pink bare walls and bare light bulbs were quite stark. Beside each simple bed was recessed open shelving upon which they were told to hang and place their clothes and supplies. All twenty shared the same room, ten beds to a side. At one end was an open shower-room with five open toilets. Cameras were placed in each corner of the two rooms, reminding them that they would be under constant surveillance. As before, almost all their instructions came over the hidden speakers. The voice was clearly that of Sister Kane. No one accompanied them in their movements from room to room or through the halls. Yet it quickly became obvious that they were being closely monitored. Any time someone made the softest comment or noise, "SILENCE" boomed from the speakers and everyone received a button one jolt. Anytime their neat single file line became disordered, "LINE" boomed forth as another jolt hit them. Anytime one of them slouched, "POSTURE" echoed as yet another jolt struck.

They had learned to keep quiet, stand and walk erect and stay in a neat, orderly line. All were terrified. All wondered how they could survive this hell. Once one of their cockier number had protested, claiming they were violating his rights. A button four jolt froze everyone, the line broke apart when it ended as Sister Kane's laughing voice sneered, "You slime have no rights! LINE!" Followed by a number one jolt that caused them all to scramble quite hastily back into their former positions.

By 3:00pm they arrived in their classroom. All were started on basic reading, spelling, pronunciation, neat legible handwriting and basic arithmetic. The nun teaching the class expected them all to sit straight and keep their knees together. Hands were to be folded neatly atop the open desks except when otherwise engaged.

6:00pm found them in their first aerobics class. By then, their lack of food made their efforts sluggish until they were zapped for lack of effort. By 7:00pm supper, all were famished. The unappetizing gruel they were served didn't dampen their hunger. The repeated jolts forced them to sit properly and eat with polite manners.

Once the meal was completed, they filed into the lecture hall, this time chairs were available and the room was warm. Silently they took a seat as Sister Kane stood before the podium.

"Well, your first day is almost over. Due to your inexperience, I will forgive most of your transgressions. Only one will singled out. I think you know what that was. The guilty party will please come up on the stage."

All heads turned to look at the loudmouth who voiced his opinion about his rights. Slowly he rose to his feet, fear etched clearly across his face. With hesitant steps, he began forward. A number one jolt made all jump and him hurry. When he meekly stood by Sister Kane, she towered over his lanky six foot frame.

"Drop your shorts and underwear and lean across this stool," she pointed to a stool beside her. "Grasp the lower rung with your hands. If you let go, your punishment will be doubled. If you leave the stool for whatever reason, it will be tripled!"

His fingers shook so much he was barely able to loosen and lower his shorts and underwear. His butt was as red as his face as he leaned over the stool, his bare backside pointing at the rest of the group. Tears were already trickling down his cheeks at his abject humiliation.

"This is a hickory switch," Sister Kane informed the group as she picked up the flexible rod. With a quick flick of her wrist, she snapped it upon the podium. "CRACK" resounded in the room.

Everyone paled. The boy on the stool began to whimper aloud.

"How many should he get. It's your choice. The person in the fifth seat will tell me. Just remember, if I don't think it's enough, the transgressor will receive what you recommended and you will receive the difference between that and what I think he should have received." The joviality in her voice left no doubt she would thoroughly enjoy punishing a second person.

The boy in the second seat withered. What a dilemma! If he stated too many, it'd be his fault. If he didn't say enough, he'd get the difference! All the boys understood once more that they were totally at her mercy.

"Well," she asked with a sneer.

"Ahhh... I... I don't know...," desperately he looked about for help or suggestions.

"You have ten seconds or you will join him up on the stage and some one else will pick for both of you," she stated sweetly.

Sweat rolled down the boy's flustered face, licking his lips, he swallowed nervously. "Twenty! he blurted out at the last second.

"Very good," smiled Sister Kane. "Twenty it will be." Turning to the still whimpering boy, she swished the switch nastily through the air above him. The sharp "SWISH" made everyone wince.

The poor boy began to beg for a reprieve. "P... please, I prom..."

"SWISH!/SMACK!?CRACK!" Reverberated through the room.

"Yyyooowww!" the boy yelped as his butt danced about on the stool.

A thin red welt appeared across his quivering buttocks as the other boys shrank in their seats.

By the tenth swat, the boy on the stool was howling and crying freely, forgetting any sense of boyish pride. Most of the other boys had wet eyes as they were close to crying out of the sympathy for the savagery of the beating.

On the fifteenth swat, all the boys were stunned to see a stream of yellow urine flow freely from the unfortunate lad's dangling penis.

By the last swat, all the boys were crying and trembling. The lad on the stool just lay there limply crying and shivering, totally crushed.

Sister Kane turned to them. "Clean him up, clean up this mess. It better be done right. Be in your room in ten minutes." She turned and strode away.

By 8:00pm they were all in their dorm, stripping and heading for the showers. The boy who had been punished moved mechanically, saying nothing. By 8:30pm. all were in their beds, thinking about their horrid day and what lay ahead.

To Be Continued...

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